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A Brief Guide to Hunters of Terra Dolor

Welcome to the rules section of Hunters of Terra Dolor. Here I'll briefly go over any information one might have about Terra Dolor. Questions and answers will be added as they come up (or as I think of them). The first question is, naturally, the most obvious:

Q: What is Hunters of Terra Dolor?

A: Hunters of Terra Dolor is an up and coming roleplaying experience run by ZombieSplitter53 (that's me;)). Part game, part story-telling, players will take control of specially trained fighters, soldiers, and warriors who fight to slay monsters, save innocents, and make some gold along the way. This will be a fantasy story, filled with monsters, magic, Elves and Faeries, gods and demons. Dispensing with the use of dice, character sheets, and saving roles, the players will be writing an epic story together. The point, naturally, is to have fun, write an enjoyable story, and have a good time with friends.

Q: What is the setting of Terra Dolor?

A: On the planet of Terra, Terra Dolor is the name of continent in which our story will take place. It is a mega continent taking up nearly the entire southern hemisphere. The world itself contains a variety of different sentient races and terrifying monsters. The players will be new Hunters, recently recruited by the Hunter's Guild known as the Havenbrook Organization, in the Country of Serasam, near the border of the Duchy of Temar. The year is 3349 A.D. (After Darkness).

Q: What is a Hunter? And a Hunter's Guild?

A: Dating back to the mid 24th century, the Hunter's Guilds were created in order to have a organized group of people to deal with the constant threats of monsters, horrors, and bandits. A Hunter is a hired sword employed by a guild and sent out to help people and slay foes for a fee.

Q: How does one participate?

A: With some assistance, you'll make a character (possibly two if you feel you can handle it), a Hunter of your very own will a unique past, appearance, set of skills, and weapon proficiency. Roleplaying will then be split into two parts. One is purely character development at the Havenbrook Organization's headquarters, the Havenbrook Manor, were you'll play out interactions with other players' characters and the various NPCs (non-player characters) located at the manor, most of which will be played by myself. The second part is the adventurous part. Your characters will team up and put their skills to the test fighting, escorting, and protecting. These missions can range from large fights that will involve everyone to smaller missions that will only need your character and a few NPCs, occasionally with you writing it without needing me to narrate.

Q: How do I make a character?

A: First, take a look at the description of Terra Dolor's various countries (here), and the various races (here). You may pick a character race of Human, Elf, Light Elf, Thrope, or Netzi. Other races, such as Ophidians and Vampires, will not be selectable at first, but perhaps later on they will be. Then pick where they are from, what they look like, how old they are, and detail information about their past. Once the first NPC bios go up, you'll have a good template to make your own characters. An few important things to remember are that magic is not as common in this story as other fantasy tales, and guns are available but not as reliable either, so do not discount the usefulness of a good old fashion sword (or spear, or axe, or daggers, etc., etc.).

Q: Any tips for making a good character?

A: Well, I'm no expert, but I can give a couple things that I feel help flesh out my characters, and maybe they can help you too. Try and be specific about your character's appearance. Hair color, eye color, height, weight, distinguishing features and marks, and favorite clothes. Anything to help other visualize this person when they reading his or her lines.

Make their background just solid enough to have a firm foundation, but not so firm that you can't plant a garden or put in a pool. By this, I mean make sure there is some wiggle room for their past. It is good to know who this person is and where they are coming from, but there should be details about their past that are open, both so you can add things about them later, and to give others something to discover in the future.

Make sure they are interactable. The stone faced loner is always a go to, and that's okay, but you will be expected to interact with other players, both on and off the battlefield, so don't make them alienate people too much, or at least make them get better. Character flaws are something that give your character some uniqueness, but don't make them too out there. Ask yourself, "If I worked with a person who tends to lose their temper at the drop of the hat, curses at others all the time, and likes the taste of human flesh, would I want to talk to them?" Probably not, so keep that in mind when making your character unique, just not too unique.

Finally, don't be afraid to put a little bit of yourself into your character. They should, as someone you control, be someone you care about. Treat them like an extension of yourself, and have a little passion about them, their safety, and their friendships. (Just don't take it personally if they are insulted or anything.:p)

Q: How strong can my characters be?

A: Pretty strong. The Hunter's Guilds don't hire weaklings, and you will be fighting terrible monsters, so you want a character who can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. That said, keep in mind that none of your characters are going to be the strongest. As new recruits, there will be many other Hunters that are far stronger then yours. What's more, there will be plenty of monsters that you might not be able to take at first. You don't want your character to be too strong at first. Gary Stu and Mary Sue characters get boring fast. Part of what makes a character great is a reader's ability to connect to them, and one can't do that if they're too strong. Plus, who doesn't want to watch their character grow?

Q: Tell me more about the story of Terra Dolor. What is the theme?

A: The theme of this story will be dark fantasy. Inspirations for both the story and the world include Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Berserk, and the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Those worried about a story that is too depressing, worry not. There will be levity. The overall idea came from my love of JRPGs, like Final Fantasy, the Tales games, Dragon Quest, and so forth. I always understood why there were monster all over the place from a game play perspective, but I couldn't help but think how much more miserable a lot of these people should be considering the fact that they can't go from one place to another without the constant threats from bandits, killer cats, smiley-faced slimes, and angry trees. That is the idea here is we have a world where those monsters are a constant threat, and it makes the world a miserable place.

Q: How are skills and spells going to work in the RP?

A: Basically, when you are designing your characters, you'll use your imagination to come up with any special skills they might have. If they can use magic, you'll come up with a number of specific ways they can use the magic, limited of course by the element. Then, you'll go over it with me. I'll either approve it, say it won't work for one reason or another, (for example, if it is too overpowered, or it doesn't fit with an element, or it doesn't fit with the weapon your character uses), or I'll work with you to get it to a point where it does work. I'll be pretty understanding and open to ideas. But as I've said, I don't want characters to be too strong right from the start. Not everyone can start by running up thirty foot vertical walls, chopping boulders clean in half, dodging bullets, healing decapitations, or throwing giant, planet destroying death balls from the start.

Q: Can you tell me more about the history of Terra Dolor?

A: See below (A Brief History of Terra Dolor)

Q: Can you tell me more about the history of Hunter's Guilds and our Hunter's Guild?

A: See below (Hunter's Guilds and the Havenbrook Organization)

Q: If Sesaram is the place with automobiles, does that mean the party will be traveling around in a car?

A: Sometimes. Vehicles are fairly hard to manufacture and expensive to buy and maintain, and the vehicles used will be owned by the Havenbrook Organization itself. At least at the beginning, automobiles will be a literary device, meant to cut down the time needed to travel to farther away countries without the travel time being obscenely long. After all, there are no airplanes to hop in for a long trip. There will be simple passenger trains though, and there is a transcontinental river flowing through the mainland. Expect to use them more often then cars.

Q: What are the languages of Terra Dolor?

A: Terra Dolor has a common language, known as Doloran, spoken across the world and acting as the most common first language. The second most common language the Elvish language, Elven, and is taught in many countries. Nez is the language of the Netzi, though most Netzi additionally know the common tongue as well. Other languages include Ophidian, spoken the the race of the same name, Aquin, spoken by Merfolk, Ferata, spoken by Vampires, and Draconian, believed to be the Dragon language. Naturally, since it has been half a millennium since a dragon was confirmed seen, let alone spoken to, only specialized scholars can speak Draconian.
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Q: Can you tell me more about the magic of Terra Dolor?

A: Magic is life or spirit energy given form by being channeled through a caster or some magic-attuned device. An individual has two means of measuring their power with magic; the pool of total energy they have, which determines how many spells they can cast before tiring, and how much energy they can channel at one time, which determines how strong of a spell they can cast. There are eight forms, or elements, of magic. The four basic are fire, water, wind, and earth, with the former two opposing each other, and the latter two doing the same. Rarer elements include light and dark magic, and the rarest are extensions of these two, celestial and chaos. Magic can be used to control an element, create bolts to throw, make barriers, heal, imbue weapons, and all sorts of other uses.

Lay lines are invisible lines across the world that are imbued with the very life energy of the world, and can be drawn from for all sorts of purposes. Most cities are built over at least one to draw power for city use. Magical pools of energy can be found at the intersection of two lay lines. It is possible for a lay line to be corrupted, and the energy that flows from them curses all that it comes in contact with. It usually takes a long time for corrupted lay lines to naturally return to their original state, and whole cities have fallen thanks to this phenomenon. Research is currently underway to find a means to assist in the process of purification.

Q: What is the difference between light and celestial magic, and dark and chaos magic?

A: Some subtle differences here and there, but overall, a question of power. Celestial magic users can use the same magic that light magic users can, but to a far greater degree and strength. The difference between healing one person at a time and ten people at a time, or more. The same for dark versus chaos magic.

Because they are so rare, these magic users are thought to get their powers directly from the gods by the deeply devoted. This tends to make them coveted and sought after, or hated, depending on the people looking at them (for example, those who worship the dark gods would covet a chaos mage but hate a celestial one).

Q: I'm not sure I understand the difference between Elves and "Light Elves". Can you elaborate?

A: The basic idea here is, in traditional fantasy stories, you have your everyday Elves that you're used to seeing. Then you have Dark Elves, the more sinister variety that are nefarious, evil, and sometimes, misunderstood. Well, the same goes for Terra Dolor, only in this case, the Dark Elves are the more common breed, more suited to the dark world. And because it wouldn't make sense to say Elves and Dark Elves, giving the secondary label to the variation that is considered the norm, we say Elves and Light Elves, simple as that.

Q: What are some of the benefits and draw backs to picking one race over the other?

A: Listed on each race is a list of attributes; physical strength, magical strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, and willpower. Basically, how strong they are physically, how strong magically, how nimble and flexible, how resistant to harm/illness they are, how smart they are, and their strength of will. These aren't strict guidelines, but overall, this will be how your character will be compared to other races. Humans are well rounded, Elves are quick and have strong wills but low constitution, Light Elves are dexterous and have strong magical but are weaker willed and have lower constitution, Thropes are well rounded save for willpower, which varies, and Netzi are physically and magically weak and not very dexterous, but far smarter then average.

Additionally, there are specific benefits and drawbacks when it comes to magic:

Humans can have any magic but are limited to one type (unless they're a witch).

Elfs and Light Elves only have half the options as humans, but can have two types of magic.

Thropes are similar to humans but celestial and chaos are almost unobtainable, though they have their transformations.

And Netzi are extremely limited in magic, but have access to Golems and Magical Constructs.

Q: What is a basic template for character bios?

Name (Your character's name... duh)

Age: (How old your character is)
Sex: (Male or Female)
Height: (I use feet and inches as an uncultured American, but you can use meters if you want :p)
Weight: (In lbs or kg, up to you)
Eye Color: (No limit, but please, no plaid eyes)
Hair Color: (Again, no limit)
Hair Style: (Straight, fuzzy, long, curly, or whatnot, just keep it simple and short)

Race: (Human, Elf, Light Elf, Thrope, or Netzi)
Country of Origin: (Can be from almost anywhere, but remember population percentages for you choice in the biography)
Magic Element(s): (N/A if they can't use magic)
Known Languages: (Most should know Doloran, any others should be sensible given home of origin and education)

Primary Weapon: (The weapon they'll use the most often)
Secondary Weapon: (A sidearm or smaller weapon, used to supplement the primary weapon)
Armor/Attire: (What they wear most often)
*Exclude weapons and armor if they are noncombatants

(A general explanation of what they look like, what they dress like, and any distinguishing marks)

(A simple explanation of what they act like, how they think, and anything to tell us what makes them tick)

(A short summary of who they are, where they came from, and what led them to join a Hunter's Guild)

(Optional, but fun. Two or three special skills all their own that extend past the usual sword thrust or fireball)

(Optional, but informative. One or two interesting notes on the character. Fears, loves, hates, favorite foods, secret desires)

*Remember to submit your final bios to me so I can approve them before we begin. I'm fair and open-minded, but there are rules and I want to avoid anything too out there or overpowered.

