Hunters of Terra Dolor (Role Playing Section)


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Jun 23, 2013
A raiders furry


After the king decided to attack the captured City of Norsca, the raiders decided to go on a personal war with the country. They first attacked the nearby mines and freed the slaves that were forced to work there, the Norscans gave the slaves a choice ether join them in taking down this country, or leave. After spending years as slaves and getting unamiable torture they all joined the Norscans with a few exceptions that couldn’t fight because they were horribly maimed, after getting the slaves on their side they raided the rest of the mine taking the ore and ingots. After raiding several mines and gathering plenty of new bodies the Norscans looked at the cities, but before they could raid the citys they needed to train the now freed Thrope. “Ugh we really have gotten a lot of materials form those mines haven’t we, I don’t think we ever gotten a haul like this before. But then again we never had the chance to pillage a mine fully.” Lorica said smiling at the haul.

“Indeed I gotta say Lorica those black rocks know there stuff about smithing.” Wulfric said while lifting his new battle ax. “This new Ax is pretty impressive, as well as this armor. Feels good to wear plated armor as well.”

“Indeed, but first we need to handle somethings first. Korra and her damn out post, Lorica raid one and see if they are even worth a damn pillaging or to ignore.” Crixus said.”

“Yea alight sounds like fun, pulse it will piss off Korra and make her realize that she shouldn’t have abandoned us.” Lorica then stood up and walked to her tent.” I’ll get up bright and early and take some of the bloody axes and winter tooth clan wolf riders with me to attack that village.”

During the early sun rise Lorica and her wolf riders made their way to the village.” Now remember we kill the guard’s firs then we attack the village itself Arzu you and your group bring the guards out with your archers, Drurn you will go into the village and attack the guards in there, seeing the size of this place it shouldn’t take long to deal with this.” Arzu and Drurn nodded their heads, Arzu took her wolf rider archer and started to fire upon the guards in the village wounding a few of them. Then then retreated. After about an hour the wolf riders came back but with no archers this time, the guards took a defensive stance and this time there was more of them defending the front gate with crossbow men pointing right at the raiders, suddenly a blood curdling scream and another pair of wolf riders went from the rear and attacked when the guards from the front gate turned around Arzu wolf riders attacked the guards devouring some hole and the crossbow men getting shot from behind. The attack was simple and very easy, Lorica gathered up the town’s people and started pacing around and saw that it was mostly civilians.” Listen up we are here to take your belongings, were goanna take your food and your water.” Lorica looked at the town’s people and saw that they were mostly Thrope.” However you will keep your town we will not raise it to the ground and seeing as though we shall leave you with half of the food and water enough for you to make it to the next village at least.” Lorica looked at her people.” Load up and were heading out this place is not that much effort.” As quickly as they arrived they were gone.

“Lorica why did you go easy on them, it was nothing but a simple raid?”

“Because despite what Korra did to us I refuse to take from my kind in this country, as much as I hate Korra for what she did my people deserve better.”

Drurn smiled at Lorica. “It’s good to see that even you have a consous Lorica and not just some savage beast.”

Lorica ignored the comment and went back to camp.” Alight Crixus those resistance outpost don’t have much there not worth the effort in attacking, besides there are more important cites worth raiding right?”

“Humm alright good work Lorica, let’s keep moving there’s a city near by the size of the one we used to occupy. However this time we will burn it to the ground, best we get to making catapults. Anaxilea you and your harpies will look for these bus that Veronica told us about if we just show our presence there after what we’ve been doing they will want to transport there most valuable things out of the city. Wulfric go with them and take one of the beast ready that can topple that damn bus, and I might as well go with you, it will be fun taking these fools off guard and stealing their goods.”

After about a week the city did what Crixus thought they would after getting there watched towers destroyed by Norsca the mayor of the town did indeed transported a great some of money and some of their magic weapons. The bus was riding along the roads until they saw a few harpies fallowing them they emedietly fired arrows at the harpies. While they were distracted a giant rhino being road on by Wulfric rammed into the back of the bus damaging the back wheels of the but making it so they can’t move, Wulfric jumped off the rhino and slammed his ax into one of the guards chopping him in half. Another guard was about to stab Wulfric with his spear but Crixus plunged his ax into the spearman head the haprys made quick work of the other guards, quickly slashing their throats and plunging there claws into the guards. Once the deed was done the group grabbed the gold and weapons and took it to the camp, Lorica and the leader of the thunder clan went out on their own mission she got a vision from the god of hunt&Nature he showed her a group of trolls deep in the forest, Lorica and the thunder tribe continued to make their way deeper into the forest till they found some foot print a lot of them and they all went into a cave.” Hum we wait till night falls for these things to ether return from there ether hunt or to just eat.” Lorica and the rest of the clan waited for the beast to returnen it was mid after not and the troll came out of its cave it was massive standing at twelve feet tall and carrying a massive club, Lorica and the leader of the thunder tribe jumped on the massive trolls back Lorica plunged her spear into the eye of as for the thunder clans they launched javelins into the beast.


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Jun 23, 2013
Part 2

The monster stood up and swung its massive club to try and crush the clan. Lorica jumped off the troll and landed on the ground next to Tachanka, Tachanka told his people to fire javelins into the beast. The clan fired dozens of javelins into the monster each javelin being field with poison bringing it down to it’s knees Lorica charged the massive beast and drove her spear into the trolls neck piercing it’s jugular vein forcing the beast to bleed out.” Hum this beast will make for a great offering to the God of the hunt, now come one we have some trolls to capture and bring to the camp. Lorica and the thunder clan went into the cave and captured the trolls that were in the cave easily fourteen trolls.

After a few days of training the freed slaves and taming the trolls the Norscans final attacked the city there battering ram destroyed the front gate while catapults were lobbing flaming rocks over the city into buildings the Norscans ran into the city over whelming the city guards Crixus using his as to chop the arms of his enemy’s and his shield to bash their heads. Wulfric was slaying guards men left and right with his new battle ax killing multiple with one blow. As for Lorica she was destroying groups with her spear and shield Lorica drove her spear into the cheats of severial guards and used her shield to bash their heads and her gallants to finish them off the city didn’t stand a chance with the sheer numbers that Norsca had. They pillaged the town baron leaving nothing behind and finally burning the town to the ground, Crixus then came up with an idea Lorica and her army will ride north while Crixus Wulfric and Marilith would right south each would gather more recourses men and will be harder to track down separate then together.

On Lorica end her and her united tribe for days attacked unguarded villages raiding and pillaging them and burning each village to the ground, the villagers ran to the nearest town seeking rescue. This continued for days as Lorica and her untied tribe pillaged farms stealing cows and pigs goats and other animals on any farm. They also raided nearby mines killing guards left and right freeing thousands of slaves and most of them joined Lorica and her tribes, it was after days when the soldiers stomachs were empty because Lorica had stolen there food and some even defected to Norsca to save their families. Lorica and her tribes charged the city catapults lobbing rocks into the city and some climbing up the walls, the army threw rocks to stop the raiders from climbing up the walls but archers kept some back once reaching the top. Arzu lead the attack on the walls her and her blood axes were enjoying the fight Arzu her self-grabbed one of the soldiers and used him as a human shield to block arrows and threw him into a group she used her battle ax slicing into the guards armor when her weapon got stuck in the flesh she picked up a nearby sword to gut another soldier and toss her over the wall. She pulled her ax out of the man she cleaved and went back to the fight instead of going for the thickest part of the armor she would slice off arms to disarm them used the helt of her weapon to hit their eye/ helmet to blind or dissociate them and throw them off the wall as for her tribe they lived up to their name like the savages the are they only used duel axes or spears pummeling those with shields some even taking their shields and hitting them with it, the wall was easily taken with the wall taken by the bloody axes Arzu opened the gate.

With the gate open the rest of the tribes moved into the city and it was a one sided battle the soldiers not used to fighting monsters didn’t stand a chance, unfortunately some of the trolls attacked civilians along with the beast but Lorica lead her people throughout the city. The civilians tried to run out the city but they started to trample over each other and being stomped to death with all the chaos the soldiers couldn’t do much Tachanka lead the thunder tribe to the docks and destroyed the ships in the shipyard. Lorica and Drurn went to the slave houses and burned them to the ground and freed the Thrope that were forced to be gladiators and fight for others entertainment, Lorica quickly made her way to the castles her and the leader of the black rocks. “Humm nice place here I could defiantly used the materials to here to make better armor or as fuel.”

Lorica pointed her spear. “Well worry about improvements later, the battle isn’t over yet.” Lorica and the leader of the black rocks they and his clan made their way into the palaces, the nobles ran from the Norscans while the guards got slaughtered most started to surrendered and the black rocks started to round up the nobles. Lorica walked out of the main chambers with the leader of the city’s head. Once the battle was over and everyone was rounded up, Lorica ordered the execution of every noble and slaver in the city as for the men they were told to line up to one of their catapult if they were bigger than the linchpin that held the catapult was killed. After the blood shed the women the children and some of the guards were brought into Lorica army as the city was stripped of its riches taken its food and alcohol taken and the positions shared as for the city it was burned to the ground.

After the attack Lorica and her tribe celebrated the victory drinking cheering and plenty of enjoying ones company, Lorica after celebrating went to bed but she had a weird dream a dream of a giant boar near the area and it was covered in blood. When Lorica woke up she was drenched in sweat and got out of her tent she grabbed her spear and her shield and called a summit and her chief tens arrived at her tent. Listen up winter tooth I need you to scout ahead for the nearest city, see what their defenses are like Thunder clan go and gather food for our people take some of the guards that joined us with you it’s about time they learned to fight monsters bloody axes go and take out the surrounding villages and ran sack them including farms, burning blades can you train the freed slaves? I need them to learn how to not only defend themselves but how to fight because for as many of them that we have some don’t know how to work on anything other than mining. So you train them Drurn you teach some to hunt or even become shamans.


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Part 3

“And what about you Lorica what will you be doing? Tachanka said.

“I was given a vision of a certain pray that I need to hunt down and offer to the god of the hunt and nature, I’ll be back later in the day in the meantime let’s get to work. Lorica road off in search of her pray as for the rest of the tribes the winter tooth clan scouted the city like Lorica said and the city it’s self-seemed to be in a uproar when they looked west of the city they saw a bunch of guards in front of a tunnel, the scouts then ran back to camp were Lorica returned cleaning a few pigs she caught and sporting a bow on her back.

“Lorica we scouted the city like you said and it was off, there was extra security around what seemed to be a tunnel looks very spacious. Maybe they moved there recorsours underground?”

“Humm it’s possible for now let’s keep scouting the area and wait for Arzu to return and then we will attack the city, once Arzu retuned with goods from the surrounding villages Lorica told the group to wait on her as she went ahead to the city she saw it was guarded alright but not just by the normal guards the city was surrounded by hunters.” What the hell, so they decided to finally stop us huh ugh it’s best I send on of the monks to scout the city see why all the hunters are there.” As Lorica road back to camp she sent one of the burning blades clan to scout the city to get some information, when he came back he told Lorica that some resistance attacked the area and that a woman named Korra is imprisoned in the city. Lorica eyes widen when she heard Korra was in the city and just started to laugh.” Ou the irony of that ugh, were not attacking the city.”

“What Arzu said, why not we finally have a good fight on our hands!?”

“Arzu if we attack the city now yes we could win but a city filled with hunters, we would lose more people then we gain. Also we have more towns to raid we can’t do that with most of our numbers gone, so for now we leave this city and looked at it this was the city values that one person over what we’re doing. That means all of this country best in one area defending a rebill leader while we raid everything else.” While Azru didn’t like this she saw Lorica didn’t like that ether. Lorica and her people continued to continue to raiding and pillaging through Themosa until the capital was in sight.

South of Themosa Crixus Wulfric and Maralith made their way through Themosa burning villages and cities in their wake along the way Raiders from all over Terra came to Themosa joining Norsca, however thinking of being stabbed in the back Crixus challenged lead after leader of the gangs and killed everone of them establishing dominance over the others all but one a female raider that looked like a spider Thrope who bowed before Crixus and offered him her treasure. Crixus accepted the offer but kept caution for this woman, as Norsca continued to carve there path of destruction destroying farms mines and villages flooding the city with people seeking protection however there were waves of people outside the city gates banging on the massive doors pleading desperately to get it.

“Hum look at them all begging there guards men to let them into the city but being left behind to die, guess that means that Lorica is doing her part I can’t imagine what she’s doing up there to cause them to keep the gates locked.” Wulfric said

“She’s probably using the people to flood the city so the city could run out of resources, now as for us best we start attacking the other areas stealing their food and money perhaps that way even the soldiers would abandon the city.” Crixus said

“Now why do that, when we could just storm the city now and get those humans as a stamped and take that city by force.” The spider Thrope said riding on a horse.” I mean after all this is war and they more than likely aren’t that innocent , besides I’m sure if we come storming the gate they will run or be trampled.” The spider Thrope said smiling at the idea.

Crixus thought the idea over and nodded his head. “We don’t do that, we will not kill the children I that group. That’s not what were about if we attack we go to the side or go over the wall but we will not attack those people outside the city.”

The spider Thrope rolled her eyes.” Fine then well do it your way, hell to be honest have those people not in our way would make it easier.

After a few days the civilians moved onto another town once the people were gone the guards and the army stood outside the gates when they were waiting the saw Crixus Wulfric and Marilith on top of a hill, when they ran down the hill the soldiers were so focused on what was in front of them they didn’t see the spider Thrope coming from the side with an army of freed Thrope and both army’s collided both raiders doing devastation charges to the army the spider Thrope using her mace to bash the heads of the soldiers, One of the soldiers looked to impale her Maralith wrapped her tail around and crushed his spine. Wulfric looked like a man possess and started using his giant battle ax and cutting into the side of several men chopping their faces off picking some up and using them as a shield and cut off heads. Crixus looked more controlled with his ax and shield chopping off arms legs and throats, slamming his ax through shoulders and slicing shoulder bones and using his shield to drop them to the ground. Harpys flew down picking some up and dropping them Grot kill by the dozens slamming his club into the ground and stomping on some, a few he just picked up and threw them into others. As for the freed Thrope the were enjoying their revenge killing the guards that kept them “Safe” getting revenge on the ones that kept them in their personal hell for years the Thrope started acting like the animals they looked like enjoying the slaughter of the soldiers.

Once the soldiers were dealt with the raiders went into the city and picked it clean raiding the bar the banks even the castle itself the found the mayor of the city and dragged him out of his castle. Crixus left his fate to the spider Thrope and the freed Thrope that joined Norsca, they decided that each of them will lash him one time, after several hours of lashing there was nothing left of the man’s back and at some point they were just lashing a dead body, they moved on and the ones that didn’t get to him would get to the next mayor. Once the city was raided the burned it to the ground as and offering to the goddess of destruction. Once the city was destroyed the Norscans moved on and continued to raid the southern part Of Themosa, as they continued to raid and pillage their way through Themosa until they came across a massive city with people outside trere walls screaming to get in the city itself was massive and would make for a great offering for the goddess of destruction. However the battle for the city would take longer than they thought, they fired arrows at the arriving Norscan army hoping to slow them down.

But the Norscans blocked the arrows with their shields and started to get closer to the gate while the main army was going after the gate another part was lobbing objects at the walls with their catapults, while another was scaling the side walls. The city’s soldiers fired ballista’s at the main army as they were just holding there shields up deflecting arrows but not the ballista fire, finally Crixus and a few others made their way to the top of the walls. Crixus started to hake away at the soldiers on the walls cutting heads off slicing off jaws arms and bashing heads even throwing some off the wall, the spidr Thrope was going to the gate controls and broke the lock allowing Wulfric and the rest of the army to enter the city. Wulfric started to cut the soldiers in half cleaving some in two, Maralith was using her tails slamming some into walls breaking their backs poisoning some with her bits and with her six arms no one could compete with her in close range. The Norscans overwhelmed the soldiers with harpies and grot and the other monsters devouring them, the soldiers then were at the last gate Norscand charging them. The General of the Army stood firm and surrendered to Norsca.

He asked that they don’t slaughter his people and spare the woman and children, Crixus nodded his head and honored the man’s request and spared his men form the fight. Beyond the gates was a city filled with loot and spoils, they took everything every magic weapon new magic based technology. Gold silver copper, fresh food and water weapons and armor. The city was a very profitable for Norsca, once everything was taken they burned the city down as an offering to the goddess of destruction. They took the men woman and children under their wing and moved out. After a few miles they were near the capital of Themosa, the then ran into Lorica who had grown her own force.

“Well good to see you lot again, I see you’ve been busy I bring great news. One of the city’s I was going to attack was filled with hunters, turns out Korra attacked it.”

Crixus looked confused.” Attacked it that woman has changed.”

“Yea and it proved how much she needed us, she freed the prisoners in that city but she herself was arrested!” Lorica said in excitement.

Wulfric laughed. “Ugh karma is a wonderful thing, she betrays us in the most cowardly way and she got what she deserves.”

“Indeed, and with all there hunters in one place that leaves the capital without its best. Heh for now let’s rest up for a few days I’m sure we could use it, once we’ve rested we take that capital.”


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Frostlich1228 & ZombieSplitter53
Crumbling the House of Avarice

The Rebels gathered together outside the building a ways, tucked into one of the Railroad's safehouses, the primary one for their rescue attempts on the Dairy. As they stood outside, the dark corporate tower loomed in the distance, windows lit behind them ran up the entire length of the building. The entire structure had an ominous air to it not that they knew the truth, but juxtaposed against the feeling was the logo of a friendly looking cow, smiling and sticking it's tongue out, a sick joke to the few that had seen inside. Below were the words, Heartlands lit up with magical lights.

