The Starstream Adventures! (Sci-fi RP)


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Part 6

Ash walked over to the group. "Aside from the usual hacking risk, I see no dangers in using these droids. I also checked them for hidden surprises like bombs. My only concern is that these robots are pretty advanced, especially for pirates. So if these are the old models, I'd hate to see the new ones."

“Yea that’s the scary part, I’m hoping that it’s a bluff. But knowing what we’ve seen so far, it unsettling what they might have.” Blisk said.

"Well, I'll get as many of these bots running as possible," Ash said. "We'll need as much help as we can. Let's hope it is enough to give us an edge."

“Right say JJ do you mind if we talk for a bit?” Blisk asked.

JJ nodded to the others and stepped to the side with him. "What is it? I'm guessing you're not checking up on me."

“Well I kinda am, look I need you to get your mind straight on this one. I know that Solex is the enemy and we need to take him down, but you're bordering on obsession with killing him.”

JJ's eyes moved around in a worried expression. Was Solex turning into another Sirius for her? "I just... you don't... know what it was like when he kidnapped us..."

"Your right I don't know, but you're becoming more and more unhinged as of late. Hell when we crashed landed here and several of us died you looked unphased by it, I get that this is a war and all but your not acting like yourself."

JJ sighed and nodded. "You're right. I'm sorry. Maybe... maybe this was a mistake. But it is too late to call it off now."

"I'm not saying to call it off, I'm telling you to get yourself in order. The army will do its thing I'm not worried about that. Your our leader, and we need you focused and be the captain we know alright."

She nodded, slapping her own cheeks and standing up straight. "Alright. Thank you. I'm gonna make sure this is done, and keep our losses to a minimum. The most important thing is stopping a tyrant, not my own petty revenge."

"Thank you." Blisk padded her shoulders." We've come a long since you found me in some random bar at the far corner of the galaxy."

She nodded. "And I couldn't imagine coming this far without you."

"And I appreciate you finding me, and glad that I found some happiness thanks to you. So let's get back to our people and see if we can end this tyrant." Ships started to come down to the robot factory, Kotavorg tanks, and heavily augmented soldiers came down, along with their mobile artillery.

The Tamarins were next, light on payload but heavy on the powerful psions. The GFP came down, or what was left of them, covered by the Norscans, who finally descended on the planet, the tall, four-armed psions stepping foot on a planet in GFP space for the first time in many, many years.

"Alright listen up. we've been through a lot for the last 24 hours most of our ships are destroyed, and we lost several thousand soldiers before even making it planeside. But now that we're here we can finally attack our enemy head-on, unfortunately, we're probably going to be dealing with combat boots." Velti's said.

"We have some of our own thanks to Solex's arrogance." Y'linda pointed to the druids. "They'll be our forward force. Best we lose them than any more lives."

"Do you have anyone to lead them?" A woman with silver hair stepped forward, giving a malicious grin. "If not, I'll take up the charge. Been stuck up in that ship being fixed up too long. Need to get some revenge on Solex for what he did to me."

"And who the hell is this whit-haired woman?" Blisk asked.

"I'm... not sure," Olivia said, not recognizing her.

"That's because I'm above your clearance level." The woman lifted a discarded gun and bent it in half. "My name is Zero. I'm an android and in charge of those A.I. Solex took. I'm here to get them back... or destroy them. And maybe get a little revenge on Solex while I'm here."

An AI with an Android body.” Velti's looked at the GFP soldiers and higher-ups.” You've just been keeping a bunch is secrets from us huh, now it makes sense why Solex attacked you. And why their bots are so smart.” He said in frustration.

One of the soldiers stepped forward, a human woman with a lot of medals and such on her jacket. "Yes, well... we are all on the same side, and... I suppose it would get out eventually. You understand why we don't want this to get out, though. The Fee..."

"Are not here," Olivia interrupted, giving the woman a cold look. "We all are. And we are all risking our lives, Commander. So maybe you should start being a little more open and honest with us."

