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Appearance and Personalities: The Laepaede have three different biological templates that have different appearances. Royals and Courtesans are generally around ten feet tall with thin appendages covered in a segmented exoskeleton. These Traditional Laepaede have large, compound eyes with two pits at each side of the head that they use to smell and a segmented jaw not unlike a Praying Mantis that splits open to reveal rows of pointed teeth. While they are omnivores this can make eating fruit pretty messy, however they have evolved a few thicker crushing teeth near the back of their mouth over time. Laepaede also have a slender tongue that can be on average three feet long, covered in special micro bristles that are designed to trap sticky sap or honey. The tongue can retract to the size of a usual human tongue by folding into a pocket of flesh that branches off of the esophagus near where the neck and head meet. They can use this pocket to store amounts of honey or sap instead of eating it and transport it to their young or save it for later.

Royals and Courtesans also have butterfly like antennae that spiral at the end and hang off their head that they use to pick up subtle chemicals cues in the air, they can then use these cues to determine information about their environment.

On their compact and comparably thin thorax they have two sets of arms, one pair that is connected at the shoulders and another that branches off at the upper rib cage each with four slender digits on each hand, three fingers and one opposable thumb. They also have a smaller third set of arms that protrude from sides of the lower thorax, situated a little more towards the back. The hands on these smaller arms only have three digits each with no thumb, but the fingers are also covered in honey trapping bristles that act in a similar way to the ones on the tongue. This smaller set of arms is usually used for picking honey up or carrying the cocoons that hold their larvae.

Lastly on the back of the Thorax are a set of large butterfly like wings that when unfolded reach vertically a foot above their head, down to their feet, and horizontally around two feet past the arms. These wings can be used for limited flight as well as gliding and bare a one of a kind pattern unique to each Laepaede. These wings would normally be quite cumbersome and Impractical however they can be folded around the front of the Laepaede's body almost like a robe, and are normally like this when not in use. The wings when folded hide most of the front of the body, including the arms under them, giving the Laepaede the ability to hide weapons and other objects within them in their hands.

Their skinnier abdomen connects down to long thin segmented legs that contribute much to the height of the Laepaede and connect with their feet at the bottom. These feet are similar to a Grasshopper with two toe like appendages at the front of each foot and one behind for stability.

This is where Royals and Courtesans differ in the color of the body. The Exoskeleton can come in an almost mosaic of bright and flashy colors or one solid bright color that fades gently into others, the wings having an almost stained glass look to them. These extreme colors are reserved for the Royals and the highly fertile Courtesans however and are the mark of beauty and sex appeal for the Insect Race. Most Courtesans colors come with much more monotony, with dark greens, yellows, greys and blacks being the most common among them.

The Chevalier meanwhile are huge, hulking bipedal beetle like creatures with two sets of legs to hold then up and a set of massive arms that are as thick as bridge cables, the ends of which are completed by savage claws. These lesser Males have six smaller compound eyes and a similar mouth to their counterparts but with two, two foot long horns coming out of the head, perfect for goring enemies. The Exoskeleton of Chevalier are also much thicker and hardier than that of their feminine counterparts however they are sterile and have no ability to traditionally speak. These guards most often come in dark green, dark brown, dark grey, or black.

Personally wise the Laepaede are often seen as hoity, overly proud, and arrogant by the rest of Galactic Civilization and such a label wouldn't be inaccurate. Pride and Image and the most important things to a Laepaede, embarrassment or excommunication being seen in most cases as far worse than death. The worst thing that could happen to an individual even. This makes defamation and character assassination along the same level as murder in their species, even worse, but only if the defamer is proven to be wrong of course, additionally those cases are rarely looked into when the defamee is of a lower class.

This Arrogance and tendency to look down on others is more prevalent the higher you go up in the social structure of the Laepaede. However, they tend to get along well with the Tamaerin as they typically see them as close to equals, they also maintain a decent relationship with the Shinso and the Cartus due to their mutual hatred of Quin and the fact that most Laepaede have no problem with the Shinso's enslavement of that Carthus, comparing it to their relationship with the Chevalier as a subspecies only born to serve. Because of this their hive fleet tends to travel to Shinso and Tamaerin space for repair, refuel, and safety. As well, many Laepaede that leave the Hive Fleet can be found on planets in these areas, forming small sub communities not unlike Chinatowns on Earth.

