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  • No one, not the gods, not Mina not even my sister will stop me from my rule. No one will harm my men or my people. - Alice
    When life puts you down, and you feel like things are not going your way. You take all that failure you learn from it and get better.
    After about 5 hours...got both Crota's End done on my Hunter and the Vault of Glass done on Titan...that was intense shit...finally got a full six man team that we have all sort of become friends. Will hopefully be running them every week so if we ever need another fireteam member, you will be on my call list.
    Noire: I may not be as strong as my mother, But I will live up to her and my families legacy.
    So as seeing as things are wrapping themselves up with a nice little bow, I wanted to know if you wanted to do something with me. I had a colab in mind you might quite like.
    Hey, since you got your laptop back I was wondering if You'd like to do a collab. I asked Dramma for one today but we can do it tomorrow if you're free.

    I was thinking that we could do that Mary and Eva meeting now, since they did just survive a mission together. :)
    So something to ask, would Eva even like to see 115 while he is in containment. I am kind of guessing she will take at least some sort of interest in these two clone captives. (Though Settia is Gem's so I have no jurisdiction in that)
    I can feel them coming, I can feel them preparing for there assault. Let them come the will not take my family from me.
    When I get home today I wouldn't mind Eva meeting Elene now, and/or Ashley receiving some training if she wants any.
    Hate to ask this, but do you mind taking the post you put up down and putting it back up after Gem and I finish ours so it doesn't interrupt it?
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