X-COM Season 4 Role-Play Journals

Dec 9, 2013
United States of Amarica, Los Angles.
Four hours after operation: DRIVING GRAVE.

Seen from the perspective of Johan De Fries, Leader of the X-COM Cleanup Crew 'Tidy Team'

There were a lot of things on Johan's mind as he walked towards the ruined garage, one of these things was: how is it possible that they burned down a brick wall?
But the most pressing thing on Johan's mind was a far more important question: How do Bacon wrapped hot dogs taste? Ever since his conversation with the Rookie Ryan Chen he was been thinking about it. So when he and his team finally dragged the last alien bodies into their coffins, all with a green stripe on them. He told his employees that they needed to get rid of all traces of alien in the neighborhood they didn't know that Johan had a small canister already filled with alien blood with him.

After about five minutes of searching he found his prize. A cart abandoned on the road with all the ingredients to make the bacon wrapped hot dogs. He causally emptied the canister of alien blood on the side of the cart and the weels, far away from the food itself. After he had done that he started to make his way back to his Chinook helicopter, the rest of his team had also dragged various items into the helicopter that had alien blood on them. Hera was busy planting C4 on a wall, the wall was almost completely covered in blood and knowing that taking a wall with them might be a challenging she obiously decided to just burn the organic material off.

After a rather long ride back to the base everyone got to work the get the various artifacts stored. Johan saw a soldier standing around in the Hangar, after they introduced each other Johan quickly learned that his name was Ritofuto, the sniper offer to help to get everything into the science labs and Johan gladly accepted his offer. With all of the taken care of he made his way back to the Chinook and started dragging the Hot dog cart towards the bar. He noticed several people staring at him as he walked by but Johan decided to ignore them.

When he arrived at the bar he noticed that there were a few people but almost all of them seemed to be drinking. He placed the cart in a corner of the bar and asked one of the slightly drunk soldiers to hold it while he ripped off the side and wheels that had blood on them. After that Johan wrote a sign that said: "Help yourself" and taped it on the one side that faced into the bar, he quickly made his way to the science labs to get rid of the wheels and side that was stained with the alien blood.

When he was finally done Johan went back to the bar to try one of these hot dogs himself.
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Dec 10, 2013
Name: Tariq Hassan
Occupation: Soldier
Rank: Rookie

Base life is starting to feel more comfortable. I've interacted with some of my fellow soldiers. Most of us still haven't seen the front lines, but the footage and stories that have filtered back are increasingly harrowing. There's a buzz in the air about it. Some of the soldiers are eager to be deployed, and some are dreading it. In most though, there is a mix of these two sentiments. I hold little hope that anything good will come to any of us in the end. And now rumors are starting to circulate that command is planning some truly radical surgeries- things that would be considered morally bankrupt anywhere else. The sorts of things the aliens do to themselves. And to us.

Even as I grow more comfortable in this place, my misgivings are not receding.

My bunkmate, Largo, was deployed again. He returned in one piece, and seems to be growing more confident about his ability to "hit the little gray dudes in the face". Last night he kept me up until 3 AM telling ghost stories. Again.


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May 26, 2013
DOCUMENT_ID: 0002360275

The Dreadnought project is a supplement to the Avalon Research Project concerning the applications of Meld. While some have argued that the best use is to take the genetic superiority of our foe and apply it to our soldiers, here an alternative is presented: the Dreadnought project, taking ordinary humans and supplementing them with the powers of machinery, making them harder to kill, better able to overcome the rigors of combat, faster than any man could hope to be, and over eight times stronger than the most dedicated strong-men. All this requires is the subject to have their limbs amputated and have Meld nodes implanted into their joint sockets, so they can interface with the true child of the Dreadnought Project, the Mechanized Exoskeleton Cybersuit or MEC Suit. The three sub-projects, the amputation procedure (codenamed IRON_DUKE), the MEC suit (codenamed COLOSSUS), and the SPIRAL System (codenamed AJAX) will be further detailed in their respective files.

The objectives of the Dreadnought project, and her subprojects, both current and future, are as follows:
1. To provide a force equalizer against the alien invaders through the use of Meld-enhanced mechanized cybersuits, piloted by XCOM Soldiers,
2. To develop new tactics for the use of MECs in combat situations,
3. With the assistance on the Research Team, under Dr. Cerise Vahlen, to formulate new technologies to apply to MEC pilots,
4. To have MEC pilots be able to undergo a return to normal life after the end of the invasion.



DOCUMENT_ID: 0002360276

The Iron Duke Project is one half of the Dreadnought Project, and it will deal with the human side of the parent project. The Iron Duke’s stated goals are to mechanically augment a human being to allow interface with a MEC Suit, as well as provide a set of ‘base augments’ to allow life for the soldier to continue relatively normally.

To allow this interface with the MEC Suit, the subject must undergo the augmentation procedure, which first consists of 30 hours of learning the subject’s neural patterns and deciphering them, while also manufacturing the base augments, 6-8 hours of surgery where the subject’s limbs are removed, and the implants and augments are inserted, with the last 22-24 hours being recovery/physical therapy/suit acclimation time for the patient. There are four implants that are inserted into the joint sockets on the subject, each consisting of 1.25 units of Meld and a male socket connector to which the implants and MEC suit are attached.

The base augments are four artificial limbs, based on the designs displayed on the opening kick of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, with female socket connectors and 1.25 units of Meld per limb. Also included is a scaled down version of the power generator currently in use for powering the XCOM HQ for the purpose of powering the limbs, and can keep the base augments running for the next twelve years provided a normal workout routine is maintained, longer if the subject remains sedentary. The other thing included in the backpack is the neural data for effective use of the base augments and MEC Suit. The backpack also serves one last function, and it is what provides the Systematic Particularity Intensification Reaction ALlowance System, or SPIRAL system. The SPIRAL system has it’s own subproject file.

Projected side effects of the Iron Duke is a reduced appetite, occasional phantom pains from the surgery, a slight chance of minor memory loss, and detachment from humanity.


DOCUMENT_ID: 0002360277

The Colossus subproject is the main goal of the Dreadnought parent project, and has within it’s bounds all details regarding the Warden class of MEC Suits. Using the fruits of project Avalon, the Warden takes 40 units of Meld to produce, but the finished product can be freely swapped between any and all MEC Pilots. The Warden stands at 3.83 meters in height, and weighs 927 kilograms. It is composed of a solid steel frame, with 9 cm of armor around the cockpit. It has an estimated lifting capacity of 1250 kg, and is equipped with a X-6 Minigun, based off of the M-61 Vulcan, lowering rate of fire to 4500 rpm in exchange for 30 mm rounds, as this is no longer an aircraft weapon, but a heavy infantry one, and does not need such an absurd rate of fire like the parent weapon did.

Also included in the construction of each Warden is one of two tactical subsystems: the Kinetic Strike Module or the Flamethrower. The Kinetic Strike Module is exactly what is says on the tin: a giant power fist that on impact can put out 80 000 Newtons of force (enough to cause 40 m/s^2 of acceleration on a 2000 kg car over one second), through the use of liquid rocket boosters on the sides of the KSM, and has a practically unlimited field use duration, hampered only by the restriction that it can only be used in close quarters range and on one target. An unintentional side effect is that this massive acceleration is that it destroys most structures and can in some cases causes vehicles to explode. Extra space on the MEC is used to add additional servomotors, to increase speed.

