Star Wars Episode 7


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Dec 9, 2013
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Watch the trailer it is amazing.
Now after that I would like to direct you to the biggest piece of un-researched crap I have ever seen.,manual
Now after reading that, I just cringe at the fact people believe this. Here is what I responded...

If you study Star Wars lore like I do then you know that this is likely not true. 1st piece of evidence is that the old republic era takes place 4000 years before the battle of Yavin. If you look back on lore, it says that Revan was put into a stasis state for 300 years by the emperor of the Sith Empire to feed off his power. Keep in mind this was the emperor who desolated his entire home world to gain immortal life, and even he was killed by the Hero of Tython. 2nd is that Revan's mask is a relic. The mask in the the star wars MMO was referred to as a relic that was no longer able to be used by a member of the Revan Cult on Dromuund Kass. 3rd is that the crossguard lightsaber is a VERY RARELY used lightsaber design. It is not used by many Jedi or Sith as it was regarded as inefficient as it made the lightsaber hilt off balance and wasn't very practical. As the final icing on the cake that really irked me by this author is this... that picture of the Sith from the 'Hope' cinematic of SW:TOR. This is not Revan! It just isn't, it is the traditional armor of a Sith warrior and is worn by many other Sith throughout the other cinematics of the game. One other thing to point out is that the Sith in the trailer doesn't even have Revan's demeanor. Whenever you see Revan he is usually very regal looking in his appearence and his lightsaber stance is very profound. The sith in this trailer however does not have that. In fact he is walking through the woods as an animal hunting prey and his stance is all wrong. If you read this and still believe that the new villian is Revan. I feel sorry for the people who don't truly understand Star Wars lore and will be let down when they found out the speculation was wrong.


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Sep 21, 2012
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I cannot believe the person who wrote this is not just a massive troll. If you don't know anything about Star Wars, how can you hope to report on it without doing any research? Where is that Star Wars Underworld image from anyway? I cannot even deem this article worthy a response.