Korra raised an eyebrow. "You're right. Looks nothing like a dispensary. Looks more like a office building for corporate fat cats to gather and count their money. I'm surprised no one else has caught on before now."

"They're good at hiding their expenditures. Most just assume they bring it in from over the border and process it." He explained.

"So what was the plan again?" Bethany asked. "We wait for Terra to disable the alarms, then raise hell, right?"

"Well we sneak in first. Terra and her team goes up to prepare. While our team make our way into the subbasement so we can free the girls when we get the signal." Peacock looked back at Korra.

Korra nodded. "We'll follow your lead. And we must remember that the safety of those girls is the top priority."

Suddenly, a familiar Cow Thrope tapped Korra on the shoulder, "So. Are we doing this? I've been ready for years."

"Korra. This is Carol. You might remember her. She'll help guide us through the place. If you have any questions about... What goes on in there... She'll tell you."

Korra nodded. "I guess the most important one right now is how many girls should we expect to find in there?"

Carol sighed, tapping her bat against the ground. "I'd say... A hundred? Maybe more?"

"It'll take a number of trips. But after the shutdown is off we can open the other tunnels and have the rest of the rebels help us move them out." Peacock suggested

"All right." Korra smiled at Carol, looking at her bat. "Ready to bust some heads and get some sweet revenge?"

"Yeah. Oh yeah." She grit her teeth, "I'm going to show those bastards. They should have the girls in the... Milking Area around this time. They'll be... Locked up in stocks... Dazed from the drugs..."

Korra nodded, and turned back to Peacock. "Let's move out. The sooner we end this, the better."

"Gather your men then. Let's do this." He nodded at Korra with determination.

Korra divided her people into the different infiltration teams, Terra nervously heading the one to disable the alarms. After a quick pep talk from Korra, the two teams took off, heading towards the base of the imposing tower.

Peacock looked between them, "We go in the same way. That'll get us to sub level one. Terra's team will sneak up from there. Our team will sneak down. James, you should head up with Terra."

"Right." James nodded.

"Alright. Any last questions?" He looked around at the two teams.

Everyone looked between each other and shook their heads. They were well prepared and ready for just about anything.

"Carol. You should have told me." An unfamiliar voice spoke out from behind Peacock, the Sheep Thrope Magdalene appearing there.

"M-Mags!? Where did you come from!" Carol exclaimed in a hushed voice.

"I can help you. Why do this alone?" The Sheep crossed her arms. "It's my fight too. I want some payback."

Korra looked her over, smiling when she recognized her. "The one who helped beat the dragon construct, right? The more the merrier. Of course you're welcome to help."

"Maggie." She shook her head. "I don't want you to see what's going on in there."

James blinked, "She doesn't know?"

"I don't want her to know!" Carol defended, "Please. I've got this. We can do this."

"Carol..." Korra placed a hand on her shoulder. "I understand your position, I really do. Especially considering how embarrassing it is. But... what's more important? Your pride, or having the best chance to save those girls and topple this organization?"

"It's not pride! I... I don't want her to see me like that." She shook her head, looking at Korra.

"Carol! Please!" Mags begged.

"I... Just... Fuck... Is there anything she can do from outside?" Carol asked Peacock.

"Just... If the police come, you can keep the out of the building. If not, just let us know." The Railroad Leader handed her a small short range magic communicator but Mags turned it down.

"I can use my magic. I'm good." Magdalene sighed, looking sadly at Carol.

Korra shared her sad look, but turned forward. "Come on. We need to get going."

"Right."Carol nodded, looking back at Mags before the came in eyesight of the secret tunnel entrance where they off loaded the milk. Standing there were two guards and a large locked gate, the guards watching three other workers loading up a large truck.

Bethany cracked her neck back and forth. "May I?" she asked.

"Let's hit them all at once. Don't let anyone run away." Peacock gripped his metal chain tightly.

Korra nodded in agreement. She held up her fingers, silently counting down from five before everyone rushed ahead, Korra herself wacking the closest worker on the back of the head, knocking him out.

Peacock quickly found the closest guard, wrapping his chain around his neck and choking him out as James delivered a swift strike to the other Guard with his staff, knocking him out.

Bethany delivered several swift punches to the face of the second worker, perhaps a few more then was needed to knock them out, but stopped short of cracking their head open. The third tried to make a run for it, but Terra stopped them by pointing a gun at their face. "O-on the ground!"

He put his hands up, kneeling and pressing his head against the ground. "Fuck! Please don't kill me!"

"What? No! No, I... I-I-I..." Terra stammered.

"Don't worry about it, Terra." Korra took out some rope and bound the man's arms and legs. "Though that is a sign that they might be in the wrong, but they aren't worth killing."

Bethany raised her arms. "Okay, okay! I already promised I wouldn't kill any unarmed guys. I'm not a savage..."

"Are... Fuck you're the rebels aren't you! Look I'm just trying to feed my family! I don't even have any slaves!" He trembled heavily.

Korra moved him against the wall. "Chill out, we're not here to kill anyone, though you might need to find a new job after we're done here. Are the girls in the milking room?"

"What? Look I don't know what you're talking about I just take the crates from the storage area to the trucks." He shook his head quickly.

"Rrrrright..." Korra walked over to the others. "Either he doesn't know anything or he's lying and we don't have time to question him. Carol, you said the girls are probably down there, right? Any chance you know the way there? You know, retrace your steps after escaping?"

"I was pretty delerious..." Carol shook her head.

"But I know the way." Peacock added. " I've done this plenty of times. Just gag this guy and we can make our way in."

Bethany walked over to the man, tying a rag around his mouth and patting his head. "Now you remember the nice rebels that could have killed you but didn't. We're the good guys."

Everyone moved inside, Terra sticking close to James. "What do you think the chances are of us making it upstairs, you know... quietly?"

"Good. But if we get caught up there we have to get up to the controls as fast as possible." James told her, "Nervous?"

Terra nodded. "Y-yes, but... don't worry about me. I promise I-I won't let you down. She put on a cute determined face and rasied her gun.

"Alright" Peacock handed Terra a map of the building layout with the target office marked. "Use this to get up there. If you have any trouble use that communicator I gave you James."

Terra nodded. Her and James' team went their way while Korra and Peacock's team went the other. All the while, Korra kept opening and closing her fists. She was tense from the situation and angry about what was going on. Under it all, she was nervous. This was her chance at redemption for teaming up with Norsca. What if she screwed it up?

They skulked around corners inside the building, concrete hallways that were clearly not meant to be seen by the public. A group of guards passed by them but they were quickly and quietly subdued, then they continued onward when they found a laege staircase going down. "This is the way."

Korra looked over at Carol. "You ready for this?"

"I don't know." Carol replied as they reached a large door, locked with a keypad. Peacock made his way up to it, trying all of the codes he knew, after a few seconds, it opened with a whir. However, they heard voices quickly coming towards them, "Shit! Against the door, rush them when they come out."

"So? The yield today from the girls?"

"Good. Pretty high. Although the new ones need to be broken in."

"Right. How many new ones do we have?"

"Twenty or so. Most of them have stopped all that struggling by now."

"The first few weeks are always the most annoying, having to babysit them like that."

"Allow us to take them off your hands." Bethany reached out, grabbing one of the men by his neck and lifting him in the air, claws digging in slightly and drawing blood.

"What the!" The other man exclaimed before Peacock put him in a full nelson.

"Shut up if you know what's good for you." The Railroad Leader threatened.

"You're... Korra Devolina... Fuck..." He squirmed.

Korra smiled. "Nice to be recognized." Her smile dropped and she pointed her staff at his face, the magical item growing until it was an inch away. "Are all the girls on your... ugh, milking floor? Or are any of them somewhere else?"

"No. They're there! We just started so they're all there!" He spoke quickly and nervously.
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"None in the holding cells!?" Carol pointed the bat at his face.

"No! No not yet! You're..." He blinked at her.

She slammed her bar into his nose, clearly breaking it, "It's Carol! Do you remember me?"

"I'm..." He gasped. "Fuck... I don't remember any names you bitch."

"Of course not." Bethany dropped her hostage, having chocked him out. "We're... they're just numbers to you, huh? Well, we're ending that today. Let's see how well your business does when all the girls are freed and they expose this disgusting operation, fucker!"

He looked back at Peacock, "H-How many of them are you going to save this time Bird? Two? Three?"

"All of them," Korra answered for him. "Like we said, we're shutting you down."

"I think you animals have bit off more than you can chew." He grit his teeth.

"I think you should tell us how many workers are in there." Peacock twisted his arm.

"Fuck! Mmrphh! About a dozen! It's mostly automated, we just need guards to make sure the girls don't try anything. The rest are doctors!"

"How many?" He repeated.


"And what do you do here?" Peacock waited a moment before twisting her arm further.

"I'm! I'm the assistant supervisor! The Lead Supervisor is at the offices right now, but he's coming back!"

Korra pressed her staff against his bleeding nose. "If you've told us any lies, we'll find you. I'm sure Carol here would like nothing better but to further torture you."

"So. Any ideas for plans? When we get in there and start this fight, others will start coming. But our first priority is to keep the girls safe." Peacock told them.

"Maybe we should wait for the other team to do their job," Korra suggested. "With the alarms and lockdowns disabled, it'll take longer for the guards to know what is going on."

"Right. Let's get into position inside the room." Peacock slowly opened the double doors which lead to a T intersection with another set directly in front of them. He took a deep breath, opening the door before them. The sight was immediately repulsive, within the room was a long warehouse like space, overhead lights revealing the entire area all the way down. The walls were made of a cold stone, giving the entire room a dead industrial feeling. It consisted of a long hallway that on both sides had almost like booths running down either side, however, without walls you could see every girl all the way down. There were a large number of girls, one in every booth, all hooked up to machines, they sat on large benches with ring leg restraints and stock like arm and leg restraints that kept their heads upward. In front of them was a simple rig to hold the main equipment, two suction like cups attached to each breast that pumped milk rythmically down through tubes that led into the floor and an IV system with a bag that pumped a opaque white fluid into their views a drop at a time. Directly in front of each as well was a small tray presumably used for food that currently sat empty.

There were at least fifty girls in this room alone, all with flushed faces, in a half aware state as the occasional doctor paced up and down the middle isle, checking on conditions at a glance.

Korra placed a hand over her mouth. "I think I'm going to be sick." Several of her comrades felt the same, many turning white or green. Bethany just got angrier, like her fury could boil over at any moment.

Peacock placed a hand on Bethany's shoulder, "It'll be easier if we wait for the alarms to go down. Easier and safer for the girls..."

Bethany calmed down, if just a bit. "O-okay. I just... hope James and Terra are almost there."

Meanwhile, James and Terra were moving through the well furnished parts of the tower, it was better that they avoid trouble all together. The upper sections of the building were a comfortable affair with wooden panel walls and rich red carpeting.

About a few floors lower than the security room they really reached a problem, a numbered keypad and two guards standing outside.

"What do we do?" Terra whispered, looking doing at her two shot gun. "I-I could try and take them out, but the noise might alert others."

James smiled as he took a ball bearing out of his pocket, pulling out his staff, "I've got this. Just watch."

He gave the ball a little toss up and struck it with the tip of his staff, sending it forward quickly, it then bounced off the wall hitting one in the head and knocking him out before bouncing to the other, taking him out before he could raise the alarm. "Done."

"W-whoa... that was awesome!" Terra stood up. "Can you teach me to do that some time? That was much quieter then a gun."

"Are you an Earth Mage?" He said casually, walking over.

"I can use some Earth magic, yes." Terra walked over to the keypad. "My former master made me use it to perform parlor tricks for his amusement."

He sighed, "That's... I'm sorry. I can handle the keypad."

Terra nodded as she watched him. "It... it wasn't the worst. Knowing what they do here, I didn't have it as bad. Plus the other... you know... naughty things some people do with their slaves."

"No one should be humiliated like that... I guess I was born lucky, despite all the ridicule." He placed his hand on the keypad, the screen glitching out as magic pulsed from his hand. After a few pulses, the door slid open. "After you Madam'Moiselle."

"Oh, so kind and courteous..." Terra pointed her pistol forward, slowly entering the room.

Coming up a flight of stairs a voice called down, "Marcus! Is that you? I think something weird is going on..."

Terra pointed her pistol up the stairs. Clearing her throat, she deepened her voice as far as it would go and shouted back. "Yeah."

There was silence, then some shifting, "Alright Man. Come on up! I swear these false alarms..."

Terra nodded back at James and walked up the stairs, gun pointed forward.

James slowly made his way up, the door already open, but before he could really react there was a loud bang and a bright flash from deep within the room. James let out a scream of pain, falling backwards clutching his left side.

"James!" Terra moved to his side, pointing the gun up. "Are you okay?!"

"Just get him! Before he-" A Siren began to flare throughout the building, the lights turning red. "Shit! We need- Erggh! To get to his console now!"

Terra suddenly rushed up the stairs, pulling out another gun. Two pistols, four shots. As soon as she was up, she fired a blind shot to spook the guard.

He quickly and instinctively took cover, firing a shot blind over the table he was hiding behind, which sparked against the wall a foot or so from her.

Terra yelped but didn't back off. She used her earth magic to partially deconstruct the wood of the table, making it as frail as cardboard, then fired a shot that went straight through it.

She heard a gurgle, the man falling backwards from his crouching position and sliding down the console leaving a trail of blood from a wound in his sternum.

Terra gasped, not having meant to kill him. That meant she had to figure out the controls fast. While she fumbled with the controls, she switched on the intercom system and said, "No need to be alarmed, folks. There is just a slight malfunction in the system. We apologize for the inconvenience and will have the alarms off asap." She switched the comms back off and shouted back, "James, are you okay?"

He struggled to get up, walking over, "Yeah... Better than that guy..."

'Y-yeah... that's the first time... I..." Terra closed her eyes for a moment, the shook her head. She continued to mess with the controls until the alarms turned off. "There. Now we just have to disable the lockdown functions."

He wiped the blood off of his hands, breathing heavily as he worked on the console, after a number of inputs a light indicated the lockdown systems had been deactivated. "Alright... Now we need to get Sylus... You... Wouldn't happen to know ant healing magic, would you?"

Terra smiled. "Now that is one thing I can do confidently," she said, placing her healing hands over his arm.

He sighed a sigh of relief as the severe stabbing pain subsided, the wound closing and pushing the bullet out onto the floor.

Terra rubbed his arm gently. "Alright. Let's just hope the other team is having better luck then us..."


Carol dodged out of the way of a attempted pistol whipping from a guard, their cover having been blown by a tripped alarm. But she was holding her own, talking her baseball bat and retaliating with a strike to the head. She then picked up the now unconscious man, holding a knife to his throat and facing the other guards. "Stop! If any of you keep trying shit we'll kill him!"

The guards hesitated, their guns drawn but not having been fired in the small scuffle do to the women in the room, completely unaware of the gunfight. Peacock huffed, having knocked out his own guard, "We have Sylus. Drop your weapons or I'll give the order to kill him." It was mostly a lie, he didn't know if they had him yet, but it was still a useful tool.

Korra nodded. "Besides, I don't even want to know what kind of punishment you'll receive if you damage any of the merchandise."

"Fuck you. You really wanna call our bluff?" One of his guards pointed the gun at one of the girls heads. "How about you leave and I won't blow her brains out? I'm sure he wouldn't be too mad if only one died."

"And how upset would he be if all of you died?" Bethany asked angrily, half transformed already. She likely would be fully transformed if she wasn't afraid of hurting the girls herself.

"You know you're all going to fucking die for this right? Word is they're real close to rooting you fuckers out. Maybe if you get out of here with your tails tucked between your legs you'll be able to live your miserable excuses for lives for a few more days." He said, pretty much grinding the gun against her head.
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Korra didn't flinch. She was used to this kind of cowardice. "Pull the gun away from her right now or you'll die. As simple as that. Then you won't have to worry about everything we are going to do to your boss. Or if you'd prefer... we can torture you as much as we will him."

"Animals all of you. Just a bunch of fucking terrorists!" His finger twitched slightly.

"Enough!" A Man said from behind, "Put down that gun!"

Korra cautiously looked behind her at the new voice.

A Man held up his hands, sighing, "Put down the gun."

He grumbled, "You're just going to let them get away?"

"We're out numbered. They won't get out anyway. If you kill her I'll make you wish you were dead." He glared daggers are him until he put his weapon away.

"Sylus I presume?" Korra asked.

"No. I'm head overseer." He grumbled.

Korra blinked, and Bethany grit her teeth even more, her eyes glowing. "Let me kill this smug dick!"

"Bethany, calm down," Korra ordered.

"But he is responsible for all of this!"

He rolled his eyes, scanning the room until he saw Carol. "Oh... I think I remember you... Brought one of my Cows back to me did you?"

"You're fucking scum. I remember you too, I thought about killing you every day. And now we're here." Carol pulled out her hostage's gun and pointed it at him.

"I can't imagine you were thinking about much of anything." He said emotionlessly.

"Everyone calm down." Korra took a deep breath. Something about the man's calmness worried her. "We're taking them. All of them. Is that going to be a problem?"

"Good luck." He merely crossed his arms as another group of three of Korra's rebels entered the room.

"Korra. The Tunnels are open." A Large Bear Thrope Woman said.

Peacock nodded. "Good. Start freeing the girls."

As everyone started to get the girls free and put some basic clothes on them, easily leading the drugged up girls away, Korra strut over to the head overseer. "What's stopping us from taking you too, hmm?"

"Same thing that's stopping you from taking them." He shrugged. "You Know. You rebels aren't so clever. You think you are, but you're not."

Korra smiled smugly. He didn't know they had control of the lockdowns. Plus either Veronica was talking any police backup down, or Mags was holding them off. Her smile wavered a bit. He didn't know that... right? She quickly turned to Peacock. "We should hurry."

