Van Dam Lore and Tribal stile


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The Van Dam lore

Born in 27 BC during the Roman Empire, they were originally a tribe of savages wearing rags and hunted with wooden sticks and unable to talk. During this time they were hunters hunting what ever there was to hunt with their wolf companions, they hunted animals such as deer, bears lions, leopards, ostriches and even rhinos. Around 26 BC they were captured by Rome and turned into slaves and were forced into Rome’s gladiatorial arena, as a shock to the romans they survived the arena killing the animals that the romans sent in.

A man named Aulus Balbus, wanted to send guards into kill them, but someone named Brutus Blandinus stopped him. You see Brutus was surprised at the tribe of savages and bought the tribe for a great sum. After he purchased them he brought them back to his house, were he realized that they couldn’t talk with their mouths but used sigh language to talk. After learning this in between teaching the men how to fight, and trying to make the woman servants he would teach them how to speak in the roman language. After learning the language and after hundreds of years, the van dams became a big name in Rome in different areas. Some became great generals in the roman army some stayed as gladiators and others became politicians.

During the fall of Rome, some of the van dams stayed In Rome during it fall. But others left Rome and headed east unsure what would happen to them, to their surprise they landed in a snowy wasteland which is now known as Alaska in the year 477. Of course two years at sea they lost their numbers but they would finial find a new home to call their home.

For over a thousand years the Van Dams lived in Alaska reverting back into their old savage selves, except this time they knew how to speak English and how to make armor and weapons. And of course over the years they evolved to their environment, giving those Wight hair and red eyes the woman stood over six feet tall, and the men nearly six in a half feet tall, both incredibly strong and fast and not effected by the cold. Eventually they would making a big community taming wolves and hunting bears bison and other wild life, and for that time life was good for them.

Until 1870 when some criminals were starting to hid in the Alaskan mountains they never expected to see a tribe of people carrying swords and walking side by side with wolves. The Van Dams didn’t know what or who these people were, only that they wore strange close and weird weapons the outsiders thought that could capture the Van Dams and use them a prisoners. Unfortunate for them that did not happen as Van Dams sent there wolves on them and threw spears at them. Once the out siders were killed the took there weapons and looked them over, confused at what they’re looking at after they sent a small scouting group to see were they came from and what they saw was amazing. They saw tows with many people lights allover people wearing strange close and wearing more of those weapons on their back, it was the first time they saw other humans not just that but they were surprised at their development. After they went back to their village they explained what they saw and they were in shock at what they heard, so shocked that they had to see for themselves and after they saw towns and cities they decided to further investigate other places. It was here that the Van Dams would make a huge change to their community after discovering this one town, they traveled further south to the united states and saw farms people riding this weird animal called a hours, using a weird bison that was called a cow as cattle, and food water was almost unlimited they didn’t have to hunt as much. What they discovered was almost too much for them to handle, they thought that they were the only humans alive on earth but to find out that you’re not and to see your race thriving it almost brought them to tears.

Over the years the Van Dams would integrate to society, they were natural hunters so naturally they would become bounty hunters because to them hunting a man was no different than hunting an animal, they made farms and traded with other communities they would also mate with the out siders. For the first time ever the van dams mated with others outside their village, but even though they became integrated into society they did not forget their home, they taught there kids how to hunt and skin animals the half breed hair were no longer White but they are still able to withstand the cold. Over the years the van dams would send tech back to their village and a fresh new batch of kids to their village as well.

The Van Dams over the years have almost became one with society joining the military and becoming mercenaries, and they were happy by the year 2018 there village had generators to keep the lights on , a weapons smith cabins instead of huts tons of bison for meat and milk a greenhouse for their plants. That is until the aliens showed up when everyone ran in panic from the aliens, the Van Dams saw them and smiled to them they saw the aliens a challenge, they saw it as there gods sending them an enemy that only they can defeat that was until the XCOM program. At this point the story can differ ether XCOM defeated the aliens and the Van Dams have no idea what to do, or they went extinct. But that’s a story for another day.