X-COM Role-Play Character Bios

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Name: ‘Honored Overseer’
Age: 82 Cycles
Sex: ???
Height: 118 Deramarcs
Weight: 47 Feris
Location: 624 Hektor/ADFX-01
Color(s) Affiliation: Red & Green Major, Purple Minor

The Honored Overseer is perhaps among the calmest and most level-headed among the leading Ethereals on Earth. With over a millennium in service of the Path, and having filled various roles in the three campaigns under their belt, they are most assuredly among the loyalist followers of the Path. But this is not the zealot-like loyalty as might be found in Ira, but rather one tempered by age, experience, and wisdom.

However, this intense studying of the Path has left the Honored Overseer weaker in psionics than their experience might suggest, and their particular approach of only using their powers when most necessary has not helped their strength or skill.

Views on the ‘Path’:
The Path is one of the few things the Honored Overseer has not distanced themselves from over the centuries, and such firm belief leads to some unorthodox views. While they believe that the Ethereals are the pinnacle of psionic might in galaxy, the Overseer also holds the seemingly contradictory view that they are also one of the greatest failures in the galactic narrative, too consumed in the power of the mind that they gave in to decadence and were cursed with their withered forms as a result. Instead, the Honored Overseer believes that they and their kin are meant as gate-keepers and guides, bringing forth and ushering the Ascended Ones to the glory they deserve.

Views on Humanity:
The Honored Overseer holds hope that humanity might be the ones to finally unlock the secrets of Ascension, but this is tempered with the knowledge of all those that they have had the same hope for but were deemed unworthy. However, they hold a strange sort of respect for humanity for being so naturally talented with the Gift while retaining the strength of the body that the Overseer’s kin has lost.

Relationship to the Seven:
The Honored Overseer has a complex relationship with the Seven, mostly due to being the eldest of the group by nearly four centuries, and the difference in upbringing that creates. However, to put it simply, the primary emotion that they feel in regards to their subordinates is despair, that ones as flawed as these Seven are given such power and authority. The only one the Overseer feels capable of trusting to handle the manifestations of their will is Superbia and Avaritia, if only for the fact that they attempts to hide or control their flaws as compared to ones such as Acedia or Invidia.

But the Honored Overseer still cares for their kin, as flawed as they are, and does not wish for great harm to come upon them. Those who do are only preparing themselves for a level of Machiavellian vengeance unheard of since the man himself was alive.


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Name: Agent “One”

Affiliation: Trusted agent of the Overseer.

Notes: Agent One made his first appearance around the start of the war with the aliens, conducting operations that the Overseer was unable to trust with a mere lackey. The Overseer appears to trust One immensely, to the point where the agent has been known to speak for “him”. One is the latest of the Overseer’s three main agents, the other two being Samuel Yokolov and the Judge.

Previous Missions:

· Operation “Wiped Debt”; the escort mission to bring Commander O’Brien’s daughter to the X-COM HQ. Presence inferred from communications – One did not make a direct appearance and is thought to have been hidden support.

· Operation “Gravedigger”; the salvage mission to EXALT’s defunct HQ. Overseer’s representative.

One is, despite obviously trusted, an extremely inactive operative. He has thus far made appearances only on high-profile missions or priority intel-gathering.

Preferred Equipment: One is constantly covered by clothing and headwear, regardless of local weather or temperature. This clothing typically takes the form of a dark trenchcoat and dark shirts and pants, along with a hood, facewrap and typically sunglasses. The idea behind this attire appears to be not one of inconspicuity, but of pure secrecy. His mobility in hostile situations suggests a small amount of body armor hidden beneath this clothing. He is typically witnessed using a sniper rifle and a pistol, though the exact makes of these weapons vary greatly between his few sightings.

Class: Assassin. The silent, deadly shadow from afar.


· Kilmer Aced – Reloads Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles faster. Can reload whilst conducting a dash move.

· Headshot – This unit is able to attempt a headshot on an enemy, increasing critical chance by 50% for that shot.

· Old Dog, New Tricks – This unit is able to hack into low-security computers by themselves, and higher-security computers with assistance.

· Avenger – If an ally falls, this unit becomes enraged for the remainder of the conflict, gaining an overall buff to pain threshold and Will, and will do double damage on the type of unit that killed the ally. This stacks with each ally killed, however does not proc on the deaths of allied synthetic units, pratfalls or friendly fire.

