XCOM: SoD (Guide and Summary)


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The XCOM roleplay has a main story thread as well as a missions thread, I'll be constructing a guide to help new readers interested in Story of Defiance jump between missions and the base story. After I've completed that, I'll write a summary of the overall storyline of XCOM and events surrounding it.


Good luck, Commander O'Brien.​


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Note: Important text is marked with italics. Dates are underlined. Links are bolded.

Fair Warning: The Character Biographies are fairly disorganized, so I'll list the characters you need to know on startup with specific links. Once you reach the end of each bio post, come back here for the next one so you don't spoil anything for yourself.

Morrigan O'Brien (XCOM Commander)
Jessica Lockheart (XCOM Scientist)
Sonya Randolph (XCOM Engineer)

(in progress)