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Age: 50
Race: Celentius
Sex: Male
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 213 lbs
Eye Color: Gold, hidden by Green contacts
Hair Color: Gold, dyed to look a muter blonde
Hair Style: Wild Breath Bangs

Indra looks to be human without the iconic angel like wings that usually adorn the back of the Celentius race. He is tall and extremely well built. He looks the equivalent of a twenty five year old by human standards.

In his earlier years, Indra wore immaculate clothing that had a duality to them, discarding the color white that his race primarily wore for religious reasons for black, though pays homage to his roots with golden embezzlings. In order to not draw attention to his Celentius nature, these later days he has done away with the gold. He usually wears a black reefer coat over a gray undershirt, black pants to cover up cybernetic legs and boots. Strangely, he also wears a cloak of black with a hood, a religious tradition done at the funeral of a loved one. Also wears small gold loop earrings.

Indra like all Celentius is a deeply religious man, though that faith had been long since shaken. A kind soul, he is plagued with a quick temper that can result in extended periods of rage. This is not a state Indra is proud of however, feeling extremely ashamed when he reaches such heights. Such temper has been gained from a long history of trauma, which is kept mostly hidden due to the despair it causes.

Indra was born on the Celentius home planet of the same name, the victim of circumstance that found him as a page of a religious cathedral. It was here he lived a normal life of learning and prayer. When Indra was 26, he found a traveling girl who was from a wealthy family who had been lodged in the cathedral studying Celentian theocracy. The two became quite close, and eventually saw each other as siblings.

This relationship introduced Indra to the girl’s betrothed, a spunky spacer who he immediately took to as a brother. Life was going well, except when an unknown shadow of Indra’s past haunted him. Claiming to be his biological brother, the man was relentless in trying to get Indra to abandon his religious lifestyle to follow him to the stars in the high life. This led to a heated argument, one that turned violent. In the ensuing violence, Indra’s sister, seeking to try and draw Indra away from the fighting earned the ire of his brother, and thus he fatally wounded her. Indra’s soon-to-be brother-in-law came in, and upon learning of what transpired, tried to kill Indra’s brother. Despite barely knowing him, and even after having killed his sister, Indra stepped in to stop the continued fighting. This turned his brother-in-law against him, and Indra was forced to make an escape with his biological brother.

It was here his faith in the Goddess was shaken. Indra took into crime with his brother, involving theft, and even to the point of murder. Indra’s skills impressed his brother, as he was an even better fighter than him, and this drew up a well of envy, as well as fear. This led to a betrayal, pitting brother against brother. In an underhanded move, hired guns under the order of the brother were sent to kill Indra, despite them not being a match. This gave his brother time to stab Indra in the back, so to speak. With a power sword, he shear through the four wings adorning Indra’s back, and would go on to cut off his lower legs so he could not run away. Left to suffer and die, his brother disappeared, never to be heard from again. Indra by the Goddess’ protection was found and then recovered, brought to the same monastery where he had grown up to recover. With new cybernetic legs, and his wounds healed, Indra’s sins held him back from returning to his old life. He fled in a stolen ship, and began wandering ports, knowing that two brothers were out there, waiting to kill him. He would let them come. And he would face them. The outcome being whatever that the Goddess wished to transpire.


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Devo Vizcarra

Age: 21
Race: Tamearin-Human
Sex: Male
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 158 lbs
Eye Color: Dark Red
Hair Color: Rust-colored around the scalp and black to the ends.
Hair Style: Extends just below the shoulders


Devo (armored).jpg



Devo has a thin, dextrous build with a height on the shorter side. This combined with a typical easygoing, absentminded smile renders him hardly intimidating at all. Those features retain their youthful softness, to the point where Devo has very little facial hair. He wears austere, pragmatic workclothes most of the time. This is a set of black insulated clothing that includes a loose shirt, reflective overcoat, baggy pants, boosts and padded gloves. Always, he has a necklace on, which includes an old-fashioned, platinum-marked ignition key.


