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“Grime of the Past, Part 10”

Rules of Shambhala: Chapter 1

Memphis Interstellar Spaceport
Memphis, Tennessee; United States of America
February 3rd, 2044
12:04 P.M., Local Time

Bruno was pushed back onto the ground, but he wasn’t slow to react, getting back up and trying to pin her down again, going for a punch as some telekinetic energy surrounded his fist. Atka sidestepped it rather than try to avoid the punch, and slammed a fist into Bruno’s side, though knew she was being risky, as too much movement would put her into the scorpion’s line of fire. She bumped up her physical enhancement a bit more, the crackle masking a similar sound as ice crept from her right foot into the path where Bruno would advance if he attacked again. Fall for it…

Bruno held his side but didn’t let the heavy punch faze him, having taken heavy hits before. He glared at Atka and ran forward, not noticing the ice that had formed due to the low light of the baggage area. He fell with a grunt of surprise, slamming a fist to the floor as he tried to stand up again. Atka didn’t give him a chance, hitting him with a mindfray helix square on with her left hand, and using Xifeng to form a telekinetic barrier like a handcuff around his torso to hold him down.

Bruno thrashed around, obviously not accepting that he had lost but not in any position to win any longer. On the other side of the ship, the manager let out a deranged yell and he reached down to the side, grabbing a small child with short, brown hair and pulling a gun out of his jacket and pressing it against her cheek. “Come on, try to attack me again! I will put a bullet through her fucking skull!” He exclaimed, letting out a bit of mad laughter, obviously off balance by what Jack had done.



Atka and Jack both froze, Xifeng being withdraw to being back-to-back with Atka quickly. While Jackson’s mind raced, realizing the consequences of his psychic attack, Atka struggled to think of a solution. Her eyes, aided by her extrasensory perception, darted around the room to assess her position in relation to Safar. I’m closer after switching directions with that spin around with Bruno… with heightened speed and a little ice I could get there in a second, maybe a little less or more… but he’d pull the trigger. Atka squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. “We give up.” She let her hands fall to her side, her Reflection being retracted around her but not immediately dismissed, and Jackson assumed the same passive positioned… slowly and carefully.

Please, let this work the way that I think it does. Atka opened her eyes, light blue psionic energy mixed with the darker blue of her reflection’s, burning like miniature flames. Xifeng, freeze time! A burst of blue energy shot out from Atka, and all motion ceased. Jack was frozen in despair, Safar in deranged paranoia, the young girl in fear. However, the detective didn’t have a moment to waste to comprehend what she had just done, the ice created under her feet before time had stopped being a springboard for her to intentionally slip slightly, increasing her speed as she leapt forward with but a single attack in mind.

With a desperate swing of her right fist, coated in Xifeng’s restored one, Atka made her move. The imbued glove collided with Safar’s gun arm, smashing bone and throwing it to the side, the only moving object in the stopped time influencing an otherwise immobile Safar. Then, as swiftly as time had frozen, it broken through Atka’s icy grip and resumed, a bullet screaming out of the gun’s chamber and hitting the ceiling with a loud crack. But the girl was unharmed. With her left fist, fuming at both herself for letting the situation get so dire, and at the would-be murderer, she punched Safar, knocking him into the wall with enough force to injure but hopefully not kill.
There was a sharp crack as his head hit the ceiling, the man falling to the floor unmoving, a bit of blood staining his dark hair but his chest did rise slowly, confirming he was still alive, however slim he was to death though.

The girl with the short hair fell to the ground, putting her arms around her head, sobbing to herself obviously scared out of her mind at the situation. Xifeng withdrew into Atka, the blood sustaining her evaporating, and Atka hugged the girl. “Are you Tracey?” She whispered gently, stroking her hair to try and calm her as she had done for her own daughter on occasion.

Tracey recoiled at her touch initially, being a bit afraid of Atka and her weird trick, though it wasn’t long till she squeezed the woman back as if she would die otherwise. “Y-Yes…” She said shakily. “T-They cut my hair… it looks horrible now…” She cried, indeed her hair looking butchered as if a knife had been taken to it.

“We’ll fix it up…” Atka insisted kindly. “My friend might even be able to help it grow back quicker.” She glanced at a momentarily stunned Jackson, who quickly sighed, rubbing his forehead.

You know I’m not that good with biokinesis… He complained mentally, though smiled in relief in spite of himself.


Memphis Interstellar Spaceport
Memphis, Tennessee; United States of America
March 3rd, 2044
3:45 P.M., Local Time

Atka sat in the terminal with her partner, wearing her casual attire that she had worn to Fiji in addition to her coat - thankfully the air conditioning wasn’t making it ridiculously hot like at the Hotel Casablanca - watching Tracey. “So it’s all finalized then?” She spoke into her cellphone with her informant. “No legal issues with giving her father custody anymore?”

“Nope, at least for the moment. It isn’t permanent, but it is at least something for the next year while the threat any of those goons’ friends try and get revenge is still present.” Roberts explained. “And good work by the way, if I am not mistaken the guys you took into custody are already on a one way trip to a cold cell in New Alcatraz.”

Atka smiled, though she rubbed the back of her neck with her free hand. “I’m glad I could put away two murderers, though… I’m also glad I didn’t accidentally cripple the guy. I hear that they have the prisoners work to stay in shape and offer some contribution to society, so it wouldn’t have been a good thing if I’d gone too far.”

“Trust me… I wouldn’t have lost sleep.” Francine let out a little chuckle and sighed, “So you are really going to do this yourself with your partner in tow?”

“Yeah.” Atka’s tone became serious. “I feel obligated to, but that’s not the only reason I’m going. I got a call from my friend Aya Brea… she told me that an old enemy of hers has resurfaced not too far from Forseti. So after I drop Tracey off and say hello to my eldest daughter, I plan on going to help her with Jack. And… you’re sure you want to come? It’s going to be dangerous.”

“And that’s why I need to come with you,” Jackson insisted. “Don’t want you trying to sacrifice yourself or something without me being there to stop you. Did you say goodbye to your family here?”

Atka smiled. “I did. Everything’s squared away. Now it’s just a matter of taking the trip to the planet itself… should be quicker than it’s taking for the Einherjar, even if we’ll arrive after them, due to having a smaller ship to ourselves.” Returning her attention to Francine, she asked, “Is there anything more you need from me related to wrapping up the case, or is this goodbye for now?”

There was another sigh from the woman, but this one was more saddened. “No… this is goodbye. I would love to go with you guys and provide you backup like always but someone needs to keep your office cleaned up and looked after. Who knows… maybe I will take a vacation to Fiji.” The informant joked. “I heard there is a huge villa up on the market.”


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DarkGemini24601 and MarineAvenger:
“Grime of the Past, Epilogue”

Rules of Shambhala: Chapter 1

Somewhere in Subspace
Transport Ship “Godspeed”
March 26th, 2044
2300 Hours, Earth Standard Time

Atka Wiewiora sat in the pilot’s chair, reading a book quietly. The ship needed no pilot at the moment, being in FTL-drive and headed for Forseti. She was wearing her detective outfit, her blue and white uniform that still bore the badge of Toronto, even light years away from Earth. I miss home already, but I need to help Aya with that organization of hers. If they’re really who she says they are… Atka shuddered. The old soldier glanced up to see that her partner, Jackson Trommers, was taking a nap, and smiled.

“Glad to see both of you are getting some rest. Past few weeks have been rather hectic, haven’t they?” The Inuit woman whispered, mostly to herself. “And they’ll get more hectic, what, with mitochondrial experiments and flesh-eating bacteria…”

Shaking her head to dismiss the thought, Atka started leafing through her book again, but a crunching sound diverted her attention. “Was that you, dear?” She called out to the back of the ship. No response: the young girl in the back was still asleep. Looking down, though, Atka noted the source of the crunch. An orange in a basket of fruit four meters away from her had collapsed, and turned to a withered husk, then dust, in a matter of seconds.

“That… that couldn’t be!” A faster-acting version of Shambhala’s… Atka’s eyes darted down at her arm that was facing the box, and noted that the epidermis was starting to dry out. No, I can’t let it climb any further! Atka activated the device on her wrist that drew her blood to summon the Reflection, the more ‘punk’ version of Atka shimmering around her like an afterimage. “Xifeng!” She called out, pain starting to shoot up her arm. “Fr…Freeze… Time!”

Again, everything came to a standstill, and Atka acted as quickly as she could. Drawing a knife, she was forced to slice off the affected portion of skin, holding back a cry of agony. Reaching out with her uninjured left arm, she created a wall of ice between the area where the bacteria had gotten and the safe part of the ship. The intense cold against Atka’s wound soothed it slightly, but was outweighed by how dizzy Atka felt, the creation of ice within frozen time forcing her to allow it to move again immediately after. C-Can’t use… other powers during frozen time… without overextending...myself? She managed to think, falling back into her chair with Jack waking up with a start.

“Atka!” His eyes widened both at the frozen barricade and the Inuit woman’s wound. He quickly knelt down, using his biokinesis to slowly knit new skin over the bloody cut. “What happened?”

“S-Shambhala’s bacterium…” Atka mumbled through the pain. “Cordoned it off… i-it should die off in no more than an hour… b-but it nearly… did me in.”

“So they’re not happy about us going to assist Aya,” Jackson muttered. “I hope that was the only trap aboard the ship, but I’ll run a diagnostic to make sure there aren’t any more contagents or surprises aboard. I doubt it, considering that some of our food was the only thing we didn’t put in here ourself to be safe…”

Atka smiled weakly as her wound healed. “We weren’t careful enough, I guess…”

“Correct.” Jackson rubbed his forehead. “Wonder how we’re going to explain the wall of ice if Tracey wakes up…”

“Simple. Don’t wake her up. I… I think I need a nap now…” Atka sighed, leaning back in her chair as the throbbing pain - the reminder of what had just transpired - started to fade, and tried to get some rest.
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Fox Pack: Part One

Two years after events of XCOM.

Adam stepped off the bus in the Manhattan street, rubbing his hands together as his breath was visible in the winter wind. It was currently Christmas Eve, and he felt at the hard lump in his jacket, shaking slightly, though not from the cold.

He entered into the apartment building he and his girlfriend Eve had shared for the past two years, the man having no luck finding work, so Eve was currently back in college.

He unlocked the door to their small shared apartment, looking around at all the festive decorations. He had decorated it all himself, Eve staying on campus during the weeks while coming home on weekends, and lucky for him, it was Friday. He hated the fact that the school she went to did not have a winter break, and her being away always made him nervous, especially with the stories her heard about what happens on college campuses.

He never moved on from a certain event that happened between the two when they first started dating, one that almost ended their relationship, despite him always assuring her he had gotten over it. The uncertainty killed him. His hand ran over the lump once more for comfort as he began to take his heavy coat off and went to the kitchen to start the dinner.

A half hour later, the bell rang on the door, followed by a knocking that sounded more like someone banging against the door then using their hand.

Adam raised an eyebrow as he quickly put the turkey back into the oven, throwing off his mitt as he ran to the door and unlocked it quickly.

When he opened the door, he saw it was, indeed, Eve. She hadn't unlocked it herself because of the large ham she was struggling to carry, the beast of meat bigger than her head. "Hey, love! Guess who's sister sent her a voucher for a holiday ham. Say hello to our Christmas dinner tomorrow!"

"That was nice of Aya..." Adam noted as he took the ham from her so she could settle in. "Welcome home by the way... I missed you."

"Oh... I missed you too, Foxy." Eve followed into the kitchen so she could wrap her arms around his waist as soon as he put the ham down. "It is so hard being away."

"Y-Yeah... I can imagine." He took a deep breath, still shaking a bit. "H-How is school going? I know without the winter break i-it can be hard."

"It is. Too much work, so much studying. But I studied ahead of time, and got..." She fell silent, leaning against him a little harder as she frowned.

"W-What!?" He asked, turning as he held her arms with concern clearly plastered on Fox's face.

She looked into his eyes. "We've been together for over two years now. My time away for college hasn't done anything to rid me of my ability to tell when something is wrong. So... what's wrong?"

"N-Nothing is wrong... W-What would make you think that?" He asked softly, letting his arms fall away from her. She isn't cheating on you... She still loves you... She said as much... But still... I have not changed in two years. She has changed so much. It makes me wonder if she is happy with someone else other than me... He thought to himself.

Her eyes darted away. "Oh... it's that thing that you always claim nothing is wrong when it bothers you." Two years, and he hasn't completely forgiven me. Hasn't moved on. But should be? Do I deserve forgiveness after what I did to him? It makes me wonder if I'm holding him back... if he deserves someone who hasn't hurt him.

"Eve... How many times do I have to say I have forgiven you? I... It doesn't bother me that you are gone most of the week... In a mixed dorm... What is there to be worried about?"

"Stop it, Fox." Eve held her arms tightly. "This constant state of denial is the reason why we haven't moved on. Why we... probably never will. You've forgiven me. I get that. I believe that. But I also believe you'd never forgive me if I did it again. That isn't a problem for me. But it is for you if... if you believe I might do it again. You forgave me... but you still don't trust me..."

"W-Well..." Fox shook his head. "Wait a minute, don't try and turn this around on me!" He took a step away. "So I have a trust problem, so what? It's not my fault."

"Well, the problem... th-the problem is... you shouldn't... sh-shouldn't be... so..." A tear ran down She's cheek as she stared angrily at Fox, and a few more fell as she realized she didn't have an argument. "You're right. You shouldn't trust me, should you?" She looked away, her expression saying she was hiding something.

"What, you have more to add?" Adam shot back, trying to act tough but he was trembling.

Eve didn't look at him. "A week or so ago. I had someone in my room. Someone I was tutoring. Football player. Needed to get his grades up or get suspended from the team."

Fox seemed to freeze, his face turned a pale white. He said nothing.

"We were studying with my roommate," Eve explained. "She stepped out, and he told me how much he liked me. How good we were together. He... he's popular. He's handsome, and strong, and has prospects to join the NFL. I told him I was flattered, but he insisted. Said he'd show me how much he liked me. So he... he reached out and... touched me..."

Adam's face surprisingly didn't change, but instead he merely nodded and began walking out of the kitchen and to the single bedroom without a word.

"Fox, please!" Eve rushed after him. "It isn't what you think. This is exactly why I didn't want to tell you what he did to me!"

"I understand..." He told her in a whisper, taking the lump out of his pants pocket where he had placed it, just hiding it in his clenched fist.

"It rejected him, Fox, I swear! In fact, a slapped him." A few more years rolled down Eve's cheeks. "He didn't know what to do. He's never been rejected before, even by women in committed relationships. He didn't know how to take it. So... so after trying his best to convince me... he decided he was going to show me how much he cared about me. Whether... whether I wanted him to or not..."

"How far did he go?" Why do I even care... No matter what you do, there is always another man trying to steal her... Adam wanted to crawl into a ball.

"He didn't make it... that far." Eve turned away. "When my body went limp, he must have thought I had given in. I jumped from my body and found my roommate talking to some guys near our room. I jumped into her, told them I had a bad feeling, and led them back to my room, using her key to unlock the door. I then jumped into my own body again and screamed as the door was being opened. He... he gave up without a fight."

Should have just kicked his ass... Adam thought to himself. Before he knew what happened, the object in his hand fell from his grasp. Fox winced but decided he didn't care, just retreating into the room as he closed the door and slide down it till he sat on the floor.

"Fox!" Eve slammed her fist on the door. "I just told you I was almost raped, and you shut me out? Because I'm still that slut that was going to cheat on you, right?" Eve glanced down at the object he had dropped, absentmindedly picking it up. "I bet if I was carrying your child, you would just question if it was yours. It'll always be like this, won't it?"

"Open it..." He responded through the door. "It was supposed to be a surprise, but then again I'm not really a master of romance..." Adam's voice was sad, like he was carrying something in him.

"Unless it's something that can change the past..." Eve muttered, mostly to herself, and slowly opened it.

Inside was a small, simple ring. It wasn't at all fancy, most likely due to a budget, and a few moments later Adam opened the door again. "I was going to try during dinner... I didn't mean for us to fight. We've been together for two years and I knew I could trust you enough to be my wife..."

Eve looked into his eyes, tears flowing from hers. She slowly shook her head. "I'm glad we had this fight. It... it put things into perspective. Made me realize something I've been denying for two years. You're a great man. You're smart, and funny, and such a romantic. You make my heart flutter when we're together. But you lack confidence. You think you need to settle on me because you won't find anyone else. But you can. You will." She smiled sadly. "I... I'm not going to hold you hostage any more. And I won't shackle you to a tramp you have no reason to trust..." She reached out, offering him the ring back.

