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1730 Hours, June 30th, 2018
Atop Alien Fortifications

Modya Dragomirov looked off from the metallic wall, into the terraformed city where smoke was rising. Indian troops were pushing further into the city, with the Russian tanks, the soldiers who weren’t there for the wall breach, and their MEC as the spearhead. He gazed up at the citadel, even more massive and foreboding as it rose over where the president’s estate once was, closer in visual range now. It may not have been extraordinarily large, but it certainly was tall.

There was an ‘ahem’ behind him. “Corporal Dragomirov,” the collected voice of Central Officer Bradford said as Modya turned to look at him. “I have an assignment for you.”

Modya saluted. “What is it, sir?”

Bradford held up a modified tablet, and a holographic projection of a stadium reinforced by terrestrial and extraterrestrial metals appeared before them. “The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The aliens are using it to hold out against surrounding forces, and we can’t breach it easily with what we have down there right now. Your expertise in demolitions is required.”

“You want me to blow a hole in it?” Modya asked simply.

“Essentially, yes. If you can offer an opening, we can send a squad of twelve Indian troopers into the breach, and take out that thorn in our side,” Bradford explained further. “And you would be helping them.”

Modya looked at the Central Officer seriously. “I’m...not going to be in charge of this, am I?”

“Not unless you wanted to.”

“I would prefer not to be leading the mission. My skills, as you know, are in what you need me to be doing there,” Modya responded.

“Very well,” the Central Officer nodded to Modya. “Good luck.”


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X-COM Mission Parameters
Minor New Delhi Mission

Operation Explosive Results

Date: June 30th
Time: 1830 Hours

Details: The aliens have made a nice little defensive structure for themselves within the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.


The use of explosives has been approved, but the Indian government would like to hold of on a full airstrike in favor of a more controlled set of tactics.

Our X-COM rocketeer has years of experience with taking out specific targets. He will be backed by a unit of Indian soldiers, who will back him up while he sets up and bombards the alien defense with rockets. Upon dealing sufficient damage to them, he will them join the soldiers in cleaning up the last of the aliens.

Soldiers: Modya Dragomirov, as well as a dozen Indian troopers.

Aliens: Twenty aliens, a mix of Sectoids, Thin Men, and Floaters, as well as a Cyberdisc with drones.


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Operation Explosive Results
1830 Hours, June 30th, 2018
The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

Modya stood in front of the stadium behind cover with his eyes transfixed on the container full of rockets before him, marked by a blue ‘X’ on half of its sides and an orange ‘X’ on the others. They were mostly anti armor, with a few regular ones and a shredder. He lifted one into his launcher, nodded to the Indian troops with him. “I imagine they’re going to respond to this…” he warned, glancing up at a balcony the aliens could certainly use as cover. It was fortified with alloy panels, after all.

The accompanying troops nodded, and then Modya sent a rocket careening into the side of the stadium. It blasted apart the outer armor, but the structure itself still stood. As if stirring a hornet’s nest, a group of five Floaters shot out of the stadium, hovering for a moment before setting their sights on the Indian forces. They flew closer for better shots, while the Indian troops steadied their weapons. When the Floaters got close, they opened fire, one of them sending their own rocket into two.

Three Floaters, two injured, remained, and realized they were outmatched. They retreated, one being blown out of the sky by a lucky headshot before the other two made it into the Stadium again. Modya set up his second rocket, and fired it into the wall of the stadium. It blasted apart metal, digging a hole that almost made a clear pathway, but collapsing debris blocked it once again. Modya was no stranger to the physics of his craft, however, and had anticipated this. A third shot should be enough to clear the debris, but it will have to be focused demolition, and it’ll take longer to set up.

He was counting on the Indian troops to buy him time. As they congratulated themselves silently on defeating the three Floaters, the other two returned with a group of five Thin Men. The sharpshooters took aim as the Floaters barreled at the squad. Modya saw this out of the corner of his eye, and felt a cold feeling wash over him. With that high ground...and their aim… “Don’t try to shoot them, take cover!” he warned quickly.

The Indian troops responded, quickly seeing Modya’s point, but not all of them in time. One was shot square in the chest with a plasma carbine, though with his carapace armor the Indian was not quite down. However, as he stumbled backwards, the two Floaters seized their chance, and twin blasts of plasma melted the upper half of the unfortunate man’s body.

“Oh...oh God…” Modya muttered, gripping his launcher tightly and losing the aim he had. Focus, focus...dammit, I can’t take aim like this! The Dragomirov instead angled his launcher up at the bottom of the platform. I’ll drop you all to hell. He let the rocket roar loose, and it slammed into the structure, blowing it apart and sending the Thin Men plummeting to their doom. They were impaled on jutting metal or by falling debris, and a massive cloud of poison marked their graveyard.

The Indian troops seemed to recover after Modya’s strike, and caught the Floaters in a crossfire of laser fire. With ten aliens dead, the Russian rocketeer could take aim again, and fired off his fourth rocket. It scored the hit he had intended, and with an angled blast cleared the way for the Indian troops to enter the stadium.

The Indians cheered, and Modya got out of cover slowly to stand with them. “I’ll be backing you up...my rockets can deal with that robot.” Putting an anti-armor rocket in the launcher, another in a carrying slot, and checking his two HE grenades, Modya set out with the Indian troops for the stadium. As they ventured into the breach, they came across a nightmarish situation.

A cyberdisc, accompanied by four circling drones, unfolded and took aim. Modya glanced around frantically. There is some nearby cover, but not enough for everyone...and the cyberdisc won’t miss! The Indian troops, terrified, opened fire and dealt damage to the robot, which used its armor as shielding while its gauss lance began to charge up. If I move for cover, they’ll die...if I don’t…

“Damn it!” Modya took aim with his rocket launcher, and sent the rocket at the cyberdisc. The anti-armor shot was stopped by a sacrificial drone, and the cyberdisc only took partial damage. Heavily damaged, but still functional, it focused its weapon on the largest threat, and fired. Guess it didn’t matter after a- The lance slammed into Modya’s Aegis Armor, shattering the chestplate, and the sheer force of the rail-accelerated rounds knocked him back. He did not get up.

“He’s a mess…”

“Didn’t move even though he was going to get shot…”

“I don’t think you can save him...there’s so much blood…”

“Be quiet...I-I’m concentrating…”

“Concentrating on what?”

Green energy flowed around someone’s tanned hands that were bloodied.
By...my blood?

Before the startled eyes of the Indian troopers, the grievous wounds on Modya’s chest started to seal themselves, the healing factor of the Russian trooper accelerated drastically.

Chandra gently pulled her hands back, looking at Modya with relief as he slowly opened his eyes. “You had us all worried there...I’m glad I was nearby…”

“Chandra, right?” Modya grimaced at how quiet his voice was from dull pain and exhaustion. “I...owe you one…”

The Indian psion shook her head. “That’s what a healer does, after all. Now just lie back...we’ll get you patched up.”

“Hope...it is in time... for the final assault,” Modya muttered as he was laid onto a stretcher. “Wouldn’t want to miss out on an even bigger blast.”


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X-COM Mission Parameters
Minor New Delhi Mission

Operation Tough Love

Date: July 3rd, 2018
Time: 1700 Hours

Details: The aliens are attacking a small band of civilians taking refuge in the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.


We believe they are targeting these civilians because of they find the structure to be a good defensive position, because of how long a small group of poorly-armed civilians have been able to hold their ground there. They may also be targeting civilians in an attempt to weaken morale amongst the Indian soldiers.

We are confident that the Indian Military can handle the aliens on their own, thanks to the weapons we have provided them. What we are not so confident about is their ability to evacuate the civilians from the religious structure. They attempted to do so previously, but the people within have lost faith in the Indian military, afraid it is still being influenced by the aliens, and even openned fired on the soldiers when they would not leave. Because of the possibility that the aliens will attack them again, we can not afford to leave them there again.

The Indian forces will be accompanied by and X-COM soldier known for her powers of persuasion. Eliminate the alien attackers, and convince the civilians they are not safe staying there anymore. The head of the civilians, as well as other members of the group, can speak English, so a translator will likely not be necessary. We want a peaceful, diplomatic ending to this standoff, but as stated before, the civilians have been hostile, and they are not safe there, whether they realize it or not. Remove them by force if need be.

Soldiers: Amelia Fischer, as we as a dozen Indian Troopers

Aliens: A dozen aliens, a mix of Sectoids, Thin Men, and Floaters, as well as a pair of Mutons.
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Siege of New Delhi IV
1500 Hours, July 3rd, 2018
Inner City

(Note: This takes place before Operation Tough Love)

Atka’s squad rounded the corner of a line of terraformed office buildings, coming face-to-face with an organized alien force. There were two Mechtoids backed by two Sectoids, and a row of six Thin Men. The tall extraterrestrials took cover in an organized fashion, and trained their carbines on the enemy. The two Secoids scrambled back, using the XCOM force’s dash for cover to put up telekinetic shields around the Mechtoids, who opened fire.

Amanda stood in front of Kris, blocking a stream of plasma meant for him. Warning! Armor integrity at 44%! her suit warned. “Don’t give them time to dig in!” The MEC ran straight for the offending and surprised Mechtoid, and practically launched her kinetic strike module at him with the force of the blow. The alloy-reinforced Chryssalid blades shattered the shield, opening up a shot for the two gunners. Kris and Ayame unleashed a hail of rail-accelerated HEAT bullets that tore off the enemy mech’s arms, Amanda ducking down to avoid being hit herself.

Atka held her palms open, and launched two icy helixes at the other shielded Mechtoid. The telekinetic force left a crack along it. Still not strong enough, huh… However, Janina and Sarah shot at the damage, their weapons blasting it open and downing the shield. The infantry covered the sniper as she reloaded, and their stand-in rocketeer, Scarlet Jacobs, took aim with a rocket. A smoke grenade from Karen Driver went up to dissuade incoming Thin Man fire.

“Move, Ortiz,” Scarlet called out, and the MEC ran to the side as the shredder rocket thudded into the two Mechtoids, dealing damage but leaving their armor in tatters. Wong did not let the opportunity go to waste, and fired off her powerful Gauss Long Rifle, digging a hole through the second Mechtoid’s chest and blasting off the lower half of the pilot in the process. The wrecked mech tumbled to the ground, and another a shot from Atka’s alloy strike rifle dealt with the heavily damaged first mech.

Kevin took full advantage of the resulting confusion, charging ahead followed by Atka. Thin Man shots missed the scout, masked by the smoke, but two took aim at Kevin. The first missed, but the second had a clear shot when he exited the smoke.

“Oh no you don’t!” Janina yelled, and a round of covering fire took down the dangerous Thin Man. Kevin blasted the other with his alloy cannon. A third tried to flee from the assault who was grinning with glee, and he spun around, bioelectric skin and close combat training allowing him to respond quickly enough to shoot it in the back.

“Can’t flee from me, ya bastards!” Nash triumphantly declared.

Atka shot one with her alloy strike rifle. “Don’t get cocky, Kevin…”

“We’re winning, aren’t we?”

A shot from Sarah went through the head of a Thin Man taking aim at the distracted Kevin. “Focus,” the impassive sniper muttered.

Ayame suppressed the last Thin Man, and Kris a Sectoid. Neither would have any of it, and fled with the other Sectoid. Kris easily caught the Sectoid in the back with a hail of bullets, his reaction time overclocker compensating for the sudden retreat. Ayame was not so lucky, but followed up with a more focused burst that killed her mark. Atka shot the last one, ending the skirmish.

Amanda slowly got up, her armor still functioning properly despite external damage. “They’re getting more organized the further we get into the city. My guess is they weren’t counting on us making it this far…”

“That citadel will be a lot tougher…” Atka said hesitantly. “We can deal with forces like this, but with the majority cramped in there with numerous fortifications.”

“And we can’t just nuke it, huh?” Kevin muttered.

“Their anti-air precludes an airstrike,” Sarah added.

“Well, it’s something Central’ll have to figure out,” Janina concluded. “Shall we head on back, sir?” she asked Atka.

The Lieutenant nodded, and began the journey back to the walls.