The half-Tamearin is rather laid back and mellow for the son of a Pon-Taer and a police officer. He hardly bothers getting into arguments or letting others words agitate him, although this seeming passivity does not extend to his actions. Whenever Devo sets his mind to a task, he works at it with almost-singleminded determination, refusing to back down until he’s succeeded. In that, he seems to inherit the stubbornness of his mother. He has his father’s instincts, which have directed his obstinacy towards injustice.

Overall, he has perhaps too much self confidence, assured that his skills and will can carry him through any situation. This lends towards a cocksure attitude that he is sure impresses the ladies, even if many tend to find it more comical than anything - at least until he demonstrates his skills. Nonetheless, his friends have known him as a gentleman. When his interest is legitimately caught, he can show a more gentle, sensitive side that he keeps hidden around his male friends. Some of the bluster tends to remain, at least until he’s confident in his interactions.


Devo was born on the planet of Intiquecha, a dusty Mars-like planet within the GFP. It straddles the border between Tamearin-dominated space and human-colonized worlds. Unsurprisingly, although the planet is predominantly human, it receives a constant influx of Tamearin visitors from their habitation station close to the system’s star, Aintiu. The two have enjoyed a prosperous relationship. The Tamearin’s extensive hydroponics provide a food surplus, and in exchange the people of Initquecha have provided raw materials from their extensive subsurface and asteroid belt mining operations.

Before Devo’s birth, this all came under threat. An unprecedented pirate incursion from a splinter-faction of the alliance raided deep into GFP space, utilizing a warp gate abandoned by the Demigor during their defeat. Unnoticed by the federation, it allowed the raiders to assault the site of heavy industry and industrial supplies. They seized the shipyards within the thick asteroid belt and absconded with the ships. Unable to pinpoint the enemy’s origin, the GFP did not commit a fleet to crush the pirates as they usually would.

It fell to the local defenders to push back the enemy, among them one Kallpa Vizcarra. A police officer until that point, he took up the call of the militia and fought to defend his home. The humans didn’t fight alone, though. The Tamearin repaid centuries of support in blood, answering the call to war. Among them was Korra Devolina. The pair of defenders joined in a unit after taking severe losses to their own - in Kallpa’s case, he had been one of the only survivors. Korra renewed his hope and together the two rose to distinguish themselves as special forces, fending off the worst of sneak attacks and then countering with boarding actions.

One of their operations seized data that linked back to the gate. The two were present for that final battle, where battleships shattered on both sides. Through grit and persistence, the joint GFP militia destroyed the warp gate. Some of the pirates escaped, bleeding and battered, but the defenders had won the day. Despite all the losses of the war, life sprung anew. Kallpa and Korra had fallen in love, settling down together on Intiquechua and having two children in the years to come: their son and daughter.

Devo grew up with admiration for his parents and the inability to match their greatness. As a young child, he glowed with pride and quickly became the center of attention in his classes. The son of a pair of heroes tended to attract such attention. Much of his confidence originated in these days, and persisted into the present. Yet as the years passed and the memories of the war began to solidify into history, his popularity sunk. Childish boasts about the prowess of his parents fell out of fashion, and gradually Devo became known more as a class clown than anyone worthy of emulation.

As a teenager he began to feel inadequate, bereft of some status of his own. He kept up a sauve exterior, but even he knew it was just a distraction from his own self-doubt. This fading confidence drove him to seek out his own purpose. Earlier than his sister had, he acknowledged that he couldn’t be a war hero - and he didn’t wish such conflict upon his home anyway. Looking up to his sister - as he always had, drawing his sense of humor from her - Devo searched for an interest of his own to match her will to become a biologist. He found his peace in looking deep without.

Despite impressive grades and an intelligence to match, Devo settled for a job among the Miner’s Guild. Though his parents protested the move at first, Devo assured them that he’d find a job worthy of his skills. His pursuit of engineering taught him how to operate and repair the exosuits used to strip asteroids for their minerals, placing the young adult into the role of a skilled engineer by his performance in the trade college. Even so, he preferred to participate in the operations himself. There he felt he could do the most good and directly assist with any complications.

