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  • If a man can fly over the ocean, and no mountains can get in his way, will he fly on forever, searching for something to believe?
    So, I was wondering when you'd be available for the engineering room fight and the refugee area fight with you, Gemini, and myself.
    Happy New Year from one of the last people to see it! May all of you who experience the rest of the year before me enjoy it vigorously.
    Once Dahl's part of the mission goes up, wait about 30-60 minutes and then you can post yours. I'll do the same from yours, to ensure people get a chance to read stuff without it becoming a wall of text.
    Writing up a big couple posts for the XCOM thread. Bit under three-quarters finished.
    Entertaining post as always. Just letting you know I wasn't trying to copy you with my post, its just a coincidence that we both decided to analyze the aliens. Can't wait until the time for Leon and Ayame to bump heads comes about.
    This is going to sound a bit random. Bu how did you get that picture onto your signature. Every time I try to paste one on mine, I'm told my message is too long. I even copied your image off one of your posts, and saw that it is 450x250 and 129 KB, but even if I make my image smaller then this, it still won't let me use it.
    Got it, thanks for clearifying.....uh, you probably already know this, but Ayame's not a communist (of course, Leon doesn't know that, so I don't even know why I brought it up).

    And does "deadliest gender" mean that Leon doesn't care much for women, because with Ayame's heterophobia, they probably aren't going to get along.....oh well, the more drama there is, the more fun I have.
    Man, you're character is so wonderfully articulate, I love reading your posts. In the words of Taggart from Mel Brook's Blazing Saddles, "you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore."
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