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ShadowHounder and Black0ut: The Auction

"I thought I made it clear I wouldn't be participate in any missions based on my former career." Karmedon told his guild leader with a stern voice.

"Hey, I ain't asking ya to kill anyone." Arthur replied. "I just need you to infiltrate the compound and steal something. If it will make you feel better, I'll have Shojiro go with ya."

Karm adjusted his glasses as he frowned. "I get the impression he doesn't like me very much..."

There man in question waited outside odd the doorway, already dressed in usual combat attire and sporting his usual weapons. He also frowned under the gas mask, not entirely pleased with the circumstances either.

Karm stepped out of Arthur's office. "I'll need a moment to change my attire."

"That's perfectly fine. I'll be here when you're done." Shojiro replied, waving him away.

An hour later, Karmedon returned in a black tuxedo. His hair was well kept and he was no longer wearing his glasses. "Shall we get going?"

Shojiro just stared at him. "What... why are you wearing that?"

"Black is must easier to hide with then my usual white clothes." The surgeon explained to his fellow guild mate.

"[I suppose dressing formal is a quirk of his?]" Sho murmured to himself, looking down as he did so. Shaking his head slightly, he glanced back up at Karm. "Lead the way."

Karm continued walking along the sidewalk. "We are infiltrating a slave trade ring in hopes of finding an ancient relic from the Celestial Realm. A spear that can adsorb the souls of it's victims. It would be best if you kept to the shadows while I take the role of a new investor. As long as nothing goes horribly wrong, we should be able to get in and out without killing anyone and before the raid on the compound."

"Alright. But the moment you need me to assist you, scratch your neck." Shojiro turned away, making his way up the side of a building.

Karm nodded and made his way into the large, mansion like compound. He showed the bouncers a forge identification badge and walked inside. From just the entrance alone, the room was filled with humans, devils and elves. Karm walked through the crowd towards the auction room, where a pair of twin girls were already being taken off stage. They had steel shackles on their wrists and neck, with a chain pull them towards a tall devil with red hair and golden robes. Karm did his best to hold his nerve as he watched a young elven woman be pulled to the stage. Freeing these people was not his primary objective. It was to retrieve the weapon used to keep them in line.

However, as Shojiro saw the slaves, he began to think up of several plans to get the slaves out of this mess. He checked his pouches to double-check what he had brought. A thousand ball bearings, an effective molotov, several pouches of medicine, ammunition, and a hand grenade with a trick fuse that would prevent it from going out. "[Think rookie... how to get them out...]" He murmured as he peered through a window at Karm.

Karmedon had already made his way into the backroom, where the spear was being held. He walked casually through the hallway, before a voice called out to him. "Hey! You aren't allowed around here!"

Karmedon turned around and let out a nervous chuckle. "My apologies. I was looking for a runaway slave and must've lost track of where I was going."

"A runaway eh?" The guard thought for a moment. "How about this. I'll escort you back to the main hall and tell the boys about your lost slave."

"I would greatly appreciate that." Karm answered. However, the moment the guard turned his back on the elf, he froze. His eyes flickered briefly before he fell to the ground. The medic removed the syringe from his back and leaned him against a nearby wall. Karmedon left the needle sticking out of the man's arm before walking away. "Best if the other guards think he was tweaking on the job..."

A small pebble hit a nearby window, making a soft plink sound. Shojiro was barely visible from his perch, blending in quite well with the roof of a neighboring building. He gestured for him to move on, seemingly being a bit more impatient than normal.

Karmedon continued to walk through the hall, stopping at a corner when he heard voices. It was two guards and a slave... and one of the guards was holding a spear. The slave was sobbing and screaming in pain, one of the guards slowly pushing the spear through her chest. They were laughing at her dismay. Mocking her existence. Karm felt a scalpel slid into his hand, before he scratched the side of his neck. Now was the time for intervention.

The soft shattering of glass was the only indication that Shojiro fired, as the guard who was closest to the windows had a bullet go through his head, spraying the floor and the slave's feet. Almost simultaneously, the second guard's throat was shot through, the ruined remains of his Adam's apple visible.

As a guard rushed over to the corner in which Karm hid, the elf used his scalpel to sever a tendon in his knee. The man collapsed in agony as Karmedon walked passed him. He wandered over to the spear, pulling it out of the now dead slave. "May mother earth guides us and grant you the freedom you have been robbed of." With his pray, the surgeon closed her tear filled eyes. A guard tried to sneak up on him, only to receive a iron toed boot to the throat.

Shojiro kept an overwatch on Karm, ready to intercept any trouble that headed his way.

Karmedon tossed the spear out one of the broken windows, the tip piercing through a large branch. He walked back towards the main hall. He could hear the crowd outside calming, the event was already over. That meant the police would be there any minute. He had to hurry before they began the raid. On the other end of the hall, the auctioneer was making his way. He wore a large trenchcoat and wild white hair. He had orange sunglasses covering his eyes, one of which had a scar running down it. He was talking to his guards as he walked. "Damn, we made a killin' today! I mean... we banked fourteen mill and I didn't even have to try! And, you wanna know what the best part is? The cops won't even know what hit them!"

Karm tried his best to keep his cool as he walked by. Dammit! How do they already know?

Unfortunately, the man paused. "I recognize you... you're Karmedon..."

This time the elf froze. Matters went from bad to worse. "My apologies, my memory isn't what it used to be. Could you remind me who you are?"

"Leo Cardac." The auctioneer answered with a wide grin. "You tried to cut my throat open a couple years back. Let me guess, you're here for round two, aren't cha?"

A small ball rolled between them and upon further inspection this ball had a fuse, one that was already lit and was already closing in on the end of itself.

Karm immediately made a break for it. The smoke blocked the guards' ability to see the fleeing elf, however, Leo didn't not seem to care. He lifted his arm and snapped his fingers. Karm fell to his knees and gripped his ear tightly. The auctioneer laughed. "Oh, come on bruh! You and I both know that trick ain't gonna work. It didn't even work last time, why did you think it would be different?"

There was no sound as the guards began to fall within the smoke, bullets holes appearing in heads hearts and throats. However, as the smoke lingered, the remaining guards gained slashes on necks, armpits, and stomachs.

"Oh? Got a friend do ya?" Leo chuckled as he snapped his fingers once more. The vibrations in the air began to create ripples in the smoke cloud. The thug snapped his fingers a second time, just to make sure he had time. He had plans after all.

Silenced gunshots greeted him in response, as Shojiro retreated back to Karm. "Can you get away, Karm? Or do you need me to retreat?" He asked softly his voice laced with pain.

"The silent type eh?" The loud mage remarked. "Regardless, you gotta move fast. The moment those pig kick down that door, this whole place it gonna explode."

Leo's laugh echoed through the hallway as Karm struggled to stand. "We... have to... save them..." He mumbled, blood leaking from his right ear. "We have to... stop... the bomb."

"Where is it most likely?" Shojiro asked, firing a few rounds in Leo's general direction.

Sho heard a grunt from Leo, confirming that at least one round landed. The medic forced himself to walk. "There would... be more... than one... But we have to stop... the police first... They will strike any minute now..."

"Tch... you better live, Karm. Because you'll owe me a favor." Shojiro said, firing off a few more rounds to keep Leo at bay before dashing towards the front of the building, his pistols drawn and ready.

Outside, a large riot squad was already forming silently. Inside, the party goers and their slaves were still enjoying the gather... oblivious to the police or the bombs rigged around them. Among the squad were a duo in FBI gear. One was an older looking man with a large brown beard, while the other was a petite woman with white hair and an eye patch over her left eye. The gruff looking man was talking to three of the cops while the woman readied her pistol.


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ShadowHounder and Black0ut: The Auction Part 2

Shojiro quickly dashed towards them. "Call the bomb squad." He called, making sure to keep his voice as quiet as possible so as to not to disturb the people inside.

"Bomb squad? Why on earth would we do tha-" The male agent began, only to be cut off by his partner.

"It could be possible they knew we were coming." She remind him. "We can't risk innocent people getting harmed if there are explosives involved, Howard."

Howard simply nodded and grabbed his walkie talkie. "We need a bomb squad at eighteen fifty-four rockefeller street."

"Stay put, and be prepared for any hostiles on site. This is a hot zone." Shojiro said before he began running back, counting his bullets. Four left in one gun, three in the other. Not much, but he still had his tanto and wakazashi if needed.

Karm had managed to jump out of a window, using his magic to repair his ear as much as possible. His posture suggested he had recovered from the vibrating assault he suffered, but his still shaking arm suggested he still needed time to make a full recovery.

"Where did your 'friend' go?" Shojiro asked, as he began to reload his guns.

"No doubt he already escaped." Karmedon replied. "Right now we need to get the spear and report back to Arthur as soon as possible."

"No, I will take care of business here. You head back to tell Arthur and take a rest to heal." Shojiro replied, his hand gripping Karm's shoulder.

"It's too dangerous to fight Leo on your own." He moved Shojiro's hand off of him. "If the bombs have already been dealt with, the police can handle matters here."

"He'll have a hell of a fight then." Shojiro paused, then whispered, "Go and fucking rest. You're a liability and you're more likely to get the officers killed or me in this state." He then took off in the direction he last saw Leo, enchanting the first two bullets of his gun: one to freeze and the other to burn.

"So, what do ya think Jack? Are they dumb enough to continue pursuit?" Leo asked his second in command as he stopped through a reinforced door.

"More than likely." The shadowy man answered in a mute tone. "Given your injuries, it is wise that you leave here immediately. There is no guarantee you will survive another encounter."

"You're no fun..." The auctioneer groaned.

Scanning there door for weaknesses, Shojiro got an idea. If they hid inside a room, once which seemed to be reinforced, he would simply do the age old adage f cutting through the wall with a super-heated blade. Wait... I don't think that's right... Shojiro thought as he took his three-foot wakazashi out enchanted fire within it and began cutting a hole from the safety of the door.

"Well, he's persistent, I'll give him that." Leo muttered as he stepped through the portal. "Too bad he's too late."

As soon as he cut a hole big enough to shoot through, he imbued a shot to act as a flashbang while he surveyed the room for any enemy combatants.

The portal closed just as Shojiro entered the room, leaving two unfortunate guards behind. Both were immediately immobilized by the sudden flash of light, one firing frantically into the white void.

Shojiro dropped to the ground immediately, and took aim; blasting out their elbows so as to render them incapable of lifting a gun or throwing a punch. He went to go toss another smoke bomb to realize that he had none left. He leaned against the reinforced door and waited for them to come to their senses.

The two guards were on the ground, screaming in pain.

Shojiro, after scanning the room for any additional enemies proceeded over to the guards kicking away their weapons as he sat next to them. "You're really fucking stupid. You're dime a dozen guards who are extremely expendable. You should've seen this betrayal coming. If you tell me what you know about your employer, I'll see about having your prison sentences reduced, or having you placed in minimum security prisons. You don't... I'll stick you in with max security lifers who will love to fuck you until you're curled up on the ground crying. Your choice."

One of the guards started laughing as blood ran out of their eyes and ears. "Did you really think we stayed here intent of living? It's like you said, we're expendable!" The man's laugh thickened as blood began to fill this throat. "We are here to die! There's no escaping it! You've lost!"

"Oh well. It'll only take me a bit to find and kill your boss." Shojiro said softly. "I hope your next life is a better one." He quickly moved away, to subdue any potential criminals in the building.

Suddenly, the hall filled with a woman's shrieking voice.

"[For fuck's sake... Americans are so complicated with their plots...]" Shojiro groaned as he made his way to the source of the screams, making sure to be careful as he did so.

In the adjacent hall, there was a woman on her knees. Her eyes were covered in shock and horror as she stared into an open door. Something had happened... something terrible.

Shojiro pressed himself against the wall as he inched closer pistols at the ready.

Jolly turned the other corner with her own pistol pointed at the woman. "Freeze! You are under arres-" Her voice stood still as she peered into the room. Horror filled her eye as she witness what stunned woman did. "No..."

Shojiro peeked in as well, bracing himself mentally.

The scent of blood immediate violated his lungs. The room was filled with slaves. Each naked and chained to the walls. Each marked with a black tattoo on their shoulder. All of their heads laid on the ground as the corpses filled the room with blood. Their tormented faces remained frozen on their lifeless heads. On the wall at the other end of the room, a large smile had been drawn using the blood of the slaves.

Shojiro had to make an effort not to gag. He had seen death before, but not like this. He attempted to regain his composure as he turned towards the officer. "Set up a perimeter. Only your people and mine can enter. Our quarry has gotten away, but we can still catch this one. Go now." He turned his attention to the stunned girl on the ground. "And you... you're going to tell me everything you know."

Detective Rogers quickly calmed herself and rushed back the way she came. The shaken woman turned her gaze to answer Shojiro's demand. "I-I'm a maid here. I wa-wa-was called in early to clean." Tears rolled down her cheeks as she continued. "I didn't know such awful things happened here, I swear."

Shojiro stared at her, the gas mask doing nothing to ease her fears. "You will be processed with the others. I'd suggest being forthright with the officers who take you." He said softly, tapping a pistol against his leg. "What's your name?"

"M-Miranda..." The maid replied.

"Miranda. Can you walk outside to the police? This is an active crime scene and I don't think stopping any potential killers from getting away from this is what you want. So go see that nice lady in charge to help." And with that, Shojiro made his way out, heading home. He needed something from his lewd blacksmith.


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ShadowHounder and Black0ut: The Auction Part 3

Miranda got to her feet and walked to where Jolly had gone. Back at the Guildhouse, Karmedon and Arthur were examining the spear they just contained. "So, this Leo guy... this wasn't your first run in with him?"

"Yes, he was a target of mine before I retired..." The elf answered. "If he were to find out my current affiliation, he could be a threat to the guild as a whole."

"Then we'll have to be the threat first." Arthur muttered. "Anyway, where did Shojiro run off to?"

"He stayed behind to pursue Leo." Karmedon explained. "I tried to stop him, but he was deadset on preventing the man's escape."

Arthur began to walk over to his car. "You stay here then... I'm going head over to make sure he's still alive over there. Call me if he turns up around here."

"Yes sir."