Q: How many characters can I start off with?

A: Keeping it simple at the start. You can have one or two characters. Note that they can work as actual hunters or work in another department of the Havenbrook Organization, whether it be book keeping, the armory, magic studies, the library, or what have you. At least one of your characters should be a hunter though.

Q: Will there be sweet, sweet loot?

A: Of course! The main source of income for your characters will, of course, be from doing their job and sharing in the payment. But what is a dungeon without some treasure?! You'll find some goodies every now and then. A jewel worth some sweet dosh, a rare weapon, and rare magic spell, or just some sweet armor you slip off a fallen foe (he won't need it anymore). Fun times for all; slay the monster, loot the treasure.

Q: Will there be any items used to enhance magic?

A: Yes sir. Magic enhancing relics and potions can be used to give a spell a boost. Most are one time use, but can be found and even purchased from specialty stores. They're expensive though, so don't try and rely on them. If your character starts with one, let me know what it does so I can approve of it first.
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Q: What are some holidays of Terra Dolor?

A: I should start out out by mentioning I will be using the good, old fashion 12 month, 52 week, 365 day year. Is there an in-game reason? No. I just don't expect everyone to learn a new system of counting the days or new month names or anything like that. You don't want to learn it. I don't want to make it. Simple as that.

Of course, Earth holidays for Terra Dolor wouldn't make sense. Each individual country will have their own personal holidays, and you are welcome to run one by me if you have an idea. Here are some of the ones celebrated across the continent:

January 1st: New Year's Day - The Celebration of the start of a new year, and even more importantly, the end of another year where the world as a whole survived. Usually celebrated with merry drinking and time spent with close friends and family.

February 11th: Lover's Day - The celebration of the beloved union of two (or more) people for the sake of bringing new life into the world. It was originally created to promote fertility and boost the birthrate in a world where declining birthrates can be disastrous for the world's population, and it is believed it is endorsed by Lexina, God(dess) of Sex, her/himself. Children usually spend the day exchanging innocent treats and candy, while most of the celebration for adults comes after dark.

March 19th: Lady Nichola's Day -
Named after Lady Nichola, a noble priestess who used to travel from country to country, donating large sums of her fortune to orphanages. Celebration of community and merriment. Family's exchange gifts in the morning and have a hearty meal in the evening.

April 3rd: Daemon's Day - This holiday started off as a bloody day in which people dressed in frightening demon costumes so they could disguise themselves to safely walk among real demons and offer them sacrifices, usually blood sacrifices, and often of humans. Nowadays, with superstitions not as bad as the centuries have passed and a lower concern about demons walking among us, the day of sacrifice was changed to be more family friendly, with costumes of demons and monsters worn for enjoyment, and sacrifices of candy and treats given out rather then blood and flesh.

Third Tuesday of June: Diurnal Day - Celebration of the defeat of the Vampires in the Nocturum War, in middle of June, 3054. Festivities include grade school plays retelling the events of the war, parades and fireworks, and eating one's fill.

August 31st: Rume'lurm's Day - A day to celebrate festivities and spirits for little more reason then having a good party and drinking. Its exact origins are unknown, but it is believed Rume'lurm, God of Celebration & Spirits, started it himself as an excuse to crash as many parties as possible on one day. Parties of booze, dancing, delicious food, and games start when the day begins, and ends when the day is over, or sometimes not until the last party-goer falls asleep.

October 24th: Vandemium - Day of Harvest celebration, where the world gives thanks for a bountiful harvest, and to thank the harvest goddess, Ryn'Vandem. The day is spent helping local farmers bring in the harvest, and the evening ends sharing a meal from that harvest. The holiday is naturally wider celebrated in countries with large farming districts.

Third Sunday of November: Mujan Day -
A day celebrating family love, named after Mujan'tella, God of Love. The celebration includes an exchange of gifts between couples, as well as special gifts between parent and child. It additionally celebrates the birth of new children. The fact that it takes place approximately nine months after Lover's day is no coincidence.

December 21st: Hearth's Warming Day -
A celebration of friends and family coming together to survive the winter, celebrated during the first days of winter. The day is spent sharing stories of community and ends with a hearty meal. It is customary to invite over someone down on their luck to dinner. More popular in the colder southern countries, but has spread to northern countries over the centuries.
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"A Brief History of Terra Dolor"
<An excerpt from "Terra Dolor: A Guide to Survive" by Ivane Emeria, PhD>

The history of our fair world is one of strife, struggle, and conflict. To understand why it is like this, we should start with the dreaded Year Zero, also known as the Year of Darkness.

Naturally, a history lesson should go as far back as the first signs of intelligent life on this planet, but no records or history exist beyond Year Zero. It is believed literal darkness consumed the land at this time. Most of the population was likely lost by the monsters that infested the world, a new phenomenon that no one was prepared for. What little evidence and artifacts have been discovered from before Year Zero suggests that the technology of the world was fairly advanced, but it was wiped out. As was the history, so thoroughly one might even suspect it was lost on purpose. Only the gods would know for sure.

The gods are credited for overcoming whatever caused the Year of Darkness, but the land was left in pain, its people broken. For hundreds of years after Year Zero, the people of the world struggled to recover from the devastation. Once they were strong enough to stand on their feet and fight, weapons quickly turned on neighbors. Man against man, Human against Elf, Thorpe against Elf, Human against Human. Wars raged for a thousand years, everyone fighting for resources, food, shelter, and as they recovered and could build sizable towns to protect them from the wild, they fought for land.

Add to this the danger monsters brought. Beasts and nightmares rule the wild, killing indiscriminately. What's worse, every 335 years, the monster population suddenly surges, and it is feared this means they can never being fully dealt with.

Then, in the approximate year of 1340 A.D., the Netzi appeared. And with them, they brought the knowledge of combining magic with technology. However, they avoided conflict, tended towards lands that fought less, and produced innovations to lessen the burden of living. Slowly but surely, one ruler after another started focusing on building on what he had instead of fighting for more. Maps were, for the first time, reliable as the constant shifting borders made it hard to define accurate country sizes before.

But still, man fought. It seemed in their nature. In 1567, a corrupted ley line led the nation of Shirilan to attack its neighboring countries for resources lost when their capital was destroyed. They were completely wiped out in the brief but devastating war.

In 1856, a war between the northern nations and the Merfolk of the Great Northern Ocean, as it was called at the time, led to so many lost coastal towns, and only ended when it was clear to both sides that their loses were too great to continue.

In 2134, a magical attack of mass proportions was used against the central country of Deven Por, and completely wiped it from the map, leaving the land an inhospitable desert. The nations that surrounded its user, Purundy, swiftly descended on them, wiping the nation out before they could turn such a weapon of mass destruction on any of them and destroying the research so that no nation could have such a weapon again.

In 2678, the nation of Mirandia was founded on the eastern coast from those fleeing persecution in their own lands, forming the first nation run equally by Humans, Elves, and Thropes. This threatened their neighbors, and a war between Mirandia and the other countries quickly pulled in allies from other lands that led to a one hundred year world war, finally ending in 2778 with a treaty of nonaggression that left everyone tense, but at least stopped the fighting. This led to a nearly 300 year cold war in which several nations were ready to fight, only holding back out of fear of another world war.

Then, in 3050, the Nocturum War began. The Vampires of the world claimed the previous three millennia were a clear sign that the other races of the world were unfit to rule it, and the Vampires were taking over. And they nearly succeeded. They were incredibly organized, the one people who rarely fought amongst themselves, and they had been planning the war for fifty years. This four year war forced the entire world of man to unite against a single threat. Magic was developed specifically to combat Vampires. Nations put their trust in one another. The victory over them had largely been credited to a group of highly skilled warriors, fighters, and witches from every nation of the world that formed to combat the Vampires. In the end, the Vampires retreated into their Megacity of Drăculești, where they have remained in seclusion for the past three hundred years.

As for the rest of the world, they were shown what they could accomplish when united under a common enemy. The cold war was over, and peace talks were more open. Border disputes continued. Small scale wars and internal civil wars did not go away completely. But fighting between nations ceased to be the norm. Today, moving between countries is not simple, but it is much easier than it was before.

As for the group responsible for the defeat of the Vampires, they formed a Hunter's Guild. The first Guild's were formed at least a thousand years ago, but they were always small scale, all confined to their own country, some only to local towns and cities. This new Guild was the first international one, given the ability to freely travel the world and take on tasks for any nation. This set a precedent, and most Guilds followed suit, making them the way they are today.

The world of Terra Dolor is still a scary place. Monsters and bandits threaten those who travel between cities, towns and villages are much less protected, and the threat of war is still present. But since the Nocturum War, technology has advanced, magic has made life easier, medical advances has increased lifespans, and the increase in Hunter Guild activity has made monsters at least somewhat more manageable. Only time will tell if our dark world, blighted by creatures of destruction and left miserable by dark magic, will someday reach a level of peace and comfort for everyone.
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Hunter's Guilds and the Havenbrook Organization:

The first Hunter's Guilds date back to the mid 24th century, and were little more than bands of neighbors banding together to deal with the day to day threats of monsters in their towns. These simple, ill equipped, inexperienced groups often met with bloody ends. Eventually, the villages that resorted to hiring mercenaries, mercs who often couldn't be fully trust, called for a need of monster slayers with the skills of a mercenary and the trust of an accountable organization. The strongest from one village teamed up with the strongest from another, then another, until the first true Hunter's Guilds were born.

For centuries, these simple Guilds dealt with local matters, at most offering services to the full nation they were located in, but never to other countries, as border crossing was hard for everyone in days past. The first international Hunter's Guild was made up of warriors that distinguished themselves in the war against the vampires, and in 3054, the first Guild to offer its services to anyone in any country was born, and all but the smallest Guilds have done the same ever since.

A Hunter's Guild is an organized band of monster slayers, made up of warriors, mercenaries, witches, and fighters from all walks of life. They all have their own sets of rules, own ways of dealing with clients, own ways of controlling their Hunters, and so forth, but all are basic monster killers for hire. Additionally, Hunters are often called to deal with other problems a client doesn't think they can handle, everything from man hunting to escort to cult destruction. Additionally, every country has their own rules for how they deal with Hunters, but most give them free reign to cross borders and operate within the country.

The Havenbrook Organization is a Hunter's Guild operating in the center of Serasam, just south of the southeast border with the Duchy of Temar. Founded in 3296 AD, it is a young Guild compared to others. It is located in a fairly large mansion that was converted into a headquarters outside of city limits. This means it isn't subject to the rules or laws of any one city, but it also means it lacks the protection a city would have from fortifications, city guards, and simply the numbers that keep monsters away. Instead, the Mansion is built directly over a formally corrupted ley line the original owners were able to purge (at great expense over a long period of time), and this direct source of magic powers a magical barrier when need be.