They stand at a sour place for most other Galactic Species except the Bazir, which they feel pretty neutrally about. However their real enemies in the galaxy are the aforementioned Quin for their decades long invasion of Laepaede space as well as placed blame for forcing them to unleash the Andromeda AI. Also the Fee for what they believe was the diplomatic theft of their homeworld and planets that were rightfully theirs.

Ashara-Sharei: Translates to the 'She who Rules Grandly’. She is the supreme Royal of the Laepaede Hive Fleet and has lived for four hundred years, still remembering the beauty of their homeworld before the AI War.

Shara'Sharei: Translates simply to 'She who Rules and Nurtures.’ Refers to the Laepaede Royals.

Sharei: Translates just to 'She who Nurtures.’ Used to refer to the Courtesans.

Dodehdora: Refers to the Chevalier Guards. Translates roughly to 'Lesser Defenders of She.’ She being the collective Female Laepaede.


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Psionics: the manifestation and control of otherworldly energies by the mind.
  • Few species have the potential at all.
  • They appear in a few individuals out of millions typically, save for engineered or extraordinary species like the Tamearins and Demigor, respectively.
  • An individual’s willpower plays a prominent role in the strength of their psionics.
  • For one reason or another, the light generated as a byproduct of psionics is assigned to a specific color out of the basic six. These are the major focii of psionic powers.
  • Generally, a psion has one ‘Major’ focus and can expand with increasing difficult in either direction.
  • Psionic energies have specialized applications, each constituting a specific power. These are divided up among the six colors. Each has four, with an additional ‘ultimate power’.
  • Ultimate Powers can be used by a psion of the matching color focus or an adjacent one and have no prerequisites. Their uniqueness comes from their higher learning curve and inherent potency over other psi powers.
  • The two most basic powers - telepathy and telekinesis - align to particular ends of the psionic wheel. The warm colors (red, orange, yellow) are stronger with telekinetic abilities, while the cool colors (blue, green, violet) have more potent telepathic abilities.
  • Both basic powers can be used by any psion, however.
  • Telepathy - the communion between minds. A telepath can transmit their thoughts into another’s mind as words, images, or any other medium that is necessary for understanding. The connection requires a willing participant: advanced telepathy that attempts to bypass mental defenses is known as Mind-Reading.
  • Telekinesis - the direction of applied forces. Telekinetics generate pushes and pulls to move objects.

Power List

Red: Pyrokinesis, Kinetic Strike, Destructokinesis, Imbuing [Gravokinesis]
Orange: Aerokinesis, Thunderclap, Sonokinesis, Terrakinesis [Kinetic Storm]
Yellow: Electrokinesis, Telekinetic Field, Blink, Teleimagery [Magnokinesis]
Green: Biokinesis, Neuroshock, Split-Focus, Aquakinesis [Psychic Clash]
Blue: Empathy, ESP, Suggestion, Mind Control [Bullet Time]
Violet: Psychic Link, Soulfire, Subsume, Telekinetic Lance [Structokinesis]
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Psionic Power Descriptions

Raw Power (Red) - A red psion focuses on unleashing their energy in the most direct way possible. These psions focus on generating energy externally and then unleashing it - often all at once. Many of their abilities are destructive, and all are straightforward. They tend to be the strongest telekinetics.

Pyrokinesis - the ability to conjure and manipulate fire.

Kinetic Strike - condensed telekinesis that increases the concussive force of impacts.

Destructokinesis - telekinetic force that burrows into a contacted target and forces material apart. In its most basic form this causes objects to fracture or blow apart into pieces on contact. Stronger destructokinetics can split material apart into its component atoms, effectively vaporizing the material they touch. Practically melee range is required or the power dissipates.

Imbuing - affects the durability of inorganic materials by strengthening or weakening them on contact. Cannot affect structokinetic materials.

Gravokinesis - the creation and manipulation of gravitational fields around the psion. The application is limited by range, but the sheer power can force opponents to their knees or direct them with far more finality than regular telekinesis. Localized gravity fields can even curve the trajectory of projectiles.


Power via Wisdom (Orange) - By combining wisdom and power, the orange psion is able to damage and disrupt their opponents their opponent with efficient uses of energy. These powers are devious like yellow skills while retaining some of the destructive potential of red abilities. Orange psionics are unique for including two elemental skills.

