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Jackie-Jackie Jetstorm

Age: 26
Race: Cartus
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: [Redacted]
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Short, Somewhat Messy
Position: Captain, Leader of Starstream

Busty and curvy, JJ has a very attractive body she is not afraid to show off a little, often dressed in somewhat revealing clothing. Her dark brown hair is kept short so she has to do less maintenance on it. She has large Cartus ears that usually point out at a 0° to 45° angle.

JJ is usually bubbly and cheerful. She tends to get along with everyone, and doesn't let the small stuff get to her... usually. She does have her pouty side, and can be somewhat childish if she doesn't get her way. JJ has been called over enthusiastic and grating at times, but her big smile and warm eyes usually melt the hearts of those around her.

Born Melvan Hassledale, JJ grew up on Forseti, a Human colony on Planet Forseti in the Beta Quadrant. Her parents moved there after fleeing slavery on their home planet of Shin. Bored with farming life, JJ ran away from home when she was twelve, or at least that is the reason she gives.

JJ spent most of her life on the streets, learning to hustle, to fight, to pilot, and making contacts. The rest of her time was spent in and out of GFP juvenile detention facilities until she was an adult, when she spent the first two years of her twenties in a minimum security prison. There, she learned more of the trade from career criminals.

When she got out, JJ decided to still use her talents, but in more legal manners. She became a bounty hunter, treasure hunter, and scrap dealer, though has had little success on her own, and most of the crew she has gathered over the years have come and gone, only two friends staying by her side.

Things are different now. JJ finally acquired her own starship in a game of chance and is using her connections and knowledge of certain rumors to gather a permanent crew, a small group of people sharing her desire for adventure, for glory, and for money.

Skills: Shin Martial Arts, Piloting, Information Acquisition, Computer Hacking, Hustling, Gambling, Cheating, Pickpocketing

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Aya Me

Age: 20
Race: Tamearin
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 90 lbs
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Dark Violet
Hair Style: Waist Length, Long Ponytail
Position: First Mate

Aya is short and flatchested, she is physically the opposite of JJ. She has an uninterested look in her eyes most of the time to match her dry, sarcastic sense of humor. She is quite beautiful, however, far more then she gives herself credit for.

Somewhat cold and distant, Aya can often be described as being eternally bored. She has a hard time making friends and doesn't try very hard to do so. She cares, however, more then most Tamerins. She is subject to wild mood swings at times due to her Pon-Taer Syndrome. She is often brutally honest to everyone, even people she just met.

Aya grew up in a variety of orphanages throughout her child. A Pon-Taer Tamerin, she should have received special treatment and classes to help her manage her wild emotions. Instead, her parents abandoned her at a very young age. She barely remembers them, though she remembers them telling her to sit on the steps of an orphanage, then getting in their vehicle and driving away.

The Orphanages didn't have the funding or the staff to deal with an out of control Pon-Taer. This usually led to violent outbursts and negative means of getting attention, such as getting into fights and stealing. Much of her time between orphanages was spent in juvenile detention facilities. It was here where she met Jackie-Jackie Jetstorm, who was surprisingly patient with her, and the two became friends.

JJ promised to come get her one day. That Day was when she was 16. JJ, fresh out of prison, used forged documents to 'adopt' Aya, and the two have been together ever since. JJ taught her everything she knows, and although they tend to fight a lot, theirs is a true friendship.

Skills: Shin Martial Arts, Piloting, Information Acquisition, Computer Hacking, Hustling, Gambling, Cheating, Pickpocketing, Computer Programming, Violet Psionics

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Age: 15
Race: Baʒir
Sex: Male
Height: 3'11"
Weight: 112 lbs
Eye Color: Brownish Yellow
Carapace Color: Red-brown
Position: Engineer

Like most Baʒir, it is hard to note many differences between Báichī and other Baʒir for non-Baʒir. He is short, round, and has six legs that also function as arms. His most distinct feature is a large scar across his back. It has the depth, width, and consistency of a Shinso claw, but he claims to have no memory of recieving it. He is large for a male Baʒir, but still smaller then most females.

Like many Baʒir, Báichī is quiet and reserved, seldom speaking up and prefering to speak when spoken too. He will defend his family, of course. Báichī is kind, well spoken, and intelligent, and an expert in his field, enjoying reading and studying in his free time.

Báichī would describe his own life as fairly unremarkable. Since he was old enough to hold a tool, he and his family have worked on various GFP ships and space stations. They were highly sought after for their skills and efficiency, though the modest Báichī would deny this.

When his Anati got sick three years ago, the pod quit the GFP while she recovered. When she was better, Báichī sought a more stable job to prevent her from getting sick from stress, as the GFP ships were labor intensive and there was a lot of moving around.

They tried various commercial ships, but were mostly unhappy. A year ago, the group met Jackie-Jackie and she offered them a job. They accepted and tried their best to fix up the various junkers she would bring them to little avail, though they were still always paid in full. Now that JJ has a ship that can actually fly and stay in one piece, they are excited to finally get back to the jobs they love.

Skills: Basic ship maintenance, advanced ship maintenance, programming, repair work, plumbing, carpentry, smithing, electrician, matter-antimatter stabilization

Special Note: Báichī has a very odd pod of only four Baʒir, including him, his Anati, and his two younger sisters.

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Age: 95 (Online for 2)
Race: Hologram
Sex: "Male"
Height: 5'5"
Weight: N/A
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Short w/ a cowlick on top
Position: Autonomous Servant Hologram

Ash takes the appearance of a young, androgynous teen. He is cute and perky, and "dresses" simply in shirts and slacks.

Ash is extremely pleasant and kind, just as he is programmed to be. He is always ready and willing to help, and has hever shown any outward signs of hostility or anger.

Ash is a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence developed by the Galactic Federation nearly one hundred years ago. When the GFP reached the Delta quadrant, however, all development of A.I. within the GFP was put on hold and all development by outside sources was deemed illegal, less it spark a war with the races of that quadrant over their hatred of A.I.

Many A.I. programs were stolen, however, including Ash's. For a while now, the hands he has passed between have forgotten he is an A.I. He is a shackled A.I., disguised as a V.I. by limiting his ability to spread his program, access any vital systems of a ship, or have negative emotions or thoughts. The man that programmed him into the Golden Wind had no idea he is a thinking, learning computer, and neither does Jackie-Jackie.

It is unknown if Ash himself even knows, such knowledge possibly part of his blocked programming. There are holoemitters throughout most of the ship, but Ash's programming prevents him from entering vital locations like the engine room and the bridge.

Waitering, Bartending, Cleaning, First Aid, Massage, Smooth talking, Therapy, Humor, Basic Computers, Basic Engineering

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Sirius Ravenwood

Age: 46
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 189 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short and wavy
Position: Captain and Owner of Ravenwood Bounties

Sirius has the look of a high class business man, always dressed in a suit, with wavy but well kept hair and a look of business in his eyes. He is fairly handsome, and thanks to modern medicine, he is a lot older then he looks.

Sirius is warm and jovial on the surface, with a warm smile and a ready laugh. Beneath the surface, however, is a cold and ruthless man who will do just about anything to get his way. He has his own code of ethics that he sticks to, and that don't always match up with the ethics and morals of others.

Little is known about Sirius Ravenwood. Where he came from, where he was born, who his parents were, where he got his money. All a mystery. What is know is that he developed his team of bounty hunters twenty years ago and has the highest capture rate of any in the known galaxy.

Take them dead or alive usually results in death, however, as his people are just as ruthless and cutthroat as him. Caught criminals all claim mistreatment. Some compare Ravenwood to a legally sanctioned pirate, and it is believed that his sources, including darker ones, are vast, as are those on his payroll.

Sirius himself is quite the fighter. Some claim he has never lost a fight. Others claim he has never even been hit in a fight. He is a man never to be trifled with, and those who have crossed him tend to disappear.

Skills: Unknown but vast.

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Ladie 'Lady’ Brochette

Age: 25
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 181 lbs
Eye Color: Steel Blue
Hair Color: Light Brown (Natural), Pink/White(Dyed)
Hair Style: Long and Straight, to the middle back.

Position: Weapon Expert

Appearance: Lady is a darker, Chocolate skinned woman with long white hair, usually with pink tips, although it changes often. She's not the tallest Woman but you would be mistake to underestimate her as her many scars and quite ripped physique reveal. She takes good care of her body and it shows. She usually prefers darker lipstick and eyeliner to contrast her hair as well as a brightly colored outfit, most often including practical clothes like pants and sleeveless shirts.

