Ark Server Info & Guidelines


Oct 19, 2012
Gamigon hosts a Ark Survival Evloved server named|ARK

The ip is always the same for all our servers. To find our server add the to your server favorites in steam. (you can find server list under view in steam interface)​

Granted this game is an open world survival, we here at Gamigon believe certain rules of conduct must be followed.

1) No racism whatsoever
2) Try not to be rude to other players
3) No exploits/cheats/hacks
4) Base destroying/raiding/PvP is a part of the game but please do not greif - killing everything in site unprovoked. If you want a tribal war, announce it to the rival tribe.
5) Do not repeatedly kill players who are of no threat or who have not provoked such behavior
6) We do not allow ARK Data downloading from other servers (Should be disabled by server by default)
7) Most importantly - Have fun.

This list of guidelines is subject to change or be added upon at any time.
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