The woman narrowed her eyes. "You would speak to me like that, knowing the differences in our positions means I could end your military career with a snap of my fingers?"

Olivia crossed her arms. "I speak like this knowing that it won't matter if your secrets get us all killed. I joined the GFP to protect people. Save them. Not to further my power and hide behind secrets."

“Also my men came here per your request, the very least you could do is tell us what AI we’re going up against unless you have forgotten how close we Kotavorg are to the Fee. It is a real shame if this secret got out to them, now wouldn’t it.” Velti's said.

The Commander cleared her throat. "The... threats will not be necessary..." She stood up a little straighter. "I am Commander Shanda McFeely. For the last decade and a half, we have been working on developing AI when we discovered that some groups of interest were close to perfecting it, and we would soon be left in the dust if we did not step up our game. Six were developed, five helpings run our military systems, with Zero's job to make sure they didn't lash out. A few months ago, Solex attacked us head-on. It was a bold move... so bold we didn't see it coming. He managed to steal two of the AI. I'd imagine that, besides running things for him, someone has been studying their coding to improve the programming of their droids..."

"That explains the ass-kicking we got then." Blisk said "The person that probably been improving the droids his name is Emile. He seems to be the main one making these droids, or at least he's the one who been open about it." He then looked at Zero." So why do you hate Solex then?"

"Because he took the girls away from me." She frowned and narrowed her eyes. "I had one job, and he made me fail. And I don't like a failure, especially in myself. Besides, he..." She folded her arms and looked away. "He beat the shit out of me and almost took me too..."

"Well, that explains that," Bonny said. "But we're all here now and have been invited to Solex main fortress hell he even gave us his location. Which tells me this is either a trap or he's really confident about winning today." Bonny looked to the Norscan." So what do you suggest we do after all your race fought him before."

One of them floated forward. "One important thing to remember is not to underestimate him. People look at him, at his race, and automatically assume they are dumb brutes. They are not. Solex is quite cunning. If he is that confident, he has reason to be." She looked at the Tamarins. "His people also have a natural resistance to mental psionics, so do not assume you can simply mind control him, even with your strongest psions. It is a good way to... get you... something smashed in, as it were."

"It's your head smashed in." Blisk corrected. "Well that makes him a lot more terrifying, I mean I knew he was smart and all but him being cunning, and being resistant to psionics well that just adds to the problem. Well, we won't accomplish much by just standing around, we should probably come up with a plan then should we send scouts to see what we're up against?"

"Perhaps one person from each party, sent ahead while the rest follow behind." The Norscan waved to one of the smaller males. "Nazanin here is quite the spymaster. He will be of great service to you."

Velti's looked to one of his men, and a woman holding what looked to be a sniper rifle stepped forward.” Karra one of my best scouts, she’ll do well.”

The Tamarins discussed and settled on a blue-haired man named Jeshua. Olivia volunteered for the GFP. "Mind going on another scouting mission?" JJ asked Bonny. "They'll need someone with your skills if they get in trouble."

“Well, my skills are more of me punching things. But I got no problem with it. Hopefully, things go smoothly, who knows what will see on the outside.”

Everyone was wished their best and given the fastest vehicle to go on the road ahead of the others. The five left immediately, heading towards the location they were given.

After some silence, Nezamin chuckled. "A Norscan, a Kortavog, a Tamarin, and two Cartus out on a car drive. Sounds like the beginning of a joke..."

Olivia grunted. "Didn't know your people had a sense of humor."

"Oh? What do you know of us?"

"Not as much as we'd like," the Tamarin scout stated. "Only that you are religious zealots."

Nazanin frowned. "Zealot is a strong word. We are simply devoted to our religion. I mean... Tamarins are fairly religious from what I've heard."

Jessa gave him a sideways glance. "We do not usually start galactic holy wars over our beliefs..."

The Norscan looked away and muttered, "Why do I get the feeling if things go bad, I'll be the first one shot... possibly fr I m both sides?"


