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This thread is devoted to laying down the guidelines of the third video-less XCOM Roleplay, "XCOM2: Liberation of Earth". [Only the GMs are meant to post in this thread.] You can also find information about the world here, as well as links in the original post to the google docs where info not within the thread can be located.

As for Supernatural powers, by the way, those are mainly for people to make up, but they always require GM approval. One set concept are 'thoughtform' beings called Reflections. If you want your character to have one, you'll need to ask DarkGemini24601 about the concept.

[The RP has not started yet as of this first post, all that is really being done at the moment is character creation. Therefore the story docs are private for now. This message will be deleted once that changes.]


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XCOM2: Liberation of Terra

Organizational Structure:

The story is led by a leader known as a Game Master, or GM for short. They determine the primary course of the story: the actions and goals of the enemy (ADVENT and the Ethereal Protectorate) as a whole, the actions and course of XCOM’s Commander (Atka Ipiktok). This is to give the story a definite structure. The head GM is DarkGemini24601. The rest of the story’s participants are Members.

Disclaimer: Consider this the ‘elastic’ cause of our RP Constitution. The GMs will have to make decisions related to the story or the roleplayers throughout the course of this grand adventure. We have neither the time nor the desire to try and figure out rules for every scenario, so in the event that the rules don’t directly cover a situation the GMs will make decisions of their own. We appreciate the input of all members, but reserve the right to the final say on important matters.

Base Life:

The majority of roleplaying will take place in XCOM’s mobile headquarters, a modified transport ship known as the Avenger. Unlike the Siberian Base of “Story of Defiance” or the massive Einherjar and Neutron Star battleships of “Vanguard of Forseti”, the Avenger does not have a lot of interior area. Therefore, most of its facilities and living quarters make use of limited space to the fullest. Since the ship’s cramped, everyone will be sharing living space, though if you prefer it to be apart from player characters other than your own then you are free to specify that.

However, it is expected that any character on the Avenger will interact with a few other player characters due to close proximity and shared occupations (such as science, engineering, soldier training, etc.); no man is an island. If you don’t have the time for frequent roleplaying, then consult with the GMs about other options for your character. On that note, participation expectations: It is required for most that you produce meaningful content about every week or so.

Meaningful means that it is around half the character limit of a single post. If you’re worried about length, favor collaborations over solos, as the former should almost never be shorter than a reasonable length contribution. Naturally, we understand if life gets in the way, just be sure to notify the GM if you’re currently overwhelmed so he doesn’t get worried, or if you are perhaps stuck in an extended bout with busywork so he can try to find a resolution.

Base Access:

The Avenger’s facilities are as follows:
(1. This will be updated over time. New entries will be marked in bold so that anyone simply reading along knows if something was added later on.)
(2. If for some reason you’re wondering where the toliets are, they’re opposite the access ladders going up and down the ship.)
(3. Levels/Floors are listed from the bottom up; Specific Rooms are listed from Left to Right [Front to Back])
(4. Floors are used [mostly] for standard size rooms, while Levels are used for rooms of uneven size when compared)

Front Block

Level 1: | Main Laboratory/Avenger Power Core and Engine Room |
Level 2: | Intelligence Staff Bunks |The Bridge/Computer Room |
Level 3: | Maintenance Staff Bunks |

Central Block

Floor 0: | The Private Room | Post Office |Access Hallway to Exit Ramp |
Floor 1: | The Cybernetics Lab | Unused Room | Unused Room | Male Showers |
Floor 2: | The Holography Hub | -- The Ghost Field Generator -- | Laundry |
Floor 3: | The Shadow Chamber | The Psionics Labratory | Comm Center | Female Showers |
Floor 4: | The Proving Grounds | Guerrilla Tactics School | The Mess Hall |
Floor 5: | The Living Quarters | A Hydroponics Section | Command Central |
Floor 6: | Situation Room | Command Quarters | Command Central |

Rear Block

Level 1: | Main Engineering/Manufacturing Bay |
Level 2: | The Bar/Memorial Wall | Helipad Mechanism |
Level 3: | Armory | Skyranger Hangar |

Port Wing

Floor 0: | Storage | Storage | Storage |
Floor 1: | Storage | Storage | Storage |
Floor 2: | Combat Staff Bunk Block A |
Floor 3: | Combat Staff Bunk Block B |
Floor 4: | Gym A | Gym B | Gym C |
Floor 5: | The Brig | Hydroponics |
Floor 6: | Port Broadsides Control |

Starboard Wing

Floor 0: | Storage | Storage | Storage |
Floor 1: | Storage | Storage | Storage |
Floor 2: | Engineering Staff Bunks |
Floor 3: | Science Staff Bunk Bunks |
Floor 4: | Medical Staff Bunks | Medical Ward | Triage Section|
Floor 5: | Medical Storage | Hydroponics |
Floor 6: | Starboard Broadsides Control |

All Rooms are general access unless listed otherwise. The following rooms are prohibited to anyone but Department Chiefs, Officers, and Authorized Staff without explicit permission:

Main Laboratory – Scientific and Engineering Staff Only
The Bridge – Engineering and Intelligence Staff Only
Command Center – Intelligence Staff Only
Situation Room – Intelligence Staff Only
Shooting Range – Combat Staff Only
The Brig – Combat Staff Only
Medical Ward – Medical Staff and Injured Staff Only
Medical Storage – Medical and Scientific Staff Only

Maintenance Staff have access to any facility, the special authorization ones listed above should only be entered on-duty.