Arthur didn't get far from the entrance of the guild before he ran into Shojiro. His overall posture hinted at being tired but as soon as he saw the Guild leader, it faded - as did his sprint- into a neutral stance. "Primary objective was failed due to outside sources and the additional target acquisition failed as well." Shojiro reported, as a small trickle of blood dripped from the mask.

"The hell are you on about?" Arthur raised an eyebrow as he eyed the line of blood. "We were able to obtain the enchanted spear and Leo ain't our problem right now. So, unless something happened to Detective Johnson, our job is a success."

"The slaves were massacred. Brutally. Killer left behind a smiley face. Seemed to be for your detectives. And Leo escaped, as I was seconds away from me." He shrugged, as he started walking towards the entrance of the Guild. "I consider secondary objectives of the main mission just as critical. But right now I'm heading to the forge for a request. I'll debrief later."

"In that case I'll head over." Arthur muttered as he continued to his car. "If the killer is who I think it is... I need to pass on a message to them before they end the raid."

Karmedon turned to the swordsman. "When you are done at the forge, I'll need you to meet me at the medical bay. Even if you won't let me operate on you, I need to record your injuries to submit during the debriefing."

"Just write down that my eardrums were slightly less fucked than yours. Should sum it up." Shojiro replied, before raising a hand up, as he continued. "And even if I did, the mask and clothes stay on. Like they always do when I'm working with this Guild."

"Then, will you spare a moment so that I may repair your hearing?" The surgeon elf asked. "My magic doesn't require you to remove your mask."

"Later. Karmedon..." Shojiro continued, but his voice was strained. "Let me go and relax. Then we can do practically whatever you want." He disappeared around a corner, heading straight for the one person he needed.

The person in question was passed out on her own anvil.

He gently shook her shoulder. "I need that bottle of alcohol, friend." His voice was tired and worn-out. "If you're asleep... I might try to figure out where the bottle might be... and then I will apologize afterwards."

Rebecca grumbled lightly as she woke up. She grabbed the bottle of whiskey between her legs and handed it to him. "Rough day?"

He said nothing as he moved his mask enough to drink. Whether through an accidental slip-up, or simply indifference, she saw his jaw as he drank straight out of the bottle. His chin came to a sharp-ish point and had his mask been raised a bit higher, she might've seen his lips. What she did notice was the blood that dripped down from the mask and now from his chin. After nearly downing a quarter of the bottle, he handed it back and redid his mask, promptly sitting down as soon as he finished.

"Are you alright?" Rebecca asked, a hint of worry in her tone.

"No. I'm not. Not psychologically or physically." He said, his body incredibly still.

"Anything else I can do for you?" Rebecca asked.

"Stay awhile?" The blood continued to drip onto the floor, slowing in rhythm as the flow started to dry up.

Rebecca rolled her eyes and hugged the masked man.

He turned his head slightly. "Wh-" He started before offering a soft sigh, his body relaxing. "Thank you."

"One of these days, I'm gonna see that face of yours." The blacksmith teased as she poked his mask.

"Only one who does will be the love of my life." He replied a bit more seriously, gently brushing her finger away. "So unless you're taking a shot at me, I'm afraid you'll just have to hug a stranger you've only heard not seen."

"Who knows, maybe I will." Rebecca remarked as she pressed his head against her chest and rubbed the back of his head. "You seem like a nice guy."

He snorted, disbelief in his voice. "I'm sorry to inform you, but I'm not a nice guy. Not at all." He seemed to mull over his next words carefully. "If you were looking for someone who'll last long into their old age with you and take care of you... I don't think I'm it. And before you ask me to explain myself, no... I won't. Not yet."

Rebecca giggled. "Well, if you ever need to distress, you know where to find me~"

He shook his head and offered a sigh. "I will never understand why you try to seduce me of all people..." He grumbled, secretly turning a shad of red underneath his mask.

"And I'll never understand why you never want to loosen up a little." Rebecca countered.

"Well, when a certain woman keep pressing her breasts against my back or head, I tend to lose the bit of relaxation I had. Especially if she asks me in varying ways if I'd like to have 'fun' with her." Sho replied dryly, the smirk almost audible. "So excuse me if I remain a little tense."

"Better tense than dense." Rebecca joked.

He just groaned in response, raising a hand to his head. "[I need to be more drunk for this...]"

Rebecca responded by grabbing her flask and taking a drink from it. "I've got a locker in the corner if you need another bottle."

"No... because I have a feeling you might do something lewd or do something general if I'm drunk." He stood up, taking a few steps towards the forge proper.

"I would never." The petite woman answered with a coy smirk.

"Again, I'd like to point out the numerous attempts you've made by pressing your body into mine, propositioning me, and the 'Everything but popping my cherry' speech." She could almost feel the heat on his face as his voice wavered slightly. "So please forgive me for I do not trust your somewhat lecherous intentions."

"Is someone getting embarrassed?" The young woman's grin widened.

He seemed to blush slightly more as his voice continued to waver. "And I'm leaving now." He groaned as he started walking out towards the door, his mind focused on seeing Karm.

"See you later." Rebecca waved the man goodbye.

He grunted in return, as he sought out Karm for some much needed medical attention... and perhaps a sedative to boot.


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The fallowing was done by Dhalexpert&Shadowhounder

Demon training

"So, what you're saying is, I have to be on house arrest until further notice." Arthur asked the detective before him.

"It's for the best Arthur." Howard answered. "I'll see if I can find evidence that the people behind this our acting maliciously."

"Alright, fine, just make sure you figure this out." He replied. "Good luck to you and Detective Rogers with the Smiles investigations."

He then heard what sounded like a tree falling down in the woods behind the chapel. Fallowed by some fire.

Arthur stepped out of the guildhouse to investigate the noise.

He then heard another tree fall, what he found was Wreave in a half transformed state. Half of him hade the pale skin and horn and the other his human form.

Damn it you’re being to reckless, don’t put all your weight in every swing!

“And why not that’s worked for years!”

Because I’ve been helping with your mistakes, you wanna improve without me you need to learn this!

"Everything alright over there, Wreave?" Arthur asked the half breed.

The demon half looked at Arthur.” No we are not this human is as green as grass, he fights more like a wild beast then a soldier.

"What makes you say that?" Arthur asked. "And who the hell are you even talking about?"

The demon half growled and Wreave human half took over.” He’s talking about me, he thinks I’m more of a wild beast with an ax then a proper warrior. And he thinks that because he does the majority of the fighting.”

"Well, to be fair, you do seem quite reliant on your demon half." Arthur countered.

“Please don’t give him more proof.”

Wreave you are a disgrace, you may look like a monster but you fight like an inexperienced rookie who just got his ax the demon said in his head.
“Shut your mouth you damn demon.”

"Wait, you have split personality or something?" Arthur remarked as he began to realize the situation at hand.

“Something like that yes, he’s my anger and aggression. He craves combat, you can imagine why I let him take over:”

Arthur lit himself a cigarette. "Sounds to me like you need training."

no kidding the demon said in his head

Wreave growled.” Yes I need training, we’re I was previously didn’t exactly like the fact there was a half demon around. But that’s most places actually.”

"How about a sparring match between the two of us?" The brawler offered.

Arthur conjured his blade and took a battle stance. "Your move..."

Wreave took his ax out of one of the trees, he then paced around Arthur and decided to charge at him.

Arthur used his sword to pushed the half demon's attack to the side, before bringing his foot up to kick Wreave's side.

He stumbled a bit but didn’t fall over, he then swung his ax like a mad man swinging wildly just trying to hit.

Arthur deflect or dodged any swings coming his way, only slashing at Wreave when he saw an opportunity.

Wreave backed up after getting hit multiple times, he then charged him again looking like he was gonna slam his ax into Arthur but instead used the but of his weapon to jab in his chest.

Arthur, caught off guard by the change in tactics, reeled back as his breath failed him. He forced the oxygen back into his lungs before preparing for a wide horizontal slash.

Wreave blocked the attack with the base of his ax, and kicked Arthur in the stomach pushing him back.

"Now you are starting to figure it out." Arthur muttered as he reentered a battle stance.

Wreave stared down Arthur tying to figure out his next move, he decided to throw his ax at him and change at him hoping the ax would make for a good distraction.

A shockwave sent the axe flying into the sky. Arthur stepped to the side, greeting the warrior's abs with the edge of his blade.

Wreave groaned in pain, he then quickly and wildly used his armored claw driving Arthur back. He then used his fire magic but aimed it at his feet to keep him off balance.

The swordsman jumped backwards to avoid the fire. He sent a shockwave into the fire to cause it to be fanned towards it's creator.

Wreave used his fire to cancel out the one coming at him, it was then that his came flying back down and nearly hit Wreave causing to stumble back.

Arthur took this as an opportunity to swing his sword with great speed. He stopped his blade mere inches from the half demons throat, holding it there for a few seconds before saying, "Looks like I win this one..."

Wreave eyes turned red showing that the demon was now in control.see what I mean the boy needs work, he fights more like a rabid beast then anything.

"I've seen worse fighters." The swordsman muttered as he deformed his blade.

Don’t lie to him and make him then he’s better then what he is, the man can’t become a monster while fighting like this. You can’t put fear in your enemies, when you fight like a rabid beast.

"Good thing I intend on turning him into a warrior, not a monster." The owner retorted. "Besides, it's nothing a few months of combat training can't fix."

You are aware that he is a monster right? Doesn’t matter what others see us as we’re monster, hell be even wanted to go to another blacksmith to make armor for him because he didn’t want to bother yours. The demon blurted out before his eyes went back to normal.

“Ugh damn pain in the ass demon, needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.”

"The arrogant will continue to be arrogant." The guild leader remarked.

“Hay can you ignore that part we’re he mentions that I’m going to another blacksmith, would rather not have Rebecca angry.”

"You know, if you just asked, she would make armor for you." Arthur stated bluntly.

“I’m aware of it, it’s just well she looks like she has a lot on her plate I wold rather not add making me armor on top of it.”

"She recently got an apprentice, so I doubt her plate is has much left on it anymore." Arthur let out a puff of smoke from his cigarette.

“Hum I still would rather give her time, let her get some of the load off her you know.”

Arthur sighed. "Whatever..."

“You you could show some damn emotion from time to time, you know that right?”

"I show emotion when I want to." He replied with a grunt.

“Really you don’t look the type, but who am I to judge I’m looked at as a monster and will slowly start acting like one pretty soon.”

"You are what you make yourself to be." Arthur reminded him. "If you wanna become the monster that everyone sees you as, I ain't gonna stop ya... but you would do better as a defender of our realm."

"Don't worry I won't betray you, you’re the only person that's given me a chance. And besides this monster wants to give the angles and the demons something to fear, after all fear could to a lot more damage to someone then most weapons."

"I wouldn't count on it." Arthur stated as he flicked his cigarette. "Fear is a double edged sword. If used improperly it can get you killed by those influenced by terror and adrenaline."

“Hum well then guess will see, I’m hoping my little project helps out and at least makes the angels and demons stop in there tracks a little.”

"If you ever want to spar again, let me know." Arthur muttered as he walked away.

“I’ll look forward to it, I could use more of the practice.” He said as he picked up his old ax and looked it over, he saw how run down it was and decided to go to Rebecca to see if his new ax was done as too see if she needed any help.”

Rebecca was in the forge, working on the finishing touches of a dark colored axe. "What would I do without an enchanted forge?" She muttered with a sigh.

“You would probably lose your mind, and be cursing up a storm and be angrier then normal.” Wreave said entering the forge.

"And wouldn't be able to forge you a tungsten axe." She remarked as she tossed the axe in Wreave's direction.


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Part 2

He caught it and looked it over, the ax itself was a dulesided ax with a dark color.” Wow it’s great you really did a great job.”

"Oh course I did. I'm the best blacksmith around." She stated proudly before downing an entire bottle of wine.

“Well that’s good, because I got another request for you. I was originally gonna go to another blacksmith with this order, but Arthur informed me that you have an apprentice so you might be free to do this.”

"Good, because I would've crushed your balls if you actually went to someone else." Rebecca joked with a smirk.

“Ugh Huh well for my request, I’m gonna a need some armor.”

"I'll get to work on as soon as I can." Rebecca stated.

Wreave looked surprised.” Really that’s it, no asking for a favor in return nothing?”

"Nah, I'm just gonna take off of your paycheck this time." She answered while drinking from her flask.

“Hum alright then, I’m gonna go hunting. Thank you for the Az Rebecca.”

"See ya later." Rebecca winked at the half demon before returning to her work.


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Frostlich1228 & Black0ut present:
Wings of Death

Adriel reclined in a mortal chair- or rather her chair now. She rubbed the back of her head, giving a content smile, she now had a contact within the Order of Broken Wings... one she could seduce and potentially ingratiate herself with. She could still remember the night when it all happened...
The city was calm as it had ever been, especially in the cold night air. Admist neon lights that glowed radiantly in the twilight, an intruder roamed, darting from darkened alley to darkened alley. Adriel breathed a deep sigh as she scanned for a demon she was ordered to slay. It was one of the 'domesticated' ones the humans barely tolerated.

An Oni sat reading a newspaper, when he was rudely interrupted by a spray of blood and his newspaper being pierced by a spear. Wiping the spear head off, she let out a sigh. "So many left to kill... I really need a drink..."

"Well. If it isn't Adriel?" A figure landed in front of her with ashy grey wings. "Not much of a fight, was it?"

"No, not really." The Angel sighed, shaking her head. "Honestly fighting a Graceless is much more fun than civilized demons or mortals." She leaned against a wall, tower shield ready to block any threat to her. "So... what's the pleasure I have with you today? You going to try to kill me, talk to me, or Exalted above, attempt to seduce me? Because if not, I got like fifteen more people to kill..."

"You know we don't kill angels that don't attack us first." Ignja leaned on her massive claymore. "But the problem is this is our territory."

"Kinda unambitious, don't you think?" Adriel pointed out rhetorically, before shrugging. "Sooo... what? I've got orders to kill, and this is your gang's territory. You want me to jump through hoops for you, Graceless? Because while I'd generally do it simply because I'm bored shitless, I am on a bit of a time crunch here and every second I spend talking could land me in trouble."

"Ha. I'm really so sorry for inconveniencing you. Wouldn't want to upset your masters right?" Ignja exhaled deeply, embers bellowing out of her nostrils. "Sending you to clean up trash now are they?"

