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Heart of a Demon

Tina stared out the window of her room, the sun shining brightly this morning, cast a warm light upon her. She had to head into the market today to get a few things, and maybe enjoy herself a little. She headed for the door, stopping at a mirror, almost on instinct, to make sure her tiny Oni horns weren't showing. Satisfied, she headed out and down the street, whistling softly. She smiled at some children as they ran by, momentarily taking her eyes away from where she was going.

She suddenly ended up walking into a man who was buying things at a nearby food stand, nearly causing him to drop his bag of jerky. He was an extremely gruff looking tanned man with a thick beard and goatee combo, scars all over him, with a quite muscular frame, wearing a old style tricorn and beat up leathers. After a moment to process, he just looked up at her silently.

"Oh!" She bowed her head deeply. "I am so terribly sorry. I should be more careful, I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it." He sighed. "I'm new to town."

"Me too, actually. I just joined a Guild. Gonna be hunting some demons and such." The half Oni smiled. "What are you here for?"

"Hunting Demons myself, actually." He nodded, looking off to the side. "A guild you say? What kind?"

"Demon hunting mostly. Called the Kights of the Round Table. You know of it?"

"That's a pretentious name for sure. No. I haven't." He laughed lightly. "They s new group?"

"I believe so," Tina answered. "At least that's the impression I got. You look pretty strong. Maybe you should consider joining."

"Well. I'm actually off to a meeting with the UN soon." He chuckled. "Apparently I'm being reassigned."

"Reassigned?" Tina tapped her lip. "Reassigned from what? Oh... I guess I'm being nosy, huh?"

"My... Old Mission." He chuckled. "Apparently some new guild has formed up. A lot of them up and coming huh?

"Yeah. After all that corruption was discovered..." Tina shrugged. "I don't know. I just see it as an opportunity to make something of myself. My old prospects weren't getting me anywhere to be honest."

"Were you part of another guild?" He smirked.

She chuckled. "No, I was a... wondering exorcist with my mother."

"An Exorcist? That's a rare tradition to see nowadays."

"Especially in this country. We are originally from Japan, you see."

"I see. I see. Were you a very religious person?" He asked curiously.

"Somewhat, though not nearly as much as my mother." Tina rubbed her arm. "I find it hard to have a lot of faith in a higher power when literal angels hate us so much..."

"Not all of them. Some Angels do whatever it takes to defend mankind." He told her.

"I know. There are always exceptions to the rules." Tina sighed knowingly. "You know any personally?"

"Yeah. I do actually. I work with Angels pretty regularly." He told her.

"Regularly, huh? That's interesting." The young woman looked around curiously. "Are there... any here? I would love to meet one."

"Well. I'm sure I could find my partner around." He nodded, "Come with me."

Tina walked with him, smiling merrily. "Thanks for this opportunity. Hopefully I can find a way to make it up to you. I'm Tina, by the way."

"Damon Gerrion." They walked along down the street. "I have thirty years of experience in this business."

"Oh? I mean, I've been doing exorcisms since I was young, but I... just started hunting. Um... you... look young for your age..."

He laughed heartily. "Thank you! But you don't have to humor me."

Tina shrugged. "So who do you work for exactly if you don't mind my asking?"

"Right. Well. Have you heard of the Emortuus Sacerdotium?" He sighed, knowing this was the part that usually caused people to back away slowly.

Indeed, Tina's stride slowed. "Yyyyyeah? Aren't they a group of zeal... fanat... um... very, very religious group that are... sometimes labeled as... terrorists?"

"Yeah. That's what people believe. We've given up everything we have to protect Mankind. Only got the world to see us as just as evil as the monsters we fight." He sighed. "It's ironic. Isn't it?"

Tina had to resist the urge to touch her horns sadly. "It... is sad when you try to do good but people only focus on a negative aspect of you..."

"Yeah. That's not the only negative aspect." He rubbed his chest instinctively.

"What do you mean?" Tina asked curiously.

"Don't worry about it. There is really just no one who accepts us." The man sighed.

Tina sighed. "Well... maybe I can be the first?"

"Ha. You're pretty funny." He said deadpan.

"I'm serious. I know a little about prejudice and judging people unfairly. I'll give you a fair shot."

"Alright. We'll see when you meet her." He pointed over to a outdoor gym area that was set up in an old parking lot. Only one person was there, bench pressing a huge barbell. She was easily almost seven feet tall with a long, red, ponytail, wearing bulky, heavy armor even when exercising. Most prominently were the large ashy angel wings on her back, currently pressed against the bench, and the litany of scars on her face.


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"Whoa... she's an angel? I... um, thought she'd be..."

"You asked to see an angel." He tilted his head at her.

"I guess I had this image in my mind... though I guess that is me basing things on preconceptions again. Can you introduce me to her?"

"Sure. Come on." He motioned, walking over.

Tina rubbed her wrists nervously as they approached. She couldn't help but think this was a bad idea. Angels weren't great with humans, but demons? What if she found out Tina was half Oni?

"Hey Ignja!" Damon called out, the muscular woman raising the barbell back up to its hook.

"What? Weren't you getting food?" She sat up, asking gruffly.

"I was. But I ran into an interesting character." He nodded.

The Angel sat up, looking her over. "She your new girlfriend or something? You into the young ladies?"

Tina giggled. "If I'm his girlfriend, he sure works fast considering we just met. I'm Tina. Tina Kasagi. I was told I could have an opportunity to meet an Angel that works with humans instead of against them."

"That's the goal. Depends if they're trying to kill me that day or not." She cracked her neck.

"Well, I don't plan to try. Especially since it looks like you could probably hand me my butt quite easily."

"It's not a bad butt too. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on that." Ignja joked.

Tina laughed awkwardly. "You sound like my grandmother..."

She blinked. "I sure hope I don't."

Tina waved her hand. "No, no, just... how blunt you are about certain things." She looked the Angel up and down. "You really do look powerful though. Though I have never met an Angel in person."

"You don't usually run into one of us unless we're looking for you, and if we're looking for you, you probably won't be able to talk about it after we leave." The Fiery looking Angel told her.

"Y-yeah... I... got that impression," Tina murmured, rubbing her arm nervously.

"Oh don't get all nervous." She walked on over confidently.

Tina cleared her throat amd nodded. She was nervous, but this was a rare opportunity. She wouldn't let a few butterflies in her stomach stop her. "So... your friend told me where you work."

"Oh did he? And you still came here?" Ignja nodded. "Well either you're extremely naive or you're just crazy."

Tina shrugged. "Why not brave or eager?"

"Because no one who knows who we are ever wants to stick around." She noted bluntly.

Tina smiled a winked at her. "Well then, I guess I'm the first."

"Huh. I like you little girl." Ignja roughly rubbed her head.

Tina gasped and backed away, but it was too late. She felt the horns.

Ignja's expression didn't immediately show any sign, then a slightly intrigued smile crossed her face. The Angel patted her on the shoulder, "Sorry, didn't mean to give you a scare. You really are an interesting girl."

"You... you're not going to... do anything to me?"

"Why would I do anything to you?" She leaned down out of sight from Damon, putting a finger to her lips. "You're not hurting anyone."

Tina slowly smiled and nodded. "Of course. How silly of me."

"So. What do you do, Tina?" She smiled jubilantly.

"Well, I'm a guild hunter now I guess. Before that, I was an exorcist."

"Oh. We have a few in our organization." She nodded with interest. "Doing it for long?"

Tina nodded. "Since I was old enough to walk." She laughed. "And old enough not to run away scared."

"I can respect that. Devoting yourself to something when you're so young." Ignja patted Tina on the back.

"Thanks!" She grinned at both of them. "You two are pretty cool yourself!"

"So. I guess that begs the question... What do you think about... Demons?" She raised an eyebrow.

Tina blinked. "I... I-I generally don't like them. They're a menace against humanity and angels alike. Though... Oni aren't so bad..."

"Interesting? What makes Oni different?" Ignja leaned it closer.

Tina shrunk down a bit. "Well, they... they're not as confrontational. Some even get along with humans... provided the humans give them a chance..."

"And how do you know that they aren't just using you? Manipulating you behind your back? They are demons. Does it really make sense that they're all bad except that one?" The Angel challenged.


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"Well... I don't know. Maybe... maybe I'm wrong about other demons. Maybe some of them are good too."

"No. I've been hunting them for one hundred and fifty years, if there was a good Demon. I think I'd know."

Tina turned her head away. "There's at least... half a good one..."

"But are you sure that's the demon half?" She raised an eyebrow.

Damon blinked, "What... Are we talking about now?"

Tina snarled angrily and stomped her foot. "Some Oni are good! Simple as that! I-I lived near a village of Oni that never bothered the humans. One... one woman from my village even fell in love with one of them..."

"Look. Demons are Demons. Even if they aren't attacking Humans right now, who's to say they won't later?" Ignja crossed her arms. "Half Breeds don't bother me, you can take that evil side, but trying to pretend that Demons aren't evil is like trying to pretend water isn't wet."

"My father was not evil!" she shouted. "He was a good man!"

"Your father?" Damon seemed suddenly surprised.

"He wasn't a man. He was a monster." Ignja glared. "A Filthy creature that likely manipulating your mother's feelings like so many demons do."

"Ignja." Damon held his hands up. "Enough."

"That isn't true!" Tina insisted angrily. "They loved each other! He loved me!"

"Demons aren't capable of Love! They are just faking emotions to manipulate you!" The Angel called out.

"STOP!" Damon finally had enough, stepping between them. "She's allowed to have good feelings towards her Father, Demon or not."

Tina's eyes watered, tears rolling down her cheeks. "You... you don't know anything!" she yelled before turning and running away.

"God damnit." Damon left and followed Tina at a reasonable distance.

He lost sight of her a couple times in the crowd, but he was excellent at tracking people. He eventually found her in a park by herself, sitting on a swing and slowly swaying back and forth while sobbing softly.

He approached carefully, "Uh... Miss Tina? Look. Don't mind Ignja..."

Tina continued to swing slowly, wiping her tears. "Maybe... maybe she's right. But... it's the same thing I always heard growing up. Do you know what it's like for people to think you're evil just because of who, and what, you are? To hate you? To even want to kill you as a child?"

"She didn't care that you were half demon. We've all got darkness inside of us..." He sighed. "She has been raised to hate demons, she's seen them butcher her friends. She never said you were evil."

"But she insists that my father is evil without even knowing him." Tina lowered her head. "Maybe there are a lot of evil Oni. Maybe most of them were evil. But... my father..."

"She's... Got a bad history with Oni too..." Damon sighed loudly. "I don't know your father so I can't comment."

Tina nodded. "I'm sorry. I guess it was pretty childish for me to run off like that."

"She can be a little... Insensitive.. " Damon shrugged. "Sorry."

Tina shook her head. "It's okay. It isn't your fault." She managed to put on a smile. "Thank you for coming to check on me. It was very sweet."

"You're a good kid. I think you have a bright future." He comforted her, even with his deep, gritty voice.

"Thanks." Tina hopped off the swing. "I'm gonna head back to the guildhouse."

"And I have a UN meeting to attend." He gave her a wave. "I hope I see you again Tina. Good luck out there."

"Thank you." She bowed her head deeply before turning and walking away with a sad look.

"If you ever need to find me again. You know my name and place and business." He chuckled.

She looked back and nodded. "And I hope we do meet again."

"I have a good feeling about it." He smiled, giving her a respectful salute.


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ShadowHounder and Frostlich: Forcing Change

Arthur grumbled in a low tone as he approached the New York wing of the Guild Association. His brother, Merlin, followed close behind him, asking. "What do they want us here?"

"Damn UN decided it was a good idea to work with the Emortuus Sacerdotium... damn fanatic fuckers..." Arthur continued to grumble as he killed his cigarette just before entering. "And now they're threatening to take me to court for conspiracy if I don't open the guild to them. We're here to meet with the Archbishop in charge of that pathetic cult."

"Well... I guess it could be worse..." Merlin let out a nervous chuckle.

