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Frostlich1228 & ZombieSplitter53: “Normal Friends"

High Orbit over Forseti (May 1st, 2044)
The Einherjar (1555 Hours, A.S.T.)
Room of Delanor, James.

James stood in his room, protective goggles on as he fused some metal together. He then smiled, walking over to his computer and inputting a large amount of code that almost instantly transferred into the drone's hard drive. After hours of this, he took a step back, sighing to himself with frustration in his voice, "Barely fifteen percent finished..."

A loud knock came from the door, followed by a familiar female voice. "Hey, James? You feeling better? I had to ask you something. And... you know, check up on you."

James seemed a little surprised at first, but then shook it off, "Yeah, I am, come on in."

Korra slipped inside and noted all the equipment. "I'm not interrupting anything important, am I?"

"Just working on something for my drones, right now I'm coding in some new information, hopefully to give it the ability to solve problems by itself in combat, rather than make me have to manually order it around every time." James responded, turning around to face her, "How've you been?"

"Better than you recently." The Tamearin frowned. "Sorry I only popped my head in on you once. Between everyone else in the infirmary, and the mission, and training, and my bro... other things, I... kept forgetting."

"That's fine, part of me didn't expect anyone to show up at all, to be honest." It took a second for James to realize what he just said and quickly added, "B-Because it wasn't that bad of an injury, I was only out for three days after all."

Oblivious to anything misspoken, Korra nodded. "Well, I'm glad for that." She glanced at his work. "Sucks about your little robot buddy, though. Must be a pedlr to have to put it together again, huh?"

"Yeah, even if he is a little fazed out by my new robot, I still want to fix him up, never know when I might need him again. Besides, I've had a hell of a run with this guy, even if I end up having to shelve him, I don't want him to be a wreck." James explained.

Korra nodded, taking a seat. She quietly kicked her feet for a minute, simply watching James work, before asking, "Do you have any sisters?"

He tilted his head and turned back towards her, giving a bit of a confused look, "Why do you ask, exactly?"

"J-just..." Korra pouted and folded her arms. "What? Just trying to learn more about a friend! It... has nothing to do with me..."

"You said something about your brother just now, does that have anything to do with this? And why did you ask for specifically sisters?" Fancypants questioned, his look becoming more skeptical.

Korra rubbed the back of her neck. "Well, I... because my... brother has a... sister... named Korra... Listen, do you have a sister or not!?"

He sighed, "Yes, alright, I have two, now where is this going exactly?"

"Did you ever fight with them? Like... really bad. And want to connect with them again but... something about them makes that really hard?"

"Fight? No... Not really... More like... Silently loathe..." James corrected, "They were on Luna last time I heard, but that was before I joined the XSDF, I didn't feel like talking to them at all before I left."

"Oh... really?" Korra brought one of her knees close to her body, leaning against it. "So you don't get along with you siblings either, huh? Because of the whole psionics thing?"

"Yeah, basically. They just get everything for free, where I've had to fight tooth and nail to have everything I have now." James said, shaking his head a little, "They're just so spoiled..."

"A spoiled sibling that takes the things handed over to him for granted," Korra mumbled. "That sounds familiar..."

"Sounds like I'd hate your brother." He replied.

"Yeah, maybe. But you'd be surprised." Korra shifted uncomfortably. "He screwed up with my boyfriend, which... well, let's be honest, is a good thing. But otherwise, he's good at... making... himself look good, if that makes any sense. I try to tell people how bad it can be, but when they meet him, he is able to show all the good and none of the bad. It makes me look even worse than usual..."

James held up a hand, his eyes squinting, "Wait, he screwed your boyfriend? Man, no wonder you don't like him, that's like your sister fucking your boyfriend, but to a whole new extreme you know? Anyway, part of that probably stems from the whole no emotions thing, has to be hard to tell when he's being an asshole."

"Yeah, probably. Seems to be a problem with most of the people in my race. They're always too frank for..."Korra's eyes widdened, and she jumped to her feet. "W-wait! Did I... use the wrong word again. English has too many words that mean different... no, my brother didn't sleep with... I meant he... made Kallpa punch him, not... that..."

"Ah, that clears things up a little, I was wondering why you said it was a good thing, I thought that maybe they let you watch or something." He snickered slightly.

Korra rubbed her temples. "Can we focus, please? You're supposed to be my normal friend, after all."

"I'm your normal friend? Wow..." James said looking a little shocked before regaining his composure, "Well, I imagine if he's a 'normal' Tamearin and people with your defect are looked down upon, must mean you two didn't get along from the start, did you?"

"No... we didn't." Korra leaned back in her chair and huffed. "No one in my family really cared for their little Pon-taer, what I think you humans call a black goat. Other than grandma and my uncle Gerhart... but Geshtal was the most open about it. He wanted people to know how much he didn't like me."

"My siblings were always a little... too nice to me... It made it feel like they were patronizing me, I mean, at least if I had a brother like yours I'd have much more obvious reasons to dislike him, it's almost like my siblings don't even know how lucky they are and how lucky I'm not with my life, all the work I've done, but they just act all happy and nice around me, it just makes me want to punch something!" James exclaimed, with a passionate anger.

Korra nodded in understanding. "I know, but... at least they try, right? At least they act nice, even if they look down to you. At least they didn't dismiss you in school, telling classmates to go ahead on pick on you. That he'd cover for them. It takes a lot of influence from Geshtal for them to ignore my social status and connection to the royal house and beat the crap out of me."

"Is he somewhere on the ship?" James asked, shaking his head a little.

"Yeah. He's, um... he's a Tamearin ambassador." Korra shrugged. "Kallpa told him to leave me alone, but how much do you wanna bet that won't last very long?"

"Oh boy, he's got the whole 'diplomatic immunity' angle going doesn't he? Can't kick him off cause he's an ambassador, right?"

"Something like that. And besides, like I said... he's good at painting a good picture of himself. There is a reason our parents pushed him into following in their footsteps since he was young. Beside, you know, the obvious reason."

"The traditional politician skill of being able to hide exactly how much of a douchebag you really are, typical." He added, "Make sure to be careful around here, who knows what low he'll stoop to to keep you from tarnishing his perfect image and reputation."

"You have no idea..." Korra sighed. "What I wouldn't give to expose him as the fraud he is to uncle Gerhart. But it probably wouldn't work anyway. Geshtal was one of his favorites." She chuckled. "Wanna know something funny?"

"And what's that?" James asked.

"Uncle Gerhart is the one person he could never get away with treating me like that around. So... even if uncle clearly pitied me like all the rest, at least, when we were with him, Geshtal had to pretend he loved me. And... I could pretend it was real..."

James stood in silence for a second, before speaking up, "I'll like to ask you something, it's been on my mind since I saw you on that last mission."
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Part 2

Korra scratched her head. "Yeah, sure. But if it is about what I did, yes, I'm always that reckless."

"Not... Exactly..." James replied, "How is it that you are so easily able to kill people that are so much like you?"

Korra's eyes sunk in a bit, and she lowered her head. "It... i-it wasn't... easy, to be honest." She closed her eyes. "I-I... had never fought a other Tamearins before the XSDF. A-and when I saw them, and saw a few with yellow hair, I... I-I saw my mother... and I hesitated... It wasn't until things got really bad that I snapped out of my fears and... h-had too..."

Fancypants sighed, "Well, I'd hate to make you feel worse, but you do know that most of the Outcasts of Tamear, are well, outcasts of Tamear, that means people with Pon Taer Syndrome. People who don't have anywhere else to go, so they were forced to band together and form a group to take ships and make money, a group which, let's be honest, you'd probably be a part of if the XSDF didn't decide to accept you, or if you were kicked out for some reason..."

Korra's head lowered a bit more. "Well... I'm afraid you did make it a bit worse..." Korra placed her hand over her eyes, sighing deeply. "B-but, you... you're not wrong, are you... oh, Goddess..."

"Look, I'm sorry, but I think it's important to understand who you're really fighting, and if fighting that person would go against your principals or morals..." James explained, stepping closer to her, "Even though they are working for this Queen now, they wouldn't have had to if they hadn't been banished... Sadly, they are simply victims of circumstance... Even I don't believe that I'd be able to kill a group of people will beliefs so similar to mine, and the Human race is really good at killing each other, it's a sad but true fact of our history..."

"No... no, I don't believe that." Korra stood up and shook her head. "You're right, okay? A lot of these guys didn't have much of a choice. That this wasn't exactly their first choice. But that doesn't change the kind of people they are! They are thieves. They are pillagers. They are murderers! I'm not going to let them go and just... kill whoever they want, including my friends! Fuck that!"

James raised his hands defensively, "Hold on, I'm not trying to tell you how to think, but those people really don't have a choice, they can't go back home and are barely tolerated everywhere else, I've heard how Astasha treated some of the Pon Taers on this ship, including you most likely. Now, maybe they could go to some planet they are more welcome on, but traveling light years to another world takes a lot of money, money you wouldn't have as an exile, money you'd have to make by stealing, robbing, and even killing. They're just doing what they need to do to survive."

James shrugged, "But hey, some of them probably are terrible people, and no matter how you look at it, they are still working for that monster we're up against, so we have no choice, some of them are going to have to die... But personally, I can respect someone who is working up from nothing, trying to stake out some sort of life, because I know how hard it was for me to get where I am, and I'm from a wealthier family with more assets... MY standpoint here is, I'll kill them if I have to, but if I have a reasonable option that lets me capture some of them, I'd probably take it."

Korra slowly nodded. "Yeah... I agree." She wiped her eyes and tried to smile. "Thank you, James. In your own... weird way, it makes me feel better knowing you feel that way. To acknowledge that some of my people out there... and some of your people, are sacrifices. Sacrifices to this... this sick game that queen bitch and her TFD is playing."

"I mean, if you feel strongly about it, perhaps you could ask Mason to keep you off of missions involving the OoT, I'm sure he'd understand considering your backround." James suggested.

"Yeah... maybe. But maybe it would be better if I was out there. Someone who understood the sacrifice..." Korra's eyes darted around. "I, I'm... hate to Alice my visit short, but... there are two Tamearins in the brig I'd like to talk to..."

"Have fun, then!" James replied, giving her a casual wave. "But not that kind, at least not without asking the commander's permission!" He chuckled, returning to his computer.

Korra nodded, and walked to the door. She stopped as she opened it, looking back. "Thank you, James. And... let me know when your drone is finished."

"I will!" James responded, sighing to himself, "Whenever this thing gets finished..."


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Alzdude28 and ZombieSplitter53
An Informal Meeting
Orbit of Foreseti
XSDF Battleship Einherjar
Holo-training room
1430 Hrs. AST

Al stood panting slightly in the middle of three simulated Balmadaar in a ruined building. His rifle was no use at this range. Then he hesitated. Maybe that’s not quite true… He swung the stock into the closest attacker, then hurled the weapon at another. With these two off balance he lunged at the third, claws extended ahead of him. He collided with the Balmadaar and they both went down, rolling across the ground until Al found a chink in the armour and pushed a claw through. He quickly got to his feet, moving away from the dying hologram, then turned to face the next two, drawing his sidearm. As the two hulking opponents charged at him, he unloaded rapidly into the chest of one, sidestepping as their momentum carried them past. The remaining enemy came close, landing a blow in his side. Al rolled with the punch, tearing a gash in his opponent’s leg with his synthetic right claws as he went down. He kicked at the other leg, causing the Balmadaar to fall. He then grabbed the Hologram’s fallen plasma rifle, and fired it point blank. The simulation, now complete, faded away. He walked to the edge of the room where he had left a bottle of water. He drank deeply, and waited to catch his breath before moving towards the exit.

"That... was amazing," said a voice from the entrance. Brigid O'Brien stepped inside, clapping her hands as she walked over. "You really are something, Mr...?"

"Al." He replied. "You're O'Brien, right? I remember you from Operation Incipient Barricade."

"Yeah? Cool." Brigid stopped before Al, the incredible height difference ever more apparent up close. "I've been meaning to talk to you for a while now. You're something of a rarity around here. Don't see many of your kind."

"Tell me about it. I haven't seen another Drake in... nearly ten Earth years. And I haven't talked to one for even longer."

Brigid looked a bit surprised. She sat on the ground, legs folded under her. "Why not. Are your people rare? Do you guys not normally leave your planet?"

"We don't travel far. We're not really a spacefaring people, when we do travel it's with other species technology. And when on the planet... we don't tend to 'get along'. Not withTs'knashten."

"Is that like... family feuds or something?" Brigid asked. "Is that why you left?"

"Close enough. My tattoos show that I'm from the Ts'kalik-sha tribe. After my people were killed, I was Ts'knashten... In English... I think outcast would be the closest translation. None of the other tribes would take me in with these." He gestured at the markings covering his body. "So there was no reason to stay. Once I found a way off that fucking rock, I took it." He leaned against the wall and took out a pack of cigarettes, taking one, and offering the packet to Brigid. "It's an improvement, though I miss the scenery sometimes." He paused briefly. "Humans don't work like that, do they? With the tribes I mean."

Brigid waved the cigarettes away. "No, not anymore. At least not for the most part. We have criminals, of course, and prisons to put them in. But tribes and outcasts? Not so much. We try to welcome all, despite differences. In the past, though... we could be pretty brutal with those who were different, and a small part of that still lingers today."

Al nodded, while lighting up. "I ran into some of those 'Human Supremacists' back when I was living on Progressuss.""You did?" Brigid leaned forward a bit. "Personally, I try to avoid people like that. They don't care much for psions. But what did they do? What did... you do?"

He shrugged. "They cornered me in an alley, then tried to kill me. But they made a mistake." He grinned, wolfishly. "They brought knives to a claw fight. I didn't even get a scratch. So much for supremacy..."

"Yeah, I'll say." Brigid frowned. "You know that... not all humans are like that, right? Especially in the XSDF. The whole point a lot of people join this organization is to fight against that kind of mindset."

Al waved a hand dismissively. "If I thought that, I wouldn't be fighting for you."

"Yeah... good point." Brigid jumped up and grinned. "So... can I, uh... see them?"

Al gave an exaggerated sigh, rolling his eyes sarcastically, then grinned and extended his hands towards Brigid, claws spread out.

"Sweeeet." Brigid looked them up and down, resisting the urge to touch them. "So... what can you do with these babies. You know, if you went all out."

Al considered for a second. "I haven't had a chance to test the zero alloy ones, but my natural ones can go through about 3 centimeters of steel." He flexed the fingers on his cybernetic arm briefly. "Martinsson did a good job with these... I suspect they're even stronger."

"That's really cool." Brigid looked up. "Can I ask how you lost your arm? Or... am I probing too much?"

"No, I don't mind." Al reassured her. "It was during Operation Old Enemy, just after we arrived at Foreseti. My cover was blown to pieces by a plasma barrage. Still, if I had been in the open I would've lost more than the arm..." He trailed off slightly.

Brigid shook her head. "Would it surprise you to know you're the third person I personally know now who lost a limb?" Brigid scoffed. "This damn war... that damn TFD and their little game..."