"Well, technically, I should be trying to murder you as part of the whole 'Exiled and Graceless' thing, but you're not on my list." She gave a shrug. "So I can simply just bypass you if I want. But little tip for you, I will be killing Graceless tonight. I'd recommend not trying to stop me while I work." With that, Adriel started to walk away, her stance appearing lazy but far more ready for combat than she looked.

"Ah. Tsk. You see. You shouldn't have said that part." Ingja walked along with her. "Last chance hon. Get out of here before I put my metal boot right up your cunt."

"Kinky. Didn't take you as a girl who swung that way." Adriel smirked, stopping briefly to hip bump the other angel. "But like I said, this is my job. Unless I want my wings ripped off and the effective feeling of having my soul destroyed and then reformed because my Grace was taken away, I have to go and kill the people on my list. Can't you show a girl a little sympathy? She might feel inclined to reward you for it, Miss...?"

"Don't know me do you? Ingja. And I wouldn't know, I wasn't given a grace." She rolled her eyes.

"Ingja is way too formal. Don't you have a nickname that I can use?" The Seraphim asked, as she found another demon who died promptly to a thrown spear through the head.

The Fallen Angel looked over at them, it wasn't like she cared, they were just demons after all. "It's basically the shortest polish name I can give... So no, It's Ignja. Hopefully two syllables isn't too hard for you."

Adriel retrieved her spear and wiped it down again. "Listen: I'm trying to be nice. Like I said earlier, I should've stabbed you, attacked you, done something to you. But I'm not. So can you drop the bitchy attitude for a bit? Please?" The Seraphim turned down a narrow alleyway, her shield on her back.

"Oh I'm sorry your grace. Need I remind you that you're trying to murder other Angels or did you forget that part?"

"Like I said, that's my job. If you're expecting me talking to you is a sign I'm fed up with killing, you're wrong. Very wrong. In fact..." Adriel turned around, a knife in her hand. "Why don't I just speed this devolving conversation up, huh?"

Her other hand glowing as a brilliant wall of light materialized between them; Adriel turned and began to sprint away. "Don't follow me or I will kill you, Ignja. This is my last attempt to be friendly."

Ignja rested her claymore on her shoulder before pulling out her flamer in the other hand. "Oh. You're all still so stubborn. Oh well, it's not like I have room to talk. Let's see if life in the sky has made you cushy little girl."

"Hmm... maybe I won't kill you. Might just give you a kiss for your rather stupid bravery after I leave you unconscious." Adriel sheathed her knife and grabbed her spear wielding it rather strangely; her hand rested maybe five inches from the spear head and her fingers held a loose grip. Her other hand grabbed the big tower shield from her back, and held it in front of herself.

"I, Adriel of the Preservers, accept your challenge." The Seraphim smirked underneath her helmet as the wall separating them shattered; the pieces flying directly towards the Graceless angel. However, her eyes seemed to focus on something behind Ignja.

Ignja flared her wings out to blocked the incoming fragments of the wall, turning her blade to the side to deflect whatever was coming at her from behind.

A briliant beam of pure energy struck her blade hard, not at all dissipating as it pushed her back towards Adriel. The Seraphim moved forward quickly as she sought to attack Ignja on two fronts, her spear whistling through the air as it sought her back.

The Fallen Angel ignited, a large sphere of fire surrounded her entire body as she swung her massive claymore in a circle by sliding it along her shoulders.

It clashed with the tower shield, only slightly moving the Angel back. "Hey. Would you be opposed to a date later or does the whole 'Murder Angel' thing make that an impossibility?" She asked casually, as she dropped her spear and pushed closer, a soft smile on her face.

"You'd really stoop to dating a Graceless Angel like myself?" She held up her Flamecaster. "Don't let your superiors hear about that."

"Well, you're cute and brave, so I do think you'd be an interesting one to go with. Besides, I don't think it's too bad. I'm not fucking with a demon or a mortal, and you're still an angel. After a millennium of service, I think I'm due a little leeway." Adriel's hand came up as if to stroke Ignja's cheek. However with a very sharp knife that gently nicked her neck, it made it very difficult to do so. "I'll toss my pride for a bit if you'll toss yours. That way we don't end up killing each other, but... you're gonna need to let me work. Okay?"

"I'm not letting you kill my brothers and sisters sugar. Even if you're hot." The Burning Angel Smirked.

"You're..." Adriel blinked and a rare slip up of her casual lazy expression dropped to reveal a blush. "Ahem... I technically am supposed to kill them... but if they, say, left the city... well, it would mean that some other Angel within the hierarchy got involved. But it'd be a one-time kind of acceptable mistake..." The Seraphim, stretched her white-goldish wings as the dagger returned to its sheath.

She turned around almost dramatically, secretly setting up an attack should the Graceless Angel attempt to kill her. "Oh look, my back's exposed. Would be a shame if someone tried to knock me unconscious..." She said in a rather stilted voice, dropping it to a near whisper as she added, "And when I woke up, it'd be nice if I was taken on a date for my worries..."

"Maybe I will..." Ignja held her gun by the barrel, raising it up. "I think I'd like to take you out and show you how we do things sometime."

"You're not going to be able to turn me to your side... but, and yours is quite nice, I think it's time for me to take a forced nap, don't you think?"

"Sorry about the headache later." Ignja chuckled, slamming the metal grip of the pistol hard into the back of her head.

The Angel crumpled to the ground, the clanking of her plate mail sounding off against the pavement. It was at this point Ignja could properly size her up. She was fairly tall, not quite as tall as her; maybe a few inches shorter. What had looked to be a plume for her helmet was actually her blonde hair. The armor hid most of her feminine features quite handedly, making it quite hard to guess what she actually looked like beneath it.

Ingja almost turned around, but paused, looking back over her as she slowly bent down to take off her helmet.

Adriel let out a groan as she worked it off of her, her hair cascading down to lie away the middle of her back, nestled between her two wings. Her face looked almost untouched by battle, save for a nasty looking scar near the top of her left ear.

"Huh. You are pretty cute. Soft." Ignja smiled, patting her cheek gently. "I'd bet you'd make a cute little housewife. Anyway. I'll be taking this helmet, just in case someone needs proof we had this fight. Don't worry... You'll get it back next time I see you..."

The Angel didn't give any sign that she heard Ignja, instead merely laying limp, a bit of a bruise forming where Ignja hit her. What was unusual was her tight hold of her spear even in a state of unconsciousness.

"Have fun girl. I'll definitely see you later~" The Burning Angel dissipated the fire around her, picking up with her wings and making her way downtown.
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Interrogating Practice

The Guildhall held plenty of its daily noise as the sun began its infinite journey to cross the sky. Shojiro layed splayed out on the ground, his mask hiding whether he was asleep or awake.

"Are you... Are you dead?" A Older, Mature Voice said, Damon standing over him.

"If dead is slightly hungover, then yes, I'm dead. Exceedingly so." Shojiro replied, his head tilting slightly to look at the man. He offered a sigh before he continued, "Apologies, Mister...?"

"It's just Damon. So you're exceedingly slightly hungover?" He raised a eyebrow, offering him a hand.

"Exactly." Sho slowly got up, nearly falling back down. He extended a hand. "Shojiro."

"Exactly." Sho slowly got up, nearly falling back down. He extended a hand. "Shojiro."

"Not sleeping... trying to recover as soon as possible. I like not having a migraine." He muttered, retracting his hand. "Do you normally approach incapacitated people, Mr. Damon?"

"When they look like they've seen the bad end of a Irishman's fist yeah." Damon told him.

"Fair." He reached into a pouch and pulled out what looked like a small ball of herbs. He turned away from the man, presumably to consume the herbs. After a couple moments, he turned back around. "Apologies for such an... informal and rude meeting."

"Don't worry about it." Damon reassured

"So..." Shojiro started awkwardly. This man had caught him somewhat unaware and as a consequence, he hadn't anything really to say.

"Want to... Talk? Work out?" He suggested awkwardly.

"Working out sounds... good. Arthur says you're from an order of Angel killers?"

"Angel Killers? We're Demon Killing Killer Angels." He joked.

"Then why join a lowly Hunter Guild, one that's just starting up?" Shojiro asked, tilting his head as he began to lead the man towards the training grounds.

"Because. We're sadly low on friends these days. What I can, saving the world is lonely work." He chuckled.

Shojiro seemed to stare at him. "We're not heroes, Mr. Damon. We're little more than mercenaries with rules. That includes socializing, with some." He shrugged. "But then again, I'm sure Tina or Yavira wouldn't be too bad of a start to make friends..." his tone while friendly had a vague hint of suspiciousness.

"I don't know if I'd start with Yavira... Tina though... She's a good kid." Damon advised, looking off to the side.

"I'm just mentioning them because I have met them, Mr. Damon." They arrived at the training grounds or what was supposed to be the training grounds; the dummies seemed neglected as did the firing targets.

"Not quite very good shots are they?" Damon scratched his stubble.

"To be fair, most of us don't need it." Shojiro started before firing at all the targets, hitting most of them in the head or chest, with one shot being a gutshot. "Melee or Range?"

"I do both." He held up his Cutlass and Magnum Revolver.

"Which are you better at?" Shojiro asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Uhhh... Probably the gun?" He seemed slightly caught off guard.

"Let's play a game, then. No magic, just skill. We'll each fire at varying distances at a target; the closer to a headshot or a 'heartshot', the more points you win. Whoever wins after a round gets to ask a question that the other can't avoid. Fair?"

"Oh. These always go poorly for me..." He smirked. "I'm in."

Shojiro went to the opposite corner of where one of the targets stood. He holstered one pistol and brought it up to his eye; he took careful aim, his body relaxing before he promptly pulled the trigger. The bullet slightly missed the center of the target's head, still earning Shojiro a significant amount of points.

Damon cocked his Magnum Revolver, holding it up and aiming it, before firing it with a loud resonant bang, the bullet hitting just a little left of the 'heart'.

"We both ask a question, then. Go ahead." Shojiro examined his gun, quickly disassembling it to clean.

"Where are you from?" Damon started simply.

"A land of rice." Shojiro answered. "Why have you actually joined the guild?"

"Oh ho ho. Interesting. Must there be a secret reason?" Damon chuckled.

"As my years on this war-torn world have told me, yes, everyone always has an ulterior motive, even if they don't realize they do. However," Shojiro turned slightly to stare at Damon, distrust growing in his voice, "you are far too composed and far too accurate to simply be 'here for friends'. Because to get skills like yours you need training. Extensive training. So, why are you really here?"

"To kill Demons. I was loaned to the guild by the UN as part of a deal with my previous employers." Damon told him honestly.

Shojiro nodded, looking a bit thoughtful. "Next round then. " Shojiro aimed down his sights and did a bit worse than his last shot; it would've been crippling as lungs are needed to breathe.

Damon lined it up, the shot connecting right in the neck of the dummy.

"Your question." The masked man, holstered his pistol and grabbed the other one.

"So. How long have you been fighting monsters?" He chuckled lightly.

Shojiro paused, seemingly mulling over the question. "A couple years." He finally answered before firing a shot at the target, the bullet striking dead center of the target's chest.

"Fuck." Damon grumbled, lining it up and firing, taking the dummy's ear off. "Guess that's yours."

"You don't appear like an Angel... so I'm guessing Human. How'd you end up as... an agent of your organization?" Shojiro asked, being slow and thoughtful about how to word his response.

"I heard about it from an old military buddy and joined up." He answered.

"Military, huh? Guess that explains your skills..." He murmured, the masked man lowering his gun. "Alright. I think I know enough. One last question, and this one doesn't call you into question. Why does the Angel you came with... why does she stare at me? Or is it a glare? She usually looks away before I can catch the emotion, so I cannot tell the difference."

"[It unnerves me...]" Shojiro added under his breath.

"What do you mean exactly? She being flighty with you?" Damon asked, cleaning his gun.

"Don't know. I haven't had much more than a passing nod of acknowledgement with her." Shojiro grabbed a rag from one of his pouches before he began to disassemble his gun. "The only reason I bring it up is if this an issue of dislike or if I've offended her in any way and we go out on a mission together, I'll be watching my back more than I'll be actually doing my job." He turned his head to look at the man. "Damon. Think you can set up a meeting between us three?"

"Sure. She can be a bit prickly, but she's a good sort." He nodded.

"Thanks. Give Rebecca a note for where she wants to meet and when she's available. She's my forge coworker, so I'll get it." Shojiro rubbed the back of his neck. "I don't actually live here, so..."

"Wait... No. I think you might still be a little hungover buddy. I came here with an Angel named Ignja." Damon held up his hands.

Shojiro shook his head. "I think you're misunderstanding me... Iknow who Ignja is. Rebecca is the blacksmith for the Guild. I don't live here, so when you do talk to Ignja, the best way to get ahold of me -besides waiting for me- is to write a note and pass it off to Rebecca."

"Right... Got it..." He squinted.

"Perhaps you and I will be assigned a mission soon. For now... good hunting, Damon." And with that, Shojiro tucked his reassembled pistol back into its holster and casually walked away.

"Good Hunting..." He replied, looking down at his Magnum for a while before taking his leave as well.


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Angels of Doom

Adriel paced before a door, looking highly nervous. Given that her direct boss was beyond those ornate doors and given that she was proposing an almost heretical idea she had come up with based on their enemies.

She had the honor to meet the High Priestess on a handful of occasions and while she was a fairly high-ranked Seraphim, the High Priestess was as terrifying to her as she was awe-inspiring.

Adriel finally gathered her courage and knocked on the door, hoping the High Priestess was in.

The doors opened themselves, revealing the High Priestess inside. Her flowing blonde hair extended all the way down to her hips and her clear white robes traces lines along the floor. She was humming an unfamiliar tune before turning to Adriel, gazing upon the maiden with her emerald green eyes. "What brings one of my loyal preservers to seek my council?" Her voice was soft, as if speaking with a toddler.

Adriel took one step in before properly kneeling, wishing desperately she had her battle attire instead of the tunic and trousers she was currently wearing. "Grief and anger, High Priestess. I heard about the most recent loss of Seraphim from the Fallen's attacks. I... I seek to punish and purge the group responsible."

"And how do you plan to give my lost children freedom from their burdens?" The High Priestess asked.

