She calls. (Short Story :P )

Ghostly Gossip

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Beautiful. She was everything to me. I knew from the moment that I saw her that she was meant to be with me. Her voice was like a siren's voice. I feel her, I see her. She calls. Oh, God, she calls. 'Come, no wait. I'll go to you. Wait.' And I do. I wait. I wait as she calls. Come, my beautiful angel. Come and don't ever leave my side. I wait for hours, days, weeks. She hasn't come. I should go- No. Wait. She'll come to me. She'll come to me. I cannot wait anymore. I need her, I need her, I need her. I am not willing to wait anymore. I go to my room, 'Wait. It's not time.' That is where she is mistaken. It is the precisely the right time. Tie the rope. Tight. And as I hang, she is finally here.