The original founder, Ivan Frederick Havenbrook, creator the Guild to use his family's fortune for the betterment of mankind. Upon his death and the trading of hands to his son, however, the Guild was shifted to make as much money as possible, and Alfred Nicholas Havenbrook was not a very good business man. Poor pay for Hunters, a change to a humans-only hiring process, inflated prices and a lack of care with who was ordered on what missions led to a loss of Hunters on the field, more to turnover despite strict contracts, and a damage of reputation.

The family fortune, once sustained by the Guild, was quickly dwindling, and Ivan's will stated that, should his eldest son fail to keep the family well off and fail to uphold the business he had put so much love into, it would fall to the next fit heir. With Alfred having no children, this would fall to his sister and her husband. With no intention of giving up the family's riches, Alfred burned their summer home down with them in it, killing them both.

But he missed one person; his niece, Wilhelmina Alexandria Havenbrook. The fifteen year old girl witnessed him starting the fire, escaped it, trekked hundreds of miles across monster-infested land to reach the Havenbrook Organization's headquarters, and confronted her uncle in front of his Hunters. Having no proof of his actions, however, she challenged him to a duel of honor, the only way she could get away with taking her revenge. Alfred arrogantly accepted, and Wilhelmina easily won with her superior swordsmanship, mercilessly slaying her uncle and taking her rightful place as leader of her family's Hunter's Guild.

Twelve years later, Lady Havenbrook has done everything she can to restore her family's reputation. The organization has gone back to its roots. All races are welcome. Failed missions hold no charge. Hunters are graded on strength, as are missions, so that the right people are sent on the right missions. To attract strong Hunters and encourage longer contracts, special benefits are given to Hunters at higher ranks.

The Havenbrook Organization has a ways to go before it reaches the level of popularity, strength, and notoriety of other guilds. It has recently extended its range of contracts, as well as staring a drive to bring in new Hunters from around the world.
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Wilhelmina 'Mina' Alexandria Havenbrook

Sex: Female
Height: 6"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Light Brown
Hair Style: Long and Straight, Down past her shoulders

Country of Origin: Serasam
Magic Element(s): N/A
Known Languages: Doloran, Elven

Primary Weapon:
Dual Rapier/Saber
Secondary Weapon: Stormrend Judge
Armor/Attire: Plate Armor/Leather Jackets


Wilhelmina, aka Mina to those close to her (and Billy to those really close to her) is attractive in a more traditional sense, good looking but not in a way that makes her stand out. This comes from a lack of trying, not worrying about makeup or fancy hair, combined with good genes and a rigid exercise routine. Mina is tall for a human woman, and stronger too. She has a medium bust and a moderate hip size. She is often seen in formal shirts and slacks, as well as a large, heavy leather jacket. She has plate armor in her office, but hasn't worn it in years. The only jewelry she wears is her parents wedding rings on her ring fingers, and a modest silver necklace. Mina has faded burn scars on her palms, and a puncture scar on her chest, just to the left of her heart.



Mina is strong and fearless. Determined and confident, Mina is a stern boss and an even sterner business woman. This sometimes leads her to rub others the wrong way, with words like 'bitch' and 'ice queen' thrown around. That said, she is firm but fair. Mina is unusually liberal in her thoughts about other races, even for modern day thinkers. She believes in rewarding those her do things right as much as punishing failure, and those who work with her find they reap the benefits of staying on her good side. Beneath her cold exterior is a woman who wants peace for the common man, and runs the Havenbrook Organization with the in mind.


Wilhelmina was born into the wealthy Havenbrook family, who are well known for their contributions to the prosperity of Serasam. Her grandfather, Ivan Frederick Havenbrook, had close ties with the royal family, and they gave their personal blessing when he started the Havenbrook Organization. Ivan's children, and by extension his grandchildren, had a big name to live up to. While Mina had the money and security others could only dream of, her childhood was not all pampering and spitting on the less fortunate. She was privately tutored in every subject available, from math to world history to international business law. Her father personally taught her fencing, both for sport and for fighting. She was expected to be the smartest of her peers, the strongest around, and someone who could stand tall in the business world, especially if she happened to lead the Havenbrook Organization one day, as unlikely as that was.

A tough and rigorous lifestyle does not always mean a harsh and unfulfilled childhood. Mina was quite happy. Her parents loved her very much, and showed it whenever they could. She had her time for fun, and in addition to the children of her parents friends, she was expected to socialize with the common man, and had quite a few friends of low status. She was, for the most part, happy.

Said happiness came crashing down one day when on vacation with her parents in their Neren'teva summer home. She was unaware that her uncle, Alfred Nicholas Havenbrook, had failed to be successful when his father died and he took over the family's Hunter's Guild. Even had she been, she never would have suspected he would be so cruel to murder his own sister and her family so the organization didn't change hands. So when he unexpectedly showed up, she let him in without a second thought. She had just enough time to wonder who the shady people he had brought with him were before her uncle stabbed her in the chest, and left her to bleed out. Falling unconscious from the shock, she woke up to find her house in flames. Her foolish uncle had missed her heart, and she was left right by the door. Still, the fire nearly consumed her as she braved the burning home to try and save her parents. She burned her palms pulling the super heated doorknob to her parents room, but found they had already been murdered before the fire started.

Mina escaped. She treated her own wounds, and despite the blood loss, chest wound, burns, smoke inhalation, and exhaustion, she made for the Havenbrook Organization Headquarters right away. She has never shared exactly how she made it all the way there on her own, especially since she had to traverse the scorching hot Duchy of Kemar to do so. When she arrived to face off against her uncle, she had a fire in her eyes that said she would not stand down until one of them was dead. When she challenged him to a duel of honor, Alfred laughed. She was dirty and tired, and her wobbling hands and poor swordsman stance meant it should have been easy to defeat her. But it was all an act. She was, in fact, well rested, far more skilled then she made herself look, and while she had never killed a man before, her thirst for revenge countered her hesitation, and she gladly showed her uncle exactly how to properly stab someone through the chest.

The young Havenbrook orphan took over the Hunter's Guild after that. She was unsure and hesitant, but she knew it would make her parents proud, and her uncle left a good example of what not to do. Mina has grown into a fine woman, but little has changed in her personality since her mid teens. Strong and fearless, the Guild has once again prospered, and will continue to do so as long as Mina is in charge.


Thunder Thrust: After a moment of concentration, Mina can thrust her blade forward with a piercing blow that is far harder to dodge then usual, and pierces far deeper then her normal attack.

Field Medic: Mina is an expert in field medicine, and can treat wounds with the minimum of supplies

Iron Will: It is nearly impossible to bend Mina's will in battle, on the field or in business, and she is unlikely to succumb to fear.

Mina has ophidiophobia. This extends beyond normal serpents, as the only enemy she is hesitant against is an Ophidian. It is unknown way, but it is believed it has something to do with her lone trek through the Kemarin desert as a teen.
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Eraqus Velmonte

Sex: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 157 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short

Race: Elf
Country of Origin: Fairaven
Magic Element(s): Fire
Known Languages: Doloran, Elven

Primary Weapon: Broadsword
Secondary Weapon: Crossbow
Armor/Attire: Heavy Steel Armor

Eraqus is a tall, brooding man with a look of annoyance on his face most of the time, even when he is relatively happy (aka, the resting bitch-face, like Kratos). Like most Elves his age, he has the youthful appearance of a human in his mid 30s. With creamy tan skin and short black hair, he is relatively blemish free on his face and chest, but has quite a few scars on his arms and legs, received from swords, claws, and fangs over decades as a Hunter. When not in armor, he wears simple elvish clothes made of brown leather.


Eraqus is something of a loner. He tends to be cold to others, even his friends, and has a dry sense of humor (or no sense of humor to those who don't know him). Regardless, he is a valuable ally in battle. Eraqus is brave and noble, undaunted by powerful enemies, and he has never left an ally behind. He is extremely loyal to the Havenbrook Organization, and cares about his fellow hunters, even if he doesn't show it. He'll act grumpy if you go to him with a problem, but he will always listen. As an Elf, his opinion of Light Elves is questionable, but Mina has never tolerated discrimination in her Guild, and he treats all fairly, even Light Elves.

Eraqus lived on the streets of Fairaven, his parents dying when he was really young and the boy avoiding authority because of bad things he had heard about orphanages. Little did he know Fairaven has some of the best Orphanages in Terra Dolor. Fairaven is a land of scholars, and had little interest or use for an uneducated boy who had to steal to survive. He wanted more to his life though, and did not want to be a lowlife bandit. He only stole what he needed to stay alive, and targeted richer establishments and people. Still, it was a life he wanted to get out of, and if he could not use his brain to do so, he would use his brawn.

At seventeen, Eraqus attempted the join Fairaven's Evenessa Hunter's Guild, but he underestimated the difficulty and the skill one needed to have to be a hunter, even in Fairaven. He failed to impress, and after completing a year long contract, he was terminated. Undeterred, Eraqus took what money he had made and used it to buy provisions and supplies. He used that to complete a grueling training regiment, spending a year alone in the forests of Fairaven, and another year alone in the deserts of the Dutchy of Kemar. Since he was there anyway, Eraqus then decided the join a local Kemarin Guild, the Desert Roses.

Eraqus made for a great hunter after his training, but he hated the Guild. He found the Desert Roses to be harsh and cruel, too selective with who they were willing to help, and they had a nasty way of dealing with the competition, often encouraged to kill other hunters even when they weren't competing for the same target. They were also unforgiving when it came to deserters, and all who joined where stuck with a twenty year contract just to start. Eraqus wasn't willing to wait that long, so in a battle with a particularly powerful fire breathing beast, one that claimed his two teammates, he slayed the beast but faked his death, swapping his clothes with those of a body the beast had been snacking on and burning it beyond recognition.

Fleeing to the south and remaining in hiding for two years, just in case, Eraqus tried his hand one more time at a Hunter's Guild, this time the quite young Havenbrook Organization of Sarasam. He had a lot more success with this one, as evidenced by his thirty years of service up until the original founder died and it moved to his son. The Guild started hiring only humans, and many of the non-humans already in the guild felt discriminated against and left. After five years of this, Eraqus considered leaving to, maybe heading to Bevland or back to his home country, when the current owner of the Guild showed up, accused her uncle of murdering her parents, and slayed him in a duel of honor.

When the leadership of the Guild was up in the air, many insisted Eraqus take over. He was one of the most senior members of the guild at that point, and while Mina Havenbrook was settling in, he did practically run it. A desk job was not for him, however, and he didn't fight Mina when she was ready to take over. He has been by her side for the past twelve years, or a total of forty-seven years with the guild in total. For the past eight years, he has unofficially acted as her second officer. Officially he is head of the Hunters. Whenever a hunter has a problem, they usually go to him before going to Mina. He takes his job very serious, and additionally helps with hunter and job rankings. Although his position demands he be at the Havenbrook Manor a lot, it does not stop him from hitting the field.


Internal Combustion: Coating his sword with flames, Eraqus stabs a foe and sends said flames to the tip, causing a small explosion the ignites their insides. Takes a large amount of magic and concentration to maintain the attack, and the sword must be within the foe for a few moments to work.

Sword Breaker: A jumping, downward strike of his sword. Exerting a large degree of energy to attack, this move has been known to break a blocking sword on many occasions. It causes too much strain to be used repeatedly, and it leaves him vulnerable, especially if he misses.

Field Cauterize: Eraqus has the experience in using his fire magic to expertly cauterize a wound if need be, including his own wounds. Even with his precision, this is usually a last resort, as it hurts... a lot.

