A Newbie's Guide to Gamigon Role-Playing


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A Newbie's Guide to Gamigon Role-Playing
If you are new to the site let me be the first to say welcome. We have a diverse community of writers of all skills and backgrounds and here are some tips to help you become a role-player on the website.
  1. We accept all writers to the role plays we do. If you are interested in a particular story/stories, then don't hesitate to leave a post in a Think-Tank or general discussion to let people know you are interested in joining. Please do not just post first.

  2. The role plays we do here are usually run by a Game Masters. A GM is there to help advise people and to make sure the role play goes as smoothly as possible. Any questions or concerns about the particular role play can usually be answered by a GM, a moderator, or really any member who is willing to lend a hand.

  3. When joining a role play, make sure that you know the background or story of that particular role play before hand. If it is based on a particular game, book or movie, it wouldn't hurt to go look at the original source material so that you do not get lost or confused.

  4. Along the lines of character development, take time and consideration to plan out your character. No great story was driven by bad or unfinished characters. Think out their lives and stories they have to offer. This not only makes it more enjoyable for the other
    readers, but fills you with a sense of accomplishment when others praise your character.

  5. Try your best not to dictate the story. This is more hard for some people than others but the story is driven by the overall cast, not a singular person. If you have ideas to advance the story, ask a GM or post your idea in a Think-Tank to see how other people think about it.

  6. We understand that real life takes precedent. We will all understand if something comes up and you may be away for a short or long period of time. Just let people know the situation so that a role play is not hindered because of an absent role player.

  7. Your stories are not concrete. While it is fun to plan out stories and think on the future have consideration of how different factors play into any good story. Make you story flexible so that the role play can flow smoother and be more consistent.

  8. While we do have a diverse group on the site of all ages, races and genders, take in consideration of those around you. This applies to real life as well as something you post on the internet can have real life consequences. We have never had a major incident like this and we are proud of our members for the way they interact.

  9. We all understand that in real life situations, language or actions are not censored but their is a degree of maturity when writing. Some people are more mature than others and we understand this so please keep profanity and vulgar actions under control. Mods and GMs do have the power to remove posts and you from a story if it becomes a continuing problem. Once again we have had no major incidents so lets keep it that way.

  10. A mod or GM's word is law. They are ultimately the ones who decide the rule of the role play and if you continue to break rules or guidelines set by the GM or mod, you can be removed or banned from that thread or story.

  11. Have fun with you writings. In the end, we are all here to create a fun and unique place for all the nerds and geeks of the world and that is what we love most. We are a tight community but new members are always welcomed with open arms.
Those are all the tips for you to learn your way around the Gamigon forum and to become a successful writer. We hope you have fun, and stay around for a while.