Technic MineCraft


Technic, A modpack supporter for modpack developers for Minecraft. (really much more simple than it sounds) Im currently developing a modpack for the Technic loader. It adds many many features and items also greatly increases the game difficulty. Some examples of the mods included in the pack are

"Industrial Craft"
"Build Craft"
"Lycanites Mobs'"

And many many more. these mods include weapons, electricty with power storage - generation and usage (Battery banks, Nuclear reactors, etc.) Many many machines to help process items and create even more extravagant armors and tools. Also has the ability to create space stations complete with heat and oxygen needs or go to the moon and mars.

I was wondering if any of you here would be interested in such a thing. I Currently am still in heavy development and am in need of a bug tester or two to help get this off the ground! If your interested leave a post here or private msg me using the forum msg system.

I've personally grown very tired of the vanilla Minecraft and the modpack makes it essentially an entirely new game.

The tekkit loader can be found @

If you want my modpack you'll have to let me know, its not ready for public listing yet.