1630 Hours, July 3rd, 2018
Atop Alien Fortifications

Amanda stepped outside of the makeshift infirmary, resting her mechanical arms on the ramparts. Despite this, the cool winds after the rain could still be felt on her face. “At least I have some feeling left…”

“How’s Modya doing?” Atka asked, walking up to stand beside her.

“Good…Chandra says he should be fit for combat in a few hours with further healing, though that woman is going to hurt herself if she keeps trying to help everyone,” the Guradian said worriedly.

“I’m sure Veda will keep that from happening,” the Inuit scout responded, referring to the ‘purple’ psion, a security guard now. Atka tapped her fingers on the wall. “Amanda, are you still so sure about your choice to become a MEC?”

“I am sorely needed, as we see over and over again,” Amanda responded coldly. “What’s done is done…”

Atka shook her head. “It’s not that…I just wonder, sometimes. I worry about my squad, you know. You seem distant a lot.”

“I do miss being able to feel with my limbs…but that is the price I pay for the power to be a protector, a Guardian,” Amanda affirmed. “Though…it is frustrating.”

“What is?”

Amanda sighed. “It’s not important.” Atka’s expression said otherwise, and the MEC trooper hung her head in defeat. “Alright…there’s someone I know that could use this technology. But, because of how we have to keep everything top-secret…”

“Who is that?”

“My brother, Carson. He served in the Spanish military after leaving Mexico, and ended up serving in Africa. I had left our home country as well, though I worked with the Red Cross. Then…in the Ivory Coast, we found ourselves in the midst of the same conflict. Ethnic warfare…though I was the healer and he was the defender. One night, there was a raid on our encampment, and the Spanish troopers were severely outnumbered. Carson…” Amanda closed her hand around the cold metal of the wall, her eyes watering. “He ended up being shot in the back when his unit got outflanked…he lived, but was paralyzed from the waist down.”

Atka looked down, and Amanda continued, “His dream was ruined, and I tried to carry it on…became a field medic. But…with the technology we have now, you saw what they did for Ammelia. He doesn’t need his whole spine replaced, he doesn’t even have to risk that procedure…but if we just applied some of the cybernetics technology…” The MEC slammed her fist against the metal, leaving a dent. “It doesn’t matter, though! They would never allow it…they won’t risk the technology falling into the public’s hands.”

Lieutenant Ipiktok laid a hand on Amanda’s shoulder gently. “You’re…not wrong about that. But that isn’t your fault…we just have this painful situation. Though weapons technology being given to the Indian and Russian troops…maybe…”

Amanda composed herself. “I can always ask…but I don’t expect much.
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Emily Fischer
Gurudwara Bangla Sahib
New Delhi, India
July 3rd, 2018 – 4:57 PM

The transport came to a stop two blocks away from the gurdwara, the large golden spires visible even through the low visibility that was common for the area. Emily and her legion of laser-equipped Indian soldiers quickly filed out of the truck and began running towards the combat zone. They quickly heard gunfire both plasma and conventional coming from their objective.

“Shit, we need to get in there fast,” Emily said as the transport came to a stop. “Everyone stay calm, keep moving until you find solid cover. Remember your training.”

As they arrived at the massive temple, they were able to make out a firing line stuck behind the main doors, a couple of sectoids falling victim to a spray of lead coming from inside. On the ground floor, thin men and sectoids popped out from the porticos, firing at anyone they saw.

“It’s a couple of stairways up to get to the civilians. Clear everyone out here and meet me on the other side.”

The Indian soldiers rushed along the pathways, picking off the lower level aliens as they arrived. Emily fired her grapple up onto the guardrail below, sending her flying up to the floor above. Seeing a muton near her landing spot, she quickly pulled one of the many pins on her waistband and pulled out her knife, cutting the line as it got close. She landed freely a few feet away, her heavy alloy boots scraping loudly against the ground along with a small ticking cylinder and a few spare rope strands. The muton turned towards her.

“Mrrruh?!” it asked.

“Uh, hi,” Emily replied.

A large burst of smoke enveloped Emily, followed quickly by a much larger cloud all around her. The muton swung wildly through the smoke, spinning and punching randomly until it had dispersed. It pounded the ground angrily and roared, hoping to flush out anyone who was hiding. Emily walked up behind the heaving alien, plugging it with at least a dozen shots from her gauss rifle. She could see another muton taunting the humans behind the barricade and slid behind a short block of stone. After a couple of shots, she landed a perfect headshot on the second muton, toppling it over.

A small group of floaters came in from behind her, forcing her to shift around her already tiny cover. She saw beams fire up at the floaters, most of them missing.

“Steady your aim, remember the recoil!” she said over the comms.

The beams paused for a moment, and suddenly returned far more focused than last time. Each of the floaters quickly got focused down by the Indian soldiers, exploding in mid-air or crashing to the ground. She took some pride in the progress of the Indian soldiers, who quickly ran to her position. They huddled around Emily as the courtyard cleared out, the firing squad in the doors across the plaza watching them expectantly. Two figures in particular seemed to be in front, leading them.

“I’m going to go talk with them. All of you stay here and keep your distance.”

“They shot at our men last time,” one of the Indians said, “what if they shoot at you?”

“If I hold my hand out like this,” she said, holding her arm by her side in a ‘stop’ position, “then I’m fine. Otherwise, I’ll use a smokescreen and we’ll pull out.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Emily walked calmly towards the doors, slinging her weapon by her waist. As she came closer, she got a better look at the ragtag resistance. Many of them had simplistic robes and turbans, and were of varying ages and builds. They stood behind a large barricade made of tables and chairs, whatever could be taped together at the time. The two in front were behind a sturdier stone barricade and dressed a little more ornately, one of them a young-looking and handsome man and the other a much older and venerable looking one. They appeared to expect her, but weren’t thrilled about it.

“That’s far enough,” a young man in the center called out. His words were instantly backed up with rifles coming into line.

“Okay,” she said, “my name is Emily. Who leads your group, and do you speak English?”

“We do, and I am Sai,” the young man said, turning to point to the older man beside him, “and this is Ishan.”

Emily counted the amount of rifles pointed at her. Several were pointed towards the ground, a few at her body, and Ishan’s at her head.

“We want to thank you for your assistance,” Sai continued, “but please tell the Army we have no need to relocate. We are safe here without the government’s ‘security,’ for what it did for us.”

Emily took a couple steps forward, being rewarded by a bullet fired towards the ground, causing her to flinch. She held her hand down to keep the Army away.

“Are you deaf, gori? Stay back,” Ishan shouted.

“Calm yourself!” Sai shouted.

“You overstep your bounds, Sai! You can follow the soldiers and die if you please, but you cannot trust for us!”

“No one will die if you come with us,” Emily replied.

“Easy for you to say,” he snapped back, “I saw soldiers shooting innocents, burning homes.”

“It wasn’t their doing.”

“Oh, you’re saying someone pulled the trigger for them?”

“Well…yeah actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

Ishan scoffed loudly at the proposition.

“Listen, where I’m from, we don’t negotiate with guns in hand,” she said, placing her own on the ground. “Let’s just talk about this.”

“They will not let us be until we explain it to them, Ishan. Perhaps a proper meeting would be good.”

Emily started stepping towards the doors again, before being given another warning shot. She held out her hand again. Sai tried to grab Ishan’s gun before being shoved away.

“That’s enough, Ishan!”

“You meet with who you want, boy,” he shouted over him angrily. “No soldier is coming near here.”

“More aliens will come, they will find you here,” Emily warned.

“I’m not listening to any more of your lies, military thug!”

“I can’t just leave you here,” Emily said firmly.

“Leaving is all you can do!”

Emily looked at the civilians, giving each other nervous stares as if it would give them some kind of telepathic consensus. She started to move forward again and saw a flash come from the end of Ishan’s arm, and as quickly as she saw it, felt a hard thump in her chest. She instantly dropped down to her knees and pushed out her hand again, hearing a brief scuffle in front of her. As she rose back to her feet, she saw Sai past the barricade, and Ishan being restrained behind him.

“You’re okay,” he said with surprise.

Emily peeled off the alloy plate that had absorbed the conventional bullet, leaving little more than a vague dent in the rest.

“This equipment, you’d share it with us?”

“Yes, as long as you regroup with us.”

“And our civilians? Our children?”

“They’ll be well-protected, by good people.”

Sai looked back at his twitchy militia, Ishan struggling angrily in his soldiers’ grasp.

“…We’ll come with you.”

“All of you?”

“I’ll convince any holdouts. We need food and medicine, but we just didn’t know who to trust.”

“I understand. Trust me, we’re going to put an end to this, and we need people like you.”

“Give me an hour to have everyone pack and gather, then we'll be ready to follow you.”

Sai began walking back, but then whipped around towards her again.

“One more thing,” Sai said, “you trusted your armor, but he could’ve shot you in the head.”

“I trusted he wasn’t all bad.”

“Sounds like an unnecessary gamble to me.”

Emily smiled and gave a little shrug. “Story of my life.”


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New Delhi Campaign V
2015 Hours, July 3rd, 2018
Makeshift infirmary

“I believe that should do it,” Chandra concluded with a tired smile. “Just try to avoid being shot by a gauss cannon in the future, Mr. Dragomirov. I won’t always be there to drag you out of death’s grasp.”

Modya nodded his assent, getting to his feet slowly. “You need more rest than I do right now. You can’t be there for everyone.”

“I can do so much more than any other doctor with biokinesis, though…” Chandra protested.

“Not if you pass out while trying to heal someone.”

Chandra sighed. “You’re right, of course... I just wish I could manage. I could probably go longer if I learned how to heal myself.” Chandra walked off as a familiar Russian officer walked in.

“You know, when I wanted you to be braver, I didn’t mean to be stupid,” Galena muttered audibly. “What happened out there?” she asked the other Russian in their language.

“There wasn’t enough cover for everyone. If I hadn’t fired, the cyberdisc would have killed the others.” Modya grimaced. “I couldn’t allow anyone else to die because I was afraid. Just got unlucky that a Drone got in the way.”

Galena put a hand on her forehead in frustration. “You’re going to make that Jessica Lockheart of yours worry, you know.”

Modya’s eyes widened. “How do you…?”

Galena leaned over with a flat expression. “Blame Corporal Nash. Easy to get a bored and exciteable American like him to talk. And there’s no reason you’d share a room with her and not-”

Modya waved his hands defensively. “Alright, alright, I get it!”

A small grin found its way onto Galena’s features. “Isn’t 19 a little young, my friend?”

The Dragomirov sighed, hanging his head. “I swear to God, I didn’t even think about it until later on.”

Galena spun around. “In any case, I’m proud of you. You proved me wrong,” the Volkova explained, before adding, “vy mudak.”

1100 Hours, July 4th, 2018
Inner City, Three-Story Store

Rain was coming down in torrents. The heavy precipitation made the late morning as dark as the night. It offered cover to Lieutenant Ipiktok and her squad as they approached the structure before them. The aliens, with their green, glowing plasma equipment, stood out. Especially apparent was a grooved turret on the roof, likely automated.

“Adolfsson, take cover by the car. Smith, Kasagi, use the opposite corners of the buildings. Dragomirov, Wong, steady aim back here. Fujioka, Nash, you’re with me,” the officer instructed. She advanced slowly and quietly, holding her allow strike rifle with purpose. Closing to 7 meters, holding her breath as a troop of 4 Mutons with a Sectoid spotter patrolled the entrance, she lifted a finger to activate her helmet’s communications network.

“Modya, shoot the turret.”

The rocket soared into the plasma cannon, blasting it apart, and all hell broke loose.

The four Balmadaar went to heavy cover, taking aim. The Sectoid ran backwards, meaning to warn the others. It practically exploded when Sarah hit it with her gauss long rifle. The two gunners suppressed a ‘Mutton’ each, while Janina searched for a good shot.

Airi looked at Atka questioningly. “Go ahead,” Atka responded, giving her the green light. The Engineer smiled and tossed an HE grenade onto the Muton’s cover. Standing in the open as massive, meaty targets, they tried to run. Ayame and Kris gunned their marks down, and Janina shot the other two with a swarm of rail-accelerated bullets.

The Lieutenant, along with her assault and engineer, and now her Medic, Driver, dashed inside. The first floor was a grocery store, and seemed deserted. Kevin and Atka leaned against the walls flanking the obvious stairwell. Hearing incoming troops, Atka laid an icy helix along the steps, giving telekinetic force to the whole spikey length.

