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XSDF Overview/Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the eXtra Stellar Defense Force, or XSDF, is the protection of the humanity and the Earth as a whole, particularly as it relates to the use, production, and distribution of extraterrestrial materials, minimizing the negative impact, and maximizing the positive impact, these have on society, establishing positive relations with alien life, protecting the Earth for alien threats, and overseeing the spread of humanity across the galaxy.

At the end of the Human-Ethereal Subjugation War, official as of the signing of the Human-Ethereal Anti-Aggression Treaty on January 7th, 2019, the primary military body responsible for the Earth's victory, known as XCOM, was disbanded. However, it was agreed that the influence of new alien technology on the human race would be dangerous if not carefully regulated. Furthermore, the Earth was now a part of the galaxy at large, and needed someone to assure positive relations with extraterrestrial life.

Because of this, the remnants of XCOM brought about the XSDF. Backed by the International Council of Nations, the XSDF set about to assure the safety of humanity above all else. Originally located in Moscow, Russia, several small outposts were built in key locations across the world, while the main headquarters was quickly relocated to an orbital space station, so none could claim the influence of one nation or another by housing them. It was important from the beginning for the XSDF to establish themselves as a body interested in the welfare of everyone, everywhere. It was decided that the Supra-Battleship 'Arkbird' would not act as the headquarters so it it could act entirely as defense ship for the Earth.

Materials, armor, and weapons were seized, and were distributed evenly amongst the powers of the world so as not to play any favorites, with the most dangerous of items (i.e. Plasma and Fusion weaponry) being kept by the XSDF itself.

The substance known as Tz6, otherwise known as MELD, was regulated very carefully. It was an important part of cybernetic and medical research, but had to be distributed carefully as to not give one nation superior influence over another through the use of cybernetics for non-medical reasons and genetic modification. Such procedures done without sanction were met with heavy discipline. Furthermore, the exposure of psionics to the world at large was monitored closely, though less restricted as increasing exposure to psionic energy made for the occasional awakening of potential, however small, and the children of those with psionics already unlocked had an increased chance of unlocking them naturally. The XSDF oversaw special statutes, backed by the Council of Nations, to not only assure these psions would not abuse their abilities, but to protect said psions from those who might see them harmed.

The incredible technological advances resulted in medical science having a significant boom, and the XSDF made sure the benefit of this was shared across the world. Special care was made to assure less powerful nations, such as those not represented by the Council, were allowed to share in the healthcare. Furthermore, as colonization and terraforming efforts on Mars for agricultural needs proved successful, supplying much needed sustenance for a quickly growing population thanks to the post war baby boom, as well as the improved medical technology, poorer nations, particularly those that had difficulty growing their own food because of climate or overpopulation, were given priority.

As more and more alien life wished to visit the planet Earth, the XSDF oversaw visits, made efforts to assure the visiting beings could be trusted, and did what they could to assure the safety of both humans that might come in contact with the aliens, and the aliens themselves.

Finally, as the desire to move beyond the confines of our planet grew, both for exploration reasons and to deal with overpopulation, the XSDF oversaw the movement of individuals to colonies and the development of said colonies, to assure that they could maintain themselves, and to assure none would developed on planets claimed by other beings or containing intelligent life.

For nearly a decade after its inception, the XSDF struggled to maintain its mission. From stolen alien materials, to grabs for personal favors by certain countries, some making threats of they were not satisfied, to resistance by individuals, groups, or whole countries accusing the XSDF of aspiring for world control, to anti-alien sentiment and unprovoked acts of violence towards visitors, to struggles within colonies bought on by differences in nationality, culture, or personal beliefs, the beginning years seemed to be one struggle after another.

These struggles were lightened thanks to a massive exchange of knowledge and technology with a number of cooperative worlds in 2029, with limited supplies replenished, the XSDF's ability to please others increased, and better technology in a number of fields.

Today, there is still plenty of resistance towards the XSDF, but it holds favor with most, as twenty-five years without sign of corruption has gone a long way to building their image. Their goals remain the same, and they have had to expand quite a bit to assist with the increasing number of off world colonies. The end goal of the XSDF is for humanity to one day have full global peace, and for the citizens of the planet to see themselves as one people, without the need for a massive war against extraterrestials to motivate them.

The XSDF has a number of battleships meant for the defense of the planet from outside threats, including the two Supra-Battleships acquired during the War of Subjugation, the Akrbird protecting Earth and the Starfield protecting the Sol system at large. Their soldiers act as policing bodies for colonies until they stabilize, and they are responsible for responding to distress calls. While they have more supplies of non-Earth materials then most countries, their supply is still limited, and said supply is currently in need of restocking. While the XSDF is not a governing body itself, the Council of Nations trust their decisions. It works with some of the leading research, engineering, and scientific organizations in the world, including Cross Technologies, and EXALT Enterprises.

It's current leadership position is held by Commander Astasha Streczyk. Its second-in-commander is former Commander Aya Brea.


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Your character can be human or one of the other races mentioned elsewhere on this thread. The exceptions are Silicids (not playable), Chryssalids (not playable), Incubators (not playable), the Outsiders (require special permissions), and the Ethereals (which will require special permissions due to their psionic prowess). If you have three or more characters, at least half should be human.

Characters can have practically any reason for joining the XSDF as long as they weren't forced to join by being threatened or blackmailed. You can play as a soldier, scientist, engineer, or other base staff role approved by the GM. Just be aware that playing a soldier can be more time consuming than staff characters. You aren’t required to play a soldier, but if you have the time you’d probably enjoy it.

Characters don't need to be experts, but some experience is preferred for the first soldiers. Later soldiers can by less experienced as XSDF pool of recruits starts to run thin.

After your character's first promotion, you are free to give them any class you wish, from EW or Long War (the ten basic classes and any others will be listed here). Familiarize yourself with the class of your character.

Nobody is perfect, and if your character has certain psychological problems, that's okay. Just keep it in reason. Having problems getting along with others and being a bit coo-coo on the field is fine, but if they do anything that would normally get them discharged, then they're probably going to be discharged.

If you want to give your character any features or abilities that delve into the realm of Science Fiction (Notably Psionics, also mentioned on this thread), please PM me privately to get my approval first.

Everyone is free to make their characters unique, and I am open for ideas. That said, avoid introducing any idea beyond the norm without running it by me first. I do not like telling people to delete something after it goes up, but I will if need be.

You're free to kill off your character at your own discretion, provided you have a good reason to do so. If you wish to start right away with a new character, it is prefered that you introduce them at least one or two posts beforehand first if possible.


The current headquarters of the XSDF, at least for this story, will be a large battleship called the "Einherjar". It will be roughly the size of the old XCOM base in Siberia in terms of interior space, and the layout is similar. The ship is equipped with strong shields and plasma weaponry, as well as twin fusion lances. (Though nothing as powerful as the 'Last Word' cannons of the Supra Battleship "Arkbird" in orbit around Earth for defense).

Most base roleplaying will be at the HQ. Additional, there will be a smaller, localized base in the colonies you can RP at if you characters are there at that point in time for any reason.

I'll try to be available to RP with the senior staff as much as possible, but if I'm not, simply tell me what you want them to do, and if I approve, you're free to control them for that post.


General Notes

Maintenance tunnels and elevators are accessible only to authorized Engineers. The same goes for anywhere they lead, like room generator/gravity chambers.

Authorized personnel means if you received permission from security or an officer of some sort (chiefs of staff are technically officers) to go on that floor. Though it would have to be a relevant officer (for instance, a scientific head can't authorize you to go in the main generator room). High-ranking personnel can often go wherever they'd like as long as they don't abuse their privileges.

Note that certain rooms fall under common sense outside of the 'blanket' floor access rules. For instance, a soldier would probably get in trouble for snooping around in the meat freezer. Just order the food like a normal person, por favor. If you have a question about a specific room, please ask. All Engineers is different from Engineers, the latter meaning ones that have a reason to be on the designated floor.

Maintenance Staff have access to pretty much anywhere they're needed. They consist of two packs of Bajir, a handful of humans, and hundreds of repair drones.

Access by Floor (Bolded Floors indicate ones that aren't general access)

Floor 1: Main Bridge (Bridge Staff and Authorized Personnel ONLY)
Floor 2: Bridge Commons (All Staff Members, especially since the chief staff often have visitors to their rooms for discussions)
Floor 3: Bridge Auxiliaries (Bridge Staff and Authorized Personnel ONLY)
Floor 4: Hangars and Ship Construction (Engineers and Authorized Personnel ONLY)
Floor 5: Training Facilities (All Staff Members and Guests)
Floor 6: Recreational and Exchange Facilities (All Staff Members and Guests)
Floor 7: Scientific Laboratories (All Scientists and Authorized Engineers and Doctors)
Floor 8: Engineering Bay (All Engineers and Authorized Scientists and Doctors)
Floor 9: Medical Ward (All Staff Members and Guests)
Floor 10: Data Storage and Access (All Staff Members)
Floor 11: Refugee Quarters and General Staff Quarters (All Staff Members and Guests)
Floor 12: Medical and Maintenance Staff Quarters (All Staff Members and Guests)
Floor 13: The Barracks (Soldiers, Security, Pilots, and Authorized Personnel)
Floor 14: Scientific and Engineering Staff Quarters (All Staff Members and Guests)
Floor 15: Agricultural Center (All Staff Members and Guests)
Floor 16: The Brig (Soldiers, Security, and Authorized Personnel ONLY)
Floor 17: Cargo Hold and Secondary Hangar (All Staff Members)
Floor 18: Secondary Generator Room (Engineers and Authorized Personnel ONLY)
Floor 19: Engine Room Access (Engineers and Authorized Personnel ONLY)
"Floor Twenty": A large empty space beneath the constructed portions of the ship. (All Staff Members and Guests unless instructed otherwise)

Specific Rooms of Note

F1: Don't go into the defense storage room unless we're under attack.
F2: Don't go into anyone's room without permission (doors have an electronic lock and a physical lock). This applies to all floors with personal quarters.
F3: Situation Room is for officers only.
F4: Don't go in the munitions storehouses without a reason.
F5: Holo-Room 4 is primarily for soldier and security training.
F6: Communications Room requires appointments. Calls are monitored and recorded.
F10: This is an important one. The Records Room is accessible to Authorized Personnel ONLY. That room is the only one on this floor that actually stores sensitive XSDF data.
F16: Soldiers are sometimes assigned to security detail on this floor, but otherwise should have a reason to be down here, be it a visit or otherwise, and it needs to be approved first.
F20: There's nothing dangerous here since it's just a big, open space. That's why its general access. If construction is taking place that label is lifted, however.

Individual Facilities by Floor


GM will set up mission once week (if possible), depending on everyone's availability (including myself). I will do my best to make sure everyone gets an equal number of missions they get to go on, but if you think you not be able to make a mission post if chosen on that particular week, let me know so I can skip you and send another (Everyone has a personal life, so don't hesitate to let me know if you are busy)

The mission begins with an overview detailing its contents. Once that overview goes up (usually followed by the mission itself within a few minutes), do not post until the mission has been posted in its entirety.

The XSDF will not have an abundance of plasma weapons to start with, most of the most advanced weapons available to us in the hands of Earth’s defenders. To begin with, only officers will have plasma weaponry available to them, and the rest of XCOM’s forces will use pulse or gauss. It should be noted that pulse and gauss are going to be fairly equal, at least in our hands. They just fulfill different roles, so pick your loadout wisely.

Armor will come in the powered designs. Initially, this includes Corsair, Aegis, and Seraph armor, with a few shadow and aurora armors for special use only. Medium MECH suits will be the norm for awhile, as well.

Your gear contains slots for two extra items, which will be listed in the technology section along with weapons and armor.

New weapons and armor will be made available by the GM as the story comes along and the XSDF gathers more supplies secured from the mines.

All soldiers carry a standard issue side-arm, regardless of class.

Missions sites will be fairly detailed to set a strong structure for the story, but players are free to write it out as they wish.

What enemies you'll meet and how they'll be grouped will be given, but you can describe which of them you fight, how many are taken down by you and how many are killed by others, and what order you encounter them. The alien bios here are meant to be a reference to make your storytelling easier, but you are not required to use everything in them.

Other soldiers sent on the missions are "Red Shirts", to act, perform, and be used as you see fit. In addition, you a free to kill one or two if you wish, just don't do it too often, as it'll make me look bad to our backers if I'm losing people left and right. You are allowed to ‘characterize’ 3-5 of these red shirts if you want to, giving them a bit of personality and backstory to make them feel more alive. Just understand that they are not exclusively yours: other roleplayers will use these NPCs on missions and may not play them perfectly to your specifications, so keep it simple.
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“Vanguard of Forseti” Lore, Part 1 (Materials and Weaponry)


MELD (Tz6) - Used in fields as wide as genetic modification, cybernetics, and metallurgy, the Tz6 is a valuable commodity. It is created from self-replicating nanites suspended in mineral salt solutions as simple as NaCl. Their primary structure is produced from the salt crystals floating within, and they manufacture their innards using the components for life, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. They work at the cellular level, building or modifying tissue to heal wounds or modify organs, or even change genes entirely. Special blends of Tz6 can be made to work better with specific species for better results, though this takes a considerable amount of effort and time. The MELD can also be used to bond elements that otherwise could not be in proximity without catastrophic results.

Zero Alloy (0A) - Formerly referred to as 'alien alloys' by humanity, the zero alloy as it is now called gets its name from how it is manufactured. By combining titanium, iron, carbon, xenon, and aluminum using Tz6 in zero gravity, an extraordinarily durable metal is produced. It can withstain several times the impact that steel can, a few centimeters being practically immune to conventional bullets. In addition to this, it is about as light as aluminum, and is heat resistant. It requires temperatures exceeding 3500C to be melted.

Elerium (E117) - Elerium has ushered in a new age of energy. It is formed from a crystalline element not found in the Sol System, or most star systems for that matter. Because of this scarcity, it is expensive, rare, and regulated by most governments. Humanity has begun establishing colonies to find their own source of elerium without relying on the Ethereals. What makes it so valuable? By bombarding it with alpha and beta particles, E-117 generates an astonishing amount of energy that can be used to power weapons, armor, other technology, or even entire ships.