Eraqus has a strong affinity for dogs, and he owns a husky and a Stormrend mastiff that he occasionally takes into battle.
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Esmeralda Starma

Sex: Female
Height: 6'
Weight: 119 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style: Waist length ponytail, a short cowlick bang

Race: Light Elf
Country of Origin: Lustania
Magic Element(s): Wind, Light
Known Languages: Elven, Doloran

Primary Weapon: Tonfa
Secondary Weapon: Smoke Bombs
Armor/Attire: Elvish Attire made of silk

With beautiful, pale skin and flowing, light blond hair, Esmeralda fit in well with the snowy fields of Lustania. An eternal optimist, her smile seems to be her favorite thing to wear. Esmeralda is definitely a lover, not a fighter, and that much is clear with her scrawny looks and lack of serious muscle tone. She, like most of the people of Terra Dolor, has learned how to wield a weapon, in her case tonfa a wondering traveler introduced her to as a child, but she prefers the use of a well placed smoke bomb to flee from danger.


Esmeralda always seems to be in the happiest moods, quite the contrast to the bleak world around her. Careful and excited to the point of being a bit on the loony side, most people either find her to be a breath of fresh air or an incredible annoyance. She always sets out to make others happy and to help all those around her, and this has made her friends as often as it has led her to put off someone who doesn't want her to butt in. She does not appreciate the negative attitude Elves have towards Light Elves, and counters it by putting forth a good example in the hope of proving those negative beliefs wrong.

Esmeralda is something of a free spirit, and quite an intelligent one at that. She had quite an enjoyable and happy childhood in Lustania, but she desired more out of life then living in the cold island of her birth spending her days as a florist selling Lustania flowers.

When she was twenty, Esmeralda set out for the land of her dreams, Fairaven, Elven Land of Scholars & Magic. She set forth to find a place where her intelligence and skills would be useful and appreciated. Fairaven wasn't exactly what she expected. Growing up in Lusitania, she never experienced the kind of negative attitudes and prejudices targeted towards Light Elves in the rest of the world, especially from 'normal' Elves. She had heard of it second hand, but it was worse then she thought, and no matter how hard she worked in her school work, whether it be history studies, mathematics, or magic, she felt she had to work twice as hard for half the recognition.

Disheartened, Esmeralda dropped out after three years and headed back home with a heavy heart. Heading for a port in Serasam, she was attacked by bandits and taken prisoner. She found herself in the clutches of slave traffickers planning to ship her off for sale. Before this could happen, however, the bandits were wiped out by the Havenbrook Organization's Hunters, who had been contracted to do just that. All her belongings were gone, however, and one of the Hunter's took pity on her and offered to let her get some rest back at the Havenbrook Manor.

Once there, Esmeralda fell in love with the vast library the manor sported. She stayed in there for months, only venturing out to pose as cleaning staff in the cafeteria, allowing her to live off of table scraps, after which she would retreat back to live among her beloved books. Lady Havenbrook was not happy when she eventually found out she had a squatter, at least until she found out how many books Esmeralda had read in such a short amount of time, the girl's unusual ability to recall all the she had read, and her efficient organization skills. And so, Esmeralda was offered a job as a librarian, and was made chief librarian within three months. Furthermore, when it was discovered the Organization's bookkeeper had been skimming profits, Esmeralda offered to take that job too.

Esmeralda has a lot of work, and yet is so efficient in her work no one ever sees her doing it, even though it is always done. While 'chief librarian' was not exactly the job she set out to find, with some believing her parents still don't know this has been her job for nearly three years, the important thing was finding a place where her intelligence and skills would be useful and appreciated, and that is exactly what she found. She couldn't be happier or more content.


Stellar Memory:
Esmeralda has an eidetic memory and perfect recall, allowing her not only memorize images and books with unmatched efficiency, but can recall and recite what she's learned with perfect detail. This makes her invaluable as a librarian, especially when it comes to research.

Mental Calculator: Esmeralda can remember large numbers and do complex mathematical problems almost instantaneously in her head, making her perfect for the job of the Havenbrook Organization's bookkeeper.

Esmeralda is terrified of roaches. Possibly because she never saw them growing up. She looks at them like their horrible little monsters and avoids them at all costs.
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Erin Starstorm

Sex: Female
Height: 5' (6' w/ ears)
Weight: 99 lbs
Eye Color: Red-Orange
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short, straight, and simple, halfway down her neck

Race: Thrope (Rabbit)
Country of Origin: Themosa
Magic Element(s): Earth, Wind, Fire
Known Languages: Doloran, Elven, Leporidae

Primary Weapon: Staffs and Sceptres
Secondary Weapon: Dagger
Armor/Attire: Magic Enhancing Robes

At five feet tall, Erin is rather short and petite. This occasionally makes people think she is younger then she actually is. She has a rather serious scowl on her face at most times, a shame considering it is a rather attractive face, one with a nice smile. While working, she can be seen wearing a vibrant robe of brilliant colors, what color it is changing from day to day, and sometimes mood to mood, with a simple, loose fitting brown dress underneath and a brown pointed hat. She has long rabbit ears, as well as a cute cotton tail, not that many have seen the latter.


Erin has an irritable personality and a short temper. Those who have dealt with her would call her capricious and stuck up. She talks in formal matters and has no patience for the 'simple prattlings of those who would waste [her] precious time'. Her superior attitude, however, is a thin vale meant to hide her inferiority complex.

Erin's is an old tale, tragic but heard all too often; the young prodigy, with such a gift, potential wasted because of the people she was born into and the place she lived. For Erin, her gift was magic. Her people were the Thropes, and her home was Themosa. She had a fairly poor upbringing, not surprising when Thropes make up 39% of the population of Themosa but make up nearly 62% of those under the poverty line. She showed great potential with Earth magic though, and her parents set forth to get her all that she deserved.

Erin has worked her little rabbit tail off to get what she has obtained. With her family's poor income, she had to have the best grades in her class to get one of the few scholarships available to Thropes. Erin made it, and had top scores in all her classes, especially her magic studies. Erin was set to be a huge contributor to the magitech industry of Themosa.

Erin was thoroughly unhappy, however. No matter how hard she worked, no matter what her accomplishments, she felt held back by the fuzzy ears on her head. Her peers, from grade school all the way through college, had no quarrels with reminding her that she was a little bunny trying to make it in the big world. She grew resentful and bitter towards others, largely to hide her self doubt, especially from herself.

There were those who did support her though, and they were shocked when, upon graduating, Erin immediately started to pack. Many fought her over it, including her parents, but Erin refused to use her great knowledge and magical skills to aid a country she felt put her down at every turn, spit on hard workers like her parents, and refused to listen to the outcrys of the Thrope population over the persistent slave trade in Themosa.

And so she left. Travelling from place to place, city to city, country to country, Erin found it rather hard to find a job that both fit with her inflated expectations and put up with her inflated ego. She was running out of options, and money, when she passed through Serasam and heard the Havenbrook Organization had recently changed from a humans only policy to welcome all comers. Assuming that meant they would be buttering up non-humans for the sake of reputation, she joined on a whim. Although not the strongest fighter, she joined as a Hunter at first, desperate for money. Her magic was some of the greatest the Guild had ever seen but her actual skills in combat left much to be desired.

She would have been let go after her first year contract was through, but the young head of the organization saw potential in Erin. She suggested Erin work in the Manor's magic department. Located outside of a city, the Havenbrrok Manor needs a group of skilled mages and witches to manage the magic from the ley line under the building, and use the magic to power the house, their armory, and most importantly, their protective barrier.

Erin accepted. Her attitude has put her at odds with many of the other staff members, including Lady Havenbrook herself, but Mina has always said not to have an ego unless you can back it up, and Erin can back it up. Erin had been with the Havenbrook Organization for ten years now, the last four spent as head of both the magic department and communications.


Multiple Elements: Erin's study in the magical arts has raised her to the level of a mid-rank witch. This has granted her the use of two additional elements of magic. This has come at the expense of her skills with hand to hand combat.

Quad-magic Attack: By combining her Earth, Fire, and Wind magic with water magic from an outside source, Erin can unleash a powerful explosive attack that causes wide spread ruin over a large area. Because Erin has no water magic of her own, she can not use this attack unless someone with water magic, or an equivalent source, donates their energy, and it uses up an extensive amount of her energy.

Erin, as one might suspect, has a thing for rabbits and hares. She keeps nearly a dozen of them in her lab to assist in research, and can communicate with them. During her time in college, Erin spent the better part of a semester studying nature-related magic in the northern Themosan forest, where her inflated ego clashed with the inflated egos of the forest's small Faerie kingdom. Erin doesn't care much for Faeries now.
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Edminfar 'Ed' Tevin

Sex: Male
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 57 lbs
Eye Color: Light Brown (Formally Dark Brown)
Fur Color: Grayish Brown (Formally Reddish Brown)

Race: Netzi
Country of Origin: Serasam
Magic Element(s): Water
Known Languages: Nez, Doloran, Elven, Ophidian

Primary Weapon: Thunder Construct
Secondary Weapon: Hand Cannon
Armor/Attire: Work Overalls

At 38 inches, Edminfar, or Ed, is rather large for a Netzi. Ed has been showing his age for some time now, the color in his eyes dimming, his fur turning grey. Ed his a simple metal left leg, a prosthetic left arm with a minimum amount of articulation, a large scar over his empty left eye, and is missing his left antenna. He typically wears a pair of dark blue overalls.

Despite having the appearance of grizzled old man, and the fact that he can be quite pushy and loud when on the job, Ed has a good sense of humor. His main goal in his job is to make sure Hunters are well equipped to survive their battles. He can be a tough boss, but only because he expects the best of those working under him. He can also be something of a pervert, and his wondering eye cares not about racial lines.


The Tevin Netzi family has worked with or for the Havenbrook family for five generations, and Edminfar Tevin's family was no exception. Ed's parents were the top managers in some of Ivan Havenbrook's top factories, and it was thanks to their innovative skills that Ivan increased his fortune enough to start the Havenbrook Organization. Naturally, the Tevin's were offered positions in the new Hunter's Guild, and Ed jumped on board with earnest at the tender age of seventeen.

Seeing the grizzled old man now, one might find it hard to believe, but Ed started his career with the Guild as a Hunter. The then 2'10" fluff ball naturally wasn't fit for combat, but he possessed a Netzi's natural skills in engineering and magitech. He fought along side Grigori, a thunder-based Construct, made to look a sleek, metal tiger, a living weapon of his own creation. When in a pinch he had his trusty hand cannon, a powerful gun that only has one shot, but packs enough punch to blast a hole in almost anything.

Ed had a long, successful career as a Hunter lasting thirty-seven years. Unfortunately, it wasn't Ed's age that took him out of the battle. A year after the death of Ivan Havenbrook and the change of ownership to his son, Alfred, standards for Hunters in the Guild had dropped to dangerous levels. Ed was sent out to eliminate an incredibly powerful witch and his flunkies, and none of the Hunter's accompanying him were fit for the job, something that would have been obvious if there were realistic rankings for Hunters and jobs. Half of the Hunters fled when the fight turned against them, leaving the other half to die one by one. While most of the witch's crew was taken out, so was all of Ed's. Ed himself lost his left leg, arm, eye, and antennae in the fight, and it was only thanks to Grigori successfully retreating with him that he survived.