Aerokinesis - the ability to conjure and manipulate gases.

Thunderclap - a compression and release of telekinetic force in a wave around the origin point. The result is a concussive blast. More refined use can shape the blast in a particular direction.

Sonokinesis - the power to generate and control sound-waves. Sound can be altered to different frequency for mimicry, silencing, or amplification to create sonic blasts.

Terrakinesis - the conjuration and manipulation of silicate rock.

Kinetic Storm - Razor-sharp telekinetic fragments of force be reproduced in the thousands to create whirling storms of bladed force. Though they are not all consciously directed by the psion at once due to a lack of precise control they spin around a centerpoint to be contained. The storm can be shaped like a hurricane, a tornado, or a number of other weather phenomenon to achieve a desired effect. It can even be scaled down for use as a weapon in its own right.


Pure Wisdom (Yellow)
- The yellow psion operates through indirect means to combat their foes, relying upon broad applications of their abilities and mastery of the principles of the universe. Their powers reflect this roundabout methodology. Yellow psions are able to dabble in telepathy more than the other warm colors.

Electrokinesis - the ability to generate and control electrical currents.

Telekinetic Field - a wide application of telekinetic energy with two main branches: fields and shields. Standard telekinetic fields slow or speed up whatever passes through them, acting as a defensive or offensive screen. Shields are solid force-fields that completely stop projectiles but can be overloaded. .

Blink - the ability to warp through transdimensional space, reappearing at a location known to the psion usually by visual memory. This effectively limits combat range to sight range without prior knowledge of the battlefield.

Telemagery - the manipulation of the senses of targets, which increases in difficulty with number. The psion causes their subject to see, hear, or even feel inputs that only exist within their mind.

Magnokinesis - the generation and manipulation of magnetic forces, which inherently grants the user control over metallic materials. They can bend and shape or use the magnetic fields to attract or repulse, making the yellow psion a terror to all conventional equipment and electronics.


Control through Wisdom (Green) - Green psions make use of thoughtful application and precise regulation of their powers to pull off intricate feats of the mind and body. Their mental abilities are indirect and disruptive due to a lack of raw power, but they make up for it in guile and focus. Green psions have access to the unique power and versatile power to affect the body.

Biokinesis - the ability to modify biological processes and physical characteristics. This can be used to regenerate damaged tissues or destroy healthy ones. It can modify the body’s capabilities to temporarily grant superhuman sight, reflexes, strength, speed, or durability. Finally, biokinesis can stimulate the nervous system to cause pleasure or pain - or brainwash a target.

Neuroshock - a psychic attack on the nervous system that can disrupt neural passageways, slowing reflexes, cognition, and defenses to subsequent telepathic attacks. It can be used to target nerve cell packets related to the senses to dull them. Disrupts ESP.

Split-Focus - allows a psion to divide their mind to accomplish multiple cognitions at once rather than normal multitasking - which involves rapid switches in-between. This enables them to perform simultaneous complex tasks that would otherwise be impossible.

Aquakinesis - the ability to conjure and manipulate liquids. Corrosive liquids can be created, but nonstable (acidic or basic) solutions are more difficult and energy-intensive to produce than simple ones like water.

Psychic Clash - utilizing the best of their control, a green psion’s ultimate power forces the mind of the opponent out onto a common mental plane, where the foes’ cognition is made manifest. Here it is not power but wit and imagination that determines the victor, as well as control over themselves - suiting the green perfectly.


Total Control (Blue) - A blue psion wields the best precision out of any of the other colors and tends to have the most potent telepathic abilities. They lack an elemental ability of any kind, but make up for it with their sheer psychic ability. All of their powers deal with the internal instead: they affect the minds of themselves and others.

Empathy - the ability to read and modify emotional states. Confidence can be turned to fear, joy can flip to sorrow, calm can break to rage - vice versa and so on. This can also enable cross-species psychic communication between those whose thoughts might otherwise be incomprehensible.

ESP - extrasensory perception, or the ability to perceive beyond one’s normal senses. This can grant sight of areas otherwise hidden, bolster the reflexes, or - in its most impressive form - sharpen the psion’s awareness to grant them a few seconds of partial precognition based upon all the available data points in their environment.