On the other hand, the Flamethrower is a modification of the old Soviet LPO-50. Unlike the KSM, it has a limited number of uses in the field, but I’m certain that with enough experience in using it, a soldier can squeeze out another use. It has a much larger area of effect than the KSM, forming a 30 degree cone that extends up to 6 meters away. While not confirmed, it is speculated than any beings that somehow survive the flames may panic from the fact that they are on fire. However, the flamethrower does not affect mechanical units, like the Outsiders present on UFOs. Once a subsystem is applied, it is effectively permanent, as the hardware changes would be more expensive than building a new MEC.


DOCUMENT_ID: 0002360278

The SPIRAL System, or the Systematic Particularity Intensification Reaction ALlowance System, is the one factor of MEC creation that we did not account when the project was drawn up. Regardless, when a significant amount of Meld comes in contact with a human, strange things occur. Some left-over traits from when a soldier is assigned a class work their way into the system, creating strange effects. While under normal circumstances such changes would have little-to-no effect on combat performance, we’ve been able to exploit them with the SPIRAL System. So far, only one effect has been discovered, via the current subject, but more are likely to exist. The one we do know exists we have labeled the Distortion Field.

The Distortion Field, when amplified through the MEC and SPIRAL System, produce a field about 15 meters in diameter that distorts high velocity objects passing through it. Very little distortion, even with the boost in power, but it may be just enough to have a plasma round hit your cover instead of you. Unfortunately, we cannot know if this is personalized to each soldier, or is based on their class of training, or even if the current subject is the only one with this, but we can find that out after the war is over, and we can do more testing. Or if we augment another soldier.

Shen supplemental

To be quite honest, I don’t believe any engineer on my team was the one who created this system. One morning I wake up, go to my desk, and find a manila folder labeled ‘For Shen’s Eyes Only’. Maybe somebody on my team did make it, and just didn’t want credit (which rules out Dr. Straten), or worse things are afoot. Then again, we are working for the blackest of ops organizations, so it shouldn’t be surprising that conspiratorial and suspicious things happen often. Now that I think about it, I wonder how many people here secretly work for intelligence agencies. Damn, paranoid now.

End supplemental.

Journal 4

Dennis Largo

Heavy Squaddie


I wish I felt like drinking, but I don’t. Disregard that last sentence of that last journal entry. I’m looking at it right now, and it’s probably the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.These aliens are serious motherfuckers.

The last mission was almost a fucking disaster, but we managed to get the upper hand. The little grey bastards are called “Sectoids.” There were over a dozen of them on the ground this time. Last time it was maybe five or six. I stood five feet away and watched one shrug off a spray of machine gun rounds at point blank. So, scratch what I said about the aliens not being bulletproof. The goddamn aliens are a little bit bulletproof.

Coming close to death is a strange experience. At first, you feel nothing. It may take a few hours, or a few days before you realize how close you came. After that, you might feel lucky. Or scared. You think back. The moment is crystal clear in your head. You see the moment where Death himself glanced in the doorway, took a look inside, and said… “Just kidding, Dennis. Keep up the good work.”

If you’re not a soldier (and trust me, you don’t want to be), you might experience this once or twice in your life. Car crash, robbery, drug overdose, heart attack. If you’re enlisted, it’s probably going to become a routine. The weirdest thing about humanity is that we’ve been fighting wars since the dawn of time, but we never really evolved to cope with it. Soldiers can be selfless. Soldiers can put their friends before themselves. Soldiers can jump on grenades to save their friends. But sometimes to put that everlasting fear of your own mortality behind yourself, you need to forget yourself.

I’m going out again to a crashed UFO. They really are called UFO’s. Can’t wait.


The aliens still aren’t rocket-proof :).

P.P.S. Tariq and I still aren’t friends, but we’re getting there.

Zain Shah

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Jun 2, 2013
Leroy Jenkins
Skyranger Pilot

Journal #2
On our latest mission, the squad (Lemarque, Gorefest, Largo and Robinson) went out to some repair garage in LA. The aliens really have thought of every place to abduct humans but those grey things don't seem to show much intelligence. Maybe there is a hierarchy of these aliens and these little things are probably the pawns but this means that the Commander better be ready for more of them. The Commander seems to be getting a little rusty, Robinson's armor was almost charred to her skin but she wore this protective vest otherwise, that would have hospitalised for at least a couple of days. Guess the Commander is a lucky man and that skill is one that should help.

Letter to Leroy's Girlfriend
Dear Miranda,
I'm sorry I haven't spoken to you in the last month; it's just that X-COM been a lot more than I thought but don't think I forgot about you (and I hope you didn't forget me). I'm the pilot for this amazing aircraft and the only that could make this better is if you were here but then I'd be worried about you getting killed all the time. I want this war to be over soon and I think I'll be back in another month or so. Our enemy doesn't seem to be putting up much of a fight. Make sure to tell my mum that I'm fine and...

The alarm goes off and Leroy rushes to the skyranger to prepare for the next mission. He quickly deletes the sentence he started to write and sends it

This is a collaboration between Zain Shah (Leroy Jenkins) and Thenlar (Ryan Chen)

X-COM Cafeteria
1300 hours

Leroy is lazily poking the sludge on his plate with a fork with gloomy expression. He takes a sip of water from his glass and pushes the tray away from him. He lets out a deep sigh and scoffs "Military food."

Across the table, Ryan plops his tray onto the table. Looking at Leroy, he slides a couple seats closer.

"Not too excited by the offerings, eh? Hot and filling is the best qualities about it." He swirled his fork through some unidentifiable gravy.

"I'm Ryan. You're the bus driver, right?"

"Pretty much." Leroy's expression changes slightly, with a faint smile on his face. "And I'm guessing that you're a rookie cos I haven't seen you yet."

Ryan chuckled. "Yep, I'm a backup bullet sponge. or.. plasma sponge? Plasma vent?" He shook his head. "Whatever. Yeah, I'm on the back burner, just trying to keep people entertained while I'm sitting around watching other people get shot."

He scowled at his plate and shoveled a little food in his mouth. He made a face, chewed and swallowed. "Well, it's food, but... still. I think I can get some Omaha steaks shipped to the area, but I still gotta get it picked up. That'd be the good stuff." He sighed.

"Only if you had someone who leaves the base regularly, going all around the world and can get anything past security in a jet." Leroy smiles and says "So you're the guy who seems to be handling all the contraband, eh?"

Leroy pulls his tray back and reluctantly scoops a small piece of the sludge and chews it slowly with a look if disgust on his face.

Ryan smiles faintly. "If only. Besides, it's not really contraband per se, there's nothin' illegal about steaks. Just... uh.. getting them in. It's not like I can infiltrate our lousy supply chain with their 'generic meat patty' deliveries."

He ponders a few moments... or maybe he's just chewing. He puts down his fork, glances around, then leans in slightly. "I made acquaintance with Chief Williams a bit back. I'll pass him some coordinates next time you go out."

"At least it'll give me something to do while the soldiers kill those aliens." Leroy stares at his plate for a while perhaps debating over a second bite then suddenly stops "So uh... if you don't mind me asking; do you have alcohol?" Leroy waits for a moment and adds "I erm.. haven't had any alcohol this past month so I just need a small bottle. The stuff in the bar tastes like shit."

Ryan laughs. "Matter of fact, I have a small stash. There might be some extra in the box you pick up. Right now, I have a few things... what's your poison? Rum, vodka, scotch?"