"You're right. It could be. That's why I'm here." A rough looking woman, standing nearly seven feet tall with bulky, blackened steel armor, a long red ponytail, a massive looked runic claymore, and a pair of large ashy wings, stood outside the building and leaned up against the wall. "You're the new guild huh?"

"Knights of the Roundtable," Arthur answered. "What's it to you?"

"Emortuus Seraphim. That's what." She pushed herself off the wall with her foot.

"What, you here to be my escort or something?" Arthur replied. "I'm more then capable of taking care of myself."

"I'm here to watch you dipshit." She grunted. "Everyone knows about your connections with the demons."

"And yet no one has shown any evidence for this connection I don't have." Arthur growled. "Everyone's just making a big deal out of a shade and a spirit, both who are pacifists mind you."

"Arthur, maybe it's not good a idea to piss off our escort." Merlin attempted to hold back the anxiety in his voice.

"This ain't the back alleys, kid." The guildleader reminded his younger brother. "It's bad for business for her to lead anywhere but our meeting, but I'm sure you already knows that, miss..." Arthur allowed his voice to trail off as a way to offer the maiden a change to introduce herself.

"Ignja. And that's all you get to call me little boy." She walked up, leaning down to look at him. "Pfft. If you're good enough to get your own guild then it's no wonder why the Human Race needs us."

"It's about results, not publicity." Arthur muttered. "Besides, I didn't want the damn thing anyway... higher ups thought I was the most qualified."

"So, miss Ignja...could you take us to the Council room?" Merlin asked the woman who current dwarfed the already short mage.

"Yeah yeah fine. If Her Grace really wants to see you, then I guess we'll go." She sighed, motioning to follow.

Arthur followed Ignja to the Council room where the meeting was scheduled to take place. The room was a massive, colorless rectangle full of empty chairs. In the seat closest to the door, a man in a business suit with well combed blonde hair stood up. Arthur's grunted towards the man. "Welden? You get yourself a promotion or somethin'?"

Welden bowed formally. "Ambassador Theodore Welden, at your service. What brings you here, Agent Mithril?"

"It's just Arthur now." The guild leader remarked as he sat down. "As for why I'm here, I was told a particular leader wanted to speak with me personally about incorporating their zealots into my guild."

They heard a Woman clear her throat, on the other side of the table standing up was a beautiful angel with long, flowing black hair that ran down to her waist. She wore a lovely moonlight white dress that complimented her snow white wings and gleaming silver halo. Her skin was a pale white and her lightly gold lipstick matched her glistening eyes.

She was surrounded by a contingent of other Angels and some Humans in similar armor to Ignja, one of which was a gruff, gritty looking man with a scraggly beard and goatee combo. He was wearing a set of dark leathers with a classic tricorn hat and had a savage looking Cutlass resting on his belt.

"Zealots has an awfully negative connotation, does it not?" The woman spoke softly and with an elegant timbre. "Greetings. I am Archbishop Ashana Imane."

"And how much trouble have you caused us since you founded this little cult of yours?" Arthur raised an eyebrow.

Sweat ran down Welden's brow as he bowed before the Archbishop. "My sincerest apologies, Archbishop Imane. Arthur struggles to hold his tongue... it seems not even leadership can change that."

"I do not expect him to understand our sacrifice. Few Do. Few know what we give up in order to protect this world, few have seen the paradise that we have chosen to leave forever, in order to protect all of Mankind." She replied with solemn conviction. "In fact, we call you here today to sacrifice yet more."

"And out of all the guild leader you could pick, ya chose the blunt asshole of a rookie who doesn't even want his job." Arthur grabbed a cigarette from his pocket, but placed it back when he remembered this was not the place for a quick smoke. "There's gotta some good reason you decided to waste my time over someone else's."

"Because I have been watching you. To put it simply. You are a curiosity and you're not afraid to take anyone and anything you can to combat this menace." Imane explained herself stoically. "You are not unlike us in that regard."

"I'm just doing my job." The fighter remarked. "And, up until now, my job description involved capturing you dead or alive. Now, I don't care too much about the politics and legal loopholes that got you to this position... so just tell me what ya want from me and we'll see if I'm in the mood to comply."

"I would like to send two of my warriors with you in order to aid your growing organization." Ashana told them casually. "I am beginning to believe that perhaps we should stop working as a purely self sufficient organization, and find allies to push back our mutual enemies. Your organization looks like it would be the right one."

Ignja blinked, "Your Grace. Them?"

"Of course. I can see their potential." She nodded. "They have valiant spirits and noble hearts. Besides, if they are no longer coming after us, that lessens the chance that they will force our hand to slay them in defense of ourselves."

"Alright, who am I taking?" Arthur asked in a similarly casual tone.

"Ignja and Damon." She motioned to the gruff man on her left.

"You've... You know what, okay." The Sword Wielding Woman changed her mind. "I think I might have fun watching where this Trainwreck goes."

"And where she goes, I go." Damon stepped up. "Nice to meet you."

Arthur turned to his brother. "Prep a portal."

Merlin nodded and pulled the portal stone out of his pocket. With the arcane portal being formed in the corner of the room, Arthur lit himself a cigarette and grunted. "The least I can do is show ya around."

"Don't worry you two." Ashana smiled, "I'll keep in touch closely. This is for the glory of the light."

"Of course, your grace..." The Two of them replied in unison, bowing respectfully.

"You will take care of my charges. We truly wish to aid you and I would hope you would not sacrifice them pointlessly." The Archbishop told them.

"Lady, I don't do sacrifices." Arthur answered as he stood up. "I intend to make sure no one dies while under my watch."

"Thank you. I would appreciate that. I think we might make excellent partners." The Archbishop have them a bow of her own.

"The portal is ready." Merlin remarked with a nervous tone. Arthur walked through the portal without waiting for anyone to follow him, leaving his brother to wait for their new recruits to join.

"He kind of has a stick up his ass doesn't he?" Damon remarked to Merlin before entering the portal.

"He's just... direct with his approach..." Merlin replied, his gaze set on Ignja. "I promise he's not as bad as he looks..."

I'll take your word for it. For right now." Ignja chuckled, stepping into the portal behind Damon.

They arrived inside a cathedral covered in elven architecture. It looked like it had seen better, however. Arthur stepped forward, being met by a feminine looking Shade. "Oh? Who are our new friends here?"

"Damon." The gruff man said, giving her a skeptical look.

"Ignja." She likewise responded, leaning on her sword. "So. This is the home base then?"

"Yep, my blacksmith is still working on repairs and expansion." Arthur answered as Merlin caught up with him. "This is Yavira, our enchantress."

"And you normally keep demons on leashes?" Ignja crossed her arms.

"Not my cup of tea." Arthur answered. "Yavira isn't a combatant and Elizabeth wouldn't a fly."

"That's because flies are innocent creatures who never did anything to deserve such harsh treatment." Another voice interjected. "There is no reason to reduce their population any lower then it already is."

"The damn things breed faster then we can kill him." The brown haired brawler grumbled.

"I don't exactly think the fly population is in particularly dire straights" Damon looked towards the voice.

The voice belonged to a tall elf woman with flowing blonde hair, though the wall behind her was still visible. "The only reason one should ever need to kill is in the defense of friend, family, home or oneself. A simple housefly cannot threaten any of those prospects."

"Oh. A ghost. Classy." Damon nodded.

"Yeah, probably should've mentioned we had a spirit living here." Arthur let out a brief sigh.

"So what does she do?" Ignja walked up to her.

"I guess you could say she's a groundskeeper... Not like we could get rid of her if we wanted to." Arthur stated as he wandered over to the forge. "Her soul is bound to this place."

"What did you kill her here?" The Angel Woman blinked.

"Where is here exactly?" Damon followed up, looking around.


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ShadowHounder and Frostlich: Forcing Change Part 2

"What do ya make for? A warmonger?" Arthur groaned. "She was apart of an ancient elven kingdom that was eradicated by the demons god knows when. This Cathedral here, on Liberty Hill, is an anchor for her. She can't die unless we find out a way to sever the link."

Within the forge, Rebecca was hammer away at a molten blade. The weapon in question had a hook like shape on it's tip. She thrusted the blade into the vat of water and took a drink from her flask as she waited for the metal to cool.

"That's fine craftsmanship." The Gruff Human Man looked over it, impressed.

She pulled the blade out of the steamy water and ran her prosthetic fingers along it's edge. "Still got some bumps I need to iron out..." She muttered before placing the weapon in the furnace to her right. The petite woman took the bottle of whiskey from under her anvil and drank from it. "So, who are these two?"

"I'm Damon, this is Ignja, we're here on behalf of the Emortuus Sacerdotium." He told her, leaning on a table.

"What the hell are these fanatics doing here." The blacksmith asked her guild leader.

"Legal Alliance bullshit." He answered with a puff of smoke.

"You are all awful critical of free help." Ignja lifted up her greatsword onto her shoulder. "Just be thankful you and your Demon on the right side of my flamethrower. Don't do anything that might change that."

"Don't mind her, she's just drunk." Arthur stated nonchalantly.

"Damn right I am ya bloody chain smoker!" The maiden downed the remainder of bottle and chucked into a nearby pin overflowing with similar containers.

"So, how long have you been in the demon hunting game Arthur?" Damon looked over at him.

"My father shipped me to boot camp when I was fifteen, became a freelancer a year later." Arthur replied has he exhaled more smoke. "That puts me at nineteen years of service now."

"Not bad. Around thirty myself, give or take, not to brag of course. We Humans needs to stick together, we can't expect to have one hundred and fifty years of experience like Ignja over there." Damon nodded.

"As long as you can get the job done, I don't really how long you've been in business." Arthur flicked the dying portion of his cigarette as he led the duo towards the medical bay. "If you can give me results, I'll consider ignoring your zealous pasts."

"Oh. Hooray. Thank you for the kindness." Damon cracked his neck. "I'm used to being treated like a burden by you lot."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever..." Arthur mumbled to himself.

Inside the medical bay, a slender elf stood over an operating table. He turned once he noticed the group approach. "New recruits? I hope neither of you are squeamish." Behind the elf was a corpse, cut open with various organ placed in jars on the counter.

"Not even a little." Ignja looked at the body. "Who's the poor sap?"

"A UN ambassador, died suddenly from a heart attack during a meeting with the Council." The elf removed one of the bloodied gloves from his hand to offer if to the angel. "But such details shouldn't come before a proper introduction. I am Karmedon Whitrun. I act as the head of medical staff for the Knights of the Roundtable."

"Ignja Biczowanie." She pointed with her thumb back at her Human Comrade. "And that's my partner, Damon Gerrion."

"Well... it's a pleasure to meet both of you." Karmedon bowed before going back to his work.

"Interesting Fellow." Damon raised his eyebrows.

"He's got his fair share of experiences." Arthur muttered, continuing their tour of the guildhouse.

"By the way... I will mention that we met one of you lot earlier today." Damon told them.

"Yeah. Girl named Tina? Your exorcist?" The Seraphim Angel added on.

"Yeah, she joined up recently. Pretty strong, just needs some time to practice and learn." The guild owner explained to the two of them. "What did you talk to her about?"

"Just her history. Ourselves mostly. Didn't know we'd be joining this organization earlier today." He told them.

"A lot of unexpected things have happened over the last couple of months." Arthur flicked his cigarette before throwing it in a nearby garbage can.

"Oh? Like?" Ignja saddled up next to him.

"Encountering Yavira, becoming a guild leader, finding out I have a younger brother..." Arthur stopped them at the garden and took a seat on a nearby bench.

"A younger brother! Congratulations." She sat down next to him. "Hopefully he's not trying to kill you."

"Nah, Merlin's fine, probably still scarred from living on the streets for as long as he did, but fine." He lit a new cigarette as he spoke. "Speaking of which, you'll need to talk to him about the legal shit ya gotta fill out."

"Right. I can feel the gears of bureaucracy grinding me up alright." Damon responded half-heartedly.

"Well, I got a fire lit under my ass with this demon influence conspiracy going around... so I can't expect as much leniency from the Council as I have in the past." The man remarked as he let out a puff of smoke and stared into the sky. "With any luck, I can clear my name soon."