He nodded. "Carol. Help free the girls. Beth, make sure none if the guards try anything funny."

The Overseer shook his head, "You really didn't think we'd prepare for this? We're the obvious Target after all I know you can't help yourselves."

"Shut up or I'll break your Jaw." Carol fought, carefully removing the IV from a girl's arm.

"We've been making friends you see. Powerful Friends." He continued anyway.

"Yeah?" Bethany glared at him. "Mind if we borrow your little black book of names? I'd like to pay your friends a visit next."

"Oh. You'll get to see them real soon." He grinned.

Bethany took a step forward, but Korra grabbed her shoulder. "Ignore him. We're almost home free. Just focus on the girls."

After about ten agonizing minutes nearly all the girls had been freed, Peacock pulling out a small box shaped device and speaking into it. "James. Terra. How's it going up there?"

"Oh Good." James replied in a staticy voice, "We're right outside Sylus' office."

"Stay on your toes!" Korra warned. "I smell a trap. There is a big shot down here practically telling us there is one."

"Great..." James sighed. "So what should we do?"

"Just... be cautious." Korra sighed. "And try to expect anything... especially being stabbed in the back.

Terra frowned and took a deep breath, holding up her reloaded handguns. Ready for this?"

"Yeah." James pulled out a few ball bearings, kicking the door open. "Sylus! We're here for you!"

A Older Man yelled out, "Kill them! Kill them now!"

The guards that were in cover behind two mental cabinets popped out from behind, opening fire on the two of them.

Terra fired two shots, hitting one of the guards, before ducking back behind the wall and crying out in pain.

James quickly pulled out his ball bearings and launched them, using his magic to guide them around the cover and into the skulls of the guardsmen. "Terra! How bad is it?"

"I-I'm... f-fine," Terra said. "J-just get Sylus." Her hands glowed with a green light as she attempted to heal herself.

James rushed into the room, the sound of two more shots went off before a metal clattering and sounds of a struggle, grunting and tumbling. Eventually, she heard Fancypants called out, "I got the bastard!"

"G-good," Terra said softly, coughing. "A-are you... okay?"

"I got him!" He grunted, cuffing the CEO's hands and legs together. After a moment James made his way out to her, "He's not going anywhere."

Terra amiled lightly, her eyes half open. There was a small pool of blood under her. Her hands covered a hole over her belly, the bullet removed but the wound not closing. The green glow of her hands flickered like a candle about to go out. "Glad. Did I... help?"

His expression dropped, "Fuck. Okay... I... You're going to be fine."

James quickly took out a few things from his pockets, namely a lighter and a knife. Reaching over and pulling one of the guards guns towards him he ejected the unfired bullet and picked it up. Taking the bullet up to his mouth he pried off the flat portion with his teeth, pouring the gunpower out into his hand which he then pressed into her gunshot wound. "You still with me Terra? This is going to hurt."

Terra nodded, a few tears rolling down her cheeks. "If I... don't make it... tell Korra... tell... Korra..."

He grit his teeth, heating up the knife with the lighter, he then ignited the black power with the open flame and pressed the hot metal against the gunshot wound. In an instant of searing pain, the gunshot would was flash cauterized, stopping any more external blood loss. "There... You'll be alright. Just breathe."

Terra panted heavily, the pain waking her up, if after nearly knocking her out. "Th-thank you, James." She pushed herself up the wall painfully, holding her belly. "You got... Sylus, right? We should... get out... of here..."

"Yeah. Don't die on me okay?" He smiled at her, but there was a hint of nervousness behind it.

Terra nodded, the glow returning to her hand as she attempted to heal herself once more.

After a moment he came out with a middle aged man, but still looked quite young, obviously fake blonde hair was spiked up with a lot of hair gel. He was wearing a vanilla colored suit and he was struggling in James' hands. "Fuck you! Get off me! Don't rough up my hair! You fuckers are going to pay for this!"

Terra chuckled weakly. "A loud one, isn't he." She glared into his eyes. "You are going to pay for every Thrope you made suffer."

"I hope you bleed out you terrorist bitch..." The Man growled, being pushed by James.

"Walk Sylus." Fancypants commanded.

Terra slowly followed behind them, both hoping she didn't bleed out, and that the others were okay after what Korra had said.

James looked back, "Hey Terra. Mind if I have one if your guns?"

"Hmm? Sure." Terra reached into her coat and pulled out a fresh gun. "Two shots, .45 caliber," she said as she handed it to James.

He pointed the gun to Sylus' head, just in time for two more guards to arrive. "Stop right there or I'll paint the walls with his brains!"

"Please! Just listen to him! Get out of their way!" Sylus called out, the guards begrudgingly obeying.

Terra smiled at how easy that was. These kind of men were always cowards deep down, preying on others to satisfy their self worth. "Put your weapons down and step aside," she ordered. "And don't even think of following us."

The men did as she commanded, lowering their guard. "Dammit..." One of them mumbled as they passed by.

James and Terra hurried down the stairs, the latter able to speed up as they went. "Think they have the girls out by now," she asked.

"P? What's up?" He asked into his communicator, "We have Sylus."

"Good. We're almost done with the first room. But it's slow going. Make sure you get Sylus down here, we need him as leverage." Peacock replied.

Korra help the last of the women head into the tunnel and looked at the so-called overseer. "Maybe we should take him too."

"I not so sure. If we take them it might be harder for us to reveal what they've been doing here." Peacock looked over.

"I guess you're right." Korra glared at the man a moment longer before walking away. "Come on. There is nothing to stop us now unless they're about to tell the police about their secret tunnels."

Almost as if to prove her wrong, she heard a voice in her head, all of them did in fact. "Guys! It's Mags!"

Her breathing was hard, it was like she had just been through something major. "There are men coming! A lot of them! They're trying to go through the front door! You have you barricade yourselves in!"

"Maggie!? Are you alright?" Carol did a double take.

"Don't worry about me, you're all in grave danger if you don't close that door!"

"Do as she says!" Korra ordered, her men rushing to make a barricade. "How are you talking to us?" she asked.

"Magic! Does it really matter? Please, they're going to kill you. I'll meet you at the front door, I can get there before they can you just have to hurry!" Mags replied again, obviously panicked.

"Well. What're we waiting for." He spoke into his communicator. "James. Lock Down the front entrance. We have company."

"We're on it." Despite her pain, Terra ran back to the control room. It only took her a few moments to find the controls for the front door.
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They quickly made there way to the front door, Mags just making it in before giant metal shutters with large slats taking up the top portion, like the mixture of a gate and a solid steel wall, slammed down behind her. She was beaten and battered, blood running from her nose, bloodstains on her shirt perhaps from gunshot wounds.

"Are you okay?!" Korra ran over. "The... the police did this to you? What happened to Veronica?!"

"She's safe. It wasn't the police. It's... A Hunter Guild. I fought with the lead Hunter... He did this to me..." Magdalene huffed, "He's... Really powerful... Too powerful..."

"A Hunter Guild... Argus... That's bad..." Peacock spoke with some nervousness in his voice.

"Maggie!" Carol ran up from behind, "Come here, let me bandage you up!"

"Damn it. A Hunter's Guild. So that's what he meant by friends..." Korra shook her head. "We need to figure out a way out of here. My people might be more skilled then your average soldier, but they're no Hunters."

"Whatever you decide you need to do it fast... We-" Sudden a loud bang pierced the air, followed by a sickening wet splat as Mags' expression dropped, crumpling forward. A puddle of blood formed from a large wound on the back of her head, her white wool soaking a lot of it up, but it was clear the shot had found it's way deep in her skull.

"Mags!" Carol shook violently, running up and holding her sister's bloody body in her hands.

"Take cover!" Peacock yelled, pulling Carol off of her and dragging her forcibly behind a pillar.

Korra and Bethany were opposite them. She was glad the girls had been moved. "Stop!" she shouted. "We... we want to talk!"

"And what do we have to talk about?" A voice replied back, it was cold and sinister, like a sadistic assassin readying for the kill. "Korra Devolina."

Korra sighed. Now it didn't felt so good to be recognized. "Do you know what they do here? They're monsters! Why help them?"

"I do. And honestly I don't care. But it's obvious that if I don't deal with the wolves next door, they'll be in my cow pen next." A Man in a tall ebony top hat and black suit and tie with a white undershirt walked forward out of the crowd of Hunters that had now gathered. He had a lit cigar in his mouth and long dark hair complimented by a curled mustache and bushy tuft of hair on her chin. "Besides. I'm tired of seeing you rats traipsing around my city."

Bethany snarled, and Korra held up a hand to stop her from doing anything reckless. "I... I have a deal for you," Korra said.

"Fuck you Korra! He-He killed my sister!" Carol yelled through her tears, barely containing her emotions.

"Oh? I'd love to hear this..." He poked his top hat up. "Asmodeus Grey. By the way. A pleasure."

"None of these other people matter," Korra stated. "Just lowly rebels. They can't function without a leader. You... you let them go... you let them live... and I'll come quietly. No fuss. No fight. You'll be known as the man who captured Korra Devolina. Otherwise, a fight might cost you some of your people. I alone will take out more then my fair share."

"Oh. So brave of you." He chuckled.

"Korra!" Peacock warned her. "If you go with him. Death will be the best thing that could happen to you. He's well known for his cruelty and his... Promiscuity..."

"Oh? Is that Peacock? I'd like to have to word with you too." He chuckled.

Korra grit her teeth, her hands shaking. "Leave him out of this! If you know me, then you know I'm strong enough to take on any of your Hunters. The deal is for me and me alone." She hesitantly stepped out of cover, opening her arms. "Do we... have a deal?"

"Shhshhshh." He hushed her, putting a finger to his mouth. "Peacock. I know you've been putting spies out there."

"What are you talking about?"

Korra looked to the sides without moving her head. Let them speak. She'd scout their numbers as they did.

There were a large number of them, a small army, around a hundred of them. He smirked. "How dumb do you think we are? Do you think we wouldn't find her?"

He grit his teeth, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"I'm sure Lovely would know?" He chuckled

"Fuck you Grey! Where is she?" The Railroad Leader clenched his fist angrily.

A man walked up to grey from behind, handing him an object in a cloth that they couldn't quite make out. "Want to know so bad do you?"

There was a moment of silence as Peacock tried to lean out, almost cut down by a rifle shot. Grey clicked his tongue, "Tsk Tsk Tsk. No peeking."

"What is he talking about?" Korra asked.

"I don't know. I think he has my friend and in-" There was a wet thunk as the severed head of a Deer Thrope rolled past them, settling on the floor a few feet away. It was covered in dried blood, her eyes looking like they had been gouged out by daggers, as well, her teeth seemed like they had been broken horribly and her tongue had been savagely ripped out. Peacock gagged into his hand, almost vomiting, trying not to look at it.

"Fuck! You piece of shit!" The Railroad Leader seemed seriously affected and disturbed, the first time she had really seen his steely visage shattered.

Carol trembled, literally frozen solid staring at the head. "Lovely...! Oh Gods..."

"I don't appreciate it when little rats sneak into my lardar." Grey shook her head. "I'm not the kind to take prisoners either. You beasts are getting too confident."

"Bastard!" Bethany shouted. "You're dead! You're all fucking dead, you hear me!"

"Sure. Whatever you say 'Babe'." He mocked. "But I believe Korra had a deal for me."

"Tch..." Korra grit her teeth tightly. Her anger was barely being kept at bay. "Y-yes... let my people go... and I'll go willingly..."

He smiled, "Hmm... It's a tempting deal... How about this, if you're really serious about this, take one of the guards cuffs in there and restrain her for me. Just as a symbol of good will."

Peacock breathed heavily, "Korra. He'll kill you."

"Do you see how many of them there are!" Korra snapped. "They'll kill us all if I don't. Just... cuff me already." She glanced over to Carol. Korra couldn't let her or any of her people die. She already fail Carol by letting her sister die. One life was worth saving so many...

"Wait!" Terra yelled. "W-we have Sylus Whittaker! I-if you don't let us go... we'll kill him!"

Sylus looked out at Grey. "Mr. Grey! Thank God you're here!"

"Sylus. Looking good." He laughed.

"Don't play with me. You promised to help!" He begged.

"I am helping. If they kill you though, not much I can do about it. So either I help and you die or I don't and they probably capture you..." The Head Hunter shrugged. "Is that right?"

"Don't even care about your own employer. You're worse scum then him." Korra spat to the side. She grabbed some restraints and cuffed herself. "Happy? Now let them go!"

"Alright. Everybody back up. Ms. Devolina. If you would be so kind as to step up to the gate." The Man in the top hat stepped forward with his arms crossed and his hands in his coat.

Korra nodded, and walked forward. She stayed on her guard, ready for anything.

A number of his Hunters made their way, "Sylus?"

"Yeah. There is an emergency release, there should be a small red button, press it three times then lift the gate." He replied.

The Hunters did so, after a few attempts the gate opened, Mr. Grey staring at Korra expectantly.

She clenched her teeth tightly, and lowered herself to her knees. "I'm yours. You got me. Now please... let the others go."

Peacock just closed his eyes, sighing. Grey smirked, gently holding her face and pushing up the corner of her mouth with his thumb. His hand was cold, ice cold, his touch sent a chill down her spine. "I could just kill you all right now... Maybe I should... But since you were so gracious and honestly, that's put me in a pretty good mood. I think I'll be a man of my word today. Good for you all."

Sylus chuckled nervously, "Well... Great... But what about me?"

Grey shrugged, "What about you? I came here for them."

"But we had a deal!"

"We did have a deal but ah... You see... That deal was to come and help if they ever tried to attack." The sinister man looked around, "I think we've helped pretty effectively."

Suddenly, around the corner, Bethany came charging forward. She was fully transformed, a demonic wolf the size of an elephant with blood red eyes, and she was running straight for Grey. "Bethany, no!" Korra shouted.

It was almost an instant, Grey snapping both hands into his coat and pulling out two beautiful high power single shot pistols and in one fluid motion, took two shots directly into Bethany's knee caps. Afterwards he literally dropped the two pistols and in a another quick motion, reached back into his coat and pulled out two more, pointing them at her head.

Bethany whined and whimpered in pain, slowly transforming back to her Thrope form. "No, please!" Korra cried out. "You disabled her, you don't have to kill her! Just leave her be!"

"Well. I was being very gracious letting you all live and then she did something rude like this..." He shrugged as he pointed the gun at her. "Tell you what Korra. How much do you care about her? What are you willing to do?"

Peacock couldn't take it anymore, stepping forward, "Whatever you playing at-"

His eyes shot up to him, suddenly screaming, "DO I LOOK LIKE I'M PLAYING!? ANSWER ME KORRA!"

A few tears rolled down Korra's cheeks. "She's... my best friend. I'd be willing to do anything..."

He let out a huff of air, walking over to Korra and pulling her up to face level. "Well. If you really mean that. Kiss me. Right here. Show everybody here just how sorry you are. Go on. Be a good girl."

At this point Peacock was literally grinding his teeth together violently, there must be anything he could do! But doing anything would put the girls still escaping at risk, he couldn't best to risk their lives on a reckless attack like Bethany had done.


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Korra gave him a murderous glare. If looks could kill, he'd be dead on the floor. She kept that angry look as she gave him the most passionate kiss she could without hesitation. She meant what she had said. She would do anything to save her friends, even lock lips with this weasel.

His lips were like ice, there was no warm to them, she realized there was no warmth to his entire body, there was something very very wrong with this man. He gave it a few seconds before he pulled away, smiling, "That was so nice, I'll be glad to ignore your death glare."

He looked back at Bethany, "She still needs to be punished though. Can't have her going on a killing spree coming after you of course."

The Lead Hunter quickly aimed his pistol from where he was standing, firing a precision shot that hit her directly in the base of the spine. The Half Demon almost instantly lost all feeling in her lower body, no pain, no anything, as the muscles in her legs creased to function.

"Bethany, no!" Korra cried out. "You bastard! Why?! What the hell is wrong with you?!"

"She's alive isn't she? I could still fix that if you want." He shook his head, looking back at his Hunters. "I think we're done here."

Korra sighed sadly, looking back at the others one last time. This would likely be the last time she ever saw them. The rebellion was almost certainly over. But... at least they would live.

Peacock gave her one last look of determination, Korra knew what it meant, he wouldn't let the fire of the rebellion die, he would save her, she could tell that he put all of the fire burning within him into that one single look.

But... Something else caught her eye... Something strange... The Body of that Sheep Thrope, Carol's Sister, was gone, only a puddle of blood showing that it had ever been there at all.

Korra blinked. She was dead. Korra was sure of it. Did someone move her, or... was there something else going on?

Grey smiled as he wrapped an arm around her, taking her away as Sylus just seemed baffled, "Hey! Come back! Grey! You asshole!"

He chuckled, "So Monkey Girl. What do you think's going to happen to you? Do you think I'm going to... Turn you in? Get a big fat sum of gold. Or... Kill you myself? But that wouldn't make sense, I went through all the trouble to take you after all."

"You don't make sense as a person," Korra said quietly. "I expect torture, possible rape, and an incredibly painful death." She spoke smoothly, but couldn't help shaking a bit. No one had ever made her feel as unnerved as this man. But this was her punishment for her sins. The years she sat quietly while her people suffered. All the deaths she had caused. The people that had died for her. Teaming up with killers. She deserved everything she got.

"Right. Right. Here's what I think. I don't want to kill you. I don't want you to end up as some legendary Martyr. I want you to fade away quietly. But more than that... I want to destroy you." He leaned in close to her face. "I want to break your little freedom fighter facade and see who you really are deep down. I want to see exactly how you work."