Despite her appearance Lady is quite friendly, enjoying talking to and meeting other people, even to the point of craving interaction with others. She likes sharing her thoughts and learning the viewpoints of others. This can cause problems for her however when she meets people that don't understand her relationship with her partner Yixx. In those cases she'll protect Yixx with everything she has, being extremely protective, if not overly so, over her Yorin companion.

Despite her friendly nature she can turn deadly serious quickly in a fight, her goals focused on protecting herself and her closest allies above all else.

In conversation she tends to be mostly ignorant of a lot of Human culture, but mostly things from the last twenty or so years as she spent much of her life off of her homeworld. However, when her mouth and tendency to over share isn't getting her in trouble, she can be a once in a lifetime kind of friend.

Background: Lady was born on Earth in a small home to a family of siblings that were much older than her. Her brother Rahjah was eight years older than her, her Older Sister Karoline: Ten, as well as her middle sister of Six years Leeanna. She was absolutely the family baby and depended on her siblings and her parents for most of her years as a toddler. Her Father was nothing special, a mechanical designer by trade, her Mother weaved and stitched together fantastic works of art. They didn't have an extraordinary amount of money, just enough to get by and be happy.

Of course not everything can be perfect and happy forever as one day when she was only five, her Father had to pack his bags. Her Parents had chosen to keep some of what he did hidden from the family, namely his weapon manufacturing for the Federation. It appeared that he would be suddenly relocated to the distant Human colony of Forseti to be closer to an area of conflict near there. The Family sadly said their goodbyes and he gave them his promise to return… But that was the last time his family would see him.

After a year away they received a message that Lady's Father had gone Missing in Action, his Ship disappearing off the map and never being seen again after picking up supplies. However, the message revealed that these events happened months back and they had only informed the family after they had given up the search.

Now with no Father Lady's other siblings had to do much in order to keep the family afloat, working young and for long hours, Lady barely got to see them. For a long time it was just Lady and her Mother and after a few more years of this loneliness the both of them were faced with, Lady's Mother remarried to another Man.

Lady was furious, she refused to believe her Father was really gone, she wanted to believe he was a Space Hero trying to find a way back to them. Lady saw remarrying as a betrayal by her mother, it didn't help that her new Stepfather was very hands off with them, often acting callous towards their very existence. This reached its climax when Lady's Mother was diagnosed with a progressive genetic disorder that would kill her in only around a dozen more years. Unable to take this information she ran away at the age of ten, looking for a way into space her look for her Father. Unfortunately, what she found was a group of pirates engaged in the illegal and exotic slave trade, conducting business on Earth, collecting Humans because of their compatibility with most races.

Taken from her homeworld in chains she would, like her Father, never see the Earth again as the Pirates returned with her to their distant star. The Pirates were mostly Shisno that worked Lady to the bone every single day, making it clear what would happen to her. That lasted a only a month until the ship was attacked and raided by a rival group of Cartus pirates who butchered her captors and took her on board, they deliberated on what to do with the young human, the captain eventually deciding to take her under her wing.

There Lady fought to prove to the Raiders that she was worth keeping, she trained, and fought, and clawed as she was expected to fight and kill at a moment's notice. Here she took to her talent for firearms and combat, as well as developed her pain tolerance. After a few years of this, working for pirates who cared little for her other than as another body for fighting, they landed to do business in Yorin space, that business being weapons dealing.

The deal was an ambush however and Lady used the Chaos to escape before she was killed like the rest of her companions. Now being alone on a strange planet that she didn't even know the name of, she struggled and fought daily to survive, every year or so smuggling her way onto a cargo ship and heading to yet another planet she didn't recognize and didn't know, all while going farther and farther from home. Years of this cutthroat living developed her survival skills as well as her less than savoury traits, sneaking and lockpicking to name a few. That was until she found herself aboard a Yorin research ship, huddled in the cargo hold eating rations for their Tabora hosts.

When she was discovered however by the captain of the ship she thought it was all over, she'd be locked in a prison for who knows how long, that was until the daughter of the ship's captain stepped up to speak on her behalf. That Yorin Girl was named Yixx and while she was extremely shy usually, her had a compassionate heart that pushed her shyness aside.

Lady and Yixx became fast friends, then more, the two of them not understanding before how much they needed a person like the other to complete them. After getting to know each other over the course of a year, Lady offered Yixx something unthinkable, taboo even, she offered for Yixx to join her in her mind, that way they could always work together as a team.

Yixx was flabbergasted, no other race had barely even spoken to her, let alone offered something of this magnitude. But her trepidation faded, and they eventually bonded, becoming the inseparable pair they are today.

Yixx decided she wanted to explore the Galaxy with Lady, something she never thought she'd want. She wanted to see everything amazing space had to offer, to put her shut-in life behind her. And Lady happily agreed.

After spending another year like this as a team, they left the planet together and met a curious Cartus named JJ who found them particularly interesting, but what interested them more was that she wasn't reviled, she accepted them, and they knew they had found a special place.

Skills: Weapons, Fighting, Thieving, Lockpicking, Security Systems, and Stealth.

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Yixx Najji

Age: 5
Race: Yorin
Sex: Female
Height: 1’
Weight: 1 Pound.
Position: Tech Expert.

Yixx, like the rest of her people, is a grey slug like creature, however, she is normally seen in her host body, that of the dark skinned Lady. (See Above.)

Yixx is highly intelligent for her age, but extremely shy and introverted. Considered by many as a prodigy, she never really cared to show off her talents in anything competitive. However she is passionate and caring inside to others and is not afraid to take charge if she needs to. These traits can actually make her an oddly charismatic leader, if her naivete and anxiety doesn't backfire on her. As well her obsessive tendencies can get her caught up in her head at times, making her freeze up.

Background: Yixx was born to a family of Yorin inventors, like most Yorin. Her family specialized in Robots, Prosthetics, Mining Equipment, and or course, Plasma and Laser technology. Her Father was even captain of his own research vessel, the Lyrii Comet. Yixx was extremely gifted at her craft, even at a young age, and picked it up near flawlessly. She was the pride of her family and they were sure she was bound for greatness.

However, she refused to apply her talents in any competitive events or in other means other than in her own personal practice due to her anxiety and fear. She passed in her education at the top of her class and with flying colors, but froze up at the thought of further education in the cutthroat Yorin colleges where is it was every Inventor for themselves, all trying to get recognized and willing to step on others if they had to to climb higher.

This petrified her, and while her parents pressured her and she would always tell them one more week, she could never pull herself to do it. In Yorin society either you love fast or you get left behind, and despite her gifts and prospects for the future, Yixx became something of a hermit. She spent months on her house, years to the short lived Yorin, her parents trying anything to help her but it just wasn't enough.

Eventually at her third birthday her Father finally had to do something, he wasn't going to be around forever and he had to do something, anything for his daughter. So he forced her to come with him on a voyage out into the stars, she hated him for this, and to her Father's sadness, only made her freeze up more. She would have near daily panic attacks when she looked outside into space, never leave her extremely cramped quarters and simply built to keep her mind off of her stress.

That was when she, going to get materials from the cargo hold to work on her machines, stumbled upon a ragged looking Human girl hiding in the hold. Calling her Father right away he deliberated on just capturing her and returning the stowaway to the nearest planet to be arrested. Yixx on the other hand felt something to this girl, a feeling of sadness and loneliness radiated off of her, and Yixx quelled her fears just long enough to speak to the girl. Thankfully knowing enough Human thanks to mandatory school courses.

The Woman told her that her name was Lady.

Lady and Yixx became fast friends, then more, the two of them not understanding before how much they needed a person like the other to complete them. After getting to know each other over the course of a year, Lady offered Yixx something unthinkable, taboo even, she offered for Yixx to join her in her mind, that way they could always work together as a team.

Yixx was flabbergasted, no other race had barely even spoke to her, let alone offered something of this magnitude. But her trepidation faded, and they eventually bonded, becoming the inseparable pair they are today.

Yixx decided she wanted to explore the Galaxy with Lady, something she never thought she'd want. She wanted to see everything amazing space had to offer, to put her shut-in life behind her. And Lady happily agreed.

After spending another year like this as a team, they left the planet together and met a curious Cartus named JJ who found them particularly interesting, but what interested them more was that she wasn't reviled, she a accepted them, and they knew they had found a special place.

