Shatter World: Rules, Story and Information


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Nov 13, 2015
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Available Classes:

Soldier: Standard combat fighter.

Scout: These unit specialize in getting close to enemy lines without engaging in combat.

Sharpshooter: A class that can either specialize in long-range combat or close ranged shooting.

Warlock: A class that specializes in advanced technological equipment.

Titan: A unit that specializes in heavy weaponry and explosives.

Character Creation Rules:

You may be either a human or a android

You will start with two characters and you may add more as the story progresses. Each character you make will start out as a new recruit and rank up from there.

All reasons for joining the Guild are allowed, EXCEPT Force and Blackmail. Your character must be joining the Guild willingly.

Any abilities and equipment outside of the ones given in the class loadouts must be run by the GM (ExoGrim) to be looked over before they can be added.

Any personality goes… just don’t over do it.

Please talk to the GM if you wish to kill off a character and provide a good reason why. Deaths can only occur during Jobs and Missions and suicide is not allowed.


The guild you will be apart of is Freedom’s Will, a low end guild working to try and free people from corrupt guilds while defending their home country of America. The HQ is set up in the New York Region. Most of the area around the HQ is covered destroyed buildings and bridges, making it hard to get in and out of base without a Dropship.

Most RPing will be at HQ or during a mission or job. Jobs will be posted weekly for guild members to take on. Mission will be announced when a big liberation or defense will be needed.

The Important NPCs (Guild leader, Medical Chief, Research Chief and Guard Captain) will be done by the GM, any other players may make a temporary NPC for roleplaying purposes.

I will be mostly available to do the NPC roles. If for any reason I am not, PM me and I’ll go over whether you could use the required NPC for that RP.


All members have access to the Lobby, Job Board, Kitchen, and one room in the Inn.

The Engineering Bay is limited to the Research Staff, Engineering Staff and any Warlock member.

The Shooting Range and the Armory is limited to the combat members (ones who have a class).

The Watchtowers and Guard Stations are limited to the Guards.

The Medical Bay is limited to the Medical and Research Staff and any injured members and their visitors.


Mission will be around one every month or so. Jobs will be posted every week and you can PM me if you wish to take on a job on the Job Board during that week.

All classes will carry a Pistol as a sidearm.

All classes have two slots for secondary equipment. The secondary equipment pieces are Medkits, any Grenade available to your class and Scanners.

The available equipment will be updated as new items are found and new research has been finished.

Each character in a mission will have a platoon of soldiers they will command during the mission.

The enemy will either be rivel/dictatorial guild members of similar class to the players and any Machine that they may encounter during any mission.

Each location will be laid out during the Briefing and will be as detailed as I can make it.


Each player will have a solo post (or two) to introduce their characters. All intro should been in by the first week of the thread going up, but you will have plenty of time to work on them before hand.

The time this story takes place is 2184 on New Year's Day, 81 years after the Mechanical Revolution and 30 years after the humans rebuilt their civilization.

Most humans do not trust androids.


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Nov 13, 2015
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2018: The first successful A.I. was officially created to protect the world from potential alien assaults.

2025: The A.I. (now known as Serenity) stopped civil wars in both France and Britain. This led to avoiding millions of unnecessary death.

2057: A terrorist group called the Black Hand tries to hack into Serenity, but are stopped before they could do anything… according to government reports.

2098: The maintenance group for Serenity suddenly disappear after going into the systems tunnel. All of Serenity’s combat machines have suddenly start grouping up in cities.

2103: Serenity starts attacking large military bases. The human’s have no way to stop the onslaught that came upon them. All survivors hide in military bunkers to stay alive.

2133: As food and water run low, the survivors agree to go into cryo-stasis.

2154: the Survivor awaken to find their home destroyed. They begin to rebuild their world and form group (now called Guilds) to defend themselves from the Machines.

2159: The humans are introduced to the group of androids that defected from Serenity (who now calls itself the Overmind). The human make a uneasy treaty with the Android, as they do not trust them fully.

2166: Several Guilds take control of the countries they are meant to protect, making many civilian worried that their Guild may do the same thing. An Act is formed to try and stop these Guilds and to stop future Guilds from doing the same thing.

2184: Modern Day.


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Nov 13, 2015
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Class Equipment

Each class comes with one Primary, one Secondary, and one Special Equipment Piece


Primary: Assault Rifle, SMG, Combat Rifle

Secondary: one additional Primary Weapon

Grenades: Antipersonnel Grenade, Flashbang

Special Tech Piece: Deployable Barrier, Biofield


Primary: Combat Rifle

Secondary: Flashbang Launcher, Flare Gun

Grenades: Smoke Grenade, AA Fireworks

Special Tech Piece: Cloaking Device


Primary: Sniper Rifle, Combat Rifle

Secondary: Arc Rifle, EMP Rifle

Grenade: Flashbang, Signal Flare

Special Tech Piece: Biofield, Antipersonnel Mines


Primary: Flamethrower, Frost Rifle

Secondary: Arc Rifle, Plasma Pistol

Grenade: Pyro Grenade, Antipersonnel Grenade

Special Tech Piece: Shockwave Mine


Primary: Minigun, Rocket Launcher

Secondary: Grenade Launcher, Plasma Rifle

Grenade: Anti-Tank Grenade, AA Firework

Special Tech Piece: Personal Shield, Reflector Shield