Suggestion - telepathic trickery that implants an action or sequence of actions in a target’s mind and attempts to disguise it as their own thoughts. When used successfully, the target carries out the psion’s will unknowingly. Awareness of the deceit can snap targets out of it, and they generally won’t interpret ideas that obviously compromise their interests as their own thoughts.

Mind Control - forcible psychic trickery that attempts to subjugate a target’s will beneath that of the psion’s own.

Bullet Time - by wielding total control over one’s cognition, the ultimate blue power enables the psion to accelerate their cognition to incredible levels. They are thus able to make decisions while the time around them moves at a snail’s pace, although the inertia of the world is unaffected. With this ability, a blue master is always many steps ahead of their opponent.


Power by Control (Violet) - The violet psion fuses the raw power of reds with the precision of blues to wield a set of abilities that strike hard against other psions. They lack a true elemental ability, but their ultimate power is a category unto itself that projects mind into a unique kind of matter.

Psychic Link - a bond between the mind of two or more psions that exchanges data at incredible speeds between them, allowing One-Minds to act in symbiotic unison.

Soulfire - psychic flames that burn away psionic energy rather than physical objects. The resulting backlash to affected targets sets the nerves alight.

Subsume - leeching psionic tendrils that drain psionic energy rather than destroy it; the tradeoff is that they are physical objects that can be destroyed.

Telekinetic Lance - a specialized application of telekinesis that funnels the force into a narrow shape like a bullet and launches it at high speeds to puncture targets.

Structokinesis - The power to create solid-psi constructs of varying complexity and function. This solidified energy is quasi-crystalline material that can form simple shapes up to simulacra of servos, but whatever is created moves at the structokinetic’s behest alone. The durability of their creations is tied to their power, while their complexity is down to control.


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Average Height: Microscopic
Average Weight: Undefined
Average Lifespan: ???

The collectives are an extremely rare species of biomechanical symbiotes believe to have gone extinct many years ago. They take a form similar to that of human nanomachine tech, able to clump together to take shape of various animals and objects. They are a unique form of symbiote... As they feed off of human emotions via a neural connection to the brainstem... Giving them access to the host's brain signals (though it is rare that take control of their host without permission). Collectives are surprisingly independent and personalized... Each recorded group having different approaches from the others. The emotions of their host does seem to influence their actions, however. It has been over 300 hundred years since a collective has been reported as active... Making many forget they even exist in the universe.

Newborns are Collectives that have only recently been created... Usually by another Collective transforming ore into their own kind. These Collectives are nameless, unlike their brethren who have developed a "Collection Title." (Their idea of a name to be referred to by when speaking to organic life)

The Objective:
This is their term for their host... As they see protecting them as their primary "objective."

Odin is believed to be the first Collective and the creator of his kind. He is an ancient being that researchers believe as existed longer then most other life. We, unfortunately, have never seen Odin... Nor do we know if he is a Collective or another, older, species of the galaxy.


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Terrain - Mostly Water w/ Some Green land
Population - Pickio
Pop Size - Small

Peek has one of the few settlements of Pickio in the known Galaxy. The planet is 95% covered by water, with vast, horrifyingly large creatures dwelling in it's oceans, and giant mega trees rising up out of the ocean. There are Pickio settlements on every one of the few patches of land located in the Northern Hemispher, along with a few who have built small villages on the mega trees. The Pickio on this planet are not nearly as hostile as the ones one might usually find travelling through space, but they are still rather unkind to strangers unless there is some profit to be made.


Terrain - Heavily forested/Levistones
Population - Celentius & Human
Pop Size - Medium

Timberknack is one of the few planets in the known galaxy fo have naturally occurring Levistones, grand, magnetically charged rocks that float be means we are still trying to fully understand to this day. This is where the vast majority of the Celentius population lives, in a few medium to large cities build among the clouds.

Some Celentius also live among humans on the ground in settlements made among the forests. These Celentius are mostly outcasts or the occasional deserter of their normally heavily religious people who choose to live among humans.


Terrain - Forests and Jungles
Population - Cubators
Pop Size - Large

The planet is populated by, and as far as we know only by, Cubators. The uncertainty of this comes from the fact that few who actually land on the planet ever seem to return. It was colonized by several intelligent Cubators wishing to be left alone to let their people thrive, so it is little wonder why they are likely unkind to strangers. That being said, they do have contact with the outside galaxy and the occasional ship can be seen going to and leaving the planet. These are almost always Shinso ships.