Adam's eyes widened, but he merely shook his head, slapping her hand away. "No... No... You aren't getting out that easy. I don't care if I am, or I'm not all of what you said about me... Because it is meaningless if I don't have the woman I love. You were so many of my firsts, and I want you to be with me forever. You... You hear me... Forever! I... I won't accept anything less. Why else would I be here? Why would I have... Bought this apartment with you... Why would I wait here every week to give you something to come home to? No... You don't get to say no... I... I won't let some ungrateful asshole like the one who tried to hurt you try and take you away... I... I could never live with myself if I let that happen."

Fox rushed forward and he hugged Eve immensely. "Will you marry me?"

Eve sobbed loudly. Better sobs, she cried out, "I... I want to... so much... but what... if I... cheat... on you? I will... it's who... I am... you can't... trust me..."


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Fox Pack: Part Two

"No!" He yelled at her, holding her face. "That isn't you! It has never been you. You were just lonely... Looking for someone to pay attention to you with your body. But now you have me, and I can give all of myself to you! You will never be lonely. You will never be unsatisfied." After a few moments, Fox took a step back. "But... If you really think that... That you aren't right for me, then take the ring and go engage some big, muscly guy who adores you. I am sure Bull is still single, or you could find someone other than me." It was at this point his confidence had eroded. He just hoped she didn't choose the latter option.

Eve lowered her gaze. "Fox... I-I... there is something I haven't told you. I was afraid of how you'd react. I..." She closed her eyes. "I... I-I'm... I'm p... I'm p..."

Fox raised an eyebrow. "What? I can't understand you..."

Eve walked up to him and took his hand, placing it against her stomach.

He connected the dots, his face flushing a deep red. "Y-Y-You... Y-Y-You're... Pregnant!?"

Eve nodded, trying to smile. "I was afraid to tell you... because you would have felt obligated to stay with me, even if you didn't want to. But I couldn't anymore. I was going to tell you after dinner."

Fox's mouth hung open. "A-Are you kidding me?" He asked her, suddenly he wrapped his arms around her. "I can't believe it. We are going to be parents Eve! I can't believe we are going to be parents!" After a moment of thought he said, "Wait..." His face paled again. "I have no idea how to raise a baby!"

"What parent does the first time they have a child. We'll learn... together." Eve took the ring out of the box, and slipped it on her finger.

Adam's smile couldn't grow any wider, and he closed his eyes as he pressed his lips against Eve's lightly and lovingly. When he pulled back, he ran a hand through her hair. "Does your sister know yet?"

Eve shook her head. "Even if I was afraid to tell you, I still wanted you to be the first to know."

"You shouldn't have been afraid." Adam held the woman once more, closing his eyes. "I guess I just care for you so much... I'm just so scared of losing you."

This time, Eve placed her hands on Adam's head. "Listen to me, Fox. You won't lose me. You can't. I... I was afraid before I met you. Aya was always honest about where I came from, and I'm grateful for that. But it left me wondering where my place was. If I could find anyone who would want me. So I was promiscuous, always sticking to short term relationships. But... but I found someone who loves me now. After almost losing him once... I could never do something to risk losing him again."

"I believe you." Fox responded without much thought. "And you have my trust... A trust you should have had for two years."

Eve held him tightly. "I love you, Fox... Adam. And I'd be honored to be your wife."

Eight months later.

"Foxy?" Eve stood before her full length mirror, a hateful object she should have hidden away months ago. She stood in only her underwear, a hand on her bulbous stomach. "I'm a big fatty, aren't I?"

"Yes..." He said, coming behind her as he rubbed her stomach. "But it will be worth it... I still can't believe we are going to have a little one. How long do you think till your sister and Hawke have one of their own?"

Eve scoffed. "Knowing my sister? Twenty-three years. She loves him, but is so afraid to admit her true feelings. I'm glad I wasn't like that."

"Me too. I hope they get married soon too. They go well with one another." He whispered, kissing Eve's ear.

Eve giggled, and turned around to face Fox. "I'm feeling a bit... frisky. I hope you don't find me to repulsively fat to... t-to..." She squeezed her eyes shut falling silent.

"No, no... Not that you are repulsive, it just seems a bit much how you are..." When he realized that wasn't what was wrong, he grew concerned. "What?"

She squeezed her stomach, her knees shaking as they grew weak. "I-I think it's time."

Adam blinked a few times. "Heh?"

"The baby, Fox!" Eve grabbed Adam by the collar. "The baby says it's time to come out!"

"Oh... Oh my! Uh... We uh... Car... Should probably..." He looked Eve up and down. "Clothes! Uh... Um..." He went over, getting her a bathrobe and helped her slip into it as he took her hand. "Let's go!"

"Okay, don't panic. Can't panic. Stop panicking! I'm not panicking?" Eve looked like she was panicking. "The bag is by the door. Just gotta... d-drive." She hunched over in pain for moment. "Just... gimme... two seconds..."

"No, I drive, you just relax. We are not far from the hospital. Just... Just wait here and I will pull up out front." With that, Fox ran off, taking out his phone as he dialed Aya's personal cell.

"Yes, Fox," Aya answered after only a few rings. Everything going alright?"

He quickly opened the door to the outside, fumbling around for his keys. "Baby... Coming... Hospital... Going... Now." He said quickly, a bit out of breath despite having great stamina.

"Alright, Adam! I need you to calm down." Aya took a deep breath, hoping Adam would do the same. "Eve is counting on you. Now, are you going to the hospital you were planning to before?"

"Well, yeah, of course, it is the closest." He said quickly, though a bit calmer. When he got to the car, he quickly started it and began bringing it around to the front.

"Alright. I'm in Moscow right now. But one of the privileges of my post is open use of an XSDF shuttle craft. I'll be there in about twenty-five minutes. You need to be strong, Adam. I know you can be."

"Yeah... I know..." With that he hung up and got out, going back upstairs to get Eve and helped her down the stairs and into the car. After that, they were off to the hospital.

One day later.

Aya paced impatiently in the waiting room. If she was missing her feminine features, you'd think she was an expecting mother. "Is labor supposed to take so long. If so, why? If not, what is taking so long? If it's over, why haven't I heard anything?"

James, otherwise known by the codename Hawke, was sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee in his hands, just staring at his girlfriend for a bit. "Everything is fine. You should sit down and relax. You are acting like it is your baby."

Aya chuckled. "Considering Eve is my clone, it almost feels like..." She grabbed a passing nurse. "Eve Fenris! Find what is going on with her!" The nurse ran off, more to get away for Aya then anything else. She glanced at James and noted the look he was giving her. "Sorry. I'm just... nervous."

He let out a drawn out sigh, putting his beverage to the side as he stood up and went to Aya, caressing her cheek. "Come on, calm down. Everything is fine." James repeated, kissing her on the forehead.

Aya leaned into his touch, and nodded. "Alright. I'll... try to relax." She accompanied James to the chairs, sitting down and placing her head on his shoulder, her eyes occasionally darting towards the clock.

After about half an hour of more waiting, Adam came out dressed in a protective covering, smiling wildly. "Guys..."

"Oh my god." Aya stood up, rushing forward and giving him a big hug. "Boy or girl?"

Fox winked. "It is a surprise. Now get all your stuff and come see the baby!" He said excitedly, basically jumping as he waited for the two to follow.

"Come on, Hawky!" Aya grabbed James' hand, pulling and grinning like a giddy school girl. "We're gonna see the baby!"

"I'm going to have to handcuff you so you don't steal their baby, aren't I?" The sniper deadpanned as he followed.

After they got all the coverings on, Fox led them to the room, Eve was in, opening the door slowly as he put a finger to his mouth.

Aya practically snuck in, her smile somehow widening beyond how wide it already was at the sight of Eve. Her hair was matted from sweat, some eye shadow she had been wearing running, but she obviously didn't care, her whole world nestled in her arms. "Wanna see what twenty hours of labor can produce?" She whispered. "It's only the most beautiful boy in the galaxy and beyond."

"I take offense to that." Adam said as a joke, jogging around the side of the bed, putting an arm around his wife.

Aya leaned against James, putting a hand to his chest. "Isn't he the most handsome boy ever?"

"Never thought the day would come I would see that squirrely little guy have his arm around a beautiful wife with an adorable little boy." James replied softly, putting his head against Aya as he smiled.

"Have you thought of a name yet?" Aya asked, enjoying watching Eve rock him back and forth.

"Uh..." Adam sort of looked at Eve with a confused look. "We never... decided..." Fox pressed the tips of his fingers together.

"Well, love... of it's okay with you..." Eve smiled at Adam. How does David sound?"

Adam thought it over, and after a bit, he nodded his head. "Yeah... I like it."

"David it is." Hawke rubbed Aya's arm.

"David Fenris." Aya nodded. "I like it."

Eve lightly kissed David, and looked at Fox. "Wanna hold him?"

Fox looked ready to pass out. "Y-You sure? Don't wanna... You know, accidentally hurt him." Despite the worry, he brought over a chair.

"I trust you, Adam." Eve nuzzled her cheek against David. "He's our precious treasure. You'll be fine."

After taking a deep breath, he reached out and slowly took the baby, leaning back to sit in the chair. After a bit, he began bouncing the baby very slightly and Adam began to cry.

"Don't panic, Adam." Aya moved behind him, gently touching his shoulder. "You're doing just fine."

"N-No... I'm just... So happy..." He said, unable to resist crying tears of joy and laughing as he looked at Eve. When he did, it almost seemed like that fateful day she had come to the bar to pick up a man and a movie later that night changed everything about his life.


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Fox Pack: Part Three

It seemed so long ago. Even looking back on the first betrayal, it seemed so minute to him, so insignificant. Though without it, they probably wouldn't be as close as they were now. All the time of jealousy and mistrust led to this, and it all seemed to go by so fast. "I love you Eve... You have... No idea... How much..."

Eve wiped her own tears, nodding her head. "I think I do. Because I love you just as much."

"I... I want you... No... I need you to know..." He wiped his eyes with one arm and took a deep breath. "What happened... During XCOM... Between us and our struggles later on... None of it matters anymore to me. This..." He looked down at the baby David. "Him... And you as my wife... That is all that matters. Not what happened in the past. It is dead, and put to rest for good... Forever."

Eve wiped more tears away, but they wouldn't stop. She did the only thing she could think to do at that moment, which was to reach forward and kiss Adam.

He happily accepted it from his wife, though a soft coo from the baby caused him to pull away and chuckle, holding out little David back to Eve. "I think he wants his mother."

Eve happily took him, and adjust her gown. Her eyes darted up at Hawke. Aya chuckled, and took Hawke's arms. "Come on. Feeding time."

"Already Mom?" He whispered to Aya with a chuckle as he was dragged out of the room.

Eve started breast feeding, smiling at Adam. "I hope you don't mind sharing these with him for a while."

Fox's face blushed a bit. Despite being his wife, she still embarrassed him with stuff like that. "I think you need some rest before we jump back... Into that."

"Yeah... and a few exercises to make things... go back to the way they were before someone decided to push a melon through a thin tube." She yawned loudly, and laid back. "You were awesome today, Foxy."

"You were more so Eevee." Seeing some space due to their combined thin frames, Adam carefully got into bed next to his wife, laying his head on her shoulder contently. "Greatest... Moment... Ever."

"Agreed," Eve whispered, smiling down at David.

Six years later.

Adam walked down the paths of the park, the day beautiful and the temperature just right. A now six year old David was enjoying his birthday out with the family, a two year old Lillith sitting in a stroller which was pushed by the mother. "So little people out today... Blows my mind really."

"Everything is so fast paced nowadays." Eve adjusted a small bow in Lillith's hair. "I wish people would stop to enjoy a walk through the park."

David was running around a little ahead, his arms out while her made airplane noises. He stopped short, and ran back to his parents. "Mommy! Fox dad! I saw the alien man! He has the biggest head in the world. Over there!"

Fox raised an eyebrow and looked at his wife, not sure how to respond.

Eve chuckled, looking ahead at a pair of Sectoids walking and likely telepathically talking. "Now, David. It isn't nice to make fun of people like that, aliens included."

David pouted, and looked to his father for support. "But... but they do have big heads. Tell mom they have big heads, Fox!"

"You have a big head." His father told him, running to the boy as he rubbed his hand on the boy's hair playfully, whispering in a way his mother couldn't hear, "They do, but it still isn't nice to make fun of people you don't know."

David lowered his eyes. "I didn't mean to make fun." His shoulders slumped a bit. "I'm sorry. Please don't be mad. Mommy says not to make fun."

"I'm not mad little one." Adam said lightly, hoisting the kid up with a bit of effort as he placed David on his shoulders.

Eve smiled at them as they continued through the park. Lillith giggled at nothing in particular, and that made the rest of her family laugh.

"Daddy Fox? Can I have a cake for my birft-day?"

"Of course you can. What do you want this year? Vanilla, chocolate, or ice cream cake?" Fox was banking on the last one.

"Can I have the ice cream cake wif the chocolate like before?" David asked, poking his index fingers together. "I thinned that one cause it taste good and makes my belly happy."

"Of course buddy. Whatever you want." Adam looked back cautiously. "If your mother is okay with it of course."

"Of course," Eve agreed, smiling at her beloved son on her beloved husband's shoulders. She looked ahead again, and froze in place.

Fox stopped where he was, having been watching Eve and he went back to her. "What's wrong?"

Her eyes lingered on a trio of men, particularly the one in the center. "Can we... um... we should head home now. I'm not feeling well all of a sudden."

"Oh... Poor Eevee." Fox reached out to touch her forehead. "We can head home now I guess. You guys want to have some lunch on the way back?"

"Can I get a happy meal?" David asked, looking down.

"Hey!" The man Eve had been looking at started walking over. "Is that Brea? Hey, Eve!" His friends trailed after him.

Adam looked over at the men, raising an eyebrow. "Friends of yours?"

"No." Eve struggled to turn the stroller. "We need to leave. Now."

"Hey! I'm talking to you!" The man quickened his pace.

Adam put a hand on Eve's shoulder for comfort and he whispered, "Don't worry... We can do this together."

"Hey, Eve." The man reached them. "Barry Michaels, remember? I haven't seen you since... damn, I think before the war." He chuckled. "You still holding?"

Eve turned her head away. "No, of course not. And yes, I remember you."

"Just who are you?" Fox asked, putting David back on the ground.

"I'm an old friend with benefits of Eve's. Used to hang out with her in college. It must have been... man, ten years ago. Right before she dropped out to do... something." He offered his hand to Adam. Standing in front of him, he towered over Fox, with thick muscles and a shit eating grin. "Barry Michaels."

Adam took his hand firmly and shook it. He may be scrawny, but he wasn't weak like he looked. "Adam Fenris... Eve's husband."

"No kidding? Never pegged Eve for one who'd settle down. Especially with..." He looked Adam up and down, but didn't finish. He did the same with Eve, though his eye lingered. "You look great. Haven't aged a bit. Still look like you could please anybody."

Eve rubbed her arm nervously. "Please, Barry. Not in front of my children."

"Never pegged you for a mother either." Barry crouched down in front of her son. "What's your name, little man?"

David rocked back and forth for a moment before saying. "My name is David Fffenris, and I am six years old." He held up five fingers, then remembered to add a sixth. "It's my birft-day."

Barry grinned. "Well, happy 'brift-day'." He placed his hand on the child's head, lightly ruffling his hair. Despite not seeming to do anything wrong, Adam still caught Eve flinching out of the corner of his eye when Brent touched David.

"Good, all caught up. Now, if you don't mind Barry, we have places to be. Today is busy." Fox stated, trying to remain pleasant as he took David's hand to lead him away. "Come on Eve."

"Now, hold on," Barry said, his voice raising for a moment before returning to normal. "I'm not finished 'catching up' with Eve here. You can take off if you want, though. In fact, you can take the kids too."

Fox chuckled, turning around slowly. "Sorry, but when Eve shares your last name... Which I can assure you would never happen, maybe you can decide what she does for her. Now if you excuse us..." He shot Barry a death glare. "I suggest you leave us be."

Barry chuckled back, but there was a grimness to it. "Look man... I understand the need to Tell Eve what to do so she doesn't do something stupid..."

"He isn't telling me what to do," Eve snapped, likely not as harshly as she wanted to, but restrained herself in front of the kids. "He just knows I don't want to."

Fox did so cautiously, but when he looked back at Eve, he winked and grinned. He had a plan.

Eve gave him a cautious smile. Barry gave his friends a look as if to tell them to make sure Eve didn't leave. He placed his right arm over Adam's shoulder and slapped his chest with his other hand. "I have to admit. I'm impressed you were able to actually marry her without understanding how she works. I get it, man. She's like a bitch in constant heat, and you wanted her to yourself. But do you know to take care of that big mouth of her's?"

"Course I do... By showing her who is top dog." Adam couldn't contain his grin as he looked back. "Hey David... As an extra birthday present, you get to see Daddy use his special ops training to take down the dweeb harassing Mommy." Before Barry would be anywhere close to reacting, Fox would slip behind the man, pulling his arm back with him, positioning his foot forward as he shoved Barry forward and into a puddle from the rainy day that happened the day previous.

