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  • I may be a monster, but the things about being a monster is that I will do the things that you are terrified to do.
    I'm glad to see you finally using Eva beyond her just showing up, but would you like to tell me how she knows about Jessica/Alexia. I think I've made it clear that they're condition is not common knowledge.
    Don't you think it's a bit out of character for Scarlet to be upset that people are talking about her behind her back since she doesn't care what they think. Plus, the definition of a sociopath is a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.
    Hey, sorry again for ducking out the way that I did. But I think it went well. Scarlet mentioned wanting to bring rockets into battle. She'll need to go in without them for the first mission, but then she'll get promoted. Do you want her to be a EW Heavy or a Long War Rocketeer?
    A quick note on your last post. Ayame's sister's name is Guì yīng Takahashi, she lives in Japan with her husband and daughter, and 911 in China is 110.
    Well Anna wouldn't say " You're not like most americans here"... She doesn't know you're a nice guy yet, she would still not trust you.

    And Anna would not " Turn Red" as she would think he is lying about all the compliments axton is saying to her, but wouldn't just call you out on it.

    I hope that helps :)
    I was wondering if you could change the interaction with Anna you put up, Anna wouldn't be so accepting of your character so fast, it would take a lot longer than usual because your character is an American and she thinks that Americans are untrustworthy, she would still be pretty wary of him.
    I have a minor request in regards to your last post. Ayame suffers from minor Heterophobia (as well as major Agraphobia), so while she would try to be friendly, do you mind changing your post slightly to show how uncomfortable she would be.
    History will remember, those who stood there ground,and fought,not the ones that cower and flee.
    Hmm, you did write a pretty interesting fight entry, I suggest you take this up with the writers like frostlich and zombie splitter and slayer as they pretty much seem like they have a plan (I just try not to get involved much). If they prefer your version of events I would be more than happy to take/edit my entries accordingly to get rid of confusion :)
    Not trying to be a jerk man, but could you just let us ( Anna, Richard, Joseph) save Ayame? I means it's kinda anticlimactic for you to just barge in and save the day, you know what I mean?
    What I meant was the victim is suffering from memory loss, so there is no evidence of who did it, so just because someone says they did it doesn't change the fact that Ayame is, in terms of circumstantial evidence, the person most likely to have done it.
    The assault of the range instructor was done by jimark's character. That's why I mentioned in my posts that Ayame was suspected due to her knowledge of human anatomy, because jimark's post mentioned specifically targeting the hippo campus. If you want take over as the assaulter, you'll have to converse with him, otherwise you'll cause confusion. And simply confessing won't get her off the hook.
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