Down the stairs came four Thin Men at full speed, and the first three were cut in half by the trap, the fourth being shot by Kevin’s alloy cannon. His smart macrophages kicked in, painfully but effectively countering the poison. Atka coughed, not having such protection, and the noxious gases seeped in through her ventilation. She backed off, as Karen ran over and provided medical treatment before Atka switched to internal oxygen while the gas cloud cleared.

The bathroom door opened, and the medic swiveled around, shooting a surprised Balmadaar square in the chest. Airi dashed up to him. “Were you seriously…” she trailed off as a jolt from her arc thrower took him down. “I almost feel bad for you.”

1105 Hours, July 4th, 2018

The second floor was likely a restaurant, though it had been so thoroughly ransacked it was hard to tell. Behind a beaten counter, two Floaters rocketed out, and were quickly taken door. Atka held a hand up for silence, and then slowly proceeded over the corpses of the two cyborgs. It seemed the rest of the floor was clear, and thus they proceeded to the third.

Waiting for them was a welcoming party consisting of twin cyberdiscs. Atka dodged their overwatch fire as quickly as she can, and the frontlines ducked behind cover while those in the back readied heavier weaponry. The Lieutenant lifted her alloy strike rifle, scoring a hit on one and forcing it to close, while LMG fire devastated the second one.

Drones quickly flew in and repaired the surviving disk, which reached back for a grenade and lobbed it. The explosive crashed into the clustered XCOM troops, dealing heavy damage to their armor but not destroying it.

“Goddammit! You’re giving the engineering guys too much work!” Kevin yelled, running up and blasting a drone with his alloy cannon.

“Kevin, duck,” Modya and Airi said, aiming explosives. The assault’s eyes widened, and he jumped out of the way as a rocket and grenade shattered the cyberdisc and killed off the drones with it.

Atka slowly got up out of cover, looking at the ruined room, unable to discern what it had been before. “Well, I think that’s about it for the aliens…and this place…”


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X-COM Mission Parameters
Sabotage Mission

Operation Defiant Paramour
July 7th, 2018

Brittany, France

1900 Hours (Local Time)

Mission Details:
With the alien base in India seized, we have reason to believe that what alien forces are left will attempt to re-establish a working headquarters elsewhere in the world. We believe that they are scouring historical sites with large land areas and strong defenses to work off of, as they may be lacking the materials to create a new base from scratch.

One hot spot of activity includes a medieval chateau in the Brittany region of France. The Château de Trécesson is a four story castle-turned-mansion that is extremely defensible, as well as being a magnet for urban legends such as ghosts floating on the lake below. The lake around it could have already been weaponized in some way by the aliens, so falling in is unwise.


Number of Soldiers for this mission: Eight (8) soldiers, accompanied by a SHIV

Soldiers' Names:
*LT Arturo, Maximillian (Heavy)
LCPL Sutherland, Colin (Assault)
LCPL Koslov, Maxim (Infantry)
LCPL Harnet, John (Support)
LCPL Brown, Rembrandt (Medic)
CPL Trapp, David (Gunner)
CPL Shake, Letz (Rocketeer)
CPL Cross, Ammelia (Sniper)
Alloy SHIV Unit 1: "JubJub"

*Squad Leader

Gear: Players' characters' will be equipped with the following supplies:

- Primary weapon: Either a Gauss Stuttergun, a Gauss Carbine, a Gauss Rifle, a Heavy Gauss Rifle, an Alloy Cannon, a Gauss Long Rifle (Snipers), an Alloy Strike Rifle (Scout, Sniper), a Gauss Autorifle (Gunner), or a Gauss Machine Gun (Gunner)

- Armor: Kestrel Armor, Carapace Armor, Banshee Armor, or Aegis Armor

- Secondary Weapon: Either a Laser Pistol, a Gauss Autopistol, or a Hand Scatter Cannon (H.S.C.)

- Equipment: Two (2) of the following; a medikit, Alloy plating, Reinforced Armor, Chitin Plating, a battle scanner, an AP grenade, a HE grenade, a flash-bang grenade, a smoke grenade, a chem grenade, a high-capacity magazine, a targeting module, or an Arc Thrower.

(Chameleon Suit available for Scouts, Shredder Rocket for Rocketeers)

There is a small gatehouse before the bridge that leads into the castle, which will be the launching point for the attack. There will be aerial patrols in the form of Floaters and Seekers above the castle. While the Floaters are restricted to the outside, the Seekers will follow units into the building if they are not eliminated. It is recommended to snipe any visible patrols from a distance before crossing the bridge.

On the ground floor, there is a large armory with a stock of antique gunpowder and a recently added cache of alien grenades and energy stores. This armory would make for good salvage, however, if the landmark cannot be cleared and saved, the armory can be detonated to destroy all hostiles before evacuation. Destruction of the landmark would naturally be disappointing to the Council.

Hallways within the castle will have marks of medieval architecture and have alcoves and pillars sturdy enough for cover. Between the winding hallways and bedrooms, there are several rooms of interest within the castle. The dining hall on the second floor has been converted into a mech lab of sorts, and signatures match a mechtoid's suit currently being built or repaired inside. If the sectoids choose to use it in combat, it will not be able to follow through the doorways of the castle easily. The large kitchen area has also been converted into a laboratory of sorts, where there could potentially be abductees both alive and dead.

After the castle is cleared, the turrets can be used to easily snipe any remaining aerial units or reinforcements.

One (1) unit outside containing two (2) Floaters and two (2) Seekers
Two (2) units containing three (3) Thin Men
One (1) unit containing a Mechtoid, two (2) Sectoids, and two (2) Drones
One (1) unit containing two (2) Outsiders and two (2) Mutons
One (1) reinforcement wave outside containing two (2) Mutons

Conditions for Completing the Mission:

1) Termination of all hostiles


2) Destruction of the castle and successful evacuation

It is likely any civilians living or visiting inside the chateau fled once the aliens arrived. However, there may be captives in the laboratory.


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Operation Defiant Paramour
July 7th, 2018

Ammelia sat up in her bed, her hair frazzled and messy. She yawned and walked over to the shower, turning the knobs so that the cold sightly overpowered the hot. Ammy left the shower after a few minutes and quickly threw on her underclothes along with the X-Com tank top and cargo pants. She redid her bun and walked out the door to her room, eager to get something to eat.

She looked up at the clock at saw the time, "I guess I must've slept in... I don't want to miss anymore training time... every hour is valuable."

Ammy jumped when the Alarm blared throughout the base. She stood and listened to the list of names, hers, being called at the very end.

She rushed down to command and loaded up on gear, she grabbed her Gauss Long Rifle, Banshee Armor, and Laser Pistol.

Afterwards she rushed over to the Equipment table and picked up a High Capacity Mag and a Smoke Grenade before heading off to the Skyranger.

The ride to France was a long one, or at least it seemed that way to me. The squad leader was Maximillian Arturo, a LT Heavy. He briefed us on the mission, seemingly pleased with the number of soldiers with Banshee armor on the squad.

When the Skyranger reached the castle we landed some ways away in a forest clearing. We rushed out, guns at the ready for any aliens that may have saw us land. When we saw none Arturo ordered us forward slowly, we watched the sky for aerial enemies as we neared the castle. The huge medieval castle came into view as the squad took cover behind some rocks. The building was in the middle of a lake with the only entrances guarded by patrolling Floaters and Seekers. Arturo ordered the rest of the squad to pick a target, but telling me to aim for the Seekers. "We need to deal with em' before they cloak," he explained to me. I nodded stabilizing my Gauss rifle on the rock in front of me, lining up a shot on one of the Seekers.

"Now!" Arturo yelled as I took my shot, blasting the Seeker in half and causing the remains to fall into the moat with a large splash. The rest of the squad opened fire on their selected targets as I took a quick shot at the other Seeker before it could cloak, taking off two of it's tendrils and causing into to slam into the side of the castle and slide down into the lake below. Gauss blasts filled the air as the two floaters were torn to pieces by the oncoming fire.

Arturo patted me on the back, "Damn good shooting girl."

"Thanks..." I replied, reloading my rifle and vaulting over the rocks.

He pointed forward, "Alright everyone, approach the castle and scan for hostiles."

We did what he said, watching for alien reinforcements from behind or above. When Arturo reached the edge of the moat, he kicked one of the floater corpses into the lake. I walked up behind him and looked down to see the floater corpse that he had kicked being melted to the bone in the water, bits of flesh floated off of the body before dissolving in seconds.

Maximillian turned to the rest of the squad and said, "Whatever you do, don't fall in."

I nodded, staring at the grisly scene before me. "Alright, this is the plan!" Arturo turned to us and said, "We will split into two teams! Team One will consist of Myself, The Shiv, and everyone else without Grapple Armor. We will take the front entrance and work our way up to the top. Team two will consist of everyone with Grappling hooks, The Assault, The Sniper, and the Infantry Man. You three will grapple your way up into one of those windows and hit the aliens by surprise, they'll be expecting us from below, now from behind. Just make sure to break the glass after Team one engages our first hostile, the gunfight below them should drown out the sound of the shattered window. Everyone clear?"

The nodding of many heads followed his battle plan, but I raised my hand anyway. "If I'm going through the window with Team two, won't that put me at a disadvantage?"

Maximillian sighed, "You may be right, you'd probably be safer following team one in... But that leaves Team two, at two... I am convinced we will not encounter larger tangos like Sectopods or Those weird cat-things that they discovered in India. Most of their tougher units like Mutons will more than likely charge towards the sound of battle, so Team Two shouldn't have to deal with them... Floaters wouldn't be used inside, neither would Seekers... So Team Two should expect, Thin Men, Sectoids or Sectoid Commanders, maybe Outsiders, though from what we know they prefer to pilot ships... Can you two deal with those by yourselves? If not I'll just have to disband the teams and move everyone in through the front."

Maxim and Colin both nodded confidently towards Max.

"Good. Now Cross, I want you to keep yourself in the very back of Team One. Your Rifle will be almost useless in that building, so I hope you've been taking pistol classes." Arturo said to me.

"I have..." I replied, pulling out my pistol and looking it over.

"Perfect. No offence Cross but I don't know why the Commander even brought you out on this mission. Maybe she needs a reminder that Snipers are not as effective inside cramped areas... Like that ship, for example... If I didn't know better, I'd say she had it out for you." Maximillian added.

I sighed.

Sometimes I wonder about that myself...

Team One formed a group with Maximillan and the Shiv taking point. As we walked through the halls of the medieval castle we heard the scream of civilians echo our way. I was taking up the rear of the group, my laser pistol at the ready just in case a enemy patrol ran into us from behind. After about a minute of walking through the halls Arturo yelled for us to take cover, apparently our squad had ran head first into a patrol of Thin Men.

Everyone dashed for cover, most of us found a stone pillar to hide behind, however Maximillian was forced to duck behind the Shiv. I readied my pistol and leaned around the corner, trying to find a shot at the Thin Men from the back of the group. I saw that the three Thin Men had also rushed for the nearest cover but the Shiv tore into the back one of them as soon as it turned around, causing it to collapse in a heap on the stone floor. The other two Thin Men made it behind their pillars, one came out quickly and tried to cover our end of the hallway in poison gas. I fired before it could, sending the bright red laser into the creature's arm, causing it to reel back and leaving it open for the rest of the squad to unload into it.

The final Thin Man, realizing his situation, stayed in cover and refused to move. Maximillian approached the pillar it was hiding behind slowly, using the Shiv as moving cover. The rest of the squad trained their weapons on the creature's hiding place, ready to end it if it tried to take a shot at the Shiv.

Another group of three Thin Men rushed around the corner to help their trapped ally. We turned our weapons to them and opened fire, hoping it would give Arturo time to find better cover. Instead, Arturo used this distraction to roll a HE grenade down the hall towards the enemy reinforcements. The Human-like lizards had little opportunity to move thanks to our constant stream of gauss blasts. The grenade stopped rolling a feet few behind the Thin Men and detonated, destroying a large chunk of the walls on either side of the aliens along with the aliens themselves. The cornered Thin Man, now having no where to go and no reinforcements to turn to for help pulled his plasma rifle to his head and pulled the trigger, not want to give X-Com the chance to capture him.