Adam held him there surprisingly and when Barry tried to resist, Adam pushed his face into the muddy water. "You know... I've killed Balmadaar about twice the size of you guys and about two times as smart. I earned Eve's respect through mutual love. Take that lesson to heart before I get anymore violent." He said in a commanding tone to Barry's friends, allowing the man's head above water so he got the picture as well. This time, Fox took a knee, whispering something to Barry. "I see you anywhere near my wife or my children again and I will personally rip off your scrotum and make you a woman myself... Clear?" He made his point by pulling Barry's arm hard. Any harder and he would break it.

"I get it, man!" Barry cried out. "Back off, man!"

"Good... Now fuck off." Adam shoved his face back into the water and got off, going over to his wife as he put an arm around her. "Let's go home." He said, glancing at Barry's friends telling them they would be next if they interfered.


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Fox Pack: Part Four

They both held their hands up, circling around to their humiliated friend. Barry spat out a mouthful of rainwater and shouted, "She still owes me $500 for that stash of mine she destroyed before she left!"

Fox stopped his walking, slowly turning his his head to look back at Barry. His glare threatened he was about ready to go back over there even with his friends there.

Barry's shoulders sank, and he simply stood up, walking away with his friends. David watched them walk away for a moment before taking his father's hand and walking with him. "Daddy Fox? Why'd you beat that man up?"

"He was a bad man who tried to hurt Mommy." He explained to his son, though Adam's gaze rested on his wife. "Just don't do what Daddy did."

Later that night.

With David's birthday out of the way, presents given, cake eaten and the kids put to bed, Fox was washing the dishes. He looked over at his wife and sighed. "So... We going to talk about it?"

Eve was silent for several seconds, merely wiping down the counter with a sad look. When she finally spoke, she said, "Just because we've put the kind of person I was before behind us doesn't mean it never happened. Barry... he..."

Adam put the final dish away and he wiped his hands with a towel, folding it as he put it to the side. "Come on... You can be honest with me. Tell me everything."

Eve sighed. "I... I had a drug problem in college. I couldn't cope with the stress, and Barry hooked me up with what I needed to... take the edge off. We started dating, but once we had been together for about a month, he... he started to show who he really was." She rubbed her arm again, the same spot as before, half way between her elbow and wrist.

Adam walked up to his wife, taking both of her hands. "Mistakes like that don't change how I look at you. I promise... No one will ever hurt you or use you again. Thank you for being honest." With that he leaned forward and kissed her.

Eve smiled, tears dropping from her eyes. Her smiled quickly faded, and she broke down, collapsing in his arms a crying. "He... he said... I didn't know my place... s-so he'd... he'd always... grab my arm... and..."

Fox stroked her hair, just letting her cry into him to get it all out. "I understand..." He would say to her.

After a few minutes of crying, she pulled back and shook her head. "You don't understand completely. That... was the kind of life in had resigned myself to. If I hadn't found you... I might have returned to it after the war ended. You saved me from that."

"Well... You saved me too... In a few ways. I would have never survived the outside world without your guidance. I would have remained a shy and scared man who had to rely on his brothers a lot of the time. We would..." Adam wrapped his arms around Eve's waist. "Neither of us would have such a beautiful family... Or be happy with another spouse..."

"You got that right." Eve lightly kissed Adam, trying to push away the thoughts of what might have happened to her if she had never met him. She nuzzled nose against his. "I'm gonna check on the kids. Afterwards, I wanna... turn in early, if you know what I mean."

Fox blushed furiously. When he realized he was, he slapped his cheeks. "Why do you have this effect on me?"

"Because I'm that good," Eve answered, kissing him one last time to check on her babies.

Adam smiled, though a ringing phone brought his attention. When he picked it up and he uttered a small greeting, he listened to the person on the other side for a short while before the phone fell from his hand, crashing onto the floor, with Adam following soon after, falling on his knees.

Eve returned a few minutes later. "Who was on the..." When she saw Adam on the ground, she rushed to his side. "What happened, Fox?"

"I-I-It was... Y-Your sister..." Tears were rolling down his face quickly.

"My sister, what.. what do you mean?" Eve wrapped her hands around his shoulders. "Did something happen to her? Is James okay?"

Fox shook his head furiously. "No... No, it isn't true... It can't be true!" He said to himself between his sobbing, covering his eyes.

Eve wrapped her arms around Adam. "Fox, please. Calm down. Tell me what she said."

"I-It's... James... He... He's missing..." Fox said in barely a whisper, not wanting to believe it was real.

"What?" Eve sat back, taking it in. After a minute, she took hold of his shoulders again and said, "Listen to me. Aya will not give up until she finds him, and with her connections with the XSDF, I'm sure they'll find him, wherever he is."

"He was our second best Eve! How could he... How could he just disappear? I mean... What if he was taken? What if they come here next? Eve, I don't want you guys getting hurt!" Adam said, grabbing a hold of his wife.

"We won't!" Eve held him tightly. "You can protect us! I know you will. But what if he's dropped off the grid because he wanted to? Or needed to? We... we don't know what happened. You need to be strong right now. For your sake, and for his sake."

"He... He was my best friend Eve... He may have been closer than John to me... I... If he had to go he would at least tell me first! I'm just... I can't... What do I...?" Adam looked about ready to have a panic attack, the man already shaking.

"Breathe, Adam. Please." Eve tightly held him. "We're going to figure this out, I promise. No matter where he is, no matter why he's there, we'll find him. He is too strong to just go down, you know that. Just... breathe..."

Fox took in quick, deep breaths, holding onto his wife for dear life as he continued to shake. "We should... We need to go see your sister... We... I have to get you guys safe in case... In case..."

Eve nodded. "Alright. If it gives you peace of mind. I'll pack some things, and we'll leave first thing in the morning."

He nodded his head, Adam resting his head on his wife's chest, trying to calm himself down. "I sort of... Ruined the romantic mood, huh? I hope he comes home soon..."
"So do I," Eve whispered, running a hand through his her, her touch supportive, but her eyes filled with worry she didn't want to admit.

One week later.
House of Aya Brea.

Adam sort of huddled on the couch, trying to watch the early morning television but it didn't mask the worried look he had. The area under his eyes were dark, and his hair was a bit messy. He was currently down in the living room watching some cheesy comedy he was sure he and Eve watched ten different times, the time on the clock making it about four in the morning. The glow of the tv was the only light in the otherwise dark room, the man huddled on the couch having a blanket wrapped around him. He had a hard week, not being able to sleep due to worry. He was just glad his wife was sleeping with the kids in the room they all shared in Aya's guest room. He was grateful she was letting them hide out.

There was a rustle in the room behind him, the faint sound of footsteps approaching him.

Fox didn't glance back, his heavy eyes just sort of set on the screen as he barely watched the movie. He just assumed it was someone going to get a glass of water or something, not to bother him this early.

Sitting next to him, Adam's peripheral vision told him it was Eve at first, though it was in fact the woman she was cloned from. Aya took a drink from her glass, though it was anything but water. She sat in silence, simply watching the television with a blank expression.

"Can't sleep either, huh?" Adam asked slowly after a long silence, one that couldn't be ignored.

"Sleep? Who needs sleep? Not me. Good thing, since I've barely had any for a week." Aya had a clear and heavy slur in her voice. She took another drink from her brandy glass, the light flashing over her face making her look much older than she usually did, as if the life had been drained from her. "I always hated this movie. The director hasn't made a decent movie since that... horror comedy flick in 2022... or 23... whenever. So why have I seen this movie a hundred times?" She raised the glass to her lips, mumbling, "Think it... must have been one of Hawke's... James' favorites."

Adam nodded. "I made him watch it with me a bunch. He always said he hated it but I guess who couldn't help but spread it around." It took a bit for Fox to gather his thoughts, and he looked at Aya's glass. "You should probably stop. You will throw up if you drink too much.”

"It takes a lot to get me sick. A lot of people might see it as a gift. I see it as a curse. Makes me... different. But... Hawke... he didn't care. He liked different..." Aya stared down at the glass. "This is my fault. You... you must hate me. I hate me."

"It isn't your fault... How could it be? Besides, I couldn't hate you... Especially when you opened your home to us..." Adam explained slowly. He stared at the woman for a bit, and he leaned over on her arm to comfort her.

Aya seemed to ignore him, in her own world. "I never... had time for him. You and Eve are the world to each other. Morrigan knew that she couldn't be the mother and wife she needed to be in the XSDF. But I stayed. I knew the kind of person Hawke was, and I took a gamble that he cared enough about me to stay, even though I wasn't... there, even when I was there. So he left. And now he's missing." She finished, and stared at the glass for a few moments longer before slamming it on the table next the couch, sending shards of glass into her hand. If it hurt, she didn't show it.

Fox jumped when she slammed the glass. The man looked at her with a wary look before going to run for a cloth in the kitchen. When he came back, he looked at her hand. "You are an idiot if you think he didn't love you. You were the world to him too, and he knew that your job took a lot. I know because he came to see me two weeks ago for a visit."


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Fox Pack: Part Five

"Then why did he leave me?" Aya asked with a sob. "Because my job was more important to me than our love, that's why." She wiped her eyes, and watched Adam wipe her hand. "Y-you... saw him two weeks ago?"

"Yeah... Eve was out with the kids and it was only for a couple hours. He... He talked about you." Adam admitted.

"What did he say?" Aya asked, not sure if she wanted to know.

"He said... Well... He said he was having a good time with his freelance work... And... He missed you, and that he was glad you were taking your job seriously. He... James loved... I am sure he still loves you immensely."

Aya nodded sadly. Once Adam finished picking the glass from her hand, she held her other hand over it to heal, though her intoxicated state made it take longer than usual. When she finished, she slowly said, "I couldn't be the woman he needed to be as a Commander. But I'm changing that."

"W-What? You don't mean you are..." He trailed off.

"I've resigned from the Commander position." Aya sighed, and leaned back. "It was time anyway. I have unfinished business to take care of, and it'll give me the freedom to search for Hawke. Personally if need be. I'll return to them some day, to help out where I can. But the Commander position isn't for me. I just... wish I had seen that before Hawke left. I might have been there to protect him from... whatever it is that made him disappear..."

Adam pulled his legs up to his chest, leaning back on Aya's arm. "And I am sure when you find him, he will accept you no problem. Why didn't you two... I don't know... Marry? Me and Eve did... The old Commander and John got married a couple of years back... Even if you didn't see each other much, maybe you could have made it work."

"Looking back... I don't know. I never asked him because... because of what happened the last time I tried to get married. And he never asked me. I don't know why. Maybe... he was afraid my position would hold him back." Aya leaned towards Adam, matching her support for him with her own need for support. "Story of my life."

"That doesn't sound like him." Adam protested with a shake of his head. "Maybe he saw you were stressed, and didn't want to add to your list of headaches. Plus he would never admit it but he was a bit bashful when it came to you. He tried acting tough but if you asked the world of him he would have gotten it for you."

Aya nodded. "If that's true... then he only would have disappeared if he was in trouble." Aya slid off the couch, and knelt down before Adam. She grasped her hands within hers, and looked deeply into his eyes. "Adam... Fox... I promise you, I Will find him. If it takes me two days or two decades, he will be found."

Adam shook his head, and he stared back at Aya. "Don't do it for me. Do it for yourself... And for the fact you love him. You... Do still love him, correct?"

"I do... and I will. But..." Aya But her lip. "I need you to do something that might be hard to ask of you."

"Go ahead... it is really early so my usual wariness is understandably loose." The man chuckled a bit.

"I don't... want you directly involved in the search." She closed her eyes. "If he wear taken, you've already faced the possibility that it had nothing to do with who he was... or directly with who he was. Bull can take care of himself, and Chief can help because he would only be at risk from one front. But you are at risk from two; if Hawke was taken to get one of the elites... and if Hawke was taken to... to hurt me. Do you understand what I'm getting at?"

Adam lower his head, not wanting to accept what she was saying, but after a while, he nodded. "I... I won't. I have my family to protect. Both my little ones and... And Eve as well. I promise to keep them both safe for you so... No worries, but if you do find him... I... I want to help get him back. Deal?"

"Deal." Aya slowly stood up, turning away from Adam. She acted as though she was adjusting her robe, but in fact didn't want him to see her grief-stricken expression. "There... there is a lump in my heart. This dark, festering pain. It is not only caused by Hawke's disappearance. The fact that it might have something to do with me... and the people I failed to get rid of... the fact that my mistakes might put you, my sister, and those too angels in danger... it is unbearable."

"We are in no danger... I can protect my family, and we can get Bull and Chief into the loop as well. The three of us can still watch each other's backs. Just... Focus on getting Hawke back. I am sure... As soon as he sees you, he will marry you on the spot!" Adam stated optimistically, and he meant it too. "You are his world. I am sure he will forgive you too, so don't go beating yourself up. After all... David and Lillith love their Aunt to death. You are almost like a second mother to them, and it wouldn't do if you were a downer around them, right?" He said, trying to boost her spirits.

Aya stood in silence for several moments, caught of guard. She quickly wiped her eyes and turned back with a smile. A genuine one. "You're right. I'll try to be hopeful. And when he asks me to marry him... I'll say yes. I can't think of any reason not to."

"Good... I think it is... probably time I found a job, huh? I feel bad making Eve our sole supporter even with the funds we got for working with XCOM, and I had an idea in mind for after the war I should probably work on. After all... our small apartment really won't do if we have a third kid like Eve wants..." Adam explained, though after realizing he was talking to her sister blushed and looked down. Even after eight years he still looked like a young kid.

Aya laughed, and walked over. Placing a hand on his shoulder, she said, "Follow your dream, my friend. My brother. Just remember that you are always welcome in my home, and you're free to stay here as long as you want."

He nodded his head slowly, though he sort of squirmed a bit, and he suddenly reached up and kissed Aya's cheek. "Y-You know... I... I never thanked you for... for supporting me... me and Eve all those years ago... she... she makes me so happy... I don't know how I would have lived without her now..."

Aya gently rubbed his cheek and gave him a supportive look. "No thank you is needed. Having you as a brother-in-law is all the thanks in need."

He nodded, though his face was still red and hot. "I... I guess I should check on the kids in their room and then go back into me and Eve's room for some sleep, huh?"

Aya nodded. "Maybe I can get some sleep myself. Thank you, Adam." She patted him on the shoulder, and walked off to her room.

After waiting a bit, Fox shut off the T.V. and he went upstairs, first going to the room the kids shared, looking in on their sleeping forms. When he was satisfied, he closed the door silently, sneaking down the hall. He slowly opened the room he and Eve shared alone, slipping in without a noise, closing the door with a soft click as he slowly turned around.

Eve was watching him when entered, sleepily smiling at him. She sat above the covers in nothing but her underwear. "When I heard a noise in the living room, I was hoping you were going to back to me soon. This bed is lonely without you."

His face felt on fire. "O-Oh... Uh... Well... M-Me and A-Aya talked... She... She was feeling bad but I made her feel good afterwards..."

"Oh... And exactly how did you make my older, more shapely, more experienced sister 'feel good'," Eve asked with a deadly serious look.

He tilted his head. "W-What?"

"You know." Eve rolled over, sensual shaking her hips as she crawled across a bed that was twice the size as their usual bed. "Has my sister taken care of her loneliness by having my Foxy make her... 'feel good'?"

"Well yeah... Is that such a bad thing? You and her are actually really similar. I really enjoyed our time together down there. It helped a lot." He explained.

Eve tried to give him an angry look, but the knowledge that he didn't know what was going on was too much. She cracked up, nearly falling of the bed laughing. "I bet... I bet she'd like to have a good time with you again." She tried, but couldn't stop laughing. "You... you think... you could make... her and I... both feel good... at the same time?"

"Well of course. I think I could support you both at the same time." He stated innocently. "I can go get her. I doubt she will be sleeping much anyways... So I am sure we could bring her in here and do that."

Eve laughed loudly, having completely lost it. This time, she did fall off the bed, but it didn't stop her laughing.

"I'm getting Aya... Something must definitely be wrong with you..." Adam said, turning and opening the door, running out.

"No, don't!" Eve called out. She quickly grabbed her robe, covering up.

Fox quickly ran down the stairs, going to Aya's room and knocking on the door, leaving Eve back in the room and having some distance to stop him.

Aya opened the door, having forgotten in her drunken state to put on her robe, showing that despite her age, she still had the voluptuous body of a woman in her late twenties, and filled out her bra better than her sister did. "Adam? Was there something else you needed?"

"Yeah, I went into our bedroom and Eve was waiting, and we started talking. She was acting a bit off and then started talking about how she would like me to make you and her feel good at the same time and stuff like that, and she did stuff that just seemed off, but she kept talking about me making you feel good. It was like she was insisting I should do it more."

Aya stared at him blankly for nearly a minute straight, obviously having trouble processing what she had just heard. "Wow... I'm... really drunk, ain't I? It sounded like you said you and Eve wanted to do stuff with me?"


