The legacy of Cassia Striker


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Greetings my name is m143b or as my commander calls me sparks. My were to begin, see I work in the archives of the Galactic federation. and I will be telling you the story of the federations greatest pilot Cassia Striker and her unit Gamma team. I will also be telling you the names of the alien species that they discover over there travails. Well shall we began?


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Name Cassia Striker

Age: 19


Race: Hontak

Home world: Fluver

Hight: 5'7

Weight: 120 lb

Physical description: Cassia is a young woman who has long hair, and normally wears it in a ponytail. She has yellow eyes and has light skins. She has trybole tattoo on both her arms and on her ribs, she also has cat ears.

Race back round: Hi sparks again, let me explain what the Hontak are. The are a group of hunters, there plant has large vegetation with trees that reach up to the sky. There race are almost beast like with there cat and feline eyes, there race also has a high sense of smell and hearing which makes them the galaxy greatest trackers they can also see in the dark. There feline nature makes them very agile and athletic, they can also extend there nails to act like there claws.

As for solders they make for great scouts and troopers. With there animal side they are also stronger faster and more agile then most species but they rarely become MEC pilots and normally keeps to themselves. The ones that go out to the galaxy are ones that craves adventure or they want to see the galaxy.

Cassia joined the Galactic federation at 19 do to her extreme physical condition and her athletic ability’s she was sent to the pilot program.



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Name: Isabella



Race: Yoynsi

Weight: 110 lb

hairlength: long purple hair

eyes: Purple


Back story
: Isabella is a Yoynsi her race are telekinetic people that create barriers weapons and other ability’s with their mind. There race can live up to 1000 years and make for excellent polotitions and protectors of city’s. Yoynsi are the most advance race in the universe with there telekinetic and psionic powers they are able to control any one with there mind control some can even make a small black hole in there hands they can also make a small barrier around them and others. which is why the federation made weapons for them.

grew up with her mother and father training to be a guardian, Isabella is very smart and tactical always calculating her moves she can make swords barrios and can lift her enemy’s in the air with no problem. She is very skilled with her age almost considered a child in her race Isabella joined the galactic federation to prove to that she can handle herself and prove to her family that she does not to be condoled.

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The worst of enemy's make the best of friends

galactic transport stations Attention all passengers the ship number 1579 for the frontier is leaving in 10 minutes, repeat the 1579 for the frontier leaves in 10 minuets.

Cassia: OU no were is it were is it, ugh I can't read any of this stuff OU were is the ship, um excuse me were is the 1579 can you point me there.

A middle aged man points straight ahead and tell her to look for a green sign.

Thank you sir, Cassia sees a bunch of people getting there gear off the belt line. OU no there are to many people OU dang it. Cassia starts climbing the walls and starts jumping on peoples heads to get to her plain. Sorry excuse me i'm sorry please excuse me I analogize. Cassia lands on some ones head and falls on the ground.

Ouch that hurts, Cassia sees a purple haired girl with the same bag as her.

Isabella: Hay watch were you going, what was with you jumping on my head?

Cassia: I'm sorry i'm sorry but do you know were is ship 1579 is miss.

Isabella: yea i'm going there right now, wait are you going to the frontier too?

Cassia: Yes um were is the ship for the frontier?

Ship number 1579 will be leaving in 4 minutes.

Cassia: AHHHHHHH I'm not going to make it, I can't read any of these signs I don't no were i'm going ou were is it were is it?

Isabella: Calm down, Isabella showed Cassia her transport card. See were on the same ship now fallow me and please stay calm OK.

Cassia get's back to her feet and hugs Isabella. Ouch bad touch bad touch OK please let me go, your crushing my ribs.

Cassia let's go of Isabella i'm sorry but i'm just so happy come on let's go let's go.Cassia grabs Isabella arm and starts dragging her to the ship. Isabella points her finger to the ground and a small barrier on the ground and trips Cassia. Isabella get's back up and looks at Cassia.

Isabella: Look just calm down and fallow me and please stay calm.

Cassia hat comes off her head reveling her cat ears. i'm sorry but can we pleas hurry up.

Isabella: Cat ears? wait are you a Hontak? There aren't that many of you out side the vale hell you people never leave your home world sometimes.

Cassia: Yea i'm a hontak and no we don't leave our home world often but I want to see the galaxy and I want to see what I can do out there.

Isabella: well good luck with that come on the transport ship is this way.

Isabella and Cassia arrive at the transport ship.

Cassia stairs at aw at the transport ship. Wow that ship is huge I can't believe how huge it is.

Isabella: Really that's not even the biggest ship in the frontier.

Cassia: Really they get even bigger thin this, I knew leaving my home world be great for me.

Isabella: Well if your done gawking can we get on the ship now.

Cassia: Yea let's go let's go let's go.




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The formation of Gamma part 1

Cassia and Isabella are on transport 1579 heading to the frontier, lades and gentleman we will reach the frontier in 3 weeks please make your self comfortable soldiers.

3 weeks? Isabella says in shock. This ship should have a slip space drive we should be there in a manner of days why weeks. I don't get it why will it take us 3 weeks to get to the frontier.

Well who cares, that gives us more time to explore the ship.I mean look at how big this ship is it might take us 3 weeks to explore the hole thing.

OK look how about you go and explore the ship, and I will find out what's going on does that sound good to you?

Alright I'll go explore the ship, and you go find out what's going on i'll find you when I fine the room. Cassia leaves Isabella to explore the ship.

As Isabella explores the ship to see what's going on. while Cassia goes to the med bay.

Wow this place is so big, I wonder what this place is?

Hay are you new here too?

A young red haired woman looks at Cassia.

Well who are you? Are you here for a check up?

U'm what's a check up?