Korra sneered and him. "I won't make it easy for you."

"Good. If it was easy it wouldn't be fun. But that kiss already told me so much. I think I already found one weakness. You care about them too much." He lightly kissed her on the forehead as they continued towards a large carriage set up a few hundred feet away from the tower. "If only the Gods would intervene and save your rebellion. But that hasn't happened yet, do you think it's because they don't like bandits or they don't like you?"

Korra looked away. "Fuck you..."

"Be careful what you ask for." One of his guards opened up the carriage as they reached it, it was cushy and comfortable, the interior lined with rich crimson seats and cushions. Korra was half helped and half pushed inside, the vehicle was quite larger than most, the cabin thirty or forty feet from end to end. When she entered she saw a Thrope girl wearing what looked to be a maids uniform, a lovely blank and white silk dress and a lace collar. Judging from the appearance she looked to be a Lion Thrope with thin orange fur covering her entire body, catlike bright yellow eyes, and a pair of cute cat ears on the top of her head.

Her eyes widened when she saw Korra, a look of instant recognition on her face, but she dropped it when Grey entered behind her, bowing from her seated position. "Carla. Sparkling water, one for me and one for my guest here."

She wordlessly started preparing the drinks, not a hint of disobedience in her.

Korra looked over to Grey. "You're trying to lure me into a false sense of ease. It won't work."

"I think you're too paranoid. Why would I need to do that?" He chuckled as Carla brought over the waters. "Just. Sit next to us and give Korra here a drink when she wants it."

"Yes Sir." The Lion said softly.

"Speak up Pet, I didn't quite hear you."

"Yes Master!" She practically shouted out.

"Good Girl." Grey rubbed her head lightly, "Isn't she just the sweetest?"

Korra reluctantly took the drink just so the girl wouldn't have to hold it, taking a drink. "You're demented," she muttered. "Just want you to know that."

"Oh, I probably am." The carriage began to move as the pale man crossed his leg one over the other, "You want to know something interesting? I know you're going to expose Sylus for his business practices. The population is going to be horrified, honestly, it was even a little much for someone like me. His life will probably be destroyed by it."

Korra kept his focus on the window. "Then my final act was a good one. This might not win the rebellion for us, but it'll make people rethink how Thropes are taught. With any luck, Veronica will be able to use it to start a movement." She closed her eyes. "If that is true, then my sacrifice is a small price to pay..."

"How Noble. I wonder how the residents of that Themosan Town you let those bandits take feel about it." He leaned back. "I'm sure they love you. I'm sure you changed the way they think about Thropes."

Korra fell silent. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her pain. This was her punishment. She excepted that. But she wouldn't let him enjoy it anymore then she could prevent.

"That's what I thought. Truth is it's a hard world. If I didn't take people like Carla here into my care and protection, they would probably die out there the poor things." He told her. "You know, she's from the Dutchy? Terrible place the Duchy. But with me she gets to live in luxury and all she has to do is what I say. Isn't that a fair deal?"

Korra remained silent. He knew how she would respond and likely had a counter for it. She just kept her eyes closed and tried not to think of the torture that was sure to come.


Outside of the tunnels, the rebels had freed all of the girls, taking them quietly back to the base through the tunnels. However, despite the success, the cost took a toll as Peacock, James, Terra, and Carol made their way back, two of the rebels carrying Bethany on a make shift stretcher, the half demon fading in and out of consciousness.

Terra was devastated, staring forward as if brain dead. They had lost Mags, a woman that wasn't even part of the fight. She couldn't heal Bethany's spine, and once Bethany learned of this, she might want to take her own life. And worse, Korra was gone. Worse then dead. Korra was as good as dead. The rebellion was as good as dead. Everything they had fought for, crushed in what was supposed to be an easy mission. Terra had no more tears to cry. She felt dead inside. She wished James hadn't saved her.

Peacock felt just as bad, he felt like he had failed, this was his plan after all. Not only that, but he put one if his best friends into a position where she ended up likely tortured and worse before dying a horrible death alone. The Railroad Leader sighed, "So... We're going to save her... We have the girls... Our fight isn't done yet. We... Should contact Veronica."

Terra took a moment to respond. "How? We don't know where she even is. Mags did, and she's dead now, along with all the rebels guarding the front. For all we know... Grey has Veronica..."

"Magdalene said she was safe... She should still have her communicator..." He looked down, putting out his small box and speaking into it. "Veronica? Veronica are you there?"

After a short while an answer came through. "I'm here. I'm sorry. I stopped the police but the Hunters... I couldn't do anything. Is everyone okay? I was afraid I would lose you all."

"No. We got the girls out but... Bethany is crippled, Magdalene is dead... Terra and James are injured and Korra... Grey took her." He listed off what he saw as a list of his own failures.

"Grey... took..." Veronica's tone said she knew his reputation, or at least the rumors. Silence for a while. Two men could be heard talking in the background. "I... I am afraid... I am out of the fight. The police grabbed me. My father wanted me back, even if that meant arresting me. I'm in handcuffs now. It is only a matter of time until they come collect me. I'll keep the communicator hidden if I can."

"Fuck... We're going to get her back. Understand me? I'm not letting it end like this..." The Bird Thrope assured her. "If you can't hide it. Destroy it. Don't let them link you to the Tower."

"Alright. Thank you... I know you did what you could. I'm... I'm counting on you." The communication cut out, and they were left in silence to contemplate how they could possibly save Korra from a hunter's guild... without it being a suicide mission.

Terra glanced over to Carol. "I... am so sorry... if I had just been faster... if I hadn't let those alarms go off..." She covered her face. "This is all my fault."

Carol was just staring off into, "N-No... This is my fault..."

Suddenly, a familiar voice spoke in their heads again. But first, a sigh? "H-Hello?"
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Carol shot up, looking around like she had just heard a ghost. "M-Maggie...?"

"Carol! You're safe! Good..." Listening to it closely, it was definitely the recently deceased Sheep Thrope.

Terra looked around. "W-where are you? Are you... talking to us from the after life? Because there was no way you could have survived, short of being a goddess."

There was an awkward laugh, "Funny you should mention that..."

"Are you saying... You're a..." Carol looked around. "And you didn't say anything!?"

"I... I'm sorry. I'm not technically allowed to help with this stuff, and it's not something I want being common knowledge. But I couldn't just let my Sister think I was dead..." The Sheep grumbled.

"Maggie where are you!" The Cow Thrope called out desperately.

"I'm on Grey's tail. I'll let you know where they are going." She replied. "But listen. Contact Ms. Havenbrook. She can help you get Korra back. I'll do as much as I can."

Carol grumbled, wiping tears from her eyes. "We are going to have a long talk you hear me you jerk!!"

"Love you too Sis." Mags replied lovingly, the voice fading.


Grey's carriage arrived at his manor as the sun was just peaking over the horizon. Korra quietly stepped out. She knew she could run, but she also knew she wouldn't get far. She tried to keep her head held up high, but the way she wrapped her tail tightly around her waist was a sign that she was scared.

The Man stretched a bit, "Welcome to my home Korra."

Korra scoffed. "What a dreary place... but I guess it suits you."

"It won't be so dreary once you get used to it. And you will get used to it, you're going to be staying here a long time." He scratched her head.

She snarled. They had just got there and she was already being treated like an animal... a pet.

He chuckled, the most important thing was to get rid of her pride, he'd work on that the entire time. "Come Carla. We have to find this girl something new to wear."

The Lioness obeyed, walking on next to Korra on the right with Grey on the left.

"You have something against me showing a little skin?" Korra grinned nervously. "I thought you liked girls."

"I go both ways, but that's neither here nor there." He shrugged. "I want you to wear something of mine. That's the point."

Korra sighed. She looked at Carla sadly. If she found a way to escape, she would be sure to save her too.

Carla looked at her, trying to show no emotion on her face as Grey looked at her. "Carla. You'll be dressing her. I sure she wouldn't appreciate me doing it... Yet."

"Ever." Korra glared at him once more. "You really are confident in yourself. Remember my promise. I won't make it easy for you."

"Oh. I'd hate that." He said as they reached the door. The inside had a comfortable Red and Grey theme, with red carpeting, mahogany paneling going half way up the walls, and grey paint above that and on the ceiling dotted with small chandeliers.

Korra looked around and nodded. "Not bad. How many slaves doing your work did it take to afford a place like this?"

"Oh. No. I do my own work. They just help clean up, more than enough price to live in a place this nice." He told her, walking her through the halls. "Did you never consider that most Thropes are too poor to afford proper housing and food? We give them a place to stay and work, if you abolished slavery, where would they go?"

"Government programs to help the misfortuned would have to be put into place," Korra was quick to answer. "As well as laws to get rid of the legal discrimination Thropes face that cause them to be so poor. Maybe if they were paid proper wages and given the same chances for jobs as you humans, they wouldn't need to become slaves. Besides, how many slaves in this country were kidnapped from happy families? Like in that milk farm."

"And you really think that'll work? That everything will just be better? Please. So much of this nation relies on Slave Labor, the country would crumble, or did you not think about that?" He raised an eyebrow.

"So did Helvan, and they're recovering!" Korra snapped. "If Themosa can't survive it doesn't deserve to exist. It isn't the slave's fault they are treated less then humans. But why am I debating this with you? You would take a hit to your bank account if you had to think of us as equals. I might as well be trying to get a lion to be a vegetarian. Because you slave owners are more of an animal than any Thrope."

"Stubborness and Pride... Tsk Tsk..." He shook his head, reaching the guest bedroom. "Carla. Help her Change. Pick something soft and frilly. As little or as much as you decide."

The Lion nodded, looking at Korra. "Come please."

Korra glared at him one last time before walking into the room with Carla.

It was a very comfy room with all the amenities, walk in closest, large soft bed, wardrobe, as well as a tall mirror and make up table. Carla blinked at her, "You're really Korra Devolina?"

Korra nodded. "I'm her, for all it's worth. Don't worry. I'll escape, and I'll get you out with me."

She shook her head quickly. "No no no... There is no escaping. Mr. Grey is a very dangerous man and very protective of his pets. Besides I... I can't go."

Korra gave her a worried look. "Why not? Whatever he has on you..."

"I'm useless without him. I serve him. That is my place." She said, as if she really believed it. "My old life is over."

Korra frowned. Was this what it meant to be broken? Was this... the fate in store for her?

A few hours later in the dead of night, Korra found herself resting in the guest room for now, the clothes picked for her being a frilly pair of a bra and undies and nothing else. Grey seemed pleased about it and told her to get some sleep, she had a long day tomorrow.

Then she heard a tapping sound on her door, it was the only place as the room had no windows.

Korra got up and walked over to the door. "H... hello?"

"Korra?" She heard a familiar voice. "It's Mags."

"Mags? Is... this a trick. Y-you were dead."

"I... Look. It's a long story. Just let me in." The Sheep said.

Korra quickly opened the door, hoping it didn't set off any alarms. "Whoa," she said at the sight of Mags standing on the other side.

The Sheep stepped inside, giving a slightly disturbed look at what she was wearing. "I'm getting you out of here. Okay?"

Korra nodded. "Of course! I didn't expect a rescue attempt so soon, but I'll take it."

"I can make a portal and take you out of here." Mags told her. "Did anyone else get taken? Anyone else you want me to try and get out of here? This could be a one way trip."

"There is this one girl named Carol... but I don't k ow where she is. Besides, she was so brainwashed..." Korra shook her head. "No... best we come back for her when we have an attack force. When we do, we'll free every slave here."

"Right. I-" They heard a creak behind the, the Lioness Carla looking eyes wide at them.

"I... Heard something." She looked between them, one hand outside the door. "What's going on?"

"This... this is our chance to get out of here!" Korra rushed over and grasped her hands. "Don't worry about not having anywhere to go. I'll take care of you, I promise. You can be free of this place now!"

"Get... Out...?" She gazed wide-eyed at Mags.

"Yes. All I need to do is open a portal a d we can all leave. You can go home." The Sheep whispered.

Her head tilted down. "Home..."

Korra nodded. "Yes, home. A real home. Where you can be free."

"And you can do that?" Carla walked up to Mags.

"Of course. I'll be glad to-guh..." Maggie's eyes widened, looking down to see a wicked looking knife plunged into her belly. She coughed up a spattering of blood, trying to move her arms to take it out but they almost locked up, the Goddess falling backwards into a chair.

"Carla!" Korra shouted. "What have you done?!"

"I can't leave... I can't!" She backed up, running out of the room and calling for her Master.

Mags couldn't believe it, even as she felt a dark energy coursing through her like a poison, but the powerful light in her stopped it from killing it outright, it was even winning, but due to her still settling power it would take a few moments for her to regain her faculties. She knew if he got to them in time, he'd have a Goddess captured. The Sheep had only one option really, using her connection with Methos to signal for help.

"Mags!" Korra shook her. "Speak to me! What's wrong?!"

"Move aside!" Korra was shoved to the side, Methos stepping out of a portal and looking Mags over. "What is happening? Mags? Can you hear me?"

Mags tries to speak, but a pulse of corruption through her body prevented her, but Methos could feel a lot of dark corruption pouring into her from the dagger.

"I'm getting you out of here." Methos lifted Mags up. She didn't know the situation. All she knew was Mags was interfering again. She looked at the desperate expression on Methos face as she opened her portal. "I... I'm sorry," she said, and truly meant it, as she walked through the portal.

"No!" Korra rushed forward, but the portal closed before she reached it. She fell to the floor, and slammed her fist down, yelling in frustration.

Magdalene lay in her arms, tears beginning to run down her face as they ended up at the other side of the portal.

Hours later, Mags woke up in a bed in Methos' home. She felt weak, and her stomach was killing her, but she could move again. Methos looked down at her, smiling sadly.

Mags looked up at her, but Methos could see the sadness in them right away, and while Magdalene felt like she could probably speak, she chose not to, which said a lot on it's own.

The door to the room opened, and a god Mags had never seen before stepped in. He was tall and handsome, with long, flowing white hair, and was dressed in regal attire. "Can you speak?" he asked softly.

"Yes..." Mags looked away.
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"My name is Zitka. I am the Arbitrator of the gods. It is my duty to pass judgement in matters concerning the gods, especially when the original ten are split in their decisions. I... also happen to be Methos' grandson. I wish we could have met under better circumstances."

"I understand..." The Sheep looked away, she knew what he was here for.

"You have been warned multiple times not to directly interfere with the mortals. Still, there are those on your side. A vote was taken on whether you should be punished or not. Ten original gods, two votes from the king and queen, one from the rest, twelve in total. The final votes... were six for punishment... six for a stern warning. Thus it falls to me to make the final choice."

"Well. What will it be? As the Goddess of Family it falls to me to help bring them back together. That place was... Horrible... Countless destroyed families and broken homes, just like mine..." Magdalene tried to explain her decision.

Zitka nodded. "I understand your pain, I do. But the rules are there for a reason. For that reason... until further notice, you are forbidden to enter Themosa until further notice. Violating this will have severe consequences. And we will be keeping you here in Aethereum for a while." He learned forward and smiled. "Maybe... you can use that time wisely. To change your ways... or perhaps, change the ways of enough of your peers."

"I just hope you understand the horror you're allowing to happen to that poor girl." Magdalene glared at him.

Zitka nodded sadly. "I am sorry. I do not expect you to understand or forgive me..." He walked to the door. "Rest well... grandmother," he said as he walked out.

There was only silence for a few moments before Methos started to sob softly.

Mags looked over to her, "I thought I could make things better... I'm sorry."

Mags wiped her eyes. "No... I'm sorry. I could have saved her. But I didn't. I was afraid you would get in even mofe trouble." She took a moment to control herself. "But... but this isn't over. You have allies. Me. The five other original gods that voted for you. And I know Ranseca was crushed by the bad impression she left on you. This isn't over. We'll fight this, we'll convince the other gods your way is right, and we will save your friends."

"Really?" Mags smiled faintly at her.

Methos reached forward and took her hands. "Mark my word. There will be a change to the gods, you will spearhead it, and it will be sooner then those against us want it to be."

"If we do convince them... We can have that baby together..." The Bard sat up and kissed her on the forehead.

Methos hugged Mags and whispered, "Nothing would make me happier."

"So... Zitka... Is he... Nice?" Magdalene sighed.

"Zitka is an absolute sweetheart with as strong a sense of justice as his mother, Nemesis. I know it broke his heart to pass that judgement."

"Korra has helped a lot if people. She helped us save Betty and Erin. But that man who has her is evil, we have to work quickly." Magdalene huffed stressfully. "Who voted against helping?"

Methos tapped her lips. "The vote was anonymous, but if I had to guess, I'd say Jerin'dek and Xia'tar for sure, and probably Rume'lurm and Tempora. If the king and queen's votes weren't worth two each, you would have been free."

"That doesn't exactly seem fair. Especially considering there are only ten of you." Magdalene responded, slightly frustrated. "I don't know if we'll we able to convince them, even if I think they owe me at least something...Rume'lurm and Tempora is probably more realizable... Tempora's your... Son's Father... Maybe he might still be willing to listen to you... I realise now I never really asked if you two were very close..."

"Not especially," Methos said, shaking her head. "Not for a long time." She gave a determined look. "But we can find other allies among the gods. The more we find, the more willing the ten will be to listen."

"So. You're suggesting we convince the other Gods... That would take significantly longer... But it could work..." Mags thought out loud. "You know more about this than I do..."

Methos nodded, and held Mags hands. "We can do this. I know it. You just have to have faith. After all, you convinced me, right?"

"Yeah... But are you sure there isn't anything you might be able to do for Korra while I'm trapped here?" Magdalene gave her a desperate look.

Methos shook her head. "It is up to the mortals now. We have to trust they will save her... before it is too late..."