"You're lucky Ashana knows what real demonic possession actually looks like." Ignja smirked at him. "She's been doing this since Constantinople fell."

"Possession ain't the only way a demon can influence a human to work for them." Arthur leaned back and crossed his legs. "I've heard stories of devils tricking other guild leaders through magical whispers."

"Honestly if you're dumb enough to listen to mysterious whispers in your head I don't know if you're cut out for demon hunting." Ignja stated obviously.

"I'm sure there's more to it then that," While they spoke, Elizabeth arrived and began watering the various plants.

"Hello." Damon nodded casually.

"Hello, may I ask your name?" The ghostly elf asked the man.

"Didn't... I already tell you that?" He raised an eyebrow curiously.

"I don't believe you have." Elizabeth responded.

"Huh. Guess my mind in slipping in my old age." He shrugged. "It's Damon. That's Ignja."

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Damon. If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know." The elf gave him a curtsy.

"Yeah actually. Is there any weed here?" He mentioned briefly.

"Really?" Ignja looked over at him.

"You always complain. As long as I keep to my oath, it'll be fine."

Elizabeth tilted her head. "I usually don't keep weeds in my garden..."


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ShadowHounder and Frostlich: Forcing Change Part 3

"No. Sweetie. Marijuana." He smiled, taking a deep breath.

"Oh, you mean the herb relaxing agent?" Elizabeth let out a nervous chuckle. "Unfortunately all of my seeds died out, so I don't have any on hand at the moment."

"I'm sure Arthur could find them around if he looked." Damon gave him a coy look.

"Find the damn things yourself." Arthur grunted. "I ain't no errand boy."

"Jeez." He rolled his eyes. "Show support for your gardener. She's a valuable member of the team."

"We've already got my cigarettes and Rebecca's alcohol... last thing we need is another abused substance in my guild house." Arthur exhaled some smoke as he spoke.

"Ah. Guild Master priveledge. I understand." Damon stretched, it seemed he really didn't care as much as he was letting on.

"How do you deal with him anyway?" Arthur asked Ignja.

"I guess you could call us kindred spirits." Ignja bobbed her head back and forth a little. "Just don't take him seriously sometimes."

"Kindred spirits, eh?" Arthur paused for a long time, his eyes lost in thought.

"I think he spaced out." The Angel Woman blinked at him.

Arthur suddenly got up from his seat, his expression unchanging. "That's enough for the tour... talk to my brother, Merlin, when you get the change. Even if you are here under unique circumstances, you still gotta fill out all that legal shit."

"Right. Good uh... Good luck out there Guy." Ignja did a double take.

"Yeah, yeah, just make sure you're ready first thing tomorrow morning." Arthur waved his hand as he walked away. "You two still have a trial run to do."

"Oh-ho ho. Noted. Won't let you down." Damon gave him a confident nod, scratching the side of his face.


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ShadowHounder and Black0ut: Respect

As the day began to draw to a close, the moon having settled in the sky, the nightlife of the city arose, bringing with it new perils and opportunities to those who could seize it.

This, however, was not why Shojiro was up and about. He needed to fine-tune his guns and repair his blades. He had taken to wearing a hood and a simple white mask to hide his features, while the rest of his clothes were somewhat baggy.

He took a deep breath as he made it to the forge. He looked around and noted that it appeared inactive. He relaxed a little as he set down his various equipment onto a nearby workbench, ready to begin the arduous journey of repairing them.

As he worked, he could hear a voice in the nearby hallway. "All these damn new recruits asking for new weapons and repairs... do any of them realize I'm the only blacksmith around here?" By the sound of the person's voice, they were more then likely drunk.

Sho blinked, and then murmured under his breath in Japanese, "[Great... this Guild is a haven for drunks too...]"

The footsteps drew closer and closer to Shojiro's position, before they suddenly stopped. The person in question, a petite woman in a fashionable brown dress, sniffed the air a few times. She had a bottle in her grey, prosthetic hand. The woman took a drink from it before muttering. "Someone's using my forge..."

Sho took a deep breath. He was not the best with women, not by a long shot, but... he should be able to deal with her. Keyword 'should'. "Apologies. Needed to repair my blades and my guns. I did not think the forge was occupied this late into the night."

"Did I give you permission to use my forge? No." The blacksmith stated as she walked forward. "Now, let me see the damn things."

This prompted Shojiro to face her. "No. These weapons were made and are maintained by me. You can look, but you can't touch... not unless you want a fight."

"And I'm the blacksmith around here, so if you wanna use my forge, you're gonna follow my rules." Rebecca growled with alcoholic breath. "Now let me see your damn swords."

"Look. Don't touch." Sho repeated, his words icy and cold. He moved slightly away from the workbench where the weapons were placed, his gaze never leaving her hands.

Without a second of hesitation, Rebecca reached for the blades to examine them properly.

Her hands were smacked away as Shojiro stepped closer. "Listen: don't touch my shit unless I say okay. If you can't keep your hands to yourself..." Shojiro seemingly stared at her for a moment, an aura of anger radiating off him. He took a deep breath, as he held up a finger "Gomen-nasai... I will hold the blades or my guns if that's better, but please... do not touch them."

"I can't admire someone else's craft if I can't feel the edge." Rebecca complained before chugging from her whiskey bottle.

"You need to earn that privilege. And that's going to take awhile for you to do. So either accept my compromise, or leave me to repair my equipment in peace."

"Jeez, fine, see if I care." The petite woman placed her drink on the workbench. "What's your name anyway?"

"Shijiro. You?"

"Rebecca Vermone."

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance." Not really... you're kind of a bitch. He thought to himself, going back to maintaining and repairing his weapons. "Though I doubt you'll think the same."

"Well, you did break into my forge... and you're wearing a weird looking mask." She let out a drunken hiccup as she moved to poke his face.

She was able to feel the wooden surface of the white-painted mask and how soft it was. "Technically, the forge is Arthur's, not yours. As for my mask, it's not as weird as it could be."

"How cute that you think Arthur owns the forge I inherited from my father." Rebecca chuckled lightly. "I had it moved here myself."

"Alright. Fair." And with that, Shojiro proceeded to grab his weapons individually, sheathing his blades and taking a piece of cloth to wrap around the guns. "I'll leave immediately. My apologies... you will not catch me here again."

"You know if you asked nicely, I would've let you use it." Rebecca replied as she pulled a flask out of her bra.

"[A drunkard as well as a smith...]" He murmured in Japanese before resuming in English. "Considering our exchange and how... pleasant... we've been with one another, I don't think that would have worked." He pulled out a second piece of cloth to wrap the pieces of his second pistol in.

"[I'm always drunk.]" Rebecca replied in Shojiro's native language, albeit with an accent.

He paused, glancing over at her. "[Where did you learn Japanese?]"

"[Picked up a few languages during my travels with my father.]" She replied, moving the language back to English with her next line. "He liked to explore ancient ruins and he often took me along."

Shojiro returned to packing up, briefly pausing to say, "[Sorry for your loss, Miss...]"

"Eh, don't worry about it... I'm sure he's proud of at least half the woman I am anyway." Rebecca stated as she chugged the contents of her flask.

"Is that why you drink? His death?" Shojiro asked as he finally packed up his belongings.

"Ah, why does it matter to you?" The blacksmith asked as she began closing up the forge.

"Considering your inherent dislike of those in your forge, there's more than a fair chance you won't see me again." He replied as he began to head towards the door. "So what's there to lose in humoring me?"

"Being able to convince you to be my assistant." She retorted with a grin. "There's only so much a single much blacksmith can do... and you seem competent enough to have value down here."

"[Oh? And why would I want to be your assistant?]" He asked turning around despite his words.

"Well, for one, it's extra payments. For two, I can teach you some tricks of the trade." Rebecca replied. "And, if you wanted, there is the potential for extra benefits~"


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ShadowHounder and Black0ut: Respect Part 2

"[And what are those extra benefits?]" He asked, his voice faintly tinged with suspicion.

Rebecca wrapped her arms around Sho's neck and pressed her chest against his back. "[Work for me and you'll find out.]"

"[I take it this is your bid to recruit me?]" He asked, seemingly unfazed, but underneath the mask he was a tad flustered.

"Yes, but you're not allowed to pop my cherry, got it?" The petite woman clarified.

"[Bold of you to assume I'd go for it.]" Shojiro replied, gently pushing her hands away.

"Just making sure," Rebecca muttered, her face showing evidence of exhaustion.

"Do you always offer-" he started as he turned around to look at her. He went silent as he seemed to stare at her face. "Is the reason you're willing to do sexual favors... is it because you're being worn-out by all the new Guild-members?"

"Nah, just looking to practice while I figure out whether or not I wanna have a committed relationship." She answered with a softer tone. "Been saving myself for when I do find someone worth the effort."

Shojiro slowly shook his head. "Well, asking any potential person if they are interested in foreplay, might turn off any person you deem 'worth the effort'." He slowly walked back over to the workbench he had used when he first came in. "Instead of seducing me... why don't you tell me why you look like you'll fall over any second from exhaustion?"

Rebecca let out a long, exaggerated sigh. "Too. Many. Bloody. Requests."

"Like?" Sho began to place his equipment back on the table, his head shifted somewhat to gaze at her though his peripherals.

"Wreave's axe, Tyrone's hammer, Tyrone's family sword, Arthur wanted me to load the armory with at least a hundred emergency weapons, do these people not realize I'm the only fuckin' blacksmith around here!" Rebecca ranted loudly.

"Is that why you wanted to do some dirty things? Because you needed to blow off steam?" He asked, cleaning the parts of one of his guns.

"Yeah, that would be nice." She muttered as she held up a bottle of whiskey. "Being drunk can only get you so far when you are over worked."

"Well... perhaps one of the more muscular men might be a good choice? I don't exactly know of someone who would be a good fit." He shrugged. "As for you being over-worked... [I'll try to help you. I make no promises, though of when I'll do it or what time.]"

"Ya know, size loses value without skill or consideration." A chuckle escaped the smith's mouth. "And I do appreciate your willingness to help."

"Only while we're working." Rebecca turned the forge back on for her new assistant.


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ShadowHounder and Frostlich: Dark Shadow

Making her way down the hall of the Lost Cathedral, the Traditional Home and Headquarters of the Emortuus Sacerdotium, Archbishop Ashana Imane stepped through beams of colored light shining through the stained glass. She walked with purpose to her quarters, she had received a notification from a soldier that correspondence from the UN had arrived from her. Eager to maintain this new alliance, she headed there post haste, two Seraphim guards flanking her sides as they normally do.

When they arrived, the room was empty. There was no one in sight, but the smell of blood filled the air. The low giggle echoed around the trio. "Ashana! How have you been?"

The Dark Haired Angel kept a straight face, even as her guards stepped in front of her. She looked back and forth, "I am well. Although I am not familiar with you."

"Oh really? Because I've heard a lot about you~" The feminine voice called out, the vibrations in the air making it hard to pinpoint her location. "It must've hurt what happened to you. Manipulated, corrupted, banished. He used your against your own people. Does it still haunt you? What you did to them?"

Her expression darkened, "What are you? A demon?"

Another giggle filled the air. "I'm sure you would know a thing or two about demons. I am not one, but I'm sure you've heard of my work. Are you familiar with the name 'Smiles?'"

"I know of a few recent murders under that name." Ashana raised an eyebrow. "Come out now or your death will not be swift."

"Oh, but where's the fun in that?" Smiles asked from her hiding spot. "Agony isn't good for the soul you know. So why not let me free you from the shackles that bind you to his world?"

"I am my shackles, creature." The team slowly entered the room, Ashana readying her magic.

"Oh? You wish to keep your shackles?" The voice murmured, now only coming from in front of them. A silhouette of a slender woman emerged from the shadows. "What would your brother think of what you have become?"

"My Brother? Interesting." She stepped forward unafraid. "And what have I become? Everything he is not. The only one who truly pushes back the tide of darkness."

Suddenly, one of her guards was sliced in half by Smile. There was no sign of a weapon in her hands as the killer leaped back into the shadows. The silhouette vanished from sight. "I've been practicing that for a while... do you like it?"

