Watch Dogs

Sep 23, 2012
Watch Dogs (click "Watch Dogs")

The game was unveiled at E3 2012 and has been a highly anticipated game. If you don't know about the game, it is a open world action/adventure game made by good old Ubisoft. Ubisoft released AC3 a few months back and the reviews were not to good. IGN said it was a HUGE disappointment. In my opinion (if anyone cares) it was a good game, the main missions, hunting, sea battles, homestead missions, were all fine to me, I just didn't like the ending. Ok getting off topic. So the big question is that IGN thought that AC3 it was a disappointment, will this game be? The demo version was out during the E3 convention an had critics raving the games "next-gen" graphics and gameplay.I have faith in Ubisoft and think that Watch Dogs will be a great game. So far the only release date I could find was in 2013. I havent found a lot of info on the game, but I did find a very important claim."Watch Dogs is coming to PS3 and 360, but it probably won’t look as pretty as the reveal trailer which ran on a very high end PC," said a reporter from PlayStationLifeStyle. Thats great for all the people planing on getting the game on their PC.



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Sep 21, 2012
The Netherlands
From what I understand the game is set in 2013, it's supposed to be 'near-future' in a city called 'Windy City', a fictionalized/alternate-reality Chicago. The background story for the city is that in 2003 there was a big black-out, so they wanted to make that CtOS to prevent such things from happening again.

I think the reason it reminds you of GTA is because it just about holds the monopoly for 'realistic' open-world contemporary city games, but I think it's going to be wildly different.