OK why don't you sit down and let me give you a check up, you will have to put this on.

Um i'm not very comfortable with this.

Don't worry i'm a professional, and I will not do any thing to you. Now will you please strip down and put this on and i'll be right back.

As the red haired woman leaves, Cassia strips down and put's on the paper close that the doctor gave her.

This is very uncomfortable, and really brassy in the back. How do people wear this and not be uncomfortable. Cassia sit's on the bed and waits for the doctor.

The red haired doctor walks back into the room and sees two tails on Cassia.

What the hell? The doctor out of curiosity pulls one of Cassia's tails. Which cassia gives a quick yelp to it.

Excuse me but your pulling my tail, would you mind not doing that.

Wait you mean that this tail is real. The doctor says while still pulling Cassia. Wait so if this tail is real thin that means. The doctor let's go of Cassia's tail and grabs her ears.

Hay what are you doing with my ears?

What, so your ears and tail are real there not fake.

No, what is wrong with you what kind of place were people would be wearing, cat ears and a tail?

ON my home planet earth, people wear them sometimes in a country called Japan.

What is wrong with those people.

A lot actually they do a lot of weird things, but moving on would you please stick out your tong.

Cassia is getting a check up by the red haired doctor.

OK well it looks like your perfectly healthy, Well i'm not really sure I never checked up on a Hontak before.

Yea well, I was told that my kind rarely leaves the vale.

Yea your not seen much around here, for some reason your kind stays in your own system.

Yea well I just want to see this galaxy and see what it has to offer, by the way my name is Cassia i'm a one of the new pilots.

Really well, the doctor pulls a card out and shows it to Cassia. Well i'm a pilot to and my name is Marie and i'm guessing i'll be seeing you during the tiles.

Trails what trials?

There going to be training the new recruits on how they can handle the infantry armor and other things.

Well thank you for the information, I guess I'll see you there.

Yea I'll see you there Cassia.

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The formation of Gamma part 2

Isabella, is walking around the transport ship trying to get a fell of the ship. God it's nice to be ride of that Hontak. 'Now were is the ship's droid so I can figure out what's going on here.

Isabella walks around the ship to find a ship droid. Ah a droid excuse me droid, can you tell me why the ship is taking 3 weeks to get to the frontier.

The droid turns to Isabella. Um i'm not a droid i'm a Tausathi and the reason the ship is taking 3 weeks to get to the frontier is because, there going to be training us in virtual simulators for the rest of the trip.

Wait your a Tausathi, well that explains why your wearing that armor you people wear armor out of respect of your god right?

I don't expect a Yoynsi to understand our religion, Nor do I expect the galaxy to get it ether.

Hay I personally don't care what you wear, and i'm aware that your kind wears armor like it's your own skin. But there going to be training us there's like 15,000 people on this ship, how can they test the all.

Well as your aware the simulation is very close to the drift of a real MECH, if you live you go to the next phase of there training,if you fail. Well you will ether die or, they will pull you out of the simulator before your brain fries.

Hum I heard that the drift was intense, but I didn't think it would kill you.

Well here's the thing Yoynsi, the you don't choose what MECH you want. It decides if your worth of piloting it.

Well that's a very interesting, true synthesis A person merged with a MECH. well that explains why MECH pilots are very rare, well pilot's for the big one any way.

Will all recruits please come to the go to the docking bay.

Well it looks like they will finally remove the strong willed form the selfish. You might be in trouble Yoynsi.

Hum please I will not lit the drift kill me, I will become a MECH pilot and become the greatest MECH pilot in the universe.




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Name: Graves

Race: Tausathi

Hight: 6'5

Weight: 222 lb

Eyes: Wight

Hair: Wight

Age: 157

Race background: The Tausathi are a very war like people, they train every day of there lives to become solders. There race sees war as a religion, to them the see war as necessary to improve them selves and to test there skills.They wear armor from the time there 5 years old to the day they die. There home world goes through massive weather changes some time getting -98 degree weather in the winter to 157 in the summer. There race is very adaptable to any terrain if they weren't they would be extinct generations ago. There adaptability makes them excellent soldiers the improve with every battle and after the every battle they take there enemy's tactics and adjust them for there own benefits. There race are mostly cyborg/androids for some there only part that are organic are there genitals.

Personal reasons: Graves joined the Federation because he was told that it's his duty to serve the federation, that it was his fate to become a MECH pilot and to do what he was men't to do got to war and continue to show why is race are the master of war.

Background: Graves is a weapons smith and he creates weapons and armor for not only him self but as a hobby. Graves is 3/4 cyborg his legs arms and eyes are cybernetic even if they look organic graves is heavily trained in combat and heavy weapons. Graves can some times go over bored with his weapon making making a weapon so deadly that it weighs to much.
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Name: Marie

Race: Human

Hair: Red

Eye: purple

Hight: 5'8

Weight: 120 lb


Race background: The human race are a very young race, primitive to some standers. But the humans have spreed them selves across the Galaxy colonizing hundreds of worlds even there own system even planets like Venus Jupiter and Uranus. In 2153 Humans found this ancient relic that expanded there life span to 200 years, the relic also released a lot of there ability that they could not tamper into before. Humans now have enhance musicales that make them stronger then before. the humans have had several wars on there home world which forced them to go to the stars.

After humanity achieved colonizing other worlds, they went back to there home world and fixed it's atmosphere and there oceans. Humans are also the most populated race in the Galaxy getting spots in the galactic federation, Home world.

Personal reasons: Marie Joined the MECH program to help people, she doesn't care if she becomes a pilot or not she want to join the MECH program so she can travail across the galaxy and help who ever need it.


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The formation of Gamma Squad part 1

in the docking bay 60,000 people await instructions

Isabella hay Isabella Cassia shouts out with every one looking at her.