Mission Structure:

1. *Missions involve working off of an overview, a mission briefing, to fully write out how a combat scenario plays out. They are not written in synoptic format unless specifically requested to be.
2. *Missions will occur usually no more than once or twice a week. Frequency will vary depending on the availability of members with combat staff.
3. Mission sites will be fairly detailed to set a strong structure for the story, but players are free to write it out as they wish.
4. Squad Sizes vary from 6 to 8 soldiers on normal missions, while especially covert missions will sometimes only entail a squad of 4; major assaults will sometimes contain 10-12 soldiers.
5. Due to a smaller amount of soldiers than previous seasons, expect anywhere from 2-4 player characters on a given mission. 1 character missions will be rare, while player-character ONLY missions will be unusual but not impossible.
6. Other soldiers besides the player characters will be sent on the missions are Non-Player Characters, to act, perform, and be used as you see fit.
7. All soldiers carry a primary weapon and sidearm, regardless of class. Most classes have a secondary weapon as well, though Troopers have two primary weapons instead.
8. Soldier loadouts are to be preset for both player characters and NPCs in the XCOM Soldier Profiles document. What consumable items are taken can vary from mission to mission, however. (If you want to change your preset loadout, notify a GM. Just don’t swap out often, as XCOM has limited supplies.)
9. In relation to #8, please notify the GM during character creation what you want their weapon and armor loadout to be. Use the “XCOM Armory” page as reference.
10. What enemies you'll meet and how they'll be grouped will sometimes, but not always, be given, depending on intel. You can describe which of them you fight, how many are taken down by you and how many are killed by others, and what order you encounter them.
11. Mission objectives will be given in the overview, as well as the status and concentration of any civilians in the area.
12. As an important note, understand that to begin with (and this largely remains true as time goes on) our armor does not provide adequate protection against enemy weapons while unmodified. Therefore, using cover to your advantage and not taking unnecessary risks is highly advised. No class that we start with functions as a “Tank”. We’re all Damage Dealers or Supports.
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XCOM Character Creation:

General Notes –

Characters can have practically any reason for joining the XSDF as long as they weren't forced to join by being threatened or blackmailed. You can play as a soldier, scientist, engineer, doctor, or other role approved by the GM (example: part of the intelligence division). It is worth noting that most soldiers assist the other divisions when they aren’t training or on break, so your soldier could be a scientific, engineering, medical, maintenance, or intelligence assistant. Playing a pure maintenance character is not an option (the role would get dull quickly due to boring usage).

Nobody is perfect, and if your character has certain psychological problems, that's okay. XCOM can’t exactly be picky about its recruits at a time like this. Just keep it in reason. Having problems getting along with others and being a bit coo-coo on the field is fine, but if they do anything that would normally get them discharged, then they're probably going to be discharged. The Commander will only tolerate someone as long as they don’t become a threat to the well-being of other staff members.

If you want to give your character any features or abilities that delve into the realm of psionics or the supernatural, please message the main GM to see if your character’s special power(s) are acceptable or not. Everyone is free to make their characters unique, and the GMs are open for ideas. That said, avoid introducing any idea beyond the norm without running it by me first. We don’t like telling people to delete something after it goes up, but we will if need be.

You're free to kill off your character at your own discretion, provided you have a good reason to do so, and they are a soldier character. The only time the death of staff members would be acceptable is during a base defense in which they end up in the line of fire due to reasonable circumstances. If you wish to start right away with a new character, it is preferred that you introduce them at least one or two posts beforehand first if possible, mimicking a Week -1 post.

Character Count –

Due to the nature of XCOM as a guerrilla resistance, the number of members of the organization should naturally start out small. This applies to the amount of characters each roleplayer can have. To begin with, the total character limit will be at three. This fits with the theme and ensures that our writers can focus on a starting set of characters before expanding out. You can see the complete staff layout on the Avenger Main Database.

The initial number of soldier characters allowed per person is one to two. Ideally, not everyone is going to want to start out with 2 soldier characters but if that becomes the case the GM(s) will decide how to divvy up slots. The total soldier count should be at thirty or below, and around half of that number should be NPC soldiers.

The initial number of civilian staff characters allowed per person is one. This means that if you want a civilian staff character you may only play a scientist, engineer, OR doctor. However, it is worth noting that the majority of soldiers will likely be helping out one of these 3 departments in their downtime, or even the skeleton crew with ship operations/maintenance.

Now, this might come as an odd limiting factor, but ideally you should have a 50/50 ratio between male and female characters. Obviously if you have 3 to start, then you’ll have one more guy or girl, but that just means if you get a fourth character later on they should be the opposite sex to even things out. The reason this is a specification is because there has been an inordinate amount of female characters in previous seasons, and it leads to complications, especially in regards to romance arcs. (Not everyone can be a lesbian: in fact, alternate-sexuality characters should only make up about 10-20% of the overall player character count. Anything more is unrealistic.)

Character Count Exceptions

Exception One: It is worth mentioning that playing a department leader does not count towards your character limits in relation to number and sex. The GM(s) will only choose someone they feel is up to the task for these positions.

- Commander Atka Ipiktok will be played by DarkGemini24601.
- Central Officer Bradford will be played by MarineAvenger.
- Dr. Kai Kazuko (Medical Chief) will be played by MarineAvenger.
- Dr. Richard Tygan (Scientific Chief) will be played by DarkGemini24601.
- Dr. Lily Shen (Engineering Chief) will be played by DarkGemini24601.
- The Skeleton Crew Head Giorgos Megalos (Maintenance Chief) will be played by BMPixy.
- Joseph Chambers (Intelligence Chief) will be played by ZombieSplitter53.

Firebrand (Skyranger Pilot, daughter of Big Sky) will be given a basic description in an “important staff” bio set and will be playable by whoever is taken to a mission site by her. Just don't have the poor girl do anything crazy or die without GM approval. The position for Avenger Pilot is occupied by Big Sky, the old Skyranger Pilot.

Exception Two: We are aware that sometimes you just have a set of characters you can’t pull apart. Therefore, if you have a familial set (such as a pair of siblings, a parent and offspring, or so on), they will count as one. If they’re both male, then they count as one male in your gender ratio, and the same for the opposite sex. If one is a guy and one is a girl, then they just aren’t counted by the ration, but still count as one character towards the limit of 3. Oh, and small children (All ages up to about 12 or so) don’t count on the character limit because they shouldn’t be wandering around alone anyway.

Exception Three: If you weren’t in Season 2 or 3 of ChristopherOdd’s roleplays, this won’t be relevant to you. If you were, then the third exception Gemini likes to call “Legacy Characters”. They are exempt from gender ratios and the total character count. They cannot, however, exceed your soldier limit of 2 by their presence, at least at the start of the RP. What makes a legacy character? A character that was seen in some fashion in one of those two seasons of ChristopherOdd’s roleplays, and in XCOM: A Story of Defiance. Known legacy characters include:

- Jennifer and Alexis Chambers (known as Jessica and Alexia Lockheart in alternate timelines) from ZombieSplitter53.
- Joseph Chambers (known as Joseph Andrews in Season 2 of ChristopherOdd’s roleplays), also from ZombieSplitter53.