After the two women vanished into their portal Korra heard a commotion outside of the door behind her, she could hear Carla's voice and even Grey's coming closer.

There was no time to think, only act. She took off in the other direction, hoping she could find the way out. This place was so big, though! She turned a corner, there were some of the girls ahead of her, two Vampires from the looks of it, but she remembered that this was the right way to the exit. No time to hesitate now. She ran forward, hoping they'd be too caught off guard to grab her. She didn't trust them to let her go after what Carla did.

The Vampires quickly spotted her, taking off after her, they were fast but she got a head start on them. She ran down the hall, turned another corner, the exit was in sight! She rushed for the door. "Said you could take me, didn't say you could keep me!" she shouted as she practically slammed into the door and pulled on it.

It opened but just as she was about to leave however she suddenly felt something peircing her neck, hands grasping her shoulders. He looked over to see a dark skinned Vampire with her teeth in her neck, a wave of wooziness quickly followed.

"No... please!" Korra stumbled back. "Why? We can... all... escape..."

The Dark Skinned Vampire pulled away, her hair a long braided white ponytail, "He'd find us... You don't know... He'll find my family..."

"But I... could have... protected you..." Korra dropped to the ground, in a haze. She looked up with half open eyes as Carol and Grey walked up. She looked at the former and asked, "Why... did you... stab her?"

Carla shrunk, "I had to... Mr. Grey ordered it... He told me to guard you... He'd hurt me if I let you get away."

"I might hurt you for leaving her unattended." He glared, the Lioness' eyes widened as she apologized profusely. He sighed, "I suppose you did a good job anyway."

"So. Who was it Korra? There wasn't a body in that room. Very curious." The Marksman looked her directly in the eye.

"Like I would... tell you." Korra glared defiantly.

"Ashi? If you would."

The Vampiress leaned down, looking her in the eyes, "Please. Tell Master what happened."

Korra grit her teeth, unable to resist. "It was... Mags. The sheep Thrope we thought you killed. She was alive. Sh-she... must have been a goddess..."

"Her... A Goddess..." He seemed legitimately amused. "I had a hunch after my fight with her... But after I shot her, I assumed I was wrong... But a Goddess actually tried to do something..."

"What did... you do to her?" Korra demanded to know. "How did you... paralyze a gooddess with a... simple knife?"

"It has a powerful corruptive enchantment. It acts like a poison, enough to easily kill any adult man or woman. But I heard a rumour that powerful dark corruption could even, albeit for a very limited time, paralyze Gods." He took the dagger from Carla's hand. "Looks like I was right. I realized it when I saw that her body disappeared during our conversation yesterday. So I gave Carla the dagger as a small precaution."

Korra grit her teeth. "You won't get away with this."

"What? You mean like how I wouldn't get away with the Venatin Square Massacre?" He pulled out his fine revolver.

"Venatin..." Her eyes widened. "So it's true. Someone did kick that off! You bastard!"

"All it took was one stray shot for everyone to start killing each other. All those people died that day. And the Gods watched. One even helped me set it up." He played with his revolver, spinning it. "All those girls were taken and milked for decades. And the Gods watched. The Duchy of Kemar was reduced to a barren wasteland... And the Gods watched..."

"A Goddess came to help you. But she left you here." He looked her in the eye, "So. Korra Devolina. I ask. Who is going to stop me?"

Korra tried to open her mouth to say something. Anything. Her. Her people. Some other guild. But nothing came out. She simply hung her head in defeat.

"Maybe when people stop relying on Gods who do nothing and faith that amounts to nothing, maybe then someone will stop me." He shook his head, his expression dropping. "We used to think Vampires were terrifying and so much more dangerous than us. Boogeymen that lurk in the night. But now look at them. When you dismantle that facade, they aren't anything special."

Korra glanced at the two vampires and scoffed. "Enough. Just... send me back to my room or lock me up or whatever. It is better then listening to your lecture about false gods..."

"Don't try this again. If you really don't believe me, pray hard enough and maybe your Goddess friend will come back. If she does, I'll let her take you " He mocked, shaking his head as the Vampires pulled Korra up by her arms. "Watch her carefully."

Korra sulked as they brought her back to her room. Maybe escaping wouldn't be so easy after all...

His gaze sharpened as she left, "So... This Goddess cares about her huh? Let's see if I can light the fire under her to come and stop me..."


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Frostlich1228 & ZombieSplitter53

In the weeks following the mission in Themosa, Veronica was returned home to her parents. After the reunion, she pushed them to launch a full investigation into Heartlands Dairy. Combined with the forced confession of Whittaker and the testimony of its victims, the company was ruined overnight. What's more, their seized assets were used to launch an investigation into dozens of high profile companies.

A few laws came into effect. Slavery was not abolished. That was nearly a lost cause at this stage. But registration of all slaves, no matter what level, was put into effect to lesten the likelihood of free Thropes from other countries being kidnapped like this again. The people, especially Thropes, wanted more however. The support for the crown dropped drastically.

Support for the rebellion went up, as did support within the rebellion dropped. Without Korra and her funding, things got really hard. But despite Korra's fears, they kept fighting in her name, and their numbers swelled after the truth of such a shady business practice came to light.

Terra recovered from her injuries. Bethany did not. After constant struggles with her anger and depression, they were finally able to get her to a relatively stable state. She was a depressed, sulking mess, denied the warrior's death she deserved, but at least she wasn't trying to kill herself or convince others to kill her.

Meanwhile, the rebellion took Mags' advice. They contacted Mina Havenbrook, and plans were quickly put into place to save Korra and take Grey down.

But these things took time. Rushing head long into an assault on another Guild wasn't an easy thing to plan, especially with Havenbrook's weakened state. And all the while, Korra stayed in that man's grasp, suffering alone...

Korra woke up, finding herself tied to a chair in a dark room, wearing one of the dresses he picked out for her. What psychological torture would he inflict on her this time?

Her tail whipped wildly as she tried to get loose. It had been nearly two weeks at this point, or at least she thought. It was hard to keep track of time. She had expected physical torture. Broken limbs. Electrocution. Lots of lost blood. The psychological torture was proving to be far worse.

"Korra! You're up! Good." She heard Grey's voice mocking her.

Her tired eyes looked around for him. "Why... are you doing this?" she asked, not for the first time. It was largely a stall tactic at this point.

"Because we are making progress. You always ask me this." He chuckled, "You're going to turn into a delightful little pet, and we are so very close."

"Maybe... I-I'd stop asking... if I got a straight answer for once." Korra was already starting to sweat. "Why are you like this? Why... do you enjoy this? What is it really all for?"

"Why? Well. How about this. I'll tell you. But I want to show you something first." She heard something move in the darkness.

Korra shook. "W-what is it this time?"

A light flickered on, revealing a Thrope girl on the other side staring at her with hate in her eyes. It looked to be another Monkey Thrope, but more like a Lemur. "Meet Candy."

"Candy here I bought recently. I actually got her for you. She jumped right into my arms when I mentioned you." He laughed.

"What... what does she want with me?" Korra asked nervously, afraid she might know the answer.

"Well. She's from a little town up North. She had to flee because that town was raided by group of bandits. Her father tried to fight back but, you know how it is when villagers fight raiders." Grey explained. "So she came to Themosa City Homeless and begging. Until I found her signing herself into slavery, so of course I bought her right up."

Tears welled up in Korra's eyes. It had only been a week, but her pride had already been broken enough for tears. "Whatever he told you, I... I-I... never wanted..."

"He told me everything." She stomped up, grabbing her by her collar. "He told me you gave our town to bandits! How could you! You're a monster! Just like him! My Family used to think you were helping Thropes!"

"I was!" Korra insisted. "I was desperate. The bandits offered to help grow our numbers. I... I thought the ends justified the means. I... know how wrong I was now..."

"Well. Ms. Freedom Fighter. The people who aren't working for your bandits now, hunting and killing, guess where they are? Slaves. What else could we do now that our homes have been taken by murderers? You drove us all into the arms of people like him."

"I-I..." Tears rolled down Korra's cheeks. "I'll make it right. If... w-when... I get out of here, I... I'll make it right! Even if I have to get your town back by myself, I'll make it right! I'll... make it right..."

"Oh you will!? You'll fix everything? So I guess that makes you a liar too." Tears welled up in her eyes as well. "You destroyed... Everything... I want my life back... I want my Dad back... Even if you free everyone he's still dead because of you and your rebels..."

Korra sobbed. "I'm sorry. I made... a mistake, I... I'm sorry..." She lowered her head and continued to sob. "I'm so sorry..."

She heard walking behind her, "Oh. But there's more... I have recently come into some more information about those Raiders."

'Candy', which was likely not her real name, raised an eyebrow at him. "What... Are you talking about?"

"Well. My Intel says they're back. Burning and Raising villages. It seems they have a serious beef with a certain friend and they're taking it out on everything." Grey added, the Lemur Thrope's eyes widening.

Korra looked back at him. There was no anger. Only horror. "You... y-you're lying! They wouldn't... not over me leaving them..."

"Oh no. I wish I was. They've already killed a number of my Hunter's tasked with stopping them." He expression dropped. "And it looks like they're attacking Rebel allies and the Royal Army alike."

Korra slowly dropped his head. That was it. That look in her eyes. The emptiness. That news combined with her other torture had broken her spirit.

"Hmm..." Grey looked Korra over. "You may go for now Candy."

The Monkey Thrope shook her head, "Yes Master..."


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The Man pulled up a chair, sitting directly in front of Korra. "Can't you see how much pain and suffering you've caused? I've even been able to find a number of Thropes willing to act as moles in your group."

Korra looked up at him, blinking. "I... I didn't... I was just trying to help. I know it was wrong, but... I-I never thought..."

"You know. Your Rebels are crumbling. Your Demon Friend? She can barely even speak she's so crushed." He scooted forward. "It would be so easy to finish them off. So so easy. Your Rebellion. Is over."

"Why..." She looked him in the eyes, crying. "Why... are you doing this to me?"

"Because you need to understand fully what you've done. What you've allowed." He pointed up. "Just like the Gods up there. I do these things to prove a point. There is nothing I hate more than people who lie to themselves that they're 'Moral'."

He rubbed her face, "You're not fit to lead. To make decisions. That's why you should let me make the decisions for you."

Korra's eyes followed him. She grit her teeth. Was he right? Was she no better then him? Was she worse? Her expression softened. Maybe... he was right. She wasn't fit to lead...

"This. Is your punishment. Isn't it? Don't you think it's strange that the one who freed all these slaves never even knew what it was like? You thought you could dictate their lives when you've lived all of yours in privilege? This is your repentance." He rubbed her face lightly. "So serve me. Your fight is done after all. It would be better to just accept your punishment gratefully, wouldn't it? For all the pain you've caused?"

Korra started crying, lowering her head. "Please... forgive me!"

"Honey. You have to earn your forgiveness. You have to earn it by going through the same thing that all these other Thropes have to go through... What you put them through... That's the only fair punishment, right?" He leaned up an inch from her face.

Korra slowly nodded. "I-I... will accept my punishment."

"Good Girl..." He smiled lightly. "Because if you don't. If you make a misstep on the road to your redemption. I might have to punish the other slaves. You'd be responsible for even more suffering because of your selfish disobedience."

"No, please!" she cried out. "I'll listen, I swear! Please... don't hurt anyone else because of me..."

"You won't just listen. You'll enjoy it. Understand?" He whispered.

"Enjoy... punishment?" she asked simply.

"Well of course. You wouldn't be getting this chance to redeem yourself if it wasn't for me." He told her matter of factly. "I'm saying you should thank me. And be grateful. I am your Master after all. You should be happy to do what I say. I know what's best for you. I know the best way for you to atone for your crimes."

Korra squeezed her fists shut. She slowly lowered her head. "I will... I enjoy it... master..."

"Good Girl." He walked around her, gently untying her from her binds on the chair. He then walked back around, standing a few feet in front of her. "Now. Come here."

Korra slowly stood up, rubbing her wrists, and walked forward. She was completely off her guard and showed no signs of hostility.

He gently pinched her chin, lifting her head up, "Kiss me slave."

She smiled gently, and pressed her lips against his. It was even more passionate then their last kiss, with no malice behind it at all.

He felt a warm wave of satisfaction wash over him, one of his hands cupping her chest over her dress and bra as they kissed. He reveled in his superiority over her, his position of power, this was always his favorite moment. Deep down, she knew it was wrong. She should have been fighting him. She should have been trying to strangle him. But she kept thinking about all the people she had hurt. Everyone who died because of her. This was her punishment, and she would enjoy it.

He pulled back his kiss, a line of saliva hanging between them for a moment. The Man smiled, scratching her chin, it felt good. "Perfect. I should come up with a new name for you. After all. Your old life is over, isn't it?"

She nodded. "You can... call me whatever you want... master."

"Let's go with... Cherry." He suggested, adding, "Because you're a sweet treat."

Korra smiled. "Cherry... thank you master."

"Now... Shall we go Slave?" He motioned towards the door. "I'd like to show you off to the other pets." She nodded, and happily followed him out.

As they left, Korra was lined up in front of two dozen other men and women in fancy dress. One she recognized as 'Candy', the other the Lioness Carla. Among them were two female Vampires, the one she recognized from the picture, and another with long, red, fiery hair. "Everyone. Good news. We have a new companion joining us. Please. Introduce yourself."

Korra stepped forward and bowed her head. "Hello everyone. My name is Cherry... and I am here to serve my master and receive the proper punishment for my crimes."

His smile widened considerably, the Lemur Thrope's just looking away as the other slaves bowed their heads. Grey nodded, pointing to the Lioness and the white pale skinned, fiery haired Vampire. "Cherry. You will be trained by Carla and Ari here. They'll teach you how things work around here."

"Cherry. I'm happy to teach you." Carla nodded, Ari just stayed silent.

Cherry smiled. "Thank you so much. I'll be happy to learn."

As the two of them walked up to take 'Cherry' to learn the ropes, Grey spoke up as they did. "Make sure you teach her everything."

"Yes Master Grey." They both replied in unison.

"And Cherry?" He chuckled wickedly.

She looked back. "Y-yes... master?"

"Come up to my private quarters later tonight... I'd like to teach you a few things personally..." He smirked, part of him just wanted to see her reaction, but another...

A chill ran down her spine. This was part of her punishment. She would accept it. She would enjoy it. "Y-yes... master," she said, bowing.

"Good. I'll see you then Slave..." He turned his head back and made his way upstairs.


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The fallowing is done by Dhalexpert&ZombieSplitter53

The aftermath of raiding

North of Themosa capital

The Norscans we’re pilling up there loot, which after sacking several towns the fruits of there labor was a mountain of money. And with the black rock clan going over the magic weapons Norsca looked unstoppable.

“My that’s quite the hull we gathered, gotta say I wasn’t expecting that much.” Lorica said.

“.Hum I’m not surprised this country is filled with slaves for years, it’s no wonder they had so much.” Wulfric countered.

"Someone's coming," one of the sentries called out. "A small battalion of soldiers. They... they have a white flag raised."

“A battalion surrendering? Hum Lorica Wulfric mount up Marilith come with us as well, and gather a few soldiers just in case.”

The all nodded their heads and within thirty minutes Norsca met their guests.” What’s the meaning of this?!” Crixus shouted.

The head soldier climbed off his horse. He gave a bow and offered a scroll to Crixus. "A royal summons from the King. He wishes to stop the hostilities between Norsca and Themosa, and would like to meet with you in person."

"You mean he want's me to not burn down his capital and kill all of you because he know he would lose."

"Hay is this a joke Crixus were not gonna listen to this are we?" Lorica asked.

Crixus opened the scroll and read it over." You know if this is a trap were gonna kill you all right?"

The soldier grunted. "We obviously know where you are. If we wanted a fight, we would send our troops in. The King is not so cowardly a man to devise traps like that."

Ugh say that to the outpost we had that kicked off this war, hell calling it a war is an insult quiet frankly it's been a slaughter. Arzul" Crixus shouted.

The lion Thrope appeared right next to the battalion. "Yea Crixus?"

"If these bastards send anyone up this road, kill the if were not back by tomorrow morning sack and pillage the city. The lion Thrope nodded her head and went back to camp taking the rest of the raider with her.

"Now then if you would be so kind as to bring us to your cowardly king, so he can beg for his life that would be nice."

The soldier grunted angrily again, but did as requested. He led Crixus, Wulfric, Lorica, and Marilith towards the city. "Why are you doing this?" He asked after and hour of walking.

"Why are we doing what burning your country to the ground, or going to meet your pathetic leader?" Crixus asked.

The man looked back. "Why are you destroying the peace of a nation?"

"Peace of a nation!" Lorica yelled you enslave my people torture them, and use them as force labor!"

"Lorica calm down, you want to know why were doing this.See we were fine just raiding your mines freeing slaves that was fine, your king decided while when we were on business to attack our outpost. That out post had no raiders just the people Thrope we freed and some of your own people that we brought along with us, you slaughtered all of them they were innocent people that did nothing wrong and you butcher them. So the way I see it this you kill my people I burn your nation." Crixus said with some venom in his voice.

"You declare war on a nation then get bitter when they strike back?" The soldier huffed. "Childish..."

"Don't matter what you think we destroyed your city your army, you have nothing left but your capital you know it's funny your king decided now to negotiate when it's his nick on the line isn't?"

"We're not as helpless as you think," the man muttered, before falling silent.

"Buddy we have faced gods cults and and old ones, compare all that to you lot your people are nothing." Crixus said while continuing to walk with the army all the way to the capital itself.

The grand capital was bustling like nothing wrong was going on elsewhere in the country. The party of four was led to the royal palace where the King sat alone. "I am King Alexander Themosan. Please... present yourself." All around were soldiers and crossbow men to assure Crixus and company didn't simply attack the king.