Types of Guns
(Damage percentages based off the rifle as 100%)

Gauss Autopistol
Pulse Blaster
Plasma Pistol
Fusion Pistol
Particle Pistol

Heavy Pistols
Gauss Ripper
Pulse Meltdowner
Plasma Mauler
Fusion Bonecrusher
Particle Collider

Truncated Shotguns ('Sawed-off' Shotguns)
HSGC (Hand Scatter Gauss Cannon)
HSPB (Hand Scatter Pulse Blaster)
HSPC (Hand Scatter Plasma Cannon)
SPW (Sunspot Prism Weapon)
STAB (Scatter Truncated Antimatter Blaster)

Submachine Guns (SMGs) (increased accuracy on the move, 50% damage)
Gauss Stuttergun
Pulse Stengun
Plasma Stormgun
Fusion Quakegun
Fragment Ray

Carbines (increased accuracy, 75% damage)
Gauss Carbine
Pulse Carbine
Plasma Carbine

Rifles (100% damage)
Gauss Rifle
Pulse Rifle
Plasma Rifle
Fusion Rifle
Particle Rifle

Heavy Rifle (All classes but snipers, gunners, and shadow operatives) (reduced accuracy, 125% damage)
Gauss Heavy Rifle
Pulse Heavy Rifle
Plasma Heavy Rifle
Fusion Heavy Rifle
Particle Heavy Rifle

Marksman Rifles (Scouts, Snipers, Shadow Operatives, and Paratroopers)
Alloy Strike Rifle
Blaster Rifle
Reflex Rifle
Sunspot Rifle
Antimatter Rifle

Sniper Rifles (Snipers, Shadow Operatives, and Domineers)
Gauss Long Rifle (HEAT ammo, double damage to robots)
Pulse Sniper Rifle
Plasma Sniper Rifle
Fusion Sniper Rifle
Particle Long Rifle

Shotguns (Scouts, Assaults, Infantries, Engineers, Medics, Destroyers, Paratroopers, and Domineers)
Alloy Cannon
Pulse Scatterblaster
Reflex Cannon
Sunspot Cannon
Antimatter Blaster

SAWs (Squad Automatic Weapons) (Gunners, Heavies, Destroyers, and Paratroopers)
Gauss Autorifle
Pulse Autoblaster
Plasma Novagun
Fusion Ravager
Particle Nullifer

LMGs (Light Machine Guns) (Gunners, Heavies, Destroyers, and Domineers)
Gauss Machine Gun
Gatling Pulser
Plasma Dragon
Fusion Kerberant
Gatling Atomizer

MEC Weapons (MEC Only, obviously)
Pulse Lance
Plasma Ravager
Fusion Dagon
Particle Cannon

SHIV Weapons (Same drill as MEC weapons)
Sentry Gun
Superheavy Pulser
Superheavy Plasma
Sunspot Turret
Antimatter Turret

Tech Levels

Ballistics: With bullets made of steel or other garden-variety metals, ballistics are not the most powerful weapons, but are deadly to the unarmored. They are fired using gunpowder and mechanical responses. Their attack power can be strengthened by zero alloy jacketed rounds. Available to the common populace.

Beam Lasers: Using sophisticated charge packs and heat dispersal technology, it is possible to create weaponized lasers. More powerful than bullets, they can sear a target or damage shields, but lack some of the penetrating ability of solid attacks. Can be strengthened by beam optics that concentrate the laser further for increased damage. Available in a more limited fashion to the common populance, and all world governments.

Gauss: Gauss weapons are a return to roots with a twist. Their barrels are constructed with the zero alloys, and for good reason: they fire rail-accelerated alloy rounds. Utilizing advanced technology, they put railguns in the hands of regular infantry troopers that can use them to deadly effect, able to penetrate armor with vicious results but not so effective against shields. Available to rich governemnts.

Pulse Lasers: An advanced form of laser weapons that requires alloys for structural stability and some elerium for power supply and regulation. They are similar to beam weapons, but utilize a resonance system that gives them a drill-like effect. This makes them more damaging, and offers a bit of penetrating power. While not as effective as gauss in punching through armor, pulse lasers are more effective against shields than the railguns. Only available to the most elite.

Plasma: The most deadly weapon available to man. Plasma weapons are made up of alloy frames, elerium power cores, and are infused with Tz6 to be stable. They fire superheated gases that can melt through armor and even shields even better than Gauss or Pulse. However, due to their heavy reliance on elerium, they are expensive to manufacture, but certainly worth it.

Fusion: Thus far, fusion weapons are mostly confined to ship weapons. They combine force field technology to wrap up a lance of fusion energy, and then fire the unique projectiles. On contact the force field will be mostly gone, but the intense, star-like heat of the blast can tear through even alien alloys with ease.

Particle: A largely untapped potential, particle weapons are the third step of lasers and the opposite of fusion. By irradiating elerium (which was quite the tense experiment for the X-COM scientists that first discovered it), antimatter particles are briefly created that are capable of disintegrating matter.
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“Vanguard of Forseti” Lore, Part 2 (Armor and Shields)


Levels of Protection
(Vulnerable, very weak, weak, moderate, strong, very strong, immune)

Very Light
Ballistics - Weak
Beam Lasers - Weak
Gauss - Vulnerable
Pulse Lasers - Vulnerable
Plasma - Vulnerable
Fusion - Vulnerable
Particle - Vulnerable

Ballistics - Moderate
Beam Lasers - Moderate
Gauss – Very Weak
Pulse Lasers – Very Weak
Plasma - Vulnerable
Fusion - Vulnerable
Particle - Vulnerable

Ballistics - Strong
Beam Lasers – Strong
Gauss - Weak
Pulse Lasers - Weak
Plasma – Very Weak
Fusion – Very Weak
Particle – Very Weak

Ballistics – Very Strong
Beam Lasers – Very Strong
Gauss - Moderate
Pulse Lasers - Moderate
Plasma - Weak
Fusion – Weak
Particle - Weak

Ballistics - Immune
Beam Lasers - Immune
Gauss - Strong
Pulse Lasers - Strong
Plasma - Moderate
Fusion - Moderate
Particle - Moderate

Armor Variants

Body Armor: Conventional kevlar and bulletproof armor.

Tac Vest - Very light armor for mobility. Barely any defense.
Tac Armor - Light armor that forgoes a bit of dexterity for more defense than the tac vest. -1 DEX

Alloy Suits: Armor made of unrefined Zero Alloys. Heavy, and unable to do anything special.

Skeleton Suit - Light armor that comes with a grapple. +1 DEX
Phalanx Armor - Medium armor with some defense. -1 DEX
Carapace Armor - Heavy armor with significant protection from aforementioned weapon types. -2 DEX, -1 STR, +1 CON

Basic Powered Armor: Refined Zero Alloy armor with an elerium battery to power servos and other functions.

Flash Vest - Light armor built for operators who want to avoid hampering their mobility but still have half-decent protection against most hits. Gives 9 armor on torso, 3 elsewhere on the body.
Banshee Armor - Light armor with a grapple and servomotors designed for speed. +3 DEX
Corsair Armor - Medium armor with a grapple. More defense than banshee, but less dexterity. +1 STR, +2 DEX, +1 CON
Servo Armor – Medium armor similar to Corsair Armor, but boasts a network of servomotors along the arms to assist with carrying heavy loads. Enables user to overwatch with weapons that require bracing after moving, but not fire after moving. Immune to fire while structural integrity holds. +1 CON, +3 STR

Heavy Powered Armor: Stronger power armor variants. All have an internal oxygen supply and are thus immune to fire and poison while structural integrity holds.

Aegis Armor - Heavy armor with no special functions. High defense and a small mobility bonus. +1 DEX, +1 STR, +2 CON
Vanquisher Armor – Heavy armor with a network of scaled down pulse jets that can provide up to 360 seconds of additional movement speed before running out of fuel. Cannot provide vertical lift, but can slow dangerous falls. Built-in grappling hook. +1 CON, +2 DEX (situational)
Titan Armor - Superheavy armor that is incredibly durable and is difficult to damage with lasers. +2 STR, +3 CON
Lunar Armor - Superheavy armor that is highly durable and comes with balanced bonuses. +1 STR, +3 CON, +1 DEX
Bastion Armor - Superheavy armor that has a layer of ablative armor that soaks 50% of all oncoming damage until the total soaked damage breaches the total armor value of the soldier, whereupon it is destroyed and the Dex penalty is removed. +1 STR, +2 CON, -1 DEX,

Flight Armor: Powered armor designed for limited flight capabilities and even space combat. Unspecialized powered armor can also do this, but is not optimized for aerial battles. All have an internal oxygen supply and are thus immune to fire and poison while structural integrity holds.

Cleric Armor - Light armor capable of twenty five (25) to thirty (30) minutes of sustained flight in the air. +4 DEX
Seraph Armor - Medium armor capable of fifteen (15) or twenty (20) minutes of sustained flight in the air. +3 DEX, +1 CON
Archangel Armor - Heavy armor capable of nine (9) to ten (10) minutes of sustained flight in the air. Designed originally for Atka Ipiktok. +1 STR, +2 DEX, +2 CON
Wyrm Armor - Superheavy armor capable of five (5) to eight (8) minutes of sustained flight in the air. +2 STR, +1 DEX, +3 CON

Psi Armor: Powered armors with psionic functions. All have an internal oxygen supply and are thus immune to poison while structural integrity holds.

Aurora Armor - Medium armor that increases the will and psionic prowess of the user. +1 DEX, +2 CON, +2 WIL
Vortex Armor - Heavy armor that increases the will and psionic prowess of the user. +3 CON, +3 WIL

Stealth Armor: Powered armors with cloaking functions. All have an internal oxygen supply and are thus immune to poison while structural integrity holds.

Shadow Armor - Light armor designed for stealth, can maintain cloak for about twenty minutes. +3 DEX
Silhouette Armor – Medium Cloak Armor. Can maintain cloak for about 15 minutes. +1 CON, +2 DEX
Ghoul Armor – Heavy Cloak Armor. Can maintain cloak for only 10 minutes, but comes with a built-in high-frequency armblade and servos that can deliver that weapon with a powerful stab . +1 STR, +2 CON, +1 DEX

Merger Armor: Crosses between flight, stealth, and psi armor.

Nova Armor - Combination of aurora and seraph armor designed originally for Elene Exalt herself. +3 DEX, +1 CON, +2 WIL
Nebula Armor - Combination of vortex and archangel armor. +2 DEX, +2 CON, +3 WIL
Ghost Armor - Light armor that increases the will of a psion and allows for 15 minutes of cloaking. +2 DEX, +1 CON, +1 WIL
Wraith Armor - Medium armor that increases the will of a psion and allows for 10 minutes of cloaking. +2 DEX, +2 CON, +2 WIL

Mechanized Trooper Armor: Powered mech suits that require a MEC trooper to operate. Come in defense (tank) variants, as well as offense (combat) and assistance (support) types. Tank Armor has ONE subsystem, Combat Armor has TWO subsystems, and Support Armor has THREE subsystems. Item slots vary. Defense armors sacrifice some strength and significant mobility, as well as item slots, for incredible durability. Combat armors are designed for strength to increase their effectiveness with weaponry and have moderate constitution and dexterity. Finally, support armors have the highest mobility and item slots generally, but aren't as durable or strong as the other variants.

MEC-1 Paladin - Medium general use armor, no specialization. 3 item slots. +6 STR, +4 DEX, +6 CON
MEC-2 Defender - Medium tank armor equipped with jetboots. 2 item slots. +8 STR, +6 DEX, +7 CON
MEC-3 Valiant - Medium combat armor. 3 item slots. +7 STR, +5 DEX, +6 CON.
MEC-4 Dauntless - Heavy combat armor. 4 item slots. +12 STR, +6 DEX, +8 CON
MEC-5 Devastator - Heavy tank armor with an alien alloy shield. 1 item slot. +10 STR, +2 DEX, +12 CON
MEC-6 Vanguard - Medium support armor. 5 item slots. +4 STR, +12 DEX, +5 CON
MEC-7 Vindicator - Heavy support armor. 6 item slots. +6 STR, +8 DEX, +6 CON

Forcefield Technology (Shields): What we call shields are force fields designed to block incoming weapons fire and environmental hazards. They are usually mounted on large vehicles like tanks or starships. It is possible to scale them down for infantry use, but neither humanity nor the Humiliata (Ethereals) have managed that as of yet.

General Protection (As applies to different weapons)

Ballistics - Immune
Beam Lasers - Moderate
Gauss - Strong
Pulse Lasers – Weak
Plasma - Moderate
Fusion - Moderate
Particle - Moderate
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“Vanguard of Forseti” Lore, Part 3 (Power, Propulsion, and Human-Alien Relations)

Sources of Power:

Fossil Fuels: Made from burning the remains of ancient animals and plants in a gas (Natural Gas), liquid (Crude Oil), or solid (Coal) form. A fairly archaic means of achieving propulsion, and somewhat polluting, but simple and cost effective when compared to other sources of propulsion. Often combined with solar energy, and used for ground vehicles and basic flying vehicles.

Thermal: Used to power facilities or to store up energy for later purposes, using naturally occurring pockets of gas or magma deposits within a planet. Do not produce as much energy as elerium generators, but much more supply friendly.

Elerium: Much more cost effective and less polluting than fossil fuels. Able to produce far greater amounts of energy then basic fossil fuels, but naturally subject to the limited supply of elerium. Used to power advanced vehicles, and a favorite to power spacecrafts and facilities requiring a lot of power.

Fusion: Fusion power is the generation of energy by nuclear fusion. Fusion reactions are high energy reactions in which two lighter atomic nuclei fuse to form a heavier nucleus. When they combine, some of the mass is lost. This is converted into energy through E=mc^2. Dispenses with the supply cost of fossil fuel and Elerium, and the waste products produced by fossil fuels and nuclear fission reactions. Does not produce quite the same amount of power as Elerium generators, and take quite a large amount of supplies and care to build and maintain. Often used to supplement Elerium generators for the sake of conserving power.