"That doesn't surprise me. And as to the war, I'm looking forward to getting to the bastards in command." He paused again. "During that transmission... one of the figures in the background was unmistakably an Alpha." He continued, half just thinking aloud.

Brigid stepped back, looking at Al with squinted eyes. "Yeah... you're right. Unless there is another race out there that looks like yours. It makes me wonder if they have anymore of your kind in the TFD."

"If there are, and they're from different tribes, I'd be surprised. Most of us would kill a Ts'knashtenon sight... but it's not impossible. Especially if the leader is the only Alpha. Those guys... I don't quite know how to describe it, but they have a sense of... power."

"How do you become an alpha?" Brigid grinned. "Hope it isn't like the Bajir. That requires a sex change if you're male."

"Really? Come to think about it, I don't really know anything about the Bajir... Anyway, it's not like that. You're born into it, they're almost a different species. We probably could interbreed with them still, but we don't. It's like an unwritten law... Not that we have written laws as such. But you know what I mean, right?"

"I know what you mean. It reminds me about another individual I was talking to a while ago." Brigid walked a few feet away, looking up. "I find it all so interesting. I learned so much during my travels, but once I came here, I realized it was only a fraction of what I could learn. I want to know it all... you know?"

Al shrugged. "I just take each day as it comes."

"But this is a war, man!" Brigid stepped back in front of Al, jumping like a hyper child. "We could die at any time. You can't just take the day. You have to make it yours! Live every moment! You with me on this?"

Al stayed where he was, completely relaxed. "When I was a kid we were constantly under threat from attack by other tribes. When I was still only a few years old that happened. Every day since then all that kept me alive was my wits and my claws. I've spent 90 of your years knowing that every day could be my last. You get used to the feeling." His face didn't betray a hint of emotion.

“Oh... I see?" Brigid calmed down a bit, looking worried. "What... about friends?"

"Didn't really have the opportunity until after I left Styx. The crew on the ship I got to Progressus were nice, it was them that taught me English, and the chief engineer gave me my new name." He gave a small, nostalgic smile. "Then there were the guys I worked with on Progressus... They were more drinking buddies than friends though. I got to know a few people I trained with, but most of them spoke Russian." He stopped to stub out his finished cigarette. "Then I came here. I'd say I know a fair number of people here."

"Well... do want to 'know' one more?" Brigid asked, rubbing her hands together. "I'm friends with someone from nearly every race on board this ship. I... I'd love to count you amongst them. It would be an honor, in fact."

“My pleasure." Al stepped forward, and extended a hand.

"Cool." Brigid took hold of it, shaking it firmly. "I really hope we get a chance to kick butt on the battlefield together. Something tells me you're a force to be reckoned with."

"Yes, I'd like to get back in the field." Al replied, returning the handshake.

"Whelp... I'm gonna head out. Just wanted to introduce myself." Brigid stepped away a few feet, then turned back. "My and a couple guys around the ship have a poker game every now and again. Would you like me to give you a heads up when the next one is ready?"

Al considered the proposition briefly. "I like the sound of that. I haven't played poker since basic training..."

"Great! Awesome! I'll let you know." She grinned. "You have any special psionics that would help you cheat? Just asking 'cause it took we weeks to convince the others I wasn't using mine to cheat. They just wouldn't believe that I was that good."

"While I'm sure that would be handy, my species aren't psionic."

"Alright. Got it." Brigid waved one last time, wondering if she was making herself look silly now. "I'll see you later then. Bye." She ran off, whistling a tune to herself.


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Stepping in for Some Aid Part One (ZombieSplitter53 and MarineAvenger)

The Einherjar, Near Main Labs

Volupta slowly walked through the hall, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible as she peaked in through the window. "There you are," she whispered to herself, looking down at her list and circling one of the names that wasn't crossed out. "Now I just need to find..."

And what are you doing. The male Humiliata from before stood behind her. He pushed Volupta against the wall, and snatch the papers from her hand. Trying to find us, huh? Here, let me help you out. He circled another name and shoved the papers back into her hands, hard enough to knock her into the wall again. There. You have our names. Do you think this changes anything? This just means you'll have to... help us a little sooner.

"But I..." Volupta looked away. "I can't, I..."

"Man, you people really don't know when to give up, do you?" A voice asked, the person it belonging to having spiked up black hair with red highlights, his black jacket with fur lining the color, some black jeans with a silver chain hanging out, and punk rock boots. "I mean even turning on you own kind just to inflate some sort of ego. Pretty low to me." The man's red eyes flashed to the male Humiliatia. His skin looked somewhat tan, just like any other normal human.

The tall alien looked him over. You're that machine, aren't you. Think you're immune to psionics? He snapped his fingers on his left hands, producing a small pillar of flame over his hands.

Ezra raised an eyebrow, looking to Volupta, "What he saying? I don't speak idiot, or psionics,"

"He said that... he doesn't think you can withstand his fire just because you're a machine.." Volupta answered, looking Erza up and down in disbelief.

"I do not need you to speak for me, spawn of scum!" The male Humiliata snapped, his voice ragged from lack of use.

"Only scum I see is the idiot threatening the woman in front of me." Ezra sprang into action, catching the alien unawares as he grabbed one of his arms, only applying enough pressure that the tiniest flex would snap it. "Now... What were you saying?"

"I-I was saying... we were only talking. We... tend to have heated arguements." The Humiliata's voice was pleasant, but he was seething under his mask. "Isn't that right, dear?"

Volupta's eyes darted between the two, dumbstruck.

Ezra sigh, forcefully yanking the alien to his eye level, "Now listen here asshole... I am giving you one chance and one only to keep all four of your arms, get out of sight and never speak to this woman again. If you dare come to see her, or spread any rumors, I will make sure to rip off those stalks of yours and shove them up whatever ass you have. Do I make myself clear?" The android asked with a low, growling voice.

He nodded. "Oh, loud and clear. I would never harm my good friend here, believe me." Volupta'Aergianmacaria! Get this blasted machine off me or by this time tomorrow, everyone on this ship will know your name!

Volupta reached a hand out. "Please, sir. No violence. We... we were just talking. Please let him go."

"Don't let him just walk all over you!" Ezra said defiantly, returning his glare back to the male. "Do not feign pleasantness. I know a victum when I see one, and I also know when a guy is guilty." It took everything for him not to squeeze harder.

The Humiliata looked Erza in the eyes. "Then do it. The pain I would suffer would be nothing compared to the joy of you being kicked out, or better yet, scrapped. So either make good on your threat or release me. I suggest you choose before someone wonders over here."

"You do know I record everything, right?" Ezra smirked. "Command will be quite intrigued to see you towering over this poor, defenseless woman while she is cowering against the wall. Besides, yu threatened me first, by right, I can defend myself." Ezra looked to Volupta a moment and he returned his gaze to the man. "Now who would you think would get kicked out then? I hear bullying is a serious offense on this ship."

"Fine. Let me go, and I will avoid her in the future. Happy?"

Another Humiliata stuck her head out the door from the labs. "What is all the noise out here?" She asked, looking between the three before her. "What is going on?"

"This bastard is learning not to prey on other people." Ezra released the Humiliata, standing by Volupta's side.
"I see." The new Humiliata looked at the male one. "Leave this place, and try to learn to behave yourself, or you will be reported."

"Whatever." The male Humiliata floated away, holding his arm.

The female lab tech Humiliata looked back at Volupta and Erza. "Are you two okay now?"

Ezra looked at Volupta comfortingly. "Are you?"

Volupta slowly nodded. "I-I'm fine. Thank you."

"Alright. Be safe. Tell me if you need anything." The female Humiliata headed back into the lab, her gaze lingering on Volupta as she entered. We will speak again about you little friends insult to my brother and I. Have no doubt about that.

Volupta let out a deep sigh, and smiled at Erza. "Thank you, sir."

Glancing at the door and waving his hand, Ezra said, "Come on, let's get out of here."

"Where do you want to go," Volupta asked softly, following the android.

"Lets go back to my room, so no one can bother us. We can talk more there." He said, leading her on. "Are you sure you are okay?"

Volupta rubbed her arm nervously. "I'm... okay. I have just been away from people for so long, and have been treated so well by many people, I... forgot how cruel others can be."

"Yeah, there are some real assholes in the galaxy." Ezra boarded the elevator and crossed his arms. "How have you been away?"

"Um... I am doing fine. Adjusting... is taking time, but..." Volupta slowly reached a finger towards Erza's face. "Are you... really a machine?"

He let her touch his face, the differences clear. "Yes, I am. Does that put you off?"

"Are you kidding me? Of course not." Volupta ran her hands over the contours of his face, almost intimately. "You are not like Hermes. You look... completely human. I want to... be inside you..."

"Um... Excuse me..." Ezra said, stepping back.

Volupta blinked several times, looking like she had snapped out of a trance. "I'm sorry! Did I say something weird? I said something weird, didn't I? I'm sorry, sir."

"It's... Fine I guess. Just saying you want to be inside someone though does kind of catch them off guard." The android looked over the alien. "You certainly are different."

"Oh... yes..." Volupta chuckled nervously, running her hand across her own cheek. "I found a way to cycle my biokinetic energy to rejuvenate my youth and keep it so. You like?"

"It certainly looks better than that sour prune we had to deal with." Ezra pushed himself off the wall as the elevator arrived on the floor he needed. Stepping out, he led her to his room, allowing her entry and closing it behind them.

"Um... so..." She chuckled nervously again. "What... should we talk about?" Where is Tee when you need him?

"Perhaps an explanation is needed." Ezra said, taking a seat on the single couch, "So who was that guy? Boyfriend, ex, old friend turned bad?"

"That... guy? Oh!" Volupta turned away, and rubbed her head nervously. "He was... he was an old friend... who recognized me. Thought I... owed him a favor. But you set him straight. So thank you for that."

"Can't just stand by while he was hassling you." He waved a hand for her to sit next to him, "But I have a feeling you are hiding something. Why else would you be so nervous?"

"U-uh..." Volupta slowly slid next to him. "I'm nervous because..." She took a moment to think. "...because I'm uncomfortable around androids! Yes, sorry. I am ignorant, I apologize. It is more of a phobia. I wished to examine you so I could get over my fear, but that is not right. So please excuse my ignorance. But sitting next to you... i-it helps, thank you."

Ezra sighed, worried that was it. "Examine me how?"


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Part Two

"O-oh... Um..." Volupta stuttered, worried her lies were insulting her savior. "Just, uh... scans! Yes, scans. And... blueprints. Nothing... invasive. But I'm a doctor, not an engineer, so... just... stuff on how your body is like a biological one." Tee! Where are you! Help me before I make myself look anymore like an idiot!

"Are you going to be straight with me today, or are you just going to keep digging a bigger hole for yourself?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. "Just be honest, it is that simple."

Volupta's shoulders dipped, the ebony alien looking like she was ready run. "I... I don't want to insult you. But I just met you. How do I know I can trust you? You could use me... just like those other Humiliata want to."

"So that is what that whole display was." He said, mulling over some ideas in his head. "If you tell me about yourself, and what is really on your mind, I will answer any and all questions you have for me. How about that?"

Volupta looked to the floor. "Is there any information I could use of you tried to blackmail me?"

"The fact I'm an android is enough. Nobody cares about a living machine, so you could easily get me whisked away and out of your way." Ezra said with a bit of venom, even though he knew it was true. It's bullshit, that's what it is.

Volupta quickly looked up, looking concerned. "That isn't true. Not... for me. I consider an android named Hermes my friend. And... I know it isn't the same, but I quite enjoyed the A.I. of my old ship, and was sad when it failed." She turned away. "I'm sorry. I've made you feel like an object, haven't I?"

Ezra sighed, putting a hand on Volupta's back. "Don't concern yourself so much, you might make your brain have an aneurysm. Besides, Hermes is my friend too. Just talk to me, just like anyone else."

Volupta slowly nodded. "Well... you see, I'm..." She stopped at the sound of loud knocking on the door.

The android sighed. "Geez, what is this?" He went to the door and opened it.

Before him stood half of a dozen angry looking sectoids, the largest of them standing in front of the rest. "What have you done with our mistress?"

"Uh..." Ezra looked back in the room. "These friends of yours?"

"Y-yes. Tee, Yu, Kay, what are you..."

"You sent out a negative psionic reading," Tee answered. "We followed it to the labs, then felt it again here. Have you been... mistreated?"

"Look, will someone explain what is going on here, what the hell is a negative psionic reading and who the hell are the aliens outside my door?"

"These are the Sectoids that came with me when I arrived," Volupta explained. "They are very loyal, partially from genetic programming I couldn't remove. The felt that I was upset. I'm sorry everyone. Please, return to your work."

The Sectoids all nodded and walked off, with the exception of Tee, who pushed past Erza and stood by Volupta's size. "Who are you?"

"Tee, don't be rude."

"I'm Ezra, who the hell are you?" The android shut the door, crossing his arms. "And I don't recall letting you come into my room."

"I am Tee, and Volupta is my ward. It is my duty to care for her. This is why you shouldn't send me away from you, mistress."

"Please, Tee." Volupta bent down next to him. "Erza here helped me from... them."

Tee expression softened. "He... he did?"

"Yes, I did." He said, Ezra leaning against the wall. "I brought her here in case they came back after her, and we got to talking."

"I see." Tee approached Erza, and bowed his head. "My apologies, Mr. Erza. I tend to be... overprotective of my mistress."

The android sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. Try and do a little good and you get swarmed with one hell of an aftermath. "No worries, you don't have anything to worry about, she is safe here."

"Maybe... as means of apology, I can be honest with you..."

Tee quickly turned to back. "Mistress, no. Too many people..."

"I need people I can confide in," the Humiliata insisted. "Nick is a source of support, but he has little power beyond Engineering. I am assuming Erza is a soldier by the way he carries himself. We need help. This will get out eventually, and the more people we can get support from, the better." Tee nervously nodded, and Volupta looked into Erza's eyes. "I... am not who I say I am. I mean to bring nothing but good to the XSDF, but there are those who might think otherwise based on my family. The Humiliata you saw today... as well as the one who pretended to show concern, know who I am. And they want to use that information to control me."

"And which information is that?" Ezra asked, seeming to take everything well so far.

Volupta let out a long breath. "My name is... Volupta'Aergianmacaria. I am the granddaughter of the former High Commander of the Ethereal Military force... the one your people called Phobos."

Ezra stared at Volupta for a few moments passively, scratching his head with a confused look. "So... you are scared because you share a last name with a madman who did nothing but bad for everyone, huh?" Another minute passed, and Ezra let out a hardy bout of laughter, putting his arms over his stomach and bending over as he laughed.

Volupta stomped her foot angrily. "It is not funny! People are paranoid and you know it!" She turned her back to him, folding her arms. "Judging people based on preconceptions is not an exclusively human trait. Humiliata are like that too, if not worse. Your Commander seems an honest and trustworthy man, but even if I could take a chance with him, the crew might not want me here. Not to mention the last dozen Ethereal ships I came across, they were trying to kill or capture me as a wanted fugitive."