Skills: Unconventional Weaponry, Machines, Robotics, Computers, Weapon Maintenance, and Tech in general.
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Age: 347
Race: Azisin
Sex: N/A
Height: 3.55m (standing straight)
Breadth: 3.4m
Weight: 1321 kg
Position: Cook

Chuck’s flesh-tone varies significantly - their upper torso and right primary arm are the color of dead leaves, whilst the remainder of their body is a much more vibrant iron rust color. Their body plan is bipedal, with four primary limbs about as thick as tree trunks, two of which serve as legs and the other two which serve as arms, the latter of which have three Azis extending from their ends to function as a claw grip. Chuck has no head equivalent, but below where it would be they have a small mouth which they use for communication. They have no visible sensory organs, yet still retain the ability to sense the environment in exquisite detail. Below it, where the pecs would be, they have two smaller limbs with simple fingers, which act as secondary arms. Below that, at about where the stomach would be on a typical humanoid, Chuck’s body can open up like a hinge to act as a ‘true’ mouth, providing the resource distribution Azis easy access to nutrition. They typically stand hunched over, like a gorilla, both to better distribute their weight and fit in spaces not meant for creatures their size.

Chuck is a very personable, charismatic, and friendly being - at least if you can communicate with them in the Azisin’s native tongue of complex biological proteins and chemical receptors. However, in the realm of vocalizers, Chuck comes across more as a more inscrutable sort of fellow - they are not averse to communication, but when speaking about doing and simply doing take the same amount of effort, why not just do it? Nevertheless, a personality does shine through. Chuck is cautious and slow to decide, like many Azisin are, but when they do make up their mind they tend to stick to their guns in a way few could. They also make no effort to mince words. However, they do make an effort to extend a level of general respect to others, regardless of status; but this comes from a lack of experience with proper galactic civilization, and not being aware of the many markers of social status used to indicate how respectful one should be to that individual. Finally, Chuck does have a tendency to treat other individuals as if they were smaller, less durable Azisin - for better and for worse.

The Azisin that would eventually be come to known as “Chuck” would come into existence after the division of a nameless spacefaring Azisin 347 years ago. Chuck would spend the next several centuries afterwards traveling the galaxy to gather resources and establish their own territory, occasionally trading with other Azisin and other alien species after news of first contact reached them, but it was mostly a life of solitude, as Azisin are wont to.

However, as the Azisin was en route to the colony of Trapper's Keep to repair damage incurred with a minor scuffle with pirates, damage to their ship's navigation systems caused an improper re-entry, resulting in the ship exploding and crash-landing some two thousand kilometers from the main colony. It is a testament to the durability of the Azisin that they survived the crash, though it resulted in the death of two-thirds of their component Azisin and Chuck would have soon expired were it not for the intervention of a local hunter of the planet's megafauna, a human woman named Sigourney. Sigourney saved the Azisin’s life, and in turn they swore a debt to her to aid her until the end of her days.

Chuck received their moniker from Sigourney, the Azisin named after the human's favorite cut of meat. After the Azisin regrew to a size capable of assisting her, the two would set out to track and hunt Trapper's Keep's megafauna, the human typically locating the beast and attacking from range, whilst Chuck would grapple with the beast to finish it as well as protect the one he owed his life too. Together, the two would spend the next several decades in the frontier, the human occasionally heading into settlement to trade, whilst Chuck who cared little for such things merely experimented with how to prepare the parts of the beasts they couldn’t sell whilst she was away. And so they learned to cook, as Sigourney did not have the heart to tell the giant that the food was mostly unpalatable anyways.

Eventually, all things must come to an end. Individual Azis may perish, but through sharing their memories, the colony lives on, like the ship of Theseus. Humans are not so blessed, and eventually Sigourney passed at the ripe old age of 112, after eighty years of companionship. She died as she lived - a firebrand frontierswoman, and Chuck mourned as only a giant colony of worms could. Eventually, however, Chuck would have to move on from Trapper’s Keep, perhaps to get some space from the place of their friend’s death, or perhaps a desire to move on with their life. With the cooking skills they developed (their food was now mostly edible!) and exploiting the reputation of Azisin as masters of their craft, Chuck took themselves to the nearest spaceport and offered themselves as a bargain that no sane captain would overlook - an Azisin cook willing to work for room and board alone - though this was in part due to Chuck having little idea of what the concept of being paid was, having spent nearly the entirety of their life in some form of isolation from society at large. The ‘lucky’ captain in question was one Jackie-Jackie Jetstorm, and so Chuck found themselves a part of the crew of the Golden Wind.

Skills: Modified Neo-Pankration, lifting strength of 6 metric tons, can withstand light anti-vehicle weapons, tracking, trapping, skinning, fishing, butchering, general survivalism, starship repair (jury-rig focus), stellar navigation, stellar mining, cooking(?)


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Name: Oliver Blisk
Age: 34
Race: Kotavorg
Sex: Male
Height: 5:10
Weight: 300 pounds
Eye color: Green with small tilts in it
Hair color: Blond
Hair style: Crew cut
Position on ship: Bounty hunter/body guard


A slander but muscular man, with noticeable augmentations on his arms and eyes. Blisk typically wears jeans and a tee shirt with short sleeves that exposes his arms.

This can go either way, Blisk is a loner he doesn’t like working with or talking with people if he doesn’t have to. However he does like the occasional card game and drinking, however when he does open up and stats talking to people you can tell he takes his job very seriously and will sometimes gloat about always capturing his targets. But when he’s not gloating he can make for decent conversation.


Blisk was born on Coitera Blisk had to two military parents, his father being a mercenary working mostly for the military and his mother being an officer Blisk was mostly raised on a star ship moving from ship to ship and taking some of the most advance classes thanks to his mother. But this got boring to Blisk he wasn’t interested in school but was more interested in the soldiers, his father saw this and gave Blisk his first augmentation at nine years changing his eyes with one that had thermal vision and went to Military school.

In Military school Blisk was trained every day, studied military formations weapons training and squad formations. This would change at age sixteen when pirates attacked on of the ships he was on, his parents took him to one of the escape pods and launched him out of it onto the nearby planet. This escape did not last long as pirates found his shuttle and went after him, when the found Blisk and took him back to their captain he killed two of the deck mates and head-butted the captain. The Captain liked Blisk fire and took him in, for two years Blisk raided with the pirates seeing as though they were the only people keeping him alive he ran with them.

This changed when the pirates caught a pirate hunter, Blisk went to the hunter and started asking him question. The hunter told Blisk of the bounty of on the pirates he was working with. The bounty was enough to have Blisk free the pirate hunter and kill his former captain in the middle of the night and set the ship to self-destruct, once back in civilization the pirate hunter gave half the money to Blisk and offered him a job as a pirate hunter, Blisk accepted the offer and used the money to augment himself.

Over the last nine Blisk and the pirate hunters hunted all manner of pirates and Blisk getting more and more augmented as the years went on, at age twenty seven Blisk for his eyes kept the thermal vision that his father augmented him with, he got rid of both his arms and legs for cybernetic got his spine augmented that put him under for two year just to redo his nervous system his heart and lungs are augmented and he even augmented his skin.

After turning thirty he left the pirate hunters and decided to take down other criminals, for the past four years Blisk got a reputation of always bringing his targets in alive. Though there condition is lack luster most of the time usually with two bullets wounds in their knees like it’s his trade mark, often times Blisk would be a body guard to those that have the money to afford him. Blisk current mind set is that he would do what he needs to do to capture a bounty and making his client happy, and to inflict unimaginable pain on his bounty’s before turning them in.

:Skills Both regular and Heavy weapons expert, Knife fighter Gambler, Smuggler Military trained, star ship expert.

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Ella Zendromine (and Vi)

Age: 19/7
Race: Shinso (Snow Leopard)/V.I.
Sex: Female/”Female”
Height: 5'2”/Varies
Weight: 106 lbs/Not Applicable
Eye Color: Ice Blue/Deep Blue
Hair Color: White/Blonde
Hair Style: Short, Shoulder-length, Unkempt/Straight, Short
Position: Sniper, Engineer/V.I. Assistant to Ella

Ella has a black long coat that drapes down to the middle of her calf with sleeves that she rolls at the wrist, thin skin-tight black pants to match and a beige scarf around her neck with under-armor beneath everything. If you were to look under her thick head of white hair, you would see neural networking lines embedded into her scalp, where her V.I., Vi, resides. A few of these lines, though hardly noticeable, reach her right eye from her temple. The decked-out sniper on her back is larger than she is, though she can carry it around only because it’s on her back at an angle. She carries a pistol at her side for close quarters and an energy dagger in her boot if it gets even worse. If that fails as well, her right cybernetic arm is her final trump card, as she hides the evidence of it underneath her gloves.

