Music That Really Hits You


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We all have those songs that you binge listen to and put on repeat because they are so powerful or emotional that your life is incomplete with out it possibly damaging your ear drums. (A little dramatic but the fact still stands)

For two choices of mine, I have to go with:

Ed Sheeran-I See Fire

Linkin Park-Castle of Glass


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My choice is

Shaman's harvest Dangerous

I would call this the song for my favorite Character Scarlet.


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I knew that song such a long time ago. didnt know it was in a tralier.


Blimey, Gem had incredible timing back then. Anyway, when I bothered to notice this thread, I simply had to take a break from being dead.

All his songs are simply magnificent, but this one is my personal favorites.

And here's an older work from the one who actually did his job with Nomansky (as hardly anyone calls it).

I have more, but I should get to the second reason I came over here - a bit of a favor if you will. A few months ago, I happen by this video about game engines (Spoiler: they're mostly crap) and the song near the end catches my ear. I like it, but I have no idea what it is. I even used a song audio recognition app and still got nothing. So if anyone happens to know it, and could tell me, I'd be very grateful.

If not, I wouldn't worry about it. Later.