He quickly gained a reputation for this dutiful behavior. Have a malfunction? No worries, Devo’s already on it. Need a hand anchoring a hurtling asteroid? Grab your friend Devo. For the first time in years, he gained a circle of friends and was reminded how good camaraderie felt. The sociable half-Tamearin thrived in this environment.

His reached his pinnacle during a tunneling operation into a large asteroid. Devo’s team fell victim to a collapse that left them marooned as their oxygen slowly dwindled. No amount of effort from their drilling equipment could extract them as the interior structure of the asteroid collapsed with any interference. It seemed hopeless. But Devo kept on drilling, following a straight path towards lessened gravity and away from the weight of despair.

He inspired his friends to keep trying, working as a team to keep collapses at bay as they dug for freedom. When a chunk of iron stood in their way and time had nearly run out, Devo’s will pushed past his physical constraints, manifesting in a winding drill fashioned half from structokinesis and grinding with the power of destructokinesis. His psionics had awakened.

Devo accepted his promotion to a foreman not long after, but he began to realize in the year to come that he could have a greater destiny. Now that he possessed such power in his hands, was he really content with the simple life. He finished out a season of work with his friends and promised to visit them someday if he didn’t outright return to their ranks. Then - Devo set out for home. He arrived to ask his parents to teach them all they know about fighting - and to his surprise his sister Lina had come to do the same. The siblings spent the next few months in a crash course on combat, and joined hands to set off as bounty hunters. With his blossoming psionic strength, Devo set out to apprehend the wicked and bring them to justice.

Skills: Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Architectural Knowledge, Mining, Piloting: Cybersuit, Laser Weapon Training, Red Psion: Structokinesis & Destructokinesis, Energy Lance


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Lina Vizcarra

Age: 26
Race: Tamearin-Human
Sex: Female
Height: 5’7”
Weight: ??? lbs
Eye Color: Pine Green
Hair Color: Dyed Blonde
Hair Style: Done up in a ponytail, medium-length bangs.


Lina (Armored).jpg


Lina has a narrow but athletic figure - the build of weakness conditioned to resilience. Her features are stern and firm, though not overly angular. Her eyes are a pine green while her hair is arranged into long bangs on either side of her face and a ponytail. It is dyed a blonde color over the natural matching color that her Tamearin heritage produces. A few scars mar her skin, although most are hidden. A roughly diamond-shaped scar rests under the left side of her chin and several traces of damage descend across that side of her neck and her left arm - the elbow of which begins a cybernetic forearm.

She typically wears a sturdy brown workman’s jacket dotted with reflective plates on the shoulders and stiff collar. Her pants are of a matching, insulated and heat-retardant material. Her gloves have a rubber inner lining and thin servomotors, making them shock-proof and providing enhanced, toggleable grip strength. Underneath the zippers she has a form-fitting black jumpsuit, of which only the neck and collar line are typically visible. A toolbelt peeks out under her jacket, sporting a compact medkit, a paramedic’s bio-analyzer, a thermal handgun, and a sheathed vibro-knife.


The half-Tamearin is calm, considered, and level-headed even under pressure. She takes this methodical approach to whatever task she sets out, including social interaction. This tends to earn her trusting colleagues but not always close friends. More gregarious types are put off by her calculating approach to understanding others. Yet she also inherited her father’s sense of easygoing humor, an often unconsciously-used tool that interferes with her approach and yet makes her more friends than her logical methods would allow.

Lina tends to be self-conscious in more ways than just the right approach to conversation. She is zealous in maintaining her physique, compensating for only minimally inheriting her mother’s looks by keeping in excellent shape. To some degree, her insistence upon cleanliness and order also plays into this. Lacking the natural power or quick learning of her younger sibling, she holds to a strident work ethic, committing to any challenge she faces - sometimes beyond reason. Letting things go and accepting failures are difficult tasks for her, even after years of practice.


