Technic - A Gamigon's ModPack!

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Hello All!

Me and Rall76 are currently developing a custom technic survival modpack for the Gamigon community!
It's still in heavy development but I was curious as to who would be interested in playing this - possibly in multiplayer. This modpack is not for those who are looking for a creative feel.... You will die, probably alot. But fear not as there are many many mods here to make things easier and survival better, though its still much more difficult than vanilla. This is for those who want to create huge machines to do their bidding, travel the planets and try to survive massive hordes of undead creatures.

The current mods are;
Minecraft: 1.7.10
-Treecapitator [UNI-2.0.4](to make tree harvesting smoother/more realistic.)
-backpack [2.0.1-1.7.x] (Allows users to increase inv. space by creating backpacks.)
-BiblioCraft[1.9.2] (Adds craftable decorations; furniture; lighting & more)
-BigReactors [0.4.1A2] (Adds large multi-block energy producing reactors & steam turbines)
-Buildcraft [6.2.6] (Adds many machines to process ore, fend off monsters & produce items)
-ComputerCraft [1.65] (Adds programmable computers with real programming language witch adds limitless possibilities for custom computing)
-EnderIO [] (Adds many energy conversions/storage, pipes, wires and many tools)
-Galacticraft [] (Adds planets, starmaps and the ability to create space stations, moon bases, and interplanetary travel via rockets or teleport - oxygen system ready.)
-LycanitesMobsComplete [] (Adds many many difficult if not impossible creatures and scenarios where you WILL need the protection and capabilities offered by the many other mods to defend and protect yourself.)
-ThermalExpansion [4.0.0B8-23] (Adds an energy language used and producable via any other factorization type mod in this pack EXAMPLE: BigReactors,CCRaft,BC & E-IO)
-Rei'sMiniMap (Adds a map and waypoint overlay, google it to learn how to use)
-MineFactoryReloaded [2.8.0RC6-5] (Adds many factorization capabilities to automate many features to let you do more of what you want)
-PneumaticCraft [1.5.1-49] Adds air/oxygen compression to allow for pneumatic machines {machines that run off of compressed air} this adds many possibilities of other more extravagant machines without the need of power.)

There are many more mods to be added and any of the mods listed here are subject to change or be removed completly as this modpack is still in development bugs may arise that would require to remove mods that may create them.

If you think you'll be interested in this let me know! if I can get enough people to say they'll play it I'll make it public and try to host a server for it.

Im also looking for testers if anyone is willing to help me and Rall bug test - it has to go through many stages before I can release to the public.

And for those of you who do not know of what technic is... It's a modpack user interface for people to create and submit modpacks to. I've used it for a very long time and have had nothing but fun with it. it has thousands and thousands of different packs available to it. Check it out @