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  • Not trying to be a jerk man, but could you just let us ( Anna, Richard, Joseph) save Ayame? I means it's kinda anticlimactic for you to just barge in and save the day, you know what I mean?
    What I meant was the victim is suffering from memory loss, so there is no evidence of who did it, so just because someone says they did it doesn't change the fact that Ayame is, in terms of circumstantial evidence, the person most likely to have done it.
    The assault of the range instructor was done by jimark's character. That's why I mentioned in my posts that Ayame was suspected due to her knowledge of human anatomy, because jimark's post mentioned specifically targeting the hippo campus. If you want take over as the assaulter, you'll have to converse with him, otherwise you'll cause confusion. And simply confessing won't get her off the hook.
    {Hay Joseph I think my charter can help you out with your situation but only if you want it }

    Thanks, but give me a chance to handle it myself.
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