Melana & Tebbiton

Terrain - Earth Like
Population - Shinso and Cartus
Pop Size - Large

These planets, their orbits one after the other around their sun, are populated by Shinso (and their Cartus slaves) who left their system and their never ending fights with the Quin. Ironically, these planets are primarily supply worlds meant for delivering goods and repairing ships in the systems, and their biggest competitors are two planets of Quin the next sector over. The planets have a truce at the moment, however. After all, the whole reason they came out here was to avoid fighting, and there are plenty of people who would rather deal with the Shinso than the Quin.

Devoni & Strought

Terrain - Large Plains with forests (Devoni)/ Frozen Tundras (Strought)
Population - Quin/Human
Pop Size - Large (Devoni)/Medium (Strought)

These planets, sharing the same system but several orbits away from each other, are populated by Quin who left their system and their never ending fights with the Shinso. Ironically, these planets are primarily supply worlds meant for delivering goods and repairing ships in the systems, and their biggest competitors are two planets of Shinso the next sector over. The planets have a truce at the moment, however. After all, the whole reason they came out here was to avoid fighting, and there are plenty of people who would rather deal with the Quin than the Shinso. Devoni is quite suitable for Quin life, as well as humans who have a small settlement there. Strought, on the other hand, requires biodomes for the Quin to live comfortably on, or else it is too cold for their suiting.


Terrain - Earth Like/Desert
Population - Human/Tamearin/Quin/Celentius
Pop Size - Medium

This Earth-like planet has a melting pot of different alien species seeking independance among the frontier. While half the planet is covered by a desert, the remaining half is heavily populated by humans, Tamearins, Quin, and Celentius, as well as a small number Kortovog and even a small settlement of freed Cartus. Naturally, the planet with so many different cultures has its problems with aliens butting heads, and it has a bit more crime then they care to admit.


Terrain - Technoformed
Population - Fee
Pop Size - Large

Ventis is one of the few known Fee controlled planet outside of the Delta Quadrant. Like most Fee planets, it was Technoformed by the Andromeda A.I. before being handed over to the Fee to be looked after. It contains a vast, deep, circular jungle on the equator where Fee are welcome to live should they not enjoy the current array of Technology afforded to the Fee, but most choose to remain as cyborgs as they have since the war. The planet supplies the system with vast amounts of technology. There are a number of artifacts on the planet that indicate that another species of aliens once called this planet home, but said evidence also indicates they hadn't been their long before the A.I. showed up.


Terrain - Earth Like
Population - Human
Pop Size - Small

Life on this planet is self sustainable for the most part. This is good for the small population of Humans that call it home, for they are incredibly xenophobic. They came a long way to find a planet they could settle on that was "alien-free". They can communicate with ships and other planets, but mostly choose not too, and do so only in emergencies.


Terrain - Plains and Deserts
Population - Kortovog
Pop Size - Medium

The Kortovog like this planet as it contains many a creature to test their might, and augmentations, against. Emptuu is the greatest source of augmenters in this section of the galaxy, as well as the only major one, and is quite the source for genetic modification as well. Many of the raw materials they use come from a nearby asteroid belt they claim ownership over vehemently. This planet is mostly peaceful with others, even Tamearin planets, but they will fight, and kill, to hold on to that asteroid belt.


Terrain - Mostly Arctic with some warmer climate near the equator.
Population - Tamearin & Cartus
Pop Size - Small

The distance this planet has from its home world is no coincidence. It was settled several centuries ago by Pon-Taers wishing to live in peace away from the judging eyes of the rest of their race. They do not discriminate however, and are open to non-Pon-Taers (a necessity, as two Pon-Taer parents do not guarantee a Pon-Taer child). Non-Pon-Taers can live with the rest, move to one of a few non-Pon-Taer settlements, or leave to go back to their home system. Over the last century, Cartus have been welcome to live on the planet, including runaway slaves. Any Shinso foolish enough to bring their slaves to the planet is likely to have them freed on them as slavery is 100% illegal. This has caused quite a bit of friction between the planet, Shinso who did not know the law, and Shinso demanding runaways be returned.


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Average Height: 5'10" (M), 7'1" (F)
Average Weight: 85 lbs (M), 99 lbs (F)
Average Lifespan: 70 (M), 50 (F)


A bipedal species from Selion 3, also known as Norsca, that seemed to evolve from both mammals and reptiles. A species with low physical stats but superior mental stats.