ADVENT Character Creation:

///Error! Traitor Detected!///

If you do choose to have a character that has sided with the aliens, there are a couple of things you should know. First of all, you should have at least one XCOM character. If you just play ADVENT characters you’re going to have a bad time. Secondly, there is no clearly defined character limit for ADVENT characters because you should focus on your XCOM character(s) foremost. It will be up to the GMs as to who gets to play antagonists, and how many. Thirdly, an true ADVENT character is not a throwaway enemy that will die upon their debut. There should be buildup to meeting them, whether they are enforcing the alien government’s edicts in other parts of the world, or leading somewhere near to our operations.

Importantly, they should operate within parameters of how ADVENT should act. Such edicts will be defined in as separate information section. In addition, do not choose to play an ADVENT member thinking that ADVENT is meant to win. While it is a possibility, remember how the majority of stories end. Be prepared for your last post with an ADVENT character to involve death, imprisonment, or exile, because those are all distinct possibilities.

ADVENT has some human scientists, engineers, doctors, and other workers. Be aware that they will not have access to all of the alien tech, as the Elders keep the most powerful tools of their people to themselves to prevent an uprising. Some of the lower aliens answer to human ADVENT officers, but no human stands on a higher rank than an Elder, and few stand on a higher rank than a Sectoid Commander.

The other options are ADVENT soldiers (as politicians are just puppets, really). As one, you may encounter and fight XCOM, though this will not always be the case. And depending on where your character is stationed, they may see action swiftly or not for awhile.

While human ADVENT members are to be played with permission from a GM, playing one of the central antagonists (an important Elder – an Ethereal) is likely not an option. If you really want to, you are free to PM the main GM about it, but the majority of the higher-ups in the Ethereal hierarchy are already taken. If you are interested in playing an alien in general, that will still require greater consultation, as some aren’t playable (being completely subservient – read: boring) or require knowledge of how they work and trust from the GM to play them fairly in battle.
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ADVENT Coalition (Page 1)


The ADVENT Coalition is the government in charge of the world. As of 2035 its jurisdiction encompasses North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Antarctica. Within these six provinces are a grand total of 82 Megacities – and more are still being constructed as the existing ones are being expanded. The Coalition does not recognize any other human government as legitimate, and ultimately is subordinate to the Ethereal Protectorate.

The majority of its territory is sparsely populated. The settlements of old largely lie in decay and abandonment, making up the Wilderness combined with the portions of the world that were never settled in the first place. The loners, raiders, scavengers, farmers, and nomads that populate the Wilderness are technically subject to ADVENT laws, but such strictures are neither recognized by the people there nor regularly enforced by the ones that decree them.

Some settlements from before the “Liberation of Terra” war are still populated. Most are ramshackle towns that simply get by and lack the infrastructure that their old governments provided, though a few cities are notable exceptions [See the Footnotes for specific examples].Those capable of anything more than subsistence are watched by ADVENT troops or are destroyed, however.

The dwellers of these “Shanties” are third-class ADVENT citizens, subject to abuse and fearmongering – including terror strikes – and thus maintain resentment for the Coalition. They often support resistance groups in secret, creating a substantial threat to the regime; the percentage of the human population living in the Shanties is 20%.

Just outside of the grand Megacities lives two-fifths of humanity. They reside in suburban areas or small weathered cities – a zone called the Outskirts. Unlike the sporadically-administered Shanties, the Outskirts are constantly watched by Coalition soldiers due to proximity with the Megacities. There are small military garrisons, as well as checkpoints on important roadways and at ADVENT-built structures. The citizens are second-class, not afforded any special amenities (to encourage them to move into the urban Megacities), but less controlled than the urbanites.

They publicly support ADVENT but may not always sincerely believe in the propaganda, thus being largely neutral in the grand scheme of things. The Outskirts are directly linked to the Megacities by roads and ADVENT’s extensive Rail Network that connects every Megacity they have in their continental empire.

Finally, there are the Megacities. Another two-fifths of the population lives in the centers of the these sprawling futuristic cities. Humans here are cautiously watched over via their computers, phones, and their Arm-Mounted Data Access Devices (AMDADs). They have very few personal liberties, and are bombarded with propaganda telling them such things are unnecessary and that the Elders know best. Civilians here and in the Outskirts possess no weapons whatsoever, for it is illegal to be armed. Only the Shanties have a chance of being weaponized.

It is true that the Megacities are luxurious. Succulent food, clean water, cozy or expansive lodging, and a vibrant social life are among the amenities the first class ADVENT citizens get to enjoy. However, they have night curfews – as the Outskirts do – and the mysterious Gene Therapy clinics that tend to cause people to disappear without warning. Such abductions are swept under the rug, and speaking of them practically guarantees something will happen to you, so most remain silent and live in ignorant bliss or fearful silence. The younger generation more easily buys into cognition dissonance or idyllic ignorance, having known little other than alien rule, while the older citizens of the Megacities keep their mouths shut out of terror. Any that stray from the Elders’ “Path” are taken away and either return oddly loyal or are never seen again.


ADVENT stands for Administration Designed for a Vigilant and Elder-guided New Terra. The name furthers the image of ADVENT as a government of progress in their propaganda.


Most of the history of the world before ADVENT is known in a negative connotation to solidify the ADVENT insistence that without extraterrestrial guidance humanity would be doomed to endless strife.

Earth C Timeline

Pre-Terra Liberation War

1945 - Germany surrenders after Russia takes losses in taking Berlin. However, Japan still remains, and Truman elects not to use the atom bomb on the Japanese, delaying the completion of the Manhattan project. World War II continues and many Japanese and European men alike die.

1948 - World War II finally ends with the nuclear bombing of Tokyo - the Manhattan project being reluctantly completed - but at such a hefty price. A lack of men results in a much-diminished baby boom. The world’s population rose from 2.5 billion to 3.0 billion. The Soviet Union put controls on how many children a family could have, limited it to one in the face of food shortages.

1949 - Two bloody conflicts began. In Eastern Asia, Mao Zedong led a Communist Revolution against the Chinese Nationalists. In Southern Asia, tensions between the recently partitioned India and Pakistan led to a bloody war that cost many lives, both soldier and civilian. China suffered similar losses.