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Fox Pack: Part Six

"She suggested it." He said without looking like he was joking. "So would you like to feel good with me and Eve? I am sure I could take care of you, I think I am pretty good at doing that."

Aya stared at him for another half a minute. She hiccuped, reached to the side, produce a bottle of brandy she took a big gulp of, put it back, hiccuped again, and muttered, "Lead the way, Fox, you... you fox..."

He scratched his head, "I guess uh... Wait here and get ready for me... I will bring Eve down." Adam told Aya, going back up the stairs and back to Eve's room. "Aya wants us downstairs with her to spend time in her room the rest of the morning. She must have missed you." He said with a big smile.

Having, by this time, composed herself, Eve sat up on the bed. "She did? Well... I guess she wants to... yeah, sure." Eve rolled off the bed, unusually spry for the early hours, and nodded. "Let's go."

He would go down the stairs with Eve, waiting for her to come to him since she was moving a bit slow. Fox raised an eyebrow at the closed door. "Huh... Must have closed it by accident." He opened the unlocked door and stepped in.

Aya laid on the bed. "Eve coming? Wanna... (hick) start with just us while we wait?" She motioned Fox to come closer. "I guess she (hick) can watch, 'cause I ain't doing anything weird to her..."

"Um... Okay..." He stepped in further, going onto the bed. "What now?" Fox didn't seem as embarrassed as he should be, of course being on a different page then her.

Aya reached out, grabbing Adam and flipping him under her. Pressing her chest against his, she asked, "Ready to make me feel good, Fox?"

Fox blushed brightly. "W-W-Wha... I-I... I-I..." He couldn't formulate words, but to Aya, he didn't say no.

Aya grabbed one of his hands and forced him to grab her breast as she pushed her lips against his. Naturally, it was at this moment that Eve walked in. "Aya! What are you doing with my husband!?"

Aya looked back at her and frowned. "Like I... t-t-t-told him. I'm not... doing anythin'... freaky wif my sister. You jus wait yer turn."

Adam was way too stunned to formulate a response, merely blinking rapidly.

Aya looked back down at him and smiled. "Come on." She rolled him over so she was on top of her. "You said you'd make me feel good!"

He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out so he closed it.

"Fox!" Eve practically tackled him off of her sister, pinning him to the foot of the bed. "Were you about to sleep with my sister?!"

He went bug eyed. "W-What? I-I uh... I... Uh... Well... Uh..." Fox tried to struggle against Eve, wanting to curl up into a ball in the corner.

Eve pouted, and lightly beat against his chest. "How could you want her when you have me?!" She quickly pulled off her robe and grabbed his wrists, pressing his hands against her chest. "You said you didn't care if they were smaller!" She reached her hand back and placed it in his lap. "This is supposed to be all mine!"

If it was possible steam would fly out his ears. "What no, I... I... Well I didn't..." He looked at Aya for help strangely.

She only leaned back, seeming to wait for her turn while struggling to stay awake, so far gone her eyes were blinking individually. Eve leaned close to Fox, practically touching their noses together. "Is because you're mad that I just tricked you?" A faint smile started to form on her face.

"W-What? I-I-I..." It would take a miracle for Adam to form something cohesive.

"It is so adorable how naive you can be, my little Foxy." Eve kissed him lightly, and she nudged her head back to Aya. "She thinks you want to have sex with us both at the same time, silly."

Adam's body turned to jelly and his eyes closed. "Why did I ever involve myself with your family..." Suddenly, his whole body tensed. "W-Wait... Are we... Going through with it!?"

Eve's eyes widened. "What? No! Are you crazy, even if I was willing to give you to another woman, look at her."

Aya slowly opened her eyes, smiling at the pair at lightly waving her head. "Why are you in here? Did I come fall sleep in you room, or this... is sleepover pillow bunk bed... party... I love you, Eve?"

Eve rolled her eyes. "I love you too, sis."

Fox blush wouldn't go away. "Then why are you making me touch your breast and straddling me in front of your sister!?" He protested.

"Because, Fox... I'm really, really in the mood." Eve got close to his face. "Wanna do it in front of her and see if she remembers in the morning? It would totally be worth her killing us."

He didn't not agree, mostly because Fox couldn't speak at the moment.

Eve giggled and started to reach in his pants. As the pair grew silent, they heard a noise coming from outside of the room. It was faint, but it sounded like sobbing. "Do you hear that?"

Fox's blush disappeared, and he got up from under Eve. "Did one of the kids get up?"

"I-I don't know." Eve quickly climbed of him and stepped out of the room. Making her way to the kid's room, she scanned inside. She turned to Adam when he stepped behind her and said, "David isn't in here."

Fox scratched his head. "He must have gotten up for a drink or the bathroom and got lost in his sleepy stupor. Come on, let's find him."

"Alright." Eve nodded to him, but their was a glint of motherly worry in her eyes. "I'll check the kitchen. You... you check our room. Split the floors." She headed for the stairs.

Adam scratched his head, yawning as he realized just how tired he had been staying awake all night and he went about searching the floor.

Not to long after, he heard the sound from before again. Standing in silence, it sounded like it was coming from his room.

Adam went in, slowly opening the door. "David?"

David was lying on the bed, curled up in a ball in the center. He had the large brown teddy bear he brought with him Sitting next to him. He was sobbing softly, his face wet from crying.

Fox went up to him and sat on the bed, putting a hand on his son's arm. "What's up buddy?"

"Daddy!" David sprang up, wrapping his arms around Fox. "Why did you leave me?! Why did mommy leave!? I'll be a good boy, I promise!"

"What? We didn't leave silly boy, we were only downstairs with Aunty... Why are you out of bed?" Fox asked.

"M... Mmmmr. Flufficans had a bad dream," David explained, referring to his teddy bear. "I was being bad, so you... so you left me and Lillith all alone with the bad men! And than I came in here to show him it was okay, but you was gone! I'm sorry I was bad, Fox dad!"

"It was just a nightmare littler one..." Adam raised an eyebrow. "What bad men?" He asked seriously.

David hurried his face that buried his face in Adam's stomach. "The bad men that took uncle James away."

"Where were these... Bad men?" He asked cautiously.

"I don't know. It was dark." David squeezed his eyes shut. "Uncle James was helping a man... in a chair. Than the man's hair... fell, and the bad man attacked uncle James."

After a moment Adam's eyes widen but he smiled widely, rubbing David's head. "You are a very good boy, don't ever forget that. Come on... Aunty needs to hear this." He picked up David in his arms and ran downstairs calling for Eve.

"Did you find him?" Eve rushed over and wiped David's cheeks. "Are you okay, baby." David slowly nodded, nuzzling his head against his father's shoulder.

"Eve... He... He knows what happened to James!" Adam spoke quickly.

Eve gave him a confused look. "What are you talking about? How could he possibly know anything?"

"Through his nightmares! Eve I think..." Fox scratched his head. "I think he is like you and Aya..."

Eve blinked several times. "He... I... We need to talk to Aya." She turned to walk to her sister's room, and turned back to Fox again. "We can't talk to her the way she is. Um... go make sure she's awake, and I'll be right back." She quickly walked off the to kitchen.

Fox sat David down outside the door, patting his head. "Go watch T.V. for now." When his son went to go watch the television, he opened the door and slipped in, closing it. "Aya?"

Aya laid splayed across her bed, no less wasted than before. She slowly raised her head, her messy hair covering her face. "What.. is... is that you?"

"Uh... Yeah, how are you feeling?" Adam said as he crawled onto the bed and sat next to her, getting Aya's hair out of her face so she could see.

Aya stared at him, squinting. Tears started welling in her eyes, and she smiled sadly. "You came back to me." She reached out, wrapping her arms around Adam. "Where have you been? I've been so worried!"

"W-What? No... Aya, it is me, Adam... Fox... You know..." He pushed back against her chest with both hands, squeezing some things he shouldn't have.

Aya moaned softly, tears falling from her eyes. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, James. Please, don't ever leave me again. I love you."

"Nooo! Adam... Ad... Dam..." He continued pressing against her as she kept trying to get close, though eventually, she did manage to pin him down, in which he gulped.

Her tears dripped onto his face. "I... I've always wanted to... t-to marry you, Hawke. But I didn't want to hold you back..."

"Again?" Eve scoffed as she walked in the room, a large glass of something vile looking in her hand. "What is it about her being drunk that makes her want to jump my husband's bones?"

"Maybe the fact I look a lot like Hawke?" He offered, the fact Aya looked so much like Eve making him blush uncontrollably when he thought about what she would have done with him.


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Fox Pack: Part Seven

"Ah, I see." Eve tapped her sister on the shoulder. Aya sat up, and Eve offered her the drink. "James wants you to drink this." Aya looked between Adam and and Eve, and quickly took the glass, the different ingredients sloshing within. She greedily gulped it down, the combination of her intoxication and her eagerness to please masking the taste until the end. Eve quickly caught the glass when Aya dropped it, and Aya fell back like she had been shot. She cried out in pain, grasping her throat.

Fox quickly scurried back, looking at his wife. "Why did I ever agree to be stuck with you two as family...?"

"Because you'd be bored with anyone else." Eve shook the glass. "Bananas, raw eggs, green pepper juice, Tabasco sauce, cayenne pepper, chili peppers, onions, and mustard seeds."

Aya coughed as she sat up. "It's... supposed to have milk to help it go down. That had water!"

Eve shrugged. "You were out. You awake now?"

Aya groaned. "Yeah..." She glanced over at Fox, and yelped, quickly grabbing her robe and covering herself. "Adam, I... wait... did... d-did I..."

He nodded. "Tried to... Seduce me about four times... One of which Eve was involved in."

Eve's eyes widen. "For goodness sake, Fox, wording! You make it sound like we went through with it!"

Aya quickly put her robe on. "Went through with what?!"

"Nothing!" Eve shook her head. "It doesn't matter. You were wasted. Besides, Adam... has something to tell us."

"David... David had a nightmare and it... It showed him how Hawke was taken..." Adam explained.

Aya opened her mouth, but couldn't say anything at first. She quickly climbed off the bed and headed to the door. Eve stepped in front of him and held her hand up. "Hold on! You can't just run up to my son and start asking him questions like this."

"Why not?" Aya demanded.

"Because he is six, and it was a nightmare to him, so pressing him too hard could be very bad. He is a sensitive boy... Unfortunately like his father..." Fox informed Aya. "I know you want to find James but I doubt David knows more than what he has already said to me."

Aya sighed, and run a hand through her hair. "Yeah... right. Sorry. I'm just..." She sat down on the bed. "What did he say? You said... Hawke was taken? So it was a kidnapping."

Adam nodded. "He said he was in a dark room, there was a guy tied to a chair, Hawke walked in, approached... His... Hair fell off, the lights turned on and guys rushed in on him..." It left a bad taste in Fox's mouth to admit that. "So... Now we know what happened to him..."

"Hair fell off..." Eve rubbed her chin. "A wig?"

"If it was, that means it was probably a trap." Aya rubbed her eyes. "Which would mean they were specifically trying to catch him." She shook her head. "Should that make me feel better? Because it doesn't."

"Well... It is something." Fox noted, letting out a loud yawn, the clock saying it was around five in the morning.

Aya nodded, and yawned at the sight of Fox yawning. "We... need to get some sleep."

"You and Adam lay down," Eve insisted. "I got some sleep. I'll make sure David and Lilith are taken care of. You two are no good to anyone, especially Hawke, if you're too tired to function."

After letting another, deeper yawn, Adam nodded. "Okay... I love you Eve..." He said sleepily, crawling up in Aya's bed.

Eve raised an eyebrow. "Not... exactly what I meant..."

Aya chuckled, crawling into the bed herself. "Relax. Not like he'd ever do anything like that."

Eve rolled her eyes, and stepped out of the room, mumbling, "Not him I'm worried about..."

Adam crawled under the cover, and unexpectedly, he clung to Aya.

Aya laughed, realizing she would have punched any other man that would have done that, but was confident Fox wasn't like that. At least, that's what she told herself. In reality, having someone so close to Hawke close to her made her feel better with the recent revelation as she drifted off to sleep.

Adam would have never held onto another woman in bed like he was, but with the fact someone so close resembling Eve was next to him, it put him at ease despite the bad news he had gotten about his brother, Fox slowly drifting off and snoring in his usual high pitched way.

Three years later.

Fox lifted the heavy box out of the truck, struggling greatly from the weight of it, but lucky, a bulky guy came to take the box from him and Adam let out a thankful breath. "Thanks Bull..."

"No problem little buddy." Bull said with a smile, going to walk into the rather large house that the Fenris' recently purchased.

Adam watched as Eve carried their third child, one year old Edward while the other two kids played around over in the front yard. Place was sure big, and Fox looked terrified.

A slap on the back made him turn around, and it was John, better known as Chief, who had done it. "Don't worry bud, it will be fine."

"Hey Chief... thanks for all the help unloading the stuff, it really is a big job. Is.... your wife here?"

"Oh, Aye. I'm here." Morrigan walked over, the years being kind to her, though she was starting to show her age. "Wouldn't miss this. Gotta say... bigger than my house. Makes me a wee bit jealous. Then again, I only have one kid, with Brigid off to college."

"Thanks for helping too... I know it was probably a pain flying to America to help us move..." Adam said, rubbing the back of his neck.

Morrigan shook her head. "Anything for an old friend. How is Eve doing?"

"Well... she has a new baby boy, how do you think she feels?" He asked with a tiny smile, looking down. No matter how much time passed, his meekness never disappeared.

Morrigan let out an exaggerated gasp, and she slapped her husband on the chest. "Was that a bit of sass from our little Fox?"

"Since when is he our little Fox?" John asked, rubbing his chest.

"Oh, now everyone is sassy." Morrigan grinned at Fox. "I'm proud of you, Adam. All of us are. I... know James is too."

The smaller ex-Elite nodded his head, and he just sort of played around with his hands. "Yeah... I know he is..." Looking away, Adam shook his head and smiled. "Civilian life treating you as well as it is us?"

Morrigan stretched her arms and placed them behind her head. It's a little boring, but I've adjusted. Scare the neighbors sometimes, but... eh." She nodded her head towards John. "He's the one that was made to fight."

"Yeah, and now I am an elementary school teacher." John said with a grin. "Meanwhile, you get to laze around the house all day with Galen."

Morrigan slugged him in the arm. "I worked since I was 16. And I do volunteer work, and I'm always ready to sex you up at the end of the day. So back off, or you get no mouth present tonight!"

Adam's face turned red and he immediately turned away from the two to walk away.

Chief sighed. "Had to say that in front of him, huh?" He asked Morrigan when Fox was out of earshot.

Morrigan laughed. "Like Eve doesn't keep him happy. Don't get three kids without having a little fun along the way." She walked off to work on getting a few more boxes.

"Doesn't mean you can't give him a heart attack..." John grumbled as he went to help.

Adam approached Eve, looking down at Edward in her arms, who was currently sleeping. "Well... I said I would give you a big house before we left XCOM... can't call me a liar now..."

"It is wonderful, Foxy." Eve gave him a worried look. "But are you sure we can afford it? I... I didn't mind the apartment... too much."

"I'm starting my new job in a week, and the money I got from the first design I put through was more than enough to put most of the down payment... well down." He put his arm around Eve and placed his head on hers.

Eve shook her head. "You have no idea... how much I love you right now. Almost as much as I'll love you tomorrow. And the next day. And the next."

"And what happens after that day?" Adam asked.

Eve rolled her eye. "Exponential growth of my love, silly. It'll always get bigger."

"Don't blow up." He warned her.

"No promises." Eve frowned to the side. "David! Be nice to your sister!"

The now nine year old David held the teddy bear he had passed down to his sister above her head. "She's getting it dirty!"

"I said I'm sorry, David! We were just having so much fun... I can't help it..." Lillith wiped her wet eyes, though her sobbing grew louder. "I'm sorry..."

David's eyes turned to guilt, and he flinched when Eve snapped, "David Michael Fenris!"

"I'm sorry, mom!" David crouched down in front of Lillith. "Lily, I... I didn't mean to make you cry..." He offered her the bear. "Mr. Flufficans says he wants you back. I'm sorry."

Lillith rubbed her eyes, taking the bear, sniffing as she hugged her brother and cried harder.

Tears welled in David's eyes, and he lifted her up, straining a bit as he wasn't the strongest nine year old. "I-I didn't... mean to..."

Eve walked over. "It doesn't feel very good to make your sister cry, does it?"

David lowered his eyes. "I... I didn't mean to. I never mean to. It... just happens sometimes..."

"I love big brother so much!" Lillith cried out, the way she was clinging to him indicating she was crying because he apologized.

"I love you to, Lily." David squeezed her a little tighter. "I won't make you cry any more. If I do, I'll let mommy give me a big spanking."

Eve raised an eyebrow. "Who said you weren't getting one now?"

"I did." Adam said, putting a hand on Eve's shoulder. "After all, this is a fun day. Now go kill each other over who gets what room."