Ed had enough magical energy to receive prosthesis he could operate to a minimal degree, but his reflexes had taken a hit he couldn't compensate for. He might have been able to work with it, but the worse loss was one of his antennae, which severally limited his ability to link with and give commands to Grigori. Ed's days as a hunter were over. The only reason Alfred didn't drop him from the Guild right then and there was because the R&D department was already losing its much needed Netzi members, and getting rid of the most respected Netzi in the Guild would have likely led to them all leaving.

Alfred might not have had the greatest appreciate for Ed's family's contribution to the Havenbrook family fortune, but his niece did. When Mina took over, she spared no expense to get Ed top of the line prosthesis, fresh off the line from Themosa, and took him out of his unappreciated desk job in the back of the Havenbrook Manor and gave him the job he really deserved, head of the Armory, Smithy, and R&D departments.

Despite all that has happened, Edminfar has never shown any signs of being bitter. When asked about his time as a Hunter and forced retirement, he simply says he had a good career, and only wishes it ended in a less painful manner. He loves his current job, and loves to joke about his unbeatable seniority, as the oldest member of the Havenbrook Organization (70 years old), and the longest lasting member (53 years).


Master Smith:
Edminfar has, by his age, worked with nearly every kind of weapon imaginable and perfected the art of the blacksmith. If your weapon has been made by or is maintained by Ed, you know it will be top quality.

Symbiotic Prosthesis:
While Ed's rare magical abilities are not nearly strong enough to use magic, they are strong enough to supply energy to a special symbiote that lives in his artificial arm. In exchange for feeding off his magical energy, the symbiote allows him to mentally link with the arm, allowing minimal use of joints and digits.


While it has not been used in full combat for a long time, Ed keeps his Construct Grigori in top condition. It is in combat ready and prepared to fight if need be.


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Lady Arlia Stormrend

Sex: Female
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 121 lb
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Long, Thick and wavy

Race: Human
Country of Origin: Stormrend
Magic Element: Chi (Special)
Known Languages: Doloran

Primary Weapon: Shurikens and Kunai
Secondary Weapon: Katana
Armor/Attire: studded leather armor, face mask

Arlia is very thin, while not being boney. Her hair extends down to shoulders and she always has it properly brushed. She is flat chested and has little in the way of curves. She rarely takes off her armor, but on occasion you can find her in a blue dress.

Arlia can be hot headed at times and rash on others. She has trouble trusting anyone of high power or respect, but gets along better with commoners and those less fortunate. Those who know her better know that she can be kind and considerate, but has a hard time letting go of her dark persona. When she has goes into combat, however, she turns into a ruthless and emotionless killing machine.

As member of the royal family of Stormrend, Lady Arlia was forced into a life of money and pampering. She watched as people lost their loved ones to monsters and wars. She was told to ignore them, but she could help but feel bad for them. She wanted to help the soldiers so they wouldn’t die… and so the people wouldn’t mourn anymore.

When she came of age, Arlia snuck into the military transports and began training as an assassin under General Thunder. She learned how to turn her emotions off in the heat of battle and to kill from the shadows. Even with her new talent, Arlia chose to try her best to kill from a distance so she wouldn’t see the person’s face.

During the war for the Stone of Faith, General Thunder’s camp was raided and he was killed in battle. Arlia killed many soldiers to try and save her commander, but saw him murdered by his second of command, Malder Quicksliver. Outraged, Arlia mutilated the man’s body and began to wander the world… becoming a weapon for hire.


Shuriken Mastery:
Arlia’s skill with shurikens has allowed her to throw better than most. She has increase accuracy when throwing a shuriken and can throw them around corners and over cover, albit at a reduced accuracy.

Swift Strike: Arlia can focus her mind to increase her reaction time long enough for one attack. This allows her to perform a swift attack with her katana and sheath the blade at the same speed. Can be done while the blade is sheathed, but requires more time to focus to do so.

Assassinate: Arlia is adept at killing from the shadows. She is better at stealth and deals bonus damage if the target doesn’t know she is there. Additionally, attack from stealth has a bonus 5% chance to deal lethal damage.

Razor Hail: When Arlia has the high ground, she can use her chi to throw all of her ranged tools at a extreme speed. This attack is devastating, but puts a strain on Arlia's chi and her body after use.

Arlia has mentioned having a voice in her head that goes attempts to stop her. It only seems to become an issue when she has lost it or is about to kill an innocent, but the voice seems to have control over Arlia's body... though it has not been confirmed whether it can stop or start organs.
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Zulik Maverin

Age: 115
Sex: Male
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 182 lb
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Medium length, Straight

Race: Elf
Country of Origin: Virando
Magic Element(s): Fire, Dark
Known Languages: Doloran, Elvish

Primary Weapon: Combat Gauntlet
Secondary Weapon: Crossbow
Armor/Attire: Simple Leather Armor

Zulik’s body has been tainted by the evil and it shows in his appearance. His skin is ash grey and his green eyes have no pupils. His gauntlet is permanently fused to to his left arm with a large scar where the metal and flesh connect. He usually wears a brown tunic under his armor.

Zulik Maverin.jpg


Zulik is a man of patience and mystery. He usually doesn’t talk unless he finds that his wisdom is needed or he has information that is required in the conversation. He is near impossible to anger and generally takes an optimistic side of thinking. Though he still considers himself a priest, Zulik has no faith in the gods and would rather take matters into his own hands than wait for a miracle.

Born into the life of a priest, Zulik learned that the gods would protect him if he prayed. In his small home in the small village of Helidim, nothing ever attacked them. Nothing ever threaten to kill them. Until, one day, a old and wise man came and warned the villagers of a evil that would consume the village and corrupt all who lived in it. Zulik was the only man who listened. He fled to the far reaches of the mountains, only stopping when he needed to sleep. Before long, he came across the hut of the old wiseman. The wiseman took Zulik under his wing… after a large amount of begging from Zulik’s part.

The wiseman was a wizard named Maverin. He taught Zulik many spells that would help the poor former-priest survive in the world that he lived in. Zulik took a fondness to fire magic and quickly learn many spells that came from that element. But one day… the evil found Maverin. It came in a form of a shadow of a king and carried a black blade. Though Zulik had prayed that the evil would never find them, but it did and there was nothing he could do to stop it from killing his master and corrupting the land… like it did to his home.

It had corrupted everything but Zulik’s mind. His body became tainted with scars from the evils embrace and his magical energy was twist to become a dark form of itself. He fled once more, only his mind being unchanged by the evil’s influence. He made his way to an abandoned temple, where he meditated to clear his mind and find where he must go with his new, possibly unstable powers.


Void Chain (Dark): Zulik summons a chain of dark energy. This chain acts as a whip and connects to the first target hit, allowing Zulik to attempt to pull the target (Zulik’s strength vs target’s strength).

Inferno Blast (Fire): Summons a large wave of fire forward. This spell is devastating, but costly, so it’s meant to be a last resort attack.

Corruption: Zulik’s corruption goes beyond that of normal corruption. He is easily detected with a detect evil or detect undead spell and radiates a ominous aura wherever he goes. He also can extend his corruption to an ally to boost their non light or celestial magic prowess and lower his own. He also has the ability to adsorb corruption from any creature if he touches the being. Adsorbing corruption however can harm him and possible kill him if he adsorbs too much at one time. He also has no control over the adsorption, causing to adsorb corruption anytime he touches a corrupted creature regardless of his willingness.

Inferno Void (Fire and Dark): Zulik can fuse his fire and dark magic together, forming a orb of unstable energy. When the orb touches the ground, it erupts into a field of dark fire that constantly pulls it’s victims closer to it. Zulik requires mana to maintain the the field.

Void Blade (Dark): Zulik can summon a blade of dark energy in his right hand, about the size of a shortsword.
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Charter Van dam

Sex: Male
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 210
Eye color: One eye Red, the other a Dark Blue
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Long, Straight.

Race: Human
Country of Origin: Mirandia
Magic Element: N/A
Known Languages: Doloran, Elven

Primary Weapon: Sword/Shield
Secondary weapon: Bow & arrow
Armor/Attire: Heavy steel plate armor

Charter is a tall, broad man. He is surprisingly attractive in human terms, though he doesn't acknowledge most people's passings on him. Charter's hair is to the base of his neck, and he has a scar across his nose and his right eyebrow from training with his sword. He has tanned rough skin and is blemish free.



Charter is something of a team leader. He cares for each and every person that he works with and is more like a big brother to those that are around him. Charter gives a positive outlook on life, and is not one for looking a the down side of things. He is surprisingly progressive, being very polite to the other races, even the Light Elves. Charter lives by a code of honor, to defend the weak and protect everyone that he can, wherever he can.

Born into the Iron legion, Charter was born into nobility. his father being the general of the army who worked under one of the many leaders of the government. In Miranda, since his father was a knight general, Charter's father trained him to be a knight since he was seven. Being born into a noble house that has a long lineage of knights that serve the kingdom of Mirandia, Charter was expected to be a knight, not that he had a problem with that. He admired his father and wanted to be like him. Being the first born child of his family, he was excited to start his training.

His childhood was spent training. How to hold a sword properly, how to wear heavy armor, how to maintain his weapons, and so on. During his training, it was shown that he was a natural with a sword and shield combination. His father also teached him how to use a bow and arrow so he can take out his enemies from a distance.

But not all of his time was spent training. Charter spent a lot of time with his family, studying about the other races, and reading about the great war and being inspired by the soldiers in it. Charter's family treated him very well, and even though they were rich they did teach him the value of money and not to spend his money like it was nothing. He was also taught to respect others races, that no one is above or below anyone else.

However at age nineteen, he did not become a knight. He instead became more of a traveling mercenary, although he did not charge people with money. They did give him food and water, as well as a room in the local tavern. This does not mean he is poor. Whatever raider or monster base/lair he cleared, he would often trade the weapons and armor he obtained to a local blacksmith. Currently, he is still working as a traveling mercenary, waiting for a great and noble cause to join.


Shield Master:
After years of training, Charter has learned how to use his shield not only as an object to block attacks, but to use it as a weapon as well.

Weapons Expert: While Charter is a master of the sword and the shield, he can handle other weapons such as long swords, Axes, Maces, etc. However, he is not good with guns.

Quick draw:
Charter is able to fire his bow and arrow quickly, as well as fire two arrows at once.

Alchemist: While not a master of Alchemy, during his travels he has learned the basics of alchemy, and even some experts potion and poison making.

While Charter is kind to his fellow man and other races, after reading about the Vampire war, he despises them. Charter is also accompanied by a dire wolf as his friend and comrade.
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Solomon Duonnium

Age: 32
Sex: Male
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 172 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Shaved Bald

Race: Human
Country of Origin: Duchy of Kemar
Magic Element(s): Water
Known Languages: Doloran, Ophidian, Elven

Primary Weapon: Partisan Spear
Secondary Weapon: Two-Handed Hammer
Armor/Attire: Full Plate Knight Armor [customized with white paint and golden-colored highlights]



Solomon has the heavy musculature of a dutiful warrior. His constant exercise has created a sturdy form meant to bear the load of heavy armor and armaments, as well as take damage if the need arises. Despite the endurance Solomon has built up for such a contingency, he does not boast battle-scars - save for two. The first is a diagonal white line across his torso - a grievous wound that could have killed. The second merely runs across his shoulder - the remnant of a lucky Ophidian strike that breached his armor. Solomon is rarely without his regalia during his travels, although in the times where he forgoes his venerable suit of armor, he wears simple, monk-like clothing. His facial features resemble those religious devotees: they are chiseled and steeped in contemplation.