Cassia? How did you find me in this group of people?

I smelled you out you smell really good.

Good lord, I for got about you Hontaks tracking ability's.

Who's your friend? Graves says to Isabella.

This is um.

My name is Cassia nice to meet you MR robot man. Cassia says in confusion.

My name is graves, and no i'm not a robot. I'm a Tausathi. This armor was given to me when I was five years old, and ha been modified every year since then.

Wow that's very weird, but my people don't wear heavy armor that much any way. But don't you think they will give you different armor what will you do then?

Than I will wear that armor like it's apart of me, and the armor that i'm wearing now will go back to my home world.

Wow that's interesting So your armor is very precious to your people.

Cassia if we get paired together remind me to give you a codex, so you can learn about all the other races.

Yea I think a codex would me good for a Hontaks Marie says to Isabella.

Who are you?

I'm Marie and I ran into your Hontak friend and gave her a check up.

Wait your the ship's medic right? Why are you in the hanger bay this is for MECH pilots only?

I'm also a pilot or soon to be pilot.

Wait so the ship's medic is also a pilot.

The instructor with 4 other high ranking officers entered the room.

Good evening Ladies and gentleman, my name is Alex cord. Today I see 60,000 people amonghst us well there may not be that many in a few seconds. For those that want to join the mech program and by MECH pilot's I mean people who will be the greatist ground troopers in the galactic federation and be able to pilot 20 story tall MECHs the defenders of the galaxy.

Every one start's to cheer.

Well not all of you will be able to do that, you all no about the rift and people that enter the rift some never come back, and yes they did in the drift.

The crowd start's to wispier wait we can die from this. the drift can kill us, no one ever said that we could die here.

Pf Weak minded people what did they expect a easy ride to greatness, I was born to be the greatest MECH pilot in the universe, I will not let this stop me.

This is my destiny to do this I will not let death stop me. Graves says.

I will not let this stop me from helping people that are injured, but death is a very high tole to pay to save people. No a guardians must face danger head on no matter what. Mari says to her self.

Death huh well i'm going to die some day any way but today will not be that day, I will see everything this galaxy has to offer and nothing will stop me from that.

Now for those that want to be infantry grunt's that will still pilot MECHs but you will not inter the drift, for those that want to still serve the federation fallow commander Anderson.

30,000 wen't with Anderson.

Well now that that's over, for those that stayed you are not apart of the MECH program yet tomorrow you will enter the drift you had a long day. Commander Miranda will escort you to the barracks get some rest. Remember this may be your last one so call your families loved ones children do what ever you have to do to settle your peace. And remember the transport ships will be open all night for those of you that are having second thought about this, Miranda will you please escort these people to there bunks.

Yea come on people fallow me. Miranda escorts the remaining recruits to the MECHs pilots quarters. This is were you will sleep as you can see there is a communicator next to every bed so you can say goodbye to who ever you need to say goodbye to, see you all tomorrow. And again there is no shame in leaving now and joining the others, or just leaving entirely like Cord said the transport ships will be open all night good night recruits.

Some of the recruits went to bed some called there families some prayed that they lived for what will happen to them tomorrow.


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Entering the drift (Isabella)

In the barracks 01:30 hours Hay Isabella are you awake? Cassia says

Yea why?

Well it's tomorrow, are you nerves about going into the rift?

No I know I will come back from the rift and be a pilot. Are you nerves Cassia?

Well a little bit, the thought of me dying before I saw every corner of the galaxy kinda scares me a little bit.

Wheel, you can always leave and join the infinity unites. You can still see the galaxy and not risk dying in the drift.

True but I want to pilot those giant MECHs, and prove to my self that I belong with every one else.

Well if you have that attitude tomorrow you might survive the process, and see the galaxy with your own eyes.

I hope so well good night Isabella.

Good night Cassia.

The next day at 010:00 hours. Cord stands in front of some rooms. Good morning soldiers I see some of you left last night, from my count about five hundred of you left. But that's of we still have plenty of you left. Alright so let's began in the rooms behind me there are pods that represent the rift if, now mind you. You will not be inside a MECH but you will be going through the process of rifting with a MECH alright here's what's going to happen we have 500 pods so 500 hundred of you will go in at a time. So Mr.’s Miranda and Mr. Anderson will escort the first group in first.

Isabella is part of the first group Cassia wishes her luck, and goes with the first group. Miranda put's Isabella into a white room. Good luck solders. Miranda closes the door.

Isabella sees a pod in the middle of the room and inters the pod. Greeting pilot please activate the pod's training periodical, A helmet goes over Isabella's head. Activating rift prodigal. Isabella sees her entire child hood going through her and she is then sent into a small black room where she sees a red light.

Hello who's there show your self. The ground underneath Isabella start's moving her towards the light Isabella falls of the ground and falls to what fells like an eternity when she lands on the ground She sees a giant MECH.

Hahaha Well what do we have here, another recruit that want's to become a pilot.

A...A ai your apart of this program.

Ou yes you see we AI's are a part of the MECHs the MECH is us it's our body and you think that you can take me and control this MECH.

So that's the rift merging my consciousness with a Ai huh that doesn't seem that hard.

Well a lot of people can't handle two minds at once, So are you ready to take me into your mind and body.

Isabella nodes her head in agreement. The Ai enters Isabella's mind the second it does, Isabella falls to her knees and grabs her head. Her body feels like it's about to explode and her head feels like it can split in two.

Well looks like another pilot can't take accept this let's make this quick.

The Ai adds more pressure to Isabella's body like she has 2 tons crushing her.

No I will not die like this, I will not let a computer take me down. I will not be beaten you may have taken over hundreds if not thousands of people Ai but you will not take me.

