The Vagabond: A New Frontier


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(Please read "The Vagabond: Beginning" first for the story to make sense)

Part One: About one year after losing Minceria I began the long trek north through the desert. It seemed endless, I soon found myself without water or food.

Eventually I found a small cave, I could see a light inside. I walked towards the light but no matter how far I walked there was no reaching it, eventually the light faded, or was it me who faded?"

As I lay in the sand I dreamed. I looked down on a town bustling with people, soldiers lining the streets as a parade ran down the street. I turned my gaze towards an ally to see a girl in a disheveled white dress and long silver hair waving up to me. I climbed out the window and down the side of the tower I once stood in until I was down to the street where I seen her, although she was no where to be found. Was this someone I knew? Where was I?

I soon found myself awakening from my dream laying on a straw bed looking up at the ceiling, I turned my head to the side and my eyes met with a woman. She had short black hair, her eyes seemed darker then Minceria, I could still only see in black and white.

"You're awake" Her voice was high but pleasant to hear. "I was wondering how long it was going to be before you woke up"

Who was she? Did she save me?


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Part Two: I had spent the next few days in the care of this new girl, her name was Luella and she lived here alone for most of her life.
"Hey are you gonna wake up or what?" I heard her call loud in my ear as I awoke from a long sleep.

"ever since you got here all you have done is sleep and drink all my water, not much of a man are you?" I guess I was being a bit of a mooch but I have barely been able to walk let alone gather food and water.

"And now you are just starring at me with an idiotic blank look, what is wrong with you?" Her tone seemed a lot more aggressive, perhaps I should say something.

"Never mind!" She grabbed me by my collar and stared into my eyes, it made me feel like I was starring into an abyss, her pupils a deep dark black(or at least what I seen as black)

"your going to pay back that water you drank" As she spoke she pushed my onto my back and crawled over me, holding my arms to the side.

"every last drop of it" She said it with such a soft tone that caught me off guard. She sunk her teeth into my neck and my entire body went numb.