What game are you looking forward too!

Angel Patrick

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So, as you may already know, I have a youtube channel an upload videos on upcoming games (not trying to advertise). I want to know, what game are you looking forward too in 2013 other then GTA, bioshcok, gears of war, and watchdogs. Leave a comment Please & thank you.


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I really hope that Bethesda can sort out a proper multiplayer engine, the ES series has been great but thats not to say it has been without glitches. Bethesda has a tendency to release games with limited testing it seems.

Lets hope the extended beta solves at least some of this.

Zain Shah

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XCOM Enemy Within looks promising and it's pretty cheap. I think they are adding more content than the original Enemy Unknown had.


Just fix stuff.
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be nice if a decent RTS came out... god i miss good RTS games. Like BFME.