Isabella slowly gets back to her feet with some of her skin coming off her. Hear this Ai I am a Yoynsi and if you think that you will take me down think again Isabella gets back to her feet You may be inside my head and my body, But there are a few things that you will never take from me My honor my spirit determination and most of all My priiiiiiiiiiiiiide. A purple glow shines around Isabella and her fake human skin comes off showing her true Yoynsi form. I will not be taken down by the likes of you.

Isabella yells and the Ai comes out of her mouth. Isabella grabs the Ai by its head you will never control me I am you master now and you will obey me do you understand.

the AI eyes glow purple well it looks like you are worthy of being a pilot, I belong to you now my master. The Ai goes back into Isabella's head, don't worry I will not do anything else to you.

The pod opens and Isabella emerges from the pod, and goes to the main room. She sees a few people also came back. Cassia sees Isabella and jumps on her.

Your alive you lived through the process.

Yes I deed and now I await for them to give me my armor so I can finally start this program.

Miranda comes out of the room and asks Cord to get someone to clean up the dead bodies out of the pods.

So how many do you think died in the rift Mari says

Too many.

After 3 hours passed the next group of people went into the rooms.

Cassia is part of the next group. Miranda escort’s the next group into different rooms. Miranda escort’s Cassia into the same white room that the others and Isabella was in.


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entering the drift part 2 (Cassia)

Um is that thing going to take me to the drift?

Yes that pod over there will allow you to enter the drift, do you have any questions?

What should I expect?

I don’t know the drift is different for everybody it will be interesting what yours will be.

Cassia takes those words and goes into the pod. OK Let’s see what will happen to me.

The pod closes and a helmet goes around Cassia’s head, Eva closes her eyes and when she opens them she sees a lush and grassy land with tall trees. What this can’t be Cassia looks up and sees two moons up in the sky one purple and one blue.

It is my home world why am I here? What’s going on here?

That’s a very good question little one why are you here?

Cassia turns around and sees a 7’5 orange haired Hontak with strips on his face.

Ma….Master what are you doing here?

I think the better question is why are you here little one? Let me ask you a question why did you leave your home.

I…I left to see the galaxy, to see what’s out there.

Your lying Cassia you did not leave your home to see the galaxy, so I ask you again why did you leave your home, you’re a hunter soon to be a priest of our people you have responsibility’s to your people so why did you leave us, for your own selfish needs. You know what the galaxy turns us into it turns us into pirates and outlaws it makes us lose our honor and out tradition so why would you leave us huh? To become a pirate or to ignore your responsibility’s?

SHUT UP Cassia yells with tears coming out of her eyes. I left our home world to advance our people Look at us when the shuttle came to get me we were at aw of it. We thought that it was the most amazing thing in the world. I need to leave our home to see the Galaxy for what it is the good and the bad, to prove to the galaxy that the Hontak are more than just pirates or out laws or better yet a race of cowards that are so scared of change that they will never leave our home.

Cassias master narrows his eyes. I need to leave our planet to advance our race to and to move to other planets and finally have a place in the universe and only then will I take my place as the shaman.

A weird voice surrounds Cassia’s home planet. So that’s why you want to join the MECH program.

Wha who’s there show yourself. Cassia turns around and sees a green glowing being. What the hell are you?

I’m a Ai and you’re in the rift See I never seen a Hontak before and you well your reasons for leaving is very interesting so you want to advance your species, that’s your reason for joining the MECH program?

Yes, that’s the reason I will prove to the galaxy that the Hontak are not just some primitive barbarians that are only pirates and bandits.

The Ai looks a Cassia for a few seconds. Very well hold still The Ai enters Cassia’s mind.

Wait what are you doing?

Don’t worry I’m inside your mind I’m apart of you now.

Wait you inside my mind, why are you there what about the rift?

Kid the rift is a person merging with an Ai. It’s to see if a person can handle two minds at once sometimes an Ai is not willing to merge with a person, so the person has to somehow convince or beat down an AI to get them to merge with them. However sometimes like now an Ai will join a person willingly join the person if they like their response.

So you like the fact that I want to advance my people.

Yes, I like your response it’s rare that someone would give up so much just for their race. Pulse I too would like to see the galaxy as well.

Well than this is very interesting scenario well than shall we get out of here.

The pod opens and Cassia steps out of the pod and walks to the main room and sees a few others coming out as well.

Well you survived as well. Isabella says with a smile on her face.

Yes I did and it was a very interesting process, I hope you two can come out of it alive as well.

3 hours pass and Miranda calls for the next group which has both graves and Marie going in at the same time.


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Entering the drift part 3 (Graves)

Miranda escorts the third group to the Wight rooms that the others faced.

So that pod right there is the drift?

Yes Tausathi that pod will take you in to the drift, I wish you luck. Since your race rarely want to become pilots. What makes you want to become one?

Graves’s chuckles Well my people are very war like and we praise war so what better way to express our religion then become a pilot.

Miranda grins very well good luck Tausathi.

Graves walks towards the pod and gets into it “Let’s get this over with.

A helmet goes over Graves head and his mind goes into the rift. Graves sees a tower in the middle of a city of metal.

Hum my home world I don’t have time for elusions, Hay spirit of the machine show yourself, or are you to scared to face me?

A gray figure shows up behind Graves. OU a Tausathi I’ve heard about your people how war is a part of your religion. I’ve also notice that not many of you are pilots your race makes up for a lot of the infantry, so grunt of the Tausathi war machine what makes you worthy of becoming a pilot?

Graves’s chuckles. What makes me worthy? Nothing nothing at all, all I want to do is make the most deadliest MECH that the galaxy has ever seen I want to create the ultimate weapon is that so wrong to ask.

Wheal that’s, a relatively predictable answer from you Tausathi. So explain to me why I should enter your mind.