"Sorry, but I just really don't give a shit what your last name is or who you are related to." Ezra said, taking a deep breath to calm down. "I'm not gonna speak for your people, or for humans, but us androids at least know what you go through, being alienated because of what you are, and not given the rights we deserve. As for the people on the ship, I know for sure some will be butt hurt, but honestly their opinion means squat to anything. Commander won't throw you off the ship, and I am sure anyone who harasses you will be scolded harshly. I am going out on a limb here and saying you are a nice girl, and that counts for a lot." The android gave a shrug. "Not sure how much you can relate, but take me for example. My last name is Exalt. You see me throwing it around like it makes me any more important than any other dumb bastard?"

Volupta nodded, but still looked upset. "What... what if the Humiliata government finds out I am here, and demands I be turned over. Would the Commander defend me? Would... I have the right to put this ship in danger by having him defend me?"

"You are under XSDF jurisdiction right now, not your planet's. Besides, is there a law being born under a certain name is a crime? Did you participate in the wars or in any other way at all? If not, they can't touch you."

Volupta fell silent, not turning back. Tee reached up and tightly squeezed her hand. "The mistress technically did participate in the wars. Between the time of her initial excommunication and her seclusion, mistress Volupta and her associates sabatouged or destroyed seven Ethereal outposts and twenty-seven Ethereal ships, resulting in the death of at least forty-five Ethereal soldiers or scientist participating in the war, including three war Generals."

Ezra crossed his arms, taking in the information. "In case you haven't heard, there were several turncoat Ethereals, at least in the war for Earth, and too my knowledge they are welcomed as mostly heroes now." The android sighed, rubbing his hand on his jacket. "You will be fine. If not, then I personally will see to it getting it settled. I know people in high places after all." He flashed Volupta a confident grin. "And you can tell anyone who disagrees they can bite my shiny metal ass."

Volupta chuckled , giving a soft smile. Tee stepped away from her, and walked up to Erza. "And you would support her... no matter what? The Humiliata you just met?"

"Yeah, is that such a strange thing? Would you prefer I actually chase her with pitchfork and torch in hand like a looney? Last I checked, that sort of method died and shriveled up hundreds of years ago."

"I see." Tee offered his hand to Erza.

Ezra took his hand and shook it, grinning at the alien. "You can be off now little buddy, I assure you she is perfectly safe in here." He looked the Humiliata in the eyes. "In fact I am almost inclined to say she can come whenever she wants. I usually keep the door unlocked so if you need a retreat..." Ezra shrugged.

"Thank you." Tee looked back at Volupta. "I will see you on Hydroponics." He walked out, leaving the two alone.

"I... apologize if he is overbearing," Volupta stated. "Oddly, he acts more like my father then my father did, and I am many, many times his age."

"I guess that is a good thing to have. Everyone needs a father after all." Ezra went over and opened a drawer, taking something out, turning around and holding a small bar in his hand. It was the Humiliata weakness. "Probably shouldn't do this, but what the hell, a little won't hurt."


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Part Three

The Humiliata looked at the strange object, tilting her head. "What is it? Is it... a nutritional supplement bar of some kind?"

Ezra raised an eyebrow. "Oh... So you don't know? Well... No sense explaining and you only live once." Ezra unwrapped the chocolate and broke off a small square, holding it out to the alien.

"Is this some kind of... Earth custom?" Volupta casually popped the treat into her mouth, slowly chewing on it. "Hmm... not bad. Is this some kind... of... confectionary..." Her face flushed, and a wide, drunken smile so spread across her face. "Heh... heheh heh heh..."

"Wow this stuff works fast." Ezra sat down on the couch next to Volupta again, popping a piece into his mouth, just letting it melt there. "You've honestly never had this before?"

"Noooooo." Volupta slowly chewed, savioring every bit of it. "It's heavenly. Wwwwhat is it?"

"It's an Earth sweet, but it really isn't supposed to be given to any of the staff, but you seemed like you needed a little something for yourself." Ezra said as comforting as possible. Even he wouldn't admit it, but when he cared about something, he always acted the big brother.

"Well, it is delightful." Volupta swayed a bit in her seat. "It makes me feel... warm... and light... and tingly all over!" She finally swallowed, and panted lightly as she looked at her android friend. "May I... have just a... l-little more?"

He nodded, breaking off another tiny piece. "Got to learn to regulate yourself though. This is a one time thing from me, got it? And don't go telling anyone I gave you some." He broke off another piece for himself and then hid the candy in his jacket.

"Oh, I would neeeeever do that. I-if I did, h-how could I convince you t-to turn into a two time thing? O-or a ten time thing?" Volupta looked around. "How did I get on this couch?" She shrugged, and popped the candy in her mouth, moaning and shivering with delight. "Oh... I haven't felt this way in a long time... if ever! Oh... thank you so much, Erza..." She gazed into his eyes, her blinking humorously out of sync.

Ezra couldn't help but let out a snicker at the display, knowing this was probably a bad idea, but what the hell, he was full of them. "Just as long as you are having fun and an army of Sectoids don't storm the room."

"No. No Sectoids... I just... oh, my word, I can't get enough..." She stared at Erza for a bit, her smile slowly fading a bit. "Erza... I you handsome by human standards? You (hick) are, right?"

"I would... believe so. Not really what held me back, mostly the fact I was an android kept the girls away." He spoke honestly, just assuming she wanted just some playful banter. "What about you?"

"Oh... I would th-think so, but there isn't much of a standard. W-when w-w-we all look sh-shrived... who cares about looks." Volupta leaned close, placing her hand on Erza's chest. "B-but... I could (hick) always see past the... w-wrinkles... and find the handsome ones." She leaned a bit closer, and whispered, "And you... are one of the handsome ones."

Ezra opened his mouth to speak but closed it, just wondering in his head, Is this really happening?

Volupta moved her hand down a bit and asked, "T-tell me... a-a-and be honest... do you think... I'm pretty?"

Apparently this is happening... but I can't just be a jerk. "Yes... I would say so. You definitely not... unappealing." He stated with a shrug.

"Why... thank you, ssssweet sir." Volupta quickly slipped her and into Erza's pocket, going for the rest of the chocolate.

Ezra reached up and grabbed Volupta's arm lightly to stop her. "Sorry, but you aren't that slick."

"What if i did this?" Volupta pushed forward, pressing her lips against Erza's. She held both sides of his head with her upper arms while her free lower arm went south.

Ezra jumped back a bit but didn't break free of her arms, or her kiss, too stunned to even formulate a response right away.

Volupta pull her head back a bit, staring drunkenly into his eyes. "I... haven't had a man in over f-f-ffffffifty of your years. Let's see if my biokenisis works on a robandroids."

"We can't do that Volupta..." Ezra said, pushing her away but not realizing he was pushing against her chest area.

Volupta let out a soft moan, and pushed back. Her youthful body was stronger than most Humiliata, though not as strong as the android's. "Why not? I like you? You sink... you think I can't... can find a Humina... Hulilit... an Ethereal worth mmmmmy time like... oh, lovely, sexy Erza..."

"No..." He pushed her away again, this time making sure she couldn't push back without hurting her. "Volupta, I'm taken."

Volupta frowned. "T-taken wwwwhere?"

"I already have a woman I love, that's what I mean. Her name is Elicia Ensslin... she's another soldier here." Ezra explained. "I feel bad for you and all but I can't just roll around in bed with you because of it."

Volupta lowered her head, and slowly nodded, backing away from Erza and pulling her legs close. "I-I... I'm sorry. I don't know... what cam... what came over me. I must... have llllooked silly..."

Ezra moved forward and touched Volupta's face. "Look, any other time and I would have been flattered, I really would have." Ezra rolled his eyes and chuckled. "Besides... I'm not sure if my girlfriend would be the one to share her man."

Volupta smiled. "Thank you, Erza. She's a... lucky woman..." The Humiliata rose to feet, shaking a bit as the euphoria from the chocolate coursed through her. "I-I better... head back to... hydroponics. Tee is... probably... waiting for me..."

"I'm serious when I said you can stay here when you need an escape. We are still friends, even with what... Happened." Ezra rolled her.

"Thank you, Erza." Volupta rose to her feet. Finding it a bit difficult to walk straight, she instead floated a couple inches off the floor. "Gonna... have ta... find away to get more of that little... treat from you next time..."

"We will see." Ezra got up and went back to the drawer, putting away the chocolate but pulling out another bar, but this one wasn't chocolate. "Here, have this. It is a vanilla candy bar. No chocolate."

Volupta quickly took it, opening it and taking a quick bite. She blinked several times, and lowered herself to the floor. "This is good. And I... I feel... calmer." She smiled. "I'll have to keep one of these on hand."

He smiled, taking out several more. "Take 'em."

"Thank you again." Volupta took them, bowing her head and walking to the door. "I'll see you again soon, Erza."

"I hope so." The android affirmed with a smile. Huh... Elicia is totally going to overreact when I tell her this, isn't she?


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OLD FAMILY TIES (FT ZombieSplitter 53)

Noire is in her room finally having some peace, decided for the first time in months to call her family and see how they are doing. After a while of hearing the computer ring she finally gets someone on the other end.

Well Noire you finally found the time to call home huh? After about what four months.

Don’t give me that attitude Blake, I’ve been busy for the past couple months. Thought I’ve been mostly training, I’ve only been on one mission but I’m still happy I joined.

I know you are N, so how is the XSDF what’s it like one other planets?

Well Norium was amazing, since it’s the biggest colony it was pretty much like looking back at earth. Then there was progress, and now I’m on Forseti. Forseti isn’t a bad planet there are so many cultures here, mostly human though I wish I could experience more alien culture but I’m sure I will get to see more aliens while I’m here.

Nice to hear you’re doing well sis, me on the other hand I’ve been doing great I got promoted to a warrant officer three weeks ago and I have a girlfriend.

Noire eyes widen in shock. Wow that’s, first off congratulations on getting promoted and second who is this girlfriend and does mom know about her?

Yes she does her name is Vivian Valentine, I met her in the Nave she works on the same ship as I do and the same division. I’ve been dating her for about 2 months both mom and dad met her, and of course mom was mom and interrogated the shit out of her for about a three days.

Wow a week, she must be serious about dating you if she survived mom’s interrogations. What did dad do to her? I’m curious what he did.

To be honest he was nice to her turned on his generous charm and was the good cop, he was nice to her and hade to say a few times to her that mom is just protecting her son. However.

However what?

Diana got a boyfriend, and dad went deacon 75 on him and he dumped her after two days.

Yea that sounds like dad, when it comes to me dating dad is scarier than mom and that’s saying something.

Yea I hear you so anything else going on back on earth?

As black was about to answer his door opened and Eva stepped in. Hay Blake is there anything you want for dinner or? Eva looks at the screen and sees Noire. Noire sweaty I haven’t heard from you in months how are you?

Hi mom I’m doing great, Hay black well talk later do you mind if I talk to mom real quick.

Sure sis. Blake leaves the room giving Eva time to talk to Noire.

So how have you been dear? I haven’t heard from you for a few months, and the XSDF didn’t send a message saying you were dead so what have you been doing?

Well I’ve been training a lot, Cassia has been training me I’ve been learning to accept my gen mods and enhanced strength and such. But I wish I could get stronger for what may happen.

Listen Noire, if you feel like you need to get stronger than just keep training. If you feel like you need more gen mods then the ones you were born with, then just realize that the gen mods you get my get a boost then normal people. Since you have meld in your blood just like me, so you can possible become stronger from that just like I did.

Well that's nice to know, still I wish knew if I get gen modded I would become stronger or will they adapt naturally to me?"

Well there's only one way to fine out. Eva hears the down stairs door open. "Ah that must be your father and my other two kids, excuse me for just a second."

Eva went down stairs and told Jean that Noire has finally called them. and if he wanted to talk to her.

"Of course." Jean quickly followed her back up the stairs. "What took her so long? I've been worried sick."

"Well it's not like we had time during XCOM to call our families, pulse i'm sure Noire has been training a lot so she probable didn't have time to call."
Eva opens the door and Jean sees his daughter on the monitor. "Hi Dad it's been a while sorry for not calling sooner."

"So the news got to Earth, yea were at war with a very odd group of pirates. So far I haven't faced them the only mission I had was months ago. But i'm sorry for worrying you guys, truth is I miss you guys and especially moms breakfast, and your company dad I miss you both so much."

"We miss you too. As do your siblings." Jean's smile faded a bit. "You... you are okay, right? Nothing broken? No one treating you bad? No fighting or anything like that?"

"No nothing like that, I have a teacher though and she's been training me like crazy. She's really been working me, ou and also Leo and Cyden are on the ship to and so is Brigid."

"A regular XCOM kids reunion, huh?" Jean leaned back. "You're playing nice, right? Learning from your mother's butt heads with everyone policy from her youth?"

"I'm being nice dad, truth be told I barley talk to them that much but I do have a lot of friends & now I even have a boyfriend."

Eva's eyes widen and she looks at Jean, "Jean don't you dare."

Jean scrunched his nose a bit. "Is that... so? Can I... meet this boyfriend?"

"Sure you can." Noire grabs a picture of her dad and shows it to her parents "His Name is Jean, and he's being a little over protective of his kids dating."

Jean folded his arms. "I am not being overprotective." He cautiously glanced at his wife. "R... right?"

"Jean you remember what happened with your sister, and how you were then. And it took her getting shot for you to loosen up. What i'm saying is it's fine being protective there are kids, just don't over do it."

"Yea dad Blake told me that you pretty much interrogated Diana boyfriend, and dumped her with in a week."

"Actually I was fine with that he was a piece of crap."

Jean sighed. "Alright... I'm sorry. I just... don't want my daughter dating trash. I'm sorry if I... go too far at times."

"I'm fine with it, Hell I love you because your protective but sometimes you just need to tone it down a bit." Eva said

Noire looks at both her parents "Guys relax right now i'm just happy to see you both, I wish I can talk more with you two but I have a time limit so i'm going to have to leave soon."

Jean nodded in understanding, but looked a bit disappointed. "Well, just know that we're here cheering you on. We'll be here when your done. And... and if you meet a nice guy, I'll give him a chance."

Eva looks at Jean knowing he's not, but goes along with it" Any way dear, be careful out there and just know we are worried about you, and we hope that you come back home in one piece stay safe dear."

"I will by mom & dad I will miss you both."

The call ended and tears started to flow from her eyes "Damn I miss them so much, Don't worry I will come back home to you guys no matter what."


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DarkGemini24601 and ZombieSplitter53: “An Amiable Countenance”

High Orbit over Forseti (May 1st, 2044)
The Einherjar (10:49 A.M., A.S.T.)
Floor 13: The Armory

Frederick walked down the 'hallways' that lined the vast armory of the Einherjar, positioned towards the bow of the ship. While not true walls, the racks containing an assortment of gauss and pulse weaponry - as well as a menagerie of equipment item - rose high enough to act as such. As he glanced around to make sure everything was in order (as a shipment of ten gauss rifles, ten corsair armors, and a package of lasgrenades were supposed to have made their way to the surface), he considered the recent mission.