Ella is rather deadpan to everything. While you can get to her soft and squishy bits with time, she will treat you respectfully regardless, but remind you to keep your distance, for it’s easier to shoot you from there. She prefers to keep everything on a need-to-know basis, but is not against sharing personal tidbits about herself from time to time to spice up conversations and interactions. Vi is just as deadpan as Ella, though she only ever speaks with Ella and doesn’t grow any less cold and calculating over time.

Ella was born as the runt of her brothers and sisters. She was always weaker, smaller, and worse at everything. While they would all play-fight one another, she would be reading her books. However, she wasn’t even the best one of her siblings at learning, as her eldest brother was the family’s pride and joy as a scholar with the sharpest wits in and out of combat, with her eldest sister, who was younger than the eldest brother, as the strongest warrior of them all, even compared to her parents. Because she was so much more incapable at close-quarters combat and learning and everything else, cybernetics was an easy out for her.

When she became 12, she had saved up enough money to get the surgery required from a Fee she knew, as one of her friends ended up getting a similar procedure done on themself by the same Fee. It took some getting used to, but, after a bundle of terrible nightmares followed up with waking up with severe physical pain, it was a natural part of her body. Her eldest brother taught her everything he knew, which she was able to retain thanks to Vi, and her eldest sister taught her everything she needed to know about fighting larger opponents than herself.

By the time she was 14, Ella started picking up ranged weaponry, specifically snipers. She loved how natural keeping her distance and gauging the enemy felt for her, not to mention the ease that her V.I. brought to improve her aim, as Vi was based around loopholes in the law to benefit some combat situations. However, an incident where she held her sniper wrong caused her shoulder to shatter. To her luck, she had enough money saved, after her own family’s contributions, to replace the entire arm with a cybernetic enhancement, though only because any medical professional she knew would have charged her so much more to outright fix it.

By the time she was 16, Ella had figured out her sniper rifle front to back as well as how Vi could help her in almost any combat situation. In the smaller-scale bounty hunter groups, she was known as Viella One-Shot, though no one could actually identify who she was, as her height made her easy to forget. She picked up a lot of militaristic lingo from a few military veterans who retired to become bounty hunters, so she was able to convey a lot of information in very little time as long as her team members understood it. The Fee who gave her Vi also decided to take her under his wing at this time as an apprentice, and with the help from Vi, she was a quick learner.

She constantly reflects upon her weakness, vowing to never become weaker until time takes her strength from her. By the time she was 19, she understood that every year that passed she was continuing to grow as a bounty hunter. However, while she knew quite a few people, she never gained any life-long friends along the way.

Skills: Vi-Enhanced Aim, Acrobatics, Gathering Intel, Devising Tactics, Maintaining/Developing Cybernetics/V.I. and A.I., Retaining Knowledge, Time Management

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Kyūnasaki Kazane
Codename ‘Tenji’

Age: 23
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 144 lbs
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Ponytail

Kyunasaki Kazane.jpg


Kazane’s beauty can best be described as ‘dissonant’. Her silky-straight strands of sable hair - cut to flat ends on the bangs - are a marker of her style. Her curves are indications of innate blessings. Yet her moon-pale skin is unnaturally flawless, smooth and without blemish. Even in regards to what appear to be scars along her elbows, wrists, knees, heels, and neck, their presence is subtle and unusual. The incisions are light and don’t blanch the flesh around them properly, letting them almost go unnoticed. Her eyes practically shine a striking, syrupy orange.

Her attire varies, from form-fitting jumpsuits to loose and flowing kimonos. They are consistent in three aspects. Firstly, their color is usually muted and cool, including monochromes of black, gray, and white with the occasional burst of blue or violet. Secondly, they all reach over the fault-lines on her limbs, concealing them. Only her combat attire exposes them. Finally, every outfit finds a way to incorporate a brilliant blue scarf. Its materials are from an indeterminate source, the fibers as durable as light armor and capable of stitching back together even from severe trauma.


Kazane cultivates a cocky persona, projecting a guise of supreme confidence in life and battle alike. On some level, this arrogance is veritable: her quick reflexives and matching wit make her more than capable of keeping up in both wordplay and gunplay. This cleverness isn’t wasted on overconfidence, however. When the risk is real, the mask lowers and Kazane takes on a quiet seriousness - a cunning that perhaps reveals an honester facet of her personality. When she’s alone or in the presence of close friends, much of her artifice falls away. Rarely does one find themselves in that trusted circle however, as Kazane maintains a wariness of revealing her vulnerabilities - which can point to troublesome secrets.


No records exist of Kazane’s early life. What is apparent is that she either covered up her past within the GFP - or she originates from without. Judging by her itinerant lifestyle, if she had any wealth in the past it has long since trickled up. Yet she must have had money - or connections - to receive the cybernetic modifications to her body. The full extent of them is unclear, owing to the simulacrum weaving applied to her skin cells: any attempt to pry underneath - such as with x-rays - returns a false negative for metallics. The following traits are apparent:
  • Kazane’s limbs are entirely mechanical and capable of incredible feats of strength and dexterity beyond the regulated limits.
  • Because of this, her torso must include a cybernetic muscular substructure to bear the strain of increased power to the limbs.
  • In addition, Kazane’s reflexives are uncanny. They fire off faster than a normal human’s.
  • Kazane is fully capable of maintaining and augmenting her own cybernetics, indicating a thorough appreciation of the mechanisms behind their function, an aptitude for engineering, and a degree of computer programming acumen.
Furthermore, there’s no indication of where she received the extensive training she’s displayed - training that seems to be a cruder version of a special forces soldier. Kazane’s fieldwork as a bounty hunter has seen her utilize a set of mixed martial arts, stealth techniques, and a variety of firearms to take down opponents. When the conflict’s haven’t been on the ground, she’s utilized a sleek fighter of unknown make simply called ‘Razor’. Her piloting style can best be described as ‘reckless’, but the number of recorded crashes she’s experienced are surprisingly low: Kazane has only wrecked Razor four times.

Kazane has worked as a bounty hunter for three years in total. Her methods have drawn the attention of some authorities as unorthodox. Several fellow hunters have accused her of working with opposing criminal elements to apprehend bounties, though none have produced proof. Her effectiveness is undeniable, though. In instances where overt displays of her cybernetic modifications have come into play, opponents have been overwhelmed by the combination of weaponry and subsystems she’d deployed - most concealed within her augments. In all that time she’s worked with a partner - another cyborg - whom she signed onto the Golden Wind alongside. The two are an odd pair, if rumors of Kazane’s unscrupulous methods are true.



Galactic Federation of Planets Archive
Bounty Hunters Database: Authorized Eyes Only

Kazane Kyūnasaki - entered in reverse in her archives - is one of the odder individuals I’ve been asked to look into. She has no registration as a citizen of the GFP. Typically a bounty hunter’s license isn’t given out to foreign nationals, but exceptions are - as you likely know - made upon the recommendation of senior hunters. Ms. Kyūnasaki fell under the purview of this convention. However, further complications warranted my task here. For one, the planetary system she submitted isn’t on our record. Considering the wealth of charting probe data, the odds of a human visitor from beyond our area of discovery are slim. It is this archivist’s opinion that the ‘Bēru System’ is a fabrication.

To lend credence to this claim, allow me to point out further inconsistencies in her personal file. She claimed ‘no modifications, genetic or cybernetic’ on her Declaration of Augmentations - a claim overwritten after her performance on Rossier IV. In pursuit of an escaped convict she proceeded to fire bullets from her fingers as well as perform a leap in excess of six meters to catch up with her quarry. The file has since been corrected by a senior analyst to aptly state: “unknown range of augmentations, although suspected extensive from available data.” Quite possibly they extend to her nervous system as well. The appended footage displays reflexes that - while possibly psionic in nature - are more likely the result of neurological overclockers.

These are illegal to all but authorized military personnel under Regulation MMCXVI: Limitations on Commercial Cybernetics and Genetic Modifications to all but a series of exempted species and circumstances, none of which Ms. Kyūnasaki has documentation for. As a foreign citizen she is technically not subject to those laws, although protocol typically dictates an investigation and contact with the government the person belongs to.