Propulsion Technology:

Gravimetric Field Displacement: Propulsion systems that allow for faster than light travel. Achieved by generating warp fields to form a subspace bubble that envelop a ship, distorting the local spacetime continuum and moving the starship at velocities that could greatly exceed the speed of light. Powered by the simultaneous destruction of matter and antimatter when brought to together in a GFD reactor, using Elerium as a stabilizer in the reaction, and able to produce 4,000 teradynes per second.

Zero-Space Travel: Use of special z-space engines allow for travel through zero space, a anti-space zone of nothingness, no matter, no time, just whiteness, a zone in constant flux, existing simultaneously alongside regular space. Arguably easier to cover great distances then through the use of GFD reactors, but at a price. The technology to create z-space engines is limited, and it is important to note that Z-space is constantly in a state of flux, and so, Z-space routes that could take one day right now, may take take a month or ten years later to travel through. Thus, z-space is the preferred method of travel if mapped correctly, but at other times, it is not an option.

Accessible through a black hole, but only if one can survive the trip.


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Human-Alien Relationships:

Special Note: All alien life amongst the planet Earth carries with it some supporters, and some radical hatred. None are without stigma, either based on appearance, personality, or role in the war. Civilian opinion has improved since colonization began, and exchange programs between Earth and alien worlds have helped, but there will likely always be a degree of mistrust between sides. As such, this is a generalized relationship guide, as seen between the XSDF and Earth ruling parties, and the respective government bodies on other planets.


Relations with the Humilitia were, naturally, were incredibly shaky at first. Even with the majority of the formally named 'Ethereal's' primary aggressors against Earth dead, imprisoned, or on the run, one can not deny the humans had a right to be wary amongst such a powerful race. To this day, Humilitia need a special license to be able to move amongst the Earth or its colonies without having to where a powerful inhibitor. However, as time has passed, and word of the Humilitias' honest attempt to fix their mistakes, the XSDF has started a cautious alliance with the psionic beings, and so far, they have yet to show signs of returning to their old ways as before.

Your average citizen, however, still has trouble getting along with your average Humilitia.


The somewhat capricious nature of most Sectoids make relations with them difficult to relate to, and some caution must be taken in trusting them to task, given some tend to have situational loyalties.

That said, aside from the most aggressive clones, the Sectoids have respect for humans, particularly those that do not look down on them. Your average human is nervous around Sectoids, both because of their psionics reminding them of their former master, and their unsettling appearance. Sectoids, however, are popular amongst the science community, and the XSDF employs a number of them for their impressive intelligence.


Oddly enough, the return of the Repltilians to their original appearance did wonders for them. They still creep some humans out, but this is generally preferred to the uncanny valley that is their disguised look. These non-psionic, almost human looking reptiles have had a decent amount of success gaining favor, ironic when one considers the fact that the few allowed to visit Earth are far outnumbered to those that have turned to crime. Regardless, the Thin Men are employed for tasks that take advantage of their impressive dexterity.


Balmadaar suffer from an unfortunate 'judge a book by its cover' stigma, thanks to their intimidating size. This usually only extends to the uneducated, however. By now, it is public knowledge how trustworthy Balmadaar are, and those in the know are happy to see them when compared to most aliens. The XSDF in particular offers any willing to join them positions amongst their soldiers. They do, however, have to be regulated like any other alien, and there are a surprising number of instances of individuals trying to prove themselves by taking on one of these brutes, usually with painful results.


Sadly, while the Baʒir are probably the least dangerous, least troublesome alien's know to Earth, they have the least positive public image. They are rarely seen in public, as even if they could get past their own fear of unknown individuals, their insect appearance is unsettling to most humans. That said, they are incredibly popular with the XSDF, taking positions as some of their most skilled and loyal engineers. The Baʒir themselves are eternally grateful for the humans role in freeing them. Those in the know amongst the engineering industry also employ them, though they are usually kept in the shadows. Most would be offended by this. The Baʒir are grateful.


The similarity in appearance with humans have made the Tamearins fairly popular, though their somewhat snobbish sounding attitudes lose them points. Regardless, they came to Earth bearing knowledge and technology, and the humans are grateful. Tamearins have cautious respect for humans, the beings that beat an enemy they could only keep at bay, but find them to be too emotional. They also look down on the humans use of augmentations and Tz6, but (usually) have enough restraint to hold their tongues. Most Tamearins can walk down a human street without even being notice, though that fact has rubbed some anti-alien protestors the wrong way.


Humans look at the Ardenians with a degree of reverence due to their exotic appearance. This usually doesn’t last long when faced with the Ardenians superiority and xenophobia, but both sides have been able to get along thus far. Of course, Ardenians tend to look about as intimidating as the Balmadaar, and this carries a similar stigma. On the other end, the Ardenians find it odd to believe such small, weak looking, irrational beings were the ones to take out the Ethereal threat. Needless to say, both sides butt heads at times, but some far, they’ve had enough respect for one another to get past that. Ardenians making for powerful warriors in the XSDF soldier ranks, as well as decent scientist, when a room big enough for them to work in is available


Very few humans are even aware of the Yorin at this time, as they are a fairly elusive species. The XSDF has been made aware of them, however, both as a warning, and to inform them of how valuable they can be at finding difficult to find things, and obtaining information. As of yet, the XSDF reserves judgement with the Yorin and Tabora’s ‘unique’ relationship, at least until they can open up a dialouge with them


Everyone has their fans, and the exotic look of the Broodkin has brought those that find them fascinating. That said, the Broodkin are some of the most feared being on Earth. Any who lived to talk about it after an encounter with these ferocious insects are usually haunted by nightmares. With the understanding that any Broodkin lucky enough to return to its original state is probably not off their new planet, Broodkin’s carry an automatic order of “shoot first, shoot again, take a few more shots, and assuming it is no longer twitching, then ask a few questions, namely which pieces of plating are best to take.”


Like the Broodkin, any Incubator in its transformed form is met with immediate offensive responses. That being said, the Humilitia have managed to make a more docile version of them, and although they are, for the time being, not allowed by the general public, there are those with that desire them as pets (a movement to legalize ownership of incubators is currently receiving popularity). There are a few used by the XSDF for scouting and reconnaissance purposes.


Human interaction with the K’mitra has been extremely limited. The ‘Outsiders’ used during the war by the Ethereals were essentially empty vessels, controlled by AI’s at the cost of their original Ph’hyadha inhabitant. It was eventually discovered that the Outsider could be linked to psionically, a clue to their origin beyond simple crystallized computers, but the Ph’hyadha have been careful to avoid contact with others as of yet, at it is unlikely humans will understand their existance the first time they are encountered, as their past experience with the Humans’ Ethereal-like ships would tell them to flee… or fight.


At the moment, the only contact humans have had with the Silicids is through their basic form, as well as those in the form of cyberdiscs. Even the Humilitias aren’t completely sure of their origin, or what they are, but the humans have at least succeed in achieve the ability to control those found thanks to Elene Exalt. It is obvious that they are a unique lifeform, one with unknown potential. Sadly, it is unknown when, or even if, they will be encountered, thanks to their caution around humaniods.
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“Vanguard of Forseti” Lore, Part 4 (XSDF Soldier Equipment)

Equipment Items

XSDF soldiers have two item slots that can be filled by two of the items below. The quantity can be doubled by class skills, though. (For example, engineers start with an skill called 'grenadier' that allows them two grenades per item slot, so if they brought an alien grenade per slot, they'd actually have room for four total.)

It should be noted that all weapons have a S.C.O.P.E. attached to them. Scopes can mark targets with a laser light, zoom in with an active heads-up display (HUD) so the operator doesn't have to look down the sights, or even mark a target holographically for other squad members (only certain classes can utilize holo-targeting).

Protective Devices:

Alignment Servos – Armor attachment that increases aim.
Walker Servos – Armor attachment that increases running speed.
Alloy Plating - An armored shirt to wear under clothing or armor for extra defense. +1 constitution
Reinforced Plating - A more heavily-armored shirt to wear under clothing or armor for extra defense. -1 dexterity, +3 constitution
Chitin Plating - A special armor piece to wear under clothing or armor for extra defense. Strong against melee attacks. Chryssalids are no longer harmed in the making of these plates (cloned tissue is used instead). +2 constitution
Chameleon Suit - Shirt that provides a minor distortion field to make the target harder to hit. (Scouts, Assaults, and Shadow Operatives)
Mind Shield - Headgear that protects the wearer against mental attacks. +3 will
Psi Screen - Bodygear that draws upon the user's psionic energy for a temporary telekinetic shield. (Psion only) -3 will while in use
ESP Scanner – Helmet attachment that uses low-level ESP to provide the target vision of a nearby area obstructed from normal vision or a distance beyond normal sight range. Must be recharged by psi energy after two uses.
Newton Substructure – Armor attachment that allows the target to create normal forces using applied telekinesis.


Plasma Grenade - A plasma-based high-explosive grenade.
Alloy Grenade - An alloy-fragmentation anti-personnel grenade.
Pulse Las-Grenade – A laser-fragmentation grenade with utility use.
Fusion Grenade- A fission-based high explosive grenade.
Particle Grenade – An antimatter grenade for anti-personnel use.
Chemical Grenade - A grenade filled with synthesized poisonous and acidic chemicals, based off Reptilian toxins.
Flashbang - An old-fashioned magnesium bomb for blinding the enemy.
Psi Grenade - A grenade that draws upon psionic energy for a flashbang effect on a wider radius, but has no effect on mechanical units or strong psions. (Psion Only) -1 will during use
Smoke Grenade - A capsule filled with compressed smoke, used to provide cover for fellow soldiers.
Shadow Grenade - A device that, when placed or thrown, projects a temporary cloaking field in a sphere 10 ft in diameter.
Telebeacon – Infantry support grenade that projects illusions using applied teleimagery. Single-use unless recharged by psi energy.
Soul Grenade – Infantry offensive grenade that contains Soulfire energy to deal mental and physical damage to targets. The mental damage ignores armor but not will. Must be recharged by psi energy after a single use.

Special Ammunition:

(Rockets only usable by Rocketeers, Heavies, Destroyers, Paratroopers, and Master Sergeant Engineers)

Rocket - A regular gauss-launched explosive. -1 dexterity while in inventory
Anti-Armor Rocket - A gauss-launched explosive designed to penetrate armor. -1 dexterity while in inventory
Shredder Rocket - A gauss-launched explosive designed to soften up targets. -1 dexterity while in inventory
Blaster Bomb - A regular plasma-based explosive. -1 dexterity while in inventory
Anti-Armor Blaster Bomb- A plasma-based explosive designed to penetrate armor. -1 dexterity while in inventory
Shredder Blaster Bomb - A plasma-based explosive designed to soften up targets. -1 dexterity while in inventory
Extended Clips - Larger charge packs or ammo containers for longer sustained firing. -1 dexterity

Handheld Items:

Medkit - A medical device containing a nanite spray that temporarily mends or treats wounds. Also provides an adrenaline spike to keep the injured soldier fighting if possible.
Biofield Dispenser – Infantry misc item that heals minor to moderate wounds in a 4 foot radius using applied biokinesis. Must be recharged by psi energy.
Combat Stims - A chemical cocktail that can be injected into a soldier to numb pain and increase reflexes and strength. Based off the Balmadaar 'warrior's drink', a drug they believe brings out a warrior's true prowess and makes them see visions. The latter probably induced if they use too much. Temporary boost: +2 strength, -1 intelligence, +1 dexterity, -3 perception, +3 constitution, +2 will
Arc Thrower - A glorified taser used to stun aliens without killing them or failing to affect their nervous system.


Neural Gunlink - A psionic device used to increase accuracy by linking the soldier's mind directly to their scope. (Psion only) -2 will while in use
Alloy Bipod - A durable balance for LMG-class weapons.
Battle Scanner - A spherical device that gives a readout of the area where it lands. Radius of 20 ft.
Mimic Beacon - A device in the shape of a triangular pyramid that emits sounds and lights to distract enemy units. Doesn't work on mechanical enemies. (Affectionately referred to as the 'mimic bacon'... for some reason.)
Illuminator Gunsight - An advanced scope that can read elerium emissions, which is crucial to detecting cloaked targets. Incredibly expensive to manufacture, so the XSDF does not have many to field.
Alloy Swords and Combat Knives - It is possible to have a weapon forged from alien alloys designed for melee combat, but be cautioned that such weapons require close range that could be deadly. (Knives can be used by any class, swords only by scouts, assaults, shadow operatives, and destroyers)
Breaching Nozzle - Bypasses 1 'tier' of armor resistance normally, 2 'tiers' of armor resistance if within 5 meters of a target.

Mec Trooper Items and SHIV Items


Holo-Targeter - Targeting module addon to MEC or SHIV scopes.
HEAT Ammo - Anti-mechanical elements infused to ammo or charge packs.
Adaptive Tracking Pod - HUD device that increases reaction time for overwatch fire.
Smartshell Pod - Small computer that helps the MEC Trooper or SHIV calculate a flushing shot and increases aim slightly.
Battle Computer - Onboard computer that moderately increases aim and defensive reaction times.
Weapon Supercooler - Attachment to the weapon’s barrel that doubles rate of fire at the expense of ammo.
Plas-Helium Capacitor - Contains supercooled Liquid Helium that allows for MEC weapons to use the Suppression ability.


Alloy Carbide Plating - Metal plate inserted under the chest armor that helps reduce damage.
Core Armoring - Shell around the power core that protects it and other vital systems from destruction.
Damage Control Pod - Small computer that helps the MEC trooper or SHIV mitigate damage mid-battle.

MEC Subsystems:
Kinetic Strike Module - Alloy and chryssalid claws on a fist extension for a MEC trooper. Infinite use, short cooldown.
Flamethrower - Sends scorching heat upon your foes. 3 charges, one extra per item slot.
Grenade Launcher - Fires a plasma HE grenade or alloy AP grenade a fair distance. Contains two rounds. 1 extra per item slot (Additional rounds not affected by grenadier).
Proximity Mine Launcher - A launcher that deploys explosive plasma mines that detonate upon the approach of an enemy. Great for laying traps. 3 mined by default. 1 extra per item slot (additional rounds not affected by grenadier).
Restorative Mist - A healing spray of nanites; an area of effect medkit. Single use, 1 extra charge per item slot (additional charges not affected by field medic).
Electropulse - Causes an EMP pulse to briefly disable robotic enemies. Cooldosn but otherwise unlimited use.