You do realize if we wanted you dead we would have killed that battalion and send the head of that officer over the wall." Wulfric said showing no concern for the soldiers around.

"Besides if I relay wanted to kill you." Crixus pulled out his two pistols." I would use these, but I've come here in good faith." Crixus put his pistols away and Lorica Wulfric and Crixus grabbed a chair say for Maralith who didn't have a chair.

The king cleared his throat. "Let's get straight to the point. What... do you want? What will it take to end this senseless killing and destruction?"

"What do I want humm, how about half of your money your magic weapons and technology. Anyone else?" Crixus looked at his friends.

"Free the Thrope and give them equal rights, and abolish slavery for all." Lorica demanded.

The King slammed his fist down. "Are you out of your mind? You have already pilaged at least half of what this country has! And now you want more, and for us to dismantle our work force? You ask me to save our country by practically destroying it in another way!" He stood up and paced for a bit before stating, "I'll have you know that I have had talks with the Tsar of Virandio to come in and wipe you out. The only reason I am talking to you is because I was hoping you would ask for less then he wants. Instead, you ask for more. Why are you even doing this?"

The soldier from before said, "They say it is largely for revenge for wiping out their forces up north."

"Wiping out... we didn't even know that was you!" the King insisted. "We thought the rebels were in the city. Our soldiers said Korra Devolina helped capture it."

"Really because the rebellion you nearly killed could capture a city, that was us he were there to help that women!" Lorica said. Until she abandoned us when we were at our weakest, we were fighting the cult of Hastu in this country your welcome for that by the way. We came back and she left us, and then you come in and killed our innocents people."


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"Lorica enough, you want to know the reason were doing this revenge is one. Two were raiders raiding and pillaging is what we do, and you could also say the gods demand us to pillage this nation and take your people and put them for a better use for another war we have to attend." Crixus said.

"And to do this, you cripple my nation." The king looked him over. "You have our people. You have our money and technology. You have milked us dry and have done so much damage to us that it'll take decades to recover, if we ever do. And for all your lecturing, you have killed innocents too. How many soldiers just doing their job, trying to feed their families, have you killed?" He sat down. "Let's talk reasonably here. What will it take to get you out of Themosa without me having to call on another army?"

"There soldiers they knew they would die some day serving there country, you should be proud of them defending your nation ." Wulfric said giving the soldiers some respect.

"I told you what I want ether you give me what I asked for or we could just wait for the other army to come in and kill all of you and take all of your money, and besides we have to go through Virandio anyway to get to our other objective. So you could give us what I demanded or we can burn this city to the ground. Crixus said with a stun look on his face.

The king sighed. "I can give you as much funding and technology as we can afford, but ending slavery is out of the question. There must be something else we can give you instead."

"Are you kidding me!" Lorica shouted "My kind have suffered impermeable amount of humiliation and suffering, you ungrateful humans! I would rather have your entire country burn to the ground for even denying them the freedom they deserve!"

And how many Thropes have you driven to slavery by torching their homes?! How many are slaves now because of you!" The king pointed at Lorica. "You care so much about your fellow Thropes? Fine! I will implement laws and taxes to start freeing lower class slaves. In exchange, you will give me back half the gold you stole so I can afford to pay those former slaves to rebuild the towns you destroyed. If you care so much about them, it seems a free trade."

He looked at Crixus. "So which is it? What is more important to your human allies? Freeing the slaves, or money. Because I have an idea which one they'll pick."

"Hum now that is a very tempting offer but giving up half of our spoils just so you could pay the freed slaves." Crixus looked at his generals Lorica wanted this, for her kind, Wulfric had no problem in it. "Maralith what do you think your involved in this as well and you haven't sad a word in this?"

Marilith lowered her voice and said, "I... I want to help Lorica's people, but... we need that money to pay the raiders. Will they stay loyal if they know you gave up so much money?"

"That is a very good point, paying off raiders is very expensive like any army not only that taming the monsters as well." Crixus rubbed his chin." This is quiet the problem I need to pay my people but Lorica does what her people freed which I could respect that, ugh what to do what to do." Crixus said tapping his fingers.

The King shrugged. "If your people are as noble of raiders as you seem to think they are, won't they be happy to know they saved so many slaves from their fate and stay with you regardless of a pay cut?"

"Humm alright then how about this, I give you say thirty percent of my plunder and some trolls and tamed worgs like say thirty or so. And in exchange you give me all that you just offered, does that sound good to you?"

The King smiled. "I'm glad we could come to an agreement. I will start drafting the new laws right away. But I expect you to stop buring my country to the ground." He sat back. "Anything else I can do for you before we wrap this up?"

"Well let me think, there might be something after all I am losing more then i'm gaining in this."

"Aw who cares Crixus my people will finally get there freedom that's all I wanted and for the monsters, I could always tame more of them." Lorica said smiling that her people will get some freedom.

"Well, I would say this was a fruitful meeting." The king snapped his fingers and a soldier ran up. "Make sure these four get to stay at the finest inn in the city before heading back. We would like to show them our appreciation."

The King turned to Crixus. "Things are looking up for the both of us, are they not? You get many slaves freed and don't have to worry about retaliation. As for me, your raiders will stop destroying things, my traitorous daughter is back, the rebels have lost their leader. I am glad we can all come away from this happy."

"Excuse me your daughter is back with you, and not with Korra?"

Lorica and Wulfric got a concerned look on their face.

"We heard something happened to Korra..." Marilith muttered, rubbing her chin.

"Oh, something happened to Devolina all right." The king chuckled. "As for Veronica, yes, she was found and forced back home. She tried to act like everything was normal, but once I found out she was working with the rebels, I had her locked up for treason. Why?" He raised an eyebrow. "Why worry about my daughter?"

Crixus smiled. "I tell you what how about I sweeten the deal a little more, see I give you forty percent of my plunder give you the said monsters I was goanna give throw a Chimera in the mix, and you give stay by your word about freeing the slaves and why don't you throw your daughter in there as well."

Lorica smacked her forehead. "Were doomed." She whispered to herself.

Marilith scratched her head. The king turned away, hiding a smirk. "Why... the interest in my daughter?"

"See I like her sprite she has a certain spunk to her, she also has a vast loyalty for her people and I can respect. Now as for why I want her I be lying if I den't say I was faun of her, but mostly I feel like she's not meant to be a prince she just need some guidance."

Wulfric shook his head. "Crixus if you’re looking for a woman you could always find one in the camp man, come on man."

The king let out a long sigh, still hiding his grin. "Well... if it is for the good of my people, what is one person's life, even a princess, to help all those Thropes." He turned back, looking sad. "Very well. I will have her delivered to you by morning." This caused a lot of murmurs amongst the soldiers.

Even the Norscans looked confused at the news of this. Crixus and the king shook hands securing the deal. "Ou and if she is a decoy we will return and burn this place to the ground, but I’m going on a limb in trusting you. Now as for me i'm a man of my word I always have been."

"We can garenty that we Norscans do keep our word always." Lorica said.

The king nodded. "Trust me, you'll know it is my daughter."

As the group left, Marilith slithered up next to Crixus. "So what's the deal? Going to get revenge on Korra by taking it out on Veronica?"

"Something like that, see that girl is soft weak and Korra and her father protected her form the dangers of the world."

"Then why bring her with us Crixus?!" Wulfric said

"That woman stood up to you and Maralith when she first met us, anyone else would have panicked seeing you guys. Besides I want to break that mold of a princess she has and make her a proper raider. And then once she's one of us, you think Korra would like hearing that her former lover is now a raider and with the leader carrying his child?"

"Geez," Marilith muttered, looking at Wulfric. "Are all humans this tenacious and cruel when it comes to revenge? We Ophidians just track the person down and kill them..."

“Revenge for some of us carry on for years, please let the man have his mate. I mean after all Crixus does lead thousands of raiders with out enjoying himself, so who am I to judge.” Wulfric wrapped his arm around Marilith.” After all I found my mate.”

She smiled, rubbing her cheek against his.

The next day, on the outskirts of town, the four waited as two soldiers brought a girl foward. She wore shabby clothes and had a hood over her head. When they handed her over, they practically tossed her, laughing as she stumbled into some mud. Seeing her back, her shirt was torn and her back marked from a series of whippings. One soldier handed the key to her shakles and said, "Enjoy", as they walked back to the city.

“Gods and they call us cruel, this could be a fake Veronica Crixus.” Lorica said.

Crixus walked to the girl and grabbed the keys, but first he lifted her off the ground and removed her bag on her head.

By all accounts it seemed to be her, from her violet hair to her sneer. "Oh gods, it's you again? Really?"

Crixus pulled her hair, and it didn’t come off so it wasn’t a wig.

“Alright I have a question for you, if you answer right then you’re definitely Veronica.” Crixus pointed at Wulfric and Maralith.” Do you know these two and if so what did they do to you when you first met them?”

"Ow!" Veronica rubbed her head. "After the snake determined I was using a copy, the jackass gave me a black eye." She flinched, realizing she might be punched again for phrasing it that way. "Can you at least unshackle me?"

“Yep that’s her alright, smart mouth and all Crixus.” Wulfric said.


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Crixus pick up Veronica and put her on his horse, but he kept her shackles on.” No I will not unshackle you yet, first we need to take you to your new home and treat those wounds on your back. And you being shackled means you won’t do anything stupid slowing us down.”

Veronica sighed. "I don't have time for this. Korra has been kidnapped by Asmodeus Grey, a Hunter and one of the worse excuses for a human being in all of Terra. I tried to get my father to help her, but all he did was throw me in the dungeon for consorting with terrorists or some bullcrap. I know you hate Korra now, but we can't let her suffer Grey's torture!"

“Bull shit we can let her suffer, call it karma for abandoning us when we were at our weakest and ran like a coward leaving a bull shit not of thanks!” Lorica protested

“She has a point we helped Korra single handily rebuild her rebellion, and her thanks for that was to abandon us after our war with the cult she’s on her own.

Veronica let put another sigh. "What do you want from me anyway?"

“Apparently Crixus sees something in you, thinks you’ll make a better raider the princess.” Wulfric answered.” I don’t see it and nether do the other, so we think he just wants to sleep with you.”

As the Norscans set off to there camp Veronica took one last look at her home drifting further and further away.

Finally they made it back to camp and Veronica saw how much they’ve grown since she last saw them, Crixus took Veronica off his horse and into his tent.

The former princess sat on the bed and stared down at her hands. "So... I'm to be your sex slave, huh? Hypocrites, the lot of you..."

Crixus ignored her and went to one part of his tent we’re there were plenty of bottles, Crixus grabbed a large red bottle he also grabbed a gag and wrapped it around Veronica mouth. He then took off the rags she was wearing exposing her underwear.

“This is going to heal you but it will hurt a lot, when you feel the pain bite on the gag.” Crixus turend Veronica over to her stomach and poured the liquid on her back.

Veronica let out a gagged cry of pain, writhing around a bit and biting hard on the rag.

Crixus just look at her as her wounds started to heal on her back completely. Once done Crixus removed the gag and looked at Veronica.” You still alive? It would be a shame that died from medicine that healed your back.”

She panted heavily, the pain subsiding slowly. "I'm... fine. The pain was... about as bad as... the whippings..."

“This potion is meant to heal yes, but the person also experience the pain that causes it all over again. It’s to remind us of that pain so we can endure and grow stronger from it.

Crixus walked to Veronica and unshackle her, he then grabbed a chair and looked at her tapping his finger on the chair.

She sighed and stood up, covering her exposed breast with one arm while she walked over to the chair and sat down. "So... what happens next? I choose between being your play thing or the play thing of your men, right? And you remind me how many of them would love a piece of me?"

Crixus stopped tapping his finger and smiled, he then stood up from his chair and walked to Veronica. He held Veronica cheeks and started kissing her.

She didn't resists, but didn't look happy about it either, nor did she kiss him back. It seemed as though she had accepted her fate.

Crixus continue to kiss Veronica and wrapped his hand around her breast and started rubbing them.” Ou what’s wrong baby you don’t like this, what are you gonna do about it?” He asked kissing her again this time putting his tongue in her mouth.” Mmm you’re lips are so soft I guess you princess are good for something after all huh.”

To his surprise, she suddenly started to kiss him back. Long, deep, sensual kisses, kisses that threw him off guard for when she suddenly brought her knee up into his groin and made a run for the exit.

This didn’t keep Crixus down however, as he quickly jumped onto her and bring her to the ground. Once on the ground Crixus started to remove her underwear.” Ou come on now princess is that all you got? Your goanna have to do more than that to take me down.” Crxus said into her ear, but he also started to giggle.

"Y-you don't have to do this!" She said desperately. "Y-you don't have to be like every other murdering, raping raider. You can be better!"

It was then she heard a groin from Crixus in almost disappointment.” Really that’s it that was all the fight you had in you? A kick to the groin and when that didn’t work you’re now begging for me not to rape you.” Crixus then stood up and crossed his arms looking at Veronica.

"What? This was... some kind of test?" She sat up. "I mean... I-I was going to fight more. You're just... bigger and stronger than me, so there wasn't much I could do..."

“That is not an excuse! Let me make this clear to you Korra and your dad might have had you doing nothing, but not me. You don’t want to be the play things of my men then fight because I’m not goanna defend you like Korra did the last time you were with us!” Crixus took a deep breath and calmed down.” You’re in Norsca now, we live off the land and fight things that are bigger and stronger then us but do you see us begging for mercy!?”

Veronica looked away. "Okay... I'm sorry," she surprisingly said. "It's just... this isn't the first time... something like this has happened. It can be... traumatic."

Crixus rubbed his face and gave Veronica a hug to her surprise.” Look this won’t be an easy time for you here, but you must be strong way stronger then you are now. Because the way you currently are you will be the play things of my men, and I won’t help you.” Crixus stopped hugging Veronica and lifted her chin so she can look into his eyes.” You are mine and mine alone but you must be able to defend yourself am I clear?” To her surprise the raiders she met the last time seem to have a more gentle look to him, unthinkable for a raider.

She smiled. "Alright. I'll... try and make you proud. But I expect you to be a stern teacher."

“Ou I will because today will be the last time you’ve getting free food from us. You will contribute to the tribe in some way or you don’t eat, am I clear on that?”

She nodded. "Yes sir. Though... can I trouble someone for some clothes?"

I’m sure the winter tooth clan will have something for you, but before I take you to them can get a proper kiss from you this time?”

Veronica rolled her eyes, but smiled and stood up. "Sure."

Crixus walked to her and kissed her, this time being a lot more gentle and suppressing loving about it.” See I’m not such a bad guy once you get to know me.” Crixus wrapped his blanket around Veronica covering her up and took her out of the tent and walked around the camp.

Veronica tried to keep her head held up high, though it was hard to do when naked and surrounded by men, and some women, that saw her as little more than meat they wanted to take a bite out of.

After a while the reached the winter tooth camp, Veronica saw light Elves and humans carving and skinning meat, some mixing urbs and positions and others praying to weird rock with carving in them.” Drurn how you doing on this fine day?”

A light Elf looked at Crixus and bowed his head to him.” Doing fine, happy to finally leave this country though, who’s the woman next to you?”

“This is Veronica the former princess of this land.”

“Former what happened, did you kill her father and took her as a prize?”

“No her father traded her for a few things, Look anyway think you can find some clothes for her?”

The light Elf looked at Veronica.” Give me a few minutes.”

Veronica lowered her eyes. Crixus said it so casually, but it meant a lot to her. "He... traded me for things?"

“Yeah he gave you up for forty percent of my money, some worgs trolls and one Chamera.” Crixus looked at Veronica and saw she was shaken by this.” However Lorica did argue for the Throp to have equal rights, and that he put up more of a fight giving slaves right then he did you. I mentioned that I wanted you as well and but no effort into wanting more for you.” Crixus said bluntly.

Veronica looked away, clearly trying to hide how this made her feel. "I had thought maybe you... threatened... father... I know I betrayed your trust, but do you truly hate me that much now...?"

“I don’t hate you Veronica you deserve better honesty, wither if it hurts or not.” Crixus said while bring here closer to him and rubbing her shoulder.

“Crixus you’re in luck killed a wildebeest a few days back made some clothes out of it.”

“That’s perfect.”’Crixus held Veronica hand and took her into the camp to a nearby cave, we’re he tossed her the clothes.

She started to dress, not bothering to cover herself now that her had seen everything anyway. When she was done, she looked down at herself and nodded. "You know, this is... actually kinda comfortable. How do I look?"

“Like a proper tribe woman.”

“Crixus this is your woman right?”

“In a way yes, why do you ask.”

“Hum give me a minute,” Drurn left the two alone for a while and came back with a necklace and put it around Veronica. The Necklace looked like a shaman’s gift with an earth symbol in it.” May the ground you walk on bring you great fortune miss Veronica.”

"Oh." She giggled. "Thank you. That is so nice of you." She nudged Crixus. "Seems your people can be pretty nice when they aren't burning towns or punching women in the eye."

“That’s because you seen us as raiders, and not our day to day selves. Anyway thanks Drurn for the gift.” The light Elf bowed his head and the two left, after a small walk Lorica came next to them on her dire wolf.


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“Well I see your changing her already, didn’t think a princess would go down so easily.”

Veronica narrowed her eyes. "I haven't 'gone down' at all. I am simply adjusting to my new circumstances."

“Yeah whatever girly, say Crixus the wildebeest are migrating great time for a massive hunt!” Lorica said in excitement.

“Hum That a good couple thousand it is good hunting.” Crixus looked at Veronica.” Mind if I bring her along?”

“Yes I do, I don’t need someone that hasn’t hunted before slowing us down.”