Lina wasn’t always as pragmatic as she is today. Her human and Pon-Taer halves combined into a tempermental, excitable child that proved a handful even for her parents. Even for a pair who’d weathered the wages of war, a combative child proved a fresh challenge. Yet despite her childish squabbles with her parents, Lina looked up to them proudly and aspired to become a defender of the peace like her father. That might have been the only route available to her, had she continued along the path she did.

It quickly became apparent than the girl’s grades weren’t good. Lina’s attention span left much to be desired, and her temper got her into additional trouble. By the time she was in middle school, her parents found out she’d been hanging around delinquents. Her vandalization of a teacher’s house with spraypaint drew the final straw, and Kallpa intervened. He took Lina out of school for a month, going out into the arid countryside with her and forcing his daughter to learn restraint. He passed down the basics of hand-to-hand combat, besting her handily over and over until Lina understood bitterly that it’d be years before she had any chance.

That lesson honed her wild inclinations towards an ability to focus. Rather than trying to strangle her energy, she honed it towards a singular task. At first this was merely a desire to improve at CQC to beat her dad, but he patiently watched as she learned to extend this monomania towards her studies. Not all of her difficulties faded overnight. In the years that passed, Lina struggled, only truly beginning to excel in high school. By then, though, she’d found her passion - and with it a direction. Though she loved sparring as a hobby, the biology that underpinned a body in motion fascinated Lina. She left behind her childish dream and earned credentials worthy of entering medical school.

The ‘academy’ Lina entered was unusual, to say the least. She passed over the planetary schools, instead finding work aboard the asteroid-mining colonies in the system’s dense belt. There, she could keep in motion herself, not grow idle and frustrated in the stuff corridors of a college. Though small, the medical institution there happily accepted the promising student. From early on she engaged in her subjects direct, shadowing medics as they treated the burns and gouges that equipment failures and human errors prompted in the workforce.

Lina took to the dress of the colonies and the ethic of its medics. Those three years blistered by faster than any other, though the aspiring doctor enjoyed them nonetheless. She dated for the first time in her pre-medical training, though a string of brief relationships cemented her desire to dissect the mentality of others before growing closer to them. Lina worried that their disappointment was more than just intellectual.

She pressed on with her studies, though, entering her final medical training in the two intensive years that followed. In these, her dormant psionic powers began to awaken in response to her focus. The academy had to call a professional onto the campus to hone her abilities. While they were green psionics, she disappointingly didn’t manifest biokinesis as her first ability. Instead, she only had a weak override that she managed to properly activate just before her final exams.

Afterwards she passed with flying colors and was instated as the head - and only - medic aboard a mining vessel. They affectionally called her their ‘Doc’, the grit of the workers and Lina’s hardass bedside manner meshing well. An accident spoiled this bliss. Faulty equipment in the mining hangar killed several of the workers and injured others. When Lina went to save them, she stepped too close to a malfunctioning mining charge that detonated, filling her side and chin with shrapnel and tearing off her left forearm. Lina jammed a painkiller into herself and rescued as many as she could before the captain dragged her to medbay and called for assistance.

Lina remained crippled for a month though she healed externally. She found herself appalled at the idea of having to undergo an augmentation to have use of her left arm again, not for Tamearin tradition’s sake so much as the violation of her body with metal. She managed to be of some use regardless, shaping her Override to act as a psychic assistant to the workers trying to fill in for her. Literally and verbally, she guided their actions, using telekinesis to assist where she could - even though one-handed that meant little.

Eventually her replacement arrived and she was sent back home for a time. Lina spent time sparring one-armed with her father to cope, still managing to hold her own for awhile before losing. Once again, he broke down her pride and encouraged her to undergo the surgery - lest her talents be wasted. Lina emerged recommitted to her pursuit of medicine and biology, although she didn’t feel right returning to the vessel.