Note - Item slots are used up by as many rounds or charges as you choose up to their max. If you fill the item slots with other items you will not get extra grenades or charges. You can, for instance, take 2 regular items and 2 extra proximity mines on a MEC-6.


Tactical Sensors (MEC Only) - Sensors that help recognize threats and prevent hits from nearby enemies. Caps at 4-5 targets.
Elerium Turbos (SHIV Only) - Scaled-down elerium afterburners designed for increasing speed.
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“Vanguard of Forseti” Lore, Part 5 (Earth’s Medical Tech, Gene Mods, and Cybernetics)

Medical Technology:

Medicine in 2044 has advanced far in the past 26 years, including the Ethereal invasion. With the advent of the Tz6, which is easily manufacturable, hospital trips are quicker and more effective. Laceration wounds, shallow cuts, and surface burns no longer need stitches or bandages: the MELD can create new tissue or repair damaged cells on minor wounds with ease. It can also save people from injuries that previously would have been hit-or-miss.

A major player in this field is Exalt Enterprises. Although they are also a major weapons and armor manufacturer, focus on other technologies, and are a major backer of the XSDF, E.E. established a major pharmacidal base of operations in Canada. The Toronto division, lead by Lily Exalt, clones organs that can replace damaged or lost ones and has distributed curative serums for cancer and sickle cell anemia, as well as a procedure to repair a blind person's eyes, and so on. They are reputed to be working on treatment for HIV and AIDS

Tz6 is not the only miracle cure that has shown up since the war. Psionics in the form of healing biokinetics have made their appearance on the world stage. Particularly in India, inspired by the work of Chandra, medical schools teaching green psionics have popped up to spread this wonder to the wider public.

For lost limbs, there are cybernetic limbs made possible by the engineering division of Exalt Enterprises or their friendly competitor, Cross Technologies. Understandably, they have also seen combat applications in the form of MEC troopers and other cybernetic warriors. Gene mods are less available to the common public, largely due to XSDF and governmental regulations. The black market on Earth, and the galactic black market at large, care little for such laws, however.

Cybernetic Enhancements:

Nervous System Implants

OCCIPITAL LOBE can have one of the following:

Ocular Receptor - Allows for the attachment of two extra visual receptors without putting stress on the brain.

FRONTAL LOBE can have two of the following:

Reaction Time Overclocker - Increases reaction times for quicker response to threats. +1 PER
Guardian Node – Cybernetic enhancement to the frontal lobe of the brain that allows its reasoning and memory to be resistant towards alteration, offering protection against the psionic ability Suggestion.

PARIETAL LOBE can have two of the following:

Logic Module - Expands logic capacity of the brain with a computerized addition. +2 INT
Spatial Enhancer – Expands spatial reasoning, making maneuvers in 3D feel more natural. A must-have for anyone involved in space combat. +1 PER

CEREBELLUM can have one of the following:

Manipulation Receptor - Allows for the attachment of two extra limbs without putting stress on the brain.

NECK can have one of the following:

Respiration Implant - Provides a source of oxygen for aerobic respiration when normal means are unavailable. Storage units are in secondary cybernetic ‘lungs’ on the far sides of the back, and are transmitted through a band underneath the neck that also protects from strangulation.

SPINE can have two of the following:

Bionic Link – A cybernetic attachment over the spine that allows the augmented person to control a robotic unit with their thought patterns. This can be used on small ones like drones and seekers by anyone, or on medium units like SHIVs, C-mu’s, Fenrirs, or SIFs by a new class: the Domineer. +1 CON
Quinary Manipulator – A cybernetic attachment at the base of the spine that provides a cybernetic tail that can have a blade attached to it like that of an Ardenian, a welding gun, or simply be used to manipulate objects.
Cordial Spine – A cybernetic attachment connected to the spinal cord that has a vicious feedback effect to any subsume attempts and provides low-level protection from psionic attack. +1 WIL

Mechanical Limbs
Synthetics (A cybernetic limb with artificial skin covering the metal components. Meant to emulate a normal appendage, not so useful for battle.)

Eye - A synthetic eye.
Arm - A synthetic arm.
Leg - A synthetic leg.

Prosthetics (Tier One: Basic prosthetic body parts that are slightly better than their organic counterparts.)
T1 Arm - A prosthetic arm. +1 strength per limb
T1 Leg - A prosthetic leg. +1 dexterity per limb
T1 Eye - An artificial eye with better sight capabilities. +1 perception per eye

Cybernetics (Tier Two: Advanced cybernetic body parts that are significantly more effective than their organic counterparts.)

T2 Arm - A cybernetic arm with enhanced strength. +2 strength per limb
T2 Leg - A cybernetic leg with enhanced mobility. +2 dexterity per limb
T2 Eye - A cybernetic eye with enhanced vision. +2 perception per eye.

Autonetics (Tier Three: Advanced mechanical body parts that are wildly better than their organic counterparts.)

T3 Arm - An autonetic arm with enhanced strength. +3 strength per limb
T3 Leg - An autonetic leg with enhanced mobility. +3 dexterity per limb
T3 Eye - An autonetic eye with enhanced vision. +3 perception per eye.

Cyborg Body Note 1: A T1 limb gives +0.5 CON, a T2 +1 CON, a T3 +1.5. Eyes don’t give extra constitution, but being ‘fully mechanized’ (AKA a MEC Trooper or having all four limbs be mechanical) garners a +1 CON for T1, +2 for T2, and +3 for T3. If the levels are mixed round down to the lowest tier’s bonus.
Cyborg Body Note 2: T1 bodies are like “light” armor, T2 like “medium” armor, and T3 like “heavy” armor.
Cyborg Body Note 3: Arms and legs can be different makes if they are the same manufacturer. Eyes must be the same models.



Can attach one of the following for each arm (2 total):

-Alloy Knife Protrusion, Extendable Alloy Claws, Arm Pistol, Battle Scanner Launcher, Mimic Beacon Launcher, Arc Thrower (single-use, but a backup power source would give it an additional charge or two)

Can attach one of the following for each arm (2 total):

Bicep - Auto-Injector, Medical Sprayer

Can attach one of the following for each arm (2 total):

Full Arm - Storage Space, Rifled Armgun, Backup Shield Generator


Can attach one of the following for each leg (2 total):

Foot – Alloy Heel Blade, Rocket Booster

Can attach one of the following for each leg (2 total):

Thigh - Fog Machine, Horizontal Hydraulic System

Can attach one of the following for each leg (2 total):

Full Leg – Storage Space, Pressurized Hydraulic System, Contortion Joints


Can attach one of the following for each eye (2 total):

- Ocular Flashlight, Ocular Designator, Internal Spyglass (comes FREE with T2 and T3 eyes), Digitial Camera

Can attach one of the following for both eyes:

- Omnivision Augmentation (Two of the following: Thermal, Infrawave, Infrared, Ultraviolet)

- Local Screens and Blinders
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Genetic Modifications: Altered genes that give the subject superhuman abilities. Certain gene mods can't be mixed. For example, you can only have 2/5 of the total eye modifications, and they can't be both of the light-spectrum visions. (Undeveloped Gene Mod) indicates something we will discover later on, though if you have an idea for those or a different gene mod, feel free to suggest it if it’s reasonable. Asterisk by these mean we already have an idea for the missing modification. Some confer stat bonuses.

Nervous System


PUPILS can have one of the following:

Hyper-Reactive Pupils - Confer a small bonus to aim after a miss. +1 PER
Bioluminescent Pupils - When beginning to dilate, a pupil can begin illuminating a comfortable conical area around the owner.

IRISES can have one of the following:

Infrared Vision - User can see in the infrared spectrum. +1 PER
Ultraviolet Vision - User can see in the ultraviolet spectrum. +1 PER

OCCIPITAL LOBE can have one of the following:

Depth Perception - Allow a target to take better aim from the high ground. +1 PER
Tunnel Vision - Allows the target to focus on one position at the expense of others. +1 PER


TEMPORAL LOBE can have one of the following:

Neural Feedback - Provides moderate defense against mental attack, and momentarily scrambles the thoughts of the attacker. Also prevents the target from being spied on by ESP, as the feedback will lash out at psionic ‘presences’ around the target. (Slightly weakens psionics) +1 WIL
Adaptive Perception – Allows the modded person’s hearing and sight to recover quicker from harmful external stimuli like flashbangs, psi grenades, and even the psionic abilities Blackout and Teleimagery (mental) +1 WIL

CEREBELLUM can have one of the following:

Neural Dampening - Provides a potent defense against mental attack, and temporarily paralyzes the person with the gene mod if a Mind Control attempt is successful, canceling the control. (Cannot be combined with psionics) +3 WIL

BRAIN STEM can have one of the following:

Smart Macrophages - Makes medkits have a slightly magnified effect, and confers immunity to some toxins.
Smart Respiration – In the event that breathable air is not available, the brain stem passively shuts off breathing and assists the body in conserving oxygen.

NERVE PATHWAYS can have one of the following:

Bioelectric Skin - Allows the user to sense electrical currents from nearby enemies, biological or mechanical. +2 PER
Enhanced Reaction Times – Neurons travel faster along nerve pathways, allowing for heightened reflexes. +2 DEX

Circulatory System

HEART can have one of the following:

Secondary Heart - Adds a smaller heart to the side of the main one, slowing the rate of bleeding out if critical damage is sustained by the person with this gene mod. +2 CON
Heart Regenesis – The heart can rapidly regenerate from wounds, preventing death by being grazed there.

BLOOD VESSELS can have one of the following:

Impulse Clotting - Blood travels to a breach in the vessel rapidly, being able to clot over larger spaces in a shorter amount of time that normal. +1 CON
Steel Tubes - The blood vessels can harden in response to physical trauma, making them a bit harder to breach. +1 CON

SPLEEN can have one of the following:

Spleen Regenesis – The spleen can rapidly regenerate from wounds, preventing death by being grazed there.

Respiratory System

LUNGS can have one of the following:

Aerobic Respiration Boost - Increases the capacity of the lungs, resulting in slightly increased speed and performance. +1 DEX
Smart Lungs - The lungs can collate foreign chemicals easier and eject dense gasses, toxins, and carcinogens in moderate amounts.

LIVER can have one of the following:

Toxin Bulwark - Enhances the liver’s detoxification capabilities, not only protecting against artificial poisons but also preventing atmospheric poisoning from gases that would kill a normal person.
Liver Regenesis – Liver can rapidly regenerate from wounds, magnifying the organs healing properties, preventing death by being hit there and making it the most durable internal organ in the body.

Endocrine System

KIDNEYS can have one of the following:

Kidney Regenesis – Kidneys can rapidly regenerate from wounds, preventing death by being hit there.

ADRENAL GLANDS can have one of the following:

Adrenal Neurosympathy - Causes a kill to trigger a cloud of adrenaline pheromones, conferring a temporary bonus to aim, mobility, and will. Temporary +1 DEX, +1 WIL
Torpor Jammers - Adrenaline surge that blocks fatigue and numbs pain temporarily, but magnifies exhaustion ten to fifteen minutes later. Temporary +1 CON, +1 WIL

Muscular System

LEG MUSCLES can have one of the following:

Muscle Fiber Density - Borrowing from Reptilian genetics, allows the modded person to jump up 2-3 stories. +1 DEX per limb
Marathon Decompressors - Allows slow expansion of muscle mass when under fatigue, allowing tightness and such cramps to vanish; allows for longer distance running. +1 DEX

ARM MUSCLES can have one of the following:

Magnified Bicep Structure - Increases upper arm strength. +1 STR per limb
Lattice Muscle Tissue - Under duress, the arm muscles can restructure to absorb impacts and deflect small projectiles and debris, and are difficult to disable. +1 CON, +1 STR

GENERAL MUSCLES can have one of the following:

Dexterous Muscle Fibers - Significantly increases dexterity of the muscles. +2 DEX
Ripple Dampeners - Allows the muscle to ripple harmlessly when confronted with shock, preventing some damage from high-impact hits, and importantly, offering some protection for internal organs from concussive damage. +2 CON

Skeletal System

BONE MARROW can have one of the following:

Adaptive Bone Marrow (Tissue Repair) - Harnesses the regenerative powers of the bone marrow for repairing tissue damage. +1 CON
Adaptive Bone Marrow (Blood Regenesis) - Harnesses the regenerative powers of the bone marrow for quickened blood regeneration. +1 CON

BONE STRUCTURE can have one of the following:

Sturdy Bone Structure – Hardened bones are harder to break, drawing from a mixture of alien skeletal structures such as the Balmadaar and improving upon them. +2 STR
Flexible Bone Structure – Flexible bones offer a wider range of mobility, drawing form a mixture of alien skeletal structures such as the Replitans and improving upon them. +2 DEX

Integumentary System

EPIDERMIS can have one of the following:

Ceramic Skin – Plasma-retardant flesh taking ques from Hydrothermic and Miscalor gene mods to create skin that offers mild protection against lasers and pulse and moderate protection against plasma. (In Game Terms – HP has a “Weak” protection against plasma and a “Very Weak” protection against both types of laser.) +1 CON
(Undeveloped Gene Mod - Particle Protection) +1 CON
(Undeveloped Gene Mod - Fusion Protection) +1 CON

DERMIS can have one of the following:

Iron Skin - Allows the dermis to temporarily harden, which confers resistance to conventional bullets of normal calibers and slight resistance to other kinetic hits, except gauss. (In Game Terms – HP has a “Weak” protection against conventional weapons as opposed to a “Vulnerable” status. Does not affect armor) +1 CON
Hydrothermic Skin - Implants small water-storage glands under the skin, which can push it to the surface, combined with Tz6 to become highly endothermic and resist heat. This confers moderate resistance against lasers and mild protection against pulse lasers. (In Game Terms – HP has a “Weak” protection against lasers and a “Very Weak” protection against pulse.) +1 CON
Chobham Dermis – The layers of skin function like the armor of an Abrams Tank, stopping bullets in their web. Offers strong protection against ballistic weapons and moderate protection against gauss. (In Game Terms – HP has a “Moderate” protection against conventional bullets and a “Weak” protection against Gauss.) +1 CON
Odiocalor Dermis – The layers of the skin take the properties of Hydrothermic skin and improve upon them. High protection lasers, moderate protection against pulse, and mild protection against plasma. (In Game Terms – HP has a “Moderate” protection against lasers, a “Weak” protection against pulse lasers, and a “Very Weak” protection against plasma.) +1 CON

HYPODERMIS can have one of the following:

(Undeveloped Gene Mod)*
(Undeveloped Gene Mod)*
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The Hall of Records (History of Earth, Page 1)

The Reformation Age: 2019 - 2036
While the standard citizen across the world celebrated their victory over the old Ethereal Empire, national governments were now tasked with globalization, rationing of supply and weaponry, and trying to impose their world views before the world was unified to explore the stars. Nations squabbled over differences that had been left mostly untouched since the Cold War, and corporations attempted to bring logic into the nationalist debate by playing their well-tended chips in the economic arena.