"Hard cider actually." Leroy chuckles "I was actually scouting for the guy who was dealing out all of this stuff and I find you instantly. Don't worry about anything that needs to be brought in; you tell me and chances are that I'll probably be able to get it for you as long as my higher-ups don't catch me." Leroy picks up his tray and dumps all of the food into the bin and neatly stacks the tray on top of the others. "I guess I'll see you around." Leroy puts his hand out for a shake.

Ryan shakes. "Cider? That's a surprise. I've got some Magner's Irish cider... I usually drink it myself, but I think I can spare you a sixer. I'll drop it off tomorrow."

"Thanks, I'll see you then." Leroy stands up from the table and heads over to the gym.
Dec 11, 2013
Log Entry #5: 05:00 April 8th 2015 of Squaddie Hokuchiyo "Hoku" Ritofuto. Sniper Division.

Log Note: This log is being recorded en route to the new operation.

I am being sent out with most of the original Home Team, sans Robinson. The new-in Chen seemed to be able to more then prove his mettle, but it would have been nice to have a reunion with everyone again with our fresh coat of paint, bad puns of circumstance aside. I'll get to -that- particular part in a moment.

Between now and the last established operation things seem to be getting only busier around the base. Johan allowed me to assist him with offloading things to the science division. I was glad someone could use my assistance around the base and I made sure to let him know if I'm not busy I'd be happy to help him again. I even got a hotdog out of the deal! Never actually had one before. For something we don't really know the contents of, they taste pretty good when heated up.

While noone was able to attend, I have had a couple people ask me to train them with use of a rifle sometime. I hope I do not dissapoint. The Commander seems to want me and Gorefest to compete for Sniper Division Team Leader. While it's not exactly said that way, it is basically how it is. We are of similar rank and similar statistics according to our performance records, so he is trying to see who can assume a better leadership role. In the end if I do not become the team leader, it will not bother me as much as one might assume. It is better that the one who performs above the others becomes the leader, at least in an active role on the ground. Speaking tactically is a whole other thing, but that is why we have the Commander for that role.

On the topic of tacticle advantage, the aliens have another leg up. After reviewing the footage of the last operation, we are dealing with two more types of aliens. These extraterrestrials are more varied then us humans. They are not confined to one general body type it seems. The first was a tall, suit-wearing creature, possibly something for infiltration? When Chen gunned it down the thing seemed to sort of... Self-destruct or something into a cloud of gas. Something tells me we don't want to run through it. The other was a... Monsterous thing of metal and wrinkled, burned-looking flesh. It had no legs, and used small engines to fly. This troubles me... Perhaps I can use them for skeet shooting practice though! I can't let this new discovery get the better of me. I know it is a longshot, but I sent in a request to the Doctor and Shen to see if they can allow me access to see one of the corpses of both these aliens, or at least recieve files on them. I also made a request to read up on the Sectoids we have commonly run into. I want to learn their physiology and strengths and weaknesses in more detail so I can better handle them when encountered.

It's odd that I find the flying aliens so wierd and yet I hold a completely different wonderment and fear for Lemarque. The operation went well and he is now a full cyborg. The commander manufactured a special sort of robot suit for him and gave him a helmet to protect him further... It's odd the suit didn't seem to cover the chest completely or the head. The suit has a huge minigun and giant fist with rockets strapped to it... I hope Lemarque doesn't actually trigger either while Jenkins is flying us in, that MEC suit is a scary thing. I'll try to catch him after the operation and see how he is adapting to the changes. I worry for him like a son of sorts since the first incident Home Team had. As a side note, maybe since Lemarque is a new breed of soldier, maybe he could use with a new coloration to separate him from 'support team, yellow'.

I am glad I am fighting with Kuklinski again. It seems like the only time we have to meet and greet is when we are on the Skyranger. I'm going to go ahead and ask him what his story is after the operation on the way back to base. I went ahead and proposed my team name idea and helped vouch for Kuk's motto to Lemarque now that we have a chance to talk to him, wanted to see what he thinks.

We are about to touch down at the new operation site. I'll have to end this log now. I'll do my best to prove my worth! I didn't get this medal for nothing!
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Jun 3, 2013
Soldier Name: Caroline Southway
Rank: Rookie
Class: None

Human kind has always seekd to achieve the impossible, just a few years ago it was a dream to soar through the sky's like a bird. Now we are visiting Earth's moon and even exploring the Universe. But there is one question that has been asked a lot thru out the history of human kind. Are we alone in this vast empty space? The time to find this out has drawn near, but we haven't found them, they found us. Now we are the natives fighting of these things who claim our planet. Is this a test? Will the human race leave behind their difference's and fight together to overcome an unknown enemy? Will this change human history for the better? Or will we defeat our attackers and become the very thing we are fighting to defeat? Then again we could lose all together and then it simply doesn't matter what become of us, does it now?

But enough of that, in order to see what will happen we jump back into the life of Caroline Southway who got the chance to witness all this first hand, how she fought and died, how it changed her very personality. But then again we need to learn a little more about her past before moving on to the time where she fought the Aliens.

We all need a loving caring mother, but sometimes mother's decided to either be very rude to their children or not be there at all, for little miss princess having a loving and caring mother suddenly not be there anymore is not easy for a child. It's the person you enjoy seeing every day and spending time with, she who makes you feel safe and loved. But one day she isn't there anymore and all that is left behind is cold hard sadness. Who knew that this one person missing in Caroline's life can make her a cold hearted, lying, deceiving, humorless bitch? Who even when the world gets attacked by Aliens, simply acts to befriend those who stand by her side fighting the same enemy? We all ask our self sometime in our life's "What if...?" for me it would be "What if Caroline's Mother hadn't died in that fire?". Lucy Southway (Mother) was a nurse in her young adult age, she grew up with her father Colin Southway (Grandfather) and her Mother Elisabeth Southway (Elisabeth House of Windsor) (Grandmother). Lucy knew it was the right choice in her life to help other's as much as she could, she was one of the sweetest girls you will ever have meet. A girl like Lucy only comes around once. She then one day meet her husband Alexander Foster not to be confused with Caroline's bodyguard Alexander Ruflier. To keep this short, they got eventually married and had a child with unusual eye's (which you've come to know as Caroline Southway) still they loved her more than anything in the World. I will tell you more about Caroline's Father another time. Lucy, who became a doctor around that time still worked at a hospital that she opened herself. Although she was Royal and rich she worked there every day saving life's and curing sick wherever she could. Until that one day the hospital caught fire. No one knows how or why but it has been confirmed that almost everybody got out safely only 3 casualties one of them being Lucy who gave her life to safe most of the patients. What a tragic end to a kind woman. Now how do you tell a young child that her mother just seems to not exist anymore? In other worlds that her mother is dead? With a lie. It's the best, for it could destroy a child inside or even an adult, just like is has done to Caroline's Father. Yet Caroline wasn't dumb, she knew her mother wasn't on some vacation forever. She took it hard but as we all have to, she learned to let go and live on without her mother? Or did she?

It seems like there hasn't been much going on in base to Caroline. But it's actually because she wasn't feeling well the last couple of days. Nothing unusual we all get sick randomly some days. Just so happens it happened to Caroline. None the less she still had time to spend some time with her new Roommate Rebecca. They went to the bar so Caroline could enjoy a refreshing drink of Wine to calm her mind. This is where she meet the first person to have the balls to insult her, while actually facing her and making somewhat of eye contact. While it isn't a secret anymore that Caroline is Royal in the base it sure isn't a reason to insult her is it now? Steve Maltus this large black man. Or as Caroline would describe him, 5 foot 10 tall target for aliens to hit. Good riddance to bad rubbish and such. Anyway insults where thrown around, stink eyes were made (If eyes could kill) Gredo shot first and before you know it Caroline has someone she wants to kill more than some stupid alien trying to take over human kind. Ah I tell you, humans don't need aliens to kill them, they are already pro enough doing it themselves. The drunk obviously made a show in the bar that did not leave the best impression on him, Caroline will surely use this to her advantage to make others dislike him too.