Adriel hesitated, biting her lip hard as she thought how to carefully choose her words. "I have long been an advocate of studying our foes, learning how they would fight us, then adapting to counter it. However what I do is reactionary; it does not save other Seraphim or Angels. I have... come up with a way to fight our enemies on superior footing; I believe only a single Seraphim may be needed to disrupt organizations that hunt us. I will caution that it does have faults, although I have sought to make them as minimal as possible."

"So you intend on striking the Order of the Broken Wings from within." The graceful leader continued for her subject. "And you understand the risks that come with pretending to hold our enemy's values."

Adriel seemed stunned for a moment, perhaps because she hadn't expected her to get it so fast. "Y-yes, Your Holiness. I understand that this is unconventional and new; but I believe I may have a chance to prevent further lives from being taken once I've gone deep enough within their ranks." She paused, gathering her courage back once more. "I would request an inconspicuous item to act as a communicator of sorts and an Angel overseer to monitor my progress. I-if that's okay, Y-your Eminence." While she managed to keep her face blank, her body still, her voice calm, her very being cringed in fear of her own actions. After all, she was proposing something that was almost heretical and that was enough that the High Priestess could act upon; She mentally shuddered at the thought of what this woman might do to her if she didn't like her plan.

"I cannot make this decision on my own." The High Priestess answered. "You are to wait in your personal chambers while I consult with the Grand Exemplar about your plan."

"Yes, your Holiness." Adriel stood up, offering a bow before taking her leave. She returned to her portion of the barracks and promptly fell flat into bed. Her hands laid limply over her head, as she merely groaned into her pillow.

"Rough day?" A voice called out to the Seraphim.

"Stress. Just... stress. Had a talk with the High Priestess about something... and now I'm just stressed and worried..." Adriel murmured through her pillow, the words barely understandable.

"You must be Adriel then." The voice stated. "Our Lord sends his regards and asked me to assist you with your plan."

She bolted upright in surprise and scrutiny as she cast her gaze over in the direction the voice came from.

A younger looking angel girl bowed before Adriel. "My name is Alexia, I am one of the High Priestess' students. I've heard many tales of your exploits and look forward to working with you."

Adriel blinked slowly as it was highly unusual for her to have someone treat her as more than a soldier or a good weapon. "Um... thanks? Uh... have you had any experience with mission operations before?"

"I used to assist in the endless war when Lady Molina was still a Seraphim." The little girl answered innocently. "It's been three thousands years since I was last actively on duty though."

Adriel stood and gave a bow to Alexia. "Then the pleasure and honor is all mine. I'll be looking-" She cut off her words as the thought hit her. "You knew the High Priestess when she was a Seraphim?"

"Why yes, I even knew the Grand Exemplar when he was a mere Templar." Alexia added. "They've grown so much since then."

A cold sweat broke over her at the sheer implication. A look of fear, for a single moment passed over her face before she regained, or rather, faked her composure. "Then the honor is all mine. My apologies for my moment of weakness and for the rather informal nature of our initial meeting. I swear that it shall not happen again." She started, getting off her bed to bow.

Alexia giggled. "There is no need to be so formal around me. As a high ranking Preserver, you stand as my equal. Don't let my experience daunt you."

"While your words reassure me, I find it more practical to act this way towards a friend of both the Grand Exemplar and the High Priestess." Adriel replied, offering an apologetic smile as she stood at attention.

"Understood." And with a little internal screaming, Adriel proceeded to leave the barracks, heading for the Grand Exemplar's court.

The Grand Exemplar awaited the Seraphim warrior, his expression hidden by his golden helm. He turned to face the maiden with a spear in hand. "Ah, Adriel. I believe this means you have been acquainted with Alexia?"

She kneeled before him. "Yes, Your Excellency."

"I bet you have many questions about her." He stated. "I grant you permission to ask them now."

She blinked once, twice, thrice as she processed the information. "Thank you, Grand Exemplar. She mentioned that she met you as a Templar and the same of the High Priestess as a Seraphim. I know that she had no reason to falsify any information, but I still must ask: is that true?"

"Yes, that is true." His Excellency answered. "Despite her appearance, she is far older than any of us. Her wisdom will guide you on your path."

"Sir..." She paused for a moment to gather her thoughts in a more cohesive form. "What can I do to ingratiate myself with Alexia?" She had to bite her lip to prevent the other question from slipping out: What reason did he have for letting her partake the mission besides the usual ones?

"Treat her as your equal." The Grand Exemplar stated. "She suffers from a physical condition that prevents her body from producing the hormones needed to mature... So I advise not bringing too much attention to her childish appearance either."

"As you wish, Grand Exemplar. No further questions." Adriel kept her head bowed to the floor, not daring to look up at him.

"Then you are dismissed."

She stood, keeping a bow as she turned to avoid looking at him. As soon as she was a fair distance away from his chambers, Adriel let out a groan and slumped down against a wall. "Should've been quiet. Should've ignored my bleeding heart. Should've just stayed a soldier instead of a leader..." She whined quietly to herself. "Because now the two most powerful people in the world are looking at me critically. No pressure though."

"Shall we get going?" Alexia asked the Preserver.

Adriel blinked for a second as she jogged up, jet face going a bright pink. "U-ummm..." She stuttered, unable to really say anything more due to being caught so off-guard.

"Sorry to startle you." Alexia stated with a giggle. "I'm just so eager to get back out on the field."

"U-ummm... yeah. Sure. We can head out as soon as I collect my standard gear." Adriel replied, rubbing the back of her neck as she tried desperately to sort out her embarrassment.

"I'll see you at the gate." The maiden replied before walking off.

She quickly walked to the armory, getting her standard kit for military operations and putting it on in the barracks. Platemail, helmet, spear, dagger, and tower shield. With these items equipped, she made her way to the gate, still very unnerved.

Alexia stood by the entrance, still wearing the dress she had during their first meeting. The large, golden gate opened once Adriel arrived... a bright light of holy energy emanating from the other side. "Are you ready?"

Adriel bowed, her hair plume falling down in front of her face.. "I am. Though, I hope while we work we can become steadfast allies, and perhaps... never mind. Shall we be off?"

"Lead the way."

"I... do not have a safe place with the Humans..." Adriel thought, pausing as she thought. A gleam slowly took shape as a malicious grin took hold. "Say... could you write up some fake orders, for say, low-priority targets, with some actual Fallen on it, with maybe a couple of the demons working with Humans? I think I have a target in mind for the traitors... but I'll need that and a safe place to store you."

The maliciousness faded as she yawned, her eyes showing the excitement that she tried to hide with laziness. "So, my first operation is to find you such a location, while also appearing near one of the Order's Fallen. That is... if you're okay with it. As I understand it, you're my commanding officer, Madame Alexia?"


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Angels of Doom, pt.2

"Actually, I would like to infiltrate the order alongside you." The tiny angel remarked.

"Alright. But allow me to start it. If I can gain the trust of a high-ranking Fallen, I can introduce you as a... sister? Friend? Perhaps even an illicit love affair?" Adriel offered a shrug, as she stretched her wings out a bit. "I think a sister would be better, simply because it could offer plausible deniability if one of us gets caught... but you're the boss, so your choice."

"I think that works nicely." She responded.

"Very well. I will still need a list of targets, with the requirements I've asked for though. It will be crucial to our plans to infiltrate. And it'll allow me to take a few of our enemies out before I am contacted by the Order." Adriel paused, before she frowned. "Shit... I'm going to have to treat you like a sibling instead of a superior... mmm... Though I have an idea for which kind of sister, though the Grand Exemplar warned against it. Erm... would... would you be okay with pretending to be a... younger... sister?"

Alexia's smile seemed to falter slightly. "If it is required for the success for the mission, then I shall allow it."

"It will. And by no means am I trying to be disrespectful about it, but given your age, Fallen might have heard of you, but not many would have had contact with you directly. So... if they see you and we give them your age, they may suspect." Adriel explained quickly, almost stumbling over her own words. She offered a bow, almost to the level she would show the Grand Exemplar or the High Priestess. If Alexia studied her closely, she could see that Adriel had broken into a cold sweat.

Alexia giggled. "Does my experience bother you that much?"

"Not at all. I've worked with older Seraphim before. It's more... that even though we are equivalent-ish ranks, you still outrank me due to the favor you have earned with the Grand Exemplar and the High Priestess. You honestly have enough power to have me killed outright from a single report, no questions asked. That terrifies me." Adriel answered honestly, her voice steady and calm. "That doesn't mean that I think you would do anything unjust to me, but... it is still rather unnerving."

"Well, it would be better for both of us if you overcame that fear." The angelic girl stated.

"That will take time and constant vigilance on my part." The taller angel replied, lifting her head top offer a sheepish smile. "But, it won't impact how I perform my duties. I am a Seraphim, after all."

"Your capabilities are not something I am concerned about." Alexia assured the woman.

Adriel nodded, stood up fully, and proceeded to walk through the gate

The duo found themselves next to the vast ocean, alongside a caramel colored beach.

"Earth always looks pretty... especially when there is no one nearby to disturb it..." Adriel's eyes seemed to light up and whatever tension she may have had seemed to melt away. She shook her head after another moment of reverie and gave Alexia a lazy smile. "Where to, Alex?"

"There is a group of demons just east of here. They will be our target to show our allegiance to the Order of the Broken Wings." Alexia stated as she gracefully landed on the sand.

Adriel paused, rubbing her chin. "From what I know of them, it wouldn't change anything. We'd be a Seraphim team just doing cleanup." She thought aloud as she began pacing. "It'd be a good start considering they hate demons about as much as we do... but if we stayed after doing so, they'd get curious and approach us... not with joining at first. Too cautious... but maybe that would be a good introduction to let us stay in the city without attacking..."

"You see, these demons are special." Alexia answered. "They have been hunting the Order's acolytes for sport... they will be more than curious if a small group of unknown angels were to, say, slaughter the entire settlement of hunters."

Adriel nodded but frowned. "I agree... but we're still marked with Grace. Some will be a tad suspicious." Adriel started before offering a shrug. "Who knows, maybe they'll welcome us with open arms. Where are the demons?" The Taller woman gently wrapped her arms around Alexia, resting her chin on her head.

"Their camp is on the edge of this beach." Alexia stated. "I have heard that their are some who manage to evade capture and still possess their graces. Since you want me to join the fray later, I can arrange a kidnapping attempt with the Templar."

She nodded. "That would be ideal. It'll make them think we're more loyal. Lead the way to the camp, sis." Adriel spread her wings fully out as she nuzzled into Alexia's head.

Alexia giggled. "Really leaning into the role, aren't you. I'll lead the way."

"Well, yeah. I have to start conditioning myself to consider you my sister." Adriel shrugged as she let go of her 'sister'.

Alexia began to walk down the edge of the beach. "We should keep our eyes peeled. Some of the demons got there hands on mortal fires arms... which can shoot bullets faster than any arrow or spell."

"That's fine. I've taken worse injuries before." Adriel started, before dropping her voice to a whisper. "Stop for a moment, say something to me, then keep walking."

"I'm not sure what you mean..." Alexia paused for a moment, before continuing to walk.

"Well, I mean, I had my arm almost chopped off by a Human five hundred years ago. Think I still have a scar..." She murmured, rubbing absentmindedly at her shoulder. "And you've had your fair share too."

"You shouldn't worry so much sis-" Alexia started before the echoing of a gunshot filled the air, the bullet aimed towards the tiny angel.

The bullet embedded itself in the thin shield an inch away from Alexia's face. In retaliation, a magical beam shot towards the offender with quite lethal intent. As Adriel's magic flew, she stepped in front of Alexia, her tower shield ready to deflect any more assassins.

More shots bounced off of the maiden's shield. Alexia tilted her head innocently. "Did you know this would happen?"

"Not really... but you mentioned guns and I don't play around when those are involved. Lost too many of my friends to them..." Adriel slowly moved forward, her wall acting as a second line of defense if her shield was flung away by a heavy caliber bullet. "Any special combat abilities that might help out, Alex?"

"I have a very special form of magic." The angel answered with a light giggle. "I have to get up close to use it effectively though."

"Then clamber up onto me and hold on as tight as you can. I'd hate if you fell off mid-flight." Adriel replied, forming thick, yet flexible, walls around her unfurled wings.

Alexia nodded and climbed onto Adriel's back. "I place my faith in you."

Adriel took off from the ground in a burst of speed, her wings keeping her from crashing into the ground while she tried to locate where the majority of the demons were located.

With enough height, a small array of huts could be spotted hidden by a rock formation... with at least three demons pointing rifles towards the angelic duo.

"By Order of the High Priestess, thy life be forfeit, thy bodies claimed..." Adriel started, holding her shield tightly in front of her, the bullets ringing against its surface. "For that alone, ye shall know me as thy Grim Angel of Death and ye shall despair. For all Ye Devils and Daemons will be purged and Ye shall not be able to stop thy demise." Alexia could feel the raw power flowing through Adriel as she prepped a powerful attack.

The demons continued to fire, only for many of them to flee when they realized what the Seraphim was about to do.

"Be purged, ye Cretins. Spears of Caledon..." Adriel held her shield to the side as she pushed her spear at her enemies, only for dozens of spear copies to appear next to her. The Celestial spears rained down, causing fairly large explosions that left nothing save the natural features of the Earth.

Many of the demons let out screams of agony as they were skewered by the clones. "Save some for me..." Alexia pouted from a top Adriel's back.

"Well, I had to kill the ones with guns..." Adriel murmured as she flew close to the biggest remaining force the demons had. "If I didn't they'd shoot us before wer even got close."

Alexia got down from the maiden and stretched her wings, an array of chains flying out from them to ensnare the demon army. "I guess you have a point... still a little overkill though."

"I'd say efficient. Would've taken me a full minute to do what I did in an instant." Adriel pouted, her shield and spear held deceptively at the ready. "And it's not overpowered. I didn't even use the full chant... it'd require me to say even more 'Ye's and 'shall's..."

"Is there a way to use the spell without the war chant?" Alexia asked with a hint of curiosity.

"If there is, I'd love to learn it. Not having to speak like I did seven hundred years ago would be fantastic." The taller angel gave an exasperated sigh as she looked down at the chains. "Why the chains? Couldn't it be like rope or wisps of magic?"