· Traditionalist – This unit is more proficient at using older weapons, and weapons they have been using for a period of over a year.

· Good Eye – This unit is extremely accurate with Sniper Rifles, and cannot get less than 50% to hit when using one, except in exceptional circumstances. This unit also gains a 15 bonus to Aim when using single shot weapons that aren’t shotguns. Furthermore, this unit gains an extra 5 tiles of range, treated in a similar manner to Squadsight with Strike Rifle class weapons. If using a proper Sniper Rifle, this unit obtains Squadsight at the expense of the minimum 50% hit chance.

· Dominator – This unit can cause a humanoid or extremely low-Will enemy to surrender by shouting at them, and force them to restrain themselves if they have handcuffs or similar restraints on their person. There can only be one Dominated enemy at any one time. A Dominated enemy counts as a hostage, should one be required, for the appropriate side. If the Dominated enemy is killed or otherwise incapacitated, another may be taken afterwards.

· Snap Shot Aced – This unit is able to move and fire a Sniper Rifle in the same turn, with no penalty to Aim. However, this negates Kilmer’s “run and reload” ability for that turn.

· Spirit of the Highlander – There can be only one. In the presence of an Ethereal or a human clone, this unit gains buffs to Will and Aim, and receives half damage from Psi attacks. Unit also becomes enraged, gaining an overall buff to pain threshold and Will. This unit cannot equip the Arc Thrower.

Name: Agent Samuel Yokolov

Affiliation: Trusted agent of the Overseer.

Notes: Samuel Yokolov’s reputation is by now the stuff of legend amongst the criminal underworld. Despite his strong ties to the Overseer, he insists that he remains a freelancer; the problem is, no one has been able to top the Overseer’s price as of yet. The jobs he has been involved with vary greatly in premise – Yokolov has proven himself able to conduct both intense stealth and loud missions. Unlike most of the Overseer’s other operatives, Yokolov does not have a nickname or callsign – this is likely due to his noted lack of subtlety when given free reign, thus precluding the need for an alias of any kind.

Previous Missions:

· Operation “Wiped Debt”; the escort mission to bring Commander O’Brien’s daughter to the X-COM HQ. Leader of the operatives tasked with this. Later recorded as being “disappointed” EXALT did not attack them.

· Yokolov has since been discovered to have been behind a break-in at Cross Technologies HQ a few months ago, a building later revealed to be the temporary staging site for Legion. This raises the disturbing idea that the Overseer knew about Legion long before the Council did. The fact that there is no evidence to support this only lends credence to this claim.

Even before the war, Yokolov was one of the Overseer’s most prolific agents in terms of active jobs. The list is impressive – he is credited as being one of the two main instigators of the “purging” of many prominent criminal figures during the early 2000’s, along with multiple stints as a “damage-dealer”.

Preferred Equipment: For missions requiring a stealthy approach, Yokolov is partial to an appropriate disguise (for example, he wore a business suit in the Cross Tech break-in) and a silenced sidearm, typically an easily-concealable pistol. If the job requires more “push”, as he calls it, he wears breathable, black clothing with light body-armor over the top, gloves, and light, yet durable boots. His preferred set of weapons are typically an assault rifle paired with an assault shotgun, the latter of which is a customized Locomotive 12-G nine times out of ten. This does not mean he is incapable of using other weaponry classes – one anecdote recalls a time when he was restricted to a P-90 SMG and silenced Glock pistol. There was little discernible decrease in his… performance.

Class: Messenger. For when a little fear needs to be injected into the conversation.


· Kilmer Aced – Reloads Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles faster. Can run and reload.

· Enforcer – This unit gains 35% extra damage, 50% faster reload and will only cost one action point to fire with all shotguns. When this unit kills an enemy with a shotgun, they gain a 75% damage bonus for that turn.

· Ex-Cloaker – This unit is able to either charge directly at or vault over small cover to an enemy, ending with a jump-kick. The enemy unit gets a reaction shot at this unit if the action is a charge, regardless of whether they were in Overwatch or not, with the Aim penalty on the shot increasing exponentially the closer this unit is when beginning the action. If this unit successfully reaches the target unit, the target is instantly put into bleedout, and this unit spends the remainder of the turn and all of the enemy’s turn beating them with a blunt object, shouting taunts at their helpless victim. They are not considered “in cover” at this point, regardless of their position. This action has a 3 turn cooldown, and cannot be used on robotic enemies, flying enemies, or enemies with more than 20 base HP.