Well other than that it seems like there is a ton of talk around the base about those aliens who are attacking us, for it seems like it's more than just one. But Caroline couldn't care less at the moment. Her being sick and not seeing any action is already boring enough at the moment. Yet she plans to talk to some more scientist around base, help her French buddy who she decided to nickname "Frenchie" ( How racist Caroline :O )with his getting used to his suit. And spend more time with some of her other mates. Even thou she works better alone, it's always good to have people who will come to back you up.
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Dec 9, 2013
New York, USA
Name: James Nightingale (Note this is a collaboration between James and Caroline Southway)
Rank: Rookie
Status: Active Reserves

Audio Journal 5

Things at base are pretty normal, well other than the cyborg walking around and the giant mech in the bases garage. I mean how can someone do that, lose all that flesh for something mechanical. Probably sounds hypocritical considering most of my body had to be rebuilt after the battle at the oil rig. By any means though, nothing that far extensive. Anyways other than that pretty much routine, people giving lessons on the range, drunk encounters at the bar, and my own little seclusive workshop. Though recently, not so much that seclusive.

I was in the workshop working on a little project and I hear a familiar voice come from behind me. It was Caroline, leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed. I didn't notice her at first but she spoke up saying," Are you gonna make me wait here or do I need to start a fireworks display to get your attention?" She startled me but I was happy to see her nonetheless. I replied to her saying "Oh sorry but I was just working on something here but when I get caught up in something well you just saw." She gave me a slight smile and I did the same. She walked over to the table and looked at the many projects I have been working on. "Wow you really like building things. Where did you learn to do things like this?" I said to her, "My father and brothers taught me how to when I was growing up in Ireland..." She interrupted me to say, "But I thought you were British?" I replied, "Well I am but I was born and raised in Ireland and we moved when my Father and Mother died when I was seven."

She had this look in her eyes, it was a look of sadness, and pain, but also understanding. "My mother died when I was young also." She looked really sad so I decided to do something. I told her to hold on a second as I went and grabbed my guitar from the corner. I played a couple of songs to cheer us up and I pulled out a bottle of wine I had and we drank till it was late. Finally she got up and thanked me for the drink gave me a hug and went off to bed. I stayed up the rest of the night not being able to sleep that night.

(Collaboration Ends)

A couple of days later I decided to head down to the range. A couple of people using different weapons were there shooting. Nothing really going on but there was a face I knew of, Hokuchiyo Ritofuto. I walked up to him while he was using one of the sniper rifles the range had. I asked him why he was practicing so hard and he said it was so he could become the best shot in the Sniper Division. I asked him if he was willing to give some lessons. He said he was busy and I understood. I said it was alright but before I walked away I picked up a nearby pistol and unloaded seven shots into the bulls-eye. He looked up at me in disbelief and I said "If you change your mind, let me know. I walked away with a huge smile on my face.
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Dec 9, 2013
Collab on the MEC’s implementation and functioning was done with Taugaunt, PrinceZarek, too_spooked and BMPixie, also known as the MEC crew. The conversation with Steve was done with Sarge-Pepper.
23:37 Zulu, 5.04., 2015, Vahlen’s personal quarters

“To: Commander Odd
Title: A word of caution
Commander Odd,

I am aware of the importance of this mission, and the fact that our organization’s military branch comes first, but I still feel I have to draw your attention to some of the consequences of your actions. Most noticeably, your continued selling of massed quantities of Elerium is cause for serious concern. The research team has yet to study this substance, but our Fuller’s current data suggests that it may be a new radioactive element, with extremely high potential for generating energy, and selling it to Council members with dubious reputation, such as China, Brazil, Mexico and so on sounds like a very risky decision, that might give their dictators the wrong idea about their place in the world. Just something to consider. Additionally, if I may recommend you control your use of explosives? I know it isn’t my place to give tactical advice, but I couldn’t help but notice that you destroyed an alien flight computer that was sheltering a creature we have yet to have a chance to study, that was additionally flanked from all sides and cornered, damaging not only the invaluable and impossible to replicate extraterrestrial equipment but vaporizing the body as well, despite the lack of a true necessity for it, at least from my perspective. I apologize if I spoke out of turn, but I think it is my responsibility to give you the perspective of the science team on your field operations.

With respect,
Cerise Vahlen.”

“To: Raymond Shen
Title: Iron Duke Progress Report
Dr. Shen,

I’m happy to report that the initial stages of neural integration have gone according to our most optimistic estimates. The subject could control his limbs from pretty much the moment he was discharged from the operation device, though the more conservative of his movements such as reflexes and automatic or habitual responses seem to be very clumsy, due to the still imperfectly implemented feedback. Additionally the subject reports conflicting data about his limbs’ location on occasions, with the visual and proprioreceptual data conflicting one another. I think he’ll need additional training to get used to this new body, while we tune the feedback mechanisms in a way that makes sense to him, and a day might prove insufficient. Indeed, I fear the limbs might never feel completely natural, at a deeper (neurological) level, and would hinder any further motor learning, even if we bring his performance back to baseline. Still, in its most general level we can say this process has delivered the desired results.

With respect,
Cerise Vahlen.”

She sighed, and got up from her chair. She knew she also had to summarize the results of the new project that her staff had completed, largely thanks to the two new weapons experts the US had sent over. But she felt she needed to get up before facing that. Cerise Vahlen needed to clear her head. Her first idea was, obviously, a shower. The sight of her exposed hand, however, quickly discouraged her. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t a flashback. She didn’t dissociate from her current reality, or forget where she was. It was however an intrusive memory, no escaping it. She had read, and many colleagues had recommended, that physical exertion might help her get her mind off of it. She was grasping for straws, she knew, but that didn’t stop her from heading to the gym, that was halfway across the base. As she walked however, there was nothing to distract her.

Click click, the needles lunge down towards the bound man. Most of them miss, piercing veins and muscle tissue. Blood gushes out from several spots, as the flesh trembles. Yet it’s the one that strikes true that makes the man scream, pierced nervous tissue burning unlike anything else can. Click click, and the next group of hands swoop down like vultures. A scream, leather straps straining to keep the man in place, but it holds and he slumps down on his back. Another salvo. And another. It doesn’t stop, the doctor’s hand pointing to this and that point. Click click, go the keys, though the sound of them is drowned by Abbygail’s soft laughter. Her eyes are glass. She’s shaking as hard as Lemarque. His face is a mask of anguish, with a mouth held open by metal braces, keeping him from biting his own tongue. Tears are crawling down the side of his head. Click click, and another swarm of needless pierces flesh, as the scream pierces the air. The doctor that will be responsible for his exercises following this walks past Vahlen, giving her a pleading look, before slumping on a chair, and burrowing in an exercise manual. Cerise wishes she could change places with her. Click click, and there’s nowhere she can go…

Her legs failed her, and her hands spread behind her like she was jumping. Her nose and face impacted the treadmill’s path, pain jolting across her face, as still going path pushed her down on the ground. Shaken she turned on her back, glad the Gym had been empty when she got in it. She thought she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Ma'am, are you okay?" A man asked, and Vahlen’s inner voice cursed without her volition. Her more observable behavior was looking up at the face of a black soldier. His face twitched slightly at the sight of her, but the aftermath of the fall prevented her from noticing it.