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We moved forward down the hallway and started clearing each room, none of them were particularly interesting until we came across a door made of metal bars. The door itself wasn't too special, but the fact that it was unlocked suggested that it was were those reinforcements had come from. Inside was a strange sight, piles of gun power laying next to racks of alien grenades. "Must be some sort of armory." Maximillian said, making sure the room was cleared of hostiles.

All of a sudden a loud growling came from behind us. Two Mutons turned the corner with their rifles raised in our direction, ready to shoot the first thing they saw. Unfortunately, as I was at the rear of the group, that first thing was me. I quickly pulled my Smoke grenade off my belt and chucked it in their direction, however they had time to fire before it went off. I froze in place as the plasma flew towards me in slow motion, my legs, refusing to move out of sheer terror. Suddenly, a pair of muscular arms grabbed my shoulders and flung me to the side. I closed my eyes as my body hit the stone floor and slid into a pile of gunpowder. The sound of gauss blasts filled my ears as I looked over my shoulder and saw Cpl. Trapp laying in the gunpowder next to me. We both started hacking and coughing up the gunpowder that filled the air in a cloud around us, our allies, meanwhile, were dealing with the Mutons with the help of my smoke grenade. After about thirty seconds our coughing fit had ceased, David was smiling at me, clearly happy he was able to save my life. "A-Are you alright?" He said, still finding it hard to breathe, I nodded, not wanting to inhale anymore of the airborne gunpowder than I already had.

"Good," Maximillian said to us, "Because we've got Outsiders too."

I slowly stood up and brushed myself off, looking for my pistol in the pile of gunpowder. After a few seconds I find it and snap it back onto my belt. Something tells me that using a heat based weapon while covered in gunpowder is a bad idea, I thought.

Trapp and I took cover cover behind the wall, brushing the Gunpowder off of ourselves while our friends fought. After a minute our allies stopped firing down the hall and Maximillian alerted us that the hostiles were all dead.

Arturo turned to us, "All right we're heading out, let the Shiv take point again. Cross, Trapp, since most of our weapons are heat based only fire as a last resort. I don't want either of you to blow yourselves up alright?" I nodded and sighed to myself, Well, I wasn't going to be much help in this castle anyway...

We moved back out down the hallway, trying to find a way to Team two who were still somewhere upstairs. While we walked I felt as though the walls of the building were closing in on me, slowly but steadily as every hallway seemed smaller and darker than the last. Sometimes, I would hear a soft crying coming from nowhere. I asked the group to search the room I thought it was coming from but there was nothing inside. Almost as soon as I closed the door to the room and continued to walk the eerie crying would continue. At one point a few seconds after, one of the antique Chandeliers, which I would imagine haven't moved in centuries, started swinging back and forth with no explanation.
As we reached the stairs that would hopefully take us to Team Two my SAaIDA picked up a mass of Infrawaves in the shape of a person at the far end of the hall behind us. I turned to Max and tapped his shoulder, wanting to alert him to the civilian, but when we looked back the figure was gone. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to leave that place far behind me...

As we went up the steps we saw the corpses of two Sectoids laying out in the hall. Maximillian examined them, "They were killed by Gauss blasts it seems... Must be Team Two's work... Let's keep moving and see if we can't find them." We entered what looked to be some sort of engineering bay, with computers lining almost every wall and complete with a disabled Mectoid suit in the center.
"They didn't have time to use this Mec Suit, I guess that means our friends took them by surprise" Arturo said, motioning us to leave the room.

As we slowly walked down yet another stone hallway we heard talking coming from one of the doors on our left. When we entered we saw a room filled with test tubes with various liquids inside, strange stasis-like pods, and what seemed to be meld containers. As we advanced further into the room we stumbled upon the wreaks of two drones laying smoking in the middle of the room. At the far end of room was a metal door, slightly ajar like the one before it. When we entered we were greeted with the sight of Team Two helping three civilians out of some kind of containment unit.

They turned to us and smiled, "About time you guys got up here, what took you so long?", Koslov asked.

"Aliens" Maximillian said simply.

"I Can Imagine, most of them ran down there as soon as the shooting started, a few Sectoids stayed up here, probably to wipe their research, but we took care of them." Koslov replied.

"Well, the first floor is clear of hostiles. Did you get check all the rooms up here?" Max asked.

"Mmhm," Koslov nodded, "Does that mean we're ready to head out?"

"Yeah, let's get out of here... I don't know about you but this place gives me the creeps..." Sutherland added, holding his arms close to his body.

"We need to leave the civvies here for right now, they could get hurt if we run into any alien reinforcements. The clean up crew can pick them up on their way out." Arturo said, walking out of the room.

I turned to one of the civilians, "Do you know if there are anymore people here?"

"No more, the only one left here now is Bishop..." He said in a thick french accent.

"Bishop? Who's Bishop?" I asked, feeling a little chilly.

The man simply nodded and turned to the rest of his friends. I slowly turned and followed Maximillian out of the room, whoever this Bishop person was, the Clean-up crew would probably find him and lead him to safety.

As we walked back down the hallway the tense and creepy atmosphere seemed to fade, almost as if whatever was here was pleased we had dealt with the aliens and allowed us a safe exit. Safe, until we reached the castle gate where two Mutons had been waiting for us. Everyone took cover as the Mutons fired at us, luckily no one was hit. Trapp pulled a flashbang grenade off of his bent and threw it out at the Mutons. I instinctively turned off my SAaIDA to avoid being blinded. My vision went dark as I heard the flashbang detonate. I quickly powered the SAaIDA back on and the first thing I saw was Gauss blasts from my squad mates flying down the hallway. The Blinded Mutons scrambled for cover but were completely vulnerable in the clearing outside the castle. The shots burned huge holes in their armor and flesh, dropping them to the floor quickly. Muton blood slowly absorbed into the soil, marking this place with their presence forever.

The Skyranger flew overhead and landed in the same clearing it had before, but as we made our way to it something compelled me to take one final look at the castle. There was nothing of interest until I focused on the window that Team Two had used to gain entry. Inside was that same mass of Infrawaves that I had saw in the hall earlier, staring out the window at us. I stared back, wondering if it was just one of the civilians, but after a few seconds the figure vanished into thin air, it didn't move, it just disappeared from my vision. Without words, I simply turned and headed for the Evac, perhaps those stories about this place were not just stories, all legends have some amount of truth to them after all...



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X-COM Mission Parameters
Final New Delhi Campaign Mission

Operation Liberating Strike

July 11th, 2018
Time: 1300 Hours

We have the aliens on the ropes. Nearly all have been routed out and eliminated from the city as we have pushed through. All that are left are holed up in a massive structure they built in the center of the city, what the troops have taken to call the citadel.

The tall, imposing building is enough to drain morale from the heart of any soldier, but we also have to deal with a series of crude plasma weapons that make approach to the structure difficult, as well as anti-air cannons that make approach from the air nearly impossible. Worse yet, the aliens put up a makeshift wall composed of what is left of their alloys mixed with Terrian metals. This wall is cover in an energy barrier, much like the one on the outside of the city, composed of actual barrier devices and converted energy doors to encircle the entire wall.

There is hope to breach the wall, however. It will be a dangerous mission, one that will leave the infiltration team with no back-up, but it is the only hope we have.

Dr. Randolf has determined that the barrier's generators and computer control systems are being pushed to their limits. Two teams will head to the weakest spots on opposite sides of the wall. There, they will simultaneously detonate a large C-4 explosive against the barrier. The drain in power and confusion to the computer as it tries to compensate for both locations should drop the barrier in these locations long enough to allow the teams to bombard the wall, blast a hole in it, and infiltrate the structure.

Both teams will then enter the building together, and fight to what we believe to be the main generators on the second floor, due to the strange energy readings we are receiving from there. If the teams can take down the barrier, the Indian troops can easily take down the wall amd swarm the citadel. If not, we will be hard pressed to ever breach this nearly perfect defense.

Number of troops for this mission: Two teams of Ten (10) X-Com Soldiers, Ten (10) Indian Military Soldiers, One SHIV, One Mobile Holo-Drone, and One Tank (To breach the wall, as well as enter if the hole can be made big enough in time.

Soldier Names:
Unit 1:

*Lt. Stewart, Jack (Assault)
LCPL Anderson, Sven (Sniper)
CPL Adolfsson, Janina (Infantry)
CPL Summers, Holly (Engineer)
CPL Fischer, Amelia (Support)
LCPL Griffith, Nicolas (Medic)
LCPL Orlov, Nika (Heavy)
CPL Connor, Megan (Rocketeer)
CPL Smith, Kris (Gunner)
CPL Christel, Sylvia (Scout)
Alloy SHIV Unit "Bandersnatch"

Unit 2:
*Lt. Ipiktok, Atka (Scout)
CPL Wong, Sarah (Sniper)
CPL Nash, Kevin (Assault)
CPL Malkovich, Johnathan (Support)
CPL Dragomirov, Modya (Rocketeer)
CPL Kasagi, Ayame (Gunner)

CPL Driver, Karen (Medic)
CPL Fujioka, Airi (Engineer)
LCPL Becket, Maggie (Infantry)
CPL Ortiz, Amanda (Guardian)
Alloy SHIV Unit "Taqukaq"

Gear: Players' characters' will be equipped with the following supplies:

- Primary weapon: Either a Gauss Stuttergun, a Gauss Carbine, a Gauss Rifle, a Heavy Gauss Rifle, an Alloy Cannon, a Gauss Long Rifle (Snipers), an Alloy Strike Rifle (Scout, Sniper), a Gauss Autorifle (Gunner), or a Gauss Machine Gun (Gunner)

- Armor: Kestrel Armor, Carapace Armor, Banshee Armor, or Aegis Armor

- Secondary Weapon: Either a Laser Pistol, a Gauss Autopistol, or a Hand Scatter Cannon (H.S.C.)

- Equipment: Two (2) of the following; a medikit, Alloy plating, Reinforced Armor, Chitin Plating, a battle scanner, an AP grenade, a HE grenade, a flash-bang grenade, a smoke grenade, a chem grenade, a high-capacity magazine, a targeting module, or an Arc Thrower.

(Chameleon Suit available for Scouts, Shredder Rocket for Rocketeers)


Keep your head low when enter the citadel. You'll be too close for the defensive plasma weapons to angle towards you, bit alien forces are firing at the troops outside from high up, using quick, calculated drops in the shields to accomplish this without leaving themselves too open. Should they see you, and it is unlikely they would miss too large holes being blasted into their wall, they will fire at you on your way to the entrance.

Resistance will no doubt be high, so the too teams will meet at the citadel's main entrance and enter together. Once inside, they will need to fight through the first floor to the stairwell in the back, using the makeshift defense structured and alien supply containers as cover.

One they reach the second floor, the will find a large enclosed room in the center of the floor. They will need to reach said room, and hope that it is, indeed, the generator. Destroying the generator will allow the rest of the forces into the citadel, and it will then be a matter of defending yourselves until back-up arrives.


Ten (10) Sectoids
Eight (8) Thin Men
Six (6) Floaters
Six (6) Mutons
Two (2) Incubators
One (1) Berserker
One (1) Chryssalid with reinforced plating
Three (3) Mechtoids
Three (3) Cyberdiscs
Two (2) Alien Hover-SHIVs
One (1) Sectopod with a stationary shield generator
Eighteen (18) Drones

Conditions for Completion:

Destruction of the energy barrier generators and computers

Special Completion Note: Once the Mission begins, there will be no option for retreat.

Civilians: None
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ZombieSplitter53, DarkGemini24601, and Adrammalech present: Operation Liberating Strike

Part I

New Delhi Assault, Forward Base, One Mile from Enemy Fortress
1200 Hours, June 11th, 2018

Bradford stepped in front of the plethora of soldiers before him, a large assortment of Indian Military soldiers with the various X-COM personnel mixed amongst them. Clearing his throat, he pulled a controller from his pocket, and brought up a display of the enemy strong hold on a simple screen.