Why because I’m going to make the greatest armor and mech that the universe has ever seen and I will not let some Ai get in my way of doing that.

Really, is that’s all you want to do is make weapons and armor? Is that all you care about? Tell me what reason do you have to create weapons and armor?

Why do I want to create weapons and armor? It’s in my blood I was bread to do. If you think that I’m just a weapon smith then you have another thing coming I have been training for I am meant to save people that can’t save themselves. I want to become a pilot so I can save people with augmentations and give them weapons that a civilian can use all I want to do is what I meant to.

The Ai looks at graves. So all you want to do is what you’re meant to huh? Why not do what you want to why not do something that you want.

That’s kind my plan now if want to see what I can do Graves tapes his head.

You know what let’s see if you can live through this. The Ai goes into graves head. Wait you aren’t in pain or torment.

You have no idea what I’ve been through; the pain has been beaten out of me. So shall we get out of here?

Sigh yea fine let’s go I hate being in this simulation any way.


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Entering the drift part 4 (Marie)

Marie enters a white room where she sees a pod.

So that thing will simulate the rift?

Yes that will take you to the rift, Hum.

What is it?

There are not many humans that want to become pilots, your kind make up for infantry and politicians so I wish you luck.

Hay Miranda is it can I ask you a question.

Sure what is it?

You’re human to right? And so is Cord your both human.

Yes we are, and that’s why I want you to become a pilot to like I said not many human want to become pilots, some just want to infantry or work on war ships or become engineers or we just stay on our new earth, so I good luck kid I hope you make it.

Thank you for the kind words I hope I make it to. Marie enter the room and gets into a pod were a helmet goes on her head and Marie enters the rift.

Marie sees a desert planet that has no water and trees or grass. What planet is this Marie sees a sign that says welcome to las veges. OU I’m on old earth after the great disaster.

Yes if this proves anything it proves that humans a very slow learners.

Marie turns around and sees an orange figure. True some humans never learn and deny the obvious a lot I would like to think that most of that died with this world.

So, would you say that humans changed ever since this?

No not really like you said we humans never learn, some of us do but some just take this and live in fear of it, thinking with their emotions every time a disaster happens in their countries. But there are a lot of humans that change after a disaster and they make changes that try to help others and to make sure that stuff never happens again.

Really so what makes you think you deserve to become a pilot?

What makes me different from others, what makes me different from others is that unlike the other races my race hade its original home world destroyed and when had to change to our new home and are expanding wildly, but we only been in the federation for a few hundred years unlike most of the other races.

Hum so you admit that your race is young and they still have no idea how things are well at least fully.

True my race is young but because we lost our home world hundreds of years ago, we are open to any suggestions form the other races and we take their advice.

So you willing admit that your race is stubborn, and that your kind is arrogant and hard headed.

Yes I admit to all of that, but my kind is also open minded to other races culture and religion…Wheel religion that is not suicidal and murders.

So you humans are stubborn arrogant and hard headed. But your also open minded to a lot of things is that right.

Yes, I understand my kind is very confusing but very interesting if you want to see for yourself?

Wheel that depends, what makes you think you deserve to become a pilot?

My kind may be young but, we lost our birth world the planet that gave us life to begin with. We destroyed it, soaked the land with blood and the ocean with pollution to the point where the ocean was toxic. We destroyed our planet. But I want to become a pilot so I can prevent disasters from happening to other, I don’t want the other races to go through what I go through.

So you want to become a pilot, to help others, not go through what your kind has been through is that correct?

Yes, I want to help others I want don’t want to see planets go through what my planet went through.

I since the truth in your heart and your also a doctor to. There has never been a pilot that has been a doctor before, until now The AI entered Maries head.

So you accept me?

Yes I see truth in your heart, and your honest about saving others so I will join you in your travels.

Tha….thank you. Marie comes out of the pod and her and graves come out of the room along with a few 200 people.

Cord stands in the middle of the room. Congratulation to all of you that lived through the rift but the rift is only the beginning. The real training now the next few weeks are going to be the toughest weeks of your life so get some rest because tomorrow you’re in for something special DISMISSED.


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Welcome to the frontier
LT Alex cord stud in front of the pilots that survived the drift. Good morning recruits, congratulations on making to this point this is were your training ends however.

Everyone looks in confusions Um sir, wasn’t this supposed to be a two week trip to the frontier?

No that was a lie, we wanted to see how many of you can handle the drift. We wanted to see who wanted to be true pilots and those that will be sent as infantry. As you all know a pilot needs to have strength honor and the courage to look death in the face and spit on it, all of you that survived has sown your own courage and determination to get to this point but the hard part hasn’t even started yet.

A new person came from the crowd and stood next to cord Listen up recruits, starting today you are no longer civilians you are now a part of the greatest military in the universe. You are the defenders of the galaxy. Soldiers look to you for to defend them to save them. Plants look at you as titans as the great wall of our federation you will become the shield of trillions of people no just your race as of this moment you are no longer representing your races individually you represent a united front am I clear!

MAM YES MAM! Every one shouted
Good, we will arrive at Vulia in three days take a breather until that time relax and enjoy your selves dismissed.

All the recruit’s left the deck of the ship

Hell of a speech Luviha, that was pretty good motivator. Cord said

Thank you, Cord do you think the will be ready?

For what, we been at peace for hundreds of years close to a thousand. Do you really think anyone can stand ageist us now?

What about the Dominion, true we been at peace for hundreds of years but that’s only because both sides lost so many people do you really think we’re going to stay at peace with them forever?

No, hell I believe that there rebuilding there forces just like us. I mean I heard about the Great War just like you did and I seen it in history class as well, there’s no way an empire like that will just settle with a simple troths.

