Optimizing Livestreaming


Hey guys so you know that Linus and I have played around with making our Livestreaming better. Right now we get 480p quality or so. We were wondering if their was any magic things that you guys knew about xsplit to make us have better quality.

I have a great pc so that isn't the issue. The problem is I only get around 10 MB upload. We both use xsplit paid version. Maybe you could put some of the settings that you think would work.


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Its been some time that I have used xsplit and I have watched your stream. At first I thought your internet must be really bad (no offence) because the quality was not really good could make out what text said ect. But if you have 10MB upload and you are only getting 480p quality then something isnt right there. I get pretty decent quality about 720p on all my games and i play most of my games in 1920x1080 resolution.

Here is my Xsplit settings and my speed test....


Speed test:

Also If you go to "View" then go to "Resolution" since you guys are using te paid version of XSplit you can choose the 1910 x 1080 - HDTV Resolution this should make your stream look a hell of a lot better.

Oh and one more thing when you add a Screen Region right click that Screen Region and hit "Optimize Text Resize" (Just sharpens everything up)


Thank you very much. I will be trying this out to make the best possible thing. And BTW previously my upload was like 1 Mb but I upgraded it like 3 months ago to 10 MB so it was my internet previously.