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Part 7

Karra looked at the Tamarian. "I believe my people will have to disagree with you Tamarin, how many times our races nearly went to war with each other, only to be stopped by another race?"

Bonny patted the Norscan. "Ah don't worry I won't shoot you besides I know you are not our enemy, yet but for now we have to focus on our true enemy."

He nodded. "As you might know, our people aren't as long-lived as others. My life is just a footnote compared to Solex's race. So I don't know as much about them as I'd like. But I can tell you everything I know about Solex. He's... kinda famous where I come from."

"We and by we I mean I, he was a warlord right damn near drove you guys to extinction. But what else can you tell us about him?"

"That... that anything you think you know about him... is probably far greater than you're imagining." Nazanin looks down at his hands. "We don't care for his people, but they are still people to us. Solex? He's... he's something parents use to frighten their children into behaving." He looked at each of the others. "His strength, his willpower, his... his ruthlessness, and cruelty is beyond anything you can imagine. They... they say he is... there is no word for it in your languages, but the closest would be the word demon. One that was held back by his family... and when they died during the war, he became nothing but pure hatred and fury. I... I am telling you this, not to scare you... but to warn you. You must hold nothing back. Because it is not dying that scares me... it is defeat without death." He shrugged. "After all, I am Norscan. So if it comes down to it..." He gave Bonny a serious look. "I would rather you shoot me in the back than let me be captured by him."

Most of the group swallowed in fear of hearing what the Norscan said, Except for Bonny who just nodded her head." I will be sure to put you down if I can, but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. Didn't think Solex was that much of a legend to your kind, to the point, were you tell scar story's about him. So if we don't stop him, those horror story's will become true. Even more, the reason why we have to win today."

"Any... ahem... practical knowledge you can give us to actually beat him?" Olivia asked.

"Only that he's very, very strong..." Nazanin gave an encouraging smile. "But not invincible. He bleeds like the rest of us, and enough damage will bring him down. Also, don't try and reason with his people. They'll be far more afraid of failing him than anything else. Finally, his people have very strong senses. This can be both a benefit and a detriment. Extremely loud noises or bright flashes work extra well on them."

“Well that’s beneficial way more than what we previously had, but fighting him is something I would rather avoid alone. I doubt any of us could beat him alone, but who knows what kind of things he has waiting for us.” Bonny said checking her gear.

"Tell me, dear Cartus." Jessa looked back at Bonny. "I commend your Captains bravery and powers in persuasion in getting all of us to do this, but are sure she is completely stable?"

“Whaaat JJ she’s... perfectly stable, she’s just.” Bonny sighed.” Look JJ may not be fully sane right now, but I trust her to get us through this. She will be perfectly fine once we defeat Solex.”

The Tamarin considered what she said and nodded. "Very well. How long until we arrive?"

"We should just be a few miles away now," Olivia answered. "Once we get close, we'll have to go on foot. As our Norscan friend inadvertently implied, we kinda stand out. Doubt we can walk up to the front door without being filled with holes."

Bonny looked over her surroundings and heard nothing. No clanking the sounds of transports nothing.” Is anyone else unsettled, I mean it unnerving quite. What happened to the monster the Kotavorg brought? We should be hearing gunfire right?”

Maybe they're too far away," Olivia said. "It is a big planet."

"And those were big creatures." The Norscan placed two of his hands on his head and closed his eyes. "Hold on. I'll scan to see if I can sense any of them. Surely they can't all be..."

As he scanned for the Goliaths he felt only one of them and as soon as he felt it, it was gone as soon as it felt it’s life force fade he felt another. One of hatred and dread, the picture of Solex soon came into his mind.

He slowly lowered his hands and opened his eyes. "They... they're gone..."

"What?" Olivia briefly looked back. "All of them? It's only been a few hours, they can't all be gone, that's impossible."

“Is it?!” Bonny interrupted.” We’ve seen the mech factory, and Emile said that they were his earlier work. Who knows what war machines they have?”