Instead, she asked Kallpa to train her with gunplay as well - just as her brother returned home from the Belt with a similar request. Shocked by his performance of psionics, she did her best to improve her own - straining towards biokinesis and developing imbuing as an unexpected, more powerful byproduct.

Skills: CQC (Fighting Dirty), Medicine, Human & Tamearin Biology, Study of Genetics, General Alien Biology, Medical Equipment Operation, Basic Ship Maintenance, Firearms (Firepower Focus). Green Psion: Override, Imbuing, Biokinesis
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Young Slave Yip

Age: 21
Race: Cartus (Cyberized)
Gender: Female
Height: 5’9”
Weight: ???
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Midnight Blue
Hair Style: Long and wavy, kept in a ponytail

Yip is a slender looking girl with long flowing hair rivaled only by her long mechanical tail. Her face is covered with scars, two large ones on her eye and cheek being the most obvious. Her ears are smaller than most Cartus and her eyes often seem off to anyone has been able to see them.

Little is known of how Yip actually acts for one simple reason… she avoids people. She is extremely quiet and self contained, usually fleeing if someone spots her for one reason or another. This is likely a simple matter of her being a shy soul with insane trust issues… though we may never know.

Yip was a slave to a wealthy Shinso researcher. She knew little of the luxury of freedom and independence… having only followed the law of the whip. She watch many rebel and many fail. She heard stories from her mother of those who had escaped and took refuge in a planet far from their home. Yip often wondered if she could find a way to sneak herself and her mother into one of the supply ships they commonly unloaded… but she always ended up being too scared to try. For the most part Yip was an obedient slave girl who avoided all of the worst punishments. Her loyalty was only to her mother… so as long as she was safe, Yip would do anything.

Unfortunately, she never took into account her own safety.

Once she turned 16 years of age, her owner demanded that she be summoned to his presence. Little is known of the events that transpired that day… leading many of those she lived with to believe that she had died that day. Death was a fate that she yearned for during the following years.

Knowledge of Yip’s life slowly faded from the world. Her mother dying soon after her disappearance and the other slaves forgetting her existence, it was almost like she was never born. Until a strange woman took on the role of bounty hunter… using the name “Young Yip.” Though it was unclean who she was or how she got to a GFP governed planet… one thing was clear that something had happened to her. It made her body stronger… but left her mind broken.

Skills: Hacking, Stealth, Hand-To-Hand Combat, Throwing Weapon Proficiency

Insane Darkness

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Jerry Smith

Age: --Unknown--
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Height: ~6’
Weight: --Unknown--
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style: Short, messy
Position: Ghost’s Friend (Henchman)

He walks around in a blue sweater and black sweatpants only because they have the biggest pockets out of all of his other clothing. His sneakers are a little worn, but he often replaces them every six months.

Murder to Jerry holds no moral incorrectness. Combat is just like taking a walk in the park. He’s quite the airhead and is merely helping out those many would call “evil” simply because he’s friends with them. He will often snap at those who don’t treat him with respect, as he always treats everyone, even his enemies, with respect.

Jerry was a poor office worker, just one of many. His amazing Psionics brought praise upon him by his peers, but it wasn’t anything he figured could be useful to him as he mostly just performed measly party tricks.

Ghost had approached him one day, asking him for a few favors. Nothing too difficult for him to solve. Each time he’d complete a favor, they’d praise him, making him happy and willing to do more favors for them. After enough favors, he’s seen many co-workers show up out of nowhere and disappear as soon as they’d appeared, not that it fazes him. Everyone has things in their lives that are more important than killing people.

Skills: Bullet Time, being a good friend, kitchen knives
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Code name: Ghost
Real name: Daisy Elentra?
Characteristics: ?

Ghost is a mysterious entity, as no one has directly seen them. This has led to speculation that 'Ghost' is actually multiple people using it for their personal gain.

Solex- Uneasy Alliance, controllable monster, low threat.
Knowledge: high Intel on, five spies embedded.

Ravenwood- unsuspecting target, annoyance, low threat
Knowledge: Moderate knowledge due to operatives being killed by aggressive leaders.

