So I was up north in Michigan and I found a house with a swastika on it.


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Sep 21, 2012
The Netherlands
Before the 1920s, the Swastika was a symbol of good luck in western civilizations. Fun fact: in Northern-Ontario (Yes, I know that's Canada) there is a town called Swastika, founded in 1906. When confronted with the integration of Swastikas into their architecture they simply replied: "The hell with Hitler. We came up with our name first!"

Let us not be prejudiced and consider all use of Swastikas the work of Neo-Nazis. The symbol has been and is still being used all around the world in a variety of different interpretations. Without knowing the age of this building, there is no reason to start assuming anything.


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Sep 19, 2012
Detroit, Michigan
This is post-ww2 building and Swastikas are used, however they are a different form, shape, detail.

I dont know about Canada, but USA is very anti-swastika. Here people only consider it Nazi related.
Sep 22, 2012
I actually looked up some stuff, and my personal conclusion is (because I'm still not 100% sure) that before it was nazi-related, the swastika was always portraited like a cube, resting on 1 side. The nazi-symbol always balanced on a corner. This particular swastika is also balancing on a single corner, so I think it actually is nazi-related. I immediately lay a link with the KKK, but I thought they were situated in the more southern states (?) Fact is that it is pretty weird for house decoration. (Also found that native americans use this as well (for peace and good luck), so that could be another thing which is not nazi-related)


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Apr 6, 2013
We are learning way too much about the holocaust in grade 12 holy.
Just shit happens! people in the world (except for the the Nazis) didn't know enough when the war was going on, It wouldn't have been common to see anything like that. All I can think of was some kind of un tasteful joke, or a misconception for the symbol of peace.
Maybe it wasn't even noticed when it was made... a mystery it shall remain!