Norscans are humanoid beings that vary in appearance depending on their sex. Regardless of being male or female, they are typically tall and gangly, with weaker features not fit for intense physical activity. They have four arms, and their hands and feet have four digits each. Norscans have bulbous heads with some of the largest brains of any known species, split into four quarters unlike the usual two hemispheres. They have fairly small mouths and noses but very large eyes, relatively speaking, with snake-like pupils and two sets of eyelids.

Males are typically more than a foot shorter than the average female, generally superior physically while females are superior mentally, and vary in color between dark greys and dark to mid greens, while females are usually mid to bright reds and oranges, making it easy to tell males and females apart (with obvious genetic exceptions).

Norscans are a primarily Matriarchal society, with males seen as special and exotic because only 10% of Norscans are born male but otherwise inferior. Despite this, and the fact that their Council of lawmakers and enforcers are a group of nineteen females, each of them, know as Judges, has a group of between three and nine male sub-judges that they differ to for decision making, meaning despite the matriarchal nature of their government, males are seldom under represented.

Norscans have an incredible metabolism and regenerative rate, making them highly intelligent and great healers despite their fragile state. The trade off of this high metabolism is an accelerated rate of aging. It is rare to see a female over the age of 50, and males fare only slightly better reaching their 70s, less than half the max lifespan of a human despite their great technological advancements.

They arguably live more fulfilling lives in a shorter time, however. They're high metabolic rate means that, when properly fed, they only have to sleep around two out of every thirty hours. They think at a highly advanced rate, and are excellent researchers and problem solvers, wasting little time on tasks of mental fortitude.

While usually acting as generals and commanders, Norscans make for excellent fighters despite their frail appearance. This is because they are one of the most advanced psionic species in the galaxy, capable of multiple types of psionics on the spectrum, from two to as many as five.

They have a strict moral code and strict laws that govern their people and the other species they rule over. Some might argue they are stricter on their own people then others. While most decisions are handled by the nineteen Judges, they also have a higher figure known as the Grand Matron who acts as a figurehead for the entire race. While she rarely uses her power to overrule the council of Judges, she nonetheless has that authority.

She is a figure who is elected into her position, but it is a position for life to avoid influence, and prospective candidates for the position are looked for years in advance. While the name suggests that the position is always held by a female, it is not impossible for a male to gain this position, though in the last two thousand years, there have only been six Grand Patrons.

The Grand Matron is as much a religious leader as a political one, ruling over the organized religion of the Norscans, a complicated belief system that, at its core, revolves around the idea of finding the True Messiah of the Universe, believed to be a fabled White Psion capable of all psionics of all colors, who will lead the Norscans, and all people of the universe, to a Promised Land of supreme peace and prosperity.

Despite their superior minds and a belief that they are near the top of the evolutionary ladder, this does not make them rule with arrogance, only purpose. They want what is best for the entire galaxy, if not the universe, and believe it is through their religion that eternal peace will come about. It leaves them in an interesting position in which they are morally just, but their good morals have led to what others might see as bad actions. This has already led them to conquer four quadrants of space, making them as large as the Galactic Federation of Planets and their allies combined.

Many believe a war with them is only a matter of time, and that they must be recovering from some other war or issue at the moment that has led to the current neutral relationship with the GFP. Another belief is that their current leader is more interested in peaceful prospects as they pertain to their currently held space, but the one who will one day succeed her is a ticking time bomb poised to take her people to war as soon as she gains power.

Regardless, it is said many regions of space taken over by the GFP were once in the hands of the Norscans, such as large parts of the Beta Quadrant, but lost to them for reasons that are unclear thanks to a lack of intel. Furthermore, there are a number of territories seen as Holy or sacred to the Norscans in GFP space that the GFP "trespass" on with mining and colonies. They have been warned repeatedly to turn over sectors of space or leave other sectors, but the GFP does not recognize their claim.

Additionally, there is a degree of "impurity" seen in GFP space with the rampant onset of piracy, something that is a significantly smaller problem in every facet in Norscan space thanks to their strict laws and strong enforcement. While the Norscans value all life, they are nonetheless willing to do what is necessary to spread their influence and message of peace across GFP space, even waging a holy crusade.