“With the aliens all but wiped out of the majority of the city, what are left of them have taken refuge in this monolithic structure we have taken to refer to as the “Citadel”. Unfortunately, they have no shortage of defense in this structure. Not only do the assortment of heavy plasma weaponry make it difficult to approach from the ground, and impossible from the air, but the parameter wall is protected by an energy field, much like the one we had to take down to get into the city. With the generators likely inside the structure itself, we need to find a way in, if with only a small group, to pave the way for the rest of us.”

He stepped aside, and was replaced by a short, grey-haired engineer. A few eyebrows were raised, but most of the soldiers were aware of Sunny already. She brought up some technical specs, and spoke in a hesitant voice, as though she was troubled by her own words. “Based on the energy readings, we believe the barrier is being pushed to its limit. If we plant explosive charges on either side of the barrier, particularly where the wall behind it is structurally weak, we believe detonating these charges simultaneously will drop the barriers in these spots long enough for us to take out the walls underneath, and breach the structure.” She looked up at Bradford, a disturbed look on her face, and the Central Command officer took over.

“I’m not going to lie, this plan is not without its major risks. We doubt very much that the same trick will work twice. Once the energy barrier is reestablished, the breaching teams will be cut off from reinforcements. However, if we do not do this, then we can see no conceivable way to get into the stronghold. Once you are inside, the two teams will meet at the front entrance and make your way to the second floor. There are some unusual readings coming from there, and although we cannot be sure because the energy wall blocks part of our signal, we believe this is where the generators are. Take them down, and the rest of us will be able to launch a full scale attack, and wipe out the rest of the aliens.” He turned the screen off, and asked, “Are there any questions?”

“I only have one,” Lieutenant Ipiktok said carefully. “Do we have any guesses at the numbers we might be facing, going into the citadel proper?”

Bradford nodded. “We estimate there to be approximately one hundred and fifty living aliens, along with any mechanized units they might have left. Most of them will be fighting at the walls, taking shots at our troops to try and thin our numbers, but you will likely have to deal with a healthy resistance once they realize you have infiltrated their base.”

“Understood, sir,” Atka responded quietly. That many...and with their shielding a good portion can ignore our outside forces and go after us. This is not going to be easy in the slightest. The Lieutenant went to retrieve the troops she would be taking on the mission, along with her usual gear. This time, however, she would have limited consumable equipment, as would everyone else. Chitin Plating and a Chameleon suit were quickly thrown on, as was her Aegis Armor. With alloy strike rifle across her back, and an H.S.C. on her hip, Atka joined the others outside.

Before her were some familiar faces, and some not so familiar. Sarah looked up for a moment, giving the Lieutenant a slight nod, while Kevin had his typical grin a bit less prominent due to the gravity of the mission. Modya was gathering an additional rocket and his shredder rocket by the weapons rack. Amanda, Ayame, Airi, Maggie, and Karen seemed ready, along with a support Atka didn’t recognize distinctly.

Atka waited a minute, and then looked over her troops. “Everyone ready?” There was a response of general assent. “Alright...I’m not counting on this mission to be easy, or for us to go without casualties...but we have to try. We can’t just leave this citadel standing, it poses too much of a threat and an insult to us all.”

Dallas walked over to Atka’s group, an expression of nerves being coated with a practiced stern look.

“So, we’ll both be leading squads, anything I should know?”

“Besides what Bradford told us, nothing else really. Just keep everyone calm and together,” Atka replied. “This mission will be difficult, to say the least, in any case.”

“It’s going to be a lot of aliens, so if you get any ideas, let me know,” he replied, “I’ll do my best to help out.”

“I have as little of an idea to what we’ll find inside there as you do. Hard to come up with a battle plan with such limited intel. The rain’s going to give us cover once we blow the walls down. It’ll help us get inside, but beyond that, I don’t have anything special in mind,” Atka explained. “I could try using ESP once we get close, though.”

“Sounds good, I’m sure the strategies will come to us once we get a view on things,” he said confidently, “that’s why they picked us, right?”

Atka shrugged. “We are the two Lieutenants here, it’s only logical that we’d go.”

Dallas nodded and headed back to his own group, trying to figure out a strategy of his own. He felt a little more worried knowing he didn’t have the psychic advantage that Atka did. As he arrived at his squad, many of the soldiers were selecting their gear, and Emily and Nika were waiting for him.

“So, suicide mission, should be fun,” Emily said.

“It’s not a suicide mission,” Dallas replied.

“Big enemy structure, triple digit bad guys, seems pretty serious.”

“It’s not like we haven’t done that before.”

“We haven’t, X-COM has.”

“Are you saying we’re not the best X-COM has?”

“No sir, Lieutenant,” Emily smirked.

“How’s everyone else?”

“Sven’s cold-blooded as always,” Nika noted, “The rest are a little itchy, but the big scary tower isn’t really new at this point.”

“Good. I guess we’re about ready to roll out then.”


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Operation Liberating Strike, Part II

“The Citadel”
West/East Side of Energy Barrier
1300 Hours

As each team set up their respective explosives, Bradford’s voice chimed in over the Comms. “Remember, the C-4 explosives need to be detonated at the same time. Use your communicators to sync up. Once you are in, we may lose contact with you because of the interference from the barrier, but you will still be in contact with each other. Take down the barrier, and breach the wall. The tanks with your teams may enter with you, but you’ll need to blow a hole in the walls big enough for them before the barrier goes back up.”

“Roger that,” Atka responded, before closing her eyes and reaching out with her mind. The Inuit scout tried to get a better idea of what the area beyond the wall was like, and then investigate the first floor. The psion grimaced as the barrier seemed to disrupt her abilities, and she was only able to discern blurry images of enemy troops on the first floor, and an apparent lack of troops outside the citadel proper. She relayed this information to her group and Dallas’s, before stepping back. “Explosives primed. Airi has the detonator on standby. You guys ready over there?” Her squad waited with apprehension.

“We’re ready over here,” Dallas replied as the last of his soldiers got clear from the blast zone.

Atka nodded to Airi. “Now!” she said to both teams, and the explosives went off with a resounding boom. The shields turned an angry red as they were blasted open in misshapen holes, the walls suffering a similar fate. The XCOM and Indian forces rushed through, Atka’s team able to fit their tank though, but had it wait for last. The shields began to close up with startling speed as the infantry troops made it inside, and the tank followed just as the gap in the shields became too narrow, barely making it inside.

Atop the walls, a squad of five Mutons turned, seeing and hearing the blast, and tried to take aim. However, the torrent of rain made it hard to see, and their shots went wide as Atka took point, drawing their fire. Unit 2 made tracks for the entrance to the citadel, with a scout, tank, and rain providing them adequate cover.

Unit 1 had a similar journey as the walls ripped open, floaters and covered sectoids trading fire with the infantry and Indian Army below. Although some instinctively looked for cover or tried to aim, Dallas made sure they kept running, and quickly got to the Citadel’s entrance. Their own tank rolled in behind, following the group slowly as it worked its way through the courtyard.

Atka went up beside the door, the holo-drone following behind. “Get the door, Unit 1 is on their way.” The drone went up to the pad on the side of the door, connecting with it. There was a flurry of blurred alien symbols, and the lock was overridden. The doors slid open with a pneumatic hiss. Unit 2 moved inside. “We have the door open, Stewart. We’ll wait for you here.” Atka quickly found that her communication to the outside was indeed not working, but at least the two units could keep in contact.

Dallas arrived moments later with his unit, several of the soldiers frantically shooting up at the aliens above. They filed into through the door as quick as possible, enjoying a reprieve from the aliens’ harassment. Atka nodded quickly to Dallas. “Alright, Beta, let’s take cover. Company is probably on its way.” The XCOM and Indian troopers took a typical combat formation, using the supply crates as cover.

The infiltrating forces’ welcoming party showed up, the initial team containing two Cyberdiscs, complete with a pair of Drones each, two Mechtoids, complete with a pair of Sectoids each, three Thin Men, three Floaters, and three Mutons. The Cyberdiscs and Floaters opened fire as the rest of the aliens ran for cover, two sectoids raising a shield for their respective Mechtoids.

Atka ducked behind cover as plasma filled the air, the others doing the same. “Indian troopers, concentrate fire on the Sectoids and Drones! Beckett, Wong, take out those Floaters before they flank us. Support, give us some smoke cover.” Laser shots added to the chaos of battle as the Indian troops did their best to respond to the order, while the two XCOM troopers with gauss rifles opened fire. Two incoming Floaters fell to the hail of bullets, while the third began to close the distance. A smoke grenade covered a good portion of Unit 2, but not all of them.

Amanda realized this, and went to the forefront of the battle, taking a hit from a Muton in the process. Another wizzed just by her. “Dammit…” She hefted her railgun, targeting circles forming around her right eye. “Cabrea ya!” The MEC trooper blasted a Muton down with the gigantic gauss weapon.

Dallas stayed in the sturdiest cover he could find as he listened to Atka’s orders and attempted to merge them with his own. Emily used one of her many smoke grenades to cover the more vulnerable Indian soldiers as they shot at the Drones and weaker units, clearing up his X-COM troops to focus on bigger game. As one of the Indians ran away coughing, it became apparent the Thin Men were using the smoke as cover for their poison too. Fortunately, two more of the Indians had been outfitted with respirators, allowing them to fight in the smoke regardless.

Kris Smith, the bulky gunner in their party, levied his massive autogun at the sneaky reptiles, shooting at two of them with the gauss gun and killing one. Nika arose out of cover with a shredder rocket, firing the shrapnel-based rocket into the greatest mass of their troops. Although it didn’t kill any of the aliens, several were clearly affected by the explosion. Sven took aim across the room at one of the raging Mutons, killing it in one perfect shot.

Lieutenant Ipiktok nodded in approval at the performance of her Indian troops, as two drones lay in smoking wrecks, and two Sectoids in pools of their strange blood. However, the Mechtoids were still enveloped in telekinetic shields each, if only powered by one Sectoid each. They leveled their plasma cannons, and opened fire with a swarm of plasma on the targets they could more easily hit and kill. Dammit, I should have put the smoke on the Ind- The plasma missed in some areas, but two of Unit 2’s Indian soldiers were killed by the incoming fire.

The two lumbering tanks rolled into place, the heavy fire from their cannons strong enough to take down the Mechtoids’ shields in one shot, forcing them to fall back while their remaining sectoids attempted to reestablish them. From the stairs in the back of the room came a low humming noise, similar to those of the Cyberdiscs. Two hovering SHIVs, like the ones Atka and company had encountered in the engineering section of the alien base, zoomed into the room. With no regard for their own safety, one pelted unit two’s tank while the other unloaded its entire payload of missles, completely decimating unit one’s tank. Now with only its cannon, it turned its attention to the other tank as the first SHIV prepared to end it in a similar manner.


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Operation Liberating Strike, Part III

“Goddamn artillery!” Atka swore, aiming her alloy strike rifle on the first alien SHIV. She fired off a shot, but it did not take the robot down. “Gunners, focus on the cyberdiscs, if you would!” We have enough to handle here. The Inuit scout looked over at a frustrated and anxious Modya. “Go ahead, Airi, hit them with a grenade.”

The two explosives specialists nodded, and Modya prepared his aim while Airi moved forward, pulling out a grenade. She tossed it as the Russian launched his rocket, and the two HEAT explosives tore apart the enemy SHIVs as they fired. The tank was heavy damaged, but the artillery threat was eliminated completely.

Dallas’ Indian Army troops continued to focus on the smaller aliens, especially the Drones and any Sectoids they could find. After destroying the remaining two Drones, they drew the ire of one of the Mutons, who killed one of the Indians with a flanking shot. Emily moved forwards towards the Indians, trying to support the laser-armed militia however she could with suppressive fire.

With the Drones down, Dallas commanded his X-COM forces to focus on the remaining mechanical units, namely the two Cyberdiscs that were still firing into the soldiers’ midst. Holly Summers, a HEAT-trained Engineer, chucked one of her alien grenades towards them, a loud and green explosion ripping through one of the Cyberdiscs. With a little extra fire from the squad, the Cyberdisc exploded into a shower of sparks and silver slivers.

From the stairway in the back, four more Drones floated into the room. Apparently meant for the now-destroyed hover SHIVs that had rushed ahead, they instead rushed to repair the other units. Two moved towards the remaining Cyberdisc while the others went towards some cover in the back.