1954 - Mao finally asserts control over China, but at a terrible cost. India and Pakistan never resolve their conflict, but the fighting dies down.

1965 - A large Ethereal Empire scouting craft crashes into the Gobi desert. While its equipment self-destructs, including the weapons on the Sectoid pilots - killing them - the wreck remains. It is useless to the United States operatives that discover it, but the threat of an extraterrestrial enemy is enough to make some factions within the US work on creating an initiatve to fight back against such a threat. They create the “X-COM Project”.

1968 - The US and Soviet Union’s proxy war in Vietnam escalates into something on a grander scale. Nixon loses the election to one Roger Beecher, who insists that Russia cannot be allowed to expand any further. Nuclear missiles are launched on both sides. They hit agrarian areas, but they also hit cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Moscow. Vietnam and China take fire as well from the US, and so do Britain, France, and Spain from the USSR. Some nukes specifically target the bunkers of opposing leaders, meaning that nuclear apocalypse is averted when the leaders of both sides can no longer issue orders by result of being killed.

1970 - Efforts to rebuild begin. The bombed cities and countryside are lost, but other places take their place in regards to prominence. The world’s population is stunted, however, from the mass deaths measuring anywhere between 25 and 50 percent of the affected countries’ populations. It does not climb back from being lowered to 2 billion, though the world nations do recover gradually.

1980 - Major western and eastern countries endure hard times with diminished populations, and turn towards advancing technology to make up for a lack of personnel. In this respect, history stays on track even with fewer people to see it.

1990 - It takes two decades, but tensions between the west and the east are mended when the Soviet Union falls on its own weight. The US’s hard times come to an end, and Russia is helped to rebuild.

2000 - At the dawn of a new millenium, officials from around the world make a pact to dismantle any remaining nuclear weapons forever. This isn’t perfect, but it does allow them to at least feel a sense of unity. This is reflected publically by an era of relative peace, and privately by the inclusion of other governments into the X-COM project. A baby boom begins, raising the world’s population.

2010 - The Ebola pandemic sweeps the world. While medical technology was advanced to provide medicine to treat radiation poisoning - a reminder of the Nuclear War of 1968 - infectious diseases were not as well addressed, adding to the stagnancy of the world’s population. The effects of the baby boom are partially negated.

2015 - The world’s populations stands at about 4 billion.

Terra Liberation War/Invasion of Earth

2018 - 47 years later, the enemy finally made a move against Earth. They abducted humans for experimentation, manipulated what world leaders they could, and came to fight local militaries and X-COM. Their greatest foe struggled to keep up with the extraterrestrials, but managed to hold its own until the alien’s shifted tactics. They struck with ferocious force, destroying the Greenland X-COM HQ and slaughtering the majority of its personnel. A few escaped, unbeknownst to the aliens at the time. With X-COM out of the equation, the alien’s spread control over Earth rapidly, forcing some of the last holdouts to surrender by the sixth month of the invasion.
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ADVENT Coalition (Page 2)

Post-Terra Liberation War P1

ADVENT Preparation Era

 The aliens begin to repair damaged infrastructure, their agents on the ground being primarily Seripans and the centaur-like Adducantar. Leading this noble-looking menagerie were four-winged aliens called the Quelus, who served as the voice of a mysterious race referred to as the “Elders”.
 The aliens learn as much as they can about human culture in order to subvert it.
 The aliens bring prominent world leaders, influential corporate giants, and popular public figures into the fold via bribery, coercion, or lies.
 Those unwilling to serve quietly disappear or die.
 Human space programs are covertly terminated so that the aliens might take control of the world’s existing satellite networks.

 The aliens wire themselves into humanity’s networks, and seize control of surveillance programs.
 They influence politics on a more grand scale, pushing propaganda that humankind was seen as an aggressive species that easily gave into its destructive desires. The nuclear war, ethnic strife, and national conflict were all cited as examples of this tendency.
 The aliens also claim that humanity was the aggressor, shooting down their scouting craft meant to establish peaceful relations. This prompted the Elders to realize fire had to be fought with fire, at least in a conflict that would show the humans the folly of their ways.
 They take note of dissidents that don’t buy into their propaganda, and begin using existing governmental forces to silence opposition. Freedoms are slowly but surely eroded.
 Resistance groups begin to form, but only a few at first, as even most skeptics cannot predict what exactly the future holds.

 The elders are increasingly seen as beacons of wisdom, primarily in the public eye due to a control over any media they could get their hands on. Those that don’t buy into this vision and haven’t been silenced are not represented on the news.
 Violence was only used in the shadows, as the aliens only wanted to broadcast human violence towards them to further their point. These dissenters were labeled terrorists, disruptors of the peace, and ostracized from their communities or taken away by militaries on the extraterrestrial payroll.
 The world economy begins to fall under alien control, and nations gradually began a shift towards utter dependency on alien technology.

 Human-run manufacturing plants were no longer in business entirely.
 Gun rights were stripped away to keep humans from acting on their ‘violent tendencies’, and dissenters had been either executed, imprisoned, or had fled to start myriad resistance groups.
 The aliens began to inform humanity of the Path, and how their quest for the White Psion - a psionic being capable of utilizing all six colors equally - was their guiding principle. Humans, if they were wise, were to adopt it so that they might benefit from its tenets and benefit from the journey’s eventual end.

 ADVENT is founded.
 The Elders finally reveal themselves at the world conference that established the Unification of Terra (Earth being renamed to suit the occasion). They were beings clad in elegant robes and intricate masks.
 These Elders unveil the first Megacities the aliens had been constructing over the past five years. These are completely new cities.
 Caldera in what was once Yellowstone National Park, a city powered by geothermal energy. Talamanca, a city in the Costa Rican mountains.
 Angelfall City and Roraima, built at Angel Falls and the Roraima flat-topped mountain, respectively.
 Matterhorn, a city at the summit of an impressive peak in the Swiss Alps along with Pyrenee in the mountains of the same name.
 Congo City in central Africa, accompanied by Atlas City in the Atlas Mountains, and Sahel in the desert-savanna border region that it derived its name from.
 Ake Kule City at the lake along the border between Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, and China.
 The first 10 megacities were only built in the Americas, Eurasia, and Africa at the time, for the aliens wanted a continental empire.