Cerise shook her head, though the motion was much more vigorous and shaky than she would have liked. "I think..." She started, still slightly dazed from the hit. "...I might have overestimated myself." The doctor offered her hand. "Help a lady to her feet?" A firm hand took hers.

"Of course, can't leave you here like this." A slight smirk, that also went unnoticed in the blur that was him pulling her up. What she did notice was that he was looking at her from her toes to her head, while keeping close. If it weren’t for the rate at which he was looking, and the extra attention to her eyes, she’d have thought he was just using her as eye candy. This had more of a doctor’s concern to it.

“Thank you…” she paused.

"Steve, Steve Maltus. You must be Dr. Vahlen." The name instantly rang a bell. Her wits seemed to have returned to her.

“Cerise Vahlen, yes. How did you know?”

"It's hard to misplace a German accent with a pretty face, ma'am. Now unless you have heard of a strange new workout routine that involves trying to tackle a treadmill, I'm going to assume that was an accident. Do you need some help?"

"Eh...no, the accident was purely a product of distractions. And what kind of help would you be referring to?" The researcher checked her forehead, the pain there had subsided it felt, though it and the current conversation were both pleasant distractions.

"I've been running the workout here for the past few weeks. If you want, I can give you some pointers and help you out?" She’d heard of that too. It was definitely the soldiers she had been told of recently.

"That might be of use." Vahlen said, climbing onto the treadmill again, very careful to not get it into motion. "I've heard a rumor about you." The man fiddled with device’s controls for a few moments, before jumping on another one. The pace he set for her was much better suited for her, letting her focus on the conversation. His own setting seemed to be the one that had sent her falling not too long ago.

"I'm pretty sure I know the one." He replied just a moment too late, not looking at her.

"People say you were very drunk at the time." Now to see if he’d take responsibility for his behavior.

"I was. Not the norm for me ma’am.” Maltus launched. His face wasn’t completely unreadable, but it was far too unclear for her to get any information from it.

"And what is your norm then?" Cerise continued, giving him space by looking around and trying to speak more softly.

"Honestly, after coming here, I seriously doubt anyone has a norm anymore. But you can count drunken ramblings are not in mine."

"So you'd just call it ramblings?" She looked down, disappointed. The sound from his treadmill stopped, and her peripheral vision informed her he was offering her a hand. Cerise took it, and this time her parting ways with the treadmill wasn’t anywhere near as traumatic, a fact that made her smile.

"I guess you could say that a drunk mind speaks a sober heart. If you want, we can talk more later. Let me show you a few workouts so you can get a little more thorough in your workout. We'll grab a bacon hot dog afterward for some protein. Apparently, one of the engineers used to work one, so we actually have a rolling stock in them now."

"Sure, though I'd be surprised if he were still working at this hour."

Steve waved his hand away as though to dismiss an idea. He walked her over to the mats and started showing her easy workouts she could do herself. Next thing she knew, it was an hour later, and both of them were soaked. They agreed to meet up at the lounge, once they’d cleaned up. It took Vahlen half an hour, and once there she ended up nervously fiddling on one of the couches. Sometime later Steve also came over, and with nothing more than a nod, took two hot dogs from the card and heated them in a nearby microwave. Then he brought them over and handed one to Cerise.

"They don't look like much, but they're pretty good." He said with a smirk and sat down.

"Haven't had much time to eat these days, so you'd be surprised how good it looks. Reminds me of a congress in America I went to actually." She said, before attacking her own with the appetite of someone who’s been working for too many hours without a pause for breath, let alone food.

"Oh? To be honest, I hadn't thought much about what anyone has done before this. What was the conference for?"
Continued in Sarge’s post.


Name: Steve Maltus
Rank: Rookie
Job: Exercise Instructor

(Co-op with Valhen and Robinson)

-Continued Conversation with Vahlen-

"Funny to think of it now...it was my first across the borders, shortly after I finished my doctorate." Vahlen relaxed her back on the couch, her eyes distant. "We were discussing research on direct measurements of the sensory system. My thesis was one of the papers that had been accepted, so I was a speaker, on the first day, no less. The details of it will bore you to death though, but at the general level I had used direct brain activity measurements of patients undergoing brain surgery to cope with epilepsy, to confirm the presence of what the press has been calling Jennifer Aniston neurons. What about you?"

Steve's face darkened a little when she asked about his past.

"Well, I was part of a Black ops squad with the US government, to be deployed anywhere in the Middle East at a moment’s notice for high profile targets. I was their structure and demolition specialist, due to my experience in the Us Army Engineering Corps. Unfortunately, my last op was a bust, most of my squad died, and I was captured and interrogated for a few months. I was scrubbed from records and declared KIA and left for dead until Mr. Marsh, one of the X-Com recruiting officers decided I was worth more alive and dead, even if I was still dead on paper."

Vahlen nodded; her face pale. Her hotdog was on the table next to her. "So you were a prisoner of war. I can see why recent events have troubled you so.”

“Still, there is a crucial difference between what your government and captors did to you, and what we do here. It is true, that our main focus is defeating the alien threat, but that doesn't mean we take the compromises done in the name of that lightly, or view you and the rest of the soldiers in the project as little more than names on a list, if I've heard your words correctly. “

“I agree, that what we did to Lemarque is monstrous, as would anyone else in that room, and none of us did it lightly. Not one of us will be eager to see it done again, I can assure you. But can you really tell me, that it was pointless, for him? Last time he was shot his armor and body had been torn through, like they were wet paper. If it weren't a glancing blow to the shoulder he would have been opened up where he stood. And that's just from the enemy's pistol variant. We've seen bigger guns on more resilient aliens now, as you may have heard after today's mission. How long, do you think, before someone takes a killing shot?”

“Lemarque's augmentations may not be what I would have done to solve this, but with this much armor, even the aliens' weaponry will be challenged, and next time, even a good shot might not get to him. And if that was a shot that might have struck someone else, a life would have been saved. Yes, Arsène made a great sacrifice to that end, but that makes him a hero to me, and everyone else involved. None of us will forget him, or his sacrifice." Vahlen was shaking, towards the end of her tirade, voice high as she stood on her feet, eyes squarely on Steve. Then she blinked and looked down, unsure how to continue.

Steve regarded Vahlen squarely before looking down at the remains of his hot dog.

"Arsene is a hero. That's why I am concerned. What worth is winning this war, if we are willing to sacrifice our humanity to do so?" He said, looking back up at her. He stood, up, suddenly restless and paced over to the pool table, leaning on it. He took a deep breath and sighed, rubbing his eyes.

"I gave the wrong impression with my words yesterday. Arsene, while not a personal friend, is a good man and kind one at that. I'm upset because I see no alternative. Do we wait until the soldier is wounded before sending him to the Lab? Well, then we put people at risk for the injury in the first place, without the guarantee that they'll return."

"Do we 'upgrade' our soldiers so they are more resilient in combat and can survive longer? Well, where do the ethics in that lie? Taking a whole man and making him into a weapon was already regarded with scrutiny, Marines are widely considered to be vacuous killing machines without a soul or intelligence already, engineered to take orders on a dime, without question."

"One can question the extent of these programs and equipment as we progress. They could put a kill switch in soldiers in case they don't follow orders. What else could we stick inside of him to make him better? What programs and equipment could we create to make a perfect meld of mind and machine, how will it affect the mind of the man and when would he turn into a machine instead?"