You can see the issue. Without knowing her point of origin, a formal inquiry is all but impossible. However, there are some clues to her point of origin, should the proper authorities wish to investigate further. Her style of name is highly unusual, and it took me a week to find the correct database to locate her first name. The surname is either fabricated or an evolution of existing characters. The former belongs to a language family that has been all but archaic for the better half of the millenium, referred to as “Japanese” in the Old Earth Languages Database. A convention for names of that language is to place the family name first, which appears to be what the subject has done. Said family name is a combination of the characters for “promontory” and “steep”, which does not appear in any record.

To the best of my knowledge, there are only a few colonies that still actively practice the language. Several of them are within major societies with significant human populations - all part of the GFP. If she belongs to any of them, she has falsified her claim of no citizenship and has committed a crime under laws she is subject to. If not, she may belong to Sector 2384 on the border of the Chrysanthemum Nebula. The record of that region makes note of a series of colony ships breaking away from the GFP with the intent to settle in the region opposite the emission nebula mentioned. They have not been contacted since and the level of advancement in Ms. Kyūnasaki’s cybernetics is beyond what they were capable of at that date about seven centuries ago, but it is entirely possible they have advanced since.

Unless Ms. Kyūnasaki’s habit of lying to the archival team becomes enough of an issue that further investigation is merited - or she turns out to be part of some espionage operation but an unknown civilization - I must concede that it is frankly not worth the effort to send an exploratory vessel to confirm the status of those colonists. The matter will likely have to be tabled for decades in the meantime - much to the relief of my subject, no doubt. A close eye should be kept on this Kyūnasaki Kazane, regardless.

Archival Technician Sofea Barrend​
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Titania Regalia

Age: 24
Race: Half-Human, Half-Dondondari
Sex: Female
Height: 5’11
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eye Color: gold/ amber for left/right
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Shoulder-length, braided
Position: Pilot/ emergency engineer

Appearance: Well-rounded in terms of curves, Titania usually wears rather modest clothes, save for workouts which tend to be more revealing. She keeps her hair braided up as a reminder of home. She has a pair of fox ears that match her hair color and a fluffy tail that is soft to the touch- if she lets you touch it.

Personality: Being happy-go-lucky, it’s hard to get her down. She always tries to help others but also has a bit of a lewd streak at times, especially if she likes the person or if she’s a bit frustrated. She can act a little bit like a mom, even to those older than her, but usually will back off if asked to.

Background: Born to a rather rich merchant family, Titania was a triplet and the oldest (Or so she claims). She was by far the most tomboy-ish of the three, usually getting in fights on her family’s tradeship and with any station children she encountered. Receiving a very expensive education, Titania picked up on quite a lot, more so than most children but due to truancy and her more delinquent tendencies.

Growing up with very few friends due to her frequent travelling, Titania developed a knack for practicing with a wooden stick. That combined with an old Earthworld cartoon that her mother had as an antique, one that had the entire collection of a series called ‘Samurai Jack’, Titania learned to practice the blade, but in a world where guns ranged supreme, that wouldn’t help her succeed in defending herself. Learning a little from her full-blooded Dondondari father, she quickly was able to learn how to be sufficient at shooting.

Continuing into her adolescent years, Titania proved to be a better student than when she was a child, although, her couple of flings got her in trouble as men walking out of your room aboard a starship tends to elicit some dissatisfaction from your parents. She eventually stopped sleeping around due to the want of a real relationship instead of one-night stands. It was when she was eighteen that she got into piloting.

When Titania first operated the controls for a small racing craft, she picked it up fairly well, mostly using it as a means to get over her depression at the time. Years flew by until she reached the Ripe age of twenty-one, wherein she had mastered the controls. She found little difference in most craft. It was at this point she began to take some bounty-hunting jobs. Before she could, however, her parents made a deal with her to genetically modify herself.

With their daughter showing more and more signs of an active mercenary life, Alliee and Saimon (Simon) offered her gene modification so as to ensure she would come back to them. Titania agreed and underwent an extensive amount of gene modification, making her stronger, faster, and a bit tougher. She could see in near-darkness and her blood coagulated faster allowing her to survive more fatal wounds. Her eyesight improved as well as her hand-eye coordination. Equipped with these gifts she would’ve left, but as a parting gift, her father had bought her her own fighter along with an energy sword, some armor, and gave her his trusty laser rifle to keep her safe.

Titania adventured with several groups, usually surviving a couple of their destructions due to her fighter craft being able to slip away at a faster speed than any pursuing craft could follow. Finding a new captain to follow (And this one with brains), she signed a contract with JJ for new worthwhile adventures.

Skills: Piloting, Swordfighting, Knifefighting, Scouting, Weapon Maintenance, Trading
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Nick Graves

Age: 29
Race: Human
Height: 6'9
Weight: 136.07 kg before cybernetics(226.796 kg after)
Eye color" Black
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short, neat, immaculate.

Appearance: Big, bulky, and noir-like, Nick looks like he came out of a cyber novel about detectives from Old Earth; He usually wears a trenchcoat and a trilby. He has several scars over his fully organic face, that try to mask some handsome features. He wears gloves and never wears anything that doesn't fully conceal his cybernetics, but his combat armor fully utilizes it, integrating with his cybernetics to make them more durable. With it, he can look more like a warform for an A.I.

Personality: Nick is a very cold man. He doesn't tend to get along very well with others, not of any fault of his own, but rather his inability to sympathise with others on what he deems minor issues and the past trauma he has endured. However, making a friend with Nick means you have a lifelong friend who will help you out to the best of his ability. Once he warms up to you, he tends to be a bit sarcastic but rather friendly.

Bio: Nick, the giant man encased in cybernetics and armor, once was a scrawny nerd. He grew up in an urban area, one that was rather busy with a moderately high crime factor to it. Nick was bullied extensively in his life, with some trauma from the typical abusive father, who committed suicide later in life.

School life proved difficult, what with the standard and typical high school traumas befalling him. He became very isolationistic, usually trying to make friends but usually falling flat due to lack of common interests or clique status. During this time he did acquire a friend named Darius. Darius was way stronger than Nick and acted as his protector, driving away his bullies whenever they were near.

Eventually Darius enlisted with the GFP's army, specifically the armed peacekeeper branch. Nick, idolizing the slightly older Darius, began working out and a year later, at the crisp age of nineteen, Nick joined the same branch as Darius (but not the same platoon). Nick also received some optional cybernetics for his enlistment, namely a rifle arm and a storage leg. He served for seven years before he was critically wounded, causing the subsequent removal of his remaining organic limbs as well as the addition of a subdermal armor addition to his chest, as he asked for it to be done while they grafted the new prostheses onto his limbs. Due to the nature of his injury, he was discharged from the Corps and his newly grafted on limbs were civilian models. He was allowed to keep his military-grade limbs as he had earned them from fighting underworld criminals and stellar pirates. He also kept his nickname in the corps for use in the bounty hunting world: The Tin Man.

He didn't stay inactive for long. Using his talents, and the money he had earned in the military, he acquired a bounty hunter's license. On his first assignment out, he met a peculiar cyborg that saved him a couple times. Recognizing her skill, he decided to team up with her, and over the course of their time as a duo, she had saved him nearly a dozen times from their targets' desperate attacks. He had only done the same maybe three times, but despite her saving him more often than he saved her in their three years together, he had formed a close-ish bond with her.

During the course of the time as a bounty hunter, he added more cybernetics, becoming more and more machine, rather than man. Each one increased his combat effectiveness, as well as his weight, making him five hundred pounds and needing to have a battery installed, ending with the the thermonuclear battery that, if shot, will render him useless. When his partner suggested a certain Captain to work for, Nick had no qualms, as his cyborg buddy was the more sociable of the two of them.

Skills: Operational knowledge of ship-mounted weapons (i.e. gunnery skills), Armor customization, Cybernetic knowledge, Reasoning, information gathering
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Elisa “Subject 87”

Age: 19
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 5’6”
Weight: Extremely Inconsistent
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Style: Long and wavy
Position: Recruit (Ask to be allowed to join by client)

Elisa, formally known as Subject 87, is a petite young girl with a graceful figure. She has long, flowing hair that seems to always remain in just the right place… and out of her eyes. Her sky blue eyes are majestic and bright, many claiming that they can actually glow. She has been seen wearing a long white dress… but she has mentioned not caring too much about what she wears.

