String of bad luck


Just fix stuff.
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I am not one to believe in bad luck, but it seems like were having it a little. I had a strange issue occur Friday evening that lead a service to go into constant looping state. That caused me to be unable to login to server via RDP anymore, which at first only caused our space engineers service to not work.

Some time much later Friday our website went down.

These are growing pains we are experiencing because of the new server equipment I purchased to better service the community.

To everyone in our community i want to apologize for the outage. Outages are extremely rare for us but it happened. I know you all deserve a better experience. I promise to do better.

I want to thank you all for your continued support.

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Yay, the sites up! I just got home from work and this is awesomesause. I think I'm more active on the forums than on any of the servers ha-ha...