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Oct 23, 2016
Appearance and Personalities: The Laepaede have three different biological templates that have different appearances. Royals and Courtesans are generally around ten feet tall with thin appendages covered in a segmented exoskeleton. These Traditional Laepaede have large, compound eyes with two pits at each side of the head that they use to smell and a segmented jaw not unlike a Praying Mantis that splits open to reveal rows of pointed teeth. While they are omnivores this can make eating fruit pretty messy, however they have evolved a few thicker crushing teeth near the back of their mouth over time. Laepaede also have a slender tongue that can be on average three feet long, covered in special micro bristles that are designed to trap sticky sap or honey. The tongue can retract to the size of a usual human tongue by folding into a pocket of flesh that branches off of the esophagus near where the neck and head meet. They can use this pocket to store amounts of honey or sap instead of eating it and transport it to their young or save it for later.

Royals and Courtesans also have butterfly like antennae that spiral at the end and hang off their head that they use to pick up subtle chemicals cues in the air, they can then use these cues to determine information about their environment.

On their compact and comparably thin thorax they have two sets of arms, one pair that is connected at the shoulders and another that branches off at the upper rib cage each with four slender digits on each hand, three fingers and one opposable thumb. They also have a smaller third set of arms that protrude from sides of the lower thorax, situated a little more towards the back. The hands on these smaller arms only have three digits each with no thumb, but the fingers are also covered in honey trapping bristles that act in a similar way to the ones on the tongue. This smaller set of arms is usually used for picking honey up or carrying the cocoons that hold their larvae.

Lastly on the back of the Thorax are a set of large butterfly like wings that when unfolded reach vertically a foot above their head, down to their feet, and horizontally around two feet past the arms. These wings can be used for limited flight as well as gliding and bare a one of a kind pattern unique to each Laepaede. These wings would normally be quite cumbersome and Impractical however they can be folded around the front of the Laepaede's body almost like a robe, and are normally like this when not in use. The wings when folded hide most of the front of the body, including the arms under them, giving the Laepaede the ability to hide weapons and other objects within them in their hands.

Their skinnier abdomen connects down to long thin segmented legs that contribute much to the height of the Laepaede and connect with their feet at the bottom. These feet are similar to a Grasshopper with two toe like appendages at the front of each foot and one behind for stability.

This is where Royals and Courtesans differ in the color of the body. The Exoskeleton can come in an almost mosaic of bright and flashy colors or one solid bright color that fades gently into others, the wings having an almost stained glass look to them. These extreme colors are reserved for the Royals and the highly fertile Courtesans however and are the mark of beauty and sex appeal for the Insect Race. Most Courtesans colors come with much more monotony, with dark greens, yellows, greys and blacks being the most common among them.

The Chevalier meanwhile are huge, hulking bipedal beetle like creatures with two sets of legs to hold then up and a set of massive arms that are as thick as bridge cables, the ends of which are completed by savage claws. These lesser Males have six smaller compound eyes and a similar mouth to their counterparts but with two, two foot long horns coming out of the head, perfect for goring enemies. The Exoskeleton of Chevalier are also much thicker and hardier than that of their feminine counterparts however they are sterile and have no ability to traditionally speak. These guards most often come in dark green, dark brown, dark grey, or black.

Personally wise the Laepaede are often seen as hoity, overly proud, and arrogant by the rest of Galactic Civilization and such a label wouldn't be inaccurate. Pride and Image and the most important things to a Laepaede, embarrassment or excommunication being seen in most cases as far worse than death. The worst thing that could happen to an individual even. This makes defamation and character assassination along the same level as murder in their species, even worse, but only if the defamer is proven to be wrong of course, additionally those cases are rarely looked into when the defamee is of a lower class.

This Arrogance and tendency to look down on others is more prevalent the higher you go up in the social structure of the Laepaede. However, they tend to get along well with the Tamaerin as they typically see them as close to equals, they also maintain a decent relationship with the Shinso and the Cartus due to their mutual hatred of Quin and the fact that most Laepaede have no problem with the Shinso's enslavement of that Carthus, comparing it to their relationship with the Chevalier as a subspecies only born to serve. Because of this their hive fleet tends to travel to Shinso and Tamaerin space for repair, refuel, and safety. As well, many Laepaede that leave the Hive Fleet can be found on planets in these areas, forming small sub communities not unlike Chinatowns on Earth.

They stand at a sour place for most other Galactic Species except the Bazir, which they feel pretty neutrally about. However their real enemies in the galaxy are the aforementioned Quin for their decades long invasion of Laepaede space as well as placed blame for forcing them to unleash the Andromeda AI. Also the Fee for what they believe was the diplomatic theft of their homeworld and planets that were rightfully theirs.

Ashara-Sharei: Translates to the 'She who Rules Grandly’. She is the supreme Royal of the Laepaede Hive Fleet and has lived for four hundred years, still remembering the beauty of their homeworld before the AI War.

Shara'Sharei: Translates simply to 'She who Rules and Nurtures.’ Refers to the Laepaede Royals.

Sharei: Translates just to 'She who Nurtures.’ Used to refer to the Courtesans.

Dodehdora: Refers to the Chevalier Guards. Translates roughly to 'Lesser Defenders of She.’ She being the collective Female Laepaede.