· Sprinter Aced – This unit can move 5 tiles further. They also have a 50% chance to have an action point left after conducting a sprint. This skill also gives this unit one extra action point.

· Swan Song Aced – This unit, if put into bleedout or killed by an enemy, remains standing for two extra turns, and gains infinite ammo for this period. Reloading during this will only cost one action point. This unit’s movement range will be decreased by 5 during this period. If this unit is healed before the second turn, they will be brought out of Swan Song and will not perish after the second turn.

· Comrade-erie – This unit passively increases the Will of units within earshot by 5. Russian units within this range also receive a further boost to Will of 10.

· 10 Days from Retirement – This unit has seen it all, and knows the tricks. If caught flanked or out of cover, and is not in Overwatch or beating an enemy, this unit has a 75% to see what an enemy is trying to do and run to a position where they will no longer be flanked or out of cover, provided one is available within range, before the enemy moves or destroys this unit’s cover. Can only be used once every 5 turns, and will trigger on its own.


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  • Marcus ‘Swordsman’ Snow, Wardog 1
  • Kei ‘Edge’ Nagase, Wardog 2
  • Alvin ‘Chopper’ Davenport, Wardog 3
  • Hans ‘Archer’ Grimm, Wardog 4
  • Louis ‘Cipher’ Davidson, Galm 1
  • Larry ‘Pixy’ Foulke, Galm 2
  • Patrick-James ‘P.J.’ Beckett, Galm 3
  • David ‘Blaze’ Armstrong, Galm 4
  • Magnus ‘Ribbon’ Magnusson, Mobius 1
  • Gerald ‘13’ Bernhardt, Mobius 2
  • Arnold ‘Sky-Eye’ Coronado, Mobius 3
  • Dmitri ‘Oka Nieba’ Volgovich, Mobius 4
N. America:
  • Antanas ‘Talisman’ Simon, Garuda 1
  • Marcus ‘Shamrock’ Lampert, Garuda 2
  • Jack ‘Heartbreak’ Bartlett, Garuda 3
  • Wolfgang ‘Huckebein’ Buchner, Garuda 4
S. America:
  • William ‘Bishop’ Bishop, Warwolf 1
  • Jose ‘Guts’ Gutierrez, Warwolf 2
  • Sergei ‘Red Moon’ Illich, Warwolf 3
  • Andrei ‘Akula’ Markov, Warwolf 4

  • Detlef ‘Swallow’ Fleischer, Rot 1
  • Bernhardt ‘Owl’ Schmidt, Rot 2
  • Dimitri ‘Heron’ Heinrich, Rot 3
  • Rainer ‘Cormorant’ Altman, Rot 4
  • Dominic ‘Vulture’ Zubov, Rot 5
  • Erich ‘Phonix’ Hillenberand, Rot 6
  • Dietrich ‘Boss’ Kellerman, Silber 1
  • Marcela ‘Macarena’ Vasquez, Silber 2
  • Alberto ‘Espada’ Lopez, Silber 3
  • Anton ‘Doctor’ Kupchenko, Silber 4
  • Anthony ‘Bedivere’ Palmer, Silber 5
  • Joshua ‘Lucan’ Bristow, Silber 6
  • Frank ‘Tiger’ Friedrich, Grun 1
  • Felix ‘Blitz’ Boesch, Grun 2
  • Rudi ‘Dryade’ Keltz, Grun 3
  • Oswald ‘Regen’ Baermann, Grun 4
  • Karl-Heinz ‘Wal’ Litbarski, Grun 5
  • Gerd ‘Glueck’ Vogts, Grun 6
N. America:
  • Lothar ‘Kritiker’ Fink, Indigo 1
  • Johann ‘Storch’ Braess, Indigo 2
  • Manfred ‘Wuerfel’ Ketzger, Indigo 3
  • Ehren ‘Artist’ Zieger, Indigo 4
  • Etta ‘Lynx’ Shultheiss, Indigo 5
  • Dedrick ‘Trombe’ Ebert, Indigo 6
S. America:
  • Berti ‘Albatros’ Vogl, Yellow 1
  • Anthony ‘Sorcerer’ Palmer, Yellow 2
  • Anton ‘Gault’ Kupchenko, Yellow 3
  • Joshua ‘Wizard’ Bristow, Yellow 4
  • John ‘Scarface’ Herbert, Yellow 5
  • Manfred ‘Baron’ Richthofen, Yellow 6
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