The average citizen’s lives were mainly unchanged, mostly concerned with creating families and building homes, helping and growing their communities. They were mainly faced with issues such as xenophobia, raising crime rates and seriousness, and the beginnings of galactic colonialism. Still, a determined man or woman could carve out a domestic life and generally go unmolested by the changing infrastructure of the world.

Ethereal Subjugation War: The Ethereal Empire surrenders to XCOM and signs the Human-Ethereal Anti-Aggression Treaty, marking the end of the bloodiest war in human history.

Rise of the XSDF: As a task force, XCOM is disbanded by Commander O’Brien and is instead reformed as a lasting power: the Extraterrestrial Defense Force (XSDF).

Evacuation Day: The Temple Ship leaves Moscow, sending the Ethereals back to their homeworld.

First peaceful “tourists” arrive from other worlds, going through a preliminary study and checkpoint by XSDF peacekeepers. XSDF begins catalog of all alien biologies and medicine, allowing aliens tentative license to visit Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kiev.

Exalt Enterprises Founded: The headquarters of XSDF’s closest corporate ally is erected in Sydney, Australia.

Birth rates spike throughout the year due to post-war relief and advanced medical science, crushing records set in the 1940s and 1950s.

XSDF Interstellar Travel Bureau: After initial setbacks, the XSDF alien checkpoint system is declared successful enough for several war-known species to no longer cordon in major cities. Balmadaar, Ethereals, and Reptilans are given license to roam throughout the Eurozone and the Baltics. The XSDF also institute a campaign to return salvaged pulse and plasma weaponry to cooperating government collection centers.

Exalt Enterprises creates and begins mass-producing a medicine known as the Aeternam Solution that potentially slows human decay by 50%.

Confidence and technological progress causes a surge in commerce, and economic booms in almost all sectors eases long-time troubles in North America, Europe, and Oceania.

Island nations, used as global safe havens during the Ethereal War, begin reporting symptoms of overpopulation. Especially stark in Japan, quickly becoming a crowded but multinational cultural and economic power.

The European Union’s troubles begin to alleviate, with the Euro achieving the highest all-time approval. CIS and CISFTA reach completely overlapping memberships and merge together.

With the help of state healthcare, EE’s serum is applied to almost all of Australia, and the company is awarded high personal honors in Australia and New Zealand. Resident socialists disapprove of growing closeness between business and government.

A wealthy man in America pays an exorbitant sum to powerbrokers to get cybernetic limbs and vision enhancing gene mods, paving the way for transhumanism.

The President of the United States projects recovering from its national debt within a year, but China instituting a larger interest on its remaining debt causes the President to revoke her statement.

Humanists become increasingly zealous as the XSDF approves the first visa for a visiting alien, allowing a reticent Balmadaar to settle in the south Siberian wilderness.

The Transhuman Protection Act: The United Kingdom institutes demographic protections for augmented, gene-modded, and psionic peoples after nine transhuman men and women are systematically murdered by a hate group. Several European powers copy the movement within a month.

Reunification of China: Bolstered by billions in liquid assets and a desire to make Communism the chief principle of a now space-faring humanity, China revokes the two systems policy and threatens to reign in its provinces by force. Hong Kong folds immediately and becomes a Communist province, forcing several international headquarters to relocate.

Great Robbery of Guangdong: Chinese triads raid a XSDF collection center, stealing dozens of gauss, pulse, and plasma weapons salvaged from the Ethereal war. Collection centers are secured with a greater force of trained commandoes, and attacking XSDF property is reaffirmed as a direct crime against the Council of Nations.

Founding of Luna: XSDF establishes a colony on the moon (Luna) staffed with primarily gifted families, scientific researchers, and astronomers. Atmosphere generators and shields, prefabricated structures, and MREs enjoy a manufacturing bubble.

Alma Engström becomes the first spaceborn human, a native daughter of Luna. Lunar citizens design a flag based on the few old flags planted there, showing pride in their community and donning it to be “the intellectual vanguard of Sol,” advancing XSDF scientific interests and closely monitoring extraterrestrial alien and meteor activity.

Exalt Enterprises’ life-lengthening serum reaches 99% proliferation. Australia becomes the first corporate-reliant state, with EE holding a majority interest in the country’s political and economic affairs. American electronics and IT juggernauts push the capitalist power to follow suit. Public government still exists in judicial and administrative affairs.

Macau and Taiwan fold to China after increased pressure, the money spent on luxury and democracy being appropriated towards state interests.

Night of Purity: Major protests rage in several major cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Birmingham, Paris, Vienna, Moscow, Baghdad, and Nairobi - an organized display of disapproval for the growing alien presence on Earth. Several multi-day rallies turn to violent rioting and are quelled by XSDF peacekeepers.


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The Hall of Records (History of Earth, Page 2)

Formation of the North American Union: Spurred by European success and continued calls for representation in Central America, the U.S. and Canada charter the long-theorized North American Union, including several Caribbean nations. Puerto Rico is released as an independent island under terms that it remain in the Union.

An Ethereal religious delegation visits Earth along with Tamearins and Ardenians, adding them to the XSDF registry and allowing them free access across Earth. Their visits are met with a mix of excitement and disdain, but careful XSDF supervision ensures no incidents sour their opinion of the planet.

The North American Union later creates a corporate political scheme which trades political power for cash infusions into government expenses. The controlling interest is quickly sucked up by Google and its subsidiaries, representing 25% of the combined legislative power in Canada, U.S., and Mexico. Citizens quickly nickname it “the fourth branch of government.” Economic investment in North America swells, with several ex-Chinese headquarters moving to New Englander states and East Canadian provinces.

Founding of Adamantem: Frustrated with the lack of local garden worlds, XSDF establishes a colony on Mars, making the first coordinated effort to terraform the planet and turn it into an agriculturally productive settlement. Colonist applications are accepted much more liberally for the second endeavor.

European Union Succeeds: Still riding an economic boom, the European Union reaches a sufficient point of power and acceptance to improve centralization, turning the EU into a closely-linked federation of states similar to the U.S., much to the chagrin of long-time culture enthusiasts.

Following continued integration within the NAU and EU, The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) officially integrates the various treaty and trade organizations in Eastern Europe into a lax superstructure, as well as admitting members of the Baltic Assembly and the developing CDRN. Although concerns revolved around such a union becoming Russo-centric, CIS is headed by a Belarusian Executive Secretary, makes no attempt at making a new currency, and treaties and membership are surprisingly lax.

Korean War: The South Korean border is breached by North Korean forces and organized mercenaries toting top-tier weapons. The war goes on for 17 days until forces reached Seoul, where a XSDF platoon engaged and beat back the intruders.

One month after the war reopened, North Korea and its new expanded borders are subsumed as a special administrative region of China. XSDF sees this as avoiding reprisal for breaking the peace, and expresses hopes that China will punish their aggression fittingly.

Worried about the U.S.’ unchecked economic growth, Russia commits billions of dollars to airdropping food and clean water across the ailing populace of China. Much of Siberia’s eastern resources are committed to China.

Formation of the People’s Pan-Asiatic Coalition: Needing more resources to continue their growth, China’s government secretly sells much of Russia’s aid to the local Triads in exchange for weaponry and Elerium recovered from their activities. China creates a Soviet-style coalition of states through diplomacy, including Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. Cambodia and Malaysia are threatened with force, only lasting 21 and 24 days respectively before folding. Japan funnels support across the Pacific, breaking neutrality as they expect to be next.

With death rates at an all-time low, birth rates still riding high, and millions of immigrated tourists and refugees, Japan is forced to institute a child limit of two on a minority of rural families, and one on urban families.

Formation of La Defensiva Humanidad: The Humanity Defensive is formed in Madrid, an underground militia dedicated to attacking centers for transhumanist experiments and procedures and stopping cybernetic, psionic, and genetic research for good.

Tragedy on Luna: An undercover member of LDH is admitted to the Luna colony two months after its inception and bombs a colonial habitat, killing 27 Gifted humans and 2 visiting Ethereals.

Shock at the attack on Luna diminishes public excitement for extraterrestrial colonies, causing a stock market crash across the North American Union and in the Eurozone.

Launch of O.S.S. Guardian Angel: XSDF finishes construction of a nearly permanent orbital headquarters, leaving its Moscow superstructure behind. The launch is commemorated by many cooperative nations, and some pundits even call for the XSDF to take a place at the head of global government.

A significant share of the NAU’s corporate political power is traded over to Cross Technologies, a future technology firm focused on cybernetics. Several protests pop up around the Capitol, hoping to stem the potential for publicly commercial cybernetic augmentation.

China’s aid trade is revealed by a whistleblower and Russia pulls support from China’s growth, reclaiming the Siberian area that was given to them. China quickly begins suffering from America’s long-term sanctions and dominance of the Pacific Ocean.

Chinese Reformation: With the military in use elsewhere and riots spreading around the borders, China is forced to release its lesser states before the regime is threatened, formally apologizing to the Council of Nations for overextension and hoping to be spared XSDF intervention. China’s social and economic policies shift more towards American conservatism and European socialism in the coming months to retain its spot on the Security Council, and free trade of information and resources is restored. This new level of cooperation is celebrated widely, signaling the start of a new era.

The New Moscow Bombing: The Humanity Defensive bombs a specialized habitat in Moscow, killing 22 and wounding 57 aliens of various origins. The XSDF vows to hunt the group down and put an end to it, but temporarily loses face with the galactic community.

Earth population hits nine billion.
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The Hall of Records (History of Earth, Page 3)

The Second Age of Discovery: 2037 – Present
The Second Age solidified the end of war on Earth, a feat of sociological achievement dismissed as impossible for millennia. Birth rates in continued to hover from their record breaking year in 2020, and the world quickly began straining under the effects of overpopulation. Food in markets was rationed, child limits were instituted in most nations, and pollution began rising again due to an increased need for fuel before hybridization completed.

The solution, however, was never in question: it was time for humanity to spread to the stars. An ideal of manifest destiny became renewed worldwide, and colonies on Luna and Mars swelled before ships took off for nearby systems. Spread was closely monitored by XSDF to avoid offending nearby species, but with globalism and colonialism rich in the mind of the people and nations offering riches, adventure, and limitless families, humanity was destined to carve its place in the night sky one way or another.

XSDF peacekeeping missions in Spain, China, and across Africa stabilize unrest and reduce human rights violations to a manageable minimum. Support for the XSDF reaches a new pinnacle.

India, Western Russia, and Eastern Europe report symptoms of overpopulation reaching a worrying point and implement child-bearing limits based on China’s or Japan’s.

The 10-year anniversary of the Night of Purity is commemorated by renewed protests against alien visitation, psionics, and unnecessary cybernetic implants, however the demonstrations remain peaceful this time.

Founding of Megha: Using advancements harvested from Luna and Adamantem, an atmospheric shielding unit is dropped onto Venus and a colony is built shortly thereafter. Colonists with engineering and physical experience are primarily selected, hoping to create a “drydock” for further spacefaring vehicles on the planet’s surface.

The Humanity Defensive hideout is raided by XSDF and the group is abolished once and for all. Colonists celebrate a newfound feeling of safety. XSDF charts first population-focused colony outside the Sol-3 system.

Blackouts roll across North America as hybridized power is strained by population and residency booms, causing the U.S. to reopen fossil fuel reserves and share them amongst the NAU.

China holds its first democratic election since 1948. Due to the recent changes in China’s infrastructure and the slowly simmering anger of its citizens, XSDF closely monitors the proceedings. The elections proceed without incident.

Founding of Novum: Applications are accepted for the first colony, Novum. 390,000 families apply, many citing excitement for spreading humanity through the entire galaxy. The colony is launched near the end of the year with abundant resources and infrastructure, as well as a plan to routinely shuttle a few thousand of the 200,000 approved applicants to the colony.

The official delegation of the Ethereals arrives to fulfill one of the terms of the Non-Aggression Treaty signed in 2019. The Ethereals formally inform the humans that they have adopted the name “Humiliata,” the status of their homeworld and diplomatic ties, as well as helping continue the humans burgeoning colony operation. The Humiliata express thankfulness and admiration for three weeks before leaving to return to Aethereum.

With technology altering the primal way of nature on other planets, secondary efforts are made to improve Earth itself. By a joint effort by Luna, EE, and XSDF researchers, a new suppression system is made to lessen the effects of earthquakes and tsunamis. The first device is deployed in the North Pacific Ocean, hoping to protect urban areas in Japan and Eastern China.

Population-limiting countries pledge full support for further colonies. Corporate interests in atmospheric shielding, raw materials, prefabricated structures, and national labor begin a full advertising campaign for Luna, Adamantem, Novum, and the next project, Progressus. Far-off colonies are dubbed the new Wild West, and colony life is quickly romanticized by positive press and multimedia.

Lovegood, a highly revisionist drama about a quirky and reticent geologist and her gallant XSDF lover being torn apart by the Tragedy on Luna, breaks all-time movie attendance records in several countries. Single interest in colonies receives a colossal boost as a result.

Founding of Progressus: Interested in seeing the societal differences, XSDF announces a second colony at the end of the year, another population-focused colony called Progressus. Accepted applicants involve a majority of singles and platonic groups to contrast with the primarily family-centric Novum.

