The Vagabond: Beginning


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Part One
So there I was, standing at the edge of the world wondering what I had truly gotten myself into, wondering where I Wondering what I was. I couldn't remember how long this journey was or when exactly it started but one thing was for sure, that it was about to end.

Although maybe I should start from the beginning, maybe that way you would understand where I am, perhaps you could answer the question... What am I?

"Heeeey! you okay?!" I heard a young womans voice call out to me. I looked around but I could not see her, I could not see anything for that matter. I was surprised to feel her arms wrap around me and pull me up, I felt lighter after she did, had I been laying under sand?

"You look pretty rough, let me get some water" The woman had told me. I will admit she had a pretty voice, almost magical. "Here, drink this" I never realized how thirsty I was until she pressed the water skin again my lips, it was a refreshing feeling, almost as if my insides had been dried out and now were being revived.

She stopped me when I tried to rub my eyes clear, it frustrated me because I really wanted to know what she looked like. "I think you should leave those peepers alone for awhile...they don't look so good" she told me in a concerned tone. Had something happened to my eyes? I don't feel any pain.

"Not much of a talker either, I guess that's okay" That's right... I haven't said anything yet have I? When I tried to speak I could only manage a whisper before she pressed a finger to my lips "It's okay, you don't have to talk yet, for now you can just rest easy" It's good she had such low expectations because not long after she said that, I had passed out.


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Part Two

It felt warm when I awoken from my slumber, I could hear the crackling of fire nearby. I wish only that I could see the fire, or my savior.

"Finally awake I see!" I heard the womans voice call out to me, it echoed all around, were we sitting in a cave?

"You must have been tired, out for an entire week and all" she said in a very upbeat tone. I was surprised she would stay so long to take care of me, I probably looked half dead by the sound of it.

I felt her back against my left arm, she had decided to lean up against me, she was very light and clearly wearing something very large like a cloak or cape. I tried to ask her where we were, I must have managed more then a whisper because she responded.

"Lily Pass, although there aren't many flowers here anymore" She spoke with slight discomfort, I don't smell any flowers, did something happen here to ruin the soil?

"Here, I made this for you" She had put something on my face, a wooden mask by the feel of it.

"It's designed like a wolf. It makes you look mysterious instead of well..." I think that was her way of saying I looked ugly.

"Now lets go get some food!" She shouted as she stood up and grabbed my hands, pulling me to my feet and dragging me into a sprint.


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Part Three

"Hey watch out!" She was late to warn me as a vultures talons stuck into the front of my mask followed by her laughter. I tried my best to pull the mask free but the bird refused to let me go.

"Stand still" She commanded. I heard a whistle and the bird screeched in my ear before hanging limp still attached to my mask.

It was difficult to pull the bird of pray off but after a little wiggling I had it free. "So you do have some strength left" She called out to me before taking the bird from my hands.

I was starting to feel more and more comfortable with walking on my own, although she did help me with steep slopes and rough terrain. The hard ground we walked along confused me because I was sure we had been in a desert when I had first awoken.

Suddenly she pushed me down and told me to stay put, not long later I could hear wood being piled up and a fire lit.

"Time to eat" She said it with such glee but judging by the smell of burning feathers I knew this was going to be one meal I would not soon forget.
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Part Four

The next few days had been very nice all things considered, I still could not see but I did learn her name. I learned that Minceria lost her parents when she was a kid to some bandits, apparently over some money and food. She has survived all these years by hunting birds and small animals, Apparently when she found me she was tempted to take a leg until she noticed I was still breathing, I'm not sure if that was funny or concerning.

"You going to stare off into space all day? I think I found the path" She spoke with a slightly aggressive tone, are we lost?

As we cleared though the bush I thought I could hear some chattering, did we find others?

"Shhh, stay still." She commanded and I listened. After a moment of silence I heard a loud crash and some men yelling and not long after she grabbed my arm and pulled me into a sprint.

"Lets go!" She said with much excitement. What had she just done...


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Part Five

A few days passed and she never told me exactly what had happened back then... but nothing came of it, so I let it go until this morning, the morning that changed everything

I heard screams as I jumped to my feet out of a dead sleep, I called her name a few times but no answer, I then silenced myself for just a moment and heard her voice calling to not her voice, her very soul called out to me.

I ran as fast as i could toward her, I would let nothing stop me from keeping her safe until I heard the voice of a man in front of me call out "Stop!"

"one more step and I slit her throat" The man called out. I couldn't see it but knew what was going on as clear as daylight.

"Just run, or he will get you too" Minceria told me. I heard a loud slap just after. I knew if I left she would die, and if I stayed so would I, but who could let the one they love go without a fight?

I don't know what came over me but my body felt warm, my eyes in pain. Instinctively I reached forward with my hand and cast a spell, not a curse in some fairy tail but true bolt of lightning from my finger tips.

After the echo of the roaring thunder stopped I could see a hazy grey image of what was before me, she was beautiful, a goddess from legend, and the man who had captured her lay dead behind but...

"I ...I told y-you to run.." Her pained voice called out, I looked at her closer and what I seen horrified me, a hole in her chest with blood pouring out. I rushed to catch her before she could fall.

"I r-really did have some strength left...huh..." She told me. I tried to tell her to save her breath, she refused to listen.

"I ...never got your name" I never had a name until now...but... In this instant I chose the one name I could remember. From this point on my name was Dorn.

"What a ..lame fits" she smiled one last time before going limp in my arms... what had I done...what am i going to do?
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