Elisa is a curious girl with the mind of an adventurer. She is always looking for new ways to approach the world and constantly examining anything that peaks her interest… even if doing so would cause potential detriment. Her kind and cheerful attitude makes it hard for many to look at her and think that her past actually happened.

Subject 87, the newest experiment of the research site of Void Corporations, knew nothing but the glass box she lived in for most of her life. She was surrounded by men in white coats who claimed that she could change the world. Her many years she was alone, left to sit quietly in her glass box in a facility kept out of site of the galaxy to avoid ethical backlash. Her life was peaceful. None of the researchers ever harmed her, unless they had to run tests, and she was allowed to have whatever she wanted… as long as she never left her room. After a while… she was give new friends. These friends were hard to see if they didn’t gather around and they never talked, but the company was nice nevertheless.

Her peaceful life ended soon however. When she woke up the following day, the researchers were gone, replaced with walking suits of armor. Her room seemed different… covered with vibrate colors and decorations. And the glass… it was gone. It no longer trapped her. Though, anytime she tried to leave one of the suits of armor would stop her. One time… one of the suits even took off it’s head, revealing a old men with an eyepatch inside. After a few weeks of testing, ones that didn’t hurt, a man showed up to greet her. He said he was a businessman who worked alongside the GFP. He said that he was able to convince the one who found her to entrust him with taking care of her. He said that his name was Malcolm Smith… though he did not seem pleased with the girl’s name.

Malcolm gave her a new life. A new life with a new name: Elisa. Elisa slowly adjusted to the new city that she lived in… her curiosity exploding at every new thing she saw, whilst her friends kept her safe from anyone who tried to do evil things to her. Mr. Smith called her friends Nanobytes… though he never explained her what that meant. After a while, Malcolm came in contact with a woman who wanted a job, called herself a bounty hunter. Malcolm gave the woman her task and asked her to take Elisa with her. He knew she was dying to see more… but it was up to the hunter whether or not she would be allowed to join. All she had to do know was wait for the woman to return from the job that Malcolm gave her so she may give the answer that decides Elisa’s fate.

Skills: Nanotech Control, Surgery (with the help of her nanobytes), Sharp Shooting, Stealth (with the help of her nanobytes)



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Name: Haya Deviah

Race: Tamearin
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5’2
Weight: 54kg
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Rose-Gold
Hair Style: To her chin, passingly kempt
Position: Hunter

A small but limber frame, with only enough curves to mark her as distinctly feminine. One could be forgiven for labelling her as 'dainty’, though whether the forgiveness would come from her is another question entirely. Skin is fair with a hint of ruddy crimson. Her soft face perpetually carries a detached half-frown, to the extent that many suspect she is judging them. Typical attire includes a lengthy trenchcoat, beneath which lies a form-fitting jumpsuit to enable flexible agility should she need it. Also partial to an armored cuirass when expecting trouble.

A cool observer, constantly calculating and analysing. Due to her nature as a Tamearin, her emotions are typically withheld and suppressed in favour of logical discourse. By contrast, intellectual conversation tends to excite her before she remembers herself and clamps back down on it. Delights in challenges. Valuing her own mind above all other aspects of herself, she judges other people based on that aspect as well. Those who can outsmart her earn her respect. Finally, Haya's motivating force is the goal of self-improvement, and she will pursue it almost to an excessive degree if she believes the results will make it worth the effort.


Unlike most Tamearins that end up entrenched within alien cultures, Haya's initial upbringing was relatively normal. She was the complete opposite of a problem child, diligently completing work years ahead of her grade and not simply passing, but excelling. When her education was finished, she was struck by the realisation that there was little challenge left in learning for her. Much of the universe had already been explained, the biggest grey areas were only around history, and other cultures. Thus she turned herself to another challenge, one that would perpetually test her - physical exertion.

From an outsider's perspective, making the leap from 'going to the gym every Sunday’ to 'intergalactic bounty hunter’ seems a drastic move. To Haya, however, it made perfect sense. She saw bounty hunting as a test of everything she was - morality, physical ability, cunning, and wit. A constant test, against another. The enactment of evolution, localised to a single pursuit or bout. As a result, she quickly latched on to the career, turning her now-famous dedication towards it. For a time that was sufficient. After a particularly difficult case involving a Pon-Taer with uncontrollable psionics as well as emotions, Haya was shown rather starkly how much she could still improve herself. Her target got away after wounding her. Her first - and, she vowed, her last - failure.

Though shaken, she accepted the defeat with the resolution to improve her personal power to match and surpass the one that had bested her. Seeking that improvement, she has by now traveled through several coalitions of alien species using her bounty-hunting to pay her way. Thankfully, the one thing every race seems to have in common is an issue with criminal elements. More recently she has encountered her first ‘legitimate’ Pon-Taer in the form of Aya - albeit by reputation only. To Haya, this is an opportunity - a chance to scrutinise someone very like the bounty she failed to claim, to see what makes them different, and whether that is a benefit or curse to her. A critical understanding that has so far eluded her, now within her grasp. If that means joining the crew to assist them for the duration of her examination, then so be it. At the very least, it will provide interesting data on how the various species aboard act when under duress.

Skills: Gunslinging (impressive target acquisition and reflexes), Light-arms (SMG's, pistols, and shotguns), Yellow Psionics (some Orange), Intelligent

Frostlich1228 (Alt)

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Name: Yyashtra’kari (Yee-Aash-truh-Karry)

Age: 205
Race: Laepaede
Sex: Female
Height: 10”7’
Weight: 145lbs
Eye Color: Bright Yellow
Hair Color: NA

Hair Style: NA

Skin Color: Primarily Blue/Purple with hints of Teal/Pink.
Position: Fighter, Assassin, Pilot, and Strategist.

Appearance: Yyashtra’kari is a Laepaede Royal, so it stands that she would be extremely colorful as compared to the rest of her race. Her Exoskeleton is primarily Purple and Blue, gently shifting to shades of Pink and even Teal. Her wings pattern which is entirely unique to her is a mosaic of Purples, Blues, Pinks, with the occasional shock of bright Yellow and Red. Her compound eyes are also a bright Yellow, a rare color among Laepaede to be sure, but it matches well with the similar color on her wings. She stands slightly taller than most Laepaede Females, her curling antennae a few inches longer than average, which can represent wisdom and great intelligence. If one looked close enough at her exoskeletal shell one might notice a slightly burned section near her midsection, between her smaller arm and her larger bottom arm on her left side, but it is hard to notice immediately. Other than that she is the peak of Laepaede beauty.

Personality: Yyashtra'kari is not unlike the typical Laepaede in her mannerisms, she can be stubborn, proud, arrogant, cocky, and haughty. However these fall away quickly for those who gain her trust, her respect, or her admiration, which is a rare few indeed. To those people who awards a unbreakable bond of loyalty and trust as well as a honesty that can be rare among other people. She is thoughtful and ever introspective about herself and how she could possibly improve as a person, but that is only if she sees it as a flaw that needs improvement. She is often willing to listen to others and give them helpful advice that they might need or that others might be afraid to tell them.

Yyashtra prides herself on her appearance and puts a significant amount of time into caring for her shell and wings, but one should not take that to mean that she is prissy or afraid to get her hands dirty in a fight. She is a dangerous woman when angered and insults to her are not taken lightly, whether to her appearance, or her personal character, which as someone who can come off as brash and arrogant, leads to many an argument and fight.

Yyashtra is fond of her people, their culture, their history, and their ways of life, often overlooking flaws her people may have and telling others that her people's path is correct. This path involves a lot of cooperation and symbiosis, even with people you don't necessarily like, for the good of the mission or group they are working in, additionally as she was not always a Royal, she is not afraid of manual labor and sacrificing her time for the benefit of the greater whole. Say what you will about Laepaede, but when the going gets rough, they will be the first the put their life on the line for everyone, and Yyashtra'kari is no different in that regard.

Background: Yyashtra'kari like all Royals was born a Courtesan, a simple Sharei, though it was obvious from her birth that she would do great things. The Exoskeleton was fabulously colored, revealing to her hive that she was bound to be one of the highest status Courtesans in her ship. Her name was chosen by her Clan's Royal at the time, named Altearaea'kari. Yyashtra roughly translates to ‘Promising Path’ and Kari was the name of her hive that she took.

When Yyashtra was born the war with the Andromeda AI was nearing its end, the Laepaede around her talking about the home they had left behind, about it's majestic rivers, trees that reached a mile into the sky, the northern marshes that were perpetually filled with mysterious fog that shone and shimmered. Altearaea'kari was the main person who told her the most detailed of these legends and stories, spending much time with the girl, knowing they would likely spend much more time with each other in the future as well.