Yea, an empire like that will never just surrender like that but we’ve been keeping an eye on the dominion and we notice that they’re going to neutral planets.

There trying to gain allies? Well that makes since I mean like you just said both sides lost a tremendous amount of soldiers so it only makes since that there trying to gain allies.

Yea but, the council are sending scouts to those planets to take on the Dominion and establish relations with those planets you know to get them on our side.

Hum that’s good to hear.
Cord in all seriousness here, if we go to war do you think that they are going to be ready?

The will be once you get your hands on them.

True any way, I will see you in a few days good luck LT Luviha saluted the LT

You to Luviha.


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Knowing the enemy

Cassia yawns Man that was tiring I fell like getting something to eat, what about you Marie you want to come with me to the cafeteria?

Sure Cassia, after all I’m sure you have no idea where the cafeteria is do you?

Ummm can you show me?

Sure cass, hay Isabella are you want to come with us.

I’ll pass I’m not that hungry. Isabella’s stomach growls
Looks like your stomach says otherwise, come on food always tast better when your with friends.

Isabella sighs Well it’s not like we need to train here, and we were told to relax, OK I’ll join you I will have to do my meditations later.

Awesome that’s two down, graves wanna make it three.

I have no need for food unlike you three, you go and enjoy your selves.

Where are you going graves? Marie asks

To engineering, might as well see the ship while I’m here just in case something happens to us in the few days were here later. Graves leaves the three woman

Aw well that’s ashame I was hoping we could eat together, ou well better luck next time.
Say Cassia have you ever had desert?

What’s desert. Both Isabella and Marie eyes widen Did I say something wrong.

Cassia do you what cake is? Isabella asked
What’s cake?

Do you know what ice cream is? Marie asked

What’s that? Both Marie and Isabella slapped there hand onto there forehead

OK, were going to the cafeteria and we are going to stuff your face with desert. Marie says with some mild anger
Yea I can’t believe you never hade desert, well were going to change that. Both Isabella and Marie grabbed each of Cassias arms and drags Cassia to the cafeteria.

Once in the cafeteria Cassia tries a slice of cake WOW this is amazing, it’s so sweet and spongey, and it taste delicious.

Well I’m glad you like it, here try this one out this is what we call chocolate. Marie gives Cassia a chocolate cake.

Once Cassia sinks her teeth into it her eyes light up. Wow this is even more delicious, I’m so happy I left my home world now. Because if I didn’t I would have never been able to try this amazing food.

A blue skinned alien approached Cassias table Um do you mind if I sit her?

No not at all. Cassia says with her mouth full

Great, my name is celeste it’s nice to meet you. So what are your names?

My name is Isabella, the one with her mouth full is Cassia and the human is Marie. But you aren’t you a Luvendass aren’t you?

Yes I’m sure I stick out because of my blue skin, and my horns.

What’s a Luvendass? Cassia says finally swallowing her food.

Her race are normally neutral, until recently when they side with the federation. Isabella explained

Yea, there home world is nothing but snow and ice which is why they were neutral for so long. Since there home world is so cold there’s no recourse to go after. Marie said

Indeed, but we felt like that the federation was better choice over the Dominion.

Who’s the dominion? Cassia asked
Isabella Marie Celeste look at Cassia with a confused look

Did I say something wrong?

Cassia the Dominion is the strongest military force in the galaxy, we were at war with them for hundreds of years how could you not know this.
f I may Celeste says. If I’m correct and just by looking at her I would say that Cassia is a Hontak right, and her race like mine is in neutral territories which during the war neutral territories some were ignored and others were taken by both sides so let’s not pretend that the federation is all good here.

Isabella looks at Celeste well you do have a point were no saints, and I know were going to neutral planets to gain some allies.

Cassia looks at Celeste So Celeste, why did you join the pilot program? Was there any reason?

Well I’m not a pilot per say I plan on joining the vanguard program.

What’s the Vanguard program?

Isabella looks at Cassia the vanguard program is a special program for pilots that act like infantry. The pilot program for pilots who back up the regular soldiers.

That’s right, not many people can do what we can do so I decided to help them out.

Cassia looks at Celeste Wow that’s very cool of you, that’s a very noble cause Celeste.

Thank you Cassia. Well it’s been nice talking to you all, but I think well be reaching the frontier soon I look forward to seeing you all again.
Aw you’re leaving Ok by Celeste. Cassia waves good by to Celeste.

Hum well she seems nice. Marine said I hope we get to see more of her.

Yea I hope we see her again soon to. Isabella said.

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Welcome to the frontier 2

Ladies and gentile man we are now at the frontier spaceport, and as your pilot I wish all of you luck on your future endeavors. As the future pilots get off the transport ship there is a many high ranking officers standing in front of them.

Hello people, welcome to the Ariana Prime space station. Now let’s get this out of the way those that want to join the Vanguard program, go with LT Cored. About three quarters of the people left. Great now as for the rest of you were going to have some fun with you, Get on the shuttle and there will be someone waiting for you.

As the pilots get on the shuttle and traveling to Ariana Prime, there is a woman waiting for them wearing a pilot armor.

Greetings ladies and genital men, welcome to Ariana prime this is where we train all of our pilots the Vanguard and all of our military personal. Now then I wasted your time enough get on the transport so we can get training started. The pilots in training went on the transport but there instructor stopped LT Cord.

Hay Cord, did you hear about the Dominion? They been seen outside the outer rim, there getting close to our border, but there staying far enough away were we can’t go into open war with them.

Yea I heard there not in force, but there sending scouts to cause trouble. But thankfully those planets have been asking for our help, and the PDTs have been giving the dominion a run for their money.