It wasn't the worst case scenario... but we have lost Manta Squadron, essentially. For after the destruction of three Stingrays, the twelve upgraded, Outsider Crystal-piloted Electric Rays had arrived. Rather than waste time rebuilding the inferior versions of the 'ray' craft, he had elected to scrap one of them and send a flight's worth down to the moonbase to reinforce their numbers. This meant that Vanadium Flight was disbanded, and two went into the otherwise-barren reserves while Copper Flight was transferred to pilot the four new Seraphs that had been built in the middle of last month. They became part of Penguin Squadron, replacing Gallium's vacant spot.

As for Gray Ghost, it had combined with Gallium and the Novahawks to form "Mantid" squadron, but this was merely a placeholder until the eight ordered Shifters arrived to form a unique Shifter Squadron, which Gallium's flight leader had suggested be called "Spook Squadron". Not a bad name, at least compared to the others, Frederick noted with a hint of mirth. At that point the four pilots in Gray Ghost would be transferred to one of the new Shifter groups, while the other four would be piloted by a group of four coming with the shipment.

The Commander paused as he rounded the corner, noting someone that wasn't part of the security detail assigned to the armory. "Something I can help you with, Miss... O'Brien?" he guessed.

Brigid jumped, nearly dropping the shiny new weapon she was holding. Placing it back on the rack and slipping something into her pocket, she quickly spun around. "Commander!. Yes... I mean no... I mean... I'm fine... sir."

Frederick waved his hands defensively. "Relax, you're not in trouble or anything... I'm just curious as to what you're doing here."

"Oh, well I... I heard about the new particle weapons, and I... might have talked the guards into letting me have a look at them. Get a feel for... what we're dealing with." Brigid ran a hand down the weapon in question.

Frederick nodded. "Well, from what Anderson tells me, they're going to be highly effective against lightly armored targets, though for the heaviest armors they tend to fall off in strength."

"Perfect to mix with other firearms, than." Brigid nodded. "Not bad. They came just in time. Things are getting heated out there, and we need to show them we mean business." Brigid placed a few fingers over her mouth. "I'm sorry, am I... being too informal?"

Frederick shook his head. "Not really much of a reason to be when we're just having a casual conversation."

"Right. So..." Brigid grinned. "Checking out your arsenal? Because I'd also recommend the gym. I've seen a few nice pairs of guns in there, if you know what I mean."

Frederick furrowed his brow. "I'm... not quite sure what you're getting at..."

"You know... guys with... guns..." Brigid lifted her arm and pointed at her muscles. "Guns? No? Must be an Americanism..."

Frederick shook his head. "Regardless, I was checking to ensure that a shipment of supplies was headed down to planetary security. It appears the batch of las-grenades that was supposed to go in the package didn't get sent down just yet, so that'll need to be rectified."

"Well, is there anything I can do to help?" Brigid asked, looking concerned. "I'm sure getting these things where they need to be is incredibly important."

Frederick shook his head. "I'll just have security move the package. It isn't a big deal."

"Well, I can move it for you," Brigid insisted. "I'm a lot stronger than I look, Commander."

"You can... help if you want..." Frederick said hesitantly, seeming confused as to why she was being so adamant about this.

"Great!" Brigid rubbed her hands together. "Chance to... work with Commander Mason. Please, lead the way." They didn't have to walk far, coming to a set of boxes with handles on each side containing the laser-powered grenades. A few of the security personnel, outnumbered by droids, were lifting the boxes to carry them to the elevators, and bring them down to the main hangar. "Alright!" Brigid took a hold of one and lifted it with three balanced on top. She grinned at the Commander. "Mind if you... walk with me to make sure these get where they're going? We could... you know, talk."

Frederick's surprise at her show of strength was masked by the air of awkwardness Brigid was giving off. "Is... something the matter, O'Brien? You're acting strangely."

Brigid but her lip. "Well... not gonna lie to my Commander. I've actually been hoping for an opportunity to talk to you. But, considering the subject matter, I was afraid someone would kill me if she knew I was talking to you, so discretion was important."

Frederick let the other groups go on ahead with a wave of his hand before responding. "I think you're going to have to explain the situation if I'm to understand what this is all about."

"It is about Korra." Brigid walked slow so as not to catch up with the others. "She got drunk the other night, and started going on and on about Commander Freddy." She quickly added, "Nothing bad, I assure you. Actually... she had nothing but good things to say. Something about... owing you for for something, and wanting to make things up to you. I'd say she was talking about you like you were her big brother, but I've heard what she's had to say about her brother."

Frederick scratched the back of his head. "Right, Devolina... back when Streczyk was in charge I requested for her to be transferred to the Einherjar. Astasha was vehemently against it, warning me that she was going to be irresponsible and cocky, but looking back on it I'm glad I did. She's done well so far."

Brigid's expression fell a bit. "I... don't like speaking I'll of those not here to defend themselves, but... Korra mentioned a few sour meetings with our former Commander. Ones she wasn't eager to share. I... I wonder what would have happened if Streczyk was still here."

"I'd rather not find out... I understand some of her reasons for doing things but she wasn't creating an amiable relationship with her crew." Frederick shook his head. "I have to wonder if people think any better of me, though."


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"Well, Korra seems to think the world of you, even if she won't admit it. And you've always had my support." Brigid have him a quick wink. "As for everyone else, there were doubts, but with how the recent missions are going, support seems to be on the rise. There are rumors that you're calling in a lot of help and taking few chances anywhere, and that goes a long way to gaining favor. I can't speak for everyone, but they seem to like you."

"That's good to hear," Frederick responded. "How about you in particular? How have you been holding up?"

"Me? Well... we've been keeping deaths down. Doing good for Forseti. Food in the mess is good. I have plenty to do between training and preparing. I seem to actually like the people I'm working with for a change." Brigid shrugged. "I'm great! Especially after you stopped that rule against... um..." She trailed off, looking away.

Frederick sighed. "Do you... mind if I ask you something? I have a feeling you'd be the best person to ask about this sort of thing."

Brigid nodded. "Of course, sir. Lay it on me."

"How does one... court a woman successfully?" Frederick glanced away. "If you don't already know, this whole incident started because I... became intimate with someone. But I'm worried that starting out that way doesn't reflect well on me..." Even if I wasn't the one that initiated it. Not that I could say I regretted my decision.

Brigid stumbled a bit, caught off guard. "No, actually. I'm actually surprised I didn't hear that." Go, Commander. "Who's the lucky... actually, it's none of my business, sorry. Um... well, it varies, really. What is she like?"

"Well, she is very passionate..." Frederick shook his head quickly. "And I don't mean in that way. She feels things intensely, be it kindness or anger. She can be a bit impulse, as well, but understanding."

"Hmm... she sounds like the kind of woman who can be a handful, but is totally worth it once you get a handle on her. It is important to remember not to use you position to impress her. That works for a while, but wears off quickly. Show her the inner you. The kind of person who you can be, and how you can make her feel good. Starting things with a physical relationship can be awkward, go doable if you establish mutual interests quickly. So you have any?"

"Well... so far I know that we have similar pasts and... both have leadership roles... in a way..." he replied, trying to stay vague enough as to not implicate an obvious person.

"Oh really? Cool. That's a good start." Brigid spent a few moments in silent thought, then continued, "Next time you're with her, casually bring up something you enjoy, then segway into her interests. It is just important that she learns about you as you her. And I would recommend flowers. It seems cheesy and cliche, I know, but you'd be surprised how well it works as an attention getter."

"Maybe... though I have to wonder if she's the sort of person that would be interested in that or not," Frederick replied doubtfully.

"Gotcha. She needs something more solid." The short Irishwoman adjusted the cases in her hands. "Might I recommend a nice night set up in the holo rooms? Give her a three course meal. First, dinner. Then something physical to work of the meal. Finally, something slow to calm yourself, like relaxing under the stars. Show her you want to be serious, you know?"

Frederick nodded. "That... might work. I appreciate the assistance."

"Of course, Commander." Brigid grinned. "You feel strongly for this one?"

Frederick nodded. "I'd say 'I do' but I'd rather not jump to that sort of conculsion."

Brigid nodded in understanding. "Well, I'm sure you haven't known each other long, so it is still early. You have plenty of time to feel things out, find what works, and discover your true feelings. Speaking as an individual and not one of you soldiers, you... you seem a decent man. Just show her that, and you'll be fine."

Frederick smiled slightly. "Right. I should probably let you go instead of making you hold up a box all day, huh?"

"I don't mind... though I suppose I did promise someone I'd meet them." Brigid picked up her pace, rejoining the rest of the moving team and placing the cases with the others. With a wide smile, she offered her hand to Frederick. "It was a pleasure talking with you, sir."

Frederick shook her hand. "And you, Miss O'Brien."

Brigid gave him a salute, and walked off, slipping her hands into her pocket and smiling even wider.


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Awkward First Impression:part One

XSDF Battleship Einherjar
May 1st, 1543 hours
Holo-Room One

The hallway was quiet to a disturbing degree. Several bodies lined the tiled floor, some XSDF soldiers, some Outcasts of Tamear members. Wolfe cautiously approached the narrow corridor, hesitating slightly at the presence of the deceased soldiers. Need to regroup...Being alone without any squad members to get me killed... Wish that Balmadaar hadn't sliced my gun...I hope they don't find my location... As if reading the medic's mind, a Tamearin rocketeer appeared at the other end of the hallway. The medic lifted both hands revealing his twin Gauss pistols and fired. The gauss rounds missed, hitting a wall instead of the lone enemy. The Rocketeer returned fire with her Gauss Rilfe, hitting the medic in leg. No wanting a second reprisal, Wolfe fired again, making the Hologram's head jerk back before it collapsed on the floor. F-Fuck...I shouldn't have let my guard down... I'll need to patch this up.

The door to the ship opened, Alice cautiously stepping inside. She looked around, her expression angry. Hestia stepped in next to her, and walked over to the computer. "You were right. The safety is off. Should I shut down the simulation?"

"Not yet. We need to see where whoever is in here is first, or we risk hurting him. Assuming he hasn't got himself hurt already." Alice waved for Hestia to follow her. "What kind of simulation is this?"

Hestia lifted here computer pad to find the answer.

Thomas limped pass the downed hologram, stopping short of the corner to peak around. No one... perfect. The medic slumped down against the wall and pulled his left leg closer so he could see how badly damaged it was. It didn't hit anything vital. The big man thought grimly. Pulling his armor off, Thomas ripped part of his shirt off to make a cloth bandage. After putting his gear back on, Thomas stood up slowly and limped down to the opposite room. Hopefully, it contained the last enemy. Need to finish this... one enemy left.

The door quickly opened, Alice stepping out in front of him. Hestia hidden behind her, as pointed her finger at the sight of Thomas. "You!"

Thomas' hands went up instinctually, the slots containing his Gauss pistols opening, as the medic prepared to shoot at the figure who startled him. Realizing that the person in front of him was no threat, Wolfe lowered his arms and responded coldly, "You're lucky I didn't shoot. You shouldn't surprise someone in a holoroom." I almost shot her...Thank God that I didn't shoot her.

"Well, your charges shouldn't be able to hurt me, unless of course you have the safety off! You're lucky I don't shoot you just on... principle..." At the sight of his leg, Alice rushed forward. "You're hurt!"

Wolfe took step back from Alice, wincing at the pain he felt. "I-It's fine. Though you need to get out of here... I got most of the holograms except for one." Wolfe's eyes darted back to the corridor entrance, nervous of the fact that the last hologram could pop out any second. Please...just get out of here. I don't want to get another person injured or killed because of me... The medic thought worriedly.

"Then... let's find him and finish this." Alice lifted her right arm, and the palm opened up. The barrel end of a cannon pushed out.

"We could try and get back to the main computer," Hestia offered, stepping into view. "Voice authorization seems to be locked for some reason."

Wolfe paused, surprised that Alice had a gun arm. " As much as I would prefer to have your help, I can't risk letting you charge in without armor on. I can't allow you to get hurt because of me. Wait here. I'll go find the da-er-darn thing" Wolfe said, trying to avoid swearing as he noticed the child behind Alice. Without waiting for a response, he started limping past the open door.

"Oh, for the love of..." Alice scoffed and shook her head.

"Why won't he take your help?" Hestia asked.

"Because he's a guy, dear. Come on." Alice moved to follow the slowly limping man. "You think my lack of armor compares to you being injured?"

Wolfe groaned, his frustration with the Android showing. "I can take a few Gauss rounds to my chest and still be mostly uninjured. And even though my leg is a little messed up, it won't end up affecting my arms. You get shot, you die. And I'd rather avoid having that happen to you. I think lives are more important than tactical advantages." Thomas responded, not pausing his slow stride.

"You might be surprised to know I can take a hit or two like this. You obviously don't keep track of current events in Engineering. Otherwise you'd know I'm a..." Alice glanced back, stopping short. "Where... Hestia? Where did..."

Wolfe's eyes widened, fear sinking in. "We need to retrace our steps. She couldn't have gone far." Wolfe said quickly, Need to find her...Need to find her before the damn hologram does... Wolfe thought nervously.

Alice nodded, walking by Wolfe's side. "What are we facing, here? I'm seeing a lot of Tamearins and Balmadaar. The Outcasts?"

"Yeah. It was either training against the Outcasts or the Busters." Thomas said quietly, feeling very uneasy. "And I'd rather fight the Outcasts." Where did this girl go?! The big man thought, his panic making him speed up in order to try to find the little girl before any harm fell upon her. A grimace crossed the medic's face, the pain from his physical task evident.

"Alice?" Hestia stepped around a corner, the last hologram of a Tamearin holding his rifle to her head.

The hologram glared at Wolfe and Alice, snapping, "How do I get out of here?!"

Wolfe raised his hands up taking aim at the Tamearin. "Depends. If you let go of the girl, probably away from this hellhole and back to your faction's base. If you don't let go of her, you'll probably leave in a body bag." Wolfe said emotionlessly. Why am I debating with a hologram regarding its freedom? I should probably just shoot the damn thing...

The Tamearin poked Hestia in the head with the barrel of the gun, yelling between clenched teeth, "Lower that weapon! And no way am I giving up my hostage without a sure way out of here!"

He poked Hestia again, and she flinched. "Ow! That hurts." She looked up at Wolfe. "Is this part of your game, mister?"

Wolfe's expression softened and he lowered his arms. "Yeah, it's a game." Glaring at the hologram, Wolfe added, through gritted teeth, "and this nice man is just pretending to be a bad guy. He plays a little rough, but he's a little worn out right now and would like to go home." The medic calculated his chances of being able to shoot the hologram, without getting Hestia killed. Shit... I can't move my arms to shoot him...and I can't risk getting either of the Civvies shot. With a sigh, the medic asked dejectedly "What do you want me to do?"

"You can start by placing your weapon on the floor. Then you're going to walk the little lady and I to an escape vessel."


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Awkward First Impression: Part

Hestia frowned. "When is it my turn!" She looked up at Thomas again. "Can I have a turn?"