Although middle-aged by human standards and young by elven measurements, Solomon is a fountain of wisdom. He has gained extensive experience and knowledge through his travels across Kemar and his visits to parts of other countries that border his own. During Solomon’s wanderings and sojourns he gathered quite the collection of literature, as well. He approaches life with a calm demeanor, accepting the tempestuous nature of fortune with an outlook on life centered around tolerance of fate and adaptation to it. Where many in this world live in fear that death could be around any corner, Solomon is not paralyzed; very little shakes up the knight. He is slow to anger, but perhaps too slow to act; he prefers to avoid unnecessary violence despite his lengthy combat history - being aware of how temporal life can be and unwilling to frivolously cut it short. Although he is wary of being overly friendly with strangers (who could have any number of ulterior motives), Solomon allows others a degree of respect until they do something to sully that grace. And should one earn his trust and friendship, he will not hesitant to defend them with his shield - and strike them down if necessary.


Solomon was born in a small village - called Rusem - that lay in the northeastern portion of the Duchy of Kemar. Growing up, he was indecisive. Solomon enjoyed the way of the blade - quickly developing a fondness for spears - but was plenty skilled in the trade that his father was teaching him: blacksmithing. It was a safer option, his parents insisted, and thus it seemed Solomon would follow in their footsteps. But as he grew older, he found himself increasingly bored in a village where nothing interesting seemed to happen. Inspired by the warriors that visited with the occasional trade caravan, Solomon decided to become one himself. He resumed his training, and honed his talent - easily qualifying for the town guard. Then, when the young man was 17, an Ophidian raid struck Rusem.

Solomon met the lizardmen in combat with abandon. The thrill of battle filled his youthful veins with fire, and he took to it with an almost-bloodthirsty glee. Their foes easily fell. Overcome with brashness, Solomon and his fellow guardians went in pursuit of the remnants of the small group as they fled - and fell right into the Ophidians’ trap. The main body of the lizardman force burst from their hiding places, ambushing the warriors and slaughtering them. A few managed to flee; Solomon was not one of them. One of his foes swiped a battle-axe across his chest and left him for dead.

But he survived. Solomon managed to crawl to a hiding place as the Ophidians descended upon his hometown. He lay near-death for days, and in this condition, all Solomon could do was think. He came to regret the overeagerness that he and his comrades had shown in rushing blindly ahead. In his desire to make his own life more interesting, he had doomed that of others. When he had recovered enough, Solomon returned to Rusem, only to find it in ruins. Many had died or been taken as slaves by the Ophidians, and those that survived had fled. His parents had been among the casualties, slain in their own home. Unsure of his purpose in life, Solomon wandered for a year as a mercenary.

Solomon found the answers he sought in the Immoradia Archives. At the behest of a client, he visited a composite temple-library dedicated to the god of time, Tempora. The monks there knew that the books they created were not immortal, but served to provide knowledge for the duration of their existence. Solomon found himself drawn to this manner of thinking. Their calm acceptance of the finite nature of the physical world and life itself was enviable; he thus requested to join the order in an attempt to inculcate those ideas in himself.

The keeper of the archives could tell Solomon was a man that could not be tied down with monastic duties forever, but also detected sincerity in his humble plea. Coming to a compromise, the woman gave Solomon a purpose: learn the ways of Tempora’s followers, and be a warrior who served in his name, with his ideas at heart. For the next few years, Solomon stayed at the temple, learning. He left only to continue his training in the nearby town. By the time he departed - christened with a title unique to him - he was a changed man. Gone was the reckless and foolhardy nature of a frustrated youth. Solomon had become a cautious, methodical, and ultimately sagely figure - set to travel and improve the world while doing so. As an ode to his father and a means to let go of the guilt he held for the past, he forged a suit of armor for himself and a partisan and hammer to go with it. Then, Solomon set out into the world as the one and only Temporal Knight.

At first the nascent adventurer was a nobody, but he gradually went from humble escort tasks and modest guard duty to taking on brigands and fighting monsters. Soon though, the region spoke of a knight in alabaster armor who wielded a spear with awe-inspiring ability and utilized strange magic that could affect time itself. His reputation building, Solomon set out into the wider world. He began taking jobs all over Kemar, wanting to see more of his country and aid more of his countrymen. These travels allowed him to collect books of all sorts, read them, and then send them back to the archives for safekeeping. His journies showed him wondrous vistas, but also the horrors of the world.

Hoping to fulfill quests tasking him and his comrades with the defense of towns, he would find them in ashes like Rusem. One man could not protect the world entirely, and Solomon had to accept this. Although he thought himself prepared for the twists fate brought, the Temporal Knight did not expect the next turn his life took. At twenty-five, he came across a small, devastated village and found a survivor. Hiding in the rubble was a nine-year old elven girl, whose father was dead. Her mother, she tearfully told Solomon, had been taken away by the Ophidians responsible for the village’s destruction. Solomon had seen a dozen stories like hers, and would have given her over to an orphanage if not for what little Sela had told him she wanted to do: she swore she’d hunt down her father’s killers and rescue her mother.

Seeing something of his younger self in those brash words, Solomon decided to prevent Sela from going down a path that led to ruin if he could. He took her in and taught her the ways of the sword and the tenets of Tempora while continuing to travel over the next five years. One day, they found the raider group she sought, although what they found left both unsatisfied. The pair traveled for a few more months in Kemar. Having seen so much of his home country already, and noticing that Sela seemed unable to really move on while there, he began his sojourns to other countries.

While his squire began to recover, Solomon expanded his mind further and took pride in his continued work. Neither of the two Temporal Knights felt they quite belonged in the places they visited, however. Having left Kemar behind, they were merely wanderers, traveling in order to see more of the world and fill their pockets. While in Serasam, Solomon heard of the rising star Havenbrook Guild. Cautiously optimistic about the promise it seemed to portend, he took the opportunity to join and see what future it may bring.


Tactical Sense: As a veteran of many battles, Solomon is able to study and respond to the movements of his opponents. He is able to keep track of several foes at once, and maneuver so that hits graze his armor or narrowly miss more often than not.

Blacksmithing: Like his father before him, Solomon is an excellent weaponsmith and armorer, able to repair damaged gear or create entirely new equipment.

Time Dilation: The ability to exert a force over time, causing a foe to slow by a factor of 0.5 for up to thirty seconds at a time (with a double-length cooldown). Enemies with substantial magical resistance can shrug off the effects of this low-level spell.

Stasis Prism: A hexagonal prism that can be cast upon a target of humanoid size or smaller. It freezes the affected friend or foe in time, rendering them invulnerable and immobilized for fifteen seconds. The stasis prison is a little larger than the target; the first person that attempts to attack the shielded person will be encased in the surplus energy - and therefore fall under the same effects until the spell expires.


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Sela Fay’thiel

Age: 17
Sex: Female
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 161 lbs
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Color: Jet Black
Hair Style: Ponytail that rises up a little to a scrunchie and then pours down, like a plumed helmet.

Race: Elf
Country of Origin: Duchy of Kemar
Magic Element(s): Fire
Known Languages: Elven, Doloran, Ophidian

Primary Weapon: Cavalier Halberd
Secondary Weapon: Snubnose Scattergun
Armor/Attire: Platemail Hybrid Armor [characterized by gold paint with alabaster highlights]

Sela001 alt.png


In most respects Sela is the picture of youth. She has smooth chocolate-colored skin and a lightweight, graceful build that hearkens back to her elven heritage. Her ebony hair is rich in appearance and texture, and her facial features are soft and unweathered by time. However, there is something about her eyes that does not like up with her vernal state. She looks at people with a suspicious, jaded glare that does not belong to a normal youth. Men tend to ignore that stare in favor of setting their gaze upon the ample bosom that fortune has provided her. This asset is more apparent when she is out of her armor, at which time she dons loose white desert clothing. The Kemarian outfit includes a shemagh mask and a billowy cloak for sandstorms or stealth.


Due to her young age, Sela is naturally inexperienced in the ways of the world. While she is the polar opposite of gullible due to the hard times she has oft endured, the elf is unfamiliar with many customs outside of the Duchy and can’t help but be curious. In seeking knowledge she can be too overeager and has a bad habit of prying past the point of decency - a tendency that is contained somewhat by an undeniable streak of laziness. At the very least, she is amenable with most people when not indulging in a contrarian streak (that serves to alienate those without patience). Sela’s youth carries with it a recklessness that can often get her into more serious trouble, however. Her thirst for battle is a dangerous addiction, and it can cause her to make foolish mistakes should she fall too deep into a berserker state. Despite her flaws, Sela is genuine with herself and others, forgoing artifice for a refreshingly straightforward honesty.


Sela was born in a modest little village in southern Kemar. She lived a fairly normal life as a child. She became fast friends with neighbors her age, thriving in the small-town nature of the settlement. More than anything though, she was close to her parents. Her father was the guard-captain of the town, and his daughter admired him greatly. Her mother took care of her most of the time, but was an excellent seamstress as well - and was very accepting of the strong possibility that her daughter would likely follow in her father’s footsteps. That was the outcome that came to pass, although not in the way the couple could have envisioned or would have wanted.

One day, the Ophidians came. They were fairly few, and would have been driven off by the group of guards and mob of volunteers that came to the town’s defense. However, the lizardmen had not come alone. They had managed to make a stone golem subservient to them, and used the monolithic creature like a battering ram. The townsfolk didn’t stand a chance, and were killed one by one. Realizing the battle was lost, Sela’s father called for his forces to fall back. He retreated to his family’s house, wanting them to flee - but he hadn’t been swift enough. The one-eyed Ophidian (Sela’s father had taken his left eye in the battle) that led the group caught up with him, and drove a scimitar through the captain’s chest in front of his daughter.

Horrified, Sela was paralyzed by fear. Her mother had enough wits about her to act, and - as Sela remembered it not long after - tried to interpose herself between the Ophidian and her daughter. Then the roof came crashing down due to the golem’s rampage, separating parent and child. Sela was buried in rubble for hours before she managed to make it to light. She then sat in the remains of her home, unable to do anything but weep. It was in this sorry state that Sir Solomon discovered her. Looking upon his armaments, Sela was reminded of the courage of her father - and vowed then and there to avenge him and rescue her mother.

Nine-year-old Sela had the burning fire to learn how to fight. She learned how to bend time from the temporal knight that took her in as his squire. Although she understood his respect of Tempora, Sela saw the time god as more of a cruel entity than steadfast Solomon did. But she was willing to forgive him if it meant wielding power enough to slay her enemies. Solomon’s teachings about the god were meant to dissuade Sela from foolish actions, but he found that she would not be deterred from her revenge. She thought about little else for the first year, only starting to live a little again when more than fifteen months went by without any sign of the raider band.

Sela always kept vengeance in the back of her mind, but she tried to enjoy seeing more of Kemar in her travels with Solomon. It bothered her to no end that he was always busy, and seldom had time to spend with her on anything but training. When her parents had been alive there was always one of them to look after her, but now there was no such good fortune. She often snuck out of the inn he would dump her in to haunt the streets, playing games and - surprisingly - winning many of them. Her victories tended to get her into trouble with shadier types, but Sela could typically handle herself - or flee if need be. At the very least, Solomon’s teachings about discretion did not go unheeded, and Sela extracted herself from a deadly situation more than once.