Yea there being couscous both sides. The politicians don’t want to restart the war, listen Cord if the war restarts it’s going to be even more gruesome then the last one. If you saw what the Federation has for the Dominion its nuts.

Yea Cord looks at the pilots getting on the transport ship. Do you think they’ll be ready?

They will be, whether they want to or not. Right let me get down there good luck Cord.

You to Camilla. Cord and Camilla Get on the transport ship and head to Ariana Prime. Once on the planet Camilla takes the Pilot into what looks like a class room.

Now then lades and genital men may I have your attention, My Name is Camilla and I will be your handler for the entire time you’re on this planet. So let’s get this out of the way right now, congratulation on making it here but your training is going to get much much harder from here on out.

Camilla turns on a holographic ejector. For those that don’t know over a thousands of years ago the Dominion was the single greatest military in the galaxy the ruled each corner of the galaxy, except the sol system human territory but before the reached the human controlled space we were at war with them. For god knows how long the rebill force fought the dominion. After thousands of years of war and small skirmishes both powers called a truths. And the rebill force became the Federation.

However, even though there is peace, we still fight each other I’m not going to lie to any of you the war will start back up again and this time there will be a winner.

A commotion starts amongst the young pilots.

But have no fear I believe that this generation of pilots will be greater than we ever seen, I have faith in all of you that you will defeat the Dominion and send them back to whatever hell hole they came from.

A loud YEA could be heard outside the class room.

That’s what I like to here, know then let’s get you all steeled in. Camilla took her soldiers outside the class room and showed them there barracks. This will be your room since you trainees you will all shear this room. Training starts at 05 hundred tomorrow. Get some sleep because you will be getting augmented tomorrow and then you will rest and then you will be out fitted with your armor.

Camellia turns to her soldier’s .Welcome to Ariana prime the capital of the Pilots.


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A legend is born

The recruits go to the augmentation labs to become Pilots. Camilla stands in front of the labs.

Alright I understand you’re scared right now it’s perfectly natural. However, this is nessceary this is to insure you can handle the AI in your head. Yes your all hear because you survived getting an AI into your head however. You brain can’t handle two couscous at once it will fry your brain, so not only will we be placing a device into your head so your brain can handle your AI.

But the armor you will be wearing your AI will be connected to it so, so one you get your armor your AI will be in charge of your HUD lock one system and etc. So since there seems to be a few hundred of you, some will be getting there augmentations here and the others will be transfer to other facilities. But before you go into the labs you will be givens these cards, these cards identify you and what you been through in the drift it will augment you specifically from your experience in the drift. So now that were done with bull shit. The First few hundred of you will be augmented here, and the rest will be sent lab c which is in orbit. And if you’re wondering why some of you will be sent there it’s because there is not enough room down here for you here.

Camilla looks around at the recruits There’s so many here, I never would have imagine that there would be this many people that would survive the drift. I mean your literally becoming one with the machine, most minds can’t handle it but so many did. Camilla nodes her head in approval Heh I hope these guys can live up to the pilots that came before them.

Alright everyone listen up, only one hundred of you will be down here the rest of you will go into the hanger and general Halliday will take you to orbit to get your augmentations. Now if you will all look down you will see a line under you were there is a small line there, those that have a yellow line under them get into the labs the rest head towards the hanger.

The solders looked down and the ones that hade yellow under them went towards the front, while the rest head towards the hanger. Good now that the room is clear come with me recruits.

As the recruits go into the labs Cassia looks around at the labs and starts to think.

Ou god look at this place I never seen a lab before, I wonder what they’re going to do to us I mean yea they made me inter the rift but I wonder what they’re going to do to me.

Camilla steps in front of Cassia. You Hontak get in the room. After you’re done just sit there until we wake you up.

Cassia nods her head and goes into the room and sees that it’s empty.

Um hello is there any one here?

Greetings, miss striker my name is 1275 but most people call me Scrappie I’m the Ai for augmenting new pilots such as yourself, and turn you into a the guardians of the republic. Now I believe you were given a card?

Cassia pulls out a card she was given in the space port.

Hum ou this says you’re going to be a shock trooper, how interesting not many shock troopers can command the bigger mechs.

Ou is that so what do shock troopers do?

Shock troopers play a key role in battle, they are very agile and quick they make good scouts and Intel gatherers. They also plant beacons for star ships on the surface on the planet.

Ou well that sounds useful.

They are, now Cassia if you can please sit on the table but first strip down to your underwear.

Cassia strips to her underwear and is somewhat embarrassed

Thank you miss striker now will you please get on the table. As Cassia gets on the table some devices come out of the table and seem to be rubbing some kind of liquid all over Cassias body.

What is this perverted table!

Please relax miss striker, this is a special ointment to call your body down and to relax your body for the treatment and to make sure you won’t feel any pain from the presage.

Um OK? As the arms disappear into the table Scrapie inserts the card into the machine and put’s a mask over Cassia mouth and nose.

Alright miss striker I need you to take deep breaths and count to twenty.

AS cassia nods her head she starts to breaths in and out of the mask and slowly start to lose consciousness.

Annnnd she’s out great now let’s get started. Scrapie activated the augmentation process and needles and some weird liquid came out of the table and above Cassia. Inserting augmentations 7564 as Scrapie punched in the augmentation numbers two drills started to slowly go into Cassia head, once the penetrated her skull they released some kind of chemicals into her brain and other needles came out of the table and entered the rest of her body as the drug entered Cassias body her body got bigger Ah It seems her body is taking the drug quite well now let me check her antibodies, hum they don’t seem to be rejecting the drug and I see that her bones are growing as well and her mussels are becoming tighter excellent. The drug containers went empty and the needles were gentley removed from Cassias body.

Ah now that that’s done, it’s now time for the hard part making room for the Ai but first let’s check her brain.