"I've been conjuring chains for so long it feels weird to do anything else." The petite angel answered, her chains tightening around their victim's necks.

"Fair... but could you snap their necks already? As much as I'd like to see demons being tortured, we do have places to go..."

"Actually, I was thinking of leaving one of them alive." The angel commander answered. "Our word can only last for so long... but if someone were to spread the news of our exploits..."

"Pick a good coward... oh, and can you bring him close so I can give him some friendly... 'advice'?"


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Angels of Doom, pt.3

"But a coward wouldn't be truthful, they would make things seem far grander than it was." Alexia answered. "We don't need someone to artificially raise the expectations surrounding us."

As the two considered their options, one of the captives spat towards them. Even as the chains threatened to crush his throat, the human looking demon glared at Adriel defiantly. This made Alexia smile. "You will do perfectly."

Adriel walked closer to the demon, sheathing her spear on her back. She took off her helmet before gently grabbing the demon's face. "Now, now... your group started this. You've been killing Angels of all different walks, Graceless or not. Normally..." Adriel's grip tightened as she stared into the Demon's eyes; her own covered with an icy look to them. "I'd break your necks in such a way that you would be paralyzed and then I would spend however long my assignment was torturing you for information... right up until you finally got your wish for death."

Adriel gave a cold, empty smile as she continued, "So, instead, you're going to go tell all your little friends about me and you'll make sure you tell them that this is Angel territory. And just so we're clear... you're going to be coming back to me. Because if you don't, I'll happily go looking for you and kill whoever I have to. Blink twice if you understand."

"All of my friends are dead... because of you." The demon forced out of his lungs. "You and your vile order."

"And how many Angels did you kill? How many of them don't get to see their friends because of your group? Oh, and don't forget we live a long time, so you have also destroyed far more families than you can possibly imagine. Good job, 'hero'." Adriel scoffed, her voice becoming more icy. "The only difference between you and me is that I'm a killer who owns up to the fact she does evil things for good reasons. Nothing more, nothing less."

She released her grasp on him, opting for his shirt instead. "So, you little shit stain, run off and tell your demon friends that Adriel, the Spear of the Heavens, has placed this region under her protection. Got it?"

"I would rather die than allow you Broken Wing bastards take my home." The demon continued.

"Oh? You wish to see the Order of the Broken Wings burn?" Alexia asked in a cheerful tone. "Tell me, what of those who live within the Divine Kingdom?"

"They are honorable warriors who allow their enemies a gloriously death." He answered. "You are miserable cowards who enslave my people for your own personal gain."

Alexia giggled as she released the man. "What if I were to tell you that we are here to destroy the very order you despise?"

Adriel looked over sharply. "You know, I'm fairly certain we're not allowed to reveal that yet..."

"You... you are not fallen?" The demon bowed before the two angelic woman. "It is an honor to be in your presence, Warriors of the Divine."

Adriel paused and raised an eyebrow. "Wait, wait, wait... this is a little too weird for me. Never, and I do mean never, have I had a demon show me this much respect or speak of my kingdom in such good... verbiage, I suppose." She rubbed the back of her head. "Usually it's 'die, you filthy whore' or 'winged bitch' or some other insult... so, why the sudden change in mood?"

"It is hard to hold ones tongue in the heat of battle." The demon admitted. "But we respect your kind to the highest degree. It is a great honor to contribute to the Eternal War."

"Oooookay." Adriel took a few steps closer to Alexia. "Hey, sis? I'm gonna let you do all the talking for now..."

"Tell me a little bit more about your kind." Alexia asked with a hint of curiosity. "Why is it such an honorable thing for you to fight the angels?"

The demon stood up and spoke. "In the Chaos Realm, there is no room for compassion or mercy. If the land in which you walk doesn't kill you... the endless legion of monstrosities will. It was through the treacherous land we call home, that the demon race was born. Forged by fire and blood, we are warriors of honor and glory. We empower the strong and cull the weak, always looking for newer, stronger opponents. Before the Eternal War, our society began to grow dull... stagnate. Those who wanted to disgrace our traditions and honor were slowly gaining power. Then the Angels arrived. Worthy challengers who we have been fighting for the last eighty thousand years. For that, and for reminding our people why we fight, you honor us."

Adriel bit her lips hard, a stream of blood from the wound dripping onto the ground. Honor? Glory? She had not seen a speck of that throughout this war. The Demons were organized, that was true, but only loosely. They had not demonstrated anything resembling a unified and disciplined front. She had been through rigorous training as a Templar, then went through the proverbial hell that was Seraphim training. Her hand gripped part of her metal plating as she took a deep breath to calm herself. This wasn't the place to lose her head on a covert mission.

"And why do you hate the Order of the Broken Wings so much?" Alexia prodded further.

A glimpse of anger filled his eyes. "They enslave my people, treat them like toys before selling them off to others. Slavery is one of the most dishonorable offenses in our culture... a crime punishable by torturous death. If not for the complications of their settlement on the Mortal Realm, you would still be able to hear the screams of the last group we ambushed."

"Ambushing... very honorable indeed..." Adriel murmured under her breath.

"Interesting..." Alexia muttered. "How would you like to help us destroy the Broken Wings?"

"You can't be serious! He's a Demon! Our sworn enemy? The ones we've been locked into a war for generations?" Adriel protested crossing her arms as she stared incredulously at her.

"But I am serious." Alexia retorted, her cheerful tone refusing to waver. "If we are to defeat the Fallen Order, we are to utilize every advantage given to us. This demon counts." The small angel flew up to Adriel's ear and whispered into it. "And, if we can learn more about demon culture and the nature of the Chaos Realm... we can use that to our advantage in the Eternal War. We have the chance to kill two birds with one stone."

"Fine... but I am still going to hold a bit of reservation over this." Adriel replied, frowning somewhat.

"That's fine by me." Alexia giggled.

"Lead on, sis..." Adriel grumbled, closing her eyes in annoyance and mild acceptance.

"So, what is your name?" Alexia asked. "I'm Alexia, this is my older sister Adriel."

"I am Gen Shadowfang." The demon answered.

"Pleasure..." Adriel replied, before shaking her head. "Apologies. I have far too many bad memories of your kind to be too polite or kind. I hope you can overlook my... snarky and rude tendencies."

"It is not my place to judge." Gen remarked. "When this is over, may we see each other once more on the battlefield."

"I take it with slurs and racist comments aplenty?" She asked sarcastically, raising an eyebrow at him.

"No promises?" The demon answered with a smirk.

Having irritated her enough, Adriel turned to Alexia, "I'm heading into the city for a couple hours. Do you have the stuff I asked for?"

"Yes, it will all be ready for you when you arrive at their compound." Alexia answered. "I'll start planning with our newest ally while you're gone."

"All right... be safe, Alex." And with that brief farewell, Adriel took to the skies, heading in the direction of the city.


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Jolly eyed the card Arthur had given her the day prior. It was early in the morning, the winter winds running chills down her spine. She sat on the stairs just outside of the precinct, Howard walking over with two mugs of coffee. The beard man sat down next to her and asked. "Any luck?"

She sighed as she took one of the mugs. "Unfortunately, no. Arthur didn't explain to me how it works... he just said if I hold onto it, this Anastasia character would show up. I'm starting to wonder if he was lying to us."

"Regardless, it's our only lead on Smiles right now." Howard reminded her. "If she's real and as knowledgeable as Mister Mithril claims... then she might be able to help us find where Smiles is getting her information."

There was a sudden flash behind them, though what they didn't know was it was only visible to them. When they turned to look at it, an arcane symbol was forming above the doors to the precinct. When it had fully taken shape, one of the doors opened ever so much, letting out a light that was quite brighter then usually shined out of the building.

The two detectives covered their eyes from the bright light. After their vision adjusted to the new conditions, Jolly was the first to step through the door.

She found herself, not in the building she was supposed to be in, but in a brightly lit show room for a variety of objects, trinkets, occult items, weapons and armor, and more. "Please, come in, come in!" a cheerful voice said from up a spiral staircase to the left. "Sorry if I made you wait."

"Oh, it's no trouble really." The female detective answered as her partner stepped into the room. "Arthur Mithril said you would be able to help us."

"Yes, yes. Good, ol' Mr. Mithril." The Necromancer made her way down the stairs. "I usually avoid the authorities, but for him, I made an exception."

"Then, perhaps you could make an exception for us as well." Howard remarked as he showed Anastasia his badge. "We are running an investigation on the serial killer Smiles. Mister Mithril recommended we spoke with you on the matter."

"Ah, so it is information you seek. Then you have come to the right place." She was followed by a young-looking blonde woman with black wings folded behind her. "I research just about everyone and everything," Anastasia continued.

"Does that mean you know the identity of Smiles?" Jolly asked.

"The identity?" Anastasia rubbed her chin. "Well... I might have some info... but..."

"Name your price." Jolly answered confidently.

"Oh?" Anastasia raised an eyebrow. "Any price? Because cops don't usually have a lot of cash laying around..."

"Finding that bitch and whoever is feeding her information about her victims is more important." The white haired detective stated.

"I see." Anastasia giggled. "I like your attitude." She lightly scratched her chin and chuckled nervously. "Thing is... um..."

"Is something the matter?" Howard chimed in.

"I can direct you to Smiles broker, but... I am afraid Smiles' identity eludes even me."

"Do you know how she has been able to elude you?" Howard asked the exotic sellswoman.

"That's a good question." Anastasia shrugged. "Though if I knew, she wouldn't be eluding me anymore. All I can say is she must know of me and is actively avoiding my detection. Perhaps I should worry for me safety."

"She appears to only be targeting those who are suffering for one reason or another." Jolly noted. "So, I believe you should be safe."

Anastasia clapped her hands together cheerfully. "Good to hear! Though I am sure if I wasn't, you would protect me."

"It would be a lot more than just us protecting you at this point." Detective Johnson remarked. "But, for now, all we need from you is any information you can provide about Smiles and her broker. Even if we can't stop her directly, we can halt her network."

"Oh, an excellent idea." Anastasia turned to the angel and said, "Be a dear and download all the information we have on this individual for our good detectives."

The other woman bowed her head respectfully and walked towards the back.

"It should only be a few minutes." Ana smiled at the pair. "While we wait, would you like some refreshments while we discuss payment?"

"No thank you." Jolly answered with a respectful tone.

"Very well." Anastasia pulled out a small wand. With a few quick swipes, a parchment appeared, already full of writing. "Now, I accept many forms of payment here. Money is fine, if boring, though I also accept trade."

Jolly reached into her pocket and pull out an old looking pendent. "How much is this worth to you?"

"Hmm... let me see, let me see..." Anastasia gingerly took the item and examined it closely, both without and within.

Despite it's age, the diamond in the center shined elegantly. A strange, unknown enchantment laid dormant within the gem... inviting the tradeswoman to unlock it's secrets.

"Oh, how delightful..." Anastasia waved her hand and a book flew across the store into her hand. "Might I ask where you obtained this?"

"I found it in one of the crime scenes." Detective Rogers answered. "It's not owned by one of the victims and wasn't considered evidence, so I got permission to keep it."

"Well then... consider me intrigued." Anastasia gave her a cheeky smile. "Normally, information such as this would entail a more precise payment, or at least something with an enchantment I can identify. But I feel like uncovering the mystery of this object will be part of the fun. And if nothing else it should fetch a good price. Consider yourself paid in full."

"Thank you for helping us." Jolly bowed formally.

Anastasia gave her a bow back. "It is all in a day's service." She looked back just as the angel from before came back with a disk. "Ah, astute timing as always, my dear."

"So, this disk will contain all that you know about the broker?" Howard asked the tradeswoman.

"That's correct," the angel said in a light voice. "Aliases, known locations, known clients, last known whereabouts, and any other information I felt might be helpful."

"Then we shall make our leave." Howard bowed to Anastasia.

"Oh, so soon?" Anastasia looked disappointed. "You wouldn't like to look around? There might be something more that you'd like."

"Perhaps in the near future, I will have that opportunity." Jolly answered. "But, for now, our duties to our people take priority."

"Darn. No one has time for tea nowadays." The necromancer sighed and waved her wand, and the door opened to reveal the streets outside the precinct. "Well... you know how to contact me. Don't be a stranger."

"Thank you again for your help." Jolly stated as the two detectives left the building.


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After several hours went by, another customer request reached Anastasia.

She yawned. "Last one for a while," she said. "I need an afternoon nap." She wiggled her fingers towards the door, the magic aligning it to the closest door to the customer.

A woman skipped through the door. Her long, curly white hair moved ominously behind her. She looked at the tradeswoman with blood red eyes and a wicked smile. "You must be Anastasia... I've heard a lot about you~"

Ana's blood turned to ice as she tried to remain calm. "W-why... yes, I am. Nice to meet you, Miss...?"

"How rude of me not to introduce myself." The young woman giggled. "You may call me Smiles... I was hoping we could exchange information with each other today."

"Y-yes, of course." Anastasia slowly approached her. <Alice, that killer is here,> she said telepathically. <Get Dorothy and...>

"Welcome to Anastasia's Emporium," the patchwork homonculus said behind smiles in a bored tone. "Would you like any refreshments?"

"Do you have any grey tea by chance?" Smiles asked with an innocent smile.

"We do," Dorothy said. "Any sweets?"

"No thank you." Smiles giggled. "Trying to keep off the pounds."

Dorothy nodded and walked off. The necromancer chuckled nervously and said, "So... my reputation proceeds me?"

"I am not here to kill you, if that is what you are worries about." Smiles stated as she sat down. "You have information I want and I am willing to trade my services to get it."

Anastasia didn't show it externally, but she had an internal sigh of relief. "Very well. I trade with anyone for the right price."

Smiles giggled. "Tell me everything you know about Arthur Mithril."

"Mr. Mithril, hmm?" Anastasia summoned a book and a small pair of reading glasses. "He is a person of interest to me. What would you like to know?"

"His history, his family, all of his darkest secrets." The serial killer stated. "Anything and everything there is to know about him, I wish to know."

"Very well. I will... start digging into his past." Anastasia smiled awkwardly. "As for the fee..."

"My services are yours." The killer answered. "Whether there is something you'd like from one of my friends... or you want someone freed from their shackles."