Then, when Sela was thirteen, a local guild in southern Kemar located the raiders. Solomon was hesitant, but Sela insisted she’d go with them to fight the Ophidians even if it meant going without him. The knight and his squire went together, and faced down the raiders with the help of the local fighting force. Sela’s halberd claimed several Ophidian lives that day. Without their monster to aid them, they were outmatched by the two Temporal Knights and their allies. Sela was victorious, but her victory rang hollow. The one-eyed Ophidian had been killed by the collapse all those years ago. And Sela’s mother, having been enslaved for four years, hardly recognized her daughter. What was worse, Sela - seeing the woman in such a pathetic state - recalled her repressed memory of what had actually happened that day.

Rather than protecting her daughter, Sela’s mother had been separated from her in a different way. The older woman had tried to flee, wanting only to save her own life after seeing her husband go down. Solomon tried to console Sela, to tell her that nearly anyone would have done such a thing - that she should not hate. Sela, overcome by bitterness from the realization that one of her heroes was not so heroic after all, hardly listened. She only showed her mother one kindness that day: Sela did not reveal her identity, as to avoid filling the poor wretch with guilt-ridden memories. The squire left her mother behind in the nearby town, and continued traveling with her tutor.

Her concentration fast-faded though, and she lost most of her drive to fight. Revenge had yielded nothing. Reunion had been an empty occasion. All she had now was an unhealthy preoccupation with the thrill of battle. Hoping to cure her of that, Solomon showed her more of the world. The pair left Kemar behind, and visited the borderlands of other countries. Gradually, Sela’s curiosity started to repress her darker desires and a disillusionment no one so young should have to bear. The discovery of Havenbrook excited Sela greatly; all the things she heard about them assured her that joining would be an excellent idea. So together, the two Temporal Knights sought out membership with the Serasam hunter organization.


Implacable: Sela is dextrous and agile, able to nimbly navigate the battlefield and shift targets with her weapon to fight on the move - a tactic she is fond of using to keep enemies off-balance.

Pyromancy: The art of conjuring and manipulating fire. Sela has a natural talent for precision due to her imaginative mind, but due to a lack of practice she has not boosted her mana pool and output much at all.

Hasten: Sela can temporally accelerate herself or an ally by a factor of 1.25, allowing them to think and act a little faster relative to opponents who will remain in the normal flow of time.

Fuse: An application of temporal acceleration that causes molecules to move faster; flammable materials will be ignited, and explosive materials may detonate.

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Betty Marie Vhemmina

Sex: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Bunched up in a large, messy bun

Race: Thrope (Fly)
Country of Origin: Themosa
Magic Element(s): None
Known Languages: (Doloran, Elvish, Sim Nez.)

Primary Weapon: Hybrid Pneumatic Scrap Gauntlet
Secondary Weapon: Flintlock Pistol
Armor/Attire: Thick Cloth Tunic, Leather Apron and Pants. Thick Protective Goggles.

Betty is a very rare breed of Thrope, her animal being a Fly. This trait manifests itself most obviously in her large, black, compound eyes that take up most of her face, however, a more subtle trait is her skin, tinted a blackish, soot-like color, which it is easily mistaken for considering her pastime. Her eyes are usually hidden behind her thick goggles, mostly to keep people adverse to insects from panicking in her presence. Betty can often be seen with a smile, especially while deep in her work.

Betty is a friendly and open minded person, accepting to many different types of people no matter their background. She is also determined, when she sets her mind to something there's not much that can stop her from getting it done. Combine this with her ingenuity and you have traits that support the life she chose as an inventor and tinkerer. However, Betty has a few traits that could be attributed to her insect affinity, including a dangerous curiousity, hints of paranoia, nervousness, and a general excitability that can come off as annoying.

Betty grew up in the Magitech capital of Themosa, but unlike most Thropes there, her parents were not part of the poorer class of the city. They weren't rich by any stretch of the imagination, but due to their work in the Havenbrook Monster Hunter Guild, they made enough money to send back home to their daughter when they were away. Because of this, Betty's younger years were spent more with a nanny than her parents, but she didn't mind much as her parents made a lot of time to see her. However after a few years, they had stopped making as much money under the leadership of the guild and were forced to take more dangerous jobs to keep up.

It wasn't long before Betty had heard the terrible news that they had gone missing in action, they hadn't told her much more than that. Devastated, Betty spent much time sobbing and sulking and during this time, her parents money ran dry quickly. However, before she could become homeless, she heard a knock at the door. As it turns out, it was friends of her parents, a Netzi family, who had decided to take her in. Despite never hearing of them, Betty had little reason not to trust them, her parents traveled all over after all and visited her infrequently, it made sense they would have close friends that she wasn't familiar with.

The family wasn't much, just a single family raising a daughter in the poorer district of the city, but it was better than being homeless of course and they treated her well, the daughter, Veeti, quickly becoming her best friend. Despite Veeti's father working hard at his job in a factory and training his daughter to take after him, leaving Betty home alone often like when she was with her nanny, the young Thrope loved her new family. Reveling in every moment they spent together with her in their small home. As Betty grew up, she learned quickly that Thropes were not looked kindly on in the city, facing discrimination everywhere she looked. As such, she mostly kept to her home, spending most of her time tinkering with Veeti, who, with her father, had shown the young Thrope a few things. Catching on quickly, Betty began to experiment on her own, needing more parts to fuel her hobby. Thankfully, this was Themosa, the magitech capital of the world, it wasn't hard to find scrap if one knew where to look. However this rummaging through garbage and trash gave Betty an even worse reputation as a stinky, smelly, girl no one wanted to be around. Little more than an insect. However, rather than take this as an insult, Betty began to grow a fascination with everything that buzzed or crawled. Which, to many people's surprise, began to show itself in her physical appearance as her traits developed.

Of course, this made the common people avoid her especially now. Veeti's father thought it would be better for the young Thrope to stay indoors, only leaving with Veeti for the scrap she needed. Betty had a passing interest in schooling, but her father didn't recommend it either, knowing the extreme discrimination she would face, he offered instead to find her books and teach her whatever he knew. In return, Betty decided that she could craft bits, bobbles, and gadgets for her family, as well as take care of the chores while they were out, she was to stay inside most of the time after all and it didn't inconvenience her much.

However as she grew, Betty longed for more. After an intimate discussion with Veeti, they both decided that they would embark for the newly lead Havenbrook Hunter's Guild and hunt monsters. This would give them access to all the wealth and supplies they would need to improve as well as give Betty a chance to finally discover the fate of her parents. However, as she was writing a goodbye note, Veeti stopped her, explaining that their father wouldn't understand Betty's decision to join, saying that if he knew where they were going, he'd only worry. Not wanting to burden their father with worry, they changed the note, saying they were offered a job working abroad and wanted greatly to bring the family money for Veeti's father's retirement.

And so, they set off in search of adventure, money, and of course, Answers.


Betty has the skill to put together and repair many things, including elaborate machinery and weapons.

Scrapper: From experience, Betty can break down most things into useful component parts, including things such as enemy weapons or various other kinds of discarded tech.

Quick Learner:
Able to pick up skills quickly, Betty is intuitive and can easily reverse engineer common parts and weapons to learn how to build them herself. However, the more complicated the harder it is to pick up.

Notes: Due to her complex eyes, Betty has better vision than most, including larger peripherals.

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Sylvie Laurent

Sex: Female
Height: 6'1
Weight: 140 Lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Light Green
Hair Style: Short hair with a laurel braid.

Race: Human
Country of Origin: Neren'teva
Magic Element(s): Earth
Known Languages: (Doloran, Elvish.)

Primary Weapon: Handmade Ironwood Staff/Spear
Secondary Weapon: Deer Antler Leather Glove Fist Weapon
Armor/Attire: Flower Decorated Thatched Leather Shoulder Pads/Top Combination/w Thatched Leather Pants.

Sylvie's hunting attire stands out due to a striking balance of elegance and savagery. Complex cross thatched armor interwoven with flowers and a intricately woven laurel braid, juxtaposed with primitive weapons. Such weapons include her Staff/Spear, intricately carved with running deer and decorated with two winged prongs just under the blade and her leather glove, affixed with sharped deer antlers for close range. However, her everyday clothes forgo the weapons in favor a silk like one piece robe, it's shoulders also decorated with flowers. Her hair is a striking green, not natural, but dyed with leaf paste pigment that matches her deep, dark green eyes.

Sylvie was taught to be a lover of all things natural by the village chief, her father. She takes after her village's deity in that she is kind and gentle, but is not afraid to swap this for savagery in combat, especially when she needs to protect what she loves. She is very close and protective towards those she knows well, but wary around strangers, as such, she prefers to keep a close knit inner circle of friends, rather than gathering as many as she can. Sylvie's most favorite pass times would be reading the various books in her villages small library and gardening, something done quite easily with her magic. Despite knowing how, she prefers to stay her hand at hunting, however, she understands the necessity of it and when she does hunt, she is sure to pay as much respect as she can. Due to little exposure, Sylvie can come off a naive towards things related to the rest of the world and due to her life based powers, is uncomfortable when faced with dark magic.

Biography: In the ancient forests of Neren' teva lies a small, secluded village, hidden in the dense trees and brush as if the land itself was guarding it. This place has no name and not even the inhabitants know for sure how long it's been there, but to them, it is home. The few visitors that arrived to this strange place, note that the peculiar deity they worship, Ahussira'Tielli, is isolated to the town, with no other mention anywhere else. Some that have left and returned, had even argued that the town had moved to a new location, however, the residents denied these claims. Others say that the deity curses defilers of the forest, making trips back through the wood extremely dangerous, but if you respect it, then it is little more than a stroll.

This town is where Sylvie was born, only daughter to the chieftain. Sylvie was the latest female Earth mage to be born in a long line of chieftains daughter's that went back as long as the village itself. The people of the town saw these women as blessed by Ahussira, the deity of fertility and nature, herself, they saw these woman as her chosen few, and so the villagers held them in very high esteem. However, Sylvie's mother had died when she was young, lost in a hunting trip and buried under a carved tree, sacred to Ahussira, a practice done to honor the most respected.

So, Sylvie's father, the chieftain, raised her with the rest of the village teaching her what they knew. The master hunters taught her to hit an apple with the perfect throw of a spear, the priests taught her the ways of Ahussira and how to pay proper respect to the dead, the herbalist taught her to pick, grind, and combine, anything that could be found on the land. She even picked up a love of reading due to the constant studying and continued to read long after her training was complete. It wasn't long before Sylvie, at the young age of fourteen, went on her first hunt. However, it of course, had to be a deer.

Throughout her life, deer had been a good omen to her, of all the animals in the forest, she felt the most connection to them. Her father had even said one had visited her home on the day of her birth, a sign, he said, from the deity. She had left with a group containing most of her mentors, including some of the most skilled hunters in the village. However, instead of them finding the deer and hunting it, they instead found it eviscerated.

The hunters and Sylvie approached it slowly, examining the wound, they discovered first hand what had dealt the killing blow. From the thick brush, a massive maw shot out from it, gripping one of Sylvie's mentors in it's maw. It only took a second for the others to identify the creature, a manticore. The sight was foreign to everyone, even the master hunters, who had never seen a monster this dangerous this far in the woods. They believed that their deity kept the monsters away, or steered them so that the village would be safe from harm, however, that hadn't happened this time.

The manticore's stinger whipped forth with blinding speed, impaling a young hunter and pinning him to a tree, the young man squirmed as the venom filled his body and the others quickly moved in to aid him. However, their spears were only agitating the creature, causing it to swipe back and forth, injuring more of the group.