Scrapie turned on a computer that monitored Cassia brain waves and her conscious. Hum interesting her brain waves seem to be perfectly fine, actually very cheer full and the AI seems to be just fine even after the presager. Now time to add a slot for her Ai. Scrapie inserted a small device into Cassia spine.

Ah that should do it now as for the armor, time to turn this into the perfect armor for a shock trooper. Scrapie goes to a monitor and is trying to figure out how to create armor for Cassia. Now what would make a good armor for a shock trooper, hum well for a shock trooper well shock troopers need to be quick fast and need to gather Intel quickly, but also need to be tough and be able to take turret fire and most guns. Hum well let’s adjust the thrust on the jet pack make it have more thrust power so it will last longer and give it more of a boost, the over drive should also be given a boost this boost should make her go faster the most. Hum what else increased ammo capacity should be good for ammo and grenades also probes that can scan an are range of let’s say 12 meters that should be good for a shock troopers she’s not a scout so let’s make her shield a little stronger and done. Scrapie place the armor into the work shop and the machines get to work making the armor which should be done is a few hours.

Camilla enters Cassias room where she is being operated. So how is this one what will she be?

She will be a shock trooper.

A shock trooper, can she handle a giant MECH? I mean most if not all shock troopers become part of the vanguard.

According to her brain waves it says that she can handle a MECH, her mind is very cheerful.

Hum good to hear, you did make a slot for her tail right?

Well she wears her tail like a belt so no I didn’t, but I could if she wants to.

No not yet, she’s going to have a long day tomorrow so let’s not worry about that for now Hell her day tomorrow will be rough.

Indeed she will be ready for tomorrow.

Both Camilla and Scrapie left the room, to allow Cassia body to adjust to the augmentations to fully change her body.


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Part 2

Cassia wakes up and sees that she’s wearing some weird close, wha…..Ugh my head god my body feels weird did I grow somehow?

Yea it did that’s only part of the augmentations your bones grew a little, and there a little more flexible and tougher.

Cassia looks around the room in confusion. Who said that?!

Ou sorry let me introduce myself I’m your Ai the one you met in the rift.

Cassia thinks for a minute. Wait so you’re the Ai that I met in that pod? Why couldn’t you talk to me before?

Well I couldn’t there was no way for me to, but since the put a device in your head which is a slot for me which is hocked to your spins which allows me to enter your brain waves which allows me to talk to you.

Huh well that sounds interesting, so what happens now?

Well what happens now is that we go to training, you have a long day today first and for most your armor is ready so the first thing we need is to get you your armor so let’s go to the armory.

Armor? Cassia turns around and leaves the lab and standing in front of her was a dark blue armor. And to Cassia this is the most advance piece of tech that she ever seen. Wow so this is my armor.

Yep this is your armor your badge as a pilot and your uniform.

Cassia put’s her hand on the armor thinking to herself, that she can’t believe how fare she came in the past few weeks and now she realizes that she is now a part of an elite class of solders and that her journey where ever it takes her will be a hard fought one.


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Enter the Domino

A woman wearing a military general uniform, looking down at her planet and sees her people. She sees people living there lives some buying expensive close & food. Others taking care of their families, dropping their kids at school and living happily. A Woman wearing an officer’s uniform approaches the woman and takes a knee behind her.

General Irani our emperors wishes to see you in her palace right away. The officer got up and saluted Irani.

Thank you Miss O’Reilly your dismissed. As the woman left the the general made her way to the palace, as she makes her way to the palace. Everyone around her stood at attention and saluted her, every civilian and solider stood at attention showing their respect to their General.

Once she reaches the palace, she sees her emperors wearing her royal robes and is getting ready for her day.

“Ah Miss Fiona Irani, it’s good to see my most parsed General in my palace. You honor this place with your presents.

The general bows before her queen. You do me honor my queen, I am your weapon to be used as you see fit.

Rise my general I called you today because, I wish to fight the federation once again. The federation, that rebel group that separated from our grasp long before most races were born. We thought them to be a mere pest, we never thought they would become the empire they are now.

Yes my empress when they rebelled we never thought they will get a plethora of races to defy us, we underestimated them. That was our mistake, are the other Generals here as well?

No the only one that is here is you. The empress turned around to look at her General. I need you to lead our army’s to war, I tire of these skirmishes the red Legion will attack Vasishka with force. Your job is to make sure that the red legion doesn’t go too far you know how Tartan gets if left unchecked.

Of course my lady, is there anything else that you need of me?

Yes Cardalan asked for you, he wishes you to see his son. If you have the time to go to Goloka of course.

I will make time for it my lady, is there any were else you want me to go?

No no, that will be all today, Go talk to Tartan you know how happy he is to finally go to war.

Of course my lady I will be sure to inform Tartan the wonderful news, I’m sure he will love the news. As the general leaves the palace, the queen looks at her planet.

I can’t believe it’s been millions of years since the first rebellion started, long ago before most races were born my race was chosen by the gods to create a united empire. Those that opposes were executed, but that rebellion they were different, for some reason that rebel group were more intelligent and had militia tactic used gorilla war far. My great ancestors underestimated them I will not do the same with them.

As general made her way to the soldiers barracks she was stopped by a friend of hers Well general Fiona it’s nice to see an old friend.

The general looked up to see Cardalan. Well if it isn’t king Cardalan to what do I ou the pleasure of seeing you on the capital of the Dominion?

I wanted to talk to you about my son, do you mind if we talk?

Of course. General Fiona walks with King Cardalan to the solders barracks. So Cardalan what is this about your son I mean his house joined the Dominion are you worried about him?

Not him I’m not worried about Wreave, It’s about my other son the one you don’t know about. His name is Solex he is a very interesting boy personally I want him to join your personal army.