Atka glanced at the area where the two Drones had disappeared, and closed her eyes for a moment. She reached out with her extrasensory perception, confirming the two large mech suits were there. “Modya, shoot your other Anti-Armor rocket where I’m pointing. Then Ayame and Amanda, take out the two Mechtoids that will be revealed.”

“Spooky,” Amanda muttered, and ran in that direction as Modya readied and launched his rocket. The blast cleared the cover, and damaged the two Mechtoids. The Drones and Sectoids behind there were killed instantly by the explosion. While Ayame’s autorifle tore into the faceplate of one mech, toppling it, Amanda ran forward. She pulled her arm back, and then her kinetic strike module shot forward, punching through the chest of her Mechtoid and out the back. “Bye.”

The final Floater missed a shot on a flanked Maggie, the smoke spoiling its aim, and the infantry responded with two volleys of rail-accelerated shots that tore through the flier. Kevin ran forward to make sure Ayame and Amanda wouldn’t get flanked, and received a shot from the living Muton as a fee for his actions. The Aegis armor took it in stride, however, and the assault flipped his Alloy Cannon around at the nearly flanked Balmadaar. “Oh, be quiet already, asshole.” An alien alloy round leapt from the barrel of the shotgun, and punched into the chest of the Muton, exploding into fragments and hemorrhaging the meaty insides.

With most of their forces gone, the remaining Thin Men fired recklessly at Dallas’ forces, covering the Cyberdisc is it reached inside itself and pulled out a grenade, preparing to take out as many soldiers as possible before it could be taken down.

At the same moment, Nika fired her second rocket, the purely explosive missile blasting the Cyberdisc backwards and onto the ground. With a loud scraping sound, it tried to rise back up before being shot again by Sven and his gauss long rifle. As it whirred back up one more time, Dallas closed in and hit it with his alloy cannon, leaving it still at long last before letting out an explosion of sparks.

Sarah, joined by Ayame, advanced on the flank of the Thin Men, and both took aim. The reptilian spies realized too late their predicament, and died to a gauss rifle and a gauss autorifle. The two Drones, hit by the blast from the Cyberdisc, attempted to withdraw, but the Indian troops remaining would have none of it, and caught them in a crossfire of lasers.

From the stairs in the back, two Thin Men poked their heads down. The itchy fingers of the Indian troops blasted one away, but the other one retreated back up. The soldiers waited for a solid minute, but nothing else showed up.

Atka held up a hand, letting some of the relax for a moment while the medics went around to provide assistance to anyone that needed it. “Casualties?”

“Three of the Indians in total, sir,” Karen replied sadly. “Nothing I can do for them, plasma wounds are usually nonlethal or the opposite, not anywhere in-between.”

The Lieutenant sighed in frustration. I could have prevented the deaths of the two that died under my command. Dammit. “Stewart, looks like we’re on our way to the next floor.”

“Yeah,” Dallas replied with a hint of trepidation, “I suppose it’s too much to hope that the second floor is a little less populated.”

Modya glanced at the smoldering wrecks of the Russian tanks. “And we’re just about out of ordinance...I have one shredder left, that’s it.”

“We’ll have to make do,” Sarah said coldly. “And we still have plenty of grenades.”

Atka nodded slowly, and had her squad and the accompanying Indian troops follow her as she headed up the stairwell, Amanda at her side.

As the teams reached the stairs, the two SHIVs quickly pulled up to their respective COs side, driving in front of them and motioning their turrets towards each other, then towards the stairs.

“Right, that’s probably for the best,” Atka affirmed. “You go on ahead, Amanda and I will follow.”

The SHIVs quickly went up the stairs, at least as quickly as two small tanks climbing stairs could go. They found a incredibly dark room, but no immediate resistance. On the first floor, one of the holo-drones quickly projected Alice, giving a quick thumbs up, as her simplified programing taken to India did not include her speech programs.

“Alright, I want everyone to move in slowly, find some cover in the dark. When we’re in position, the SHIVs and holo-drones will turn on their beam lights, and we’ll see what’s going on in here. Keep your eyes peeled,” Atka said quietly, using comms to convey the message to her unit and suggest the same to Unit 1. Dallas quickly acknowledged the suggestion.

As the two teams stepped into the dark second floor, the room was suddenly aglow with a deep blue light coming from the center of the room, right next to a smaller, closed-off room. From within the small energy barrier, a Sectopod stood tall, and the shields dropped for a few moments so it could fire at the two teams.

Atka’s eyes widened, as she quickly registered that practically everyone was standing in the open. The Sectopod fired off its first shot, the wide beam of fusion energy killing three more Indian troopers with its deadly power. “No...no...no, dammit! Take that thing down, I don’t care how!” The ‘Titan’ turned on Atka, seeming to register her role, and charged up for another shot.


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Operation Liberating Strike, Part IV

“Atka, move!” Amanda yelled out, but the distracted Lieutenant didn’t realize what she was saying until the shot was about to fire. “Shit.” Amanda stepped in front of the scout, taking the fusion blast head on, raising her mechanical arms defensively. The shot practically vaporized the limbs, and blasted the suit to pieces. The former medic, now without any limbs, slid back next to the stairs, wounded herself, and grimaced. Her CO turned with a look of horror, and Amanda shook her head. “Get it together! I’ll be fine.”

The barrier around the Sectopod went back up as it charged for another shot. From behind it, a group of four Sectoids, three Thin Men, and three Mutons came rushing forward into cover. With the Mutons was a creature in red armor, its size and shape similar to the mutons, but it only appeared to have a pair of large claws on each hand. A Chryssalid, with thicker plating then the others X-COM had usually seen, rushed towards the alien troops, immediately tearing into one of the Sectoids. The red-armored Muton grabbed it by the neck and flung it towards the X-COM soldiers. It regained its balance, and charged towards unit one while the red-armored alien rushed towards unit two.

With the chryssalid charging directly for the X-COM members in his squad, Dallas showed no hesitation in blasting it with his alloy cannon, hitting it in it’s legs and torso. The Indian troops tried to support the assault’s attack, firing their rifles at it, but the beams simply bounced off the chryssalid’s advanced plating. Dallas ordered the Indians to focus on the other aliens and the X-COM troops to focus on the chryssalid. The swift bug lunged forward and poked Megan Connor with its two front claws, shattering the armor and sending her flying to the ground. It reared back excitedly, drooling from the mouth. Before it could bite down, Sylvia Christel rushed forward with alloy cannon in hand, shooting it square in the head. The chryssalid whined loudly as it skittered away, dodging the fire of Emily and Nika’s fully automatic guns as it did.

As the chryssalid sprinted away, Dallas noted the Indians being under heavy fire from the thin men and mutons on the other side of their cover. Nicolas Griffith and Janina Adolfsson distributed their fire at the aliens, killing a couple of the Thin Men and one of the Mutons. Freed from the suppressive fire, the remaining Indians shot and killed two more Sectoids. The chryssalid rushed back from it’s retreat, leaping onto Dallas behind the X-COM firing lines. He cursed and shut his eyes as he pushed the claws from him before it could pin him down. Suddenly, he heard a loud crunch and saw a bright flash. He looked up at the chryssalid with its face little more than a smoldering hole, torn off by a large-caliber gauss bullet.

“Fuck Chryssalids,” Sven muttered from behind.

As Unit 1 was engaged with the Chryssalid, the Berserker charged for Unit 2. Atka glanced back at Amanda, and then at the raging Muton. Shit... what do I… Atka clenched her fists tightly, trying to calm herself. I can do better...I can… She took a deep breath. Don’t think, act. The Inuit woman sidestepped just as the Berserker lunged at where she had just been, and she raised a palm, her eyes taking on a solid blue glow. A mindfray spike plummeted into the creature’s skull, and it grasped its head in agony as images flashed through, too much information for its limited thinking capacity.

A succession of shots hit it, tearing away chunks of the Balmadaar’s armor, from a pale-faced Maggie. The creature turned, roaring, and widely slashed in the air, moving towards her with frightening speed. The Infantry’s eyes widened and she backed off without a second thought in terror. Taqukaq rolled in front of the Berserker, and fired off a succession of gauss rounds at its legs. The armor was torn away, and Kevin did not waste the opportunity.

The assault ran forward, and shot his alloy cannon at a piece of hanging armor. The spike exploded on contact, shredding the rest of the leg armor, and the spikes dug through the muscle of the legs. The Berserker was effectively hamstrung, and stumbled forward, its claws scraping the side of the alloy SHIV. As Jonathan, Sarah, and Karen shot it in the head with their gauss rifles, Atka heard the familiar thrum of a charging fusion cannon, and her expression darkened in hatred.

The Inuit scout dashed forward, moving to dodge the reflexive fire from the remaining two Mutons and Thin Man. The Balmadaar turned on her together as she neared them in surprise that the human dared to get this close. Icy helixes leapt from Atka’s palms, one wrapping around the Thin Man and knocking him into the Mutons, while the other punched through the head of the living Sectoid. The three aliens looked at Atka in confusion, especially the Thin Man. It wondered why the female had not simply killed it like it did the Sectoid.

That hesitation bought Atka the few seconds she needed to fire her strike rifle at the Sectopod. The shield deflected the shot without any trouble, but the robot turned its attention on her, standing just to the side of the Mutons. She quickly ran behind them and then past, as the titanic machine targeted the spot between her start location and current location. Red warnings appeared on its screen too late as it’s pilot realized what it had done, and the fusion lance tore through the three hapless aliens, vaporizing them whole.

The shield closed again as the Sectopod targeted unit two’s position, preparing for a missile barrage. The lights of the room finally flickered on as three Floaters zoomed forward. From the sectopod’s left and right came a Mechtoid and Cyberdisc, with their usual respective pairs of Sectoids and Drones. In addition, eight more drones rushed out of some of the side rooms, all near the X-COM and Indian forces, all firing the weak but accurate beams. Finally, two small white animals quickly ran across the room, sticking to the sides so their camouflaging fur kept them nearly invisible.

“Typical people on the Floaters, and anti-armor people, please take out those robots in my stead,” the limbless Amanda called out, filling in for Atka while she was being efficient, if reckless. The Inuit woman seemed to register her command, and nodded. “Seconded. Modya, you’re clear for the last rocket.”

“Otpravit'sya v ad , kazhdyy posledniy iz vas mashin,” Modya muttered, sending his shredder rocket screaming into the space between the Cyberdisc and Mechtoid. Their armor was rended, but it also took out the weak Sectoids accompanying the mech, along with the two HEAT-vulnerable drones.

“Whatever he said!” Ayame added, and dropped the cyberdisc with a storm of accelerated bullets.

Sarah brought Maggie to her senses, and the two fired upon the Floaters. Maggie missed her first shot, but a second took down the first one. Sarah took down the other two, her hardened heart more easily able to disregard the death around her.

However, in the midst of the new threats, they had failed to realize what the Sectopod was doing. A storm of missiles launched out of a hole in the shield, and rained down upon Sarah, Maggie, Ayame, Modya, Karen, and Johnathan. Those with Aegis armor endured, but Sarah was not so lucky in her Banshee armor. She dropped to her knees with a strangled cry, burn marks apparent on several parts of her body. An Indian trooper suffered an even worse fate, as several of the drones shot him up.

“You fucking bastard!” Atka took quick aim with her alloy strike rifle, and shot at the gap in the shield, but it closed quicker than she could get a shot in, her aim off regardless.

Dallas ordered the Indian troops to take aim at the drones coming from behind both of the X-COM squads. The little drones fired slowly and unreliably at the soldiers from the back of the room, but it was still a threat nonetheless. As the Indians fought with the drones, the X-COM soldiers pointed their efforts towards the imposing mechtoid in front of Unit 2. Kris stepped forward with his gauss autocannon, loaded with HEAT slugs and freshly reloaded. With a massive stream of bullets, the already damaged and weakened mechtoid stumbled back, its systems and limbs exploding as the suit ripped apart. The sectoid popped out in a panic and was instantly cut down by Unit 2’s guns.