The second guard took up stance directly between the mysterious woman and the Archbishop, firing a silvered pistol towards the direction. Ashana on the other hand remained composed, even as blood stained the bottom of her robe.

The guard could hear the bullet collide with the criminal, but not see where it hit. There was a long moment of silence... too long.

"Your Grace. Be careful." He looked back.

Ashana reached up a finger, drawing a light of light in the air around them, forming a circle. Suddenly, with one vertical line, the halo launched forward like a blade hitting all the walls around them, carving up tables and shelves like laser.

"That's a fancy blade you have there~" Smiles taunted, her voice echoing once more.

"Hmm..." She muttered, beginning to draw an extremely complex looking sigil in the air, however, strangely she started it with an incomplete circle.

"So, young guard to the great Archbishop... did she ever tell you the truth?" The coy manner in which Smiles asked implied she knew more then she let on.

"Quiet yourself, creature..." The Angel glared around the room. "I am a loyal Seraphim of the Archbishop. You will not sway me you vile, pestulent, piece of filth..."

"How long will you hold that title, before the chains that bind you consume you?" The serial killer let out another giggle. "Why not let me free you? Before you find out what dark path is on the other side of this tunnel you follow?"

"Silence fiend! I want nothing of the path you offer! Scum! I will live and die for Lady Imane!" He gripped his weapon tightly.

Smiles fell from the ceiling above the warrior, her palm extended onward in a chopping motion. For a moment, a faint aura emanated from her arm... the magic cutting through the soldier and his blade in tandem. "As you live in suffering, may I show you the freedom of death." She uttered before looking at the Archbishop. "Would you care to join them?"

"I'm. Sorry. But that will not be happening." She finished her sigil, saying a silent prayer for her guards. "I would know your name before I destroy you creature. Even if you run now I doubt you would make it out fast enough."

"Not so fast." Smiles pulled her curly hair back to reveal a small computer chip sticking out of her neck. "Wouldn't want all your dirty secrets getting loose."

"Oh. Well. I suppose I should let you escape..." Ashana finally smiled at her, looking down. "These men were willing to give everything for me. Their lives, theirs hearts, their very souls..."

"Do you really think even if you revealed what you know about me? That anyone would even truly care?" She stepped forward. "That they would believe some vile creature like yourself? They have given to me all of their faith. I am their justice. I am their righteousness. I am truth. You have no power here."

"Who said I'm the one in the message?" Smiles insidious grin remained unfazed. "I've been watching you ever since your little speech a few weeks back."

"Oh?" She tilted her head, her hand still hovering to cast the spell with a single twitch. "Just a bit of show. Make our new friends sweat."

"Then why don't you call off your guards and let us continue this another time?" The killer's grin widened as she let go of her locks.

"Well. I'd love to humor you, but I really do have important work waiting for me, more important than some attention seeking little girl." Her smile dropped, "If you do survive this. I hope you'll know better than to come back."

As she said that, Ashana suddenly finished the sigil, a wave of searing holy power and force erupting from the location she was standing, moving lightning fast. It left all physical objects alone, but once it touched Smiles, it carried her back with it, through other physical objects like battering ram. At the same time, the radiant energy was burning and setting fire to her very soul, making it so that even if she could pass through physical barriers, it would still burn her and push her out as she was forced along for the ride.

Smiles was blasted outside of the compound and into the dirt outside. Once she hit the ground, She began laughing maniacally for a good hour before going silent.


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ShadowHounder and Frostlich: Dark Shadow Part 2

Jolly let out a long, exhausted yawn as she rubbed the side of her neck. "What are we doing up so early, Howard?"

"We are here to speak with Archbishop Amana... we received reports she was attacked by Smiles yesterday." The gruff detective stated.

Jolly's interested peaked by the revelation. "That means we can finally ID them!"

"If we can get her to talk..." Howard muttered as he knocked on the door to the facility.

The doors open with an entire contingent of warriors, Human and Angels, raising guns and blades again them. A man with long white hair spoke up quickly and aggressively, "State your business!"

"Detective Howard Johnson," The bearded man showed the warriors his badge. "This is my partner, Jolly Rogers. We were hoping to talk to your Archbishop about a reported incident from last night."

They lowered their weapons. "Yes. We are expecting you. Weapons at the door."

Each of them put their standard issue pistols by the entrance and walked into the building. Jolly scratched the cheek under eye patch nervously. "I didn't realize you were waiting for us to arrive."

A detachment split off to follow them,

"Security has been tripled." The ghostly white haired man spoke.

"I can only imagine, considering the reports." The silver haired detective said solemnly.

Howard cleared his throat. "How many were killed?"

"Four. Two Guards on site, then two that had been accompanying the Archbishop to her room." He shook his head. "I'm embarrassed something like that hot past us..."

"Were you able to find out how she infiltrated your base?" Howard asked as they continued down the hallway.

"No. That's what we can't figure out. The Cathedral is guarded with wards that repel demons." He grumbled.

"You believe Smiles to be some kind of demon?" Detective Rogers prodded further.

"Why else would it target us?" He reasoned. "It's Mo doesn't exactly fit that of an Angel."

"Well, if your wards protect against demons and they don't fit the description of an angel, then either it's a really strong demon or..." Howard started.

"Smiles is a person..." Jolly interrupted as she crouched down and picked up a curled strand of ghostly white hair. She looked up to see a vent barely clinging to the hole it kept shut. "Looks like I found how they got inside."

"Dammit... To think a normal human would try to attack us here..." He blinked rapidly.

"With any luck, your Archbishop can help us identify our killer." Howard sighed as his partner placed the hair into an evidence bag.

"Hopefully. Bitch killed a lot of good Men and Women. Some of our best." He grit his teeth.

"We'll figure out who's behind this and make sure they face justice, I can promise you that." Howard answered.

Eventually after walking through the stained glass covered halls and marble floors, they eventually found the Archbishop's office, blood still sticky on the floor outside.

Jolly stepped forward and bowed. "Thank you for givings us a portion of your time today, Your Grace."

The Woman stood up in the room, looking down at the blood covered floor. "Greetings. I wish it was on better circumstances."

Howard clear his throat. "I believe you already know why we are here."

"Yes... Smiles." The Angel Woman confirmed.

"Would you be willing to start by describing the person that tried to kill you last night?" The bearded man asked the leader before him.

"It was a little girl." Ashana mentioned first.

"Umm... could you elaborate?" Jolly asked as she pulled out a notebook.

"Thin. Slender. Lithe. Wispy hair. A soft, Innocent voice juxtaposed by a twisted grin." Imane recalled with a emotionless timbre.

"Can you tell us her eye color... or any potential motives?" The detective asked as she wrote the description given to her.

"Red..." She nodded. " She seemed to be interested in after my address to the world a few weeks ago. It seemed like she wanted to free my from my shackles? My burdens perhaps. By killing me."

"Was she talking to herself at all? Mention anyone who wasn't there?"

"She knew things about me that I have taken care not to have known. Does that count?" Ashana answered them.

"Do you have any idea how she could've obtained that knowledge?" Howard asked.

"No. She'd have to have connections with the Angels. Be Thousands of years old. Or have read my mind, through my mental protections." The Holy Woman turned to face them both.

"That's info we aren't gonna get for sure." Howard muttered. "Regardless, you have helped us greatly."

"The bodies are in the process of being buried if you want to look." Ashana offered.

"That reminds me, were you able to identify the murder weapon?" The male detective asked with concerned look.

"I believe it was just her hands she used. Which is where my demon theory came from. Perhaps she could have also used Enchantment to boost her strength." The Priestess continued.

"Was she wearing any gloves or bracelets?" Jolly asked. "Anything on her arms she could enchant?"

"Not as far as I could tell. She just looked like your average little girl. Except the eyes."

"You can also ask us. We have a personal stake in this matter now." Ashana reminded them. "That is if you have no problem working with a... Terrorist... Organization..."

"We are well aware of your allegiance with the United Nations... as members of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, we were the first to be notified." Howard answered.

"So. Does that mean we aren't considered terrorists anymore?" Ashana chuckled.

"That's still up to debate." Jolly closed her notebook and placed it back in her bag.

"Heheheh... Very well." The Archbishop shrugged subtly. "When you are done looking for your clues, my guards will help you find the exit."

"We'll let you know what we find." Jolly assured Amana before walking out of the room.


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Demon theropy

After getting his new weapon Wreave decided to go for a walk around the town, since he’s never been around cities for more than a day. Ah human civilization, the cesspool of sin there’s a reason my kind want’s yours and the angels fear your race. You kind are brutal when necessary aggressive, and give in to your temptation at the drop of a dime.

“We do not give into our temptations easily.”

Really do I need to remind you of what you and that blacksmith did, you just let her suck you off without hesitation you gave into your lust because you haven’t had that in a while. Slice that cultist I believe.

“We don’t talk about that woman, she did try and kill me just so she could pull you out. Your quiet the annoying monster you know that.”

Please if it wasn’t for me you would be dead when you were ten years old, you ow most of your life to me human let’s face it without me you would be dead several times over.

“Ou really I seem to recall you getting your ass kicked by angles, if it wasn’t for me you would have been killed by angles. And before you say that was more of your doing, I would like to say there magic hurt you more than it did me.

That type of magic hurts us both human, I’m part of you so whatever hurts me hurts you

“Yea it does.” Wreave looked down at himself.” I think we might need a change of an appearance since we’re goanna be in this guild for a while, and in this what you called a cesspool. Best that we don’t look too much like a woods dwelling savage.”

Hum you humans worrying about your appearance it’s rather annoying but for now do whatever you need to do, I’m goanna go to sleep. The demon said no longer speaking

Wreave decided to walk around the city more, with many people looking at the man and his menacing claw and how savage he looked. He walked around for hours until he looked at a flyer that offered therapy to half demons, Wreave raised his eyebrow and went to the location of the flyer. The building was the largest Wreave has ever seen, as he went into the building the person that was upfront looked up and nearly shat himself at the sight of Wreave.” Ugh c…Can I help you sir?” Wreave held up the poster to the man face, and he quickly called up the doctor.” Ugh Mrs Madeira you have another client.”

“What I’m not expecting any clients today, ugh can’t you send them away?”

“No I don’t think I can.”

“Ugh fine bring them up then.”

“Ugh… Just use the elevator and go up to the twenty seventh floor.” Wreave tilted his head at the man.

“What’s an elevator?”

“A..Are you serious, it’s that metal door right next to you? Just push the button and go inside then press the button and it will take you to where you need to go. Your gonna look for a sign that says half demon therapy

Wreave nodded his head and pushed the elevator button and the door opened, he then locked inside it and looked back at the man who motioned Wreave to go inside. As he did he looked at the many buttons and pressed the one that had the number twenty seven. And the door closed and went up, Wreave looked confused by this but the metal box didn’t seem dangerous as he made it up to the floor he got out the elevator. As he looked around he found sign that he was looking for and knocked on the door. “Yes come in.” As he entered the room the turned around and spit in her cup and tea got all over her face.” Ou sweat lord.” She whipped her face and looked at Wreave again.” Um hello ugh I’m doctor Madeira and you are?”


“Um alright Mr ugh Wreave why don’t you take a seat and ugh, oh boy so Mr Wreave is this your first time dealing with something like this?”


“Ok very short spoken, alright um so are you half demon so what brings you in today?”

“I’m touring the city and saw your piece of paper, so you what talk to half demons?”

“Yes I talk to them to help them try and fit into society, because your kind is not looked at positively. So wreave why don’t you tell me about yourself.”

“Like what?”

“Um how about your background were are from?”

“I’m from the forest it’s were I lived for the last seventeen years.”

“Ugh alight um are you from America, South America what country are you from?”

“I’m from I think its called Europe.”
Her eyes widened.” Wow you’re really far from home so then why don’t you tell me about your childhood.”

“My childhood, I grew up in an orphanage, not much to tell about I was smaller than the others but still stood up to those bigger than me both in height and in age. I would always get into fight and was bulled myself, those I protected did nothing to help me. This went on until I was ten years old then the incident happened.”

“The incident? Does it have something to do with your demon?”