Master- Uneasy Alliance, controllable monster, moderate threat
Knowledge: Minor. More effort should be taken to find more information about their organization and embed spies.

Spectre- Alliance, potential friend, Extreme threat
Knowledge: None. Priority Green, knowledge or any information, no matter how insignificant, is to be gathered. Only attempt with high resistance to psionics.


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Name: Master
Former name: Johnathan Elanor Stoutfield
Characteristics: Is (a corpse?) in a giant suit of armor

Master is a leader hellbent on destroying the GFP through an event he refers to as the "Day of Retribution." His motives are still undefined and his sanity is slowly draining, all that is known is that he sees himself as a crusader and that he has gathered a small group to fight for him.

Drake: A former Geneticist who was framed for a multitude of human experimentations, despite only having experimented on himself. He has graphed himself with various reptilian DNA.

Westwood: A soldier who survived a scouting mission gone wrong, and was then framed for starting a war he had been trying to avoid. He is an acceptable marksman and gunslinger, using a pistol with armor-piercing rounds.

Sunflower: A young orphan who was found by Westwood, and cured of her cancer by Drake. She now lives and fights with the duo, if only due to her uncontrollable predatory instincts that Drake accidentally gave her. She has shark, tiger and fox DNA in her blood, giving her agility as well as menacing teeth and claws.

Wraith: Little is known of their newest member... as she prefers to remain in the background and avoid the attention of others. She is mute but has a strange talent for telekinesis, something she uses to adjust the wheels of fate.

Nessiera'tora: A Worthy warrior who I seek to convert to my cause.

Ghost: An interesting little fellow... but a worthy one. Whether they realize it or not, they will join my cause very soon.

Sirius: A heretic who I wish to send where he belongs... The grave.
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Name: Roberta

Former name: Unknown

Characteristic: Manipulative, brutal

Roberta is the seconded in command of Solex, her past life or her childhood is unknown. But Roberta is clearly only loyal to her crew and Solex and nobody else.


Ghost: Annoyance of an ally, low threat

Solex: Great leader, and someone that she highly respect.

Name: Solex

Former name : Unknown

Characteristic: Leader calm and collective mind brutal.

Solex is the leader of an possible the largest group of pirates in the galaxy, were other pirates stab each other and only work together. Solex seems to be disciple and treats his forces like a military force.

Ghost: Uneasy alliance, annoying and cocky person. Threat level low.


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Tobias of the Silver Wind

Age: Thinks he's 25 (actually 325)
Race: Phoenix
Sex: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 212 lbs
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Hair style: Thick and fluffy, with a short braid on the end
Position: Inventor and repairman

Tobias' casual attitude is highlighted by his messy, baggy hoodie and grey jeans. Though his hair is rather think and uncombed, he does placed the hair in the back in a braid. His features are youthful, his emerald green eyes having a strange gleam to them. His crystallized soul takes the form of a warm red amber.

Laid back and extremely reckless, Tobias embodies the idea of "You'll never know unless you try." He constantly places his own body at risk to push himself (or his inventions) to the limit. Despite his carefree approach to life, Tobias is incredibly cunning and intelligent. He is also compassionate and would sacrifice everything for those he cares for.

Tobias comes from the guild of magic, a secret society hiding from the rest of the galaxy. He is the son of Tiamat of the Lifeless and Arthur of the Silver Wind. He lived a peaceful life of magic and experimentation... Until his mother died from a rare, mana eating disease. He dedicated his life to living up to his mother's legacy.

Many years passed as Tobias learned about magic and his heritage. His mother soon returned, revived from the land of the death. However, she was different. She was sadistic, power hungry, twisted. The woman who returned was no longer the one she called "mother." In the end, Tiamat was cursed and banished by Arthur. Tobias chose to have his memory wiped, to live a new life without the dreadful image of what he could become.

Tobias would eventually leave his home, seeking to learn more about the world surrounding him. This would lead him to the Golden Wind, where he became a member of the bouty hunting crew.
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