With the Mechtoid dead, the squad split their attention between the harassing drones and preparing for the Sectopod’s next attack. From the side of the wall, a loud roar unsettled the troops, and a giant muscled beast emerged. With long claws and large arms, it rushed forward and sliced into one of the Indians before they could react. The attack inspired the ire of the entire squad, and they unleashed a hail of gunfire both laser and gauss towards it. The beast dodged and rolled with surprising efficiency, what bullets being able to connect barely even slowing it.

Dallas quickly surmised the beast had some sort of premonition, based off the reports of previous missions he had read. He asked Emily if she had anything to slow it down, and she thumbed through her belt, looking for any grenade that would help. Grabbing a green and white canister labelled flash, she flung it over her cover and into the target of the squad’s bullets. With a loud, white bang, the beast was blinded and deaf, along with a couple of the Indians who didn’t look away in time. Dallas leveled his alloy cannon at the beast, blasting a hole straight through it’s torso. With a loud shriek, it crumpled into a pool of alien blood.

“Alright, everyone who’s still got explosives left, get ready to hit that Sectopod when the shields go down.” A bolt fired from behind him lodged into his leg and he flushed with irritation. “And everyone who doesn’t, kill those fucking drones!”
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Operation Liberating Strike, Part V

Noting the large Hell-cat lying in a heap by unit one, Ayame mumbled, "Damn, I was afraid you'd be here." Expecting at least one more, she quickly looked around, and ran through an open door into a small room while the others focused on the Sectopod. She quickly spun around, facing the incubator as it joined her.

Cowardice? No... no, you are frightened, but that is not why we are here.

"You're the cowards," Ayame said, not bothering to hide the shaking in her voice. "I knew you wouldn't miss the opportunity to attack a lone opponent."

So brave, from one so desperately scared. I do not even need to read your mind to know this. I can practically smell the fear dripping from you. It only makes this all the more exciting for me.

"You're a sick bastard, you know that." Ayame tossed her primary weapon to the side, and pulled out to side arms, a gauss autopistol and a laser pistol. "Won't be needing these. Wouldn't work on you anyway." She tossed the weapons at the incubator, the creature graceful ducking as Ayame unsheathed a long scimitar hidden under her armor.

What is this? ... So you think by getting close, and acting on instincts, you can beat my mind reading? Laughable. I know your game, and even if it did work, you cannot beat my powers of precognition.

"If you can read my mind, asshole, then you know that I know that you bastards are overconfident, and that's your downfall. You know my weaknesses, but I know yours too."

Yes, you are thinking about how your friend nearly died to discover these weaknesses. Your thinking... how much you care about her. How you would foolishly die for her, despite your knowledge that she'll never...

"Shut up!" Ayame rushed forward, trying to act on pure instinct. Her quick rush caught the creature by surprise, and she was able to graze its side, but it quickly regained its composure, and danced around Ayame's blade as it taunted her.

You fight to protect someone you love, despite knowing she'd never love you back? How pathetic.

The creature danced around, obviously toying with Ayame. She tried to plan several steps ahead, beyond the reach of the creature's precognition, but it's disturbing grin and cruel digging of her mind betrayed her composure, and she fell back to her plan of acting on instinct. "Like you would know. Sometimes, keeping the people you love safe is all you need."

Like you kept your brother safe.

Ayame faltered for a moment, and the Incubator slashed her left arm.

Oh, my. I am sorry. But I couldn't help it. To think of your dear, sweet brother, long since dead, at a time like this? Is this what humans call their lives flashing before their eyes before death?

Ayame angrily charged forward, somehow moving faster than before, despite her profusely bleeding arm. Her speed and grace would likely have been too much for the alien were it not for its procognition. It gave it enough of an edge to avoid her attacks, and while it couldn't find room for a decent counter attack, it was satisfied with the thought of her bleeding out while it continued to taunt her.

To think, you could be so harsh towards the sickly little boy. Wasn't your mother hard enough. The mother you haven't spoken to in well over a decade. And then there was that young girl at that whore house. And the... The incubator paused, and barely avoided having its neck slashed. Your thinking about the time spent with Sunny. And with your friend Alexia. And your favorite movies. You... what are you...

Ayame grimaced slightly, both from the pain in her arm, and from the fact that she might have been found out.

You are hiding something. I am amazed you can fight this well while thinking of so much at once. What are you hiding. What thought do you not want me... The incubator's future vision saw it, a large explosion happening behind it, engulfing it.

It quickly ducked to the side, but Ayame was ready, having expected this from the beginning. As the foreseen explosion went off, the incubator briefly panicked, its foresight unavailable. It tried to fall back on instinct, but before it could react, Ayame lunged forward, tackling it with enough force to slam it into the wall. It tried to get its bearings, to use its precognition, but all it could do is see its own unstoppable demise. Ayame quickly slashed off one of it front paws, then the entire other front leg. As the creature fell on its back, roaring in pain, Ayame jumped on top of it, and placed her sword against its throat.

H-how... could you... I don't... u-understand...

Ayame gasped for breath, the blood loss taking its toll, but she managed a weak smile. "You’re more predictable than you... than you think. I simply set my laser pistol to overload beyond the range of your stupid future sight. Then I had to keep my mind busy, and wait for you to see the explosion and react to it." She pushed down on the creatures neck slightly. "I... t-took a risk on you precognitive powers only working on the here and now. I'm willing to bet you can see multiple outcomes to situations under your control. But the explosion was out of your control, and you couldn't see the future immediately after you changed it by dodging the explosion, could you? Like I said, you're too arrogant, and you rely on your powers to much. Which is why you were beaten by one lowly, pathetic, frightened, determined, human bitch with a sword."

The incubator growled angrily, and Ayame pushed her weight forward, loping off the beast’s head. She rolled to the side, and stared up at the ceiling while desperately trying to squeeze her bleeding arm.

Atka instructed her troops to take aim like Dallas’s were, while the Indian troopers were assigned to clean up the drones before they could claim any more lives. “Fujioka, I want you be ready to lob a HEAT grenade in there when its shield opens up. Kasagi, your HEAT will be…” The Lieutenant glanced to her right, then over at her left. Where is… Ayame? she thought with a sinking feeling. A Seeker? One of those… oh God.

“Atka...focus, dammit, we can’t have you falling apart again!” Amanda growled, ignoring the constant throbbing pain from her forcibly disconnected joints.

The Inuit woman ground her teeth, and corrected her aim with the strike rifle. Kill this thing, find Ayame. Simple enough. The shield went down again, and the Sectopod prepared to fire, if a bit concerned at all of the shots lined up on it. However, its pilot was beyond rational thought with the fear that the enemy might win after all. A grenade entered the space, and the blast damaged the Sectopod, followed by a hail of rail-accelerated bullets from both squads that thundered against its tough armor. Any HEAT ammo seemed to chew through its armor, but even then the weapons platform stood strong. It fired off another blast, claiming the lives of two of Unit 2’s Indian troopers. However, seeing its structural integrity at low, the shield started to go back up again.

“Dammit, no!” Atka let go of her rifle, and reached out, her eyes burning blue again. Twin icy helixes shot forward, holding the gap in the shield open just for a few more seconds. “Kris!”

The fire of an autorifle answered her plea, and the bullets sunk through the damaged faceplate. Sparks flew off the Sectopod, and it lost its footing, crashing into its shield generator and exploding. Both the titanic robot and the shield projector were eliminated in the explosion, and silence took over the room. Atka grimaced, having used an unsafe amount of telekinetic energy to do what she had, but could not let herself rest just yet.

“Karen, come...with me.” Atka was followed by the medic as she looked around for anywhere Ayame could have gone, and her gaze settled on a side room. The Inuit woman dashed over, and seeing the Asian’s condition, had Karen go over to her with medkit in hand. Atka followed slowly, glancing over at the corpse of the Incubator, her concern not fading entirely. “Thank God...I thought you were…”

Ayame smiled weakly at her friend, but couldn’t muster the strength to get up. “Guess… I’m a… hypocrite, huh? Sorry, Atka. D-did we… win yet?”

“Lost nine of the Indians that came with us...six of them under my command...but we did.” Atka leaned against the wall shakily. She raised a trembling hand to her helmet. “Stewart... you guys... destroy the generator… and we can bring this place down.”

“It might only be eight,” Dallas noted, “Griffith is checking on the soldier who got clawed by the cat-thing. But don’t worry, I’ll handle it.”
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Operation Liberating Strike, Part VI

Dallas walked towards the generator room, beckoning Emily to come along with him. As they opened the door, a thin man in a turban and robe reminiscent of the local style stood in front of them, his hands in the air. He spoke in English with the standard thin man hiss, along with an artificial Indian accent to blend in with the humans.

“Please sirs, let me go, and you’ll never hear of me again!” the thin man pled.

“Do we need any more living thin men?” Dallas shouted back to the others.

“Probably not,” Emily noted.

The thin man shook his head no frantically, looking a little comical.

“Yeah, not much use to us,” Dallas chuckled.

“No, sirs, I am very useful,” the thin man protested. “We are excellent debaters and critics. Good for dinner conversation, yes?”

“Well, thin men bodies are useful,” Emily noted. “Sells for quite a bit. Governments, mercenaries, convicts.”

“We could just take his head, it’d be a nice hood ornament for Morrigan’s car.”

“Or we could pull off his fingers and sell them as sex toys to our more…overweight women.”

The thin man shook his head vigorously, protesting the ideas with loud squeaks. Janina walked in with an arc projector in hand, zapping the odd little alien and grabbing onto his arms.

“What are you guys talking about in here?” Janina asked.

“Oh…enhanced interrogation techniques,” Dallas replied.

“You guys are weird,” she noted, pulling the slender alien out of the room.

Their joking done, Dallas and Emily got serious once again, looking over the generators they had been assigned to destroy. However, it was clear that the readings they had gotten were mistaken, as the equipment in the room looked more like communication gear than any kind of power device.

“We’ve got a problem…” Dallas said.

“We can’t fight through any more floors,” Emily stated. “It’s a damn miracle we haven’t lost any of our people yet, and even then, we’ve lost a lot of the locals.”

“We can’t just explode communicators though, we need a power source for the plan!”

“What if we make a new plan,” Emily said, “we’ve got these. Why don’t we use these to draw one of their ships here, for supply or transport, then we use it like a massive missile and tear this place apart.”

“That could work, but they’d see it coming a mile away. We can’t fool the people on the ship.”

“I suppose you’re right…”

But…there was a mission briefing back at base,” Dallas said, smiling as he remembered his research. “We captured a supply ship, a big alien space-barge-thing.”

“We send the barge to this position, make it sound like it’s coming over on a supply run.”

“And then…boom. It might not kill all the aliens, but it’ll kill a hell of a lot of them.”

“We’ll need Morrigan to set up the details. I bet you can give her a call with these.”

Dallas grabbed the communication controls, opening a line with X-COM Headquarters. He quickly explained the entire plan and what they’d need.

Morrigan rushed down to the new Hyperwave Relay room, and the staff explained the situation. She scratched the back of her head. “Are they sure about this?”

The tech operating the relay nodded. “If they don’t do something now, they won’t be able to take down that shield. And it didn’t sound like they had many other options.”

“Damn. And I was going to give that thing a new paint job and show it off to everyone I didn’t like in high school.” Morrigan shrugged, then said, “Tell them it’s on it’s way.” She quickly ran out, and headed for engineering. She quickly grabbed Shen, as well as Sunny’s AI, and explained the situation. Shen begrudgingly agreed, informing the Commander that the ship was already set to fly. Alice made a copy of her programing with enough information to pilot the ship, and uploaded it into the ship’s computer. Shen, Morrigan, and the rest of the engineering staff watched sadly as their new toy sped away, its advanced engines allowing it to make it to India in a very short amount of time.

As the alien supply ship neared the citadel, Alice’s voice came through the communication device. “Um, guys, we have a problem. I communicated with Bradford on the ground, but I’m running out of excuses to give the aliens. They’re asking for clearances that I can’t give, and designations I don’t have. I think they might start to fire on me before I reach you.”

“Any ideas?” Dallas asked, looking at the soldiers who had gathered in the room.

“If it’s a big ship, it could probably take some fire, just not all of it,” Emily stated, “maybe if we could divert some of the heat, like with our interceptors.”

Dallas turned back towards the communicator. “Can Bradford use our interceptors to draw some of the fire?”