Wolfe smiled at Hestia, "S-sure, you can have a turn. Just later." Turning his gaze back to the pirate, "I can't. The weapon is a part of my hand, as well as my arm." Maybe I can bluff him... "And while I wished I didn't have to use this information, I'm a Colonel with the XSDF. I'm more valuable than the little girl you hold captive. So, to move past this impasse with both of our mutual wants fulfilled, take me. Let this woman take her child with her. She won't follow you. And think of the promotion you'll get for capturing me." Wolfe said, hoping desperately that the Hologram fell for his ruse.

The Tamearin looked between Alice and Wolfe and slowly nodded. "Fine. C-come here..."

Alice grabbed Wolfe's arm like she was trying to stop him, but whispered, "When you get close to him, say 'escape 1-21'. Alright?"

Wolfe sighed, "Ma'am, I know you want everyone to walk away from this deal, but unfortunately that can't happen. Take care of your daughter." With that, Thomas nodded and walked over to the pirate. "Alright, Release the girl and I'll 'escort' you to the escape pod, otherwise known as escape 1-21." Wolfe said, unsure of what was about to happen.

Hestia's eyes flashed red for a moment. "1-21," She muttered in a monotone voice. She shifted to the side, and before the hologram could react, the short android reached her arms back, wrapping them around his gun arm and flipping him over her shoulder like he weighed nothing. Alice ran forward, scooping Alice up and quickly carrying her away.

Wolfe grabbed the man and started dragging him beyond the eyesight of the two Androids. The hologram tried to ask for help from the androids he had threatened earlier, but to no avail. A minute had passed since Wolfe had disappeared with the Tamearin, when a muffled noise erupted through the chamber. Another minute passed before the medic returned without the hologram. Wolfe walked over and laid against the wall. Lifting his cloth bandages, Wolfe grimly smiled, "Little One, take care of her, alright? She seems to find trouble a lot." Turning his gaze to the Alice, Wolfe quietly said, "I think I'm going to take a nap, Ma'am. If you could take her and go, you could wake me up later." Who would've thought...I saved them while being wounded. Perhaps the next person who thinks like me will have a better ending? The medic thought.

"Thank you, Mr..."

Hestia's eyes flashed for a moment. "Wolfe, Thomas. Soldier."

"Mr. Wolfe." Alice knelt down by him, taking the bandage from him to help bandage his leg. "But what were you thinking? The safety settings are there for a reason. I'm sorry a pair of androids busted up your little 'playing for keeps' game, but you could have been killed."

Wolfe shook his head. "The bandage won't do. I've bled too much for it to be of any use. I was using it with the hope that I could ki-er- take care of the last guy and find a needle and stitch myself back up in time. And it wasn't a 'for keeps game'. I failed my friends when I lost my arm. If I had checked above myself during Incipient Barrage, I might have been able to help fight off the last enemies, and patch everyone up. This was a test to determine if I could hold up under duress, if I could 'redeem' myself for fu-er- messing up. If I was playing for keeps, I would have had heavier armor." Thomas said. "To deviate away from the 'game' you say I was playing, You are the most human-like androids I've ever met. Who built you?"

"Um... Dr. Sonya Randolf. I was built during the Human-Ethereal Subjugation war." She offered her hand. "Can you walk?"

Wolfe attempted to stand up, only to fall back down "I don't think I can. And I don't suppose you'll go get me a cane..." Wolfe half-joked.

"Shut up." Alice bent down, lifting him onto her shoulder. "Let's go. And don't struggle, or I'll let the little one carry you, and how embarrassing would that be?"

The simulation ended, the pink haired android waving from the door. "Hestia got it!"

Wolfe chuckled, "Well, since I'm known as the big scary cyborg among some of the other soldiers, might be nice to receive a new accolade. And besides, I'm not squeamish about being carried by small people, as I've been carried by a Ms. Bridget O'Brien." Thomas responded lightheartedly, with a grin plastered on his face. "Although, I'd hope you wouldn't actually go through with your threat, because I'd rather not expose the Little One to my gaping wound."

"Good point." Alice walked Thomas out of the holo room, Hestia following closely. "Now... don't tell me. I'm getting really good at guessing these things. You'd rather I help you to your room so you can patch yourself up instead of going to the infirmary, right?"

"Well, I am a combat medic after all...and if I didn't know how to patch myself up, why the he-er- heck would I be allowed to heal people?" The medic answered with a grin. I still can't believe I tricked a Hologram, and protected these two...well, the Little One did save me... And so did ...

"And it'll keep people from finding out you were using the holo room without the safety on, right?" Alice grinned. "Alright. Gotta make friends somehow..."

Hestia tugged at Thomas' pant leg. "Excuse me, Mr. Wolfe, but why do you keep talking like that? Do you have the hiccups?"

Thomas looked down at Hestia, "Oh, that's a story for when you're older, Little One." Turning his head slightly, Wolfe said to Alice, "Maybe, just maybe, I didn't think that trip through the holoroom through... and I don't think I got your name, Ms...?"

"Fischer. Call me Alice." The blond android motioned her head down to her smaller companion. "This is Hestia. She acted as my... younger body, you could say, until she developed a mind of her own."

Wolfe tilted his head, towards Hestia, "Alice and Hestia Fischer, It was a pleasure to meet you both." The big man said, "Regardless of the circumstances that led up to our meeting."

"I know who you are!" Hestia pointed up at Thomas' face. "You're friends with Brigid and Korra. Korra talks about you all the time!"

"It's not polite to point, Hestia," Alice muttered.

Wolfe nodded his head, "That's right, Little One. And now, I'm your friend too." Wolfe responded, "And Ms . Alice Fischer, I owe you one." Thomas' eyes widened, something terrifying popping into the medic's mind. "A-Alice? Please don't tell Korra...I still want to have all my limbs still working by tommorow" The big man pleaded.

Alice laughed loudly, and patted Thomas on the chest. "Don't you worry, my friend. I'd never sell a man out to that kind of torture."

Hestia pouted a bit, crossing her arms. "What are you two talking about? Korra said she likes Mr. Wolfy very, very much. She would never hurt him."

Wolfe chuckled nervously, "Little One, Korra would be upset to know that I got injured doing something so foolish." Turning his head back to Alice, Thomas whispered, "In all honesty, the real reason I don't want you telling Korra, I don't want to worry Korra. She's had a rough time with me being severely wounded, the last thing she needs to hear is how I nearly got myself killed again." turning his head away, Wolfe muttered quietly, "she carries the whole world on her shoulders.."

"It's fine. Really." The trio rounded a corner, entering the soldier barracks, and Alice added, "After all these years, I've learned to keep a secret. And don't worry about Hestia. I'll make she she doesn't say anything."

"Thank you." Thomas said sincerely. After a moment, the cyborg said, "I worry about her. She has a big heart and cares for people, some being people who've wronged her. She is also one of the most bravest individuals I know, risking herself to protect others. She's a good person. But the TFD has no good people. Just monsters that will kill because they can. And that scares me. I just hope I can protect her..." The big man's eyes glazed over, lost in thought.


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Awkward First Impression: Part Three

"She is under a bit of stress right now," Alice agreed. "She told me the other day she realized that the Outcasts of Tamear are essentially being used by the TFD, taking advantage of outcast Tamearins and Balmadaar. She's upset about it, especially coming off her recent mission fighting them."

Wolfe shook his head. Sighing, the cyborg said, "I'll go talk to her in a day or two, after I've stitched myself up...or maybe I should go now. Even if she gets upset because of my current condition, it'd be worth getting broken to make her feel better. Although," the medic paused, " I don't think the Little One should be there if that ends up happening."

Alice shook her head. "No, you rest up. She has Brigid to look after her in that regard. And you seem to be forgetting your own trauma." She looked down at his new robotic limb. "You just got that, didn't you? You shouldn't be trying to break it in so quickly."

The medic sighed, too tired to argue with the Android. "Alright, fine. Brigid better take good care of Korra...or else, I'm going to have a talk with her, probably ending with me being thrown through a wall. Same thing with Vizcarra." The medic grumbled, Pausing to glance at his leg wound, "I think I'm a little delirious from blood loss, Alice. Might say weird things."

"It's fine. You're doing just fine." Alice looked around. "Which room is yours?"

Wolfe lifted his hand, pointing at one of the several doors lining the hallway. "That one...I think." The medic said, his hand shaking. I hope I don't pass out from blood loss...might be hard to explain to the Greyhounds and the Commander. Hell, it'll be hard for me to attempt an explanation with Korra.

Alice quickly check the name plate, and pulled Wolfe into his room. She sat him on the bed and walk over to his dresser to find something to stitch him up. "Take off your pants, please."

Wolfe coughed, trying to mask how embarrassed he was. "I-I can sow myself up. Y-You don't have to stay here and help me. And besides the Little One is in here! I can't shed my pants while she's here." Wolfe said quickly.

"I can close my eyes of that helps." Hestia folded her arms and poured. "And I'm not that little."

Alice rolled her eyes. "You want me to trust you to sow yourself up when you look like you're about to pass out from blood loss?"

Wolfe nodded, "Yep, sounds about right. Sorry, Alice,"-Wolfe grins- "but you'll find I'm quite stubborn, if you haven't already. Besides, the pain will probably wake me up enough to stay focused." The medic argued, trying to avoid being operated on. Not while I'm still awake. Not like last time...

Alice frowned. "Alright. Fine. You win." Alice motioned for Hestia to follow. "Good luck, Mr. Wolfe." She walked to the door, pausing for a moment. She glanced at the side of the room, seemingly at nothing, and in a soft voice, said, "Watch him. Come get me if he passes out."

They walked out, Hestia waving goodbye. "Good luck, Mr. Wolfe!"

"Thank you, Hestia! See you Alice." The medic called out. mubling under his breath, "I'll need it..." Once the pair of androids had walked away, the medic got up from his bed, and hobbled over to his dresser to retrieve his needle. After a few moments, the cyborg returned to his bed and sat down. I probably should have let her do this... The medic thought before he started, painfully, fixing his mistake.

The entire time he worked, he could not shake the feeling that he was being watched, his intuition telling him there were eyes on him, but he saw nothing. After sowing the wound shut, Wolfe got up and move towards the bathroom, shutting and locking the door. Still feeling uneasy, he turned off the lights and hid in the shower, hoping he was just being paranoid. There was the sound of pattering outside the door, then a slight tapping, like a cat or dog pushing against it. After a minute, a voice called out in his head.

Are you still concious, Human Wolf?

Wolfe jumped hitting his head on the shower head, causing him to fall in the shower. Thomas gasped, feeling his stitches breaking, feeling his blood beginning to drain. Irritated, Wolfe yelled, ironically, "I don't know who you are, but this is against ship policies! Leave now!" Right after I finish stitching myself up, someone scares me and makes me break my stitches. Are you kidding me?!

This One... apologizes. Human Wolf. This One was only following a request of my mistress. This One will depart.

There was silence for another minute before the scrapping against the door return.

Apologies, Mr. Human Wolf. This One... can not open the door to get out... This One.. has no thumbs...

Wolfe took a deep breath, nervous of what the creature was, and put one hand on the door, his other one aiming at chest level. I hope this doesn't get me killed... The medic thought as he threw open the bathroom door.

He found nothing at first, then his eyes darted down. Before him was an Incubator in its small form. It stared up at him with its large, red eyes, its oversized tail slowly wagging back and forth. Greetings, Mr. Human Wolf. Please do not shoot this One.

Wolfe retracted the Gauss gun back into his arm. Examining the creature, Thomas asked, "What are you? And what's your name?" The medic asked calmly, despite the gut feeling that the Intruder was stronger than it looked. Something's not right...

This One is called Dinah. Humans call this One an Incubator. This One's species were used as attack animals during the Subjugation War, and received genetic manipulation to enhance pisonic abilities and to be able to take the form you see now, for the purposes of infiltration. After the war, the Incubators were classified a protected species. Much of the Incubators' existence was kept out of common knowledge, most were moved to a protected planet, and one requires a special license to own one. This One's mistress, Alice, has this license.

Wolfe paused, the familiar name catching him off guard. "Alice? As in Alice Fischer?" The medic asked warily. This is just too weird.

Indeed. She worried for your safety, this One believes. And this One could sense that you were not being honest about the pain you were in. Dinah bowed her head. This One apologizes for startling you.

Wolfe limped over to his bed, sitting down. "I'd rather Alice not worry about me, so yes, I did lie, in the hopes I could persuade her to be more at ease. I even attempted to make her laugh with some jokes, so she didn't have to think about how bad my leg was. Is. And next time, if Alice tells you to look out for me just, make yourself known. I'd rather not accidentally shoot you...you seem nice and show a good sense of loyalty, two traits I highly value. Also, you should have started with Alice being your 'mistress', and not with 'Human? Are you unconscious? " Wolfe chastised, more worried than angry.

Dinah's ears dropped a bit. This One sees. This One still has much to learn. She stood up. This One feels you are healthy enough. This One shall return to Alice. Does... the Human Wolf want this One to tell we we have spoke?

Wolfe got up from his bed and hobbled over to the door. "Its up to you. I have no preference either way. Just...tell her to be more honest with me." the cyborg said.

This One will. Dinah walked over to the door and looked up at Wolfe once more. It is hard for this One to say, as this One can not read the mind of an android like a Human. But this One believes she meant no harm, and only worries about others, especially after an incident in Engineering. If this One sees you again, this One will announce this One's presence.

"Thank you, Dinah." Thomas said, a slight smile on his face. Pushing the button that opened the door, Wolfe watched Dinah exit, closing the door behind her. That was a little nerve-racking. How did she even enter the room? And what did she mean by not being able to read...Wait...did she read my mind? Or is she doing that now? The medic thought nervously. Taking the needle again, Thomas began to reapply his stitches. Life on the Einherjar sure is- ow- crazy.


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MarineAvenger, Mangrale and Alzdude28: “White Light” Part One

In Orbit Around Forseti (May 7th, 2044)
The Einherjar (1513 Hours)
Office of Nicholas Cauthon; Engineering

Trepidation characterized Narcisse’s steps as he made his way to Nick’s office. He had allowed so much time to pass, he was completely unsure how the engineer would react to a person that looked like he did. Once at the door, the pilot worked up the nerve to knock softly at the door, his hand shaking more than usual.

Nick looked away from his computer screen, closing the multiple tabs he had open and spinning his chair around slowly, slightly confused. “Who’s there?” He called out.

Narcisse thought about already opening the door, but stopped himself from doing so, instead fidgeting his hands. “Um… just a… visitor. I’m here to see how you are doing…”

Nick’s face immediately hardened, getting up from his chair and grabbing his now signature crowbar, putting it on his shoulder as he walked up to the door and opened it, ready to swing if necessary. “And who would… you happen to be?”

“Ah! Whoa!... hold on!” Narcisse jumped back, waving his arms at the aggressive display. “I didn’t come here to hurt you! I’m sorry for disturbing you!”

Nick raised an eyebrow at Narcisse’s display, looking over the man for a moment, the teen thinking in his head, He couldn’t possibly fake cybernetics could he? Though it is a guy I saw go from a Sectoid, to a doctor, to a woman… I don’t know what is real anymore. “Those real?” Nick decided to ask, pointing the crowbar at one of Narc’s arms.