"Ah, so it is physical services and favors you offer." Anastasia rubbed her chin in thought as Dorothy returned with the tea. "I am not used to taking such things, but I don't see why I can't for you, my... friend?"

"I wouldn't say that quite yet." Smiles giggled as she took her cup of tea. "We've only just met after all."

"Yes, of course. Um..." Ana rubbed her wrist. "So, what is your interest in Mr. Mithril?"

Her grin widened. "I intend on freeing him."

"Freeing him? I see. And what does freeing someone entail?"

"The only way to free someone from their shackles of agony is to kill them." The serial killer answered.

"I... see." Anastasia shifted slightly. She had been around for so many years and had never felt this uncomfortable around someone. "Well... I shall gather the information you have requested so you may better... free him."

"And what do ask of me in return?" She asked the tradeswoman.

Anastasia tapped her chin. "That is a good question. Like I said, I am not used to excepting future favors. People often do not feel they have to follow up on said favors or come up with an excuse not to do them. I made that mistake when I started out. I learned quickly."

"Then how about I perform my end first." The serial killer suggested.

"I could do that. Though do your talents extend beyond... freeing people?"

"For myself, no." Smiles answers with a sip of her tea. "However, I have a few friends with their own talents in areas I lack. Particularly in information gathering and theft."

"Oh, I would never encourage theft. Now... repossession... that is another matter entirely..." Anastasia furrowed her brow slightly. "I am not entirely opposed to a loan or a delay in payment for someone I have known for long enough. But said individuals are not entirely opposed to threatening the trust they have built it would seem. I have someone who owes me a great deal of money for an item they obtained here some time ago, and either they have fallen off the face of the Earth... or they are avoiding me."

"And how much would it matter that this person remain alive?" Smiles asked as she leaned forward.

Anastasia frowned. "I mean... it is hard for me to retain the business of individuals who are dead. Not impossible... but preferable. I would like them to live." She shrugged. "How either my money or merchandise is obtained otherwise is of no concern to me."

Smiles clapped her hands together. "I have just the friend to help us! Do you wanna meet them?"

Ana tilted her head. "Are they available now?"

"Why yes, they just finished an important task for me." The killer replied.

"I see." Anastasia pulled out her wand. "Where can I find them?"

"I can bring them here if you'd like." Smiles offered.

Anastasia nodded. "Very well. Please do so I can explain the situation."

Smiles placed a finger on her ear and said, "Velvet, dear, could you please go to the beaten warehouse and await entry~"

"Oh, she's nearby. That's..." Ana smiled awkwardly. "...comforting."

"Would you be so kind as to open the door for them?" Smiles asked.


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"I will get it," Alice said, walking down the stairs. She gave Smiles a cautious look as she walked to the door and opened it.

On the other side of the door was a brunette woman wearing a maid like outfit. "My master wishes for me. Will you bring me to her?"

Alice gave her a curious look but nodded. "Please, come in. I am Alice. My master is making a deal with yours."

Smiles looked back to see her friend enter the room. "Hey, Velvet, Anastasia and I were making a deal... and we could really use your help."

The maid stepped forward and gave the necromancer a courtesy. "How may I be of assistance, madam Anastasia?"

Ana bowed her head. "Have you ever had to repossess something in your... um, line of work?"

"I have stolen and obtain many relics and materials over my years in this realm." Velvet answered.

Anastasia looked her up and down. "In this realm, huh?"

"Yes, my home realm, the Chaos Realm, is full of war and bloodshed. Not a world fit for theft and infiltration."

"I see." Anastasia walked to the side of the room, pulling out a meaty tome. "Well, infiltration is important here, but not so much theft. Or stealth for that matter. I need... a message to be given, if you know what I mean. I don't want to lose a valued customer, mind you, but I also can't let people think they can take advantage of me. A girl, even one of my years, has to be careful of how she is treated."

"What kind of compound are we planning to infiltrate?" Velvet asked.

"Not too heavily fortified, but not exactly a walk in the park," the Necromancer explained. "As they likely wouldn't keep the item in question at home, nor the money to pay me, you'll be crashing their place of business, a weapons manufacturer. You know of the Sven & Lenex out of New Nexus, New Jersey? It isn't exactly Fort Knox, but their security is fairly tight."

"Any information on uniforms? Common persons of hire? facility layout?" The maid prodded further.

Anastasia waved her wand, the tome floating in the air. "Their workers are typically fresh out of school. Simple work. Security is private. Street thugs and such tough are a regular." A pamphlet floated out of the large book. "This contains hiring preferences and has pics of their uniforms. And..." She grinned, and a sheet of paper transformed into a set of blueprints. "My dear Alice had these made when I started to suspect I'd be shafted."

Velvet closed her eyes as her body began to contort and change shape. A moment later, she was no longer a conservative maid, but rather a tan skinned woman with wild, multi colored hair. She now wore the uniform of the facility's private security force. The woman snarled briefly at the group. "Ready to get this shit done."

"Oh, my..." Anastasia looked at Smiles. "That is quite the talent."

"They're a Changeling." Smiles explained to the trader. "Which means they can take the form and personality of whoever they want."

"Ah, yes. Of course." She clapped her hands together. "I've never met one of you in person."

"The demon lords keep us as slaves, so it's rare that you get to encounter my kind outside of assassins." Velvet remarked. "But I broke my chains a long time ago."

"Quite the useful ally. I envy you, though I like mine as well. Alice, dear?"

The dark winged angel walked over to the Changling and handed her an obsidian stone. "Master Anastasia would prefer the item to be returned. Besides, it will likely to be easier to get it then to leave with the sum of $150,000. It is a round stone for magic enhancement. As it is quite small, so use this. It will glow brighter as you get closer to the item in question."

The Changeling took the stone. "Alright, I'll be back before dinner."

Anastasia stepped forward. "Remember, I don't want to lose a customer. I don't care how you go about this as long as Mr. Lenex is left alive."

"That'll only be an issue if he realizes I'm there." Velvet waved her hands dismissively. "And I intend to make sure he doesn't."

Ana nodded. "Good hunting."


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"What the hell do you mean it's gone?" Arthur demanded through the phone. "It's a near essential piece of our plan and you let it slip from your watch?"

"I'm sorry sir. We never even saw the thief." Ambassador Welden stated. "But we are doing everything we can to track them down."

"Not everything..." The guildleader muttered before hanging up and dialing Archbishop Ashana.

Eventually, the female voice of Ashana Imane spoke on the phone. "Yes? Arthur? What is the pleasure?"

"Hey, something's come up that I can't talk about over a insecure line." Arthur explained. "If it's not too much of an inconvenience, I'd like to send Merlin and my blacksmith your way to deal with the situation. I would go myself, but the feds have me a house arrest until they get word back from the court."

"Oh? Interesting. How did you come to be under house arrest?" The Archbishop asked gently.

"Damn controversy is starting to build up." The owner answered. "So now a group from the New York Legal Division decided to take me to court about it... likely for selfish reasons, but Detective Johnson decided it was best I played along. He got a lock down protocol set up for me while he gathered evidence."

"Lovely. Well I would help, but that might only incriminate you further if they discovered your correspondence with an organization of... Our reputation." She responded eloquently.

"Detective Johnson is going to put me in charge of the Smiles investigation." Arthur answered. "With you being one of her... recent victims, we have ourselves a cover up story."

"Ah. Very clever. Very well. That will work." Ashana grinned to herself on the other side of the line.

"Alright, they'll be there in an hour. Talk to ya later." He stated before hanging up.

Merlin nervously knocked on the door to the archbishop's cathedral while Rebecca downed a bottle of whiskey behind him. The blacksmith wiped her lips and said. "Why do I have to be here? There are so many better things I can be doing with my time."

"Arthur insisted and I'm sure he has his reasons..." The younger brother stated. "We shouldn't be here for too long anyway..."

A beautiful looking Angel Women with bright shining wings and soft, short light green hair woven with a garland opened the door to greet them. In was wearing a single piece, flowing white robes her hands held together in front of her. "Good Day. Are you our expected guests?"

"Yes, we are here to see your archbishop." Merlin answered.

"I am Archpriest Rhea. The Archbishop's second. It is lovely to meet all of you." She replied in an emotionless and official tone.

"Nice to meet you too..." Merlin muttered while the blacksmith took a drink behind him.

"Excuse me miss. But there is no alcohol allowed on the premises." She tilted her head slightly.

Rebecca capped her flask and placed in on the ground. "If anyone touches my flask, I'm killing them."

"That was a joke. You can bring your flask." She replied deadpan.

The blacksmith's eyes narrowed as she picked her flask back up. "Not much of a joke..."

"My sisters say I can be a little stiff. So I'm trying to add some humor." She smiled softly.

"Well, maybe you should learn to better time and implement your jokes." Merlin let out a nervous chuckle. "And not make jokes around more serious people..."

"Right. Please follow me." She nodded, turning around.

Merlin and Rebecca followed the maiden into the building.

They passed through numerous halls and entered a massive Cathedral, it looked like a Sistene Chapel within in confines of the complex, with beautiful renditions of heaven and Angels from some people who've actually seen it was breathtaking. In the ceiling was a massive relief depicting the Archbiship before her banishment, standing in prayer and glowing with holy splendor surrounded by shadowy hands reeling in horror. Rhea turned around, "Welcome to the Chapel of Hope. Isn't it breathtaking?"

"Nothing you can't find in the English Ruins." Rebecca remarked, obviously unamused by the architecture.

"I see. Well. I suppose to unordain eyes it may not look like much. You do not know that gravity of that which you see." Rhea added on.

"Well... your wards look strong at least." Merlin remarked, his eyes glowing a faint purple.

"They are. You have perceptive senses." Rhea complimented. "You would likely fit in well here."

"I don't think my brother would approve of that..." Merlin muttered with uncertainty.

"Many of our brothers and sisters do not approve, but what we do is for the good of all life." She told him encouragingly.

"I'll... think about it..." The young mage noted nervously.

"Very well. Please follow me then." She nodded happily, turning on a dime and walking further into the cathedral.

"How long have you been working for Ashana, anyway?" Rebecca asked the priestess.

"Me...? Oh... About One Thousand Years now." Rhea admitted.

"Damn, talk about a lot of dedication." Rebecca remarked.

"I was trying to kill her when I joined. I was emotional, hot-headed, arrogant... But she convinced me that my orders were cruel and I misunderstood them. Of course, I didn't believe her at first, but after she beat me in a fistfight, handily, I might add, she healed my wounds." Rhea looked up at the mural longingly. "I was so ashamed that I decided that I wanted to distance myself from my life as much as possible. So. I developed a new outlook and devoted myself to becoming peaceful, and kind."

"You're all bloody weird." Rebecca muttered as she took another drink from her flask.

"Weird... Yes perhaps that is the word." The Archpriest chuckled to herself.

"So, how has the archbishop been fairing? Being attacked by Smiles and all..." Merlin asked the woman.

"Nothing much phases that woman... Although... She has been acting a little differently since that night..." Rhea rubbed her chin.

"How so?" Merlin prodded further.

"She's been obsessed with details about this case. Something about this Smiles must have piqued her interest." Rhea admitted.

"Or scared her shitless." Rebecca remarked.

Rhea actually laughed. "She's not the type to be scared so easily. I've seen her kill Demon Hellguards with her bare hands."

"Sometimes it's not how scared you are, it's the thing that scares you." Rebecca muttered before taking another drink.

"Are you speaking from experience?" She replied in a slightly accusatory tone.

"Why the hell do you care?" The blacksmith snapped at the priestess.

"Well. That just seems like an oddly specific accusation. Also. Don't you know it's unbecoming to swear in a church?" The Archpriest pointed out nonchilantly.

"Don't ya know I don't give a damn?" Rebecca let out an alcohol filled hiccup as she continued to follow Rhea.

"Mmm. You keep very pleasant company Sir. Merlin." Rhea stated as they passed by the main podium.

"Well, Arthur trusts her... so..." Merlin scratched the back of his head nervously.

"Arthur seems like an honorable man." She smiled softly.

"I guess you could say that..." Merlin muttered.


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ShadowHounder and Frostlich: Urgent Matters Part 2

As they reached the back of the cathedral, they saw Ashana standing there adorned in flowing white and gold Pope-Like robe with a golden circlet upon her head, depicting hearts and flowers.

"My Lady? Your guests have arrived." Rhea motioned back with her hand.

"Ah. Yes. Thank you Rhea." Ashana nodded, then turned to them. "Welcome Merlin. Rebecca...?"

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Archbishop..." Merlin stated as he looked for a seat.

"As it is you." One of the priests pushed up two red ottomans. "Please have a seat."

The two guildmates sat down. "So, how much info did Arthur give you about the situation?"

"He's investigating the Smiles creature and he can't call me because he is under house arrest." Ashana told them.

"Smiles creature?" Merlin tilted his head. "I thought Smiles was a person."

"That was no Person. Didn't act like one, didn't move like one." Ashana told them.

"Well, we don't have the time for that conspiracy theory bullshit." Rebecca interjected. "We're here because someone managed to steal our gate key from the Guild Association... and we would like your help getting it back."

"Oh? That does seem like a pretty significant breach of security... And would the culprit happen to be the creature in question?" Ashana sussed out.

"Not likely." Merlin answered. "According to the reports, no one was injured or found dead. In fact, no one even found any signs of a break in."

"So it doesn't fit her Motus Operandi." Ashana nodded. "So who is your primary suspect?"

"We don't have one currently." Merlin admitted. "But, whoever it is, they are a master of infiltration."

"Hmm... Do you have any leads? At all?" Ashana leaned forward.

"Just that the thief in question had acquired a former employee's security card and is capable of sneaking in and out undetected." The young mage explained.

"So. Investigating the employees should be the place to start." Ashana nodded confidently.

"We were in the middle of that, when something interesting popped up on the security footage." Rebecca answered, placing a disk on the table in front of the archbishop.

"Oh? Well... Let's watch it then." Ashana stood up.

"What, do you not have a DVD player in this room?" Rebecca asked impatiently.

"In the Cathedral? No. Not exactly." She smiled. "I have one in the other room, although I may have to dust it off..."

"Too much of a waste." The blacksmith remarked as her gaze shifted to Merlin. "You still got one in your room?"

"Hmm... yeah..." The mage muttered before summoning a portal. A small player fell out of the portal as Merlin moved his hands to catch it. "It's not the best... but it should work...."