“Gotcha. I’ll stop trying to hide it, and contact Bradford. It was a boring conversation anyway.” Alice switched over to the ground forces. “AI aboard alien supply ship to Central Officer Bradford. The aliens aren’t falling for my deceptions. My initial program didn’t copy enough into this program to make that possible. Forces within the citadel recommend support from interceptors, and I believe that to be the best course of action.”

“Roger that.” Bradford clicked open all channels. “Bradford to all interceptors. Draw fire away from the alien supply ship so it can ram into the citadel. Repeat, alien supply ship is on a course to ram into the citadel. Draw fire away from it so it will make it.” Bradford received half a dozen okays, and he watched the monitors as the interceptors flew towards the area. He shook his head as two were almost immediately shot down. “I don’t know if it’ll be enough. We need…” He glanced to his side, and watched as Sunny stared intensely at a computer screen showing the specs of one of the interceptors outside of the base. Suddenly, the interceptor fired its engines, and took off, despite having no pilot, and joined the rest of the planes in their defense. Bradford shook his head in disbelief, but said nothing.

As the supply barge neared its destination, the interceptors numbers quickly dwindled. The unmanned plane was quickly shot down, but was quickly replaced by another, and then the third when it fell. Just as the ship looked as though it would make it, a hanger bay near the citadel suddenly opened, and two small scouts took off towards the supply ship, with no interceptors around to intercept them. “Damn it,” Bradford mumbled. “We’re so close.”


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Operation Liberating Strike, Part VII

The scouts closed the distance with the supply barge, their plasma weaponry primed to fire. A set of six contacts appeared on the radar, and six F-22’s armed with laser cannons surrounded the scout UFOs. The alien craft tried to take evasive maneuvers to avoid the new threats, but did not have adequate response time. Laser shots thumped against the hull of the two enemy craft, and with enough effort, punched through. One UFO crash-landed a few miles away from the citadel, while the other exploded mid-air. The six F-22 drones took formation around the supply barge, escorting it in.

“Sir, we’ve tried to establish contact with the unknown, possibly American fighters. We’re not getting anything back,” one of the staff members explained to Bradford.

Bradford shook his head. “I… we… we’ll worry about that later. We have a campaign to finish here. Just send our thanks.”

The supply ship finally reached the citadel, its interceptor and F-22 escorts pulling away as the ship sent out one last push from its engines, slamming into the energy barrier hard enough to almost immediately disable it, then burying itself into the side of the large building. With what was left of the computer, Alice activated a self-destruct, blasting the top floors of the citadel into oblivion.

With the shields down, the Indian forces rushed forward, blasting apart the alien alloy and steel wall and entering the citadel. Communications open, Bradford said, “X-COM units, the barrier has been breached. I don’t know how you got word back to base, but we’re coming in to get you. Just defend yourself until we get there. Just note that your SHIVs will be operating on full AI for the time being. We should reach you in a manner of minutes.”

Atka got up from her brief reprieve. “Unit One, we’re joining the rest in the comm room. Hopefully we can avoid being noticed, but if not, we’ll have a defensible position. How’s Megan?”

“I’m fine, just a little...uh...shaken up,” Megan said, poking the holes in her chestplate, the claws having nearly gone through. Atka lead her remaining troops into the communications room, and they took up defensive positions, while the Lieutenant leaned on her own cover, fighting exhaustion and fatigue.

As two Mutons ran in front of the room’s entrance, they were immediately shot in the backs by the SHIVs, their simple AIs auto-firing on the perceived threats before the Mutons even turned around.

“Steady...keep on overwatch,” Atka instructed, and shook her head, her vision blurring a bit. Come on...focus. Just a little longer.

Another Muton stuck his head in the doorway, and was immediately taken down by a swarm of lasers. A roar from outside the room said that the aliens were aware of their location. An alien grenade rolled into the room, stopping at the computer the four Unit 2 Indian troopers were using. The cover was blasted apart, but their armor held. However, they were in the open as two Mutons lifted their rifles, taking aim from behind heavy cover.

Atka quickly realized that she wouldn’t be able to get a clear shot, and took the only actions that she could think of. “Smoke!” A smoke grenade rolled over to the Indian troopers from Johnathan, but it wouldn’t be in time. The Inuit scout lifted her hands, quickly firing off two mindfray spikes into the Mutons and spoiling their aim completely.

Why is everything so...dark? Atka collapsed, having overstepped her limits, blacking out, but the ability had gone off, and it bought the XCOM troops time to return fire and kill the two Mutons. The Indian troopers used the smoke cover to scramble for cover.

“Damn it, Atka,” Ayame mumbled weakly from the cover she and Amanda were hiding behind. She weakly lifted her autopistol, not nearly strong enough for anything heavier. As a assortment of aliens took aim at the soldiers in the small room, her heart skipped a beat. Then, as if to answer her look of despair, the aliens started dropping one at a time, most of them unable to turn in time to even take aim at the soldiers rushing forward behind them, let alone get a shot off. As the Indian forces moved towards the back of the room, on their way to the third floor, Bradford ran up to the X-COM soldiers, wearing light armor and holding an alloy cannon. He approached Dallas, and saluted. “Good work, lieutenant.” He grimaced at the sight of Atka. “We… is she…”

“Not… on your life…” Ayame shouted from the back of the room, falling back and almost immediately passing out while laying across what was left of Amanda’s MEC.

“No casualties for us,” Dallas said to Bradford, “but the Indians lost several. It was rough in there, even with only two floors.”

Bradford nodded. “Understood. I’m just glad we didn’t…” Bradford shuddered a bit. “I was honestly afraid I had sacrificed you all needlessly. I’m glad you performed well above what was expected of you. I honestly couldn’t have… forgiven…” Bradford cleared his throat. “At any rate, you’ve done your job, plus much more. We’ll take care of the rest, you get to the infirmary.” He patted Dallas on the shoulder, and nodded to the rest of the soldiers, trying his best to hide a guilty expression as he took off to join the attack.


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X-COM Player Mission Parameters
Small-Scale Terror Mission

Operation Purple Blight

Sri Lanka Countryside
Date: July 11th, 2018
Time: 1700 Hours

Mission Details:

Two alien ‘Raider’ class UFOs were detected lifting off from Southern India. Some of our many interceptors in the area were dispatched to stop them, but one of the raiders stayed behind to delay us. Although it was destroyed for the most part, and there were no survivors, the other ship managed to land in Sri Lanka.

The extraterrestrial craft has dispatched a highly dangerous set of troops out to raid the countryside. As the enemy force was composed entirely of chryssalids, and the two Outsider pilots remained behind in the ship, we can easily guess at their intentions. The invaders plan to let the chryssalids loose and mass produce them to lay waste to Sri Lanka. Despite being forced to land away from any urban centers, if left unchecked, these twenty chryssalids could reproduce out of control.

The aliens likely hope to instill doubt in X-COM and fear among our recently recovered Indian council members, and believe they can take advantage of our resource expenditure at the end of the New Delhi Campaign. Prove them wrong, Strike One.

Number of Soldiers for this mission: Ten (10)

Soldiers Names:
(Strike One)
*CPL Papadoupolous, Fedor (Shogun)
CPL Eva Aegerter (Infantry)
CPL Ashley Van Dam (Medic)

CPL Lovikov, Randall (Scout)
CPL Mallory, Quinn (Engineer)
CPL Sutherland, Colin (Assault)
CPL Harnet, John (Support)
LCPL Welles, Wade (Sniper)
LCPL Muthambi, Masambe (Gunner)
LCPL Reston, Jay (Heavy)

Strike Two:

*Squad Leader

Gear: Players' characters' will be equipped with the following supplies:

- Primary weapon: Either a Gauss Stuttergun, a Gauss Carbine, a Gauss Rifle, a Heavy Gauss Rifle, an Alloy Cannon, a Gauss Long Rifle (Snipers), an Alloy Strike Rifle (Scout, Sniper), a Gauss Autorifle (Gunner), or a Gauss Machine Gun (Gunner)

- Armor: Kestrel Armor, Carapace Armor, Banshee Armor, or Aegis Armor

- Secondary Weapon: Either a Laser Pistol, a Gauss Autopistol, or a Scatter Laser Pistol (SLP)

- Equipment: Two (2) of the following; a medikit, Alloy plating, Reinforced Armor, Chitin Plating, a battle scanner, an AP grenade, a HE grenade, a flash-bang grenade, a smoke grenade, a chem grenade, a high-capacity magazine, a targeting module, or an Arc Thrower.

(Chameleon Suit available for Scouts, Shredder Rocket for Rocketeers)


The aliens are heading to a medium-sized village, taking a path along a dirt road. Strike-one will land behind a natural barrier of hills and a wooden guard tower. Use the high ground and the cover it provides to your advantage.

Samples of Sri Lankan Countryside:




-Five (5) packs of four (4) Chryssalids that will NOT all rush XCOM at once. They are uncoordinated, and will rush XCOM upon contact without thinking tactically at all.
-Two (2) Outsiders in the UFO

Conditions for Completing the Mission:

-Elimination of all alien forces. Retreat is not really an option, as it would allow the chryssalids to reproduce unchecked. Strike Two will handle the UFO itself while Strike One deals with the primary threat.

Special Notes:

-Explosives are most certainly recommended in this case. Although chitin plating is nice, the lives of the soldiers far outweigh the need for such things. Especially after Beta Team’s mission in the base assault; we have enough Chryssalid hides for now.


-As long as the aliens are dealt with at the natural barrier, we can stop a terror mission before it even starts, and the nearby village will be safe.
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Operation purple Blight

Ashley& Catharine are in the med bay looking over the X-coms medical supplies, to make sure that they have enough supplies for the soldiers from the. New Delhi gets back.

You know not since Ammelias mission have we seen any alien contact, which means that the aliens are really focused on India. Ashley says

Yea that’s true, but now that the aliens are barley attacking us this gives us more time to make medical supplies for the soldiers which we have so much now I think we’re going to be good for the next 7 months. Catharine says to Ashley.

An alarm goes off in the med bay letting ash know that she has another mission.

Whelp duty calls. Ashley gives her wife a quick kiss. Alright babe I’ll be back in a few hours tell Cassia that I’m gone.

You got it, and be careful out there don’t be to reckless.

Fine fine I’ll be careful love you.

Love you too.

Ashley goes to the weapons vault and gets a Gauss carbine three med kits and two smoke grenades. Yea this should be enough, or at least I hope it is.

Eva is training in the holographic simulator working on her new augmentations and getting a better feel for her new weapon. Yea this weapon will work well can lay down some heave suppression with this gun and take out plenty of enemy’s with it to. An alarm goes off in the training room.

Eva gets a big smile on her face. Well, I guess it’s time for me to Feld test these new augmentations after all. Eva goes to the weapon and grabs a few Ap and he grenades something tells me I’m going to need these, and after that base assault mission were we ran out of explosives. I will not let that happen again.

Both Ashley and Eva get on the sky ranger Eva fell asleep after the squad leader Fedor explaned the situation, and that this mission is a terror mission but not yet. Our job is to make sure that the chryssalides don’t get past us. We land in a lush green hilled valley with a village behind us, Strike ones mission is to make sure that the chryssalides don’t get pass us Strike one gets into position, the shot gunners of went in the front while the majority of the squad stayed in the middle of the hills.

Wade gets to the back and prepares her sniper rifle for the horde. While Eva and the others ready there weapons.

Alright ladies and gentleman were hear to make sure that these alien bastards don’t make a meal of this village, so since we have the high ground we have the advantage here so let’s get to work.

Strike one awaits for the chryssalides to show up. Wade looks through her scope and sees a group of four Chryssalides wade steady’s her weapon and fires one shot into one of the chryssalides which draws the others to wards x-com. here they come every one let’s have some fun.

X-com start’s firing there weapons at the pack of Chryssalids Eva in particular seems to be enjoying herself a lot more than usual. “What’s going on with me it’s like my stomach is burning up, but for some reason it doesn’t hurt as a matter of fact it feels pretty good in fact I think I like it. Eva lets out a loud scream fallowed by her laughing manically. Come on my fellow soldiers let’s teach this scum why you don’t mess with humans. The other solders Yael in agreement with Eva. “What’s with me is this because of my adrenal glands being augmented Ah who cares. Come here you worthless scum.