“Yes some of the teen there were beating on me a little bit too much, and my other half decided to make its appearance. He tore them apparat and set them ablaze it was the first time I experienced something like that.”

“And how did you feel after words?”

“Scared confused wondering how the hell did this happen, next thing I know I’m in the forest and that’s were I’ve been until recently.”

“Hum how about you fill me in from the time you were a child to now.”

Wreave explained how he lived in the woods hunting animals and demon alike, he then explained that when he was thirteen he ran into a cult that tried to extract his demon from him. Angels hunting him down and how everyone he’s met just used him until they saw his demon form and then tried to kill him, when she mentioned the claw on his left hand he explained that he got it from one of the demons that was hunting him.”

“Wow um that’s surly a lot you’ve been through, and by the sound of it you’ve been mostly fighting so you’re not used to civilization then. Ok um so by the sounds of it, it sounds like you and your demon are two different people, so what I suggest is that you and your demon have a talk a real talk because whether you like it or not he’s with you and you both need to come to terms with that instead of seeing it as a bother.”
Wreave was silent for a while and then stood up.” Right well thank you for this one doctor.”

“No problem if you need more advice just come and see me that will also be about seven hundred dollars.”

“Ugh you people are steep.” Wreave payed the woman and left the office and went back to the guild, he went to his empty room and sat on the bed.” Hay monster you awake?

What do you want human are you gonna take the advice of that woman?

Yes I am look you and I may never get along, but you and I are stuck together. So what do you think of me demon?

What do I think of you? Ha you’re an idiot that seems to like nothing more than trying to get yourself killed helping others. You’re a fool even after being betrayed so many times you still try and help people, you are an idiot!”

Is that all?

Humm I do admire your fierceness your determination, you are an admiral fighter though you do need work. In the since you have the promise to be an admiral
warrior but you need to practice.

Heh I think that’s the first good thing you ever said to me, alight I need work but what are you then?”

I’m a marauder a great warrior and me being stuck to a person like you is a disgrace to me.

Hum well then if you’re goanna be stuck with me then I might as well get stronger then besides I might a project I can do and I think your goanna like it
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ShadowHounder and Frostlich: Fight Club

Arthur sat in his desk, filling out the various pieces of paperwork. Between the applications that always seemed to grow in size and the legal documentation Merlin insisted he had to file... the rookie guild leader had little time to himself. He groaned heavily has he throw out another pointless applicant. "Do any of these idiots realize what guild works entails?" He muttered under his breath. After another hour of work, he leaned back in his seat and lit a cigarette.

"Sorting through the trash, huh?" A voice spoke through the cracked door. It was Ignja's voiced as she poked her head through.

"In more ways than one..." He muttered, only briefly looking up. "What do ya want?"

"I was just walking by and I heard you having a mental breakdown." She raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, today ain't the best day for me..." Arthur admitted.

"Why not just relax for a while?' She suggested casually.

Arthur raised an eyebrow. "I was under the impression you hated my guts."

"I give everyone that impression." Ignja chuckled.

Arthur grunted as he leaned back once more. "Sounds to me like you had something in mind. So how 'bout ya just spit it out already."

"Food?" She muttered.

"Ya know," Arthur let out a puff of grey smoke. "I could use a bite to eat. You buying?"

"What? This place doesn't have a cafeteria or something?" Ignja questioned.

"Haven't made room for one yet." Arthur replied. "Besides, no chef."

"Fine. I'm buying. What's your favorite spot around here?" She put her hands behind her head.

"My usual tavern makes a mean steak." The guild leader remarked.

"Alright! Now we're talking!" The Ponytail wearing Woman nodded her head up and down.

Arthur stood up from his seat. "Need me to lead the way?"

"Considering I have no idea where the fuck it is. Uh. Yeah." She looked around. "I track Demons, not diners."

"Lucky you, I do." Arthur killed his cigarette as he walked ahead of the woman and towards the exit.

"I'm sure that'll come in handy when we need the Diner Devil on Route Six-Six-Six." Ingja followed behind him, it wasn't hard to notice that she was still wearing her armor, even now.

"Don'tcha think a change of clothes is in order?" Arthur raised an eyebrow at the taller woman.

"What? I always wear this when I go out. Never Know when some Demon with a grudge us going to pop up trying to kill you." He told him simply.

"You leave them alive?" Arthur questioned.

"It's a demon. Why would I?" Ignja gave him a questioning look.

"Well, if you killed all of them, there wouldn't be any to hold grudges against you." Arthur countered.

"I guess you're right. But they're Demons who knows what bullshit they could have." The Angel Laughed.

"I have yet to find a demon that doesn't stay dead." The brawler muttered.

"You haven't been looking hard." She told him bluntly, walking up beside him.

"Who knows, maybe we'll find one during the stronghold raid I have planned." He noted, lighting a new cigarette once they were outside.

"Oh? A stronghold raid? Where is this stronghold?" Her interest was clearly piqued.

"It's a couple hundred miles south of here." The guild leader answered. "I got my hands on a gatekey... had to hand it over to the guild association though."

"Well that's shit. Got us on their leash huh?"

"Not much I can do when they keep threatening legal actions." Arthur grunted. "Damn controversy bullshit is making it impossible to do my job."

"Once again the legalese gets in the way of actually saving people's lives." Ingja sighed loudly.

"If we're lucky, the raid should be enough to get them off my back so we get do business as normal." Arthur pulled a set of keys out of his pocket and walked up to a sleek, black car.

"Nice ride. Is that from your Demon Hunting Paycheck?" She nodded, looking it over.

"I was a military freelancer prior to becoming a guild leader... so I had extra budge to work with." Arthur held the door open for Ignja as he spoke.

"Really?" The Muscular Woman stared. "You don't have to pull that gentleman bullshit I can open my own fucking door."

"Habbit..." He replied as he walked over to the driver's side of the vehicle.

Ignja got into the passenger seat, reclining the seat back right away. "Soft seats... Supportive."


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ShadowHounder and Frostlich: Fight Club Part 2

The moment Arthur turned the key, the driver interface lit up with a bright red. Arthur killed his cigarette and asked, "What's traffic looking like between here and The Devil's Feast?"

A red outline of the city map appeared on the heads up display, a computerized voice emitting from the console. "Minimal traffic between location and destination. Have a safe trip."

"Good..." Was the only thing he muttered before flooring the gas and speeding across the road. The weight of the velocity was enough to push the duo into the soft seats behind them. The sound of the tires screeched along the pavement as Arthur took a hard right, one of the two turns he had to make in order to reach their destination. It only took a moment for them to reach the next turn, when the light shifted red. With quick reactions and surprisingly precise movements, the guild leader was able to make the turn and avoid every single car in front of him. He even managed to swerve the car in such a way that it stopped in a parking spot right next to the tavern. Arthur got out of the car and waited for Ignja to follow.

Ignja sat there for a moment and looked over at him, "Alright. That was badass."

"It loses value when the cops notice..." Arthur admitted as he walked towards the door.

"Fair enough. You're a damn good driver though." She stepped out and followed behind him.

"Comes with practice." He answered with a bit of a stoic tone.

"Okay don't get a big head over it." She rolled her eyes.

"Need I remind you that you are taller then me." Arthur retorted. "Head can't get any bigger than yours from that fact alone."

"You're so clever." She just slowly shook her head.

The whole bar filled with grins as the room watched Arthur walk inside. He took a seat at the edge of the room, waiting for either Ignja to sit down or a waiter to greet him.

Ignja sat across from him, looking over the menu. "Huh. Nice little place."

"Wait for it..." Arthur murmured as a group of guys began to approach.

"Oh. This looks fun." Ingja glanced between them.

The group's leader leaned on Arthur's shoulder. "Hey, Arthur, pal. It's been awhile. How've ya been?"

"What the hell do ya want?" The guild leader demanded, not moving an inch.

"Great. Actually. How're you lot?" She butted in.

"We are doing quite fine, but," The guy grinned widely. "You're friend here sitting at our table. We can't have that, now can we?"

Arthur let out a sigh. "If you know what's good for you, you'll back off."

"Oh this is your table?" Ingja looked around on it. "I don't see your name on it. That's my bad, do you want me you write it on there using your jawbone?"

"You are wel-" The man started before an invisible force sent him flying.

Arthur stood up from his seat. "I'm the one you're here to fight right? So how about we just keep this between you and me?"

The guy jumped back to his feet, smirking at the guild leader. "Gladly..."

"Alright. Dinner and a show. Kick his ass boss!" Ingja called out, laughing.

Arthur stepped forward, rolling his shoulders as he approached his opponent. A waitress moved to take Ignja's order as her boss gave the burlier man a quick jab to the face. He reeled back in pain with a line of blood coming out of his nose. The thug was able to get a strong right hook, which Arthur answered with knee to the gut. The whole tavern cheered them on as they fought in the middle of the room.

"Uh. Yeah. I'll have your biggest steak." Ignja replied, paying little attention as she literally pushed the waitress gently to the side in order to get a better view. "Break his fucking kneecaps Arthur!"

The fight went on for a few more minutes before thug was on the ground. He sat back up, panting with exhaustion. "Alright, Arthur, you win this one."

Arthur walked back to his table and practically fell into his chair. "You really need to stop with the whole table opener, Zeke."

The bartender walked over to a large whiteboard and wrote Arthur's name on there, followed by a one. Zeke chuckled. "Glad to see you haven't changed a bit."

"Nice work! I like this place even better now." Ignja gave them a clap.

"It's a one of the kind place." Arthur answered as a waitress showed up to take his order. "Same as her."

"Yeah. Can't wait..." The Angel rubbed her hands together excitedly.

"Hey Arthur," Another member of Zeke's group called out. "Hope you're ready for another round."

Arthur groaned and stood back up. "This is gonna be a long day, ain't it?"

"Ha! Is this really what you do every time?" She laughed.

"Yeah, on a good day."

"And here I thought you were just a green as grass pencil pusher, but it seems like you do actually have some ball down there."

"Oh, trust me, my ledger is full of plenty of red." The man answered as he moved forward to fight his next opponent.

Ingja took a sip of her alcoholic drinks as it came, cheering him on from the sidelines.

The man in question soon had Arthur on the ground and was strangling him. He leaned into Arthur's ear and whispered, "Lord Creedhelm sends his regards..."

Arthur's instincts flared as he used a shockwave to force the man's back into the ceiling. He quickly got back to his feet, a blade forming in his hand. With one wide swing, the brawler cut his opponent in half, black blood filling the air. The man's corpse dissolved into two piles of black goo, the mere sight provoking Arthur to growl.

Ignja stood up, "Fuck. Yeah. That shit didnt look right..."

"Ah shit, Changelings do exist." Zeke muttered as he walked over to Arthur. "I thought they were just a myth meant to scare us."

"This ain't my first encounter with one of them..." Arthur rubbed his head as he walked back to his table.

"I've only ever seen a few of them myself. Usually our Cathedral wards keep them away from us." Ignja looked back.

A waiter brought them their steaks, each accompany with mashed potatoes. He bowed formally and said, "Please... enjoy your meal."


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"It's a good thing I'm immune to poison." She looked over the steak suspiciously.

"You should be fine." Arthur was already on his third bite as he spoke.

"Yeah..." Ingja reached down and picked up the massive porterhouse steak with her hands on both sides as she bit into the very rare meat. Red juice and melted fat flowed down her chin like a waterfall, dripping messily back onto the plate, but she didn't seem to care in the slightest.

Arthur gave the woman a disappointed look as she did so. "Ya know utensils are a thing, right?"

"Thshh ishh bhethher." The Angel barely stopped in order to speak. "The proper way to enjoy a steak."

"Right..." The guild leader muttered as he continued to eat.

Ignja took another large bite, "So... Why do you think it was here?"

"It was after me..." Arthur explained. "Working for a devil I pissed off a few months back."

"Ha. Must've been pretty pissed." She nodded.

"I intervened in his attempt to kidnap Yavira and have been protecting her since, so yeah, he's got reason to hate me." The brawler stated.

"What do they want with your demon pet?" Ignja took a big glug from her tall glass of beer.

"She's not a pet..." Arthur muttered under his breath before clearing his throat. "I have reason to believe he wants her because of her specialized form of enchantment magic."