Karra shook her head.” But still, Goliaths are tough monsters, especially adults! They shouldn’t be dead in a few hours.”

The Tamarin scout placed her hands on her head and closed her eyes. "I am sure my senses are not as good as the Norscan, but I sense nothing either. They are likely dead."

"Shit," Olivia muttered.

“Look they were meant to get us here, they did their job we need to keep going. We need to see what we’re dealing with, and then come up with a plan.” Bonny said hoping to rally them up.


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///Upload Complete. Beginning Transmission\\\\​

What is the measure of a soul? A philosophical question to one such as myself; augmented changed... I barely retain what I once was. For my kin who remained unchanged, I barely possess one; eschewing it in lieu of power and convenience. But to my peers who stand beside me as technological marvels, I am nothing short of a paragon. I embody evert value they hold dear and uphold the flaws that they wish would disappear. I am the light that shines down on their hypocrisy and the shadow my former people fear.

But to return to the topic at hand; what is the measure of a soul? What determines someone’s value over another? Their wealth and resources, with the potential to span empires? No, a blaster does not discriminate between prince and pauper, nor do those who mourn flock to a slain ceo. Then what defines this worth?

I believe it to be empathy; empathy from those who have nothing to gain, who seek only to help, who brave death simply because they see it as the right thing to do. The masses mourn when a leader with empathy passes; they hold honors and fanfare to celebrate them as they jot them down in books to be remembered. Yet, they are eventually forgotten, these great accolades lost to time. Empathy surely is a part of measuring a soul, but not the definitive answer.

So what, then, is? If deeds and empathy are not enough to measure someone, how do you view them? Simple, really. You can't. At least, not objectively. There are hundreds of thousands of variables; how a researcher might’ve grown up, how the subject did, either of their experiences that shaped them into who they became. So many elements that makes a person who they are that not a single vector could ever capture their worth.

Yet that doesn't mean their worth hasn't been determined. It most certainly has. It just was formed from as biased an opinion as the question to this thesis: sheer opinion. How someone feels about you, your impact on their life, and the relationship you too share. Each element is wholly unique and can't be replicated, each formed by time and events. We, the sentient creatures of the galaxy, are finite beings. We won't live forever, and for some us, time is ever racing onwards. So we intrinsically value the immaterial, the things that mean more to us than shiny trinkets or the wealth we spend our whole lives seeking.

Which brings me back to my point; what is the value of a soul? To put it far more simply and to not mince words... I simply do not know and surprisingly, that's okay. I've been blessed to make wonderful friends, form connections with people I genuinely treat like family, fought with those who were like siblings to me, and dueled enemies who terrified me to the core. And I'd like to think I've left an indelible mark on all of them in one shape or for; that they'll think of me long after I'm gone.

To be honest, I never thought I'd end up the way I have; wanted by powerful governments and yet one of the most free people in the entire galaxy. I stopped an interstellar war, reconciled long standing hostile nations, negotiated with AI and befriended a few of them. I made weapons so powerful my own racial government wanted them. I developed new technologies and changed the galaxy in such a way that my name will be mentioned centuries from now. Indeed, I didn't leave a mark on history, I left a chapter.

Yet... that's all that will be written. There will be no more stories of the insane info broker, a hero to some and a villain to others. There won't be any tragedies involving my name, nor triumphs praising it. For just like my namesake, I was just a passing spirit and like it it is time for me to fade away. For those that know, why this message was recorded, I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. And I know it hurts. If there was any way to change this, I already tried and failed so many times before this. Just know how much I loved and cared for you all.

I am a soul that shall be judged by you all, either by the merits she earned, or the carnage she sowed.

I am a enigma; not a single person know who I am truly, or why I am the way I am.

I am a conversation piece that begets more questions than answers.

I am piece of history; forever marking time that I was here with intrigue and mystery.

I am a survivor who kept her people alive in one of the most tumultuous times of the galaxy.

I am Ghost.

///End of Transmission\\\\​
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