ADVENT Consolidation

 Plans for further Megacities are expanded to include Antarctica by twenty-twenty four. Megacities began to undergo construction to withstand the harsh temperatures through sealed environments, biodomes, or even underground construction. They were meant to accommodate people deported from island nations that didn’t fit within the “Celestial Empire” that would be on the five primary continents. Or six, rather, due to the addition of Antarctica.
 Japan is one of the first islands to have people shipped out, as it was one of the first to surrender when half of Kyoto was blown up by a plasma bomb in the “Terra Liberation War”, or the Invasion of Earth to incipient resistances forming at this time.

 The aliens begin the official dissolution of the world governments. ADVENT became the one and only authentic government.
 New York City, Chicago, Mexico City, Bogota, Lima, and Brasilia are modernized into Megacities. The first Antarctica Megacity, Dome Fuji, is completed, and the Japanese deportees are resettled in the urban biodome.
 The Megacity count rises to 17.

 With the erasure of nations and ADVENT’s focus on megacity construction, cities outside the Megacities began to fall into decay and bankruptcy.
 Town communities endure, but large settlements found themselves unable to be self-sustaining. This was intentional on ADVENT’s part: it made the propaganda calling people to the Megacities all the more enticing.
 In Europe, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Athens become Megacities. As for Antarctica, Palmer, Ellsworth, and Bastion near completion.
 The Megacity count is now at 22.
 Resistance groups in the island nations begin causing serious problems, and spark revolts in the mainland as well.

 However, ADVENT received the tools to suppress these insurgencies. They gain access to Magnetic Weaponry, and the local resistances don’t stand a chance against the mag rifles of their enemies.
 Japan, the UK, Iceland, the Caribbean and Bahamas, Singapore, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, the Oceanic Islands, and Australia have all been cleared of unneeded humans. Many of them live in refugee camps while the Megacities meant to accommodate them were being built.
 This does not take long, as Palmer, Ellsworth, and Bastion are completed in Antarctica. More cities are modernized, including Vancouver, Dallas-Fort Worth (renamed Dalsworth), Brussels, and. Amsterdam.
 There are now 31 megacities, and Asian construction of several more is nearly done.

 Unnoticed for the most part by humanity, there is a shift in the Elder leadership. Some Overseers, Watchers, and other officials were replaced in an event known to the Ethereals as “The Purge”. ADVENT seems to gain a much more laserlike focus in its efforts by the end of the year, ramping up construction.
 To this end, they begin establishing high-speed rail networks between the existing Megacities and towns planned to become them as well as locations for future building. The remaining refugees, some hired workers, and a host of machines complete this task.
 The first transoceanic railroad is built between a new Megacity in lower South America, Moreno (named for the nearby Perito Moreno Glacier) and Palmer. It is a subterranean line.
 Istanbul, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xi’an, New Delhi, Mumbai, Tehran, and Mecca are modernized, as are Whitehorse, Asunción, Nairobi, and Johannesburg.
 By twenty twenty-eight, ADVENT has truly become a world power. A staggering forty-five Megacities have reached completion, and the governmental forces occupy towns that were slated to be modernized. Their forces were well armed and alien-backed, and it seemed like the resistances were failing.
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ADVENT Coalition (Page 3)

Post-Terra Liberation War P2

ADVENT Solidification Era

 The wise resistances at this stage realize they must adapt. They become more covert, guerilla tactics increasing in weight, as a head-on fight is no longer possible.
 The introduction of human DNA into select lower alien races is completed.
 Laurentia and Rammaney are completed in North America as fresh Megacities, as is Yucatan City. The resistance city of Yellowknife is summarily crushed once it became too powerful.
 Ethiopia Summit is built in Africa.

 A Montevideo Megacity is constructed, and then suddenly goes dark. The same happens for a Megacity in the Finnish Mountains. ADVENT covers up the two projects ever existing, and only whispers among the Resistances remain to suggest the event ever occurred.
 The Caño Cristales, Machu Picchu, Amazon, and Iguazu City Megacities are completed.
 Apex City is built and becomes the capital of Asia.
 Jos and Kampala are built in Africa.

 Dome Argus, Dome Circe, Kemp, Transantarctica, and the capital of Antarctica, Pole City, are completed.
 The Elders decide that human DNA has proven to be safe, and use it begin returning to their youthful forms.
 Kilimanjaro, Cairo, and Alexandria become Megacities.

 Oslo and Stockholm are completed as Megacities. Kiev, Skopje, and Hallstatt are reforged in the same manner. A Finnish resistance in their capital is wiped out.
 The ADVENT Rail Network reaches all current Megacities, and links the continents between South America and Africa, South America and Antarctica, and North America and Europe.
 Kinshasha-Brazzaville (Kinsbraz), Amalgoma, Abu Hamad, and Delta are finished Megacities at this point, completing Africa’s layout.

 ADVENT establishes the Megacities of Bengal, Steppetown, Manchuria, Nepal City, and Petra.
 Nearly all of the most important Megacities are completed.

ADVENT Dominion Era

 The last remaining priority Megacities are built up in Petra, Shunak, Abu Dhabi, Subglacia, and Kemp.

 A revolt across the three Domes in Antarctica is suppressed, but damage to the environmental domes nearly causes serious problems for the cities.

 An Irish resistance group teams up with another to broadcast a message that creates discord in Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam.

 A resistance group in Africa discovers an ADVENT Blacksite, as does one in North America. They manage to upload hints of where they are located to the hard-to-access, clandestine Darknet that some resistances use to collaborate before being wiped out by ADVENT forces.

 The Mexican resistance disrupts supply lines in January, creating temporary disconnect between the Americas.
 XCOM resurfaces in secret, preparing its first strike.

Government and Politics:

ADVENT has a parliament made up of a representative from each of the different Megacities, and a chairman at the head of each continental division. They are appointed by aliens, not humans, who are too ‘victim to foolish impulses and drawn-in by brutal leaders left to their own devices’. Therefore, it is no surprise that most of the parliamentary members have no problem with ability of the Ethereal Protectorate to suggest laws or veto human ones entirely if they so please. They rely on the ‘infinite wisdom of the Elders’ for much of their important decision-making.