Although still harboring its naysayers like North Korea, the Council of Nations reaches 100% membership on Earth, becoming a true albeit unintrusive form of global government. XSDF liaisons stress the importance of national government as well as the Council, assuring that they have no interest in leading Earthly politics themselves.

Founding of Mia Belle: With supervision and provisional support by the XSDF, the first privately-subsidized colony is envisioned, a commercially-focused retreat for wealthy visionaries, moguls, and inventors. It is later named Mia Belle and the first crafts are launched towards it with an abundance of precious metals and other amenities.

With conflict on Earth stagnant for years, XSDF contributes its peacekeeping forces towards crime and aid distribution instead of border protection. Many world-famous criminal organizations are systematically targeted, including the Yakuza, American Mafia, and several South American cartels.

Novum becomes the first colony to house one million permanent residents.

Founding of Forseti: XSDF’s first Elerium mining colony, Forseti, is launched with well-qualified applicants near the end of the year. Due to the strained Elerium supply from the Humiliata, the colony is funded by council nations faster than any of its predecessors. XSDF also runs a recruiting drive for troops as the colony police force is nearly doubled in anticipation of resource defense.

With millions of applicants still in the wings, XSDF plans to launch two more official colonies by 2045, and make significant expansions to Adamantem, Novum, and Progressus to further decentralize population on Earth.

The CEO of Cross Technologies announces a new program backed by the NAU to produce and provide cybernetic augmentations to the physically disabled and war amputees, stating her hope to assist those that defend Earth, and convince the populace to see the potential for good in this technology.

The Council of Nations is busy keeping the peace with careful politics and limited concessions to more unstable national constructions, hoping that they will become organized over time. XSDF peacekeepers are close to disbanding the Triads in Asia, as well as generally patrolling metropolitan areas for riots and crimes. Outside of fighting organized crime, XSDF has remarkably little to do on Earth.

XSDF is currently focused on protecting and building around Forseti, in the interests of supplying more Elerium to the Council of Nations and her members. Secondary efforts are going into making more homes and workplaces among agricultural and urban residential colonies.

Luna is currently tracking several meteors and comets that could be threats to Earth or her colonies, as well as working on further medicinal developments similar to EE’s Aeternam Solution.

Adamantem has cultivated hundreds of acres of farmland as well as a road network linking two atmosphere-shielded communities. Colonists are worried about being lumped in with Novum and Progressus, stating they prefer the rural set-up they have.

Novum is currently the largest colony owned by humanity, with just over two million men, women, and children living inside prefabricated housing communities, condominiums, and arcologies. More families are consistently being moved in until they report issues with space.

Megha is hard at work creating colony ships to shuttle between Earth and other worlds. Current distribution of short-range and inter-system ships is approximately 80:20, but XSDF is continually pushing for more FTL-capable ships to allow further colonizations.

Progressus is quickly growing, touting larger yearly birth rates than Novum despite the smaller amount of colonists being regularly shipped there. Small issues such as contagious disease, illegal hunting, and petty crimes are being reported frequently, causing XSDF to worry about the fledgling culture there.

Mia Belle is gaining exponentially more visitors per year from extraterrestrials, and it has come to be known as a respite for both wealthy humans and adventurous aliens to mingle, gamble, and revel. Due to its distance from Earth, XSDF has a harder time ensuring all visitors are registered with the Travel Bureau.

Forseti’s future is in its hands.
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The Hall of Records (Government Appendix, Page 4)

North American Union (NAU): A government formed by Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Central American Republics, and the Caribbean islands. Although it providers a unified government for the continent, it does not supercede nations entirely. Thus far it is ruled in the following manner:

An oligarchy of five, consisting of the three presidents of the large nations plus two popular-vote presidents, one from the Caribbean and the other from Central America. They are assisted by a council elected of one delegate from each member nation, much like the U.S. Senate, and then a lower legislative body selected by population like the House of Representatives. Their judicial system is determined by judges utilizing the power of mind-reading (monitored by another psion to ensure the truth), or a jury if the accused's mind cannot be read.

European Union (EU): A government formed by the various nations of Europe (Including Iceland and the U.K.) that helps dictate wider policy as a whole while leaving national affairs to their previous governments.

Much like the U.N., a body of representatives elected by popular vote (two for each country) come together to debate continental policy. They then enact these wide-scope laws for Europe, which can only be stopped if a quorum of the national leaders oppose them, giving the representatives considerable power. The government systems of Europe are largely unchanged aside from the new and improved E.U.

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS): A trade and treaty organization that encompasses all of Eastern Europe and most of Central Asia, CIS integrated most international organizations in the region in 2032. Its primary purpose is facilitating free trade and coordinating law enforcement, being much less intrusive of a union compared to the EU. It is headed by an Executive Secretary and delegates from all of its member nations.

Housing the headquarters of XCOM and XSDF for decades has shifted the majority of Russians’ concerns away from national squabbles and towards globalization and colonialism. They are a very vocal member of the Council of Nations, and are pushing for global or galactic currencies to ease transactions with the colonies and with other species.

Other Earth Governments: Generally individual nations are under societal and political pressure to join continental leagues that thrive across much of the world, but Council and XSDF supervision ensures that national identities are preserved, especially by ones that insist on keeping them pure.

Africa remains divided, though certainly more peaceful than it was twenty five years ago. Issues that have long plagued African nations like hunger, treatable disease, racial tension, and corrupt governmental positions are quickly being remedied by a united Council and a much better equipped XSDF, and political theorists are attempting to create free trade and immigration zones in South and East Africa.

With the dissolving of China's control over much of Asia, the nations of the world's largest continent cooperate, but retain their independence. Although Asian cooperatives and trade leagues have been theorized to encompass larger parts of the continent, many smaller nations are apprehensive towards unity due to the forced dominance by China in the past. Australia is free from any control by Britain, but bears a strong partnership with the corporation known as Exalt Enterprises, though its founder, Elene Exalt, maintains a degree of caution in how she influences affairs. It would not do to anger the very faction she backs, the corporate president has said at length, knowing the XSDF well.

South America cooperates on an even closer level, having a trade and mutual defense agreement called the Inca-Latin Agreement, or ILA. With several drug organizations being routed by XSDF, the organization has had success in coordinating trade and law enforcement across borders.

Colonial Governments:

Luna's ruling body is a group of bureaucrats that are knowledgeable of the scientific affairs going on there, enough to make decisions without angering them. They are assisted by a few worker unions that maintain the colony on Earth's moon. There is a current disagreement about how much to expand underground facilities, some worrying that they might make the foundations of the cities unstable.

Adamantem is closer to a true republic than most representative democracies. Although they have established laws and a western-style government and small police force to maintain the peace, they largely operate on mutual bonds and frontier justice. Hopes are rising among the populace at large that the terraforming programs in place might make the entirety of Mars habitable in the future.

Megha is mostly regulated by the scientific community until further notice, having few outposts on the often harshly heated surface. The labor and materials that go to Megha are critical interests in facilitating further colonies, so its shipments and workshops are strictly protected by the XSDF.

Novum boasts a prosperous community led by a stable representative government, regulated by orderly city planning that mirrors suburban communities on Earth. The planet’s hilly nature contains “sweet spots” where the atmosphere can be breathed easily like on the homeworld, where additional cities are created around town halls and peacekeeper stations.

Progressus is in stark contrast to the more controlled Novum, built upon a fully habitable world that allows for colonization anywhere. Reports of unauthorized building, hunting, and gathering are sometimes received by properly identified colonists.

Mia Belle is run by a council reminiscent of an aristocracy, where certain executives are appointed from various industry leaders on Earth for focused control of tourism, construction, trade regulation, beautification, and gambling. The council is overseen by XSDF, but they largely stay out of each other’s hair.

Forseti is directly regulated by the XSDF at the moment, its mines and shuttles guarded similarly to Megha’s.


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Power (RED) - The red psion focuses on unleashing their energy in the most direct way possible, i.e., using it in the form of direct force and power. These psions focus on generating energy externally and then unleashing it all at once. Powers in this category usually focus on destructive attacks.

Control (BLUE)
- The blue psion focuses on the internalization of their energy before its use. The use the energy in a calmer, more relaxed form, focused on obtaining control of how their energy will be used before it is released. The abilities don't have the raw power of red's, but they a more direct and precise. Powers in this category usually focus on manipulative attacks.

Wisdom (YELLOW)
- The yellow psion focuses on the more less direct manner in which their powers can be used, less on how they can affect others directly, and more on how they can use their abilities wisely, as well as benefit the user. What they lack in their ability to directly harm the opponent, their strength, and their control, they generally make up for in how they end up benefiting the user and slowing down the opponent. Powers in this category usually focus more on projection of energy as opposed to directly hitting the opponent.

Power through Control (VIOLET)
- The purple psion sacrifices some of the pure destructive power of their attacks for more precision on how their abilities. Powers in this usually category focus more on calculated damage to foes.

Control with Wisdom (GREEN)
- The green psion has combined their control over their energy and their focus on beneficial abilities to focus almost exclusively on helpful abilities. Powers in this category usually focus purely on beneficial for the user and those around them.

Wise use of Power (ORANGE)
- By focusing their wisdom more on fending off the opponent, the orange psion is able to directly harm the opponent in more careful ways that better use their energy. Powers in this category usually cause damage that have more lasting effects on enemies should they survive.

Each Psion usually falls into one category. The can blend into other categories, but it takes a deal of strength and effort to use an ability outside of your color correlating to how far away from you move. So a blue psionic can use green and purple with some effort, red and yellow with a great deal of effort, and orange would be incredibly tasking and likely dangerous to attempt.

Powers (In no direct particular order):


Telepathy - Allows the psion to communicate with others mentally. Mind reading is possible, but only if the target's will is overcome and the psion is very skilled.

Dreamscape - A psion can learn how to enter their mental landscape, which takes the form of their personality, struggles, and other parts of them. With permission, they can enter the 'dreamscape' of another person.


Psi Lance - A psychokinetic bolt of energy, like a psi 'bullet' of varying sizes.

Pyro Conjuring - The ability to create fire but not directly manipulate it. (This can be overcome with telekinesis)

Telekinesis - Lifting objects with psionic force and manipulating them in this manner.

Destructokinesis - Essentially, the power to create explosions in a limited capacity.

Soul Fire - Flames that both burn the target and deal more damage if they have lower will than the user.


Psi Panic - If the target's will is overcome, the psion can make them panic, often by bringing up horrific memories or images.

Mind-Merge - Allows the psion to merge with another psion, strengthening the receiver's will and the projector's by half that much.

Neural Feedback - Like the genetic version, reflects offensive mental psionic attacks like mindfray and psi panic, causing neural pain and damage. Unlike the genetic version, if the psion has the ability that is being directed at them, they can redirect it (and it doesn't have to be mental).

Mind Control - A difficult ability. If the psion overcomes their target's will, they can seize control of them and direct their actions. Single target mind control is more complete, but against several weaker-willed targets it is possible to use a puppeteer version to control their basic actions together.

Suggestion - A variant of mind control. The user places a thought or sequence of action into an individuals mind, and that person enacts this 'suggestion' if possible. Slightly easier then mind control, but the user does not have full control. They only program a sequence of actions as opposed to controlling said actions.

Subsume - A powerful ability. Tendrils of psionic energy that drain enemy psions, but can be destroyed with most attacks. More sturdy and speedy-to-drain based on the psion's will.


Mindfray - Threads of psionic energy (coming in various appearances) that disrupts the target's concentration if their will is overcome, causing them to hallucinate and suffer neural pain.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) - Allows the psion to expand their senses, or even view areas they are not currently in. Masters of this ability can also use it to have limited precognition about 5 to 10 seconds into the future.

Physical Enhancement - Strengthens the user's body using psionic energy, making them physically stronger and even faster.

Cryokinesis - The ability to create and manipulate frozen substances, mainly water.

Animal Empathy - Specialized telepathy that allows blues to communicate with animals, terrestrial or otherwise.


Biokinesis - The ability to control biological processes. This can be used to heal or cause pain, but not both. It can also be used to induce pleasure or biologically program others in addition to one of the other two prior, but not both of the latter two in conjunction.

Imbuing - The power to strengthen physical objects, making them harder and stronger. Can also be used to supercharge the power cores of armor or weaponry.

Psi Inspiration - The opposite of psi panic, psi inspiration can be used to strengthen the will of allies and remove panic/mindfray. The former use strengthens other psionic abilities used afterwards.

Oxykinesis – The control of strong acids and bases. Can be used to convert psionic energy into these substances, or modify existing solutions to be more corrosive.

Override - A difficult ability. The psion can detach their mind from their body, taking on a spirit form (often invisible) that they can use to possess targets.


Teleimagery - The ability to create illusions. Some psions are able to do this by bending light, while others manipulate the perception of observers.

Telekinetic Field - The use of telekinetic force to stop incoming projectiles, often used as a psionic shield.

Electrokinesis - The ability to control electricity. It can also be used to control power sources like charge packs or generators of varied kinds, but this is much more difficult than basic electricity.

Shockwave - Generates a wave of force that can push targets back, knock them over, or even break objects.

Blackout - Reversed ESP that reduces the senses of the user, temporarily weakening or negating the senses. The latter effect requires higher will and skill.


Telekinesis - Lifting objects with psionic force and manipulating them in this manner.

Psi Panic - If the target's will is overcome, the psion can make them panic, often by bringing up horrific memories or images.

Rift - A psychokinetic storm that lifts and damages anything in its path. A powerful ability, it initially manifests in a small and weak scope, but can be specialized to be concentrated like a tornado and extremely destructive, or wide but less destructive like a hurricane.

Blink - The power to teleport in a limited range. Doing so into walls or other areas the user could not be naturally, or not the whole body of the psion, would result in a likely horrible death.

Aerokinesis - The power to manipulate the air, moving gases, particularly oxygen.
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Reflections (Psionic Manifestations):

It is possible to form a manifestation of the psyche using psionic power as a guardian of sorts. Such a creation will obey the user’s will (though Reflections can fight on their own if necessary) and fight alongside them, dismissed when their work is done or the psion runs out of energy to power them. Reflections typically wield the user’s own powers in different ways, but can be used to utilize powers the user has trouble doing themselves. They can take on humanoid forms or other appearances.

