[WIP] "Insane" M.A.D. Novel Trilogy

How much did you enjoy reading [WIP] "Insane", the first part of the M.A.D. Trilogy?

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Hello Gamigon! In the past 2+ years, Black0ut and I have been working on a world we call the M.A.D. World, or The World Made After Destruction. Most of that time has been focused more on character creation and story creation than actual story writing. Currently, we are on the third chapter of the first book, but some changes to them are expected. I am asking you all to please read the book and give some helpful feedback. It would be greatly appreciated.

*Inspired by ExoGrim's post for his thing that he's been working on. Check out his stuff too. :)

Also, check out the Demon Society RP. It's really fun to read. :D

(Shameless plugs) o.o

Insane novel (Google Docs): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YpSIF8mqZ3Z_yys8-I8PL8_Kn51Np9MVvDeC9o-KJp8/edit?usp=sharing