The people elect mayors directly, though they have little power. Regional Governors aren’t even human, but are rather the Ethereal Protectorate “Watchers” that double as military leaders. Each continent’s Watchers (if they have them, as Antarctica does not) are led by an Elder called an “Overseer”. Both the Watchers and Overseers are seldom seen by humans, save for grand events when the masked and robed aliens present themselves with precautionary escorts.

Further Alien Interference

The liaisons between humanity and the Elders appear to be the four-winged, angelic-looking Quelus [Clerics] and the Priorbus [Sectoids]. The latter are strikingly intelligent, understandably clever, and unquestionably cruel. The sight of them tends to unnerve many humans, though, and thus they keep to the shadows. Their more powerful cousins, even less seen, seem to organize their lesser brethren, being something of Priorbus ‘Commanders’. The name is even more fitting considering they are likely the ones directly running the show in ADVENT. The brutish Balmadaar [Mutons] serve as bodyguards for these alien officials, while the snakelike Seripan "Vipers" tend to serve a role directly along ADVENT Troopers as powerful fire support. They seem to have rank equal to lower ADVENT officers.

And despite the ADVENT love of the Elders, they only make appearances at special events, being cloaked in elegant robes whenever they do. Not to mention guarded by other aliens and ADVENT troopers, particularly a catlike humanoid race seeming to function as alien officers. Those "Moguls", as we call them, are in turn protected by lionlike "Retainers".


There is a façade of a market economy, as there appear to be multiple competing corporations, but in truth they are all puppets on the strings of alien puppetmasters. ADVENT really has a command economy in which they control entirely. They control production. They command manufacturing. From the smallest of pins to the grandest construction projects, all must be approved by ADVENT.

Rather than conventional money, citizens are given tokens that they can redeem for goods and services. Everyone is given enough to get by just barely, but can earn more by working for any business controlled by the government (in short, practically every one of them). They can also gain additional tokens by being “model citizens”. Blind obedience is rewarded, while basic disobedience results in deductions of earnings. And there are dire consequences if one is to commit anything more than a minor offense, or have enough deductions that you can’t pay - or simply forget to pay - your rent.

Demographics and Culture:

Society has been taught to frown upon past beliefs and customs. These are seen as backwards, while ADVENT’s sponsored culture of obedience, pleasure, and progressivism is renowned. Progressivism to an extent, it might be added. Conformism is required. ADVENT tends to keep largely monoethnic cities the way they are, for example. The younger generation that is in the alien’s opinions easier to control - youth to 29 - are in the largest and most prosperous parts of the Megacities. The more tightly controlled areas are where people thirty and up are sent to.

The aliens seem to care little for the elderly, only caring for those whose wisdom is useful to administration or those who can persuade their families to stay in line. Checkpoints divide these age groups to ensure that more freethinking generations don’t influence the indoctrinated ones. ADVENT has little tolerance for deviants, be they cultural, religious, mental, or sexual nonconformists. Follow the Path, raise subservient families, and never question, and you then you might be an ideal Megacity citizen. Do not, and you may be punished.

Criminal Punishment:

The useful criminals that aren’t made to fight end up as laborers that perform tasks dangerous enough to be assigned to machines. This has been going on since ADVENT was officially founded in 2023. Several different fates befall the many that don’t fit into ADVENT’s ‘perfect society’ and aren’t made into fighters or worker drones, however.

Troublemakers that aren’t considered to be able to contribute to society are simply killed covertly. People with incurable (or simply hard-to-cure) mental illnesses are taken away, as are “deviants of the moral, behavioral, or carnal kind.” These people are taken away quietly if they garner any respect, or publically if they are reported by a “responsible citizen”. They likely end up as experiments, as the abductees of 2018 did. One can only imagine what experiments are performed on them.

Suspected uses include: DNA harvesting, splicing, and mutation, to give a few likely candidates. The aliens have to have added human DNA to their genes somehow, and simply cloning it wouldn’t give them the best possible samples from a wide selection like harvesting it and then splicing it to themselves would.
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ADVENT Coalition (Page 4)


The only humans with real power are those in ADVENT’s military. They are the soldiers in ebon armor and armed with magnetic weapons. But only some of them have power, and even then they all answer to an alien authority better equipped than they.

ADVENT gets some of their soldiers from volunteers that want to advance in society. Their Troopers, Captains, Rocketeers, Scorchers, Assassins, and Saboteurs are those that are hired, and the latter five are advancements from the rank of Trooper. Their Combat Medics are volunteers as well, but cannot advance. Their Gunners, Stun Lancers, and Hovertroopers are conscripts – the Stun Lancers in particular seeming to be contracted murderers and psychopaths. No one knows why the Shieldbearers are fighting for ADVENT. Or what’s in the armor of the MEC Troopers. If anything at all.

In particular, many of those that rise through the ranks (from the pool of soldiers that actually are allowed to be promoted) succeed because of psionic potential - the trait the ‘Elders’ seem to be aiming to cultivate in humanity. Some of the highest-ranking gunmen might even stand on equal terms with the vassal aliens.

ADVENT’s military, alongside with the aliens, is tasked with keeping humanity in line with the Path and other policies of the Protectorate and Collation – which usually align – as well as guarding important areas and facilities. Their most active task, however, is crushing resistances wherever they are encountered. Most resistances are hidden or on the move to avoid destruction, though the more entrenched ones can be found in areas ADVENT is weak (See the Footnotes for specific examples).