David smiled, and put his sister down, holding her hand and running to the house. In a low voice, he said, "You can have first pick, Lily."

Lilly smiled widely, giggling as she ran with her brother.

Fox smiled as he watched them go, turning to his wife, he said, "Come on. Leave Edward with Morrigan... Me and you should celebrate."


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Fox Pack: Part Eight

"Sure. I'll be right back." Eve walked off to find Morrigan, leaving Adam alone for a minute.

Adam sat down on the ground, laying back so he looked into the sky.

When Eve returned, she laid next to him. She lowered her hand, tightly wrapping her her fingers around his.

After a bit, he glanced over at her, rolling on his side as he leaned forward and gave her a quick kiss on her cheek. Adam blushed a bit, but gave her a small smile as he looked away, sort of like how he had done when they were dating. He could still pass for a high school boy.

Eve rolled towards him and cupped his hand. "I ever tell you the reason I initially went for you over the other three?"

"Cause... Um... Well, I sort of forgot, sorry." He said with a small embarrassed smile.

"Because you were so cute!" Eve scooted closer. "I knew the Elites were all supposed to be tough. And I'll admit, I didn't see that in you at first. But you stood out in a great way. I saw you, and I thought, maybe I should avoid a muscle head, and go for someone a bit more sensitive. Someone who'll treat me right. Not saying the other three wouldn't have, but I have never regretted picking you. You would the best deal. Tough, smart, and innocent. And oh so cute."

Adam couldn't help but giggle in embarrassment, kissing his wife on the cheek over and over and even a few times on the mouth. When he stopped his barrage of kisses, he sat up. "Come on... Me and you can get away for a couple of hours... I have something me and you need to do."

"Need to do, huh?" Eve climbed to her feet. "Alright. Lead the way."

Adam nodded, calling out to John that he and Eve would be running out to do errands. Getting into the car, Fox drove along, a small smile on his face telling he had a plan.

"Soooo." Eve gave him a curious look. "Where are we headed?"

"Do you know what today is?" He asked excitedly, ignoring her question.

Eve scratched her chin as she struggled to remember. "Um..."

Fox chuckled. "Today is the day we met for the first time..."

"Of course!" Eve sat back, looking out at the clouds. "It seems so long ago. With how hectic life can be nowadays, it is good to look back at the past to such a great moment in my life."

Fox's smile widened further and he nodded in agreement. "It... It really was amazing. Remember how I was so embarrassed that I ran away and hid in my room because you were flirting with me so hard."

"Remember how I followed you because I refused to let you go." Eve glanced over at him. "It was nice, sitting with you, watching a movie like two shy teenagers on their first date."

"Y-Yeah... I... I can't believe I... That I had... K-Kissed you... For the first time. You just... Kept pushing me... And... Uh... I... I just did what I thought was natural to show how I was feeling at that moment." Adam sounded like how he used to be, the flush to his cheeks seeming permanent.

Eve ran a hand across his arm. "You were perfect. And still are. Please, Foxy... never change."

"Eve... You... You're going to give me a heart attack..." He complained, wanting to look down but did not want an accident.

Eve giggled softly, but retracted her hand. "So where we headed?"

"Theatre." He said out loud.

"Really?" Eve grinned. "Awesome. It'll be nice to relax at the theater."

"Especially when they are showing the Wizard of Oz..." Adam reached over and put a hand on her leg while keeping his eyes on the road. "First movie we ever watched together..."

"Wow... you really going all out in the romantic front." She smiled as she looked out the window. "Sounds like someone is looking for kid number four."

"W-What!?" Fox exclaimed. "Where did that come from?"

"Well... you know..." Eve glanced over. "Because all the thought you put into this is making me want to pounce on you right here and now."

"Please no... I am driving after all... And you would literally make my heart explode." Adam told her, turning off the main road that usually went to the movie theatre.

"Um... Adam? I think you missed a turn or something."

"Nope." He said, his mischievous smirk returning.

Eve looked around in confusion. "But the... theater is..."

"I lied." He stated, his smile widening.

Eve's eyes widened. "You? Lied? I'm... flabbergasted."

"I'm bringing you out here to kill you and collect the insurance money, then in a year marry Aya all for myself." Fox said with a serious face. "I got it all planned out so that no one will ever find you, and make it look like a kidnapping."

"Oh?" Eve folded her arms. "And what will you do if Aya finds out? Or is she in on it too?"

"No one will ever suspect it." Soon afterwards, Fox turned into a wide open field, turning off the car and he reached down and took out a gun. "Let's go. Out."

"Okay, Foxy. This is a little beyond your usual fooling." Eve slowly got out of the car, wondering what he was playing at. "And what brought this on?"

"Three years ago. Our little playing around got me thinking and I am tired of waiting. Now on your knees." He told her, poking her side with the gun.

"Fox... you're starting to scare me." Eve took a step away from him. "It isn't funny."

Fox paled. "O-Oh... Really? S-Sorry, I read that roleplaying would make things exciting..." He pulled the trigger and some silly string shot out, flying all over Eve. "I guess I... Sort of fail again, huh...?" Adam looked down. "I'm sorry Eve..."

Eve blinked at him, then started cracking up, falling to the ground and rolling in laughter. "You... y-you scared the crap outta me!" She laughed harder, unable to contain herself. "After... all this... time... you can still... trick me... I love it!"

He blinked a few times in surprise. "You aren't mad?”

"Mad?" Eve looked up. "Of course not. I should have realized you were just kidding around. Though... I'm sorry I ruined our little role playing."

"N-No... It is fine, that isn't why I brought you out here anyways." Fox squatted down next to Eve and pointed out in the distance, and partially covered by the woodland, was a large white wall. Running off, Fox ran into a building, which upon closer inspection looked like a small building covered in foliage, and moments later, a light came from with in. What flashed on the board was 'The Wizard of Oz' in big, bold letters, and then the sound started playing, the movie going to begin. Adam ran back with a basket in hand, and he plopped down next to Eve. "I got food and drinks. It was lucky me who found out about this old... Uh... I think it was called a drive in... And I thought... Well, why not bring her here for our own special movie viewing?"

Eve was stunned, unable to respond at first. "I can't... believe... this is so thoughtful..." She wiped a few tears from her eyes. "I take it back. I don't think the others would have been okay for me. You are the best of the four. I... I can't believe you'd go through all this trouble..."

"Well of course I would go through the hassle... No matter how hard it was." Adam looked down, shifting a bit with a red face. "Y-You're my girl after all..."

Eve sighed, running a hand through her hair. "How do you make me feel like the world every... single... day?" She walked over to him, took the basket from his hands and placed it on the ground, and wrapped her arms around his sides. She kissed him. While passionate, it was neither lustful nor forceful, but rather the deep, longing kiss of a woman deeply in love, and failing with words, did this to show how deep her love was.

Adam returned her kiss with much the same feelings, pulling her into his lap, and when the kiss was done, let Eve sit there, laying her head on his shoulder as the movie was about five minutes in. "Sorry about scaring you before... That was wrong of me. I should have... Probably thought of something better than that... I feel ashamed."

Eve smiled. "Don't be. We've never explored that kind of... avenue. Maybe we should. Could be fun. And I'm the one who feels bad for actually thinking... you know." She nuzzled her head on his shoulder. "Marriage... is supposed to get boring, isn't it? So why, after nearly a decade and three kids, do you excite me as much now as ever before."

"I'm not exactly the most normal of husbands..." Adam admitted, holding her tightly against him. "You're my world Eve... I could die here and I can say without a doubt I have lived a full life."

"Same here. But... for each other's sake... let's live a bit longer." Eve kissed him on the cheek and smiled at the movie.

He smiled as well, Adam leaning against Eve as his hand slinked into the basket and he shoved an entire sandwich triangle into his mouth.

Eve leaned forward, taking a bite out of the sandwich in his mouth, her lips briefly brushing his.

Munching on his food and swallowing, Fox pouted. "That was my sandwich..."

Eve rolled her eyes and kissed his cheek. She held him tightly, and watched the movie on their perfect date.

When the movie was over, Fox let out a pleasant sigh, having enjoyed his time immensely. "You know Eve... There is... One more surprise I have for you..."

"Oh?" Eve pushed his shoulder a bit. "I hope it didn't take you as long to put together as this."

"Actually... It took me a lot longer than all of this..." He reached into the basket and at the very bottom, he pulled out a package wrapped up in protective plastic. Handing it out to Eve, he smiled. "This was the first design I ever entered. It took some string pulling, but I got it made for you... It is the only one ever made, so it is extra special."


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Fox Pack: Part Nine

After Eve took the package, inside was a dark jade green dress that would come down to about overtop Eve's knees with a floral pattern done in with an even darker green. Over top of that was a knitted black long sleeved jacket, where the ends of the jacket came to her sides. Just above the left breast, was Eve's name done in a white threaded cursive. The tag on the inside collar was the shape of a fox running, with Fox written under it.

"It is specially made just for you... The first clothing I ever designed and got made." Adam explained.

"It... it looks gorgeous!" Eve looked around, making sure they were alone. "Do you mind if I..."

Fox blushed but he nodded his head, turning around.

Eve quickly disrobed, haphazardly tossing her clothing to the side. What she was careful with was the dress, putting it on with the care she would give fine china. When she was done, she said, "How do I look?"

Adam's jaw dropped. "Are you sure you are my wife?"

"Stop." Eve shyly moved a hair from her eyes. "Really, now. Do I look okay?"

"You look... Well... Stunningly beautiful. I've... You are just so... Wow... You... You are... Well... Pretty hot.... To be... Honest..." Fox stated shyly himself.

"Really? You're not just saying that to be nice? Or because I'm your wife?" Eve did a quick twirl.

Adam was speechless, just staring at his wife in awe. The light from the setting sun and the forest scene around them, with her in the middle of it all seemed like a dream. Deep down Fox wished a bug wouldn't fly into his gaping mouth.

Eve solved that problem by walking over and planting her lips on his, his stunned silence answer enough. Between kisses, she said, "Best... day... ever..."

He nodded quickly in agreement, ringing his hands together. "We have... Babysitters..."

"Yes..." Eve smiled widely. "Yes we do..."

"What would you suggest we do?" Adam asked, laying down to look up at the sky.

Eve crawled on top of him a minute later, the dress folded nearly at the side and the woman in nothing but her underwear. "I can suggest a few things."

Adam blinked a few times and rubbed his eyes. "How are you able to change so fast?"

"Practice makes perfect," Eve whispered, pressing against him and kissing him passionately.

"Practice makes perfect," Eve whispered, pressing against him and kissing him passionately.

One year later.

Adam stepped through the front door of his home, letting out a tired sigh, working having been exhausting but once again, he had a sense of fulfillment from it.

Eve was of course in the living room with the now three month old Angela, both parents of course being wildly excited but the fact her and Edward were born so close sometimes made things a bit tricky. Both parents had both mutually agreed that four were enough, but of course, that would never curve Eve's still tremendously expansive hormone levels.

"Hey honey... Little ones okay?" The father asked carefully to not wake the sleeping infant.

"Yeah," Eve said, almost to herself. "They're fine. They're simply... perfect." She smiled at her husband as she rocked Angela in her arms. "I... was thinking."

"Hm?" He raised an eyebrow, hanging up his coat to sit on the couch.

"We're... happy with four, right?" Eve asked. "Kids, I mean."

"Well... I mean, yeah. They are our four babies. What makes you ask? Have you... Changed your mind about having only four?" Adam asked, rubbing Angela's cheek with his finger.

"No. I'm happy with four. I was..." Eve gave him a worried smile. "...hoping we could... make sure we stay with four."

"What do you mean by that?" Adam asked, seeming a bit confused by what she meant.

"I mean... there are surgeries we can do to... to make sure you're... shooting blanks." Eve quickly added. "Or me. I-I can get it instead."

Adam looked down at the floor, running a hand across the top of his head. "Do we really want to though? I mean... what if we change our mind in the future? I... I think a company recently came out with a pill that pretty much stops pregnancies no matter how much you... try. And you only have to take it before the action, so it is great. You just... can't forget."

Eve thought carefully. "Are... are you sure it works 100%? I mean... what if I... I wouldn't want to..." She placed a hand on her stomach.

Adam reached over and put a hand over hers that was placed on her stomach. "...you won't have to..." He told her slowly.

Eve nodded, and kissed Adam. "Alright." She gave her little angel a kiss on the forehead. "So how was work?"

"Hard." He let out a sigh. "But fulfilling knowing it keeps all you happy."

Eve shook her head. "This isn't just about us, Adam. I love you. And I want you to be happy. Is there... anything I can do to help?"

"Just keep the kids from destroying the house we spent so much on." He chuckled but soon after the doorbell rang. "Aw... Give me Angie, you go check the door."

"Oh, sure. Take the fun job." Eve handed her daughter to Adam and walked to the door, opening it.

On the other side of the door was a very familiar looking small woman, slightly bigger than Eve was, with raven black hair, green eyes, wearing a pair of glasses with a flat cap on her head. "Hiya."

Eve grinned. "Well, hello there. Would you like to come in?"

The woman put her hands on her hips. "Not even a hug after all this time?

Eve laughed nervously, and outstretched her arms. "As long as we don't make it weird."

"Come on... we are both married now, have kids, and have not seen each other since your wedding. It would take a lot more alcohol than I am willing to drink now for us to fall into the same trap twice. Though..." The woman leaned in to whisper in Eve's ear, "You are one of three people who can say they have slept with the great Elizabeth Walker."

"Three, huh? I might have to get you loaded to find out who the third is." Eve hugged her tightly, and called back, "Adam! Look who came to visit!"

After a bit, Adam stepped out into the hall and smiled, though couldn't wave due to the baby in his arms. "O-Oh... Ellie, right?"

"Mhmm." Elizabeth stepped into the house, walking past Eve and to the baby, running a hand against her head softly like a mother would do. "She is adorable. What is her name?"

"Angela," Eve answered. "She's my littlest angel. One of the four greatest children in the world."

"Excuse me? One of the greatest seven children in the world." Ellie retorted, shooting her a glance over her shoulder. "Where are the other little monsters?"

"I'll go get them. They're playing up stairs." Eve walked up the stairs, calling back, "Make yourself at home. Get a drink, kick you feet up."

Ellie called out in confirmation, letting out a sigh as she stretched out. "So... Adam... I must say, you have made quite a name for yourself already. I absolutely love your clothing line. I hope my daughter does as well when she is grown."

"O-Oh... t-thank you Elizabeth, that is very sweet of you to say." Adam said with a meek smile.

"Please, just Ellie is fine you know." After looking Adam up and down a bit, she smiled warmly. "I can see why Eve fell in love with you though. Ah... the memories."

"W-W-What is that supposed to mean?" Fox asked.

Ellie chuckled and ruffled Fox's hair. "I will tell you when you are older. Let's just say I got to see the... great qualities of Eve before you did bud."

"W-What!? That... that just makes me even more curious!" The man exclaimed.

"I hope you're not embarrassing my husband done there!" Eve came down the stairs a few moments later, carrying Edward. Behind her was David, hold Lillith's hand. David gave Ellie a curious look when he reached the base of the stairs.

Elizabeth smiled when she saw David and she bent down to greet him. "Hey there buddy. I'm an old friend of your Mom and Dad. You were in your Momma's belly last time I say you." Ellie smiled warmly at him, now looking at his mother, walking up to her as she put an arm around Eve. "Me and you really have come a long way from where we were. I am glad that little recommendation we have you gave you something so wonderful.

Eve chuckled. "Not as glad as I am. I should be thanking you for taking Desmond so I was free to find my Adam. I'm just glad we found the men that were right for us."

David reached up and tugged at Elizabeth's sleeve.

"Yes sweetie?" Ellie asked David with a smile.

"Where did you meet my mom and Fox?"

"David!" Eve snapped. "It was cute when you were five, but you should know better now."

The ten year old pouted. "But... but Fox doesn't mind when I call him that." He looked at his father, giving him his puppy dog eyes.

Adam merely shrugged his shoulders. "He is my son... And it is technically my real name."

Ellie chuckled. "Well... It involves some grown up stuff, but let's just say I helped your Mom and Dad meet and fall in love. And she was a... Very close friend for a while."

"How close?" David leaned forward. "Did you share secrets, and hang out together, and all that stuff?"

"Yep. Your mother also taught me a whole bunch. Most of which, I still use today." Ellie winked at Eve with a mischievous smile.

"What kind of things?" David asked, all the more curious.

Eve quickly stepped over to Ellie and said, "Grown up... things. We'll tell you when you're older." She glanced over at Adam, more afraid of his questions than her son's.

"Will you at least tell me?" Adam asked, standing next to David just as curious.

"Maybe later tonight." Elizabeth informed him, clapping her hands together, she turned back to Eve. "Right. My family and I are getting ready to go on a cruise so I thought I would come here while everyone else rested."