Narcisse pulled up the sleeve of the arm in question, rotating and flexing it as he calmed his breathing. “Uh, yeah… I’d say it is. Though I’m unsure how I could really prove that to you.” He frowned, thinking of a pretty good way, but not relishing the idea at all.

The engineer merely leaned forward, tapping his crowbar against the arm, satisfied with the metal on metal sound he was used to hearing actually being what he heard instead of the ‘ow’ that came after hitting flesh with a metal rod. Nick leaned against the doorframe of his office, twirling crowbar in hand. “You don’t happen to have an X-shaped scar do you?”

The pilot had a skeptical look in his eyes, unsure what he had just gotten himself into. “N-no… not to my knowledge… Why do you ask?”

The teen immediately let out a relieved sigh, as if he was the one under the stress, chuckling as he pushed up his glasses and ran a hand through his hair. “Well… don’t I feel silly then…” Nick moved out of the doorway and plopped the crowbar down in the corner. “Come in, sorry about that, just have to be… cautious.”

The french airman nodded, relieved but worried at the same time. “I… I understand. A lot has happened as of late, Mr Cauthon. Your… preparedness is justified.” He looked about the office, admiring the various tools and materials that littered the room, much of which he couldn’t understand or recognize.

“Yes, but it is still a weak argument for being rude to a visitor.” Nick stated, leaning against the large machine known by ‘Clunker’, the teen saying, “Name’s Nick Cauthon, as I’m sure you know since you are here. Welcome to my office/shop/bedroom.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Narcissse noticed the sizable machine and gazed in wonder at it for a second before looking at Nick again, bowing slightly. “It’s good to meet you Mr.- Nick. My name is Narcisse Bellrose, Seraph pilot… That’s an impressive machine,” he said, casually pointing at ‘Clunker’.

“Oh, him?” Nick flashed a grin and held up his hand, his already blue eyes flashing a bit as Clunker whirred to life, the drone slowly coming out into a standing position, tall enough now that the teen climbed on top of his head and sat cross-legged. The teen held out his arms, “Pretty neat, huh?”

“Yes, very!” Narcisse exclaimed unable to bridle his enthusiasm. “I’ve never seen anything like it! Makes it hard to believe that you need a crowbar to defend yourself.”

“Well I’m seventeen and an engineer, not like I can really pack a shotgun in my pants.” The teen smiled and he laid back a bit. “So… what does bring you here anyways? I don’t work the ships, and although the idea for a repair bot a pilot can use anytime with the use of Domineer tech sounds cool, haven’t really made a clear concept of it yet...” Nick rubbed his mouth, not realizing he was forgetting his guest when he said, “Ratchet!” Out of nowhere, another drone rose out of a crate, the quadrotor drone flying over to Nick, the engineer looking him over. “You think this would fit neatly in the ship or would I need to make him smaller?”

Bellrose scratched the side of his head, the room starting to look like a whole separate world, controlled by the teen. “Um… To fit inside the cockpit? I-I suppose he may barely fit… What would be his primary function?”

“You know… been watching a lot of old movies… seen a few where the inside of a cockpit turns to hell like it was made from cheap materials, and it sort of got me thinking if that happened to one of our pilots. An automated repair drone to fix that stuff could be helpful, who knows. Maybe just one that can crawl along the outside of the ship… wonder if any Bajirs would be happy to work on that… haven’t talked to Baka for a while…” It seemed if Narc didn’t pull him back into reality he would be lost for a good while.

The pilot was taken aback at the teen’s banter, actually enjoying the diversion. After a good minute, he decided to try and catch his attention again. “I… well…” When that didn’t work, he cleared his throat loudly. “Granted, your ideas are very interesting, and I’d love to hear about them at some point. That’s not exactly why I came to you. I’ve… well I meant to visit you while you were in the infirmary. It’s just that… I’ve been busy. Had a lot of things get in the way.” He peered away at a nearby workbench.

“What for? I don’t know you.” Nick said rather out there. his gaze on the man seeming to unintentionally bore through him.

Narcisse snapped out it, remembering something he should have earlier. “Oh right, of course…” he said, a little embarrassed. “I am a… friend of Alice. I told her I would visit you eventually.”

The look on Nick’s face was both equal confusion and amusement. “Funny… never mentioned you before.”

Narcisse smiled thinly at the teen and bent an arm back to scratch behind his shoulder. “Makes sense, I’ve only met her a few times… She must have more important things to worry about.”

Nick merely shrugged. “Maybe just slipped her mind. So what exactly… is your relationship with Alice if she would recommend you coming here? Must be somewhat special for only meeting a few times.”

“Um, during…” Narcisse’s voice petered out, causing him to clear his throat briefly. “During those times… I proved how trustworthy I was…” he hesitated to speak further, knowing how it would alarm the engineer.

“Go on…” He said, rolling his hand as the engineer noticed the hesitation.

The frenchman took a deep breath, a hand across his forehead, to ease his currently leveled panic. “Um… well, you know how everyone deals with the… stress of war in their own ways. Uh, there may have been a few engineers that…” He cautiously stepped back towards the door. “... might… have wanted to take… it out on Alice for whatever reason… ”


MarineAvenger, Mangrale and Alzdude28: “White Light” Part Two

Nick stared at Narcisse for a good while before letting out a sigh, seeming to slump down. “Why can’t people just be easy on her? I mean seriously…” Crossing his arms, he added, “Thanks for helping her, though I must say I am curious as to why?”

The initial flashbacks to when the pilot first met Nick a few minutes back took their time in leaving his mind and he calmed down, rubbing his brows. “Why?... Well she was in trouble, I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing. Not anymore…” he muttered that last phrase to himself.

“Well once again, you have my thanks.” The teen lounged back and crossed his arms behind his head. “So what do you think of Alice.”

“Alice?” Narcisse raised his eyebrows at the forwardness of the question. “She is a… very good friend. Very kind and intelligent. I’m lucky to have met her.” Sweat formed near near the roots of his hair.

Nick gave Narc a scrutinizing look, remaining silent but the engineer’s gaze saying he expected to hear the rest.

Narcisse rubbed his hands together and crossed his arms, appearing to mull something over before sighing. He then said in a more authoritative voice: “She is a very special woman. And no, I don’t mean because she is an android. I will do what I can to protect both her and her friends, however I can.” His eyes were stern but then softened, smiling. “That means you as well, Nick.”

After a moment of silence, Nick asked, “Do you like her?”

Narcisse couldn’t help but feel a little probed at this point and he couldn’t deny the warmth emanating from his cheeks. “Yeah… I-I mean who wouldn’t… She’s my friend after all.”

Nick’s neutral look did not change. “That all to that line of thought, or are you looking short of a heart attack because of high cholesterol?”

Narcisse nodded slowly, frowning. “That’s all. We’re friends, nothing more, nothing less.” He smirked, thinking of something. “You know… If you don’t mind me saying. You sound like a concerned father.”

Nick waved his hand nonchalantly. “Oh no…” He flashed Narcisse a very dangerous look. “I just thought we were going to have a problem there for a moment.” He stated menacingly, his look and tone changing when there was another knock at the door. “Hello!?” Nick called out.

“Hi Nick, I melted the probes on my multimeter again, do you have any spare ones?” Brienne asked as she entered. She stopped suddenly, noticing Narcisse. “Sorry, am I interrupting?”

He tilted to the side to look at Brienne. “No, not at all!” He said pleasantly, glancing at Narcisse with a bit of a wicked grin.

“Great…” She stood still, slightly awkwardly for a moment, taking in the visitor. “I’m Martinsson., Brienne Martinsson.” She extended a hand.

From a warm grin for Nick, to a fair smile for Brienne, Narcisse took her hand, giving it a friendly shake, he now used to shaking hands. “Delighted to meet you,” he said bowing.

“Likewise. I’m guessing from the patches on your jacket that you’re a pilot.”

“Hm? Ah yes, yes I am. Penguin Squadron actually,” he replied.

“Penguin… you operate the Seraph then? Nice bit of hardware, though I haven’t had much chance to get working on them. Unlike the stingrays. The amount of overtime I’ve had patching those up is ridiculous.”

“As I could no doubt imagine. Though I haven’t piloted a stingray before, but I have test piloted the Seraph back on Megha.”

Brienne nodded. “Sounds like a good job. Anyway, maybe I should leave you two to get on with… well, whatever you were talking about.” She glanced across the worktables, searching for the tools she needed.

Nick rubbed his eyes, seeming to find Brienne’s lack of spatial awareness a bit tiring. “It is literally above your head.”

She quickly pulled the two cables of the shelf and plugged them into her meter. “Thanks… that’s the third set this week… definitely shouldn’t be running anywhere near that amount of current…” She began to ramble.

Nick shook his head, saying to Brienne, “It is no trouble, just try not to break any more. You’re free to stay by the way…” Nick added under his breath, “I know Malcom likes to hide here to skip out on his work…” Letting out a weary sigh, Nick turned back to Narcisse. “You should have told me you lived in Megha.”

“Oh really? I meant to. You sure I haven’t already?” Narcisse asked sarcastically, chuckling. “It was a while ago. No better place for an up and coming pilot. You’ve ever been to Megha, Nick?”

“Well… I guess you could say that. Only lived there for what was it… four or five years?” He announced with a smile. “Granted I got to return back home to England a week before I shipped out… Was really fun.” The smile he had went a little weak, and he found himself turning the ring on his right hand.

Narcisse smiled as well, partly remembering his time on Megha. “Sounds like you’ve enjoyed yourself… You have family back home?”

“I got my adoptive parents back on Megha… haven’t talked to them since I left home though… and I have a couple of friends back home on Earth… I guess I would consider them family too…” Nick’s hand did not move away from the jewelry on his hand, the teen staring at it sadly.
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MarineAvenger, Mangrale and Alzdude28: “White Light” Part Three

Even Narcisse with his own thoughts of his past homes, couldn’t completely ignore Nicks sad expression. He raised his right hand to console the engineer, but stopped, instead thinking of the right words to say in as soft a voice as he could. “It’s beautiful… A friend of yours gave it to you?”

Brienne, who had been about to leave, heard this and turned around, knowing the story behind the ring already. She winced slightly, turned to go, then decided against it, hovering by the door.

Nick continued to look down at his hand and let out a deep breath, looking up and catching Brienne’s gaze. “Yeah… a very dear friend.” He said with a small, dignified smile, nodding his head to the female engineer, reassuring her he was alright.

Narcisse’s face softened , his head turning to Brienne before looking at the ring, unsure of what to say. “If… if you don’t want to say anymore, that’s fine. I know it isn’t any of my business…” He wringed his left hand around his right wrist. “I’d say you’re lucky to have a friend like that… But somehow I doubt luck had much to do with it.”

“Actually… it completely was luck.” Nick said with a chuckle, rubbing the back of his head. “It was really strange… I was merely walking to go eat by myself but I accidently tripped and dropped my food, so I had to go back and get a new tray. My friend happened to be behind me at the time and she got so angry I was being slow she started to get all moody. After a while, she begrudgingly asked me to join her table with her friends and I agreed. The five of us were close everyday after that… All until I moved to Megha with my parents.”

The teen sighed, his chest feeling both heavy and light. “That girl who was pushing my buttons was the best and worst of all the five, she was always so pushy and loud, and she always found a way to embarrass me in front of everyone…” Nick went a little red in the cheeks recalling some of the memories but he shook his head to clear his head. “She was a real pain, a real righteous pain…” The engineered commented with a ‘humph’ turning his head as he crossed his arms.

Narcisse was silent for a few moments, still smiling. “Sounds like quite the character… But if I might say something… Even if there was a bit of luck involved when you met… You became close friends… luck didn’t do that, you did.” The pilot scratched the back of his head. “I’d love to meet your friends sometime.”

When Nick heard that, he visibly tensed, his hand clenching a bit, the teen not saying anything until he said, “There was a reason we were so close…”

In a small way, Narcisse felt as though he had walked into a landmine. “... And what reason might that be?” He carefully hazarded the words, though ready to jump at a moment’s notice.

Nick prepared himself, building the necessary mental barriers to try and stop from just shutting down, “They all had something or another wrong with them. Even with modern medicine, they still were fighting their afflictions, either because their families weren’t that well off or because they just weren’t curable. Not all of them were physical, one of the girls suffered from some disorders… the only one of us to pass away was… was the… close friend, not too long ago. I don’t really know how the rest of the guys are doing… I don’t even know where a couple of them live anymore.”

Wrapping his arms around himself, Nick remarkably held it in. “We all shared a love for music… Even if we all liked different styles, so we thought it would be a blast forming a band. Course… there was no way I wanted to do something like that but somehow I found myself apart of it, and those were the fondest memories I ever made. Each member got a ring… So no matter where we were, we would always be with each other…” He said finally, his voice finally cracking slightly.

Narcisse was at a loss for words, managing to grip his right hand over his mouth, speaking tremulously through it. “Oh, uh… Damn it I didn’t know… I’m sorry, Nick…” As he panically contemplated what to do, he looked pleadingly at Brienne, wanting her to do something.

Brienne returned the look of panic, then walked over to Nick, placing a hand on his shoulder, despite a look of abject terror on her face. She opened her mouth to speak, then closed it again.

The french pilot shuddered noticeably, hands over his eyes, it’s fingers pressing against its corners. “I’m sorry…” He let out a frustrated sigh at himself, leaning in closer to Nick. “Ah… It’s hard… losing people close to you. And sometimes…” He tried to make eye contact with Nick. “Sometimes… they don’t have to be dead for it to feel like you’ve lost them…” he said shakily, bowing his head to the floor.

Narcisse then raised his head again to Nick, a subtle pink about his eyes. “We might not always have a momento to carry with us… But we’ll always carry their memory…” he affirmed.

Brienne finally found her voice at this point. “Narcisse is right Nick. Just hold on to your memories of her, and she’ll never truly be gone.” She shuffled her feet uncomfortably, then moved quickly towards the door. “I… think I left the iron out of the fridge…” she muttered, then bolted out into the corridor, and to the safety of her own lab.

Nick kept his own gaze to the floor, his long messy hair falling to the front to cover his face. After a long while of silence, Nick said in a hoarse sounding voice, “You know… I always said I wanted to be strong… always wanted to be more… but I’ve come to realize that when you're strong… people tend not to ask what is wrong…”

A few tears fell to the floor. “How much longer should I scream… how much longer should I shed tears? Enough is enough already… I already know I can’t change the past… I can’t take back what I say, or say what I always wanted to… but those memories I have… the feelings that I have… it just keeps reminding me how much I really cared for them…”

Nick looked up at Narcisse, his eyes a complete watery mess and the skin an irritated red but despite that there was a smile on his face. “Melinda always used to joke that she would haunt me for the rest of my life if she ever died… I’m glad she kept her word… I never want to forget her…”

“And you won’t… believe me.” Narcisse chuckled softly, then breathing in slowly to regain the air lost. Even though he tried to hide it, the pilot had to lift his glasses with his left hand so he could wipe away the moisture from his right. He turned away quickly. “Um… sorry about that…”

Nick chuckled warmly, waving his hand. “Don’t worry about it…” He looked back down at the ring, but it wasn’t sadness that filled his heart. “I needed this… I needed to finally get it out… I don’t want her light to fade… I don’t want to be afraid of it… I want to embrace it. That girl taught me a lot… but I still have a lot to learn, and a lot more ways to grow.”