‘Independent’ Cities (Examples):

North America –Halifax, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, La Paz

South America – Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Santiago

Europe – Barcelona, Warsaw, London, Dublin

Asia – Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Sapporo, Colombo

Africa – Mogadishu, Antananarivo, Windhoek

Small City Outskirts (Examples):

North America – Labrador City, Seattle, Philadelphia, Austin, San Jose

South America – Cusco, Rosario, Santiago, Buenos Aires

Europe – Luxembourg, Napoli, Hamburg

Asia – Dubai, Ankara, Ulan Bator, Dhaka, Delhi

Africa – Conakry, Bissau, Casablanca, Pretoria, Abuja

Known Resistance HQs (Examples):

North America – St. Johns, Cuba, Haiti/Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles Ruins, Hawaii

South America – Chilean Desert, Falkland Islands

Europe – England, Ireland, Gotland, Svalbard, St. Petersburg,

Asia – Japan, Philippines, Jerusalem, Sri Lanka, Korea, Russia/Siberia

Africa – Madagascar, Sao Tome, Canary Islands

ADVENT Continental Cities (Without Railroads)
ADVENT Continental Empire.png

ADVENT Continental Cities (With Railroads)
ADVENT Continental Empire (Railroads).png

ADVENT Antarctican Cities (Without Railroads)
ADVENT Antarctic Auxillary.png

ADVENT Antarctican Cities (With Railroads)
ADVENT Antarctic Auxillary (Railroads).png

The Resistance Perspective:

(Locales Outside the Megacities)

Societies outside the influence of the cities of deceit are free from the madness listed above. However, those who do not believe ADVENT’s LIES face a different sort of reality. A good percentage of cities that were not converted into megacities lie in empty silence, decaying dilapidation, or destroyed ruins. Freedom comes at a price.

The cities and towns that endured - the communities that still have their soul - do their best to get by. These are the Shanty Towns. They farm, they scavenge. Some are capable of basic manufacturing, but none present any sort of self-sufficiency openly. For any Shanty settlement that displays much more than subsistence is targeted for terror. ADVENT employs bandits, false insurgencies, and their own tools of fear to cow or destroy potential challenges to their regime.

The only hope of these independent settlements lies in resistance groups. These armed rebels disrupt ADVENT operations and terror strikes indirectly, as to prevent them and avoid the hammer of wrath falling upon those they defend. Few entertain any hope of assaulting the Megacities directly, though some rebels focus on attacking ADVENT purely to challenge the world government.

Only resistances that wisely choose their battles dodge annihilation by ADVENT. As for the Outskirt towns, they maintain a healthy degree of skepticism of ADVENT themselves. They cling to the old ways just about as much as Shanty dwellers. Problem is, they're bombarded with propaganda, and conditions are make-do in the towns. Many head there from the Shanties hoping to find a better life, but what they find isn't much better.

ADVENT doesn't let them leave, though, and thus they become gradually enthralled by the glamor of the Megacities, or simply covet citizenship within simply for a 'truly' better life, no longer caring about whether that's actually what they'll find or not.

What of politics and economics in the Outskirts? We’ve gone back to some old ways, and retained other aspects from the more recent prewar era. Some settlements are governed by council, and others, regrettably, by local moguls. Few trade in paper, and none in precious metals. Most barter for goods with other settlements, or with salvage internally. One defining characteristic of the varied settlements is, interestingly, diversity. They retain their own cultures, traditions, philosophies, religions.

- Commander Atka Ipiktok, 2038, Exerpt from “The Sins of ADVENT by 2038 and what Remains”.
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Psionic Powers Explained

Universal (Core) – The Core Powers are available to any psion, though some are harder to learn than others.

Telepathy [Invisible] – An easy-to-learn ability that transcends the spoken or written word. A telepathy can speak to any sentient being through their mind, and if they maintain the link, others can return conversation in the same manner. Thoughts transferred are only surface level.

Dreamscape [Invisible] – By delving into their mind, the psion can construct a mental depiction of their mind. The world shown their typically reflects the things that make them who they are, including their deepest joys and greatest fears.

Mind Shielding [Invisible] – Any psion can learn to create mental barriers to shield themselves against mental attack. Separate barriers are required to account for different types of abilities, be they simply disruptive or outright manipulative.

Telekinesis [Visible] – Through telekinesis, the psion can create potent forces and bend them to their will. They are usually ordinary push and pull forces, though it is possible to advance to the point of being able to weaken or strengthen gravity’s effect on objects, and modify normal forces.

Neural Feedback [Situational] – A difficult power that allows the psion to repel mental attacks they have formulated mental shielding for, or reverse powers that they have learned themselves. This requires a significant amount of willpower to pull off.

A Psionic Color Wheel

Power (RED) – The Red Psion utilizes power in its rawest forms, releasing it externally in a display of might. Their abilities are used predominantly for the offensive, and contain immense destructive power. They lack strong defensive uses of their powers.

Power through Control (VIOLET) – The Purple Psion sacrifices some of the pure destructive power of their attacks for more precision on how their abilities. Offensive abilities in this usually category focus more on calculated damage to foes, and while they don’t have clearly defined defensive abilities, they use utility ones to boost allies or cause chaos in foes.

Control (BLUE) – The Blue Psion focuses on the internalization of their energy before its use. The use the energy in a calmer, more relaxed form, focused on obtaining control of how their energy will be used before it is released. The abilities don't have the raw power of red's, but they a more direct and precise. Powers in this category usually focus on manipulative attacks, while defensive abilities bolster the user.

Control through Wisdom (GREEN) – The Green Psion has combined their control over their energy and their focus on beneficial abilities to focus almost exclusively on helpful abilities. Powers in this category usually focus purely on beneficial for the user and those around them. Those that don’t are designed to manipulate enemies or destroy them, but these are in the minority.

Wisdom (YELLOW) – The Yellow Psion calculates how to use their energies in the most effective ways. They don’t have many highly destructive attacks, as their methods are more subtle. They focus more on defensive and disruptive abilities, protecting themselves and weakening enemies.

Power through Wisdom (ORANGE) – The Orange Psion directs their wisdom more towards fending off the opponent. They are able to directly harm the opponent in more careful ways that better use their energy. Powers in this category that cause damage that have more lasting effects on enemies should they survive, while defensive abilities have highly tactical applications.
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Psionic Power List


Pyrokinesis [Visible] – The power to create and control fire via spontaneous combustion. This fire does not require a normal fuel source to spark, and only requires flammable objects and oxygen to continue burning. It takes longer to die down than normal fire.

Psi Lance [Visible] – Psychokinetic bolts of energy, like bullets or cannonballs of psionic force. They can be used in a smaller form as volleys, or more conventionally can be used like a psi cannon to rip through the enemy. (GM Note: 2:1 Ratio)

Shockwave [Visible] – An advancement of telekinesis that allows the psion to send wave-like bursts of force out around them to blast back enemies, or even concuss or crush them. It is difficult to focus, but doing so amplifies the destructive power several times over.