"Well. Let's see then. Follow me." She motioned for them to follow.

Rebecca and Merlin stood up from their seats and followed Ashana.

They met up in what appeared to be a storage room in the back of the cathedral, for more mundane storage it looked like, old pews, dusty books, crates and boxes of various kinds, however in the corner there was in fact a small twenty inch flat screen hung up onto the wall.

"Give me a second to set everything up..." Merlin stepped forward with his DVD player in hand.

"So. How is Arthur? He seemed rather... Stressed." Ashana asked casually.

"I'm sure he's fine..." Rebecca answered in between swig of her flask. "He's managed to get out of worse situations before."

"Something you can say until you very suddenly can't." The Archbishop told them.

"We'll worry about it when it happens." The blacksmith answered dismissively.

"Fair enough." Ashana glanced back, then again at Rebecca, smiling. "I think you really do care. About this. About protecting people."

"Never said I didn't..." The blacksmith responded with a hiccup.

"Your actions however say different. Your insouciant mannerisms, you wear them like a mask." She added further.

"And why the hell do you care?" Rebecca asked with a skeptical look.

"Because you don't need to. I have met many like you over my long life. Many found great purpose here." Ashana smiled at her softly.

"Save it for someone who give a damn." Rebecca snapped back at the angel.

"Right." She looked back at Merlin. "How're you doing?"

"Everything's set up here." He replied.

"Alright. Play your tape." Ashana asked neutrally.

Merlin placed the disc into the tray and began the video. It was the security footage of a hallway, one where two guards walked past each other. The two stopped for a moment, as they began to talk to one another. Several minutes passed before the first guard continued down the hall and the other walked through a door. There was another pause, before the first guard, who had been long gone, stepped out of the room and continued down the walkway.

Ashana tilted her head, "That... Is interesting... Are we dealing with some kind of shape shifter?"

"That's what we think at least." Merlin stated. "We think a group of demons caught wind that we had possession of one of their gatekeys."

"Any buildings around with a sightline into that room? Have you checked street camera's and the traffic cameras of cars outside the building?" Ashana suggested first.

"The vault the keystone was in had no windows and only one entrance." Merlin answered. "Anyone who would want to steal it would have to already know it was there."

"We didn't see him walk in. So how did he get in there?" Ashana pointed out. "Do you know if the vault is warded against teleportation?"

"The camera's are enchanted to set off the alarms immediately if certain types of magic are used near them... teleportation and portal magic included." Rebecca explained to the archbishop.

"Could an agent within the building have deactivated them?" The Angel replied.

"No, the enchants were designed to be permanent." Merlin answered. "The only way one who to even be able to attempt disabling them would be to kill the original enchanter, who's already been confirmed to be still active."

"Fascinating... But it still doesn't rule out the possibility of inside help. I would question your staff." Ashana continued.

"There is still the issue of how someone can be in two places at once." Rebecca stated.

"Well. Clearly it isn't really him." Ashana looked over towards Rebecca.

"Than who the hell could it be?" She demanded before taking another drink from her flask.

"Something must've taken on his form, or perhaps took control of his mind? I would interrogate that man in particular."

"Hmm, we just got word back from Detective Johnson." Merlin remarked while putting his phone away. "The woman in the footage... she doesn't exist."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Rebecca exclaimed.

"She... has no records on any government data base across the globe." The mage clarified.

"Alright... That... Truly is curious..." The Archbishop leaned in.

"This definitely complicates matters." Merlin muttered. "Even a changeling requires another person's appearance to copy..."


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ShadowHounder and Frostlich: Urgent Matters Part 3

"So a true shape shifter..." Ashana nodded.

"True shape shifter?" Merlin tilted his head in confusion.

"Something the can change into any form it desires, without the need for something to mimic." Ashana seemed like an idea had suddenly come to her. "I do know of one that fits that description."

"Go on..." Rebecca muttered.

"There is a family line of Elves we've been tracking that have been corrupted by demonic magic that as changed them within and without. We've been tracking them for some time and one of these family members has the ability to change her form at will." Ashana explained, crossing one leg over another.

"Could you... take us to them?" Merlin asked hesitantly.

"I could show you where they are. We don't exactly get along." Ashana told them. "I would be careful. They are a... Strange Bunch... But deadly if they see you as an enemy."

"If they can help us track down this thief... we should at least try and speak with them." Merlin stated.

"Very well. I'll give you a location." Ashana agreed.

"Then we leave immediately." Rebecca stated confidently.

"Good Luck then... And tell Geraldine... I said... Hello." Ashana forced a smile.

"Yeah, yeah, fine... whatever." The blacksmith muttered. "Where do we go?"

"Louisiana. New Orleans to be specific."

"We'll call you when we get there." Rebecca turned around to grab the back of Merlin's collar and drag him out of the compound.

"Have fun you two.' Ashana called out, taking a sip of water.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&Shadowhounder

The bourdon of being an angel

Alexander walked around the halls of the chapel, it had been centuries since he's been in one. Humans built these to pray, but he still couldn't understand why his kind hated the humans. Just another reason why he was happy that he left and started recruiting some of his own kind, even if that recruiting is through suffering.” Ugh well at least I’m no longer fight demons alone anymore, hopefully Arthur is alright after the last time I saw him.”

Near the main entrance of the guild house, Merlin sat down among the multitude of chairs. He opened the large book in his hands and began reading from it.

When Alexander continued his walk, when he turned to his left he Saw the back of Merlin head, he decided to walk up to him to ask.” Hay Merlin how are you, it’s been a while since we last spoke, how’s your brother doing?”

"Oh, Arthur? He's doing fine..." Merlin answered, his eyes not moving from the book.

“That’s good to know, it’s nice knowing that he didn’t suffer from any serious injury’s.” He then looked over him to see what he was reading.” You got a spell book there, or is it a regular book?”

"This old thing?" The young mage let out a nervous chuckle. "It's an old logbook I found a few years back. Apparently, it was owned by an famous naval captain who passed it down from generation to generation."

“Huh, I’m actually more impressed that it lasted that long. Does said Naval captan has a name, I might have heard of I’m or possibly meet him.”

Merlin flipped to the first page of the book. "It says here his name was Napoleon Bonaparte. According to his first entry, he started his voyage in order to find where the remains of his homeland were. Something about a 'Great Fragmentation' sending Europe into disarray. I wonder if that means he's referring to the European Islands... anyway, this entry states that his great grandfather told him stories of a whole, singular kingdom segregated by the foul magic of the demons. He believed that if he found one of the missing pieces to that kingdom, he could find the secret to reuniting the kingdom and taking the crown for his own. Ya know, the more I read this, the more I get the feeling he was an arrogant prick."

“Hum sounds familiar, or at least that event does. Yea that guy sounds more like a pompous, self entitled ass.”

"Well, regardless, the last couple of logs from him are full of maddened gibberish. Something tells me that he stayed out of sea for way too damn long." Merlin muttered as he continued to read.

“And yet you continue to read the book of a madman, that was looking for something that that more than like doesn’t exist. Do humans normally write stories like these?”

"Yeah, but usually that's all they are... stories." Merlin closed the book and dropped it into a portal. "It's very clear that this is a series of logbooks that covers three generations of explorers."

"and there all looking for these fragments, hum humans are persistent I'll give them that. do you really think that there's some fragments that could put that nation together? Because stuff like that normally doesn't exist."

"With the number of demon attacks that have occurred over the centuries, anything is possible." The young mage answered.

"They have gotten more aggressive over the last few centuries, I don't get it they were around seven hundred years ago. But not like this. They weren't expanding this much so quickly, they fell like there undivided now, they used to fight each other but now they seem focused and driven by a purpose."

"They never seemed all too divided to me." Merlin remarked. "Hell, we've even had a good number of them defect and join our defense."

Alex eyes widened.” Your joking some left their own to help the humans, surly your joining your pulling my wings here. Why would the demons help the humans?”

"Don't know." He admitted. "I would say to ask Yavira, but she's missing a good chunk of her memory."

“Who’s Yavira, is she a demon as well?”

"Yeah, she's a shade... she is also our enchantress." Merlin explained to the angel.

"A shad is your enchantress, you are easily the strangest group of people I've ever meet. And that's saying a lot since I've been alive for eight hundred years, you recruit demons, angles humans. What else do you guys take in?"

"Well, this chapel has spirit linked to it. We hired a few half breeds. Our doctor is an elf... and we are currently in a semi-forced alliance with a fallen angel organization."

"That's... quiet the list of people that joined you. And half demons to, I've missed so much trying to recruit my kind to my cause and make them see the error of there ways, Maybe I should just forget them I didn't even know that there were other fallen angel organizations."

"Yeah, but a good chunk of them end up being corrupt." Merlin stated. "Granted, corrupt organizations seem to be the cream of the crop nowadays."

"Ugh and yet there's demons to kill, I'm hoping the people I've recruited are doing there best out there. And my sons and daughters I do hope there safe as well." Alexander started to think about his family and hope there doing well, as well as his littlest one.

"Hey, who knows, maybe we could make peace with the demons." The mage suggested. "They don't seem all too different from the rest of us."

“Don’t compare yourself to those monsters!” Alexander yelled.” There bloodthirsty, maniacs that crave destruction.”

Merlin raised an eyebrow. "That was... abrupt..."

“Sorry, but when you fight an enemy for centuries, the very idea of us being the same is not something to think about.”

"Well, you should get used to it." Merlin answered as he began to walk away. "Arthur hires whoever he thinks will be proficient and expect everything to treat each other respectfully."

Alexander sighed, the very thought of his kind being compared to demons. Though from the point of view of humans, they might as well be. Both his and demons are both attacking humans, though demons seem to be taking in the humans while his kind were killing the humans.” Damn it, I’m starting to think my people are worse.” Alexander took a breath and went walking around the church again, he decided to go to the armory maybe a change of senory would get his mind off that subject.

Various weapons lined the walls of the armory. Each on was finely crafted, though many of the shelves were empty. Likely, this was due to the lack of blacksmiths the Guild had as a whole.

“Hum not bad stock of weapons, well there could be more.” Alexander grabbed a broad sword and looked it over.” This is some fine craftsmanship.”


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Part 2

Rebecca soon walked into the room, dragging a wagon of weapons behind her. She let out a long yawn, moving to the left wall and beginning to sort the blades.

“Do you need any help with those.” He asked the lady.” Are you the blacksmith around here?”

"Yes, who are you?" Rebecca answered with a skeptical look.

“I’m Alexander Valentine, I’m new around here I’m one of the new angles around here.” He said helped her with sort out the weapons.

"Wow, the guild association must be really desperate to allow you to apply." Rebecca stated as she placed a morning star on one of the racks.

“Wow thanks, but then again I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less, after all my kind has kill and hunted you for centuries. But I left that behind me, I never killed an innocent human.”

"Do you even know what an innocent person looks like?" Rebecca questioned.

“I would imagine one that’s not worshiping demons, or part of a cult. Harms children sacrifice their own as an offering to both my kind and demons. May I go on?”

"Then would you consider me innocent?" Rebecca leaned against her steel wagon as she spoke.

“I wold think so, after all you work here you make weapons for those that kill demons, and my blinded brothers and sisters. Why do you worship demons, do you kill your own people to appease my brothers thinking you could be forgiven?”

"You claim to have your eyes opened and yet you are just as ignorant as the rest of them." The petite smith sighed from frustration. She pulled her flask out of her shirt and drank from it. "One thing you're gonna need to learn, and quick, is that no one here is innocent. We all have our secrets; we all have our regrets and we all have blood on our hands. It ain't about demons or angels or humans... all that matters here is killing who we have to for the safety of our world."

“Great as if I couldn’t fall any further, now I’m with a bunch of humans that’s done terrible things. Well it’s nice knowing I’m in similar company.”

"Fall? Do you realize that your kind have done far worse things than the entire guild association combined..." The maiden grunted. "And that's including the corrupt parts of it."

“And I’ve done terrible things to my own kind, some of which will never get me back into the order. So, in their eyes, I’m probably one more step away becoming a demon.”

"You say that like it's a bad thing..." Rebecca muttered from behind her flask.

"Yea I stopped caring what my brothers and sisters think of me, to them I'm a horrible sinner mostly because I've indulged in all the sins. My greed, lust, sloth gluttony, but mostly my wrath. I think I was fallen many years ago before I was officially kicked out the order. But I like being a fallen angel, I get to indulge in many things that I couldn't do with the order." He then looked at Rebecca and her flask." Like drinking, so do you constantly have a drink on you?"

"This flask goes wherever I go." Rebecca answered.

"Hum so would you care to go drinking with me then, it has been a while since I've had alcohol of any kind. I've been to busy hunting monsters, demons."

"Don't that this personally, but no." Rebecca responded. "I don't drink with people I don't trust... and I don't trust people I don't know."

"Ah, well then is there anything you wish to know about me so I can change that?"

"Why waste my time asking questions you could easily lie about?" The blacksmith retorted.

"Why would I lie? I joined your group so I can finally put an end to the demons, what do I gain from lying to my new allies?"

"And how do I know that's even the reason you're here?" Rebecca continued. "Stop thinking that your word is all you need to prove yourself. It's just gonna get you killed faster."

"You know, you humans are really a pain in the ass you know that. Back in the day a man’s word meant a lot to you human, now your skeptical and think every word is a lie or has some hidden meaning. I have nothing to hide from humans, I'll gladly admit to what I've done with no problem and explain why I did it. True honesty, tell what reason do I have to lie to you at all?"

"It doesn't matter why you're lying or what your lying about. I'm not going to trust my life to a man who only refer to my kind as 'you humans.'" Rebecca stared straight into Alexander's eyes. "Let me make one thing clear. I hate your kind and your order and I could care less if you are fallen or not. You breed the same arrogance, spout the same lies and always you the same excuses over and over again. There is nothing you can do to change that."

"One I have no reason to lie to you or any human, seconded I keep calling you human because I don't know your name. It's fine to hate my kind, I get why your people hate my race it's completely understandable. Also your boss recruited me, which means I had to fight alongside him. Your leader gave me a chance, the same chance I give humans that want to join my order. I don't want to change you mind on the order, because I personally think there idiots. All I want is an opportunity to gain your trust that's it, that's all I want." Alex said looking down at Rebecca.