He sighed again. "It's nothing against you or your comrades in there. I'm not mad at you. I'm deeply concerned that this will turn us, Humanity, into something we don't want to be."

Vahlen walked up to Steven and put a hand on his shoulder. "I see...well, if it's any relief, we haven't put any kill switches or remote control mechanisms and I wouldn't permit that. And his mind should be unaffected...at least his brain hasn't been. How he'll handle his changes is... a different manner, but it will still be a human reacting to changes in themselves - there's nothing mechanical in him but his new limbs. And as for making him into a weapon...I don't really think he's any more a weapon now, than he was before, though only time will tell. Still, it seems this issue is something you've thought on more than I. Or perhaps you're just looking at it from another angle." Vahlen turned around, with her back to the pool table, almost sitting on it, giving Maltus a clear view in her face and vice-versa.

"And I think the science team could do with that. A conscience. A human face to remind us of who we're working with. If you want to, I can get you more involved with our work. I'll think about how in specific, but it'll definitely involve talks like this in the future, as well, and me wanting your opinion on things, which would require your familiarizing with our work and that would mean a greater scrutiny of any messages you try to send to the outside world. On the fun side it might even involve you testing new technologies, once we start making something less invasive. I don't need your answer now, but I'd have you think about it." With that she pushed herself off the table and headed towards the exit.

"I have to go now, though. Our work with Lemarque's far from over, and I need to be fresh for the last preparations tomorrow." Steve pondered for a second before nodding to Vahlen.

"I'll consider it. Thanks, Doc."

Cerise turned around, and offered him a sad smile, when he said it. "No, thank you. For speaking out. And please, call me Cerise." Then she heads on out.
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Name: Buster Bradford
Rank: Central Officer
Time Stamp: 0400 8.4.2015

I got your email regarding my omission of the audio warning. I’ll make sure to include it in the future, but really, would we stick those who listen to these audio logs in jail? Or would we just put two bullets in the back of their heads? People have been killed for accessing a lot less.

This is the audio log of Central Officer Buster A. Bradford regarding Operation Cryptic Spark, in Nagano, Japan. This audio log is to be accessed only by those who have the necessary clearance and on base. Any attempts to download this audio log to an external source will carry an automatic ten-year sentence in a federal prison.

The alien contact went down in the forest of Nagano, about an hour and a half outside of Tokyo; luckily for us, no civilian casualties were reported in the crash. Surprisingly, the alien craft was still largely intact after getting shot down by McCraig. Either he got extremely lucky or he managed to hit a vital part of the ship to bring it down; the exterior of the UFO was largely intact.

As I feared, there are more species of aliens out there, kidnapping our people. One of them resembled a particularly tall thin man with sunglasses; Dr Vahlen remarked that it seemed to be some sort of infiltration unit. When killed, they appear to explode in some sort of noxious-looking gas. Hopefully the science team autopsy the body of these “thin men” and learn more about them.

The other alien specie we encountered was far more concerning. It had a torso, but was a frightening mix of organic and inorganic material; it appeared to have some sort of device that allowed self-propelled flight. If we can adapt their technology to our own soldiers, we can further tip the balance in our favor.

We had one serious casualty in Dennis Largo, the American Heavy who got hit by plasma fire early on. It was a bit sobering to see him wheeled out of the Sky-ranger, but luckily he made it back alive. It could have been a lot worse. The doctors assure me that he’ll be back up and ready in about a week, which is better than I initially expected. Seeing wounds like that make me think that the plasma has done some serious damage.

I’ve sent Largo an email about a mandatory psych evaluation that he’ll have to attend; hence the term ‘mandatory’. He panicked after getting seriously wounded by enemy fire. Although understandable as it is a natural human trait, if we are to win this war we need those who can suppress the natural human traits of pain and fear. If our soldiers can’t, we could lose humanity. Ironic isn't it? In order to defeat the aliens we'll have to lose our humanity, the very aspect we are protecting.

Thankfully, Arsene LeMarque has emerged from Cybernetic Augmentation alive and well. What’s peculiar is that LeMarque seems to possess a trait that will shield his fellow soldiers from enemy fire, making it tougher for the aliens to hit them. I heard from Dr Shen that it was theoretically possible that the soldier’s previous class would factor in with the MECs but I didn’t think it was actually possible. Having a MEC trooper in LeMarque will shift the odds in our favor; LeMarque would counterbalance any disadvantages we face from the Thin Man and the Flyer aliens.

I got an interesting report from Chang and Aquino about the alien souvenirs. Although they were unable to pinpoint exactly whom it was giving out bits of alien skull and fingers to technicians, they managed to figure out that someone with decent connections on the outside is bringing in contraband. I’ve shifted Nakajima and that huge Aussie Michael Williams off Operations and given them the task of finding out who the hell is bringing in high-grade alcohol and steaks. They’ll be reporting to me and I’ll make sure to forward whatever they send me to you as well.

We have a new member of the team; Samuel Random has been hired to pilot our interceptor that has been recently moved to North America to cover our satellite there. In terms of a base, it’s located in the middle of the American mid-west and manned by a few technicians and a couple communication guys; the cost of maintain the base there is negligible at best, which is always good for us.

Why are we so cash-strapped all the time? We are humanity’s first and last defense against the aliens, but we don’t have the funding to support our needs. We shouldn’t be worrying about the cost of maintaining air bases that will save our planet. Frankly, we need more funding; please procure more funding for us. Get Japan to give us more money per month; we’ve shot down two UFOs in their airspace recently and I feel we should be getting a raise.

<End of Audio Recording>
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The following is a collaboration between myself, too_spooked 'Roger Straten', Taugaunt 'Abbygail Penhallow', Psilon 'Cerise Vahlen', and BMPixy 'Raymond Shen'

Personal Log 005
Name; Arsène Lamarque
Rank; Corporal
Current Status; Undergoing MEC Trooper Training
Confirmed Kills; 8 Sectoids

When I first entered the Cybernetics Lab, I was astounded at all the different machines they had. The majority of which had super long names that I couldn't even pronounce. After introducing myself to the Dr. Vahlen and her staff, they began giving me the details of the augmentation process. I tried to make light of the situation like I always do, but that didn't stop my nerves.

The first step was creating this 'troodon suit' which would read my neural pathways so that they could properly tune the cybernetic interfaces. The process of making the suit itself was... excruciating. I've never experienced pain like that in my entire life. I had no control over my actions. It was pure human nature, thrashing about like a wild animal. I don't recall much of the procedure after the beginning, I think my brain went into full "survival mode" or something. When it was over they had me do various exercises, running, shooting, martial arts, etc. Then... it was time for the surgery. Once again, I don't remember much before I was unconsciousness, but I do remember waking up the first time.

I opened my eyes, and tried to get up off the metal slab they had me on. I couldn't move at all... Needless to say I freaked out. The engineers with me told me they hadn't turned on the neural interfaces yet, they were just about to. When they did, my brain experienced a temporary sensory overload. Dr. Vahlen told me to try to move my hand, which I could do so easily. She told me that basic actions won't take long to get used to, but more complicated activities will be more difficult. They gave me a small room to rest up in. I tried to fall asleep, but I couldn't. I asked Dr. Vahlen if I could ever play a instrument ever again. She told me that it would take awhile, but yes eventually I would be able to. I tried to play a song on the piano that they let me use. I loved that song when I was younger. It will take some time before I get it perfect, but I'll work on it. One of the staff told me a package was left for me. I asked who it was from. They told it was left by Ryan Chen, my buddy from my med-bay days. I opened the package. Knowing Ryan I assumed I was going to be in for a surprise.

