Rise from Banishment ~ Character Bios

Insane Darkness

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Age: ?
Race: Deity
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 132 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Long, curly

Appearance: Often professional-looking, with hair curled and a touch of makeup. The air around her often smells of lavender and coconut. She enjoys wearing dresses so she's usually wearing one if not in her normal business outfit: a grey short tight-fit skirt and blazer. Definitely not afraid of heels. Her business attire raises her three inches and her casual attire raises her two. Her glasses are black and rather basic, though the sides are a little more intricate with their design.

Personality: Stern, but caring. Diligent and passionate. Bends to higher authority, but doesn't enjoy it. Rather intimidated by the inhabitants of this planet. She's rarely smiling, always present with a stern glare, as if she's always watching. Not the most social butterfly. She's the kind of person who likes to get things done.

Background: As the story goes, the pair of Remalia and Erebus is as old as time itself. The God of Shadows and the Goddess of Oaths, together for eternity. Their story was simple, elegant, and as if fate had some role in it. The thought was that all oaths were made with selfishness in mind, whether as an undertone or as the overarching reason. There was always something to gain from an oath.

Remalia's regal appearance matched her attitude, and Erebus seemed intrigued. Remalia enjoyed his loyalty and kind words and reached out to him. They hit it off surprisingly well. They seemed like the perfect pair. Nothing could tear them apart.

Time passed. The two's legend was lost to time. Some remembered who they were, but only in pieces, fragments. As Gods, they still retained their power. They still had strength. But it wasn't enough. He banished them to the mortal plane, separating them for eternity with His will. Their tightly-held grasp on each others' hand was forcefully wrenched apart and they were sent tumbling to the planet below.

Skills: Tactful thinking, Analysis, Making Oaths, Binding people with Oaths, Encouraging the growth/progression of an Oath