"I've hinted with my uncle before," Veronica said. "I know how to throw a spear. Don't stereotype me. I would think as a Thrope you would be the last person to do so”

“Hum as far as I’m concerned you’re the daughter of the king that inslaved my kind, and Korra mate who also betrayed me.”

“ Lorica come on now, quit breaking her legs will you.”

“Hay she’s your problem Crixus she wants respect she earns it, if you wanna bring her hunting with us. Hit them from the right flakes, I’ll be waiting .” Lorica then road off into the woods.

“Right then come on, we’re going hunting. You will actually get to earn your food. And clean gut skin all that good stuff.”

"Oh, fun." Lorica followed after him. "I'm in hostile territory where everyone around me hates me and either wants to kick my ass or sleep with me. I might as well be back in high school. But at least I'll get to clean, gut, and skin my food assuming Lorica even lets me kill anything. You'd think she of all people would have sympathy for me. I was fighting to free the Thropes of this country before she was, and now I'm a slave just like the people she wanted to help..."

Crixus sighed.” Lorica is a Well a very passionate woman, she hasn’t earned the nickname din mother for nothing, she’s cares for a lot of the people her especially her own race. That’s why she wanted to help Korra because she wanted her race to be free, then Korra left us and your father sent an army to burn down the town we took and kill everyone. When she looks at you she sees the two people she despises in one person.” Crixus said while gathering many arrows and spears.

Veronica helped him. "Your lust for vengeance against Korra is disappointing. It isn't like she wanted your people to be attacked, and she didn't know that attack was coming. But being with you guys was destroying her reputation. How was she to save anyone if no one trusted her?"

“Hum well give us a few days to get over Korra, now as for you you went hunting huh?”

"That's right." Veronica looked at the end of a spear and examined its sharpness. "Mother always wanted me to be a perfect little princess, but her brother, my uncle, would secretly teach me things. Fighting, fishing... hunting. Anything I could learn about that sort of thing, I learned from him."

“Hum well then now you peeked my curiosity, and here I was thinking you were just some princess.” Crixus grabbed the gear and to his horse. And road off catching up with Lorica.

“Ou Good you finally showed up, like I said Crixus you brought her she’s your problem.” Lorica pointed to the right of the heard.
“Happy hunting Crixus, hope that princess doesn’t slow you down.” Lorica then road off with her group and started chasing the heard.

"Like I said, thought she would be the most sympathetic," Veronica said with a sigh. "She really hates me..." As the got close to the front, Veronica lifted a spear. "Can you get me a bit closer? And keep the horse steady? I think I see a good opening..."

Crixus did what he was asked and got closer to one of the wildebeest, and kept the horse steady and to his surprise Veronica knew right were to hit the beast to kill it quickly." Not bad you truly do know what your doing." Crixus said being impressed by veronica. About and hour of hunting later Veronica and Crixus racked up a lot of kills for themselves killing plenty of wildebeests.

Veronica yanked a spear out of a beast and wiped her sweaty forehead. "Whoo... that'll keep us fed for a while. I would like one of mine sent to the people who made my clothes, and another for the children too small to hunt."

"We take care of our children Veronica, the children gather water from the river with some people supervising of course and don't worry about winter tooth. They did their job today see they skin and gut the animals along with Lorica."

"In deed." They turned around and saw Lorica right behind them." Don't worry about the others they will get theirs, she wasn't to bad today for a princess. But it could be beginners luck well see how she does when she's by herself, but for now not bad."

Veronica folded her arms. "Thanks, I guess. Look, Crixus explained why you don't like me. You can see Korra in me if you want, but I am not my father. I wouldn't be here if my father didn't disown me remember? And he did that because I was helping people free Thropes just like you were. So if I'm going to be stuck here, the least you could do is recognize that I am, or was, one of the only royals fighting for your people."

Lorica smiled at Veronica and looked back at Crixus." Huh so she does have a spine after all, and she helped my kind of my own free will." Lorica smiled at Veronica." Whelp Crixus guess there is something in her, now all she has to do is survive in the camp."

"Yea i'm working on that, she need some ways to defend herself."

"Well we can start training her tomorrow, once were done leaving of course. But Crixus what are we going to do with her with Yig?"

"Hopefully by then she's a proper Norscan by then, and can join us in the battle."

"Sounds like fun." Lorica got off her Dire wolf and walked to Veronica and extended her hand." Sorry for my earlier teasing, give me a few days to get used to you and who knows we might just bring you monster hunting with us."

Veronica smiled back and shook her hand. "Well now... that sounds like fun."

Lorica chuckled. "I'm goanna like her, whelp best we be taking this meat back home after all we start leaving tomorrow."
As Lorica road off Crixus is heard laughing to himself.

"What's so funny?" Veronica asked.

"You know you went from this morning having a bag over you head, not wanting to have anything to do with us. To about ten hours later wearing cloths made from a wildebeests and hunting with us, and all this happen because I put my foot up your ass and wanted you to grow a spine."

"I suppose. Though you did also fondle my chest." She smiled at him. "You get rid of this silly hatred of Korra... and maybe it won't be the last time."

"Ou now you’re flirting with me now, we will see about getting rid of my hatred. But we Norscans take betrayal very seriously more than others do, but I will try." Crixus took Veronica back to their camp and that evening the Norscans calibrate there victory over Themosa. as there celebrating Crixus took Veronica to his tent.

"We need to talk, about something it's very important."

Veronica blinked, but nodded. "Okay. What?"

When Crixus looked up at Veronica he had the same look he had when he first met. "Veronica no matter how good today was, at some point we will have to raid again."

"And... you'll expect me to do that too?" she asked. "Kill innocents and burn homes?"

"Veronica were not good people see we raid because we need money, despite the food we have it will be gone quickly. We raid for food supplies water and everything else we need."

Veronica sighed. "But... I am a good person. At least I try to be." She rubbed her wrists. "What if I stayed behind to watch the camp? Watch the children. Clean. Sew. Do anything but m... murder..."

"Veronica, I do get what you’re saying but if you were attacked how you will defend yourself huh have you ever kill before. And what I mean is have you ever killed when you had to and not by accident?"

Veronica shook her head. "N-no..."

"Veronica there is another reason why I want you to raid with us, it's also because if you ever and I do mean ever are attacked here and are raped what you will do. Because believe me i'm still mad at you for just giving up from this morning."

Veronica nodded. "Fine. I... I am not just a raider now. I am also technically your slave. So I will do what you tell me to do. I will hunt. I will learn to defend myself. And I will help with your raids." She slowly shook her head. "But I will not kill someone unless my life, or the life of someone else, is in danger. Do you understand? If someone tries to lay their hands on me, I will kill them myself. But not before."

She smiled sadly. "I... wouldn't even kill you if it meant my freedom."

“I’m fine with that, in fact that’s what I was looking for. The Veronica That Wulfric told me about, the one that put herself endanger for her people. I want that on my side.”

Veronica nodded. She stood up, and offered her hand.

Crixus looked confused by the gesture.” What you need me to comfort you?”

She rolled her eyes. "Just shake my damn hand to show we are in agreement. Jeez..."

Crixus stood up and shook her hand.” Ou and I think you’re confused on one thing that you said earlier.”

Veronica raised an eyebrow. "And what's that?"

Crixus let go of Veronica hand and gave her a passionate kiss.” You’re no slave, you are mine and mine alone in this world, and you will stand side by side with me as we lead our people together.”

Veronica chuckled, and nodded. "Thank you. I will... keep that in mind." She took his hand. "Come on. Let's get back to the party before they eat all the food we worked together to get."

“We best get to it, they probably gulped half the food down.” As the celebration continue the raiders drank and ate to their hearts content. In till the morning when they packed up their camp.


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Jun 23, 2013
Back at the Royal Palace

Queen Themosan sat up in the bed she had been in since the troubled birth of her son a week before. Through several troubled coughs, she yelled, "How could you give them our baby girl?!"

"What choice did I have?" the king asked casually, walking over to the crib. "They would have continued their reign of terror had I not?"

"I don't care! She is our daughter!" She had another coughing fit, and the king's advisor, Count Rugen, handed her a glass of water. She drank it down and said, "Thank you, Tyrone. At least there is one man in my life I can count on."

"Of course," Rugen stated. "Anything for my queen." He flashed the king a glance, and the king lightly nodded.

"Do not worry about Veronica," the king said, looking down at his son. "We have a truly worth heir right here."

"Heir? You think I care about who is the heir?" The queen's eyes widened in shock. "That's what this is about... you got rid of Veronica so you could raise our son to be just like you! I won't let you get away with this! I'll have the soldiers march out right now and get my baby back! I'll tell... everyone..."

She tried to get up, but her legs wouldn't move. She could barely feel them. Rugen placed a hand against her shoulder to stop her from moving. "What are... you doing?"

"Making sure you stay in bed," Count Rugen stated. "The poison story will work best if you are in bed."

"Poison... story...?" The queen laid back. She was so tired.

"Yes," the king confirmed, turning to face her. He held up a small bottle. "I found this next to your head. Post partum depression combined with losing your daughter led to you taking your own life. Really, Rugen, you should have stopped this."

Rugen bowed his head. "Ever so sorry, your majesty. I feel so ashamed."

The king smiled at his friend. "It is okay. How could you have known? I... I can't blame anyone, unfortunately, but my late wife for leaving her son motherless."

"You... bas... tards..." The queen slowly closed her eyes, and breathed her last breath.

The king sighed. "She will be missed."

Rugen nodded. "I will have her funeral arrangements set up at once. Meanwhile... do you really want to draft those new laws."

"Yeah, go ahead." The king smiled. "What do I care if some lower class folk have to live without their slaves and a few lower class slaves starve on the streets? It isn't their support I need. However, I hope you know what to do with the gold."

"Indeed." Rugen smiled back. "It was so nice of those raiders to steal money from the lords and folk of the land and give it to us. It more then made up for what we personally lost."

"Much easier and favorable to a tax hike," the king agreed. "We'll have to do business with them again if possible. However, if they do not leave and instead turn on us again, we will be able to rally our neighboring nations against them by telling them how they kidnapped the princess." He rubbed his son's head, and gently kissed him. "Everything is falling into place. We just need to hope this child turns out better then the last."

"I'm sure he will." Rugen bowed, and headed for the door. He stopped, and asked, "Should I send an order to Asmodeus Grey to hand over Ms. Devolina?"

The king shrugged and shook his head. "Let him have his fun with her. But do ask him to send over status reports." He grinned ear to ear. "She has been such a great thorn in my side. I want to know everything he does to break her..."

Rugen kept his neutral smile as he bowed his head. "It will be done. Good day, my king."


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Frostlich1228 & ZombieSplitter53
Lost in Darkness, Found Again

Magdalene lay in her bed, thinking about how she could convince the other Gods to help Korra before... Whatever Grey had planned happened... There was also the question of why he was so fast and so skilled in their fight, easily able to take shots at her despite her skill and speed.

She sat up, wondering if Methos was nearby outside of the room. Magdalene was still a little weak after her stabbing, but she wanted to spend quality time with her love. "Methos? Darling?"

Methos opened the door, looking in with a worried look. "Yes? Is there anything you need? Anything at all?"

"I might need some snuggles..." She looked at her shyly.

"Oh, I'll give you all the snuggles you want." Methos layed in the bed next to her, wrapping their arms together. "I'm sorry for everything lately."

"Don't be sorry. It's my fault. I'm putting myself in bad situations... I just want to help..." Mags nuzzled her.

"I know, I know. Don't worry. We'll get them to see your way soon enough." Methos kissed her forehead lovingly. "In the meantime..."

"Oh?" Mags asked, sitting up.

The dream goddess sat up with her. "If you recall, I offered to try and locate your mother. I did not forget about that, and I might be getting close."

"My Mom..." She clenched her fist, the pain from her wound suddenly pulsing, but more than that... She heard her Mother's voice in her head, but it was clearly from a memory of long ago. Methos however, caught the Sheep staring off into space a second after she opened her eyes.

Methos forwned deeply, Mags pain being her own with their love. "I'm sorry. Maybe... I should have waited until you felt better..."

"No... I... I heard something... It was weird... It was my Mom..." Mags brushed her, gasping as another shot of pain went through her. This time, images, a forest, a forest on the outskirts of a western looking town. Then she was back, holding her head. "Whoa... Okay..."

"What is it?" Methos asked with concern. "You... you look like you're having some kind of premonition."

"I... I think it might be my Goddess powers..." Magdalene closed her eyes, this time on purpose as she thought about her mother. She heard a raspy, hushed female voice whisper a single word in her ear, 'Vedova'. "Vedova... There's something in the town of Vedova in Virandio..."

Methos nodded. "Are you well enough to go there? This might be the clue we have been waiting for."

"I think so. This is clearly a sign. We can ask around like normal people." Maggie suggested.

Methos nodded, and opened the portal, cautiously following behind Mags in case she needed help.

They arrived in a quant little Hamlet, small brickwork building of reds and grey lined only two or three simple brick roads. The roads converged in a middle roundabout circling a church with spires and domes, typical of Virandian churches. There seemed to be stores, a few wooden houses peppered at the outskirts, an Inn, a bar, the town looked like it hadn't changed much in a hundred years. Looking closer to see what Gods the church venerated, it seemed as though it was mostly good aligned Gods, Methos' symbol among them, which was an oddity. Methos fell heavily out of worship after her attempted takeover and wasn't worshiped much even then, so finding a church worshiping her was strange, but clearly the only strange thing about this small town.

"Oh, my," she said in surprise at the church. She smiled down at Mags. "I hope, someday, you will not find my symbol wothout finding yours right next to it."

"I never thought about that... How do people find out about me? Should I run a PR campaign?" Magdalene chuckled.

"Word of mouth started with whispers in ears we give them." Methos gave her a proud look. "Plus you'll be known as the goddess that changed all the other gods. That'll be worth a lot of good press."

"Maybe we should start here? Seems like a cozy place." Mags chuckled, quickly morphing into her normal clothes. "We do have to ask around after all."

Methos nodded, changing into something more like the local flavor. "I think we should stick together, yes? In case you feel weak."

"Mmhm. We don't know what we'll find." She nodded. "Think we should check the Church First?"

Methos nodded, taking Mags hand. "If not there, the pub, the inn... we'll ask every person from the smallest child to the oldest man if we must." She smiled sweetly, and the pair headed to the church.

After about five minutes of walking they reached the outside of the cathedral, the beautiful stained glass windows and large carved wooden door showed each of the gods in magnificent splendor rendered in gorgeous colors. Methos' own shown the Goddess sleeping soundly, surrounded by her Nightgaunt children, shown not as demons almost angelic against a start depiction of the setting sun in vibrant purples, blues, and reds.

Mags looked up at it in awe. "It's gorgeous..."

"It's... amazing." Methos walked up to one of the church goers. "Excuse me. We are from out of town. Why, um... why is there so much adoration for the goddess of dreams? You, after she... tried to take over the world and all that?"

"The Dream Keeper? She gives us good rest. Protects us from the nightmares." She said. "And this Church started as a Church to Methos, many years before that incident. This was the birthplace of one of her most powerful Champions."

Methos' eyes widened. "It was? Do you mean..."

"Melanae. The first Dreamer." The Nun confirmed, "It's quite the remarkable town."

Magdalene subtly took hold of Methos' hand in a comforting way.

"I never knew the town, only that it was... Virandio..." Methos smiled, lightly squeezing Mags hand. She wouldn't forget why they were there. "Thank you. Is there something else we can ask you about?"

"Oh. Of course. Are you visitors here?" She asked.

"Yeah. We were uh... Looking for a friend when we saw your lovely Church." Mags told them.

"We were wondering if you had seen any other human women from out of town recently." Methos looked down at Mags so she could describe her.

She took a closer look, shaking her head, "No. Not ringing a bell. Although... We did have a strange type come into town a few days ago, kept real far away from the locals though. Kinda creepy."

Methos rubbed her wrist. It was something of a lead, and something had called Magdalene to this town. "Can you describe them? And where are they now?"

"They were wearing this black robe like outfit, with bandages covering her eyes I think. Last I saw her she was walking around near the graveyard..." The Nun pointed back towards a small gated plot a few dozen feet away housing a modestly sized cemetery.

"Thank you. Very much." Methos turned to her love. "What to check it out?"

"Well. It's our only lead..." Mags looked up at her. "Do you want to check it out? It might open up old wounds..."

Methos nodded. "Don't... don't worry about me. This isn't for me, it's for you. I'll be fine." As if to prove as much, she started guiding Mags out and towards the cemetery.

There were a number of small graves, stone headstones and more elaborate symbology for priests and such, but standing as a centerpiece in this place was the tall, sleeping statuesque likeness of Melanae herself, looking like it had rested there for centuries yet still well cared for. Had it really been so long? It stood on top of the entrance to large mausoleum, the front was covered with a steel gate that was slightly ajar, just enough so that they didn't notice at first. Carved Nightgaunts circled the bottom of the stone structure, almost comforting the figure above it; whether or not Melanae's physical remains were here or not was unclear, but it was evident that the people of the town had a great respect for her. Lastly, it seemed as though the graveyard was build around it over time, the statue obviously being the oldest stone visible.

Magdalene's thoughts naturally drifted towards her long friend Baphomet, a tear falling from her eye as she looked sadly at the carved Nightgaunts. Then another. Then another. "Hey... Um... Do you know where Nightgaunts go when they die?"

Methos was mesmerised by the statue for a moment, then looked down at Mags. She knelt down and wiped the sheep's eyes. "I believe they are reincarnated in the mortal realm. How they are reincarnated depends on the length of service and how well they do." She smiled sweetly. "I'm sure, with Bephomet's great service, warm heart, and intelligence, he was reincarnated as a Terrian."