"Don't ask for something you'll never get..." Rebecca growled before storming off.


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ZombieSplitter53 & Black0ut
Home is Where the Sun Rises

Sho wandered seemingly aimlessly through the building, his combat attire still on. Truth be told, he was simply exploring their compound, familiarizing himself with potential escape routes, identifying escape points, and reviewing where certain facilities were. The man let out a sigh, somewhat muffled by his gas mask. "[I wonder if all Americans are as crazy as Arthur and his brother... would make sense I suppose...]" He murmured to himself in Japanese.

As he rounded a corner, he nearly walked into a young woman who looked to be Japanese herself. She let out a gasp when she saw him, the gas mask throwing her off.

"Donata desu ka...? [Who are you...?]" He asked quietly, tilting his head up. He didn't expect her to be able to respond, nor did he consider how hard it might be to speak to a giant, either. Well, I'm shorter than most... what did I really expect?

"[Oh! Hello! I'm Tina Kasagi], she responded in kind, bowing her head deeply.

He blinked under the mask, still somewhat surprised. "[I am Shojiro Yasunaga. It is a pleasure to meet you." He bowed to her in kind, before promptly cocking his head back to the side. "[I suppose we are both employed in the same Guild?]"

"[It would seem so...]" She looked at his gasmask curiously. "[You have an... interesting look.]"

"[Sorry. Vow of secrecy and hiding my face is a must.]" He shrugged, his tone light and apologetic. "[I hope that doesn't color your opinion of me too much...]"

Tina shook her head. "[No. We... all have something we want to hide from time to time.]" Or need to...

"[Less hide, more rules. I'm not scared under the mask, just bound by an oath to not show my face save for lovers.]" He offered a shrug relaxing a little bit. "[Anyways, enough about me and my mask, what brings a fairly tall woman such as yourself to America? Surely the guilds in Japan could've taken you?]"

She rubbed the back of her neck. "[How long have you got? Because it is a long story. The short part is unfavorable circumstances required my mother and I to move to this country.]"

"[Arthur hasn't given me any new contracts as of late, so you have my full and undivided attention.]"

["Well..."] Tina rubbed her arm. ["You see, I'm an illegitimate child of my mother's affair with... someone..."]

"[Does it affect how well you do your job?]" Shojiro asked softly.

["What? Um... no, not really. In a sense, it.... helps my job."]

"[Then those people are ignorant and foolish, for that should be the only question they should ask. To deny someone as talented as you on blood alone... that is a cruel thing to do.]" Shojiro put a hand on her arm tilting his head to the side. "I hope you'll consider coming to me if anyone tries to reenact that cruelty to you."

Tina smiled softly. "Thanks. Though... if you really knew some things about me and my heritage, you might not be so eager to volunteer your services."

"I doubt it. You'd be hard-pressed for me to change my opinion. Besides," He started sizing her up, his tone becoming a little nervous, "you're a lot nicer than other women I've met. Much nicer."

"Oh?" Tina tilted her head obliviously. "In what way?"

"You haven't immediately tried to injure me in any way, shape or form." He shrugged. "Which is a nice change of pace, I must admit."

Tina scratched her cheek in confusion. "Has that happened here at all? If you want to defend me, then I want to return the favor."

"It's never happened here in America." He absentmindedly tried to rub the back of his neck, catching the hood instead. "But if something happens I'll be sure to let you know." It was audible in his voice: he was embarrassed, probably for revealing what he did to essentially a stranger.

"I'm sorry," Tina quickly said. "I'm sure you can take care of yourself."

He offered a more formal bow. [My apologies. I should not get so embarrassed about that particular subject, and I really shouldn't trouble a stranger so- especially one I just met.]"

Tina waved her hands. ["No, no, no! It's fine! Let's... just not call each other strangers. How about friends?"]

She could almost swear he blinked under his mask as he seemed to pause. "[You consider me a friend...? Then I suppose, umm... you're my friend too, then.]" His voice seemed to grow a little quieter, which didn't help the poor quality given the mask he wore.

She crouched down and took his hands. "Then that settles it! Friend."

He let out a more genuine chuckle at her enthusiasm. "So, Miss Kasagi, how do you fight? Are you an up close fighter or more of a ranged expert?"

"Up close." Tina held up her arms in an offensive stance. "Close quarters combat. I work well with my fists, but I also employ claws and tonfa."

He tilted his head. "Claws?" He murmured to himself before shaking his head. "I work more from afar, using pistols, but I have a Tanto and a Wakazashi for melee weapons. My specialty is to debilitate any enemy with a single bullet."

"Wow, really?" Tina smiled brightly. "Guns have always fascinated me. Probably because I could never afford one so they always seemed like an exotic weapon to me."

"[Well... I could teach you gunplay if you wanted. I wouldn't do it for free, mind... maybe an exchange of services, perhaps? But then, what service...?]" He pondered aloud, a hand tapping his mask.

Tina shrugged. "I don't know. I can fight... I can do Exorcisms... um... I have a few contacts that can find you rare occult objects from Asia. And if nothing else, I can pay you."

"[Exorcisms? What's the point if you kill the demon?]"

"[Well, sometimes it is too strong to beat by a normal person and they can't afford to hire someone to kill it. And then there are ghosts and spirits that are a lot harder to 'kill'.]"

"[Then you'll teach me how to do exorcisms and I'll teach you how to fire a pistol. That way I'm not taking any of your money and we both get something out of it.]" Sho nodded to himself, unhooking a small rectangular metal container. He undid part of his mask, still hiding his face from view, as he took a sip from the container.

After a few moments of what seemed like drinking, Sho redid the straps on the gasmask. Catching her gaze, Sho held out the container, "Liquid vitamins. Good for when you can't eat something solid for awhile or if you're bored."

"I see." Tina giggled. "You sure are an interesting one."

"[If I'm being honest, not really. Most everyone here have far more interesting stories than a simple Blade Dancer could compete with.]" He replied, rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm... sorry. My small-talk is usually just talking about weapons, tactics, or other boring subjects. I'm sorry if I was boorish at any point."

Tina waved her hands. "Not at all. I'm not the greatest conversationalist myself. Maybe... we can grow in that regard together."

"I... would like that." He glanced at a nearby clock, before turning his head to Tina. "Unfortunately, I must be taking my leave. It was a pleasure to meet you, Miss Kasagi." The Japanese man bowed deeply, his back horizontal to the floor.

She bowed deeply herself, if not quite as much as him. "The pleasure was mine." She walked past him, saying, "Until next we meet..."
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Dark, Darker, Yet Darker Beginnings

Adriel walked brazenly through the alleyways and side streets, her missing helmet not hiding the slightly annoyed look on her face. As she made her way to the Knights of the Roundtable Guildhall, she grumbled for what must have been the fifth or sixth time. "I wonder what he's like... and I wonder whether that... kid? Assassin? Vertically challenged man? I wonder if he already grabbed tall, annoyed, and brooding..."

Elizabeth noticed the maiden approach. She walked over and bowed before Adriel. "Welcome to the Knights of the Roundtable. May I ask what the reason for your visit is?"

"Well, normally the answer would be a magical attack to decimate this building, but these are unique circumstances. I... need to speak with him. Privately. And if he is uncomfortable with armor or weaponry, I..." Adriel almost looked pained, "I can leave them here."

The spirit elf blinked a few times before walking through the wall behind her. Elizabeth returned a few moments later. "His office quarters are down the hall, fifth door to your left."

"Thank you. And, uh... if there's anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to mention it." The Seraphim started, before preceding down to the correct door.

Arthur sat in his office, a pen in hand and a cigarette in mouth. He paused his work to let out a puff of dark grey smoke and shifted his gaze towards the angel. "Ya know, we don't get many angels around here. So, what did you want to talk about?"

"I'm looking for my helmet. A miss... Ignja? She took it." Adriel took one of the available seats and seemingly relaxed, looking rather lazy. "And I need a little help."

"Ashana, you're subjects are killing me..." Arthur muttered with a long groan. "I'll see what I can do about getting your helmet back. You're free to stick around and bug her... as long as neither of you get violent about it."

"That's the other thing: I need... protection. I am Seraphim; What that means is that I'm one of the few holy order warriors that can annihilate entire armies by myself if they're not properly trained, and I'm skilled in close quarters combat." She raised her hands as if to ward him off from being hostile. "But I'm trying to... Fuck, what's the word... retire? No, um... I'm trying to leave. But when you're a valuable weapon, they don't like you leaving." Adriel rubbed her neck. "Could you house me and my sister while we get situated? We're both Seraphim and we'll work for a place to stay, but we'll only use our weaker abilities to avoid detection... and if you can't keep me, can you at least keep her? If one of has to get caught I'd prefer it to be me..."

"If you wanted to leave so badly, why didn't you just break a rule or two." Arthur raised an eyebrow in suspicion. "Worst they would do is take your grace and banish you down here anyway."

"You... don't understand how bad that is. When you're born, you're given Grace; it's like a part of you, a fragment of your very being. When they strip it off of you, it's... painful to say the least. And damaging. You change, mentally and emotionally." Adriel explained, rubbing her neck. "I don't want to take that gamble and potentially change into a heartless bitch who can't take a joke. An antithesis to who I am..." She shuddered. "I don't want that. I really don't want that. But if it meant protecting my sibling... well, it's my job to take care of her since my parents aren't around." She reached a hand towards him. “I know you don't trust me... fuck, I wouldn't if I was in your shoes. But I'm desperate. You're my last chance at getting my sister out."

"Before I make my decision, I have to ask." Arthur stood up from his chair. "Why me specifically? I'm sure you know that my reputation ain't the cleanest at the moment."

"You're relatively unknown to Angels; you're only a Templar level threat. But strong enough that you can dispatch most templars that come after you." The angel leaned back in her chair, looking far more tired than she had. "Which means you'll probably be able to fight Seraphim at an equal footing. Look, are you saving me or fucking me over?"

Arthur sighed. "Fine, I'll help you out. Where is this sister of yours now?"

"She's nearby on assignment. Demon clearing, if memory serves." She nodded to herself as if that answered his question. However after a moment's pause she continued. "She'll come looking for me, so no worries. So what would you like us to do for you while we live here?"

"Just the odd job here and there." Arthur remarked.

"Then we'll do as much... thank you, Arthur..." Adriel stood only to bow so deeply that her head touched his desk.

"And cut the formalities, that ain't how we do things around here." The guild leader replied.

"Well... it's still going to happen. Several of your lifetimes of being instilled to be formal are hard to get rid of in a single day." Adriel replied, a bit of a cheeky smile sneaking through her stone-cold facade.

"Is that everything you wanted to talk to me about?" Arthur asked.

"Yes... I'll probably have more later though."

"Well, if you need anything, let me know." Arthur walked past the angel and out of the room. "In the meantime, I've got a meeting to attend to."

"Will do, Arthur." Adriel waved him goodbye. When he was fully out of the room, she stretched her wings out and moaned as one of the wings bones popped. "That was so nice..."

A moment passed by before the door opened once more, Alexia stepping into the room. "A human guild house? Not the place I'd expect to find you."

"Yes, Alex... I know I end up in weird places, but this is a good place to stay as we avoid our former employers..." Adriel replied, folding her wings back.

"Former employers?" Alexia asked with a tilted head. "I'm not sure I follow."

Adriel lazily got up out of her chair and gently grabbed Alexia's shoulders. "We're no longer Seraphim. We're free. We can live our lives without the scriptures, sis."

Alexia leaned up to Adriel's ear and whispered. "Is this a part of our cover?"

Adriel offered her a smile and the slightest tilt of her head to answer. "I think this is our best bet, Alex."

Unsure if Adriel was still pretending or not, Alexia returned the smile. "As long as you don't forget why we are here."

Adriel's gaze seemed to sharpen a bit and her grip tightened as she said sweetly, "You wanna go and explore the city? I have to tell you some things..."

"Sure, I love exploring." The tiny angel answered.

"Alright, try to keep up." Adriel started, before quickly exiting, making her way into the city and down a frankly disreputable alleyway.

Alexia flew closely behind the battle maiden. She looked around at the dark walls, her smile unchanged. "Is there something you wanted to talk to me about?"

"They have a ghost, so even when we're alone, exercise a bit of caution about talking in the open." Adriel grumbled, coming to a stop. "And I haven't forgotten what we're here for. I tracked Ignja to this guild. These are some of their allies. In other words, a good way to gain their trust is simply by manipulating them into thinking we're friends. That's why we'll be working as their field agents. As Licensed Guild Members, we'll have more access to various new resources."

"Now that you mention it... the spirit and the shade will make true privacy hard to come by." Alexia placed a finger on her chin in thought. "And, if the reports serve correct, Ignja is one of Ashana's pupils... which will make this mission harder since the Emortuus Sacerdotium and the Order of the Broken Wings are enemies."

"Which is why I chose to align us with one power that will help us kill one of them and infiltrate the other." Adriel frowned. "Give me some credit... I'm not stupid. I am a highly trained professional who has a tendency to complete her missions when reasonable." She turned away, her wings flared out in anger. "Oh, and we have a limiter on our abilities. No chains and no spears. More basic attacks."

"That won't be easy..." Alexia replied with a nervous tone. "Due to my health condition... I was never given proper combat training."

Adriel closed her eyes, her face twitching out of annoyance. "You said you were combat-ready... well, it's unfortunate for you that your condition means jackshit out here." She opened her eyes and stepped forward, an almost palpable aura of anger radiating off of her. "In other words... I'm working your ass off until you can fight on at least a Templar level and I'm not taking no for an answer. I'm going to break your soul and reform it into a proper goddamn weapon of the High Priestess and Grand Exemplar... or I'm kicking you off into a passive role. Understand?"

"I will do whatever is necessary to ensure our success." The small angel answered with a bow.

"Then starting tomorrow, expect to have bruises and cuts spanning all over your body." Adriel murmured, spreading her wings apart. "And since I'm training you, during training, you'll call me either Seraphim or Ser. For now... hand me your wrist."

Alexia stepped closer to her ally and offered her wrist.

Adriel calmly but quickly reached past her wrist, placing her one hand firmly on her forearm, the other at her elbow. With a sickening crunch, Adriel jerked her arm in two different ways, snapping the bones in her forearm.