Magnokinesis [Visible] – A power that allows the wielder to utilize the power of magnetism. They can move metal, but would likely not be able to stop speeding bullets. Slowing them, however, would be feasible (Magnetic Shield).

Destructokinesis [Visible] – Destructokinesis has two forms. It can be used to create explosions (Firecracker). It can be used as a vaporizing force (Void ___). Or, it can be used to remotely detonate explosives (Fuse). It’s difficult to control means the former is easier, while the latter is usually a closer-range power.

[Red Psions have access to a repeating green power, Oxykinesis]


Mind-Merge [Invisible] – Allows the psion to link their mind with another psion, increasing the reflexes and processing power of both parties and amplifying their psi power. An excellent ability for coordination.

Mind Reading [Invisible] – The power to specifically pry through mental barriers and read the deeper thoughts of their target, as well as analyze their memories and even their psyche itself.

Soul Fire [Invisible] – Soul Fire has frightening applications. It burns like a normal fire would, but also damages the nervous system of a target caught in its flames. It is highly dangerous to those that can’t see it for those reasons.

Subsume [Invisible] – Subsume allows the psion to drain psychic and life energy from a target via cords of energy.

Domination [Invisible] – A two-faceted power. Domination can be used to place a thought or sequence of action into an individual’s mind, and that person enacts this 'Suggestion' if possible. This variant is easier and more subtle, while complete Mind Control is more difficult by merit of requiring total domination. However, if successful, it is a terrifying power. Those under the effect of Suggestion have a slight glow to their eyes, and those directly Controlled have a spiraling thread attaching them to the dominator. Both of these effects are only visible to psions, though.

[Violet Psions have access to a repeating orange power, Psi Panic.]


Cryokinesis [Visible] – The power to create and manipulate frozen liquids, primarily water. This has a variety of tactical applications, from modifying the environment to suit the psion, to freezing hydraulics solid.

Mindfray [Invisible] – A mental attack that causes the target to suffer from severe disorientation, disrupting their nervous system and making them see distorted hallucinations.

Empathy [Invisible] – A utility variant of telepathy that allows the psion to synergize with their allies on a more broad level than Mind-Merge, read the connection between enemies, and even communicate with animals.

Extrasensory Perception [Invisible] – The power to perceive things outside of the normal range of the senses. This can translate into a clairvoyance to allow the psion to view areas they cannot see normally, or enhance the reflexes, sometimes to a high enough level that they can predict enemy attacks before they come in a sort of precognition.

Physical Enhancement [Invisible] – A power that the psion can use to increase their physical prowess, be it enhanced strength, speed, vision, or even durability. Allows them to become temporarily superhuman.

[Blue Psions have access to a repeating yellow power, Electrokinesis]


Biokinesis [Situational] – The ability to manipulate body processes. This can be used to accelerate a target’s healing rate drastically (Heal), or damage a target (Harm). An advanced method manipulates the nerves of the body, lending itself to various effects such as brainwashing (Rewrite), sensory amplification (Amplify), and nerve damage healing (Soothe). This secondary form’s effects are totally invisible and require direct proximity.

Imbuing [Invisible] – The power to strengthen physical objects (Imbue), making them harder and stronger. Can also be used to supercharge the power cores of armor or weaponry (Infuse). It causes hemorrhaging when used on the human body, unless combined with another ability like Biokinesis to regulate its effects.

Psi Inspiration [Invisible] – The opposite of psi panic, psi inspiration can be used to strengthen the will of allies and remove the effects of Mindfray, Psi Panic, and Suggestion. The former use strengthens other psionic abilities used afterwards.

Oxykinesis [Visible] – The power to create and manipulate strong acids and bases. The destructive power of green psionics.

Override [Invisible] – A difficult power that allows the psion to detach their mind from their body, usually in order to ‘possess’ an organic target.

[Green Psions have access to a repeating orange power, Aerokinesis]


Electrokinesis [Visible] - The ability to control electricity. It can also be used to control power sources like charge packs or generators that produce such energy.

Telekinetic Field [Situational] – The use of telekinetic force to stop incoming projectiles, often used as a psionic shield. This shield is visible, while another variant of telekinetic fields repels projectiles. This one is more difficult to pull off, and invisible.

Teleimagery [Visible] – Another two-faceted ability. One can generate optical illusions that only affect specific targets, or they can create illusions made out of light that anyone can see.

Blackout [Invisible] – Reversed ESP that temporarily negates the senses of the target. It can also be used to disrupt Precognition.

Blink [Invisible] - The power to teleport oneself. Its typical maximum range is about a hundred meters.

[Yellow Psions have access to a repeating violet power, Mind-Reading]


Terrakinesis [Visible] – The ability to manipulate, but not create, rock and stone. It doesn’t work on metals, but is great for creating cover where none is, or for giving the enemy a bad time from below.

Psi Panic [Invisible] – By conjuring up horrible images, memories, or deep fears, the psion can cause a target to be thrown into a complete panic.

Rift [Visible] – A psychokinetic storm that lifts and damages anything in its path. A powerful ability, and one that can be specialized to mimic the form and function of tornadoes, hurricanes, whirlpools, and so on.

Aerokinesis [Visible] – The ability to create and manipulate gases, particularly but not limited to oxygen. This, like other elemental psionics, is a very tactical ability.

Technokinesis [Invisible] – The power to control machinery remotely. It requires a working knowledge of the machine in question, and that they have a power source or supply.

[Orange Psions have access to a repeating red power, Magnokinesis]


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XCOM Soldier Classes

It was discovered when attempting to add to the PCS skills of XCOM soldiers after the events of September 10th that they cannot hold more than seven total cognitive-enhancing abilities. Because of this, the soldier classes had to be further subdivided into more specialized classes. There are now twelve XCOM classes that all make use of the Personal Combat Sims neurophysical optimization.

(Notes - DMG means Damage, CRIT means a Critical Hit, AP means Armor Points, DR means Damage Reduction)

Sharpshooter Tree.PNG

Gunslinger Tree.PNG

Ranger Tree.PNG

Phantom Tree.PNG

Specialist Tree.PNG

Paramedic Tree.PNG

Grenadier Tree.PNG

Ambusher Tree.PNG

Aerotrooper Tree.PNG

Enforcer Tree.PNG


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