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    Linus Audio setup?

    Hello Guys, Just a very simple question because i'm recording videos now but there is still some static background noise. I googled en youtubed allot. But there is not really a easy way to find a solution. So Linus or you guys what are you using for recording purposes: Microphone Settings...
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    What game are you looking forward too!

    Dead Space 3
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    [Indie] Thomas Was Alone.

    I'm not really a Indie gamer. Most of the games just does not interest me that much. But i recently watched the famous Totalbiscuit aka Totalhalibut. He played the game Thomas Was Alone. In short: There are 8 colored blocks each has there own name and personality. You cant see emotions but...
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    Dark Souls Let's play?

    Hi Linus do you plan to continue your Dark Souls lets play i liked the videos you did before? After ep 9 you did not continue why is that?
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    A suggestion to Linus and his buddies.

    O well then i must have some cracked version or so i don't know for sure anymore :S
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    Simple time consuming game

    Here i found this game a very long time ago probably 2 years already. Its from Notch its a old project before Minecraft. ;) Check it out at:
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    Firstlook 2012 - Utrecht, the Netherlands

    awesome recap man love the story you give us :)
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    What's your favourite console of all time?

    I only played with a gameboy advance when i was a young boy. We did not have enough money to get a console. Most of my childhood until now i just owned a pc and a very crappy one that was.
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    A suggestion to Linus and his buddies.

    Mweh i liked Pokemon red this is the only one i had. i trained my chameleon up to a charizard witch ended @ lvl 140 orso legit no lying i spend allot of time in it. i had another 3 pokemon but they where just lvl 80 ish. :P
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    GLG Needs a logo designed

    No but i can try to make one
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    GLG Needs a logo designed

    Something else. the background is transparent FYI. :)
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    GLG Needs a logo designed

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    GLG Needs a logo designed

    Well i made some logo's for this site. I could use some more work but i like it so far :) Any tips are welcome :)
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    Thank you!

    Its nice to be here. I will try to be active here and thank you guys for setting this up its now easier to get in contact with you guys if you have any questions. So i really appreciated ;)
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    I'm MrVarta and this is my Channel!

    I wont i saw the rules page so i wont do stuff like that. And thank you :)