A bottle of sake and a movie, Ghost in the Shell... Ryan, you have great taste in anime and a sick sense of humor...

Ritofuto came by to check up on me. When he saw me, he froze up. I reassured him that I was ok, but he still expressed concern for my wellbeing. I shared the sake Ryan gave me with him. I hope he can cope with everything thats happened. I know he's going through a lot as well.

Dr. Shen wasted no time in instructing me on the MEC's operation. Armed with a mini-gun, I knew that ammo conservation was going to be a huge factor. Shen knew that I had the highest marksmanship scores on the range, so he made sure I knew everything there is to know about using the MEC's targeting system to it's utmost ability. Speaking of abilities, Dr. Shen told me of the SPIRAL System, which in my case emits a "Distortion Field" around my MEC which aids my comrades in battle whenever they are in cover beside me. I don't really know the science behind it all, but if it saves lives, thats all I need to know.

Then came my favorite part, the Kinetic Strike Module. This thing is simply... beautiful. I may have made a dent or two into the wall, but learning how to use the KSM was a blast. Although there was that incident where the MEC's servos randomly activated the KSM and destroyed one of Dr. Vahlen's mass spectro... 'expensive computer'. I wasn't even in the MEC at the time, so that one is not on me.

I'm anxious to get back out there and show everyone what I can accomplish on the battlefield now that the MEC is ready and I've been cleared for active duty. I know one thing, I can't wait to see the look on Ryan's face when he sees a giant robot walking towards him piloted by a good friend of his. It will be priceless.
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How to survive an Alien Invasion

By: Elizabeth Grey - Rookie

Chapter Four: Robots and You - What Do When Encountering Your First Cyborg

They done it huh? They finnaly done it. They've managed to recreate The Terminator. Albeit a less frumpy and less Austrian, but The Terminator none the less. I can see Big L's quotes now: "Ahh you Sarah Connah??" But more in the terms of "Êtes-vous Sarah Connah?" Because he's french. Or more really "Êtes-vous Cerise Vahlen"? Heh, I could see that happening.

But maybe Big L could lose that depressive nature of his, and maybe crack a smile for once in his bleak life. He's got a super-power punchy fist right? Maybe he can punch through a wall screaming "OHH YEAHHH" like the Kool-Aid man. Either that, or he could use it to throw some of us into the fray, maybe Robinson with her shotgun.

If she rejects my idea, I fully and wholeheartedly volunteer as slingshot ammo.

I realized that it may be a good idea to have Big L on my side, so I've requisitioned a can of WD-40 to the room he is staying at. Hopefully if he enjoys his little gift, I can reveal it was me and continue with my ultimate plan! Not getting shot at. Ever. Maybe he'll stick close to me with that distortion doo-dad he got.

In other news, someone managed to bring in a hotdog cart into the cafeteria area. My question is why the Central Officer Kill Joy hasn't gotten it formally removed, and replaced with with something healthy is beyond me. All I know, is that I'm glad to have bacon again. I wonder what MECs are allowed to eat? Screws? Metal plating? Or is the ol' Bean Burrito ok? Maybe I shouldn't be asking these questions. But someone's got to find out.

- End of Chapter Four
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NAME: Alexander McCraig
OCCUPATION: Interceptor Pilot
Sir, I remember what Cabin fever is! It's when your stuck in a place for such a long time that you start to go a little loco.

In other news I tried to make toast by lighting my desk on fire- KIDDING! I just made toast the normal way: with a toaster. Honestly though, life on base has gotten to get a little stale. Oh! But there was that one big Robo-cop esque fella! Damn, he looked like a hero straight out of the movies.

I'd write more sir, honest I would. But there's only so much I can scratch down when I'm cooped up in my room utilizing the base's internet for...flight training of course. The days have been reduced to hoping for another UFO so I become the admiration of the base and I can get some of the freakin' spotlight instead of the giant goddamn metal monstrosity. Well enough ranting, back to my "simulators"!


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Name: Quincy Fuller
Occupation: Research Assistant

Radiation 115 - Study 1[The Bar]
(Written with the aid of Thenlar and then reformated.)​
Quincy pokes his head into the door of the rec-room, making sure the coast is clear of Commander Odd's enforcer before making a brisk jaunt over to the bar, laying down a tablet and what looks like a checkout gun on top of it.
Quincy: I'll have an, uhm, a water.

Ryan pops his head over the top of the bar where he's been rearranging bottles.
Ryan: Water? Water?! You walk into a bar and order water. Not even in a dirty glass? C'mon, man, you're killin' me here. (He looks at the gun.) Are... you taking inventory?

Quincy clears his throat, trying to regain his sense of purpose.
Quincy: I'm actually running a series of tests on the troops that got sent out to the UFO wrecks to assess the dangers of ununpentium radiation.

Ryan visibly pauses, doing the conversion in his head.
Ryan: Element... one hundred... fifteen? Wait, what, radiation? Am I gonna grow an extra limb or something?

Quincy: Well, before the aliens arrival there wasn't a known usable isotope. I took a peek into the Elerium we found before it got...re-purposed and it seems they've found one. Man made ununpentium's half life is too short to get accurate studies done on it's properties so I'm having to go about this the old fashioned way.

Ryan: I mean, an extra arm could be pretty handy... but anyways, right.
He turns and fills a glass up from the sink and plops it down in front of Quincy.
Ryan: I'm Ryan, by the way, what's your name, and what're you gonna do to me?

Quincy: Not really a joking matter. Peter Parker didn't enjoy being turned into a giant spider, I assure you. Anyway the name is Quincy. Just a few health questions and a quick body scan from my Geiger counter should do the trick. Like the TSA, but with less groping.

He shudders and pours himself a finger of rum into a glass, then folds his arms, leaning on the counter.
Ryan: Ugh, TSA. Okay, shoot.

Quincy moves the handheld device about, idly asking questions, staring at his tablet.
Quincy: On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being normal, 5 being "I'm melting, I'm melting", have you been experiencing nausea or vomiting?

Ryan: Hm. I mean, I don't really feel that different at all. So, still a 1. I think.

Quincy: Bruising and or healing slower than normal?

Ryan: Whacked my shin earlier, but it seems to be healing okay.

Quincy: Bleeding from orifices and/or bloody diarrhea or vomit?

Ryan looks uncomfortable and takes a swig before answering.
Ryan: Cripes, man, no, I'm pretty sure you'd see the bleeding from orifices.

Quincy: Radiation burns? They'll start off as itchy, turn red, blister up, turn into open sores, and then (clears throat) fall of.

Ryan: Well, I do have a rash, but I think it's poison ivy from the woods.

Quincy: Alright, that should be all. Visit the medbay if it develops oddly.

With a few more pokes at his tablet, Quincy wanders off toward thedoor, completely forgetting his glass of water.

Ryan scratches his head and just downs his drink with a confused expression.
Ryan: Uh, sure.


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Name: Tarrmis Gorefest
Rank: Squaddie

With others moving up in rank, beyond his own, Tarrmis realized that perhaps soon he would no longer hold the position of squad-leader. Though he had not squandered on his duties, his performance in the shadows meant he was now outranked and because of it could not command them around. An understandable result and he could only hope his fellow soldiers, too, would understand the gravity of the situation and the importance of teamwork. Especially after what he had seen in Japan.