"Yeah? Damon has his own variety as well. What makes her's special?" The Seraphim raised an eyebrow curiously.

"I don't know the exacts, but..." Arthur leaned forward and kept his voice low. "Apparently she picked up a special form of it called 'Ritual Enchanting.'"

"Interesting... Sounds useful I suppose." Ignja leaned in too, the steak flopping in her hand.

"She also can store enchantments..." Arthur answered. "So nothing goes to waste with her, but the shit takes forever for her to set up."

"Damon's enchantments attack the souls of creatures directly." Ingja told him. "They're particularly good against Demons and Creatures that can become intangible or aren't harmed as much by conventional silver."

"Good, we could use someone who can reliably harm shades." Arthur noted as he moved on to his potatoes. "Damn things are a pain otherwise."

"Nothing a little holy fire can't cleanse." She bragged, swallowing the last of her steak and wiping her juice covered hands with off with a dozen napkins.

"You should really consider using a fork next time..." Arthur grunted as he continued to eat.

"Why? Afraid of a little cow juice?" She exhaled like a half laugh.

"No, just not a fan of the mess." He muttered.

"I'll clean it up." She dabbed the clump of tissue against her face and chest, then the table around the plate.

"So, why did you join them?" Arthur asked the angelic woman.

"Who? The Sacerdotium?" Ignja grabbed a fistful of potatoes.

"Who else would I be talking about?" He replied.

"They raised me after I was born on Earth. My parents were going to abandon me so..." Ignja shrugged. "They took me in."

"Did they now?" Arthur raised an eyebrow. "Never took the archbishop as one for taking care of children."

"Well when our other brothers and sisters condemn us, we don't have many options. Besides it's better than letting children get eaten by wolves of something."

"Do you, by chance, know why she was banished from the Divine Realm?" Arthur podded further.

"Why would I bother knowing that? I say let her secrets be secrets. The rumor is she was falsely accused of a crime. Other than that we don't really care too much." Ignja raised an eyebrow at him.

"Sorry, it's just..." Arthur hesitated for a second. "Something about her seems familiar... can't quite put my finger on it though."

"Oh? Well she's been around for thousands of years." Ignja explained.

"Yeah, I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually." Arthur mumbled as a waiter arrived with their bill.

"So. We're splitting it, right?" She confirmed.

"Nope, you agreed to pay for it." Arthur reminded the angel.

"Right. Fair enough." She looked up. "How much."

"Fifteen bucks." Arthur answered as he handed her the bill.

"Damn. That's actually pretty cheap..." She chuckled, reaching down into a side pocket and pulling out a messy clump of dollar bills, eventually selecting a second single twenty and pushing it towards the waitress. "Keep the change."

The waitress nodded and walked away. Arthur got back up to his feet and walked towards the door. "We should be getting back soon. I'm behind schedule and don't wanna have to hear another council rep chew my ears out for filing reports late."

"Alright alright." She stretched, getting up. "This was fun."

"Shall we get going?" Arthur was already holding the door open for her.

"I'm not your fruity date..." Ignja passed by, pushing the door open herself.

"I'm nothin' if not a gentleman." Arthur replied.

"Well I'm not a gentlewoman." The Warrior Woman pointed out.

"Semantics." Arthur grumbled as he walked to his car.

Ignja walked out with him, leaning on the car, "You look like you could use more trips like this."

"I'll consider it." Arthur answered as he got into his vehicle.

She followed him in, "So. That brother of yours... What's his story?"

"My parents died while I was stuck doing freelance work on the other side of the country." The brawler explained as he turned on the engine. "The council mentioned it to me when it happened, but they forgot to tell me that I had a brother until many years after the fact. Merlin was homeless the entire time. My understanding is he got caught up with the wrong crowd, so if I hadn't stepped in when I did... there's no telling what would've happened to him."

Ignja's face scrunched up. "Shit... And you're working for this assholes because you have to right?"

"Kind of part of it being my job." Arthur added. "Besides, Paps had me sent to bootcamp at the age of fifteen, so I had little say in the matter."

"Tch. Even I had a choice in joining my 'Religious Cult'." Ignja stated out loud.

"That's what I get for being born into a military family."

"Maybe the military should reconsider how it treats people?" The Angel chuckled.

"I don't make the rules, I just get strong armed into following them." The guild leader replied.

"Well hopefully you can stretch your legs a little bit now."

"Yeah, hopefully..." He stated as they made their way back to the guild house.


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"Hey, bro." Merlin cleared his throat. "This one's an... interesting..."

"Spit it out." Arthur lazily flipped through papers as he spoke.

"Alexander Valentine..." The young mage began. "Male, age eight hundred and an angel. I thought their society was strictly against helping mortals."

"Like us, not everyone from the Divine Realm agrees with the Heavenly Law." Arthur explained. "Fallen Angels, as we called them, are members of their order that defect. Go ahead and call him up... see what he's made of."

When they got the call, they heard the screaming of another person. "You damn traitor! The Grand Exemplar will have you and your family's heads!” He then screamed again.A woman's voice echoed in the background

“Don’t worry brother... you will see our way of thinking. You will be a true angel and not this demon with angels wings.”

A man eventually answered. "May I help you?”

"Huhhhhhhhhh..." Merlin zoned out, not sure how to process what he just heard.

“Um, hello? Is there anyone there? Because, if not, I’m gonna hang up now.”

"Oh, ummm, sorry, just not sure what I just heard in the background... Do you need help over there?"

“Oh no no everything is just fine. One of my brethren just tried and attack my family is all. Now we’re gonna make him see the light... who is this by the way?”

"Merlin Mithril... I work for the Knights of the Roundtable Guild." The mage answered. "You applied to join our guild recently."

“Your actually called me? You know, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting that. Most humans see that I'm an angel and ignore me.”

"I'm just calling to see if you are still... interested..." Merlin replied nervously.

“Oh of course, I would love to join you. Your group does hunt down demons right?”

"Correct," Merlin muttered. "And Angels, and cultists... and anything that threatens our people really."

“You hunt down angels too?” There was a long pause from Alex. "That’s perfect! Do you know how the past six hundred of fighting this alone has been like?!”

"Ummm... when can you arrived to do a trial?"

“Depends... are you in America or Europe and where is your base located?”

"America, New York City." Merlin answered.

“Oh that good I live in Great Plains, just give me a second.” Alexander hung up, and a few seconds later there was a portal in Arthur office were the angel in question stepped through. He looked to be taller then Arthur and had massive white wings and white armor. "Gentlemen i am Alexander Valentine former Templar of the Celestial realm at your service.” The man took a bow.

Arthur turned his head towards Merlin, who was still on the phone, and back to Alexander. "This is certainly a surprise. I take it you are still interested in joining our guild then?"

"Whatever gets the job done." Arthur answered, going back to his paperwork.

Alexander smiled. "I like that attitude, it’s what my brothers and sisters should have. They should work with the humans instead they kill you all, because they see you as a disease to be purged. They don’t understand that they will lose this war if they don’t work with the natives of this world.”

"You talking about this 'Endless War' I keep hearing about?" Arthur raised an eyebrow.

“Yes I’ve been alive for eight hundred years, I’ve been fighting this war for seven hundred and eighty seven of those years and my own kind for four hundred. This has been going on long before I was born and I’m not blind enough to see that my people are losing, a few more centuries and this world and my people are done.”

Arthur let out a forced chuckle. "That ain't gonna happen."

“Really you have some kind of army that can go into the demon realm and stop this?”

"We've held our ground for hundreds of years." The guild leader answered confidently. "The demons will have to send every last one of their kind if they want even a chance of killing us all."

“Confidence is good but you haven’t seen your world in the past, you’re world was so beautiful until there was demon influence. Now it’s looking more and more like hell, go to Africa and you would think your on another world.”

"Yes, their destructive capabilities are a concern." Arthur stood up from his desk, looking Alexander straight in the eyes. "But I vowed I'd protect this world with my life... and I have no intentions on going back on my word."

“Well that makes two of us, three of you count my wife she’s also an angel. We both have been fighting this for a long time, would be nice to have allies.”

"Well, welcome aboard... just make sure you can pull your wait when the fighting starts." Arthur replied.

“I can pull my weight and then some. Now then... your brother mentioned some kind of trial you wanted me to take?”

"We can worry about that tomorrow." Arthur mentioned. "I gotta have a a mission for you to assist in to do a trial."

“Hmmm, well I appreciate the call then, are you sure there isn’t anything because I might have something I need help with.”

"What do ya want from us?" Arthur asked as he lit himself a cigarette.

“Well I could use some help, there’s a few of cultist near my area they have become a lot more bold as of late.”

"Alright Merlin, let's go." Arthur looked to his brother.

"Wait, wouldn't be better to get more help first?" Merlin jumped with surprise.

"We'll be fine." Arthur muttered.

“It will be alright human you have an angel watching over you, and no harm will happen to ether of you I swear it.”

"Um... alright..." Merlin mumbled, not convinced yet.

“Right but first I need make a portal to my home, need to get my sword is all.” Alexander open a portal to his home.” Please come along.”

Arthur walked through the portal while Merlin followed nervously.

When the entered they were in what looked to be a cabin, and could see a blond woman leaving a room, and she was covered in blood. "Damn bastard, he needs to learn the definition of pain before he can understand.” When she looked up she saw Alexander. "Oh hello dear, I didn’t expect you to bring visitors.”

The then saw a little girl come flying out of another room. "Daddy's back." As the little girl flew right in front of Alex.

“Hey girly, I’m just back for my sword hun. Keep our friends company.” He said while going to his bed room.

"That must've been one heated debate." Merlin joked, only to get smacked upside the head by his older brother.

"Oh I'm currently trying to break my former angel spirit. They need to go through a lot of pain in order to see things clearly."

Merlin swallowed the note in his throat as Arthur exhaled a ball of smoke from his lungs. The guild leader turned to the woman. "Need help?"

"Depends you're not afraid of a little bit of screaming and blood are you?"

"I've done my fair share of 'negotiations,'" Arthur replied.

“That’s good... come along.” She escorted Arthur to the back where the angels had his wings shackled, and his hands cuffed behind him.

Arthur gave the angels a dark glare. "Ya all better cooperate if you wanna make it out of here alive."

The Angel spat at Arthur. "You humans are parasites the lot of you, you deserve nothing but death.” The woman then punched the angel to the ground.

“Oh my poor brother, your miss judging see the human while there’s plenty wrong with them they are not our enemy. But no because they sin and can be taken advantage of by the demons you see fit to kill them.”

“It’s what they deserve.”

"What we deserve you say? When did you get to decide that?" Arthur asked the angelic man.

“We gave your kind plenty of chances, and time and again you you fail. Your inferior, sinful, easily tempted by material that doesn’t matter. You are a blight on this world.”

"Funny..." Arthur thrusted his conjured blade into the angel's gut. "I was gonna say the same about you."

The angel then spat out blood and cried out in pain. "Hey I need him alive, after all I’m trying to change him.”

The blade deformed as Arthur let go of it. "Any chance one of you know anything about the cultists causing trouble around here?"

“Oh yeah those guys, they were nothing at first then they started kidnapping people. Started drugging them making them mindless, if you can try and spare some of them people but the ringleader name is Jakob. I think he’s a trying to appeal to the angels, poor bastard doesn’t know that it’s for nothing.”


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"In that case we should hurry." Arthur stated as he walked away from the bleeding angel. "Wouldn't want anyone innocent getting caught in the crossfire."

“Thank you for that, now then if you’ll excuse me. I need to keep working on this angel here and make him see the error of his ways.” She said as she opened the door for Arthur and went back to the angel.

“I see that you met my wife and judging by the blood on you, you helped her out.” When Arthur looked at Alexander he was holding a massive claymore sword.

Arthur grunted. "Let's get moving. We've got people to free and cultists to kill."

“Alright then I’ll lead the way, it shouldn’t take very long hope you enjoy walking.”

Arthur motioned for Merlin to follow the fallen angel.