Most often they are solidified using telekinesis or telekinetic field, exceptions including a Reflection made out of cryokinetic ice or electricity. Reflections can be intangible, made out of mental energy, but this means they cannot physically attack a target and are often weak and/or susceptible to energy weapons like lasers and particle guns (and plasma/fusion to a lesser extent).

Known Reflections:


Reflection Name
User: (Who controls the reflection?)
Composition: (What makes up the reflection’s form?)
Abilities: (What psionic powers can the reflection use?)
Arcana: (Associated tarot card, for fun and completely optional)

User: Atka Wiewora
Composition: Blood-projected telekinetic field
Abilities: Mindfray Helixes, Telekinetic Helixes, Cryokinetic Helixes (Custom styles), Telekinetic Fields
Arcana: Lovers (Technically, Atka’s helixes could count as a simple Reflection represented by Judgement)

User: Sapentia
Composition: Telekinetic Fields and Telekinesis
Abilities: Physical attacks only
Arcana: The Emperor

User: Carthigi
Composition: Mental energy
Abilities: Mindfray, Mind Control, Psi Panic
Arcana: The Empress

User: Sarah Wong
Composition: Mental energy
Abilities: Mindfray, ESP (Connected to user), Psi Inspiration
Arcana: Temperance

Anger (Red)
User: Phobos (Deceased)
Composition: Telekinetic Fields and Telekinesis
Abilities: Psi Lance, Pyro Conjuring (Flaming Lances)
Arcana: The Devil

Exaltation (Violet)
User: Phobos (Deceased)
Composition: Telekinetic Fields and Telekinesis
Abilities: Neural Feedback, Mind Control
Arcana: The Devil

Compassion (Blue)
User: Phobos (Deceased)
Composition: Telekinetic Fields and Telekinesis
Abilities: Physical Enhancement
Arcana: The Devil

Pleasure (Green)
User: Phobos (Deceased)
Composition: Telekinetic Fields and Telekinesis
Abilities: Biokinesis, Imbuing
Arcana: The Devil

Mischief (Yellow)
User: Phobos (Deceased)
Composition: Telekinetic Fields and Telekinesis
Abilities: Teleimagery, Telekinetic Field
Arcana: The Devil

Terror (Orange)
User: Phobos (Deceased)
Composition: Telekinetic Fields and Telekinesis
Abilities: Psi Panic, Telekinesis, Rift
Arcana: The Devil

OOC Note: Obviously we’re not the first ones to think of manifestations of people’s psyche or guardians like these. The Reflections are inspired by the Stands from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and the Personas/Shadows from the Persona series.


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STR: 2-4 INT: 7-8
DEX: 5-7 PER: 7-9
CON: 1-3 WIL: 1-2
Psionic Potential: 0-2
Psionic Range: Blue, ESP Only

Average Height: 2.13m
Average Weight: 84 kilograms
Average Lifespan: 54 years


The Seikronyr are a tripedal race of amphibians formerly from the planet Kepler-298d, known as Kadxa (meaning ‘boundary’). They are possessed with above average intelligence, perception, and dexterity, but suffer from fragile bodies, weak wills, and negligible psionic potential.

To call the Seikronyr unlucky would be an understatement. Approximately two million years before the Seikronyr as we know them evolved, their planet began to cool dramatically, weakening their protective magnetic field and allowing their star’s fearsome radiation to flow almost entirely unabated upon the watery planet below. While life did find a way to adapt to this event, the solutions were incomplete, and life for the Seikronyr was short, brutal, and filled with pain.

Progress was made, and eventually the Seikronyr began to overcome the troubles that befell them, reaching technological parity with 1990s humanity. Then they were discovered by the Ethereals. With their weak frames, almost non-existent potential for the Gift, and simply being redundant when compared to the other vassal races of the Ethereals, the Seikronyr were consigned to oblivion.

However, burning a world - especially one composed nearly entirely of ocean - is a slow process, and thus the Seikronyr were able to make one last suicidal strike at the Ethereals, whether it was out of desperation or fury is unknown. What is known is that it was wildly successful, the Seikronyr managing to capture a trio of Supply Ships, an Abductor, and a Battleship. They then used these ships to rescue as much of their dwindling population as possible, and immediately fled the system, never to be heard from again, and presumed to have mis-jumped into a star.

Six hundred and fifty years have passed since that day, and the Seikronyr have been preparing. Through strict breeding programs, steady scientific process, and a race-wide chip on their shoulder at those who consigned billions to death for the crime of being useless, the Seikronyr finally rebuilt the race from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions as well as reaching technological parity with the Ethereals, albeit with a special focus on cybernetic augmentations over genetic modification and psionic skill.

Sixteen years ago, the Seikronyr arrived over the Baʒir homeworld, screaming bloody vengeance upon the Ethereals and seeking the coordinates of their oppressor's homeworld. It was an awkward conversation telling them that the Ethereals, now known as the Humiliata, had already been defeated, their vassals released, and the old government was dismantled and rebuilt with a more peaceful worldview.

Now consigned to knowing that their revenge is forever out of their reach (after all, who would want to fight the race that forced your greatest enemies to their knees), the Seikronyr have begun the slow process of taking their race off of the war footing, and integrate peacefully into the galaxy.


The Seikronyr’s life-style is strictly structured into castes, with almost no mobility between castes. However, there are two distinct features that are prominent across all castes. The first is massive cybernetic augmentation is evident in each individual, to ensure that each Seikronyr is capable of performing the jobs of their castes with the greatest efficiency as well as extend their short lives. The second is that each Seikronyr is a soldier, in training for the inevitable war against the Ethereals from the moment they can walk.

There are five castes in the Sovereign Seikronyr State. The most numerous is the Dhukla caste, composed of engineers, scientists, farmers, and unskilled laborers. They are the backbone that ensures that the Seikronyr’s ships are built, their asteroid colonies remain fed, and that they progress upon the path to ever greater knowledge and immortality. Next is the Badka caste, who are the regular military of the Seikronyr. They are the sword and shield of their race, fending off pirates from the Seikronyr's flotilla of ships and various small colonies; as such, they are experts in boarding vessels in their MEC-equivalents, breaking in and wreaking havoc and pandemonium upon whomever their foe is.

Third in size is the Wahada caste, who deal with all ship-borne operations that don’t fall under the purview of the other castes, such as piloting, gunnery, general maintenance, and - if necessary - orbital bombardment. A Wahada is inherently attached to their ship, some getting neural uplink augmentations not just for the increased performance but to be closer to their ship’s ‘kah’, or inanimate spirit, regardless of the lack of proof for such a thing's existence. Following them in size is the Hibaya caste, who are the diplomats, spies, and - if things go poorly - the merchants. Being the second smallest caste is a product of their lack of use, having been formed only out of the possibility that the Seikronyr would be discovered before they could complete their revenge and would need to open relations with another race. In this new era, the understaffed Hibaya cast is having trouble maintaining relationships with the numerous races of the galaxy, resulting in an unintentional isolationist stance.

The fifth caste, the Yinad caste, is kept as a dark secret from those outside the Sovereign Seikronyr State. It is also the only caste that one can enter without being born into, being composed entirely of the Seikronyr’s small population of psions. Hooked into massive arrays of psionic boosters and computers, the Yinad function as the active sensors of their ships, using their artificially amplified ESP to break the light-speed barrier and view ships that conventional EM or infrawave sensors would take far too long to provide accurate information on. The Yinad are viewed with a quiet reverence for the sacrifices they must make, and are kept in gilded cages when not serving their duty upon their vessels.

In terms of race wide traits, each Seikronyr is possessed with a quiet anger, both at the Ethereals for putting their homeworld to the torch and the universe with cursing them with such short lifespans and fragile bodies. The latter has driven a great deal of their research, having tripled their lifespan in the past 650 years and pushing ever closer to cybernetic immortality with each passing day. They are an extremely passionate race, prone to drastic emotional highs and lows, and knowing this they tend to separate power among numerous individuals, so that one fit of passion does not result in them picking a fight above their weight class.


Rendition of a Seikronyr on the hunt, created prior to the Fall of Kadxa


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Volomi (Vol-o-my)

A bipedal, roughly humanoid insectoid race. Physically slightly weaker than humanity, but exceptionally intelligent and works well in teams.

The Volomi hail from an arid planet a few systems over from the Sol system, a large ball of dust they call ‘Volos’. Their bodies do not require as much moisture as most other species their size, but as with the Baʒir, they do inhale more oxygen in order to give them the energy to move their carapace. They survive on a carnivorous diet, but are quick to ensure that other sentient species do not fear that they would consume them – cannibalism is seen as one of the worst things an individual Volomi could do, offenders being cast out as monsters.

Base Volomi Stats:
Str: 4-6 Int: 5-9
Dex: 4-5 Per: 7-8
Con: 6-8 Wil: 7-9
Psionic Potential: 1-3
Psionic Range: Red, Orange, or Yellow, one Minor.

Average Height: 5’ 5”
Average Weight: 50kg
Average Lifespan: 70 years

The Volomi share a subtle collective mind, with each Volomi having an individual personality, but being networked to all other Volomi in existence through the conduit that is their Queen. At will, the Queen is able to ‘possess’ one of her subordinates by overriding their will, bestowing upon them a significant boost to their weak psionic powers equivalent to a mind-merged Sectoid Commander, and the Queen’s centuries old knowledge of battle tactics. This process can cause permanent brain damage if used repeatedly or for more than a few minutes at a time, however, and as such each group of Volomi away from the homeworld carries with them an individual called a Vessel. Vessels, all of which are volunteers, are held in high regard in Volomi society as a result of their sacrifice, generally living for around half the average lifespan of their people before succumbing to insanity. That is not to say the Queen will refuse to possess other Volomi – but given the damage it could cause, she usually refrains unless necessary. What’s more, the Queen herself is not without problems in this – even possessing a single subordinate puts strain on her mind, two in rapid succession causes severe headaches, which disrupt her concentration enough that a third is impossible. Should a possessed unit die, she takes a significant amount of mental feedback and will be incapable of further possessions for some time.

Their Queen is the center of the Volomi semi-hive mind, and holds the entire network together. Physically far larger and fatter than her subordinates, she is confined to her chambers deep within the bowels of the planet, where she browses the minds of her people and watches over them. It is for this reason that treason is unheard of to the Volomi. The lifespan of a Volomi Queen is typically around the 500 year mark, though there are records of Queens living as long as 1000, or as few as 200. Regardless, this is still more than the usual 70 for a normal Volomi. When a Queen does perish, their only child will assume their position as soon as possible. The longer there is no Queen, the more of her knowledge is lost from the mental network, and as such the Queen typically keeps their daughter close when there is an expectation she will die.

Princess Stats:
Str: 5-6 Int: 7-8
Dex: 5 Per: 7
Con: 7-8 Wil: 9
Psionic Potential: 2-3
Psionic Range: Red, Orange, or Yellow, one Minor

Average Height: 5’ 8”
Average Weight: 60kg
Average Lifespan: 150 years

A Volomi Princess is unusually birthed – the Queen, after conception, keeps the embryo in a sort of stasis within their body until such time as they decide to lay the egg. Once lain, the egg takes a few months to gestate before hatching a small, soft-shelled Volomi infant, which is invariably female. This is the Princess, who has a lifespan of around 150 years should they refrain from maturing into a Queen. If a Princess dies before the Queen does, the Queen is able to conceive another, but never more than one at a time to prevent any kind of political schism arising from throne rights.

Physically, a Princess is much the same as a basic Volomi, with a few improvements in overall strength and size, resulting in a slightly beefier-looking version of your average Volomi. Additionally, their carapace is an iridescent and very dark red as opposed to the usual plain brown. Their connection to their mother is unparalleled, which results in an incredibly powerful psionic avatar compared to a mere Vessel, however with the risk of brain damage a Queen will steadfastly refuse to possess her child unless there is essentially no other option.

Psionic Capability:
Volomi are not naturally psionically gifted, though some rare individuals have held minor powers in red, orange and yellow. The Volomi considered this to be leftover power from the Queen, and thus those who were natural psions often achieved a slightly elevated position in society rather than the persecution some races, like humanity, often experienced in the matter.

When a Queen possesses her subordinates, however, their psionic abilities expand hugely. Though they are restricted to those three colors – red, orange, and yellow – the Vessel becomes exceedingly powerful in all three, albeit temporarily, drawing from the Queen’s own impressive pool of psionic energy.

Volomi all look very similar to anyone who isn’t one themselves, something which unnerves many given their tendency to stare at the same thing as a group. Their head is angular towards the back, taking a somewhat pyramidal shape with the “base” being their face. They have four yellow eyes set in a “V” shape, which give them extraordinary depth perception. Fours mandibles are set into the bottom of their faces, which they usually open and close even when not speaking. They communicate both by clicking and chirping in their throats and mouths, but also by subtle gestures and rubbing limbs together. These limbs (two arms and two legs) are somewhat gangly in appearance, coated in the same brown carapace as the rest of their bodies and lined with small spines, with three large ones adorning their forearms in a straight line. Their hands consist of three “fingers” and an opposable thumb, whilst feet look more like thin graspers than anything else. The general structure of their exoskeleton is humanoid in shape.

A Volomi’s carapace provides clues as to their role in society. A tougher shell could mean either a laborer or soldier, while less bulky individuals are typically “mind workers”, working in roles usually akin to human office jobs or research. All except the Queen and Princess have a shiny brown shell. The royals, however, have a deep red iridescent exoskeleton, though it appears dark brown or black in most lighting. The Princess usually has the build of an unusually beefy soldier, while the Queen is simply a larger version. Most Queens, however, fall prey to the long periods of sedentary life in their rule and increase to an unmanageable size, a state most humans would call “grossly obese”. Oddly, the Volomi seem to have evolved to accommodate this rather than obliterate it, and a Queen’s shell will become soft and more like a membrane if her inner fat stores reach a certain threshold. Whilst this does leave her personally vulnerable, security hasn’t been a problem since the last rival Queen and her nation was obliterated, and being so deep inside the planet provides a natural bunker from outside foes.