However, as Sylvie began to move in as well, something caught her eye, a large branch hung above the creature, partially broken when the monster had impaled the young boy. Knowing of her family's blessing of magic, Sylvie attempted to access it. Relying on instinct, she delved deep within herself as she focused on the branch. It glowed faintly, then began to grow slowly, then quickly as it punctured the creatures skull. The Beast roared, trying to break the branch above it. However, it was too late as the branch twisted and grew off shoots which also penetrated the creature's brain, soon sending it to the ground.

There was little time to celebrate as the hunters returned to camp with the dead deer and the casualties of the fight. As the hunters were brought for medical attention, Sylvie's father rushed to hug her, baffled by the situation, as the other villagers praised her for saving their children's lives. It was after that day that her father decided to accelerate her training, fetching her a log of ironwood that, with the help of the weapon smith, was turned into a potent weapon, and telling her that she would begin her training with magic, the same training her mother had undergone.

Little did the town know, that the manticore was only the start.

Now, almost 10 years later, the forest has grown so much more dangerous. Hunters have had to stay closer and closer to their hamlet, lest they be caught unawares by the creatures encroaching on Ahusirra's land. Unwilling to sit back and watch, and now equipped with her magic training, Sylvie set out to join the Havenbrook Monster Hunters Guild, a group of which had already been seen in the forest, searching for the new threats. Her father was reluctant, but could think of no better place to have her continue her training, then outside of their little home.

And so, she set off, her home behind her, in order to save it and find out just why all this had been happening.


Sylvie can use her Earth magic to grow and manipulate plants to her will, even sprouting vines from the ground to tangle and stab enemies.

Nature's Gift: Sylvie has the ability to pull energy from the earth and plants around her to heal minor to moderate wounds.

Wilds Command:
Sylvie can also use her powers to manipulate the actions of, but not completely control, some animals and creatures. Excluding most monsters.

Way of the Wood: As a trained herbalist, Sylvie can harvest most kinds of herbs, transforming them into useful potions and poultices of varying effect, based on the plant.



Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 124 lbs
Eye Color: Ember
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Messy

Race: Thrope
Country of Origin: Elluviana
Magic Element(s): Fire and Chaos
Known Languages: Doloran, Draconian
Primary Weapon: The Dragonscale Ring
Secondary Weapon: Chaos Blade
Armor/Attire: Black Mage Robes

Appearance: Drayce has the body of a small thirteen year old, though his actual age is fours years more than that. His stunted growth is an unexplained occurrence. His black hair tends to be unkempt, and his eyes seem to smolder and shift colors like that of a dying ember. Usually his face is smudged in some kind of dirt or soot at one point or another, even after just taking a bath. The robes he wears were crafted by hand himself with the guidance of both Scaleless Dragon Liandriana, and the Armored Dragon Pontivus. They first started off as simply silken robes from the bugs that lived in nearby caves, but has been modified over the years with self-made dyes and dragon scales so it now has a pauldron on the left shoulder, bracers and animal skin boots. Around Drayce’s neck are reddish-black scales as well as on the back of his hands and chest. His evolution also gives him pointed teeth, both finger and toenails with the sharpness of claws and astute smell.

Personality: Drayce is a fairly docile for being a Dragon Thrope, more of an observer than an active participator, though he will not rebuff those who try to interact with him. His speech is slightly simple as Doloran is merely a second language to him. His only ever interactions being with dragons, Drayce finds it hard to adapt to normal living standards expected by others around him, often being territorial when it would otherwise not be expected, and being completely alright in situations that would not call for a calm nature.

Biography: When Drayce was a baby, naught two days old yet, he was brought to a sheer cliff by a young woman who happened to be his aunt. The girl had the baby dropped into her arms when the young Thrope’s parents were slain unexpectedly by demons, and not seeing herself able to be responsible enough to care for the infant, she dropped him from the cliff and assumed him dead after that point. He would have been, if not for the God of the Sea, Uladan, who saw the dreadful act and took pity. In a moment’s decision, the young babe was whisked away to the far north, and left in the care of those who would make sure the boy was safe. At first, it was a big burden the god dropped on the magnificent beasts of the north, the dragons seeing raising a child unlike them to be an impossible task, but it was Liandriana, the Scaleless Dragon, who stepped up to the task. The fleshy ice drake cared for the boy as if it was her own offspring, giving him the milk of wild animals to sustain him, let Drayce sleep next to her in her cave, and even was the one who named him. While growing, the young Thrope had mentors along his journey into adolescence. Pontivus, the Armored Dragon, taught him how to mend metal to his will, to make tools, and how to use him. Smough, the Blaze Dragon taught the young man to bed the will of fire to his design, and through that magical knowledge, unlocked the rare skill of chaos magic from Talibrimagor, the Philosopher Dragon. Suffice to say, his environment shaped the young Thrope, and for the first time in recorded history, Drayce became the first Thrope ever to adopt a Draconian aspect. For his seventeenth naming day, Pontivus took Drayce to the summit of a mountain to forge several tools. The first was armor, made from the young dragon’s own armored scales, stronger than any domestic Terra Dolar metal. The next was a ring formed from the scales of Talibrimagor, a conduit used to stabilize the young Thrope’s extreme magical potential so he did not lose control of his magical arts and burn himself out of his talents. The final gift was the Chaos Blade, a wakazashi type design of blade that was forged from the rock of a crashed meteorite. With his gifts, Drayce was also told that it was time for him to leave the land of dragons and return to where he belonged. Though saddened, he reluctantly agreed, the ways dragons acted being apart of his nature now. He said his goodbyes to his mentors, and gave a heartfelt goodbye to Liandriana before the Philosopher shattered Drayce’s mind to scramble up his memories so that he led no one back to his new homeland. With the help of the sea god once more, Drayce was returned to the main continent in the south. Knowing the dangers that lay ahead, Drayce decided to travel to Havenbrook, wanting someplace where he could be protected from those who would abuse him, and to fill the void left in his soul. More than once, when asked for a full name, the Thrope often answers with Drayce Lian’rana, an homage to his almost forgotten mother.

Dragon Transformation- When pushed to the limits of his abilities, Drayce has the power to partially or fully transform into a miniature dragon.

Breath of the Dragon- Drayce has the ability to breath and even eat fire attacks.

Animalistic Affinity- Though some Thropes have this to some degree, Drayce has evolved far past that, to even the point birds and other jittery animals have no problem approaching or being approached by him.

He one day wishes to see his mother again.
Drayce’s guilty pleasure is chasing around mice.
May or may not be mildly curious by all things cute and beautiful.


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Name: Titania
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Height: 5’6
Weight: 163 lbs.
Eye color: Blue/ Gold for left/ right resp.
Hair color: silver
Hair style: braided
Other features: Long scars on her arms, a pendant with two photos inside of two different Thropes, and gloves to hide clawed hands and feet.

Race: Thrope- Arctic Wolf
Country of Origin: Bevland
Known Languages: Doloran, Elven (Beginning)

Primary weapon: Steel Longsword
Secondary weapon: Iron Shortsword, and an Iron Dagger
Armor/attire: Iron Armor, with steel pauldrons

Appearance: Titania appears muscular and lean, and when not wearing her armor, tends to wear purple dresses with white gloves, which hides her clawed hands, coupled with elegant white and gold shoes. She tends to hold herself upright, but slouches slightly when in the presence of friends. Her leather armor is colored a vibrant red, with green accents.
Personality: Naive (in terms of danger when associating with people), Humble, Erudite, Calm (when with allies), Brave, Reckless (at times),


When noble houses decide who should lead their house in normal affairs, heirs are inevitably required. Titania was one such heir, but had been born far into the queue of succession as she had three older siblings that managed the estate, and all sought to be elected into the lucrative, and coveted seat in the Royal Parliament. Titania, knowing that she stood little chance of inheriting the role, sought other outlets, and this soon spawned a love of the more physical arts, and due to her status, such pursuits were easily funded by her family.

As a child, this meant learning how to dance, exercise, and various other tasks that were monotonous in nature. Eventually, to insure that their children could protect themselves, Titania’s parents enlisted the help of four honorable mercenaries to teach the young nobles how to fight in a myriad of styles. But amongst their normal duties, the mercenaries tried to instill honor, justice, and retribution amongst the young nobles, but much to their chagrin, only Titania and her younger brother took to these interesting tenets.

Titania, during her teenage years, found that she had a knack for swordplay and pursued it vigorously, and proceeded to progress in skill until on her 18th birthday, at which point her two combat instructors found that she had surpassed their skill. It was at this time that she asked her parents to go adventuring in the world, but was cordially turned down for all her efforts.

So, Titania whittled her time away training, and developed a second talent, this time with a smaller bladed objects; daggers. But this did not impress her parents, and turned her into somewhat of a pariah amongst her own family.

Eventually, through random circumstances, Titania found herself one night relearning what she had studied as a child. Intrigued by what she had found, she sought holy symbols for the Goddess Nemesis, and for Aratenda, and aquired them shortly. Empowered, by what she believed were Goddesses who understood her core values, she began to train harder, and took up practicing amongst the common soldiers that belonged to her house.

Finally, at the young age of twenty-three years old, Titania asked once more to leave to travel, and with much hesitation, her house refused, an action that cause Titania to leave anyways. A few months later, Titania ended up in Helvan. There she found a slave who she bought with her funds, on the condition that he serve as her bodyguard.

Two years pass, and Titania found herself to be an interesting commodity, as she did a majority of her work for free, as she passed town after town, a wandering sellsword.

Eventually, another two years pass, and in Serasam, a tale of a recovering guild that was plagued with a horrible menace reaches Titania’s ears.


Incredible hearing: Titania can hear incredibly well and can occasionally hear a stealthed opponent advancing.

Swift-foot: Titania can move faster than most, but has her limits for doing so.

Revenge Strike: Titania retaliates with a powerful blow after she is heavily wounded, or if an ally is heavily wounded (requires some concentration.)
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Name: Jay “Mumbles” Sancros
Age: 50
Sex: Male
Height: 6’3
Weight: 212 lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: black
Hair style: long
Other features: a glass eye, a skeletal hand hanging from his neck on a chain.

Race: Light Elf
Country of Origin: Helvan
Magic Element: Water, Light
Known Language(s): Doloran, Elven

Primary Weapon: An intricate, metal staff of water
Secondary Weapon: Gauntlet
Armor/Attire: Clothes, with slight leather armor covering vital organs on his upper body.


Jay wears a scarf across his left arm, which if he’s in cold weather, he wraps around his head. He wears black clothing with red detailing which features, a cloak, a rusted gauntlet, and plain clothes. When walking, he shuffles along with a nearly imperceivable limp. Jay has a crooked nose, and one vertical scar going over his left eye.

Personality: Kind/Caring (Only to allies), Serious, Loyal (Regarding allies) , Calculating, Ruthless (regarding enemies)

Born into a slave family, Mumbles led a difficult life that involved catering to the whims of his masters, and, more often than not, being punished for things that were beyond his control. As a result of his masters, Mumbles grew to dislike Humans and Elves, and reached a point where he loathed to meet new members of either race. Eventually, Titania bought him, freeing him from slavery on one condition: that he’d serve as her bodyguard and help keep her alive as she traveled. Naturally, he agreed and the duo have been seen together ever since.

Vortex (Water): Creates a vortex of water, trapping everyone in the area in powerful crashing waves. Drains mana to sustain vortex.

Holy Spark (light): Shocks a target with light energy. Can either slightly heal or slightly damage the target. Healed targets gain a burst of speed while damaged targets get their movement hindered.

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