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  • Ghostly Gossip... the worst kind of gossip. Why you ask? Well... what would you do if some haunted house became the source of all the crazy shit that is being said about you? :p

    Sorry... I couldn't help myself XD
    The music stopped but now the social acceptance has started. It is about to get a lot more interesting. Any and all suggestions for further observations will be taken into consideration.
    It has been a while. The creature seems more disturbed and has started a fling with one of his friends. I predict that this will end very badly. Its been an eventful period of time and fear that my hearing will soon be affected by this constant volume of music. God spare my soul from this. I will keep attempting to update as soon as I can.
    No. 1

    So my younger alien brother has been going through some life. At first, I was unsurprised seeing as he is a freshman and it was about time that people starting feeling sorry for his arrogant, spoiled self. Through careful observation, this lesson from life is a bit much. He has resorted to blasting music. I have the disadvantage, seeing as I have to share a room with him. Will update soon.
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