"I see. I was wondering what brought you here." Eve took her hand. "It really has been too long. I'd like a chance to catch up. Compare some mom notes."


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Fox Pack: Part Ten

"Of course! Nothing would make me happier. Should we move our conversation to a more..." She glanced at the boys. "Private setting?"

"Of course." Eve leaned down next to David and Lillith. "We're going to catch up a little. You two be good and don't get into any trouble, okay?"

David nodded. "Okay, mom."

Lillith smiled, grabbing David's hands, clasping them tightly. "Come on Davey, let's go play outside!"

Adam smiled, leading both kids away.

Ellie rubbed her hands together. "Wish my brood was like that. All Cayden and Leo do is rough house."

"Well, they're close brothers, right? It is what they do." Eve shrugged. "Or so I've been told."

"Maybe... Hopefully when they are older they will turn that attention to their sister to protect her." Ellie said, running a hand through her hair. "Well then... It has been a while, time to get to work catching up me and you... I have learned lots of little secrets, and I wouldn't mind comparing notes." Ellie gained a mischievous smile.

Present Day

Adam scratched his head, looking over the turkey he was preparing for his family. Today would be the day that his kids would be coming home, already grown up. David was now 23 and out of the house, as well as the 21 year old Lillith, the only kids remaining being the 11 year old Edward and the 10 year old Angela.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy!" His youngest child rushed into the room, wearing the cutest light blue dress with little frills, given to her, and made by, Adam himself. The dress, paired with the softer features of both her parent's, her long, light blonde hair and big, expressive blue eyes gave her the appearance of a precious, fragile china doll. "Daddy! When is Davy and Lilly gonna be homes?"

"I'm not sure yet Angie. Where your brother?" The father asked, putting the turkey back in the oven.

"Here Dad." Edward said, wearing a less refined red jacket, black shirt and some black pants. He definitely had his mother's eyes, but his father's face, though it didn't look as cute, being more boyish, his hair being a light brown.

"Is it Almost done, daddy?" Angela did a small, dramatic twirl. "It smells spook amazing! Just like all daddy's cooking. But super extra special."

Adam laughed and put a hand on Angela's head. "Yes sweetie, it is almost done."

Edward rolled his eyes at his sister and went to leave the kitchen.

"Where are you going, Eddy?" Angela ran up to her brother and grabbed his hand. "We can make cookies while we wait!"

"I don't want to." He told his sister in an annoyed tone, ripping his hand from his sister. "Why do you have to be so annoying?" He grumbled.

Angela sunk back, rubbing her hands together and looking at the ground. "I... I'm sorry, Eddy. I don't mean to be annoying. I just want-a play with you..."

"And will you just stop calling me Eddy?" The boy crossed his arms, looking at Angela with a slight disapproving look.

Angela crouched down, sitting on the floor and holding her knees like she did whenever She was upset about something. "Okay... Edward. I'm sorry."

Edward continued to glare at her and he knelt down by her. "Why do you have to be such a cry baby?" He asked, putting a hand on her head.

Angela knocked his hand away, looking up with teary eyes. "I'm not a cry baby! And your a big jerk-head!" She jumped to her feet and stomped her foot. "I hate you! I never want to play with you again! You're always mean!" She ran out of the room crying, nearly running into her eldest brother as he walked into the kitchen.

"Whoa," he said, looking between Edward and his father. "Sorry I'm late. I miss something?"

"I don't get why she has to be such a baby. It gives me a headache just how happy and annoying she is." Edward told his brother, looking away with an angry look as he stormed off himself.

Adam sighed, and he walked up to David, giving his son a hug. "Good to see you again David."

"You too, Fox." David gave his brother a disapproving look, but held his tongue for now. "How's mom?"

"She's keeping on. I think she is upstairs trying on a new dress I made for her." Adam told him, rubbing his hands together. "Have you talked to your sister to see when she will be here?"

"Last I checked, she should have been here by now. But you know how traffic is going north." David crouched down in front of his brother. "How you doing, punk? Holding up okay?"

"I'm fine, and do not call me a punk!" Edward told his brother, clearly pissed off.

David frowned, and placed a hand on his shoulder. "What's wrong? You seem all tensed up. You roll out of your bed this morning or something?"

"Angela is my problem. How can someone always be so happy and chipper all the time? It gets on my nerves, and she annoys me to no end. I just wish she would leave me alone forever." Edward stated with a sour look.

Eve walked into the room wearing a beautiful green dress, Angela in her arms. The young girl's face twisted in anguish at his words, and she buried her face in her mother's shoulder, sobbing loudly. "You know," Eve started, and irritable look on her face. "I just got finished telling Angela how wrong she was to say what she said to you, and we came down so she could apologize."

"Why am I the bad guy?" Edward asked. "Am I not allowed to have my own opinion of my sister?" He asked his mother.

"Of course you're allowed to have an opinion about her. No matter how mean spirited and uncaring it is, or how much it makes the little girl that only wants to play with her big brother cry." Eve shot Adam and David a look that said 'Deal with it, or I will', and walked back to the living room to console Angela.

David rubbed his neck nervously as he walked over to his father, whispering, "Was I ever like that when I was that age?"

"You teased Lilly time from time and you had your spats, but never like this." His father responded, wondering himself how he was going to try to fix things.

Meanwhile, there was a knock coming from the door, Fox calling out if Eve could get it.

Eve placed Angela on the couch. "Just... sit here, angel. Momma's gonna get the door." She walked over, opening the door without asking who it was, already suspecting who.

She was greeted by a stack of boxes, all wrapped in neat paper. A voice on the other side confirmed who it was. "Hey Ma!"

"Lilly!" Eve grabbed the top half of the boxes so she could see her daughter's face. "Honey, what have I told you about overdoing it? We are supposed to buy you gifts."

"Oh come on Ma, you should know me better than that now!" Lillith stepped inside, setting her stack to the side on a table and whispered, "Where's David!?"

"He's in the kitchen, giving your other brother a talk about his attitude problem." Eve looked back, and frowned at the empty couch. "I need to find your sister. Go say hi." She ran up the stairs.

Lillith sighed then got a smile on her face. Sneaking to the kitchen, Lillith jumped and tackled her brother. "Davey!!!"

"Lilly!!!" He squeezed her tightly, and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "It has been so long! How's college?"

"Amazing, absolutely love it. Before you know it, I will be Doctor Lillith Fenris!" She exclaimed, laughing as she went to her father. "Hey Daddy."

"Hello my beautiful Lilly." Adam told her with a big smile.

The daughter let go and she looked to Edward and she frowned, going over to him. "Hey Champ..."

"Don't talk to me!" He told his older sister, Edward going out of kitchen as he ran upstairs himself.


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Fox Pack: Part Eleven

Adam scratched his head confused. "What am I to do about your brother?"

"Maybe a good enema..." David popped open a beer. "You said I was like that to a degree. What did you do with me?"

"Your mother threatened to spank you. Edward doesn't seem to be scared of her though. I don't know what is scarier, someone not scared of Eve when she is angry or how angry she can get..."

"I'd say the former because it just exacerbates the latter." David shrugged. "There might not be much you can do about it. Ed's the kinda kid that'll only respond to being pushed by pushing back." He tapped his head. "But he's a smart kid. Far smarter than I was. I wish I had his and Lilith's brains. Maybe I would have actually got that scholarship to Columbia. Point is, try and appeal to his sense of reason."

"If his mother doesn't hang him from a hook while he is upstairs. Now come on, brainiac, college might not be for you but I'll be damned if I lose my number two chef." Adam told his son with a smile as he turned to keep making his special recipes.

Edward meanwhile came about of the bathroom, wiping his wet hands against his pants, grumbling as he had to walk past Angela's room to get to his.

A glance inside showed what looked like a small snowman, but was in fact Angela in her big, white winter coat. She was standing in front of her bed, putting clothes and toys into a small, pink suitcase.

Edward stopped and he continued looking in, opening her door all the way. "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like, stupid head?" Angela zipped the over stuffed suitcase closed. "I'm running away! That way, you'll never have to see your annoying, too happy sister again!"

"No you're not." He told his sister sternly, going inside her room he started unzipping her suitcases. "You aren't going anywhere. A crybaby like you could never survive in the world, so that means it would force me to have to go with you to make sure you don't do anything extra stupid."

Angela shook her fists a little, glaring at him with red, puffy eyes. "Y-you can't tell me what to do anymore! You're not my big brother anymore! I'm going... I'm going to find a big brother that loves me!" She grabbed her favorite stuff rabbit, the aptly named Bonzo Hops-a-lot, and turned with a huff, heading towards the door."

Edward turned as well and ran after her, grabbing her arms hard. "No you won't. I am your big brother whether you like it or not! I refuse to let you stop being my sister, no matter how annoying you may be. You are my sister, and my sister only, you got that? You are my sister. No one else will take you from me, ever." He told her with a tough look.

A few more tears ran down her cheeks. "No! You are mean to me! You hate me! You hate playing with me! You hate talking with me! You don't even like looking at me when I smile! You want me to be sad! I don't want to be sad!"

"No! I do like your smile..." Edward told her, before he put his arms around Angela. "I am mean to you because you need to be tough. I can't follow you around forever, so I need to know my little sister will be okay, because I love my little sister. I love you Angela. I'm sorry if I make you hate me. I do it because I want you to be able to handle stuff yourself without me having to defend you."

Angela sniffed, and wiped her eyes. "B-but... you said... I annoy you... and you want me to leave you alone... f-forever ever..."

"I said that because I was angry. Besides... You are an annoying crybaby, but you are my annoying crybaby. Even if Mom likes you better then me." Edward told his sister, kissing her on the forehead.

"I'm sorry I said I hate you. I didn't mean it. And... I'm sorry you don't like it when I'm super happy and chip-iner. I'll try and be better..."

"No, be as happy as you want. I need to stop being so critical of your personality Angie. Now... Show Eddy your beautiful smile." He demanded.

Angela did just that, smiling and wrapping her arms around Edward. "I love you, big brother."

"Yeah, yeah... Whatever." Edward told her, rubbing her head. "Now come on, we need to unpack your bags and get you out of that ridiculous coat before dinner is done."

"Okay..." Angela slipped her coat off while Edward started pulling things out of the suitcase. "Do... do you think mom would yell at me if she saw what I was doing?"

As Edward turned to answered, he caught a glimpse of a green dress just outside the door.

"Why don't we ask Mom herself?" Edward said out loud, glaring at the door.

Eve chuckled nervously, stepping into the room. "I was... just coming up to... ahem... get you for dinner." She put her hands on her hips. "What... exactly are you two doing in here?" she asked, knowing full well what the answer was.

Angela lowered her head. "I... I was going to do something bad, and Edward stopped me. I'm sorry..."

"Yeah, she's sorry." Edward said, not looking at his mother, crossing his arms as he looked off to the side.

Eve raised an eyebrow, and started laughing. "Oh... my God. I can't believe I didn't see it until now, but you really are being all pushy because you love her, aren't you, my tough little man?"

Edward didn't respond, only looking more angry.

Eve leaned down, lightly pinching Edward's cheek. "I'm so proud of you, Edward. You remind me of your father. So brave. So strong. Such a big heart. I know it took a lot to say all that to your sister."

Edward groaned. "Don't pinch my cheek..."

Eve grinned, Edward's attitude seeming to have the opposite effect on her. She stood up, and nodded her head. "Come on. Let's go eat. You can have first pickings at the turkey, Edward." Angela turned to look at her brother, seeming to follow his lead.

"No... Angie can. She might get upset otherwise." He stated as he reached out and grabbed her hand, pulling her along.

When Eve entered the kitchen, Fox had a serious look on his face seeming to bite his finger as he was talking on the phone. "Yeah... Yeah, okay. You got it, we'll be there most definitely. Yeah... See you then." Adam then hung up the phone and set it down lightly, leaning against the counter as he rubbed his face, unaware of Eve.

"Go sit down with David and Lilith," Eve said to the young ones, then walked behind Fox, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Who was it?"

"Your sister..." Adam said grimly, slowly turning around. "She thinks she may have found James..."


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Dealing with the Past Part One

The sounds of the nightclub seemed to permeate off the walls of the space it accompanied in the Repitilan space station orbiting a big, purple and blue gas giant, the station itself not so grand, merely being a place to stop, rest, and refuel for ships coming in and out of the sector.

The particular nightclub was called Quasar, and despite being on a space station, it was not at all short on business, many travelers of many species all coming together to dance in the strobe lights while loud techno music blasted over the speakers.

In the back of the main floor, a large bar took up the entire wall space, people clamoring together for drinks, mingling talking of strangers and the occasional make out session.

However, a man dressed up in a worn looking tan war jacket, with no distinguishable features except a patch on the left arm of a hawk head with a single talon protruding out from it. He wore it open, and underneath was a plain black tee, his bottom half consisting of matching tan pants and black military boots.

Under his jacket, strapped to his chest and resting with the holster buckle open was a plasma pistol, the man needing some power if things ever got complicated, and a large combat knife that was strapped to his right thigh.

Across from him, rubbing down a glass was an old looking Repitilan man, who looked like the Thin Men that had attacked Earth near 25 years back. He had a smile on his face, though it was anything but pleasant, and his spoke in a hissy voice. "Come now old friend... Ssssit. Have a drink. It isssss on me."

The man standing across from him did not look amused, the burns that covered half of his face adding to the intimidating vibe he gave off. "This is not a friendly visit. Give me the latest information you have on the Firaga mining outpost. You've been holding out, and I've been patient but patience runs thin."

The man's face turned to a sneer and he reached under the bar counter, taking out a datapad and handing it off to the man. "I expect my payment soon. Going after private companiessss personal filessss is not sssssomething that is easy... Or cheap." He spat with venom marking his tone.

"Already done." The man said, placing the pad in his jacket. "And watch the tone. I would hate to leave your janitors with a stain on the wall."

"Fuck you." The Repitilon man turned away to go deal with customers, the man looking around as he reached over the bar and grabbed a bottle of alcohol, popping the top and not having been noticed, downed a large gulp.

The man shook his head from the strength of the beverage and as he wiped his mouth he said, "I hate reptiles..."

"I don't really care what you think of us," another Replitian shouted, leading him to believe the alien was talking to him. A glance to the left revealed the reptilian alien, looking more lizard like than human, was talking to a woman with her back to him.

The woman wore a long, one piece black dress, with an opening in the back that showed off her smooth, light skin, partially obscured by her long blond hair. There was a long slit down her right leg, showing off her sexy leg, as well as a ankle holster with what appeared to be a Gauss Derringer pistol.

"And I'm losing my patience," the woman snapped. "I was told you had information for me. That one of them was here more than once. Now talk!"

The Replitian looked a bit taken aback, a slid a data pad with some security footage on it. "This is the best I can do for you. I have a family, and I would prefer not to put them in anymore danger by talking with you." The alien walked off without another word, and the woman sipping from a martini glass as she looked at the pad.

The man looked over at the woman, just staring at her for a long while, as if he had seen her somewhere once before, though a quick headache caused him to shake his head, bringing a communicator to his mouth. "Veronica, get the ship ready. We need to leave. I have the information."

"You got it Cap... What's wrong? Negotiation go sour or something?" The girl on the other line asked.

"No... Just... Get the ship ready for departure." The man grabbed his bottle and turned to leave, bumping into a couple who seemed to be going at it hard, the noises they made disgusting the man as he shoved them to the side, causing a bit of an unwanted scene.

"Hey, watch it, pal!" one of them shouted, grabbing him and squeezing his shoulder. "I think you owe my girl an apology. Say you're sorry, or I'll make you sorry."

The man looked down at the agressor's hand and flashed the man a death glare. "I suggest if you don't want you girl's dress being colored red tonight, you release me and forget you ever even thought I existed." He said in a low growl.

The clubgoer glared back for a moment, but something in the man's eye made him back of. As his target walked off, his 'girl' slapped him in the back. "You just gonna let him disrespect me like that?"

He shook his head, and reached into his pocket, pulling out a large butterfly knife. "Hey, bitch! Did I say you could walk away?"

The man merely glared at the other as he threatened the woman and began to walk away, her protection not his concern. "Hey! I'm not finished with you either!" The aggressor rushed after the man, getting within a few feet before a swift kick to the back of the leg dropped him to his knees. The blond woman from the bar grabbed his wrist and twisted it back, causing him to drop the knife.

"Now, aren't we all here to have fun?" She looked up at the other man and asked, "Are you okay, sir?"

The man merely kept walking to the exit, wanting to leave as soon as possible. The woman stared in his direction for several moments, having caught a glimpse of his face. "Hey, lady?! Are you gonna just..."

A swift fist to the jaw knocked out the clubgoer, and the woman rushed after the man, catching up at the door. "Wait!" She grabbed his shoulder. "Is... is that you, Hawke?"

The man stopped, barely turning his head to look at her. "Name's James... Sorry... Never heard of the name Hawke before." With that, he tried to pull away. Damn it... Who is this woman, and how does she know my name!?