Sadly, the young Laepaede's hopes were dashed when, upon hearing of the AI's clearing of the Galaxy, returned to their homeworld to find it claimed by a strange race of small floating metal people, The Fee. Their visit was more than hostile, communications broke down quickly, leading to the Fee's mounted cannons on the planet annihilating of some the Kari's sister Hive Ships. Lapaedae needs so much oxygen to survive that their ships become extremely vulnerable to Sparks or fires of any variety, these earlier models being much more so more vulnerable. The Fee gained a cruel nickname for Lapaedae ships after that encounter, Fire Poppers.

Her people's idea of their home was destroyed when they saw what had happened to it, it had been converted into a metallic wasteland of factories and production centers by the AI and now cruel little aliens that they had never seen before were squatting on it, claiming it as theirs by right.

Yyashtra'kari remembers that day well, as the day their people were doomed to wander. Decades as a Courtesan passed for Yyashtra, being chosen early in life as a favorite breeding partner of her Royal Altearaea'kari. She was showered with honor and respect by her peers and had impregnated her many hundreds of thousands of times to strengthen Hive Kari. Altearaea even trained Yyashtra in the use of weapons, specifically the signature Lapaedae style of six pistol combat.

Sadly she was nearing her one hundredth birthday that Altearaea'kari contracted a disease known to the Laepaede as Velethitis, or the Brittling. Its cause by a virus that spreads through the body and feeds on nutrients that are produced to form into or strengthen their Exoskeletons. This lack of nutrients causes an effect not unlike human arthritis where the skeletal structure becomes pockmarked and weak, not only does this mean that Altearaea's carapace cracked easily, holes in it began to form that would bleed and allow other dangerous pathogens to enter her body.

Altearaea thanked Yyashtra on her death bed for the years that had spent together, and told her that in all likelihood she would be the next Royal of Hive Kari. They traded jokes, they laughed, and her friend told her that she now had to keep the Hive alive and strong, even on her deathbed she still believed that there was a beautiful world out there that was even better than their old one.

Altearaea'kari passed away that night, and Yyashtra'kari inherited her position, just as she said.

She shedded her previous colors and took on her new Royal Carapace, a vibrant display of bright colors that fade into each other that she still has to this day.

For a hundred years she acted as the head of Hive Kari, an extremely healthy Royal, many in the tribe expected she would reach five hundred. She ruled as a more compassionate leader, not with an iron fist, but with a firm and stern hand. She gave birth to as many children as her former Royal did, maybe even more, and spread to this new generation of hers the stories of their old homeworld that were passed down to her in order to keep her old friend's hope for a better future alive.

During her tenure as Royal she met with the other Royals in the fleet, as well as the Grand Royal, who was 260 years old at this point, Eelitaera'Astarea. She didn't get along white well with the other Royals for a long time, her late friend was well respected by her peers and it would likely be many more years until she rose to that level. However The Grand Royal took a liking to Yyashtra'kari, keeping her at her side and spending much time together talking and chatting. In fact, Altearaea'kari was her best friend, and heard many stories from her about Yyashtra, about how bright and hopeful her future was, and how she was proud of her growth. They both bonded closely over their mutual friend, then other things, like her dream and first-hand accounts of their old homeworld.

They would often bend rules and come late for meetings between the Royals, just talking for hours every day. Yyashtra felt something however, a strong yearning in her chest for the company of this person, the most important person in the Laepaede Empire. She felt saddened when she had to leave and go back to her hive, and thought about her more than even her Courtesans. She had no way to explain why this was happening, was this selfishness? Why else would she jeopardize her people by wanting the Grand Royal to herself? It was nothing. She had to rid herself of this selfishness, but even as she tried to pull her mind away, it always found its way back to the Grand Royal.

It wasn't attraction, Yyashtra thought, Royals are not attracted to Royals like their Courtesans are attracted to them. Besides, Yyashtra knew she couldn't even breed with another Royal if she wanted to, they lose that ability. She spend much of her years away from Eelitaera'Astarea reflecting on this impossible to place feeling, but no matter how much she thought and ponder, she couldn't understand it and it wouldn't go away.

This came to a head when, unable to control it anymore, she explained her feelings to the Grand Royal, surely she would have an answer, surely she would know. Eelitaera seemed slightly disturbed to hear this, even more confused as to why Yyashtra would admit this to her, but explained that she would look into it for her and try to figure it out, perhaps it was a kind of sickness. Yyashtra made her promise that none of the other Royals would know about what had been said.

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Meanwhile as Yyashtra began her own research she was confronted by the other Royals and put in shackles, brought before them all, somehow they had all found out. Yyashtra begged and pleaded to Eelitaera for answers, but the Grand Royal was quiet, a look of guilt on her face, did she tell them? Was she merely saving face?

She found out in the trial before her fellow Royals that they had looked into it after receiving an anonymous tip that she had been ignoring her Courtesans, her Hive, and her duties as a Royal to attempt to selfishly hoard the Grand Royal to herself. Despite vehemently denying these claims many of her own Courtesans came forward to speak about how she seemed distant, like she hadn't been focusing on them. When they asked the Grand Royal about the accusations Eelitaera looked her into the eyes sadly, admitting and explaining the details of their conversation.

Yyashtra was crushed hearing her testimony, Eelitaera tried to convince the other Royals to be lenient. However, that sealed the decision of the Royal Council, by taking these actions she had shown to the collected Hives that she did not see Hive Kari and it's protection as her first priority, neither did she take her role as a Royal seriously. What's more she even tried to jeopardize the Grand Royal, this dishonor could only lead to one outcome. She would be stripped of her place as a Royal and banished from the colony. Yyashtra was taken aback, this was worse than death, her Hive, her dream, Altearaea'kari's dream, it was everything to her, now it was being destroyed. Perhaps… She deserved it she thought, perhaps there really was something wrong with her, perhaps they were right. So she accepted the verdict without a fight, beginning to blame herself for her foolish actions.

After the trial she was left on a small supply world in Tamaerin Space, her 200th birthday only months away, unsure of what to possibly do. She decided to take up her weapons training once more, working as a mercenary and occasionally a pilot and strategist for a private military organization dedicated to dealing with the scourge of piracy. Her goal was to try to find out what to do with her life now that she no longer had a Hive and what her place in the universe could possibly be.

Within this organization she quickly gained the nickname 'Bullet Queen’, racking up an impressive body count and showing exactly how deadly her people can be. Eventually though as the group grew more ruthless and she felt like she was simply delaying her journey of self enlightenment, she left, going out on her own looking for an exploratory vessel to serve on. What she found was JJ Jetstorm and her Golden Wind, or more specifically, Aya Me.

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Gakedō Kentaro

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 102kg
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Style: Short and stylish, healthy but restrained beard
Position: Hunter + Pilot

A tall, bulky man that looks more like the target of a bounty hunter rather than one himself. Fair-tanned skin is marred by a hefty amount of tattoos and the occasional scar, the former typically depicting various flowing imagery reminiscent of flames. Only one tattoo breaks from this theme - a design on the upward face of his left forearm, depicting an anchor and winding chain. Handsome facial features. Typically wears a maroon dress vest with matching suit pants, and a shirt of vibrant design swaddled beneath. Also partial to a cloak when out and about. Personalised armor system is sleek, and predominantly painted a maroon colour. A few streaks of red pool in certain segments of the armor.

Carries himself in such a way that suggests he knows some joke that nobody else does. Teetering on the brink of perpetually ‘smug’, and can be abrasive because of this. Or simply abrasive without it. A little too down-to-earth, and has little to no filter preventing him from bursting people’s optimism with callous realism. A subscriber to a ‘might makes right’ ideology. Enjoys messing with people on the grounds of seeing how they react to stress.

Something of a ghost by the standards of records, Kentaro seemingly has no interesting aspects in his past to speak of. According to him, he was born in a backwater, raised by the state of said backwater, and became an enforcer of the government of said backwater before finally going freelance. From his manner, it would be reasonable to suspect this is a deception of some kind, either an outright lie or one of omission. Regardless, he carries himself with the confidence of one used to others listening to what he says, and the menace of one able to force them to if they don’t.