Narcisse was still facing away slightly, but stood up straight again, breathing out through the mouth as a sign of regaining a measure of his composure. “You don’t say… You may be young, Nick, but between your inventions, friends and family, I think you’ve grown in every way that counts… Not to mention you took on the Yakuza and lived,” he smiled lightheartedly as he said that last part.

The cyborg rubbed his shoulder and stretched to relieve the tension around his body. “I don’t know what the future holds for you Nick. But what I am sure of… is that you are definitely strong enough to face it. Not a single doubt in my mind.” Much stronger than I am… His eyes turned purposeful, a hand to his chest. “And I promise… on my life. No matter what happens, you have my support.”

Nick nodded his head, rubbing his eyes and a look of determination spreading across his face. “Thanks… but I’m not allowed to die yet… after all… I would have a pissy red head waiting for me when I got to the other side.” He said light heartedly, putting a clenched hand to his chest and lowering his head a bit. I know why… The reason I can make so many people like me… how I can influence so many… I carry your light. It’s up to me to keep your light alive… it feels warm and bright, just like you were… your white light.


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MarineAvenger and BMPixy: "How Not To Meet The Family"
In Orbit of Forseti, Aboard the Einherjar
1121 Hours Local; May 8th, 2044
Staff Lounge

Elicia quietly hummed along with the song playing through her headphones as she scribbled notes on a stray sheet of paper, eyes dancing between the notes and the medical textbook she had liberated from the infirmary. Briefly she paused, taking a sip from her drink and took the opportunity to glance around the lounge, rather thankful for the fact that most people would be at the bar or mess at this hour. Letting out a brief little sigh, she shook her head and got back to work, painstaking copying down notes on the function of the parietal lobe.

Something pressed against the top of Elicia’s head, a pair of arms wrapping under her chest. “Ugh… this reminds me of boring school stuff.” The familiar male voice said.

“That’s because it kinda is boring school stuff,” Elicia replied, quickly reaching up to pull one of her headphones out of her ear. “What’s going on, Ezzy?”

“I came here to finally get down on one knee and profess my love for you.” He said jokingly, hopping over the back of the couch and landing next to the other soldier.

“Oh? So all those ‘I love you’s I pulled out of you a few nights ago were just nothing then?” the Anglo-German countered, setting down her pencil and grabbing one last sip of her drink.

“Exactly, the whole time I was just thinking of the world’s hottest supermodel.” Ezra said with a roll of his eyes. “Seriously though, I came to see what you were doing. I’m bored, need entertainment.”

“Eh, not much, just studying up on some medical literature,” Elicia explained. Rubbing her forehead slightly, she added, “You’d think it’d behoove them to write this in plain English, but no, they want their Latin classes to be useful for something or another.”

“I hate Latin. Everyone should just speak English and be done with it.” Ezra said, looking down at the book with not a lot of interest.

“Yeah, I know,” the medic said with a shrug. “Sorry I’m not doing anything interesting, but sometime you just gotta buckle down and do this kinda thing. After all, this kind of info could save someone’s life.”

“You planning on doing brain surgery on the field or something?” The android asked with a shrug. “I mean, I don’t respect education at all seeing as… well, I just don’t need that.”

“Not all of us can just download Wikipedia, Ezzy,” Elicia answered. “Besides, knowing how the brain works ensures that - once my biokinesis gets precise enough - I can do brain surgery in the field, if need be.”

“Sometimes I am glad your powers can’t work on me… I have a sneaking suspicion that you would reprogram me into some sort of slave to do your bidding.” He replied with a smirk.

“Nah, even if I could, I wouldn’t do anything like that. After all, if you were just some mindless drone, there wouldn’t be the personality I stay with you for, y’know?” Elicia rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “Though once I can get imbuing to a point where I don’t damage everything I use it on.... Hmm, ideas.”

“You scare me sometimes…” Ezra said, stretching out his arms and stopping. “Wait, if my personality is the only thing keeping you around, does that mean you don’t find me or my moves satisfying?”

“Right, addendum: one of the things I stay for,” Elicia corrected with a brief shake of the head. “Though don’t flatter yourself too much on that latter point, considering who taught you most of ‘em.”

“Yeah… maybe I should send a thank you letter to the manager of that adult shop I visited when I was 18.”

Elicia gave a slight scoff at that. “I’m sure that that’d be an interesting letter to receive. ‘Hey, thanks for teaching me everything I knew before my girlfriend showed up!’” Idly Elicia shoved her notes into her textbook, figuring that she’d probably not end up getting any more work done.

“I jest, but just because you were the first, doesn't mean I didn’t know what I was doing. Need I remind you who was squirming when being rubbed down in the hot tub?” He teased with a raised eyebrow.

“And need I remind you who was squirming beneath the other ten minutes later?” she shot back, closing her textbook with a definitive thud.

“Well not my fault, not like you gave me an opening to fight back.” He leaned forward and gave her a stubborn kiss.

Elicia gladly returned the kiss, though she ensured it was only a brief locking of lips. “And the same argument goes for me. After all, would you turn down a free massage from a cutie? Things just escalated from there.”

Ezra chuckled and leaned back, putting his head back. “Volupta has nothing on you…” He muttered, not as low as he should have.

“Wai-what?” Elicia asked, caught off guard by the comment, gears beginning to rotate and click in her mind. “Who is- What does a Humiliata have to do with this?” Everything in Ezra’s body froze at once, the android acting like a deer in headlights. “Ezra… what’s going on?” Elicia asked, glaring suspiciously up at her boyfriend.

“It… It’s nothing, don’t concern yourself.” He said, glancing away. “So how was your studying going again?”

“Just because I’m a terrible liar doesn’t mean I can’t tell when somebody is lying,” Elicia said. “We agreed to be open with each other if something were to come up. So, I ask again, what is going on?”

He gulped, rubbing his hands together. “Promise not to overreact until I tell you the whole thing?”

“If you’ve done nothing wrong you’ve got nothing to fear, alright?” Elicia affirmed. “I’ll try not to overreact.”

“Well… I sort of helped out this Humiliata on the ship after she was being harassed… one thing led to another while I was comforting her and she… well, made out with me while trying to get into my pants.” He said honestly.


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Part Two

Elicia let out an unsteady sigh, doing her best to keep her expression neutral. “It sounds like you’re leaving out a helluva lotta details there. How exactly did you go from ‘comforting her after harassment’ to ‘she’s trying to bone me’? And more importantly, how far did it go?”

Ezra rolled his eyes, shaking his head as if the answer was obvious. “I fucked her brains out, what do you think I did? I told her I was taken and she respected that, saying it was a heat of the moment thing for her.”

“Now’s not the time for joking Ezra, I nearly put your lights out there,” Elicia grumbled, forcing herself to relax. “Alright, alright, as long as it was just a heat of the moment thing and caused by a lack of information, I’ll let this slide. Jeez, this is gonna make biokinetic lessons awkward as all hell,” she added, the last portion more to herself than the android.

He had a rather guilty look on, scooting close to her and putting an arm around her. “I would never consciously cheat on you El… you should know that. Just like I know you didn’t enjoy that prank I pulled on you when I redid my body look.”

“Yeah, I know that, but…” Elicia trailed off, leaning up against Ezra. “But I’ve had quite a few guys say the same thing, only to find out that they’ve been hiding a side girl or something. I… I just don’t want that kinda thing to happen here, y’know?”

“Trust me… I’m not a douche like those other guys. You know that… well, pranking and overall smartass-ness not included. I do respect you after all. You're the first true woman in a while.”

“‘course, ‘course,” the Anglo-German replied, gently nodding her head. “Just, y’know, no secrets between us. Even if it does involve being groped by a Humiliata.”

“I don’t know… was pretty awesome.” He said in an exaggerated muscle nut voice. “Might have to try harder next time to try and keep me around.”

“Stepping a little too close to the line there, buck-o,” Elicia said, her tone deadly serious.

“Meh… gotta throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks, not everything can be good.” He scooted away a bit from Elicia and got a mischievous grin. “I need to ask you something, more like present an idea.”

“And what kind of idea are you going to present, then?” Elicia asked, cocking an eyebrow inquisitively.

“I want to talk to this overprotective guy of yours.” He stated confidently.

“Riri? Ah, are, well, are you sure ‘bout that?” Elicia replied, a bit of hesitation creeping into her voice at the thought.

“Why not? We are light years away so it isn’t like he can try to kick my ass, and I mostly want to win over the guy who my girl looks up to.” Ezra seemed determined to make this happen. “What is there to lose?”

My dignity, Elicia internally deadpanned, though a glance at Ezra’s expression resigned her to her fate. “Alright, fine. If I got my timezones right, he should be around at this hour, and if not, we can at least have you meet the godparents, alright?” Elicia explained, scratching her chin slightly as she thought.

“Well it’s something at least. Lead the way?” He asked, his air of determination wavering slightly at her acceptance.

“Yeah, just gotta drop this off back at my room first,” Elicia said, grabbing her supplies off the table and standing from her seat. “Then we can go through with this whole… thing,” she said, pausing for a moment to find a neutral word to describe the situation.

Later down in the communications room, Ezra was sitting in the chair in front of the monitor, looking down at his pocketwatch with a bored expression. “How is it either one of us always manages to be late? What, is she changing into a three piece or something?”

“No, I just got distracted and accidentally got on the wrong elevator,” Elicia deadpanned from behind the android, taking the rare opportunity to lean over his shoulder.

He took the time to look up, groaning a bit. “Always an excuse is there? You know I guess I should be lucky you don’t have obnoxious knockers. I don’t know how Korra’s boyfriend deals with those things… too much…” Even though you almost slept with her… but we don’t talk about that moment of early history.

“Eh, those kinds of things have their uses,” Elicia said. She hastily appended, “Not that I’d know personally, of course. Secondhand tales.” Shaking her head, the medic took a seat and continued, “Anyways, let’s get this show on the road, eh?”

“Really? Cause I was just wondering if you had any juicy tales of your more promiscuous years that I could potentially use to my advantage.” He teased, waving a hand for her to input the number.

“I’d tell you some, if I could remember anything more than a blur of lights and bodies,” Elicia replied matter-of-factly as she leaned over to type in the number, letting the dialing signal appear on screen as she finished the input.

He crossed his arms, giving her a blank stare. “Note to self, get Elicia super drunk so that I can really see how much she lives up to the stories.”

“Bah, please, I have the tolerance of a goddamn bear after my time in college,” Elicia dismissed with a wave of the hand. After a brief moment, the dialing signal was replaced with the dim interior of what appeared to be some sort of office, a bleary-eyed, dark haired man gazing into the screen, obviously still half-asleep.

“Elise…? What’re you doing calling me at…” The man looked off-screen for a moment, before widening his eyes slightly in shock. “The hell? When’d it become morning? And…” He leaned forward, examining Ezra cautiously. “What the hell is Jacob doing- no, you’re not Jacob. Who’re you?”

“This is Ezra,” Elicia introduced. “Ezra, Frederick. Frederick, Ezra.”


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Part Three

“Ah. Nice t’ meet ya then, Ez-” Frederick paused, a look of realization slowly crossing his face. “Wait. Waitwaitwait… Where have I heard that name bef- Oh. Him.”

“Hey-o.” He said with a flick of the wrist, leaning in to whisper to Elicia, “Does he always look like he had his face resting snug between a fat woman’s ass?”

“No, not unless he’s been hanging out with Ian,” Elicia whispered back, though not without a slight glare at the insensitivity of the comment.

“Not even five minutes in, already got the conspiratorial whispers,” the Foulke deadpanned, grabbing an energy drink from off-screen and quickly downing a gulp. “So, what gives me the pleasure of meeting Elicia’s current chosen, Mr. Ezra…” He trailed off slightly, realizing he hadn’t gotten his last name.

“Well considering how much she yaps and raves ‘bout you, I figured I should finally meet the man in person.” Ezra crossed his arms, seeming to take things in strides.

“Oh, really?” Frederick chuckled, a slight smile playing across his lips. “I mean, no surprise of course, I am her closest friend this side of the galactic core. Not that she’d quit the overprotective big sis routine long enough to admit it, of course.”

“Well if you’d quit the foolish li’l bro shtick…” Elicia replied, still slightly uncomfortable that this meeting was happening.

“So… what should we tell him first, the news about you, or the news about me?” Ezra asked Elicia calmly.

“What,” Frederick and Elicia deadpanned in near unison, each looking back and forth between the others, the Anglo-German’s face rapidly flushing whilst the pure Anglican’s face slowly contorted to anger.

“Explain. Everything. Now,” Frederick commanded, the drowsiness having completely faded and been replaced with a certain deathly seriousness.

“Hm… well, where to begin.” Ezra rubbed his chin, leaning back and stretching out. “Oh yeah, you wanted to know my whole name. It’s Ezra Exalt.” He said, returning back to normal and letting out a sigh. “And I love Elicia, and unless she has changed her mind in the past minute, she feels the same for me.”

“Right, right, this has obviously gotta be some sort of joke. I mean Elise, you seriously wouldn’t…” Frederick trailed off, noticing that Elicia had taken a sudden interest in the floor. “No… Fuckin’ really? You hooked up with an Exalt? Offense intended, you fell in love with some… God, words fail me at this moment!” The Foulke placed his hand over his face in exasperation. “Just… why? That’s all I ask? What does he got that outweighs his name?”

“A good heart, a warm personality, he can make me laugh, and he’s rather attractive,” Elicia rattled off as if she had prepared this list already, though she still kept her gaze firmly locked on the floor.

Frederick was silent for a long moment at this, evidently wrestling with his own internal thoughts. Eventually, he managed to form a few words as he locked gazes with Ezra. “Do. Not. Hurt. Her,” he firmly stated. “Normally if that’d happened I’d hand your remains over to a modern artist I know, but in your case, I will build a machine to end you. I will have to conquer a world and turn the entire population over to slavery to produce the infrastructure required to build this machine. Once this machine is built I will ascend to the pantheon as the god of machinery and vengeance, so that I may imbue my machine with the divine power necessary to give you demolition I deem fit for such a crime. Do you understand?”

Ezra stared at Fred for a good while before laughing loudly, grabbing his gut and nearly falling out of his chair. “Get a load of this guy!” He exclaimed, having to wipe his eye with a hand, shaking his head in disbelief at Elicia. “And here you were all worried when we first met what androids are capable of in some Terminator situation meanwhile this guys makes more thorough plans on human destruction then I can do!” Ezra had to do a lot to calm himself. “Hy-poc-ra-sy at its finest lady and pleb…”

“What the fuck did you just say about my cultural status?” Frederick growled, leaning forward slightly.