Alien Contact:
The Volomi have only recently made themselves known, having obtained space travel from the Ethereal scout ships that were poking around their planet. Though wary of the Ethereals, they are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Having identified humanity as the species that bested the Ethereals, the Volomi have expressed an interest in opening a dialogue with them in a friendly manner. They are currently neutral towards all other races, with the singular exception of Sectoids, which they are bizarrely friendly towards.


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Short, red, irritable creatures resembling a mythological creature from Earth called Goblins. Quick to anger and vengeful, the only thing that stopped them from destroying themselves was evidence of alien life, which inspired them to work together and destroy it. If they had a legitimate reason for this, it has long since been forgotten.

When they finally obtained the means to travel beyond their system, they attacked the first ship they encountered, sparking a very short, very embarrassing war with the vastly superior Ethereals. Having little need for such a pathetic, unimpressive race, they were mostly ignored.

The Pickio are still occasionally found during space travel, especially when travelling through their system. They're ships' speed, weapons, and shields are vastly overshadowed by those of the XSDF, and the biggest threat they offer is being forced to kill them because they will not except their immediate loss.

A race of beings with an 'angelic' appearance, at least to humans, with four brillant wings, two arms, and taloned feet. The Celentius are likely at the technological level humans would be at the start of the 22nd century if we had not encountered the Humilitia. They are a peaceful race with aspirations to move amongst the stars some day, and have sent numerous signals into space to catch the eye of alien life. They are currently being monitored by the XSDF on case they reach that level, and to assure their signals do not catch the eyes of alien life that might mean them harm. That said, they are being left alone to develop as they will.

A race similar to humans with canine-like features, including large, floppy ears, big maws, and eyes that appear like they are constantly giving a 'puppy dog eyes' look. Intergalactic traders, and quite adapt at it. If you need something, they are usually your best bet. They're a lot more expensive then other traders, but it is never a gamble with them. They have a liking for rare metals, including silver and gold. Interestingly enough, they have a shortage of copper, and that makes for easy trade with Earth, assuming a representative has a large enough supply of copper laying around.

A race that appears to have evolved from pachyderms, resembling anthropomorphic rhinos, with hulking bodies, thick grey skin, and a horn-like nose. Intelligent and determined, they have a long-standing feud with the Shinso. While the two races currently have a very uneasy truce while they deal with increased pirate activity in their respective systems, fights between the two's ships break out all of the time. Use caution while passing through their space, as they are likely to attack any who they believe side with the Shinso. This is their war to fight, and the XSDF will only interfere if they pose a threat to one of our colonies (or those of our allies).

Species that evolved from felines, resembling antopromorphic lions, with proud mains, short, brown fur covering their bodies, and thick fangs. Fierce and ruthless, they have a long-standing feud with the Quin. While the two races currently have a very uneasy truce while they deal with increased pirate activity in their respective systems, fights between the two's ships break out all of the time. Use caution while passing through their space, as they are likely to attack any who they believe side with the Quin. This is their war to fight, and the XSDF will only interfere if they pose a threat to one of our colonies (or those of our allies).

Considered a subspecies by the Shinso, having evolved along side them, the Cartus are more human in appearence, with their feline features smaller and resembling a cat more then a lion, furless skin, pointy ears, and thin fur on their clawed hands and feet, as well as their tails. As a 'lower species', the Cartus as a whole are enslaved to the Shinso, and are often treated poorly. There is no agreed galactic regulations on slavery, and as such, one can often find a Shinso in a trade station with at least one or two Cartus slaves nearby. Some have escaped their captivity, usually taking jobs as entertainers. There are several Cartus that act as information brokers, their need to remain in the shadows, away from the eyes of searching masters, allowing them to hear information they wouldn't hear in the open.

A complicated race a people resembling humans, though all with dark, purple tinted skin, hands with eight digits, four eyes, and an average height of four feet. Like the Humilitia, they all wear masks, though they seem to be as functional as they are a part of the culture, as the Masquer home world is a desert planet. The most unique feature of the Masquer people is the very, very strict and numerous rules their people follow, and while they have no history of aggression to those they have encountered, few have the patience to work with their complicated rule system to have dealings with them, even if they are said to be worth it if you can. The last individual to attempt it, a Replitan trader, claimed he was told they had just passed rule 109,665.


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Additional Rules on Number of Characters:

Main Characters - Under normal circumstances, you should have two of these. They are the characters you will spend the most time with in solos, collaborations and missions. Feel free to give them a juicy, lengthy bio, replete with the information you don't want the general rpers to know about them.

Major Characters - The important supporting cast that you roleplay with. These are also counted in your character total (so don't go overboard with these), but they are secondary to your main characters. Still give them a full bio of your template, but it can be shorter than your MC bio.

Minor Characters - DO NOT go overboard here, but these minor characters are not counted in your character total. They are adopted NPCs, minor fighter pilots, and refugees that may be recurring but are and should be almost never alone without a major or main character around on both sides. They are attaches to your main and major characters or reusable staff.

DO NOT write full bios for them. Make something short and easy, and I'd even strongly recommend saying (minor character) by their name or something. These will be posted last in the bios thread, naturally.


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Alien Variants

Sectoid Variants:

Str: 2-4 Int: 7-9
Dex: 2-4 Per: 3-5
Con: 3-5 Wil: 3-5
Psionic Potential: 8-9
Psionic Range: Major Violet, Minor Blue
Common Psi Abilities:
Violet - Psi Panic, Mind-Merge, Suggestion, Mind Control (Weak)
Blue - Mindfray, ESP

Str: 2-4 Int: 7-9
Dex: 2-4 Per: 3-5
Con: 3-5 Wil: 3-5
Psionic Potential: 9-9
Psionic Range: Minor Violet
Common Psi Abilities:
Violet - Psi Panic, Mind-Merge

Upgrades from Normal: Bonus strength, dexterity, perception and/or constitution from cybernetic body parts or MEC suit; integrated psionic equipment into a mech suit like the telekinetic shield receiver.

Sectoid Commander
Str: 2-4 Int: 7-9
Dex: 2-4 Per: 3-5
Con: 4-6 Per: 3-5
Psionic Potential: 8-9
Psionic Range: Major Violet with Minor Blue/Red (OR) Major Yellow with Minor Green/Orange
Common Psi Abilities:
Violet - Psi Panic, Mind-Merge, Suggestion, Mind Control
Blue - Mindfray, ESP
Red - Psi Lance, Telekinesis
Yellow - Teleimagery, Telekinetic Field, Blackout
Green - Biokinesis, Imbuing
Orange - Psi Panic, Telekinesis

Upgrades from Normal: Stronger, more varied psi abilities, related to a stronger will and constitution. They can have a Reflection potentially.

Replitan Variants

Str: 5-7 Int: 5-7
Dex: 7-10 Per: 6-8
Con: 4-6 Wil: 3-5
Psionic Potential 1-3
Psionic Range: Minor Green, Very Minor Yellow
Common Psi Abilities (if any):
Green - Biokinesis OR Psi Inspiration
Yellow - Teleimagery OR Electrokinesis OR Blackout
(Note that the yellow abilities are often weak unless psi inspiration is in play)

Str: 5-7 Int: 5-7
Dex: 7-10+ Per: 6-8
Con: 5-7 Wil: 3-5
Psionic Potential: 1
Psionic Range: Very Minor Green
Common Psi Abilities: Passive Self-Biokinesis ONLY

Upgrades from Normal: Slightly higher dexterity and constitution, and the ability to actively shapeshift using an unshackled genetic code and passive biokinesis. They cannot add mass (though they can puff themselves up by imbibing oxygen or other gases), but they can look remarkably like a different race or even a particular person. Often have a variety of genetic modifications in addition to this.

Str: 5-7 Int: 5-7
Dex: 7-10 Per: 6-8
Con: 5-7 Wil: 4-6
Psionic Potential: 2-4
Psionic Range: Minor Green, Minor Yellow
Common Psi Abilities:
Green - Biokinesis OR Psi Inspiration
Yellow (two of the following) - Teleimagery, Electrokinesis, Shockwave, and Blackout

Upgrades from Normal: Slightly higher will and psionic potential. This translates into the ability to have three abilities rather than two. They can only have a Reflection if they go the psi inspiration route, as yellow abilities would make a weak psionic manifestation without the user being inspired beforehand.

Balmadaar Variants

Str: 7-10 Int: 4-6
Dex: 4-5 Per: 5-6
Con: 7-9 Wil: 4-6
Psionic Potential: 1-3
Psionic Range: Minor Red, Very Minor Orange
Common Psi Abilities:
Red (one or two of the following) - Psi Lance, Pyro-Conjuring, and Destructokinesis
Orange - Rift (weak)

Str: 7-10+ Int: 4-6
Dex: 4-5 Per: 5-6
Con: 8-10 Wil: 4-6
Psionic Potential: 0
Psionic Range: N/A
Common Psi Abilities: None

Upgrades from Normal: Sentinels are the vanguard of Balmadaar forces, and have undergone genetic modification to unlock the depths of their strength and constitution. They often have gene modifications as well to increase their combat abilities and protect from psionic attack. Warlords or Muton Elites fall under this designation as well. (Less traditional Balmadaar or clone soldiers tend to be even MORE aggressively modified)

War Priest
Str: 7-10 Int: 4-6
Dex: 4-5 Per: 5-6
Con: 8-10 Wil: 5-7
Psionic Potential: 2-4
Psionic Range: Minor Red, Minor Orange
Psionic Abilities:
Red (two of the following) - Psi Lance, Pyro-Conjuring, and Destructokinesis
Orange (one or two of the following) - Rift and Telekinesis (weak)

Upgrades from Normal: War Priests have mental augmentation to be even more able to use psionics, though the process and afteraffects are painful enough to warrant an evaluation of the ethics of such a procedure. They have a slightly higher will and can use more psionic abilities, though telekinesis is only useful for combination with pyro-conjuring to create pyrokinesis. Can have a Reflection.

Baʒir Variants

Str: 3-5 Int: 5-7
Dex: 5-7 Per: 3-5
Con: 3-5 Wil: 1-3
Psionic Potential: 2-4
Psionic Range: Blue/Green/Yellow, Two Minor
Common Psi Abilities:
Blue - ESP, Physical Enhancement
Green - Imbuing, Psi Inspiration
Yellow - Teleimagery, Aerokinesis

Special Note: Very unlikely to serve in any combat position. In the rare cases that they do, they prefer to hang back and assist others.

Str: 3-5 Int: 5-7
Dex: 5-7 Per: 3-5
Con: 3-5 Wil: 2-4
Psionic Potential: 0-1
Psionic Range: Very Minor Green
Common Psi Abilities (if any):
Green - Psi Inspiration ONLY

Special Note: While not well suited for cybernetic augmentation, there are some that are able to take to it. Granted a willpower boost by their enhancements, these mechanized Baʒir, or Meʒir, are more likely to fight on (or at least closer to) the front lines. Lacking much of their psionic potential, they instead take advantage of weapons built into their legs, often mixing Gauss, Pulse, and Plasma to take advantage of different situations. The weaponry in their comparatively smaller mechanical limbs is weaker than others, but they make up for this with their ability to fire in four directions at once, and by the substantial increase in defense through mechanical augmentation of their carapace.

Tamearin Variants

Str: 5-7 Int: 6-8
Dex: 5-7 Per: 6-7
Con: 5-7 Wil: 5-7
Psionic Potential: 6-9
Psionic Range: All, One Major or Two Minor
Common Psi Abilities: most of their native color as a single Major

Special Notes: Can fufill human-esque soldier roles with psionics as an added bonus.

Ardenian Variants

Str: 3-5 (8) Int: 6-8
Dex: 7-9 Per: 6-7
Con: 6-8 Wil: 6-7
Psionic Potential: 2-4
Psionic Range: Blue/Green, 1-2 Minor
Common Psi Abilities:
Blue - Mindfray OR ESP
Green - Biokinesis OR Imbuing

Special Note: Ardenians are a combination of a long range and close range fighter. At long range, they fight in a similar fashion to a human, though it should be noted that, due to their weaker upper body strength, unless an Ardenian has had significant gene-modification, they are limited to lighter weaponry. It should also be noted that their larger bodies make it staying in cover more difficult. That said, Ardenians are extremely quick, and if no sufficient cover is available, they will stay on the move. Being within a few feet of an Ardenian should be avoided at all cost, as the speed and accuracy at which they can strike with their bladed tails is astounding, comparable to a Earth snake.

Broodkin Variants

Str: 7-9 Int: 1-3
Dex: 6-8 Per: 7-9
Con: 7-9 Wil: 4-6
Psionic Potential: 0
Psionic Range: N/A
Common Psi Abilities: None

Upgrades from Normal: The combat variant that is illegal these days was created by the Ethereals, and not only has acidic saliva, but can implant its young into a slain enemy and turn them into a zombie. That zombie will eventually hatch a new chryssalid, and in only a few minutes. They are very difficult to control barring psychic 'leashes' implanted cybernetically into some.

Str: 7-9 Int: 1-3
Dex: 6-8 Per: 7-9
Con: 7-9 Wil: 4-6
Psionic Potential: 0
Psionic Range: N/A
Common Psi Abilities: None

Upgrades from Normal: Pillager Broodkin are genetically modified to be faster, more resistant to damage, quicker on the uptake, and even stronger.

Chryssalid Queen
Str: 10+ Int: 2-4
Dex: 6-8 Per: 7-9
Con: 10+ Wil: 6-8
Psionic Potential: 0
Psionic Range: N/A
Common Psi Abilities: None

Upgrades from Normal: Chryssalid Queens have a slightly higher intelligence and will than their children, as well as exceptionally high strength and constitution due to their size. Hard to genetically modify, however.

Incubator Variants

Str: 6-8 Int: 1-2 (5-6)
Dex: 8-10 Per: 7-9
Con: 4-6 Wil: 4-6 (3-5)
Psionic Potential: 7-9
Psionic Range: Moderate Blue and Violet
Common Psi Abilities:
Blue - ESP (10s Precognition) and Physical Enhancement (Form Shift) OR Animal Empathy and Cyrokinesis
Violet - Neural Feedback (Rare) OR Psi Panic and Mind-Merge

Special Notes: The different variants have the same stats, so it is simply worth noting that the Incubators have their form-shifting "Infiltrator" variant that can use ESP and P.E., while their natural form is capable of the other four abilities.
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