Further adding to the confusing entity Kentaro presents is a set of skills that seem both excessive in regards to normal human capacity, and disparate. A beat cop should not, for example, be capable of handling an light machine gun with the deft ease of an SMG. Nor should they be able to catch a target dropping from a height of twenty meters by leaping into the air and intercepting them, before landing with somehow no damage to himself or the target in question. As scanning for cybernetic augmentations returned a negative, the GFP has thus labeled him as subject to heavy gene-modding of unknown origin. This would suggest his self-proclaimed origin story is an outright lie, given that a ‘backwater’ colony should not have the facilities to accomplish something of this calibre.

Without proof, however, he maintains an uneasy grace with the GFP. So long as he continues to bring in wanted criminals - and he does - he is monitored, but not questioned.

Skills: Musclework, Heavy Weaponry (shotguns, LMG's, explosive launchers), Piloting, Biking, Intimidation

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Blaze Lachanse

Age: 28
Race: Celentius
Sex: Male
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 224 lbs
Eye Color: Dark Green
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style: Untidy long straight hair
Position: Assault, Medic

Blaze wears two heavy black metal gauntlets with golden etching that can unleash energy shields at will. Black metal armor pieces dot his body, covering his brown leather jacket, dark blue jeans, red scarf and thick black boots. Atop his head is a brown boonie hat and underneath his leather jacket is a faded blue shirt. He’s rarely seen without a pack of cigarettes, of which his money is often disappearing towards. His four angelic wings are fluffier and whiter than most other Celentius’, as his genetic modification made his body stronger and prettier. He carries his assault rifle on him at all times with a pistol as his sidearm.

As a Frenchman born and raised, his sentences are often spiced with French words and phrases. He’s rather lax about everything, more or less not giving a shit about anything.

However, on certain occasions, he will try to inspire those around him to work harder, though the speech would be structured in a rather unorthodox way. Whenever he’s found to be wrong about something, he merely waves it off and moves on to the next thing. Even over time, it is unlikely he will change his ways, but it will be more frequent that he will get off his ass to help you the more he likes you.

In combat, Blaze is very insistent, always finding the next way to one-up his opponent while watching his team members, as he understands that his team members often can’t keep up with him. His favorite thing to do is leap over objects without using his wings, which he does frequently until it gets predictable.

While most Celentius are religious, Blaze pertains more towards agnostic. He figures that since there are so many religions, one of them might be at the very least derived from fact. Though, he most often abandons any religion with too many holes or people too devout. If there is a god out there, he wouldn’t mind worshipping them. But for now, no such being has presented themself to him, so finding a god to worship isn’t exactly the first priority on his list.

As a boy, Blaze was very poor. His family could barely sustain themselves and Blaze himself didn’t have a bright future, exactly. His wings had yet to grow out and his body was physically weak to almost everything. He was constantly sick and constantly bruised and cut up. When an opportunity for genetic scientists to experiment on him that PAID arose, his family took it, leaving him in the care of the medical professionals.

Day in and day out, his vision was impaled by bright lights. When there weren’t bright lights, there was darkness. When there wasn’t darkness, there were metallic objects poking and prodding him.

When the experiments were finally over, they let him go, though not before giving him a supervisor to watch over him and report their findings. As he aged, his arms swelled up with muscle, his wings grew out to become beautiful and full of life, and he was very rarely bothered by bruising or cuts to his skin. He lived his life normally until he was 20.

The jobs that Blaze had taken were paying about as well as his parents’. However, when a criminal shot both of his parents down, as well as his supervisor, with an assault rifle when he wasn’t home at the ripe age of 20, he vowed to kill the man responsible. He took up a gun as similar to the one that murdered his family as he could get before signing up to be a bounty hunter, his goals money and vengeance.

To save money, he would often fix his own wounds. Though they healed very fast on their own, his added input helped with learning medicine, which, through experience with medical professionals from his childhood onwards, was weirdly easy for him to catch on to. After a while, the whole thing became rather boring as he could never actually find the killer. But he keeps searching, hoping to finally enact the revenge he’s been searching for. Although, he doesn’t want to get rusty, so he keeps taking jobs on the side if they’re interesting enough for him.

Skills: Self-Flight, Front-Line Assault, Medicine, Awkward Tactics

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Gazan Laguz Kamiji Caineghis-Kruger

Age: 24
Race: Shinso
Sex: Male
Height: 203 cm
Weight: 92 kg
Eye Color: Gold
Mane Color: Red
Position: Bounty Hunter

Gazan is burly and large, even for a Shinso. His fiery mane is long, wild, and untamed, and his tan, short fur is covered with small, dark brown stripes - an oddity amongst Shinso, but not an unheard of one. His features are sharp and arrogant, but also carry a noble bearing about them. Gazan dresses in the light, loose robes in the style of ancient Shinso tradition, and while plain in appearance they are still made of the finest materials.
However, when the time comes for battle, Gazan activates his implanted molecular fabricator, transforming himself into the self-styled Armor Knight OverLion. His armor is tight and form-fitting, with a black undersuit, with a gold mask, wing-like pauldrons, and chestplate, amongst other ornamentations.
“Make the world revolve around you. It is more fun that way.” This spark of wisdom from Gazan’s grandmother informs the man’s entire life. He is arrogant, outspoken, self-confident to the extreme, and while he does acknowledge that this lifestyle may offend others, he views that as their problem, not his. He is eager to offer his or his grandmother’s advice in all matters, and more than willing to show off his skills, which he claims ‘stand at the top of everything’. The only thing preventing this from being infuriating - or in some cases enhancing that outrage - is that he is as good as he claims he is. However, the Shinso does have something approaching a heart of gold - the man is an ardent devotee to the concept of noblesse oblige, he does occasionally show something approaching compassion, and his personal integrity is as rock solid as the castle which his name derives from.

It is the nature of nobility to wax and wane with the ages. The House of Caineghis-Kruger was no different, and it was firmly on the waning side of things at the time of Gazan’s birth. The very idea of owning Cartus was a long forgotten memory, and their ancestral lands had long been sold to maintain their lifestyle. It was only through Gazan’s parents’ military careers that they afforded enough funds to maintain their namesake castle, home to only Gazan’s paternal grandmother and, of course, the young Shinso himself.

Gazan’s three first names, taken together, form a phrase in an ancient Shinso tongue - “one who will replace the gods with a slash of their sword” - and Gazan was more than fit to inherit such a name as that. The adversity of his family’s situation bred a never-ending hunger to succeed, and his grandmother’s advice fed and guided that hunger. “All men are fiery. The spark must be lit early for them to become fireworks,” she would say to the boy. Gazan would learn and excel at all of the traditional Shinso noble arts - swordsmanship, wrestling, pistolwork, speaking, calligraphy, and sports - as well as his studies, becoming reminiscent of the human ideal of the ‘renaissance man’.

Even when his parents perished fighting pirates during a lull in the Quin-Shinso war, this did not damper Gazan’s spirit. If anything, it only focused and honed it. However, the loss of her son would prove devastating on Gazan’s grandmother, and she would pass of old age not long after. With all of his ties cut, the boy - now a man - was free to pursue his ultimate goal of rebuilding his house with his own two hands. First, he took his parent’s pension and put it to work in maintaining Castle Caineghis-Kruger - he would need someone to watch over the castle while he set out into the wider galaxy. Second, he auctioned off family relics to raise funds for the third part of his plan - he knew he would be able to purchase them back once he completed his goal.

The third part of his plan was the most ambitious. Gazan would not merely become a bounty hunter - he would stand at the top of all bounty hunters. And to do that, he would need to create a legend. And so, with the last of the family fortune and the funds he raised through auction, Gazan commissioned the creation of a specially modified replicator to be implanted into his body, to form an iconic aegis to strike fear into the hearts of criminals and to create the weapons with which he would replace the gods. Taking inspiration from tales from Earth of a creature that resembled the Shinso, Gazan would dub this alter ego ‘Armor Knight OverLion’, for he was the one who would stand at the top of all lions.

And so, suitably equipped, Gazan acquired a bounty license for the GFP, and set off into the wider galaxy, to forge a new legacy for the Caineghis-Kruger family. In his travels, he met a Cartus captain by the name of Jetstorm, and while there might have been some animosity between the two races due to the Cartus’ bondage, Gazan was more than willing to be the better man and offer to work alongside her - she offered a means to save the money that would have gone to paying for starship tickets, after all.

Skills: Swordsmanship, Pistolwork, Wrestling, Inspirational Speaking, Calligraphy, History, Finances, General STEM Knowledge, Linguistics, Leveraging His Family Name, Being Abrasive