The Sheep smiled happily, "Thank you... Knowing that makes me feel better..."

Methos nodded and stood back up. "It looks like that door is open. Maybe whoever we're looking for went inside."

"Yeah." Mags opened up the squeaky door to the crypt, seeing a set of long stone stairs leading down into darkness. "Stay close. Okay?"

"Of course." Methos did just that, trying to let her eyes adjust to the dark. "Watch your step. The foundation could have damage you can trip over..."

"Right..." Mags took a deep breath, making her way down the stairs.

Methos rubbed her arm nervously. "I wonder why anyone would want to come somewhere so... dreary..."

"Do you think it has something to do with... Melanae? It... Just seems like it's too strange to be a coincidence..." Mags asked. As their eyes adjusted to the dark, they were at the bottom of the stairs, lining each side of the wall were extremely old stone coffins, names of various people having been carved into them, this was a crypt. The Hall shot straight for three dozen feet or so, then split off like a T into two other hallways going left and right.

"Think we... should split up?" Methos asked. "I got left... you go right?"
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"No! This is definitely your first adventure. Never split up." Mags chuckled, looking both ways, it was clear that both directions curved at the same length, like a square or rectangle, it was a safe bet they both led the same way. The Sheep closer her eyes, something she couldn't quite place tugged her towards the right, drawing her attention to a burnt out stub of a candle on the floor. "Someone's been here... And they went Right."

Methos nodded, heading right. "I'll trust your judgement. Sounds like you would make a good detective."

"Maybe. Especially now." Mags led Methos down the path to the right, the Hall curving ninety degrees then going straight a long ways like Magdalene had guessed. There was however what looked to be a small pinprick of light at the end of the hall, looking like nothing but a tiny dot. "I think we're on the right track..."

"Should we call out?" Methos asked in a whisper. "Or sneak up?"

"Let's... Do neither... Let's just walk..." Mags suggested, slowly making her way up and peeking around the corner. It let into another hallway, the crypt indeed being rectangular in shape, however there appeared to be a gated off path that lead into the interior of the rectangle, however the gate was once again unlocked.

"Good thing we can portal out if we have to," Methos said softly. "Come on... let's keep going."

They entered slowly, hearing some rustling from down another set of weathered stone stairs... And... What sounded almost like whispering? There was a very wrong feeling aura to this section of the crypt that made their hair stand on end. Mags took a breath, "Oh boy..."

Methos placed a supportive hand on her shoulder. "We'll face this together."

"We will." As they began to walk down and about halfway they saw a still flickering candle at end of the hall and the bottom of the stairs.

Methos continued with some hesitation, holding Mags' shoulders tightly. She couldn't remember the last time a likely mortal person made her so nervous.

As they approached what lookee to be an urn set on a stone pedestal at the end of the hallway, they saw something suddenly move in the shadows, blowing the candle out. It was then a course female voice spoke loudly, "Don't come any closer. Who are you two!? Why did you follow me?"

"We... mean you no harm," Methos stated. "We were curious is all. We are travelers in search of someone, and we hoped maybe we'd find a clue to their whereabouts down here."

"Unless that person is myself I don't see how or why you'd be down here. But I don't know why anyone would." The woman sppke.

"My name is Magdalene Annahsvere. I'm looking to my Mother. She's a human woman." Mags spoke, the silence that followed was deafening.

"No. No no no. I don't know anything. You have to go." Despite her protests there was a slight panic in her voice.

Methos frowned and stepped forward. "You know something. We are not leaving until you tell us."

"You have to go. Please." She sounded like she was begging.

Magdalene shook her head, "I won't. Not until you show yourself and tell me who you are."

There was a sad sigh, the woman stepping into the candle light. She looked like how the nun had described, inky black bandages over her eyes, long black hair that almost looked like it was wet, she had a cloth mask covering her mouth, the same inky, damp look.

She wore what looked to be a thick leather straight jacket, however her arms were not currently bound in it. The bulky looking outfit looked to make up most of what she was wearing, like she was trying to show as little skin as possible. But the unmistakable thing to both the Goddess's was that she was radiating dark corruption, it was invisible to the naked eye, but impossible to ignore for two magic using Gods.

Mags blinked, "Who are you..."

"You shouldn't have come here Magdalene. You shouldn't have looked for me." The Strange Woman shook her head.

"Are you..." Methos hesitated. "Are you her mother?"

"Yes... I'm Maribeth Annahsvere..." The Woman lowered her head.

"Mom..." The Sheep reached her hand out, pulling back as she felt the dark corruption licking her fingertips.

"Don't! Get closer... I'm dangerous..." Maribeth raised her hands up to her chest.

"What... What happened to you?" Magdalene shook her head. "What are you doing down here?"

"That... First one will take a lot longer to explain..." She replied. "But I'm here for Melanae's urn... It has something inside it that I need..."

"What could her urn possibly have that would help you?" Methos asked.

"I have reason to believe that a page of her journal is hidden inside. I need it." She explained.

"Her notebook... Why are you looking for that? Can you even read it?" Mags asked curiously.

"Oh? You know about it?" She shook her head. "No... I was going to worry about translation later, once I got the pieces together... But does that mean you know how to read it?"

"Why do you want it?" Mags asked, there was a suspicion there.

"Oh Mags... I'd have to explain the first question to answer that one..." She sighed.

"Then go ahead... We have time... Tell us what happened to you. Why are you... Like this?"

Methos nodded. "We have been looking for you so hard. Please tell us what has happened to you."

"I couldn't take Carol getting taken... What kind of Mother would I be if I just... Sat and around while who knows what horrible thing was happening to my daughter..." She explained sadly. "I saw how it was destroying my family... I had to do something... So I left for Themosa..."

"I spent all my money hiring investigators but when I said she was my daughter, they stopped looking as hard. I looked myself for a while but that didn't get me anywhere either... I was... I had nothing... No plan, nowhere to go... I said I would do anything..." Maribeth looked into her daughter's eyes. "Then I found something... I followed these hooded figures back to this cave outside of the city, on the coast... I don't know how but I managed to sneak in there and take something, I figured a magical relic, anything would help me save Carol... What I snuck out with was a Crown of Thorns, it was something they kept locked tight, but I... Wasn't always a housewife..."

"What... Happened next?" Mags asked simply.

"They noticed pretty quickly and they were catching up to me while I was escaping... So... I put it on... It felt like it was tearing me apart, all I heard was screams of pain and suffering..." She continued. "But... I heard something call to me... A voice asked me what I wanted most... And I told it..."

She looked down at her hands, "Next thing I remember I was floating... Floating over a tower in Themosa... I saw... I saw Carol being saved... My wish came true... But then when I returned to myself... The grass around me was dead... The cultists? Dead... Everything I touched died... Everywhere I went..."

"It... must be some cursed item of the old world... or perhaps it is connected to a dark being... a demon..." Methos sighed. "You've been cursed. But why are you dressed like that?"

"It keeps the corruption at bay... But it's nothing more than a bandage fix... If I wasn't wearing this, you'd both be dead at that range and forget walking into town..." The Woman rubbed the leather on her arm.

"I... But why do you need the pages?" Mags asked, still trying to process this.

"Because I spent the rest of my life looking for a way to cure myself... Starting with the artifact's origin... And I found something..." She looked at the urn. "Melanae wasn't just killed for being a witch... She was sacrificed... And Her soul was corrupted and used to make the Crown... Fused with it... That's where it's powers of reality bending come from..."

"Why would someone do that to her?" Methos asked, her heart sinking.

"Because of her powers. Because of her connections to Methos." Mags' Mom answered.

Methos closed her eyes, a few tears rolling down her cheeks. "So... all this time... I did her an even greater disservice than I thought..."

Magdalene hugged her, "It's not your fault... Please don't blame yourself, she wouldn't want you to blame yourself..."

"Does that mean..." Her Mother's eyed widened. "You're Methos..."

The goddess nodded. "Yes... that is right. I am Methos, goddess of sleep and dreams."

"Then... Could you fix this? I was looking for the pages of her journal to see if there was a way to destroy it or maybe purify it?" Her head looked back and forth. "But maybe you could just destroy it. Maybe that would free me..."

Methos nodded. "I could try. I mean, of course I will. Though, since we are here... you might as well see if the page is in there."

She looked back, "Don't... I mean... They are her ashes..."

Methos frowned. "Oh... I see. I do not... want to disturb her resting place any more then I have." She closed her eyes for a moment, then looked down at her fellow goddess. "Ready to purify your mother?"

"You can really do this..." Maribeth seemed shocked, but nodded quickly. "Of course."

Methos held out her hands. "Now Mags, you concentrate on purifying the corruption inside her. Just imagine your light being inside her, blotting out the darkness. I'll siphon the corruption off her and worry about purifying it within myself. It is a little more dangerous but it looks like it'll be needed. Ready?"

"Ready." Mags held out her hands, focusing on the energy inside her mother, the light overwhelming the darkness and spreading out over the course of a few moments.

More corruption flowed from the woman into Methos, her aura becoming a mix of light and dark. Something was wrong, however, as Methos looked to be in great pain in less then a minute.

Mags quickly noticing, she stopped her process, the darkness in Maribeth having seeded and began to grow inside the Dream Goddess. "Methos! What's wrong?"
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"I'm okay... I'm okay..." Methos concentrated on purging the chaotic magic within her. "It was... far stronger then I anticipated. He got maybe... half of it. But if I try anymore, I'll be lost."

Mags laid her head on Methos' shoulder, Maribeth taking a step forward, "So... Not even the Gods can help me..."

"Not me... but there might be other gods that can help." Methos tone said she knew they wouldn't be happy with who she had in mind.

"Who?" Mags asked, gently embracing her.

"Te... Tecunte." Methos looked at her. "She could suppress the corruption, at least until we get our hands on the crown and purify it directly."

"Tecunte... And... She'd do that?" Mags seemed apprehensive, but she trusted her.

Methos slowly stood up. "I think so. She has been adamant about repenting for her sins. Helping a former enemy would likely get her to help us."

"Then... I trust you. Let's do it." Mags nodded, looking at her Mother. "We're... Going to take you to a... Specialist... Of these sorts of things..."

"Tecunte. Goddess of Chaos. I know. I'm not sure why she'd help given her reputation but you know the Gods better than I." Maribeth stepped forward a few paces.

Methos opened a portal, it taking her a few seconds longer then normal to form it. "This will take you to a special room in Aethereum that is free of the high gravity and thin air. Please, wait in there."

"You can trust her Mom. You trust me right?" Mags confirmed, her Mother nodding in response and stepping through the portal.

Methos formed a second portal, into Tecunte's chambers, and said, "Here we go."

Tecunte gave Mags a surprised look. "Y-you want... my help? After everything I did to you? I'd think you'd want nothing more then to kill me..."

"I'm not so malicious. I do believe in second chances. Besides, I've been informed that you're not quite the same Tecunte as the one who did all that." Magdalene offered her a hand.

Tecunte smiled timidly amd shook Mags hand. "Thank you. Still... to interfere with the mortal world again."

"Someone already interfered with the natural flow of chaos by corrupting that crown," Methos insisted. "You are just... helping to reset the balance. What could be more perfect for you after messing with the balance. And... and Mags and I will take all responsibility."

Mags looked back at her. "We're already in a lot of trouble as is..."

"She's right." Tecunte shook her head and stood up. "No... no, if I am going to do this, I will take my share of the blame." She smiled at Mags. "I've been listening to your pleas for the gods to do more for the mortals. And I want you to know, as little as my opinion might matter... I agree with you. I... I want to help."

"Thank you." The New Goddess smiled. "But are you sure you can afford to after the events of the last year?"

"I'm sure." The chaos goddess smiled. "I want to show people my powers can be used to help people. And I want to help you. Maybe, someday, help everyone in Havenbrook."

"This really means a lot to me... Can I... Hug you?" Magdalene opened her arms up.

The goddess looked surprised, but giggled and opened her arms.

The Sheep wrapped her arms around Tecunte, gently squeezing her. "This person is really important to me. I hope we can be friends after this."

Tecunte wiped a tear away. "Yeah... me too."

The trio went to the room where the corrupted woman was hiding. Tecunte got to work siphoning off the corruption, but frowned as she was doing so. "Hmm... there is a source feeding the corruption. I can minimize its effect, at least for a while, but I need to purify the source." She stopped, Maribeth feeling better then she had in years. "Where is this crown your daughter spoke of?"

"It moves around from person to person. Almost like it has a mind of it's own, in fact, It probably does. But... I tracked it to Themosa, a man named Grey, a man I've done a lot of research on." She explained, the corruption lifting.

Magdalene's eyes widened, "Grey!? Him!? He has it?"

She nodded, "He used it before me, I know that, he might've even been one of the first people to use it. But from everything I know you can only actually use it once, so I don't know why he went to such lengths to get it."

"Maybe to prevent others from using it..." Methos rubbed her chin. "Or maybe to force those under him to use it for him. In any case, what did he wish for? Possibly something... to explain why he was able to stand toe to toe with Mags. Even a fledgling goddess should have been able to take down a normal mortal."

"That was hard to find out but I've had a lot of time... I've found records of people with similar descriptions to him throughout the last few hundred years. He clearly has enhanced speed, strength, and precision as well as unnatural life... But his curse is harder to pin down... There's his undead coldness, but other than that it wasn't clear."

"Wasn't?" Mags repeated.

"Well. He seems to be in various stages of decay. Shifting from a healthy corpse to a rotting one and back. Then there's his constant crimes and atrocities. If I had to guess his wish, It gave him power and eternal life, perhaps to complete some goal, but the price was that he had to spread chaos and havoc or literally rot away."

"So whenever he does something cruel or terrible, it rejuvenates him?" Tecunte asked.

"That's my theory yes. He likely doesn't want to die and end up in hell to be punished for what's he's done." The Human Woman looked back at her.

"So... He's always going to be hurting people and making them suffer... because he doesn't want to face judgement? He's a coward." Mags added.

"All I know is he needs to make the world burn and can never stray." Her Mother replied. "I don't know him personally. I don't really know anyone personally anymore..."

The group sat in sad silence for a minute after that. Tecunte finally broke the silence by asking out loud, "What would drive a man to... make a wish like that...?"

Methos sighed sadly. "He was probably at his lowest point in life, prayed to thw gods... and we didn't listen." She looked over to Mags. "We do that a lot..."

"Maybe. But we need to stop him. We're going to convince the other Gods tomorrow. As many who will listen. If your theory is true Mom... That means Korra is in even more danger than I thought..." Magdalene stood up. "Then we can purify the crown, save you, and stop this thing from hurting anyone else."

Methos turned to Maribeth. "Do you know if purifying the crown will get rid of his Immortality?"

"I don't know. I'd assume so." Her head perked up. "That must be why he's protecting it!"

The others nodded. "Alright. First thing tomorrow, we start convincing gods." Methos smiled at Maribeth. "In the meantime... would you like to see your family?"

Mags smiled, Maribeth seeming honestly nervous as she approached. "Can I?"

"Of course..." Maribeth nodded, helping her daughter unwrap the bandages.

They fell away, leaving the visage of a middle aged woman, her Iris's were coal black, her hair damp like before, but it was her mother. She blinked, looking up at Mags' face, slowly reaching up and gently touching her cheek. It was then that inky black tears began to fall from her eyes as she brought her daughter in for a tight hug. "I... I never thought I'd be able to hold you again..."

"Shhh... It's okay..." Mags nuzzled her. "Just... Let's enjoy this..."

Methos brought a hand to her mouth, a tear of joy rolling down her cheek. Tecunte watched for a few moments before she reached into her belt and pulled out a little pink pill. "Here. Swallow this and it will let you breath and move around normally outside. Then you can see the rest of your family."

Maribeth looked at it, "I'm not... I'm not sure I'm ready... I left you all for years... When you needed me..."

"They love you. They want our family to be whole again." She encouraged. "And I know you want to see them too..."

Methos nodded. "Please... they deserve to know that you're okay. That you're alive."

She sighed. "Okay... I trust you..."

Tecunte handed her the pill and said, "I'll go make a list of the gods and goddesses we might want to talk to first."

She portaled out, and Methos opened the door outside. "Come on. Let's go see your family."

Stepping through they would up out the Annahsvere family's home in Aetherium, as beautiful as it ever was, Maribeth almost sweating. Mags placed a hand on her shoulder, "It's okay. Breathe."

"Right... Okay..." She inhaled deeply, knocking on the door.

Methos stayed back with bated breath, hoping the family would recognize her despite the time that had passed. Mags did after all.

After a few seconds Carol nearly slammed open the door, grabbing Mags by her shirt, "You! You little jerk! I told you we were going to have a talk! I thought you were you fucking dead you! You! Raaaahhh!!!!"

Carol then wrapped her arms around Mags, hugging her. "Never... Do that again..."

"I... I promise..." Mags nodded, embracing her sister.

"Carol..." Methos stepped forward. "We have someone else here for you to see. For your... whole family to see."

Carol released her sister, "No. First we have to talk about that fact that you're a Goddess! What!?"

Maribeth blinked, "You're a Goddess!?"

"Yeah! She is." Carol looked over at the woman, about to say something but her expression immediately dropped.

"Hi... Dear..." Tears welled up in her eyes. "It's Momma..."

"I-I-I-I..." She studdered, lifting Mags up. "What!?! ONE REVELATION AT A TIME MAGDALENE!"

At this point Mags was starting to turn a little green, squeaking, "I... I found her.. "

Methos chuckled. "Before Aetherella went to sleep, she made Magdalene goddess of Family and the Hearth. She took some convincing, but here she is, a goddess. As for your mother, she was corrupted by a cursed item, which is why it was so hard to locate her. But your sisters new powers led us right to her."