The legacy of Cassia Striker


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General Fiona looks at Cardalan with confusion .Really what so special about this boy?

Well for one he asked to start out as a dreg, the low life of our species. Then after years of being in the gladiatorial arenas facing not just his fellow Dreg, but also the war best that we send you by himself.

Wait this boy can take on war beast by himself, how is that possible.

The boy is the last surviving member of house wolf, a house that used to control the beast on our planet.

Well that sounds pretty incredible, to have someone that has a natural ability to control those beast you must be proud.

Yes very much anyway I’m only here to talk to wreave.

Well then, good luck with your son I must inform one of my men to invade a little planet get things in motion for the war.

So the empress decided that she is tired of peace and small battles.

Yes, the fact that those rebels created a stable government and are still getting more races to join their cause makes her sick! Fiona takes a deep breath Regardless we will still crush them and undo the wrong we did many years ago, and this time we will finish them.

I look forward to see in what those rebels be up to for so long, I’m sure there not going to go down without a fight .

I’m sure they won’t, any way my lord I leave you to your son I look forward to seeing those war beast destroying those rebels.

As do I good luck on your mission general.

As Fiona makes her way to the solders barracks she finally sees on of Tartan men.

Ah lieutenant Maxan where is your general I wish to speak to him.

What business do you have with him, is your empress finial giving us the kill order?

That is classified, and a rabid animal like yourself has no business knowing form someone of my status.

Maxan start’s to growl at General Fiona. Who are you calling a savage you worthless slap of meat, all you do is sit on this planet and do nothing! While I’m down here training. What right do you have to call me a.

Before Maxan can finish his statement he feels someone kicking the back of his leg and forcing his head down to the ground.

Worthless savage, you bow down to your serpererous before talking to them.

Ah general Tartan it’s been a while.

Sorry for the delay general, I was prepping our ships for invasion. Our emperors told me to me that we will be invading a small planet and that you will be in charge of it.

Yes I will, tell your me to ready up this is not going to be a long scale battle it will be short and if we do this right they won’t even know what hit them.

Yes mam, may I ask what planet are we invading?

The planet Biscay, a small little planet that recently joined the rebels the plan is to destroy the colony and with luck draw out those rebels.

Yes mam I will prepare the ships, get up savage. Maxan slowly gets back to his feet and fallows his general.

Heh heh I can’t wait to see what those worms have be up to for this long, I’m sure there stronger now than they were back then but only time will tell.