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Happy new year prisma, I realize that it's not New Years yet. But I'm saying it now because I'm not sure when you'll be back, and good to see you.

Aww thank you Dahl. Happy New Years to you as well, whenever it hits you :)

Also Happy New Years to the rest of you as well :D Make this year a good one!


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Bird-day? Did someone say Harpies?




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Except for a scant few things, XSDF research is pretty much done, or trashed if you want to call it that. We have pretty much all the tech I'm gonna get for us. Again, apologies that R&D turned out to be so staid in VoF, but then again it probably wasn't much more involved than it was last season. Hopefully my plan for X2 will give our civilian staff something more interesting to do.

The last real research of this season will come from the players, really. If we get our hands on that weaponry Tris was using Penny will be on that like a hornet, if we find a way to replicate the Silencer's ability that would go to Mark. And as for Aerospace research on the Einherjar... I leave that to Ayako and @BMPixy in general.


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For the 4800th post in this thread, have Gem's Master Plan For Vanguard of Foreseti and the Future Revised (And Not Edited).

It's quite simple, really. In the month of January, we'll take care of this final "normal" set of 5 missions, and be working on character development secondary, but still there. Tomorrow and Sunday, or next weekend, I'll do Operation Scorched Earth with @Dahlexpert @Frostlich1228 and @BMPixy if he can make it. On the last week or two I'll do the twin base assault missions with @MarineAvenger and @ZombieSplitter53 @Black0ut . The rest of the stuff (the two missions involving @Taxor_the_First will just be worked on when we can, as will Operation Chain Lightning) fills in the gaps, including an aerial mission on The Einherjar if Pixy comes up with anything.

As for February, that's our "Calm Before the Storm" month. This will be your last chance to tie up character development! So for this month, the previous one, and the one after, DON'T YOU SLACK OFF ON FALLOUT4 OR EVEN XCOM2 IF YOUR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT ISN'T AT A SATISFACTORY POINT! I will likely get pissed, and won't accept any complaining about not being finished if you slack off - I won't accept myself complaining about it either!

Then in March, it's hammertime. I figured out a vague plan for how to merge both ending options and just end everything at Phase 3, so we're doing that. If I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO, I'll extend a week for character finalization and mission prep since this will just be equivalent to the Temple Ship Battle of last season. After that is completed we'll go to epilogues.

Said Epilogues may carry into April, but they shouldn't need to. This fourth month will be tying the knot for Vanguard of Forseti, and moving onto Liberation of Terra. (No that is not the story's official color. Ew.) We'll spent April finalizing character bios, the prequel, and information for the story that I learn from the actual game. Then we'll start either whenever everyone is ready, or at the beginning of May.

With that, I officially lift the hiatus.
(I'll be posting any content I've been neglecting on my end tomorrow though.)

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