"It's me, Aya Brea! I've been looking for you!" A brief look spread across the half Japanese woman's face before she composed herself. "Don't... don't you remember me?"

"Look, you seem to be mistaken, maybe you had a few too many." Hawke said with a pleasantness to his tone, though it was all a front. If she just goes away I can escape.

"I'm trying to help you, Hawke!" Without any backup, Aya had to think fast. "I was... I was sent in to extract you. You've been compromised. The Earth police and the XSDF are closing in on this location. My superiors sent me in to make sure that didn't get you. But I'm order for that to work, you need to come with me."

Hawke's look changed from one of feigned innocence to one of anger. "I don't know who the hell you are but you made a big mistake doing this." The man spun away from her with great speed, sending a swinging fist to Aya's gut.

Aya took the hit, the a quick jump back lessened the damage. Regardless, she held her stomach, and gave Hawke a crushed look. "You... you hit me. I-I can't... Hawke, please..."

He wasted no time pulling the plasma pistol he had in his jacket out and aimed it at Aya, though his finger was on the trigger, he did not pull it immediately. Instead, he aimed up at the ceiling without looking, blowing a sprinkler that set off everything in the club, screams of confused patrons echoing all around. After that, Hawke turn and ran.


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Dealing with the Past Part Two

As Aya's hand let out a faint greenish blue glow, her eyes darkened with a mixture of anguish and rage. She took off, running with surprising speed despite her high heels. Leaping over the patrons knocked over by the fleeing Hawke, she reach for the plasma pistol on her hip holster under her dress, and shouted, "XSDF! Stop or I'll shoot you in the back!"
Hawke paid no heed to her warning, continuing a run that propelled him forward much faster than any normal human could. He raised his pistol again, having done extensive research on the station schematics. He fired, the plasma slamming into a panel on one of the walls, an alarm blaring to life as a gate began to descend from the ceiling. Just before it shut completely, Hawke slid under it as it closed with a pneumatic hiss.

A moment passed before what sounded like an explosion went off on the other side of the door. A second boom blasted a hole in the middle of the door, and Aya leaped through it, her eyes faintly glowing. "You are not going to get away from me that easily!"

Damn it... whoever this woman is she is no joke. Hawke thought to himself, running around a corner and finding himself in a dead end, having made a wrong move to try and evade his pursuer, having ended up in a cafe of sorts where the walls were all windowed as to look out into the beauty of space. He turned around quickly, pistol in hand as he stood waiting for the blonde woman to appear.

Aya rushed in, and immediately ducked behind the counter near the door at the sight of the weapon. She held her own pistol up and shouted. "Give up, Hawke. I don't want to hurt you. I want to help you!"

"Just who the hell are you?" Hawke asked calmly, keeping the weapon at his side for now.

"My name is Aya Brea. We fought together in the war twenty-five years ago. I'm here on behalf of the XSDF... mainly to find you." Aya risked peaking around the counter. "We... we used to be close, Hawke. Really close."

"I highly doubt that." Hawke said coldly, not making any outwards aggressive stances.

"Why? Why doubt it?" Aya slowly stood up. Her pistol was in hand, but she kept it lower and she stepped around the counter. "I'll tell you why. Because the Rulers of Shambhalla brainwashed you. They're using you. That's why you can't remember me... and what we had."

Hawke's face softened for a bit, and he smiled. "I... I remember... Aya... it's... it's been so long." The sniper dropped his pistol and he kicked it away, holding out his arms to her.

Aya slowly smiled. "Thank god." She holstered her weapon and walked over to Hawke, wrapping her arms around him. "I knew I could get through to you. I'm here to help."

"It's been so long..." Hawke said, looking down at Aya and leaning forward to kiss her.

"I'm so sorry it took me so long to find you," Aya whispered, happily excepting his kiss.

Before Aya could react, Hawke slowly slipped the knife off of his thigh and thrust it towards her as he kissed her, aiming to slip it up into her ribs as he reached down and grabbed the pistol out of her holster.
Aya noticed to late to prevent them both. She pushed back as he stabbed her, losing her gun in the process. She fell back, crying in pain as she yanked the knife out of her side. "Hawke, no!"

"Look... Aya was it? I don't know who the hell you are, or whatever you were to me, and frankly that doesn't matter anymore." He moved to the side, keeping her gun drawn on her as he moved to his fallen gun.

"So what? You like working for these mad men?" Aya's side bled profusely, and she tightly wrapped a hand around the wound, her hand starting to glow. "They're murderers. Tyrants. Monsters! The Hawke I know would never work for people like them!"

"Cap!" A voice said from behind Aya, a young woman pushing past her, carrying a few items in her arms. In the brief moments Aya saw up close of her, the woman was strikingly youthful, with bright violet hair and a tail trailing behind her, marking her a Tamearin. Unlike a Tamearin though, her eyes didn't match her hair, being a light sky blue that seemed to have a glow to them, and unlike red skin, she had blue skin, with something moving along her skin looking akin to lightning underneath.

"Took you long enough..." Hawke said, pushing Aya's pistol into the girl's chest and taking a rifle from her arms, making sure it was properly loaded. "Look Aya... I have no memory of my life past a couple of years ago. The organization I work for is my life now, no matter whatever we may have been before. I suggest you take that to heart, your Hawke is dead."

Aya's eyes sank in, and she slowly, painfully rose to her feet, glaring at the pair. "If that is true... than Shambhalla killed him. And you... are a perversion of what he once was. If that is the case, it is my job... to save his soul... by ending your life before you can drag his name any more into the dirt!"

Hawke shook his head, letting out a sigh. "Even if I am who you think I am, then even still I am stuck to Shambhalla. I am dying Aya, and they have the serum that keeps me alive. I am also implanted, along with her," He said, jerking his head to the girl. "With a death chip. I betray them, then I die. There is nothing you can do."

Aya took a deep breath. "I see. I... I'll find a way to save you if I can. Your friend to." Her eyes darted back and forth, gathering energy as she doubted they were just going to let her go.

The altered Tamearin girl bounced over to Aya and held out a hand. "Hi... I'm Veronica... Hawkins." She added with a grin.

Aya looked surprised, extending her blood soaked right hand. "Um... Aya Brea. What... is your buisness with Hawke?"

"He's my husband of course!" Veronica said all bubbly like a school girl.

This caused Hawke to grumble. "No, I'm not. I am her handler. She is an agent like me, but she is too big a threat to leave unattended. The fact she is talking with an enemy like they are friends is one of the reasons." Hawke raised his rifle, aiming at Aya's forehead, though Veronica got in his way.

"Come on... you already stabbed the poor woman after she poured her heart out to her and you sucked her face." The teen girl said so matter of factly as she reached into her long trench jacket, pulling out some bandages and wrapping the injured Brea up.

"How do you know that?" Hawke asked calmly, not embarrassed at all.

"Your communicator was on and I heard the moaning and slurpy noises." Veronica informed the sniper.

Aya blushed a bit, but was more surprised than anything else. "Wait, you... you want to let me go?"

"No!" Hawke said, keeping his gun level.

"Come on Hawkey... look at her!" Veronica protested.

"I don't care!" He yelled, pulling the trigger and his target was Veronica's head. Either she moved or she died.

Aya jumped forward, tackling Veroniva to the ground. She snapped her fingers, a pillar of flame errupting between them and Hawke. "If I leave you with him, will he hurt you?"" she quickly asked.

"M-Most likely..." Veronica said, clearly stunned by the wall of flame between her and her partner.

Meanwhile, Hawke took a conscious step back, a worried look crossing his features. Fuck fire... He thought, soon calling out. "Veronica!"

"Thank you, Veronica. I promise, I'll be back to free you both." Aya climbed to her feet, briefly slipping her fingers under Veronica's collar as she did. "Please, watch over him."

"What? No... He watches over me, not the other way around." Veronica reached up and grabbed Aya. "I... I'm sorry... You seemed like a nice woman..." Veronica reached out her hand and the fire Aya had made collected into her hand and vanished. "We can't let you leave alive though... Hawke is right."

Aya sighed. "That's too bad... you don't seem that bad yourself..." Her eyes glowed brightly, and a barrier errupted from her body, shoving Veronica back.

Veronica did a flip in the air, landing on her feet as she sent three lances towards Aya's barrier to break it.

Meanwhile, Hawke continually fired with his sniper. Aya floated back, her skin changing to a green-blue, her eyes turning red. "Don't make me kill you both," she said coldly, a rasping, unnatural tinge to her tone.

"Geez... You dated that? Man... You must be able to put up with a lot..." Veronica noted, sending more projectiles Aya's way.

"I deal with you, don't I?" Hawke mumbled, doing a quick reload.

As the barrier around her finally cracked, Aya finished her transformation, wing like appendages growing from her arms. She sent a blast of pure energy towards Hawke, and another towards Veronica. Both were meant as a distraction, Aya flying in front of the Tamearin as she ducked out of the way. She wrapped a clawed hand around her neck, lifting her in the air and squeezing.


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Dealing with the Past Part Three

Veronica slapped at Aya, letting out a low squeak as her eyes flashed, a loud, piercing scream coming from Veronica as a blast of wind threw Aya back into one of the windowed walls, a gust of smoky air coming out of Veronica's mouth until it manifested into a beautiful and almost ethereal woman, with long, draping cloth falling around her shoulders and tying round her waist. Veronica coughed and rubbed her throat. "Thanks Banshee..."

Aya glared at her enemies, her anger radiating as a strong aura. She let out a primal scream that radiated thoughout the station, as if to challenge the reflection. The windows around her shattered, showering her with glass. Immediately the suction of air out the broken window would pull at Aya heavily, an alarm blaring that there was a breach. Hawke ran and jumped, grabbing a hold of something bolted to the floor and Banshee covering Ver, holding her in place.

With another screech, Aya dug her claws into the ground, and started pulling herself towards Hawke. Years before, she would have continued, going for the kill even if there was no chance. This day, having trained herself, she had enough sense to know it would only result in a plasma bolt to the face, and instead shot a bolt of energy behind her, propelling her towards the door. As the bulkhead doors quickly lowered over the windows, Aya took one last look back. Despite her demonic form, her eyes still portrayed the sadness she had as she looked upon Hawke.

Hawke gritted his teeth, determined not to lose. Knowing he had one shot left, he took aim with one arm and quickly fired, the shot being pinpoint due to his large amount of mods and implants, the shot going square for Aya's back before she had a chance to leave.

She dropped to the ground, her energy aura enough to save her life, but doing little else. Her body returned to normal, her energy evaporting off her like steam. Left in terrible pain, blood staining her tattered dress, she vomitted up a mouthful of blood as she weakly tryed to push off the ground.

Hawke took a deep breath, dropping his rifle as he stood up straight, running over to grab a plasma pistol and he approached Aya.

Veronica quickly thanked Banshee and let her go into her, stumbling a bit and upon seeing Hawke she thought of calling out but knew she was in enough trouble as it was from before.

Hawke grabbed Aya's arm and flipped her over onto her injured back, pressing the barrel of the gun against the bottom of her jaw. His finger was on the trigger, but somehow, he couldn't make himself pull the trigger.

Hawke shrugged. “I might stay longer than I intended due to the injuries. Afterwards...I am not sure. I might stay. If not, I might go out and do some solo work. I like being a sniper, not sure if I want to give up my skills completely. Besides, could you see me in a normal, civilian life?”

Aya chuckled. “Maybe not. But don’t underestimate your adaptability.” She inched her hand towards his. “If… if that is the case, our time together might be finite. And if it is… I’d like to put it to good use.”

Hawke smiled but his smile quickly fell. He reached around the back of his head, taking off the bandages on his head and face and looked at Aya with both eyes. “Just promise me that if this doesn’t work out, we still remain good friends. I don’t want to lose my drinking buddy after all.”

Aya smiled, and gently kissed him. “Of course, Hawke. You couldn’t get rid of me that easily.”

The quick flash of memory made him shake his head, Hawke letting out a pained sigh as he covered one side of his face, the burnt half.

A few tears rolled down Aya's cheeks. "Please, Hawke... I... I never stopped loving you..."

Hawke's breathing intensified, beads of sweat forming on him as more and more memories floated to the surface. "N-No... y-you... you broke up with me... after you... became Commander... halfway through... I left because you didn't want to be together..."No, no, no... this isn't right... why now? Damn it... this is what I get... my injection... it was supposed to be injected tomorrow…

"That isn't true! I... I wanted to be with you. But I had... responsibilities. I... I thought you... understood that. I never knew you felt like I had rejected you."

"Aya!" a young man's voice shouted from down the wall. "Where are you?"

"I told you I wasn't mad... That I understood but I am not a civilian Aya... I'm a soldier at heart... It was what I was made to do... And I... I continued my carreer..." He looked extremely pained by the influx of new memories, pressing the gun harder against Aya.

“I-I know, Hawke. You had to do what you had to do. Just like me. But it is never too late for us to be together. Please, Hawke."

A young man of Japanese decent, looking no older than twenty-one or twenty-two, ran up, holding a laser pistol up. The slight shake in his hands said he was inexperienced, but he had a determined look in his eyes as he aimed at Hawke. "Let... her... go..."

The man was quickly thrown to the side, his head cracking against the metal bulkhead and he slumped to the ground, bleeding from the head but unconscious, the glow from Veronica's eyes dimming. Hawke looked back down at Aya and he made a quick decision. He got off of Aya, and he reached down, picking her up and putting her across his shoulders. "Let's go Ver... we are going back to the ship." The Tamearin girl nodded and she followed closely behind, Hawke running back to the ship they had docked.

It was a sleek black ship, looking of a custom built variety, no distinguishable markings on it at all. When they were inside, Ver undocked the ship and they flew away. Hawke brought Aya to the medical room, laying her down and restraining her as he got to work to patching her up. He said nothing as he did so, Veronica's voice coming over the P.A. saying they were out of range of the station.

"You should have just killed me," Aya muttered weakly. "I'm sure your bosses will make me wish you had. I guess that goes to show how much you've changed..."

"Shut up." He told her harshly, still trying to figure out his thoughts as he patched up the woman. It took very little time to do, and when he was done, he flipped her onto her back slowly, grabbing a wipe and began cleaning her face. "I wanted to kill you... So, so badly... But some part of me is holding me back... I don't know what..."

"Yeah. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I guess you'll just have to settle for taking the woman who searched the galaxy for you and stabbing her, beating her down, literally shooting her in the back, and turning her over to some psychopaths to be experimented on." Aya turned her eyes away, not wanting to look at him any more. Just wanting this nightmare to be over.

Hawke stared at her with his jaw clenched, the man tapping his foot. He then reached back over the table and grabbed a scalpel, grabbing the front of her dress, he began to cut it all the way down until it was fully cut and he pulled it away from her, throwing the ruined dress in a bin.

Aya shuddered against the cold of the room, giving Hawke a horrified look. "H-Hawke?"

"What?" He asked, now cutting off her bra, pulling that away as well.

"What are you doing?!" Aya glared at him, clenching her teeth angrily.

Hawke said nothing, walking over to a cabinet and taking out a syringe and a bottle, filling the syringe with the strange liquid and he injected it in her upper thigh, all the woman's pains going away. Next he grabbed a pair of tongs as he bent over her, grabbing her chest lightly as he began taking out shards of glass that had embedded there without her even knowing in fairy demon form, or with the pain of being shot. For a brief moment, his face read as him having almost a concerned look. "I wish I knew..."


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Dealing with the Past Part Four

"Knew... what... Hawke?" Aya asked slowly, hard eyes dopily blinking out of sync from the pain killers.

"Knew what I was doing." He said softly, going over and grabbing another vial and syringe and injecting it into her other leg. "You might feel a bit hot. What I injected you with will keep you awake. Your temperature will rise, your adrenaline will rise as well as... Other hormones. Well... Let's just say you will feel hot in more than one way, but I need you awake." He explained. "I want to talk to you... To learn more about you before it is all wiped away."

"All wiped... away?" Aya started panting heavily, tingles running up and down her body. "What do you mean? And... what do you want me to tell you?"

"I've already told you that I am dying Aya. I don't know the details exactly of what, but the medicine... The medicine I take is especially strong. It wipes my memory away except for a few choice things. If I fail to take the medicine, my brain will fail. My next injection is tomorrow." Hawke continued his work, grabbing the other side of her chest lightly as he began to pull out the rest of the shards. "So I want you to tell me everything you can about yourself, and us... Before that happens. I want to try and understand you before I have to go back to never knowing you exist."

Aya let out a soft pant at his touch. "My name... is Aya, as I said. You and I met while in XCOM during the war. We started getting close near the end, and despite my reservations at first, I... I came to care for you. More than I thought possible after the death of my fiance at the hands of your current employers. But... but you were a free soul, and I had responsibilities as the first Commander of the XSDF. You left. When I ended that career, I tried to find you again, but you were gone. Just... gone. I guess I know where you went now."