“I should have warned you about the plebeian button,” Elicia bemoaned, mentally kicking herself.

“I have more goddamn culture in my right pectoral than you probably have in your entire body, Mr. Exalt,” Riri continued. “And I’ll have you kno-”

Ezra rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, I’m sure. Eat a dick, see you at the wedding.” With that, he ended the call, turning to Elicia. “Well… that certainly went well.”

“I… I probably should have warned you a bit further about Riri,” Elicia managed to say after a long moment of silence at Ezra’s audacity. And that makes it twice in a row that he’s been hung up on in the middle of a sentence. “As you can probably tell, he… doesn’t take well to being called unrefined. And that, combined with his already seething resentment for Exalts and people who are involved with me… Just be glad this wasn’t in person.”

“My only regret is I couldn’t see his reaction when I told him to go eat that dick.” He said as if it was some great moment lost to the corners of time.

“I’ll probably have to hear more than enough of it next time we talk…” she muttered. “I knew this was a bad idea. Why’d I let you talk me into this, again?”

“Because we are madly in love…” He said with an enamoured look. “Wanna go to the bar and get wasted so we can forget this?”

“Dear god I’d thought you’d never ask,” Elicia replied, ignoring the nagging voice at the back of her mind that tried to remind her of the folly of that idea.


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Frostlich1228 & Black0ut, “Lamb and Wolfe"

High Orbit over Forseti (May 9tht, 2044)
The Einherjar (1340 Hours, A.S.T.)
Room of Lanore _______

Lanore sat in front of one of the mirrors in her room, staring through at a face she'd been avoiding. Next to the glass lay a black cloth she had used to cover the mirror, she just didn't want to be reminded of what she really looked like, she'd much prefer to let it slip her mind if it could, though she wasn't always lucky enough for that to happen. He swallowed hard, her throat still a little sore from the operation, "Ha...Ah-a-ahh... Hah-ahh-a-aa... Ha-haa... aa-ahh... ve..."

19 shook her head, she'd been having a hard time getting past the 'ah' sound, but the 'Ve' seemed to come a little easier for her.

Thomas walked down the hallway, curious about the pathway, the area new to the medic. Hearing a sound, the medic stopped and concentrated on the noise. It sounds like someone trying to talk... The big man thought. Approaching the door where the disturbance seemed to be, Thomas knocked on the door, calling out, "Are you okay? Do you need any help?"

Lanore looked up towards the door, the sound of his voice muffled heavily by the metal door, Who... Is that?

19 looked at the intercom system next to the door, which allowed someone from the other side to talk into the room much easier, but she had turned it off, wanting some time alone to practice her speaking However, if this male voice was really Narcisse at the door, she would enjoy his company, or at least some help. Lanore decided to open the door herself, placing her arms on the sides of the chair and pushing herself off slowly. 19 started towards the door, her alloy skin clanking against the metal floor, something she had just learned to get used to from living on ships since her abduction. However, this sound was the only one Thomas could hear through the thick door, and it was getting louder with every step she took closer.

Upon hearing the sound, Thomas instinctively took a couple steps back. What have I gotten myself into? The medic thought, nervous that he might have found a really restricted area.

The door slid up quickly, revealing the cold, mechanical stare of a doll faced woman. Her posture was just as uneven and unsettling as her unblinking gaze, "Ho..wh...Oo..aa..."

19 shook her head a little, Who're you?

Thomas froze, shocked by the woman's appearance. after a second, Wolfe regained his composure, and responded calmly, "Thomas Wolfe. And you?" How many times am I going to be surprised like that? I should know by now that the Einherjar is full of interesting individuals...

I am Lanore... Is there something you want? She psied.

Wolfe scratched his head, slightly embarrassed. "Well, I thought heard someone trying to speak, but not being able to. Like they were, injured or dying. So, I decided to see if said person needed my help, as I am a combat medic." The medic said nervously.
Why do I always seem to get into these awkward situations? You think I would learn how to deal with them by now...

Well, you did... I'm trying to relearn how to speak normally... It's not been... The easiest process... Lanore explained.

Wolfe, tilting his head asked, "What happened to make you lose your ability to talk? A traumatic event?"

I was burned... Restrained to a table during a terrible fire... The smoke burned my lungs and destroyed my vocal chords, but thanks to the medical team here, I am able to speak again. She responded, once again recalling the event.

Wolfe looked down, feeling ashamed that he asked her, just slate his curiosity. "I'm sorry that I asked you such a personal question. Who helped patch you up?"

Lanore nodded slowly, looking back up at him, A female doctor... Irina, I believe her name was...

Wolfe nodded, returning his gaze back to Lanore. "When I lost my arm," The medic moved his right arm for emphasis, "She patched me up and got my vitals back to normal. Dr. Beaumont is the reason I have a new arm." The medic moved his arm again, "And yet, I have never seen her. What's she like, if I may ask?"

I didn't talk to her much, but she seemed passionate, caring, and wise... I still wasn't sure whether to go back under the knife... After what happened to me... But with a little talk from her and a... Friend... I was able to steel my nerves... Lanore said, looking at his mechanical arm.

Catching her gaze, Wolfe looked at his own arm. Looking back at Lanore, Wolfe said, "Well, that's good. You finally get to have your voice back."

How did you lose it? If it's not too painful to tell...

"A Balmadaar working with the TFD, shot at me with some sort of particle MEC weapon. The shot hadn't miss..." Wolfe said, his eyes glazing over, the memory of the battle forever scarred into his brain. Shaking his head, the medic continued, "If the shot had been a little bit closer, we wouldn't be having this conversation."

But you are alive and healthy... The same cannot be so easily said about me... I am just... Alive... 19 stated, looking at her own arm shine under the lights on the hallway ceiling.

Wolfe shook his head, " I am not healthy. I have PTSD from the Ethereal Subjugation War, and I still have trauma form losing my arm. Saying that I'm 'healthy' would be inaccurate." Wolfe said, taking a step closer to the woman. " And stop being so pessimistic. Like you said, you're alive. That's something to be proud of, surviving the War. If you continue acting like this, all you will accomplish is furthering you're own suffering."

The Subjugation War? Then perhaps my injury was not entirely bad, if it hadn't happened, I might have met you on the battlefield, along with Alice... And... I would either be dead... Or still under His thumb... Lanore spoke, before silently reflecting more on the thought.

Wolfe tilted his head, curious to what Lanore had meant. "You were under somebody's control? If it doesn't bother you, who was he?" The medic asked. Whoever hurt this woman will be receiving a metallic fist to their face in the near future.

One of the Ethereal's head Engineers... He planned to turn me against my race, and make me a living weapon... But he couldn't salvage me for his desired purpose after my injury... So he locked me in a pod under further notice, that's where your friends found me... twenty years later... I do not know where he is now, but 37 said that he is likely under lock and key back on his own homeworld, at least, according to what your Commander explained.

"Most war criminals from the War ended up in various prisons, so you're friend was right. Is this 37 someone who came with you in the pods?" Thomas asked.

Yes... As well as 24... However, 37 greatly dislikes organics like you and I... So if you see her, do not expect her to act friendly... Lanore stated.

"Thanks for the tip. If I see this 37, I'll do my best to keep a neutral attitude towards her, regardless of what she says." Thomas replied.

She's an amorphous shape shifting AI, I doubt you'll have trouble seeing her, but you'll only find her if she wants you to, she can hide in practically any crack... Lanore explained, looking around for a second, as if expecting to find evidence of the aforementioned AI's presence.

"Well, while that slightly disturbs me, I bet I can convince her to open up to us 'Organics'. The jerk who held you captive probably did something to her, making her automatically distrust anything non-robotic. Besides, I'm already part machine. I might be able to talk to her, considering I'm not fully an 'organic'." The medic said, also peering out to see if the AI was listening.

While that may be part of the cause... I don't think she'll be so easily convinced. I wish you luck. Lanore replied.

"I'll probably need it, Ms. Lanore. However, if you...ever need someone to talk to, just let me know alright? I swear I'm a pretty nice guy, well, once you get to know me." The cyborg said, a smile on his face. "Would it be alright if I stopped by tomorrow?"

Oh uh... Sure... I'd like that... It's been nice meeting you Mr. Wolfe... 19 said, smiling internally.

"And it's been a pleasure meeting you, Miss Lanore." Thomas said, giving a smile. The big man walked off, leaving the doll to her thoughts.


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The Wife and Kids? Part One

The Einherjar
Room of Connor & Tracey

Korra scratched directly under the neck of Tracey's new pet, the oversized Tamearin cat purring like a motorboat. "They love this," she explained to the young girl. "Here, and at the base of their tail. They also adore being brushed, and it makes for great bonding time. I used to do it with my kitty while listening to soft music."

Tracey giggled as she scratched near the base if the cat's tail. She had Korra braid her hair, the girl ecstatic about spending time with the woman so much there wasn't a day the girl didn't ask to see the Tamearin. "I love Lani!" Tracey put her arms around the cat.

"And I think she loves you," Korra added. "You two have bonded well. Which means she'll protect you, no matter what."

"Just like you Korra." Tracey added with a big smile, jumping up and wrapping her arms around the woman, "You protect me too, right? Because you are a soldier like Daddy?"

"Of course!" Korra squeezed her tightly. She brought her tail around, playfully brushing Tracey's nose. "What I wouldn't have given to have had a little sister like you growing up."

When Korra brushed her nose, Tracey sneezed and rubbed her nose, getting a mischievous look and grabbing the tail. "Gotcha!" She exclaimed.

Korra shuddered a bit, but didn't complain. She found an odd kind of piece playing with this child, having not been around many children in the past five years, and was compelled to make her happy, especially in light of the turmoil she had faced.

Although Tracey loved teasing the tip of the tail, she did stop, just holding the appendage in her arms like a toy and laying her head down on Korra's lap. "I love you Korra." She said lightly, smiling. "You are a wonderful lady to be with."

Korra chuckled a bit, not expecting that kind of affection. "I... I love you too, mujamo tayn." She smiled at Tracey. "You're a very special girl."

"Thank you." Tracey made a look that looked like she was sucking on a sour candy. "What is... moo... moojamo ta... tain?"

"Um... I think the best English word would be... precious?" Korra frowned. "That's a good thing, right?"

"It means something very important to someone, so I guess."

The girl cuddled up with Korra as the door to the room opened and a sweaty Connor, returning from a training session, smiled. "Hey girls. Staying out of trouble?"

"How could we not with this precious little thing?" Korra grinned at Connor. "Have a nice little workout?"

"Yeah, it was alright. Nothing too special," He quickly threw off his shirt and replaced it, letting out a sigh as he calmed down, getting his bearings. "Alright... Would you two like lunch? I am starved."

Korra watched him closely, instinctively licking her lips. "Yeah... I sure am hungry." She blinked several times, and shook her head. "I mean yes. That would be nice."

"Alright." He responded, grabbing the key to the room as the three left. Tracey preferred to stay between the two adults, reaching up and grabbing each of their hands, sometimes asking them to swing her in the air, the girl making a game of it as they headed toward the mess.

"How do you like the food here?" Korra asked Tracey. "O'Brien... Brigid always says it's much better than XCOM food, but I wouldn't know."

"It is good. Some of it tastes a little bad but I love the vegetables. They remind me of Grandma's garden. They were always fresh and so good." Tracey said, though her tone suggested veggies were still a problem with her to a degree.

Korra leaned down and whispered, "I usually sneak my veggies onto Brigid's plate, at least until she catches me and tells about it. But she needs all the help she can get to grow big and strong."

"Yeah, especially since she is so tiny!" Tracey said snickering.

Korra snicked back, and walked ahead a bit, opening the door for the other two. "After you, fare lady and valiant knight."

"Thank you Madame." Tracey said as she entered, Connor rolling his eyes but smiling and going along with it as he entered behind her.

"I'll go find us a nice table if you get our lunches," Korra offered. "Just get me whatever Tracey is having."

"Alright." Connor said, walking with Tracey to get in line, leaving the table to Korra.

Finding a nice table in the corner, Korra closed her eyes for a moment, yawning deeply. Someone sat at the table, at she said, "Well, that was... quick..." She frowned. "What do you want, Geshtal?"

Her brother wagged his finger. "What's with the hostility. I thought we agreed I could talk to you."

"We agreed Kallpa wouldn't hit you for talking to me," Korra corrected. "That doesn't mean we're exactly on speaking terms."

"Always with the anger." Geshtal moved to stand up. "I guess you don't want to know about you friends in the brig."

Korra reached over and grabbed his sleeve. "Wait. I'm sorry. Please, tell me."

Geshtal sat back down, and took out a computer pad. "Arrangements have been made with you Commander, surprisingly for both women. All that is left is clearing it with Tamear. A lot of legal paperwork, but otherwise, they are in the clear... assuming they behave themselves."

Korra clapped her hands together excitedly. "Wonderful!"

Tracey ran over to Korra, seeming to ignore her brother. "Daddy wants to know what you want to drink."

"Um... a cola, if that's alright." Korra patted Tracey on the head, seeming to momentarily forget about her brother herself.

Nodding her head, Tracey glanced at the other Tamearin for a brief moment, running back to her father.

"Who... was that?" Geshtal slowly asked.

Korra's eyes widened a bit. "Who, her? Nobody. Whelp, time for you to leave."

"She seemed to know you..."

"I've seen her around a few times."

"...she said daddy..."

"So she has a father, big deal."

"...you never told me your boyfriend had a daughter..."

Korra bit her lip nervously. "Seriously, you need to go. Now!"

Before Geshtal could answer, Tracey returned with Connor, Tracey taking a spot next to Korra, rather closely, pushing a tray in front of the alien woman. "They had a bunch of mini burgers, so I got you a few with fries." Tracey told Korra with a warm smile, popping a fry into her mouth and leaning against Korra. Connor seemed to eye Geshtal but said nothing, the man having a wrap.

"Um... right..." Geshtal smiled lightly, and offered his hand to Conner. "My name is Geshtal Devolina. And who might you be?"

He took the man's hand, shaking it. "Name's Connor. Didn't know Korra had family in the ship." He said neutrally.

Tracey began humming a tune to herself, bringing the Tamearin braid over her shoulder and playing with it as she ate her food.

"Yes, well... Korra and I... do not interact that much." Geshtal glanced over at his sister, a look of dread on her face. "Is this child your daughter? Hello, little one. What is your name?"

"I'm Tracey." She said with a smile, though a feeling of uneasiness made her arms wrap around Korra.

Connor glanced at his child, his gaze going back to the alien male. "She is my daughter, yes."

"Children are precious. While a bit more on the emotional side, human children are a lot like Tamearin children." Geshtal looked back at Connor. "Tell me... how long have you... seen my sister... is the expression?"

"Going on two months now, but we really didn't see each other much... she has been coming over a lot more to help take care of Tracey recently, which I appreciate." Connor responded cautiously. "What are you getting at?"

"Well... can't a brother be protective?" Geshtal shrugged. "Besides, I suppose I am curious. It was just the other day I saw the oneman Korra claimed to be with." He looked Conner up and down and glanced at his sister. "I see you have a type."