As the duo followed the fallen angel, as they made there way to the cults camp. It was now dark and they made there way to the compound were Alexander mentioned the two to get down, it was an old church that surrounded by trailers near a river. "That river is were they hold there cleansing, see those green barrels over there they’re filled with I don’t know what but they pour it into the water and they people that were panicking just stop like there in a trance.”

"So it's some kind of mind toxin..." Merlin muttered to himself.

"Yes it is. How they make it I don't know, but If I can I can subdue some without killing that would be great. I understand if you kill some of them, we can't save them all but we have to try. I would go first I lost my grace some time ago so once they see me they will more then likely attack me."

"Is it possible we can separate the civilians from the cultists?" Merlin asked Alexander.

"Sure I have Earth and water magic, I can easily pin most of them down with it. And my magic is mostly defensive so I should defiantly be able to handle it."

"If we can group up the kidnapped, I think I can contain them long enough for us to deal with the enemy without harming any of them..." The young mage added.

"Alright then I'll go and stir them up. I'm sure the presents of a fallen angel will stir them up." As Alexander stood up he walked to the cult camp, were the cultist looked at him." Greetings my children, your prayers have been answered."

The cultist looked and cheered at the sight of the winged fallen angle, and most greeting on there knees and others bowing to the angel.

"I heard ya all have been kidnapping people." Arthur called out as he walked into vision. "If you go ahead and let them go now, I might consider letting you live."

"Oh you mean the nonbelievers, will you bring them into your grace?" They said speaking to the angel.

"Yes I will bring them to the light." Alexander then looked up and saw and arrow being shot at him which he blocked it with his sword.

"Lies! You are no angel! You lost your purity. You are fallen, impure and evil!"

"Well, shit, that could've gone better." Arthur mumbled to himself as he deflected an attacked aimed towards him.

Some tried to get up but looked down and saw that there hands and knees were to the ground. "Sorry people but I gotta thin your numbers.” He said deflecting some of the arrows.

"How are we supposed to know which ones are civilians anyway?" Arthur called out to Alexander as he remained on the defensive.

Alex was silent for a while until he looked at Merlin. "Hey spellcaster... got any spells that could help us out?!”

Merlin channeled his magic into the ground, causing many of the combatants to glow red. "This spell reveals those with evil intent."

“Oh not that works beautifully.” The fallen angel smiled as he pulled out his claymore sword and started hacking away at those that were glowing red.

Arthur followed suit and sliced down any cultist that got in his way. Any civilian that tried to attack him would simply find themselves trapped in a purple bubble of pure mana... a spell Merlin created many years ago.

As Alexander continued to cut down any cultist that glee red he looked at the church, five white hooded people came out of it. Each pointed a assault rifle and the the duo, before they could do some serious damage Alexander used his water magic to make a barrier between himself and Arthur.

Once the bullets were slowed by the watery form, Arthur sent a shockwave into the air. The shockwave launched all of the rounds fired at them backwards... with almost the same amount of force as before.

It got most of the cultist but the one they saw earlier came out again holding a Mack and a pistol. "You heretic coming on to gods soil and kill his children, especially one of his former chosen. You deserve to rot in hell for the rest of your days!” Before he shot at the two he looked at Merlin and started shootings him instead.

Merlin was too focused on containing the civilians to notice the man point the loaded pistol at him. He only briefly heard the sound of shots echoing in the air, before seeing his older brother between them... with several red holes filling his body. Merlin's eyes widened with fear as he watched Arthur fall to the ground and blood soak the dirt below him.

“Ha! my children kill these blights in the eyes of our lord!” Before most of the cultist could reload Alexander was already on top of them and used his claymore sword to cut down the gun welding Cultist. He was then in front of the cult leader who tried to use his mace on the fallen angel, but he caught it spikes came from the ground underneath the could leader forcing him to scream in pain as Alexander took the gun away from him he looked at the brothers.

“Hey how’s your brother is he alive?!”

"I'll be fine..." Arthur mumbled as he struggled to get back to his feet.

Merlin, unconvinced by the guild leader's words, moved over to keep him steady. "We need to get your to Karm immediately!"

"I said I'll be fine." Arthur snapped as his furious gaze shifted towards the cult leader. A shockwave sent the man straight into the stone wall behind him. "Tell me how to cure these people before I break every single bone in your pathetic excuse of a body."

“First we need to kill the cult leader.” Another one of the cultist tried to attack Arthur, Alexander quickly used his earth magic to trip the woman and use his magic to pin her to the ground. "Once he’s dead I need to find the drug he used to poison there mind, and use it to fix them.”

"He's got a point, Arthur." Merlin replied. "If he found the toxin, it's possible Karm could reverse it and make a antidote."

Arthur took a deep breath before turning his attention to Alexander. "Leave the leader to me."

“By all means I’ll subdue whoever's left. Make his death brutal, will you?”

"I fully intend on making him suffer for trying to kill my brother." Arthur answered, barely able to contain the seething rage within him.

The cult leader grabbed the rifle off one of his dead followers.” You damn heretic you and that fallen angel deserve to die for your sacrilege.”

"Heretic? You're the one who follows a man who doesn't exist." Arthur growled as he used his shockwave magic to send the rifle flying out of his hands.

The cult leader then charged Arthur with. "god does exist! We have disappointed him! But... giving him your corpse will be a great offering!” He then started swinging his mace wildly.

Arthur simply deflected the attack with his blade and swung at the cultist's leg, intending to sever it from his body.

He did his best to move but he ended up getting his foot, this caused him to scream in pain as he landed on the ground.

Arthur moved in to deliver the killing blow, only to stumble forward. His vision began to blur and his mind began to fade. He had lost too much blood. It was only a matter of time before he collapsed.

This allowed the cult leader to use his one good leg to tackle Arthur, he then started to rain down punches over and over on his head.” Ha like I said you will pay for what you did today.” He then grabbed his mace. "You and that traitorous angel will pay for what you’ve done!” Before he could slam his mace into Arthur head something was stopping him, he looked to see there was water holding the mace in place. When he turned around he saw Alexander using water magic.

“My magic might be defensive, but with water it could be both because after all a good defense makes a good offense.” The water then went down the mace and covered his head in the water.

A beam of pure arcane energy fired forward, piercing the man's heart. The point of origin for the attack was Merlin, who's eyes glowed a faint purple. The glow faded as he walked over to his brother. "Find that toxin, I'll get Arthur to a doctor."

“Right it will take me a few minutes.” Alexander went into the church and found tons of barrels underneath along with a few people, he opened a portal to his home and grabbed his wife. She looked the liquid over, she used her Divine magic to purify the liquid they grabbed as many barrels as they could and dumped it into the lake. Alexander then used his water magic to make a wave and dumped it on those that were pinned to the ground.


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Merlin opened a portal of his own, taking Arthur inside of a dark room with an elven man. The man was washing blood off of his hands as the two stepped into the his workspace.

Alexander after helping the other Cultist looked around and saw that Arthur and his brother were gone, he then opened his own portal to were the guild was and started asking were Arthur was.

A very drunk Blacksmith, who went by Rebecca, pointed him in the direction of the infirmary. Inside, the tall elf was now pulling bullets out of the guild leader's back while Merlin was nowhere in sight. "I'd say it's a miracle you're still alive, much less conscious." The elf muttered to Arthur. "I can see you taking two or three shots fine, but ten? Something dire must've happened for you to the line of that many rounds."

“It was my fault.” The elf turned to see an angel. "I wasn’t fast enough to stop the bullets, and he did this to protect his brother. Once again is something I should have been doing.”

"I see..." The elf muttered as he stitched up Arthur's wounds.

"I am sorry Arthur he was helping me clear out a group of cultist they were fallowing the angles, or they thought they were. They thought that god would acknowledge them if they kept doing what they were doing, they don't understand that they would never be accepted."

"No need to worry about a bunch of idiots that worship a myth..." Arthur answered. "They were a threat and we dealt with them, that's all that matters."

"Hey don't move as much you just been shot multiple times, you're not me. Humans don't take bullets so well." He said wanting to help Arthur.

"I'll be fine..." Arthur grumbled as he got back onto his feet.

"He's gotta a point, Arthur." The surgeon noted. "You sustained a long period of rapid blood lose. You should rest until your wounds have healed properly."

"You should I understand wanting to continue the fight, but you can't do that if your body is messed up. You need to heal and get your body time to recover, there will be plenty to fight later."

"Least I can do is file a report and finish up today's desk work." Arthur retorted as he walked past Alexander.

Alexander got under Arthur to help him walk. "So does this mean that your hiring me?"

"I don't see a reason not to." The brawler answered.

“Ummm... well... I thank you for letting me join, I’ll tell my wife that I’ve been hired. Just to let you know she can also help out around her, she’s not only a great warrior but an excellent healer and purifier.”

"Karm here is the head of medical staff, so she'll need to talk to him." Arthur pointed to the elf behind the duo.

“I’ll be sure that she does. Might I ask, is your brother fine?”

"Merlin is unharmed."

“Well then that’s good to hear. I promise you won’t regret bringing me on board.”

"I better not..." Arthur muttered as he continued towards his office.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&Frostlitch

The meeting of two angles

Knights of the round table guild house

After his rather unique recruitment, Alexander made his way through the chapel of the guild.” Man I can’t remember the last time I was in a chapel, must have been several hundred years hum well it just feels nice finding people that share the same Things I do.”

As he stepped into the Chapel, he saw something that surprised him, off in a solitary corner on her knees praying was what looked to be someone with a pair of wings. They were grey and ashy, as well a quote large so it was hard to see the person behind them, let alone determine if they were male or female. However the thing that also struck him was something he expected to see, but didn't, they had no halo, they were graceless.

“Another fallen Angel hum talk about the last thing I expected to see around here, but what’s with their wings? I never seen gray or ashy wings before that’s a first, don’t think the pantheon has fallen that much. But then again I’ve been on my other for almost six hundred years so who knows, well better introduce myself to them.” Alexander walked up to the person and tapped there wings.

She stood up, turning around and revealing her scarred face and fiery red hair, she was wearing dark metal armor, even here, as she looked at Alexander curiously.

"Well. What's your deal pretty boy?" She looked him up and down.

“I’m just curious, I’m shocked to see another fallen angel. Don’t typically see many of us around.”

She looked up at his head, "Huh. You're Right. Most of us don't survive being hunted for very long. Most of us aren't me."

“Well that depends how did you become a fallen angel, we’re you born in the heavenly city?”

"No. They never gave me a grace to lose." She crossed her arms.

“Ou so you were born on earth then, then I’m more surprised that you lived to be an adult. The pantheon must be losing its edge then, or there dealing with the demons and didn’t have time to hunt you?”

"Oh no. They've hunted me and my entire order for thousands of years." She smiled cockily.

“Wait your order? I thought you said you weren’t part of the pantheon what order are you talking about?”

"The Sacerdotium. The biggest order of fallen Angels on Earth. I'm sure you've heard of us. We've got a reputation."

“Really well I hate to break it to you but I haven’t, I’ve had my hands full for the past six hundred years. Mostly killing demons and converting my brethren into seeing the world differently, so who your leader then I would assumes there another fallen angel.”

"Technically. The Archbishop is. But they haven't caught her so she hasn't lost her grace." The Red-head explained.

“Hum an angel that’s kept her grace that’s quite impressive, well then that answers my question. So I’m assuming that you have questions for me?”

"Nah. You Know what. Yeah maybe." She extended her hand. "Ignja. By the way."

Alexander shook her hand.” Alexander or you can call me Alex, and it’s nice seeing more of my people open there eyes and trying to help the people on it.”

"Nah. My eyes were always open. As for the Archbishop, she created our order to help save Humanity at any cost." Ignja stretched above her head.

“Hum makes me wish I would have ran into her sooner, would have saved me four hundred years of fighting alone. Fighting against my brothers and sisters, and of course killing whatever demon I found. But if you are an angel why are your wings made of ash? A side effect of being born on earth?”

"That?" She looked back. "They're that color because of my unique abilities."

“Abilities? So what your ability allows you to turn to dust or something?”

"No. I set myself on fire. And everyone else." She laughed heartily.