"I remember..." Hawke said, finally letting go of her as he moved around, taking a look at the gash in her side. "Even though we had ended good... I was heartbroken. I went on assignment after assignment hoping the kills I racked up would help me forget. There was one mission... The details are fuzzy, and it hurts to think about." When he removed the bandages Ver placed, Hawke let out a sigh, the gash not too bad, so he began to rewrap. "Do you have family?"

Aya slowly shook her head. "No. I couldn't find anyone who compared to you." She sighed. "Hawke, please? Is there nothing we can do to... to fix this?"

"No... I am afraid next time we see each other, one of us will not walk away... And I have been made to be unkillable. The ultimate soldier." He finished the wrapping, placing a hand on her bare stomach. "I wish I was bluffing."

"Hawke... are you sure you need this 'medicine'?" Aya gave him a pleading look. "What if they just told you to make you take? To keep you as their puppet?"

"I risk death. Even if it did turn out to be a fake, I still have a death switch in me, and there is no way to remove it or short it out. Any attempt is immediate death." Hawke removed his hand. "I will drop you off somewhere with a distress beacon and some supplies to last you. That is the best I can do." Hawke pulled up a chair, sitting down in it as he lowered the medical bed to his level, not bothering to cover Aya. The effects of the drug would only increase, usually taking an hour to completely pass. "Tell me more."

"What... what more do you want me to tell you? I loved you. I still do." Beads of sweat dripped down her body, glistening in the overhead lights. "We mostly met out of an agreement that your brother would try with a friend of you tried with me. At first, it was just companionship. Trying to beat the loneliness of years without anyone. But I found myself thinking of you more and more when you were away, and without even realizing it, I had fallen for you. You... you weren't the only only who was brokenhearted when you left. I should have tried to get you to stay. I didn't want to hold you back, but.. I should have..." She closed her eyes, panting loudly. "What... is... this stuff? I... I want..."

"It is a specialized concoction. I don't like using it on Veronica as when I did, her effects... Well, they lasted an entire day rather than an hour, but they will pass." He said with certainty, though something caught his interest. "I have a brother?"

"Three," Aya answered, squirming a bit. "You were all cloned from the leader of a aggressive force that opposed XCOM, but you joined us when it became clear what a but he was. Can't help but see the parallels here. They are all well. O-one of them... is married to my sister." She fidgeted a bit more. "Please. I... I won't resist. There is nowhere to go anyway. Can you unstrap me?"

"Married to your sister?" Hawke said slowly, letting out a sigh as he rubbed his beard. After a bit, he shut and locked the door to the medical room, not sure if she was capable of the same trickery as him. He then went to the bed and he swiftly cut the restraints, just standing by her bed.

Aya slowly sat up, and rubbed her arms nervously. "I saw him a short time ago. He misses you. Wonders... when you'll call him or the others."

"Would be better if you told him I was dead. Make things easier for him if and when I do die." Hawke sat back down, crossing his arms.

"I'm not going to do that. Not unless it is true." Aya looked into Hawke's eyes. "Don't underestimate how much I love you. Or... how much I hate the Rulers of Shambhala. They've hurt me so much... so many times. Not to mention so many others. If the only way to save you is to destroy their entire organization, so be it. I was planning on doing that anyway." She shook a bit, though the way she squeezed her legs close said it had less to do with the cold.

"Like it or not, I am apart of that organization. By destroying it, you destroy me. There is no way around it." Hawke got up and went to the sink, beginning to wash his hands of the blood that he noticed was there. When he was done, he gripped the sides of the sink and he looked into the mirror, and sent his fist right into it, shattering the mirror.

"Hawke, no!" As if on instinct, Aya rushed to his side, and wrapped her arms around his waist. "You can't give up like that! There was to be a way to disable the explosives. They're too smart to not design them away, in case one malfunctions, or the were somehow used against them." She pressed her forehead against his back, and started sobbing softly.

Hawke did not remove his hand from the broken remains of the mirror, but his other hand reached down to meet hers around his waist. "Life is cruel to those who think they deserve the most from it... I've accepted my fate already. I do not have to like it." Hawke hung his head and sighed, somehow the pain in his hand not being his biggest one.

"This... this is all my fault," Aya cried out. "They... they used my DNA for their cloning experiments. They used Eve. They killed Kyle. And now... they have you. I couldn't stop them! I tried so hard. I thought I succeeded, but when I found I hadn't, I ran from my responsibility to end them. This is all my fault!"

"No... This is no one's fault. Not even those who control me. Trying to place fault gets you nowhere. You have a goal. Follow it." Hawke removed his fist from the broken mirror. "If that means I am to fall, then I accept it, and I would place no blame on you for doing so." He slowly turned in her grip, reaching up and rubbing the tears from her eyes. "There is no consolation I can offer you then what I can in this moment. After this moment... I promise nothing else. So make this count."

Aya lowered her eyes a bit. "This... this could be out last chance together. I know... it might be wrong. Maybe it is just these drugs talking. But..." She looked up again. "I want you to kiss me. This time for real."

"...okay." He said after thinking a while on it, bending a bit awkwardly, feeling unaccustomed to the action.

Aya planted her lips on Hawke's, and pressed her body against his. She lowered her hands, stopping them on his waist, not far from his sidearm. She kissed him passionately, panting lightly.

If Hawke noticed her hand by his gun, he didn't seem to notice, but when he pulled back he seemed a lot less passionate. "I didn't feel anything."

"I-I know," Aya whispered, sounding a bit disappointed. "Maybe it is selfish of me. But please. One last time..." She moved her hands, away from his weapons, towards his belt buckle.

"I... I'll allow it." Hawke confirmed, walking her back over to the bed. "I owe you for almost killing you."

"Yeah, you do." She quickly undid the belt, knowing she didn't have much time, and that Hawke could change his mind at any time. "I'm sure that... cute Tamearin gives you all the action you need."

"No." Hawke said with a shake of his head. "She is highly energetic, kind, and one of the most powerful psions I have seen, but she is still young, inexperienced... And 17. I am only her handler."

"Well... you always joked about how I was your best, even though at the time I was your first and only." She quickly undid his belt. Her eyes flashed on the pistol briefly, but she tossed it away and undid his pants. "But your were always my best. And at my age, that's saying something."


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Dealing with the Past Part Five

"I probably don't look as young as I used to. Got that aging formula late, so I still look like an old man." Hawke was right. His features were slightly wrinkled, though he still had a strong look to him, some specks of gray in his beard and hair.

Aya stopped for a moment, and slowly ran a hand across the burn scars on his face. "This... never bothered me. Ever. So why would a wrinkle or two?" She slowly reached down, slipping her underwear off. "It might not mean anything to you... but I want us to be one. If... it just one last time..."

"I will allow it." Hawke said, laying on the medical bed. "No harm in fulfilling a request like that." For a brief moment, he almost cracked a grin.

When the waves of pleasure finally started to subside, Aya just laid there, arms and legs wrapped around Hawke in a loving embrace. "Thank you..."

"You are welcome." He said, reaching up and rubbing Aya's cheek for a few moments, thinking he felt something in the back of his mind but couldn't place it. Instead, he moved his hand lower and placed it on her stomach. "Even if you cannot have me in the future, I can impart part of me that you seem to love so much."

Aya nodded, reaching up and gently kissing him. She laid back, a sense of contentment washing over her. Their embrace had relieved some of the effects of the drugs, at least. But there was something more to it. "I know I have no right to ask... and it might seem strange. But is it okay if I talk to that girl?"

Hawke raised an eyebrow, mulling over the question. "I... Guess..." After he pulled away from Aya, he went over to,a cabinet and grabbed some plain looking clothes, throwing them her way. "Might be a little big and no spare bra, sorry. She should be in her room, near the back of the ship on the right."

"Thanks." Aya slipped the cloths on, flashing a look of disappointment at her lost dress. She lingered in the doorway for a moment, staring at Hawke, before stepping out.

Walking through the ship, she knew she could take the opportunity to do something, anything, to the ship. In the end, she decided there was little She could do that couldn't be undone, and she was counting on being released as promised. So she simply took in everything she saw, memorizing displays on any screens she passed.

As she neared the back of the ship, she paused outside of what she believed was Veronica's room. She reached into her mouth, forcefully and painfully pulling out a micro tracker from one of her fillings. Tucking it behind her ear, she knocked on the door.

Veronica's pleasant voice came from the other side, the girl yelling, "Come on in!" When Aya entered, the room of Ver was very much that of a teenage girl, clothes scattered about on multiple place, even though the walls weren't painted there were various stickers overtop her bed. She ditched her combat attire for a much more relaxed look, wearing a pink shirt that hung off one shoulder, wearing a pair of pink pajama bottoms with white animals on them. She did not have her purple hair up into a ponytail but now it hung loose, being cut short to where it did not pass her shoulders. The girl also had a pair of eyeglasses on, smiling when she looked up at Aya, closing the magazine she had been reading. "Hey... Glad to see you still kicking." The Tamearin girl was the complete opposite of what her species usually was, the girl's tail twisting up to scratch her nose. "What... Brings you to my... Room..." She asked, looking around at the mess and chuckling nervously. If Aya had not previously fought the girl or knew who she was, she could have passed for just a normal girl.

"You, um... you're not what I expected. I mean... at all." Aya closed the door behind her, and leaned against it. "You do know what kind of people you work for, right?"

"Mhmm." Veronica confirmed, stretching out her body and curling her toes as she let out a groan which turned into a sigh as she lazily slumped back into her chair. For a Tamearin, she was not at all voluptuous. "What about it?"

"Nothing, it's just... weird. And it makes things difficult." Aya slowly walked forward a bit. "I mean... it is easier to fight enemies I've dehumanized. But you don't seem that bad. Until you decided that I had to die, I thought you kinda cool for a member of Shambhala."

"Well of course I had to try, else I only make things worse for myself. I really have nothing against you, and Cap seems to think so too. I mean he did plow you after all for what... Past half hour?" Veronica guessed.

Aya stumbled a bit, nearly falling over. "What! How... how did you know that?!"

"Hey, I got needs too, and it isn't like I can stash stuff under my bed. Only mags I am allowed are the ones I... Well, 'smuggle' from our battlezones, and not really an option to go out and meet people." Veronica pulled her legs close. "What can I say? Living a life like I do ain't really a teen paradise. Shammy is all I know for a life."

Aya blushed, and nodded. "I see. Well... you should understand, I'm going to take 'Shammy' down. I have to. I... I'm going to try and save Hawke. I need to try. But... but I can't fool myself into think I'll have no problems with both goals, and Shambhala has hurt too many people to be allowed to continue." She folded her arms. "I'll try and help you too... if I can. But if you stand in my way, next time I won't treat you different from any other enemy agent. And now that I've seen your power, I know that I can't hold back."

"Same... I look forward to that fight, who knows... Could maybe be fun?" Veronica asked with a shrug, getting up and jumping on her bed. "Anyways, we aren't enemies now, so sit down with me... Obviously you are here to talk to me, and I haven't had any companionship aside from James."

"Actually... I wanted to talk to you about your 'handler'." Aya cautiously sat down, remembering how quickly the girl had changed her mind before. She was mostly at their mercy at the moment, though her energy had recharged a lot quicker than years before. "Do you know how he came to work for the Rulers? And... what is the nature of this illness he says is killing him."

"Well... I know bits and pieces but I am just the low class shrimp, ya know? Not really told a lot other than go here and do this and hope I do a good enough job that I don't get reprimanded. Um... from... what I remember about hearing he was on some sort of mission, might have stumbled on something he shouldn't have? Not too sure. As for the illness, it is some sort of brain thing or something, the doctors used a lot of medical jargon I didn't know and when they caught me eavesdropping I was beat and put in a cell until Cap got me out telling the bosses he would keep a better watch of me." When Veronica was done explaining, she played with the end of her tail, watching it move back and forth in her hand innocently.

"I... see." Aya looked her up and down with a sad look. "How long have you been here? This probably goes without saying... but you've been extensively experimented on, haven't you?"

"As far back as I can remember... perhaps three? Shammy was trying to create some super psion or something by fusing the two most psionically potent species known right now. Which would be Tamearins and Humiliatia. That is what caused all my differences. Half my DNA was spliced with Ethereal DNA. Experimented on me since I was just a kiddy. There were others too but they all died. I just so happened to survive and been training and working with them all my life. James only became my handler a couple of years ago when I was ready to go into the field."

Aya lowered her gaze. "I'm sorry, Veronica. If I had finished them off thirty years ago..." She shook her head. "Listen... I can't hold back any more. So I'm asking you. I'm begging you. Stay out of my way. When the time comes, don't fight me."

"Sorry... Can't do that." The teen Tamearin laid back on her bed and sighed. "I only have two options out... Prison, or death. I've killed too many, hurt many more... I am just trying to have fun before either of those paths come." Veronica said solemnly. "I didn't kill that cute Asian boy though... But when you point a gun at Hawke, I have to intervene."

"Alright... I understand. I guess we're both fighting for Hawke, then." Aya stood up, and moved to the side of the bed. Kneeling down next to it So she was close to Veronica's face, she said, "One last question. Why... did you try and convince Hawke to try and spare me at first? Wouldn't it have just been easier to let him kill me?"

"Course it would have been easier but... I saw the hesitation in him. I wanted to be sure he wasn't going to make a mistake." She explained slowly with a smile.


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Dealing with the Past Part Six

"Well... thank you either way." Aya adjusted her hair and smiled back. "I just... wish things could be different, you know?" She dropped her arms in a defeated manner. "Take care of him for me, alright?" She slipped her hand under the bed, sticking the tracker to the side of the frame.

"Uh... Yeah, course. He is too prideful to ask for help but... You know we make a good team." Veronica tapped her fingers idly and then added, "So... We will probably just drop you off somewhere tomorrow. I'm the decent pilot so you could sleep in my room tonight unless you want to share my handler's bed again." The girl snickered.

"I don't think he'd be comfortable with that. I'm surprised he agreed to... you know what." Aya stood up and walked over to the chair in the corner. "I'll be good here. Unless you have a brig you'd rather put me in."

"We do... But unless you have a prisoner complex, you can stay here. I'm trying to be nice here. After all... Next time we see each other we will be trying to kill each other." Veronica gave a weak smile and took Aya's hand, squeezing it. "Thanks... For talking with me. Was fun while it lasted."

"If course. I just... wish things were different." Aya closed her eyes, a roll in the hay immediately following a big fight not the best thing for energy levels. "You seem... really... cool... I know... another Tamearin... that would like you..."

Veronica nodded, getting up and letting out a sigh, going to the door and opening it slowly. She stood there a moment, just looking out into the hallway with a blank expression for a minute, forcing herself to smile as she let a tear fall. "Yeah... Yeah, I'm sure I would have liked to meet her too. I wish you luck Aya... But this is no fairy tale... And there are rarely happy endings." Veronica shut off the light and shut the door, quickly moving to the cockpit so she didn't break down at the thought of killing the only woman to treat her as her equal in some time.
Three Days Later

The sound of a small shuttle craft landing nearby awoke Aya from her nap. Using the height of the tree she had been sleeping in, she noted the EIPS/XSDF symbol and let out a sigh of relief. "Finally... a warm shower and indoor plumbing..."

She waited until a nervous looking man, the same Asian man from before, was a few feet away before jumping down in front of him. He gasped, having to take a moment to catch his breath. "Aya!"

"What's up, Kazuya?" she asked, examining the bruise and bandage on his forehead.

"What's up?!" Kazuya let out an exasperated laugh. "You've been gone for three days! Atka is flipping out! Talking about mounting a rescue mission as soon as we find you. Where have you been?"

"Here, mostly. On this planet they dumped me on. Took you long enough to find me. They let me go..." Two EIPS officers walked up, weapons trained on Aya. She slowly rose her hands and said, "Whoa, boys. Easy."

"You were captured by officers of the Rulers of Shambhala," one of the officers snapped. "And yet we find you here, relatively unharmed. Either you gave them some information in exchange for your release or they did something to your body. Hidden tracker, viral time bomb, hypnotic suggestion. Whatever. We're not stupid."

The other soldier stepped behind her and twisted her arms back, handcuffing them. "Easy!" Aya scoffed. "If you're not stupid, then you should know they would have just tortured what they need from me and disposed of me. And your scans will reveal there is nothing else."

"You better hope so," the second soldier responded, pushing her towards the ship.

"Sorry, Aya," Kazuya muttered, walking alongside her.

Aya smiled at him. "It's alright, kid. You know how these stiffs are."

"How did you get away?" the Japanese man asked.

Aya sighed. "I got away... because some part of my old Hawke is trapped within the man Shambhala has turn him into. But with some drug they're using to control him, he won't remember me again next time. He probably won't even remember anything but fighting me."

Kazuya looked down in disappointment. "Can we save him?"

Aya was silent for several seconds before answering. "I... I don't know. But God help me... I'm going to try..."