The Sectoids were not the only species of alien he had fought out there; that much was clear. What this meant, come future battles, was still unclear for Tarrmis. Before he had assumed the Sectoids were the only species they were to face in this war; he had had no reason to assume otherwise. Now, however, knowing they were facing some sort of coalition of aliens, out to fight against humanity, the once established pattern disappeared. Any predictability they had had on the extraterrestrial threat was out the window. Between the strange human-look-alikes and cybernetically-enhanced flyers, what else might be in store for them proved impossible to predict.

Humanity was not alone in facing unpredictability. The results of Lamarque's surgery were clearly visible - both arms and legs had been replaced by robotic limbs - a sight which disturbed Tarrmis; it reminded him of the Floaters he had seen in Japan. He did not understand why his limbs had to be removed until Lamarque was lifted into the MEC-suit. His in-base cybernetic limbs removed, the torso fit neatly into the hull of the massive cybersuit. It was a sight to behold as the hulking machine started moving organically. The mere moving of the arms felt dramatic due to sheer size. But then, despite all that, Tarrmis chuckled to himself - he would no longer be the tallest out on the field.


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Letter from Corporal Robinson to Commander Odd

Hello Commander,
I am addressing you this letter in order to share some of my recent concerns to you about the troops, if you have the time to spare. First of all, I am grateful for the promotion you granted me, and I have worked to prove myself worthy of your trust. I understand we should take no chance against an enemy such as the one we face, but this fact may not be as evident for the soldiers who have yet to face the aliens and who are thus more disposed to be shaken by the rumors surrounding the experiments on the alien technology. I humbly encourage you to use any opportunity you see fit to give some experience to our rookies, as I think it would help discipline, starting in particular with Stephen Maltus, whose recent behavior in regard to alcoholic beverages could benefit from it.

Thank you for you time,
Rebecca Robinson

The aliens seems to have this weird habit of attacking at the worst moment possible, like when I'm trying to have my full night of ten hours of sleep. So, you have to be ready at anytime, and to be drunk would kind of get in the way of that.
"So, you are preventing me from drinking by putting me in this situation?"
Well, not exactly, I told Steve, you can drink if you want, I ain't your mother and that would be weird anyway since you're older than me, but as it says on the bottles: 'with moderation'.
I also showed him the locket - not the picture inside it though, I guess it's a bit too personal - and I told him how Arsène was a courageous dude. He is the one who was going on the operation table and he didn't drunk himself to death. It's okay to have fear or apprehensions, but at least you should never think you're the only one, that's just pretentious. We all risk losing something in this war, be it a limb, a comrade, or... relatives back at home. We should be strong like Arsène. Be ready to continue the fight whatever happens...

Corporal Rebecca Robinson (Assault), Journal 05, recording interrupted at 22:21 pm, April 6th.
Hunting collection: Sectoid
Dec 29, 2013
April 8th 2015
Personal Log
Name: Abbygail Penhallow
Position: X-COM Mechanical engineer
Status: Definitely not sober

How do we deal with all we just did,
How do we deal with all we just did,
How do we deal with all we just did,
Early in the morning?

Get a bottle and hope it stays down,
Get a bottle and hope it stays down,
Get a bottle and hope it stays down,
Early in the morning!

Weigh heigh and we stabbed him with needles
Weigh heigh and it was disturbing
Weigh heigh and we got all the info
So we could make the MEC

What did we do after we built it,
What did we do after we built it,
What did we do after we built it,
Early in the morning?

We tested it to make sure it all worked,
We tested it to make sure it all worked,
We tested it to make sure it all worked,
And Vahlen's Spectrometer got broken!

Weigh heigh and it was funny
Weigh heigh but I had to fix it
Weigh heigh and now I'am here drinking with Twitchy
While Lamarque in is in the field.

What do we do when hopping it wont go wrong,
What do we do when hopping it wont go wrong,
What do we do when hopping it wont go wrong,
Early in the morning?

Sit down here and drink something strong,
Sit down here and drink something strong,
Sit down here and drink something strong,
Early in the morning!

Weigh heigh and I think its coming up
Weigh heigh and I think its coming up
Weigh heigh and I think its coming up
Twitchy pass the bucket!

(Loud metallic bang)

Ow...Thanks buddy.
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May 26, 2013
To: Dr. Cerise Vahlen
From: Dr. Raymond Shen
Subject: RE: Iron Duke Progress Report

Dr. Vahlen,

Excellent work with the augmentation procedure. While I would enjoy giving another day for training and acclimation, we’re on a tight schedule and the quicker we get Arsene out into the fight, the quicker he can save some lives. Baseline performance is all we need for now, any additional training can come once we’ve field tested the results of the Colossus Project.

Also, I’ve noticed that Ms. Penhallow has been looking disturbed since the augmentation procedure. I just wish to inquire into your health as well, as you were present as well. We don’t need our head of research undergoing psychological damage, especially if such damage was caused, albeit indirectly, by me. We may have to augment additional soldiers in the future, so any way we can reduce the psychological impact on the staff would be appreciated.


TIME: 0442 LOCAL 2015-04-08

Dr. Shen sits behind his desk, facing the camera. He glances around the room, his eyes finally settling on a framed photo on his desk, which cannot be seen by the camera. He picks up the photo, and begins speaking, as if to it.

“Janice, it’s happened. We’ve begun trading our humanity for our survival. A man named Arsene Lemarque, we’ve augmented him. Took off those weak limbs of flesh and bone, and replaced it with steel and electronics.”

Shen sets the photo back down, before pushing out of his chair and strolling about the room.

“I was the one who designed the procedure, the one who built the facility, put forward the plan to the Commander. Now, I’ve seen the effects this has had on those around us. The subject seems psychologically fine, but time will tell. Penhallow has locked herself in the repair bay, I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Vahlen, a soldier named Steve Maltus made a scene in the bar from what I’ve heard. And here I am, talking to a photo of a dead woman.”

A small beep is heard from a console on the desk. Shen strides over and presses a button on the console. A metallic, female voice echoes from the console, saying, “Dr. Shen, please report to the Cybernetics Bay for MEC battle prep. Alien abductions have been reported.”

Shen replies quietly, “Alright, time for this to begin.”


Zain Shah

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Jun 2, 2013
Leroy Jenkins

Skyranger Pilot

Last time on X-COM:
I flew out Kuklinsky, Largo, Gorefest and Chen out to a huge UFO taken down my Mr McCraig. I head they met some new aliens besides the grey bastards. First, a humanoid creature, it had glasses on so I guess they messed up the eyes but it was so...human; they really aren't making this any easier on us. Secondly, some "thing" with a jetpack as part of its body; it looked as if it was being tortured, just another reason to stop them I guess. I saw the rest of the team carrying Largo back and it wasn't without good reason. I'm no doctor but that looked pretty serious, his skin had sort of melted where he'd been hit and the infirmary said it will take at least a week before he is cleared for active duty.

When I saw Chen, I knew I had to act like I hadn't seen him just so that we could avoid any suspicion. The mission took long enough for me to get Chen his goods without the Commander noticing. I'll give them to him next time we meet and I've also seen this British girl that looked familiar. I went to England once but I don't think I know her personally, I think she's some royalty or something; why would someone like her want to join a cause which could very well kill her?

My letter wasn't sent because of strict confidentiality regulations so I had to remove any references to aliens and my new letter is currently being checked by X-COM. Just to see her and hear her voice would mean everything to me.