Alexander was unamused.” Humm so tell me Ignja do have questions about me then? Ever wondered what the heavens looked like, or wondered how I lost my halo or fell from grace.”

"You're recruiting people? For what?" The Female Angel asked.

“Ou right my recruiting, I’m recruiting my brothers and sisters to do what they were meant to kill demons. We’re wasting time fighting the human race, they only do so because they seem them as a disease to be purged and easily recruited by the demons.”

"Obviously. Demons are the primary threat. Glad at least some of them are getting the memo." The Seraphim nodded on agreement.

“Well not really, they don’t join willingly there eyes have to be opened. And that’s through a lot of pain, after all pain is an excellent teacher.”

"What so you just punch the truth into them?" She smirked, clearly entertained by that thought.

“Punch starve beat them in combat several times, as long as it takes for them to be forced to listen. Then once there sprites are broken I show them around human civilization and what the humans do, and they slowly realize that the humans are t so bad. Definitely not the parasite they once thought they were.”

"Well. That's one way to do it. We usually just take in those who have no place to go, outcasts and the like. Of course, they still need training, I went through several decades of it myself." Ignja told him, lifting up her thick arm.

“We’re as I was trained by the Templar order, you know your very what’s the word show offing. I mean confidence is good and all just don’t let it go to your head.”

"It's not bragging if you can back it up pretty boy." Ingja gave him a sly wink.

Hum Alexander ignored the wink.” Many of my kind though that they were superior too, and most were over confident and were shortly killed by demons, or the lucky human. Point is don’t let your overconfidence be your down fall.”

"It's fine. We have partners for a reason." She brushed off his advice.

“And mistakes still happen, even when someone is around the person that’s overconfident usually uses that to go on there own. Trust me I’ve been alive for eight hundred years, I’ve seen it plenty of times.”

"I'm not exactly a baby here either you know." She crossed her arms.

“I know I’m just saying, you see a lot in almost thousand year life. I’m also curious why you haven’t ask what happened to my halo, that’s normally the first thing people ask.”

"I don't give a shit what you did. It's behind you. What matters is what you do now." Ignja told him confidently.

“Hum that’s a first I’ve heard that one, you’re not bad ignja. Although I gotta rush your spirits, because I’ve noticed your winks and stuff. Yea I’m married with a child.”

"What? So what I'm not allowed to let you know that you're hot because you're married? I don't want to fuck you pretty boy." She tilted her head back a little.

“Hum alright my analogy, usually when women try and say stuff like that they usually try and do something with me. But my apologies for putting you in that bracket.”

"Don't worry. You can keep your wife." She chuckled lightly.

“Hum well the Mrs ignja I would have to say you are one intriguing angel, even if you never saw the holy city you’re better then most angels that come out of it.”

"Better than my parents at least." She retorted.

“Your parents, right you must have been born from angles. So let me guess they were sent down here looking for some fallen angel right?”

"Yeah. They gave birth to me on Earth, probably by mistake, and left me in a tree."

“Wow the pantheon is sending pregnant angels down to, they have fallen pretty damn far to do that. Which tells me that the demons are slowly winning.”

"I don't know about that."

“Lady I saw us six hundred years ago, we were a lot better then then we are now.”

"No. About the demons winning. I've killed a lot of demons..."

“And I’ve killed possibly millions, but I’ve seen the world eight hundred years ago. There weren’t he’ll hounds roaming around or sprites of the damned, the world looked so much better then it does now.”

"No they were. The Angels up top just like to hide the truth of how fucked things really are down here." Ignja countered. "At least, that's what The Archbishop tells us."

"You mentioned that name before, does this archbishop have a name? Are they a male or female do they still have their halo?"

"Female. As yes. They still do. Her name is Ashana Imane." Ignja stated, Alexander did know that name from his time in the heavens. A traitor Seraphim, supposed 'Leader' of the fallen ones, at least before he became one and started recruiting.

"Your joking Ahana betrayed the order! Wow of all people I never thought that she would become that, she was so niece back when I remember her but her betraying the order they really have fallen."

"Heh. She is nice. Maybe you should have a chat with her." She laughed.

“Perhaps some other time, for now I need to process this information. But I do thank you for the chat, it was nice to meeting you.”

"Nice to see you too. Come by anytime." She patted him on the back roughly.


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ShadowHounder and ZombieSplitter: Magic Lessons

Tina breathed in slowly. Out... and in... out... and in... Around her formed an aura of magic, and tye wind started to pick up. It was unstable, however, and started to get more so over time, not less so as she would have hoped. "Damn," she muttered.

A few feet away, Merlin was reading from a massive book, muttering to himself as he did so.

Tina's brow furrowed with effort as the winds grew in intensity, suddenly blowing several of his book's pages over.

The wind was enough to knock over the short mage. The book flew in the air as he tried and failed to catch himself. He let out a soft groaned as his back hit the floor below him.

Tina looked over and gasped. You lapse in concentration made her lose complete control of her magic, a burst of wind throwing her back and into some bushes.

Merlin rushed over to Tina. "Are... are you okay?"

"Ooooouch," she moaned, slowly pulling herself out, her face red from embarrassment.

Merlin offered her a hand. "What exactly... happened?"

Tina sighed, taking his hand and pulling herself up. "I used to... dislike my magic. Thought it made me weird. So I didn't practice it as much as I should have when I was young. Sometimes... it's hard to control."

Merlin chuckled nervously. "Yeah, mana can be like that sometimes..."

"But your main focus is on magic, right?" Tina asked. "Maybe... you can give me some tips?"

"I mean... I-I could try..." The anxious mage responded as he realized just how much taller she was compared to him.

She blinked a few times, oblivious of his reason for being nervous. "I mean... I don't want to force you if you are busy..."

Merlin began wave his hands around frantically. "No, no, no, it's not that... It's just that I-I've never taught anyone before... and a lot of my magic I learned through instinct and experimentation..."

"I see." Tina smiled sweetly. "Well, let's give it a try. We won't know if it'll work unless we try."

"W-w-w-w-well, we could try." Merlin shook uncontrollably as his cheeked flushed a bright red.

She looked confused. "Is everything okay?" she asked. "You look flushed. Are you feeling ill?"

"Oh, no, no, everything's fine." Merlin turned around and itched his cheek lightly. "Just... give me a second to grab my staff."

"Of course." Tina bowed her head. "Thank you, master Merlin."

Merlin took a deep breath and summoned a portal to his bedroom. Don't sweat it Merlin. Just grab your staff and show her a few of your tricks. She's just a girl... and kind of cute. Wait, did she call me master? Instead of flying into his hand, the metal staff collided with his face. The young mage fell and landed on his back once more.

Tina gasped. "Are you okay?!"

"Yeah, I think I broke my nose though." Merlin noted as he placed his hand over his face.

Tina knelt down and cupped his cheeks, examining his face. "That doesn't sound okay to me..."

His nose was leaking a small amount of blood, but was otherwise intact. However, she could feel the mage's cheeks heat up as she held on to his head.

Tina sighed. "I'm sorry. I distracted you, didn't I?"

"Oh, no, it's not that!" Merlin jumped to his feet far faster then intended. "The enchantment probably just isn't tuned to me yet, is all."

Tina stood up with him. "Well... we can continue as long as you're sure you're alright."

"Yeah, I'm fine." Merlin reassured the half demon. "Perhaps I could show you a spell? To start?"

Tina nodded eagerly. "Yes, please. Watching how you control your magic will help."

Merlin closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He raised the end of his staff, the tip lighting up with purple energy. His eyes began to glow with the same color before a beam of condensed arcane mana. The beam flew into the sky for several minutes, before eventually fading into nothingness.

"Whoa..." Tina smiled at him. "That was so cool!"

"Oh, ummm, thanks..." Merlin scratched the back of his head. "Did it help at all?"

"I think so. Tell me how you're able to manifest your magic in such a stable manner so quickly."

"You know, I've never really thought about that." Merlin admitted while he rubbed his chin. "I guess I've been using it for so long it's sort of become instinct for me."

Tina frowned. "So you're not sure how to articulate it at all?"

"Well, maybe it isn't about control." Merlin suggested as he summoned a book into his hands. "According to this, mana is a part of every living creature. It's possible that the key to control your magic, is to let it flow freely."

Tina looked over his shoulder. "So the problem might be... that I'm actually trying too hard?"

"It's a possibility yes," Merlin muttered, his cheeks turning pink when he realized how close she was. "I'm not a hundred percent sure how much of magic is natural and how much is practice and dedication."

"Wow, really? I thought with how good you seem to be with magic you'd be a learned expert. Is it that mysterious for everyone?"

"Well, I was... self taught." Merlin admitted shamefully.

"Self taught?" Tina leaned back up and scratched her cheek. "That sounds tough. Even I had a few people teach me a trick or two."

"Well, before Arthur and this guild, I didn't really have much of a choice." Merlin lowered his gaze, distasteful memories resurfacing. "I did what I had to in order to survive."

"Oh... I see..." Tina shook her head. "Sorry. The last thing I wanted to do was upset you."

Merlin waved his hands frantically as he spoke. "No! It's not that! I-I-I just still haven't come to terms with what happened... that's all! Really!"

Tina smiled. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"I'm... okay..." Merlin answered. "Thank you for the offer though..."

Tina nodded. "Anytime. So, back to practicing? I think your advise is giving me a good idea of what I should do."

"R-Really?" Merlin looked at the maiden with a confused expression.

"Yeah, of course." She giggled. "Even the smallest of displays and slightest of advice can help, especially someone as much of a novice as me."

"Y-yeah, right, glad I c-could be of help." Merlin stuttered as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Alright. I'm gonna give it another try." Tina tapped her lip and said, "Mmmmaybe you should step back, just in case."


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ShadowHounder and ZombieSplitter: Magic Lessons Part 2

Merlin took a few steps back and set up a barrier of arcane magic.

Tina cleared her throat, took a deep breath, and started again. Swirls of wind blew around her, more stable this time.

Merlin watched the woman's magic carefully, his eyes glowing a faint purple as he observed.

Tina kept herself as calm as possible, and followed Merlin's advice. She let the power flow freely through her, only stepping in to keep it in check but making sure she gave it room to ebb and flow. Pretty soon, there was a steady current of wind around her. She opened her eyes and concentrated, and the wind formed a barrier in front of her.

"Great job." Merlin called out.

"Thanks," she yelled over the howling wind. "Now I... just have to figure out how to turn it off!"

"Oh... I didn't think about that..." Merlin muttered nervously.

Her smile faded. "Any... suggestions?"

"You could try... drawing the mana back to yourself?" Merlin replied.

Tina nodded. "I'll try. Just... be prepared if it goes wrong."

Merlin kept his arcane shield ready and hid behind it.

Tina took a deep breath and drew the magic into herself. Slowly, the wind died down. When it was completely gone, she smiled again before suddenly falling to her hands and knees.

The young mage dropped his barrier and rushed to Tina's side. "Are you okay?"

Tina panted lightly. "Yeah... sorry. I just... used a little more energy then I usually do..."

"Just give it time, you'll get used to it." Merlin assured her.

She nodded slowly, and sat back. "Thanks. It might not feel like it to you, but you've helped me a lot. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"I'm fine for now..." Merlin answered. "But I'll let you know if I need help with anything."

"Promise?" she asked, leaning in and raising an eyebrow. "You won't leave me hanging just to be nice, right?"

Merlin's cheeks turned red as she leaned in. "Yeah, I promise."

"Good." She slowly stood up, wobbling a but but maintaining her balance. "I'm gonna go get something to eat. Suddenly I'm very hungry."

"Not as suddenly as you think." Merlin chuckled and rubbed the back of his head. "Since mana is tied to our life force, it can have side effects like hunger or headaches while you're still adjusting to using it."

Tina giggled. "You're so knowledgeable. Thank you. You... didn't want to get a bite to eat with me, did you?"

"I would... but I kind of need to get back to work." The young mage lowered his gaze. "Between the controversy and the raid we have planned, Arthur needs my help more often than ever."

"Understood." Tina bowed her head. "If you need any help, let me know."

"I'll be sure to do that." Merlin replied before dashing off to return to his task.