ocs, huh?

howdy all I’ve been lurking for a while and because I for one have made an oc recently befitting the (lovingly given) title of “trash goblin”, how many of you have such an oc? if you don’t have one, feel free to tell about which oc you’ve made is your favorite, or talk about a favorite of a friends ocs

go wild

(you’re also free to ask me abt mine if you want? you don’t gotta tho)


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Guess I could list off some of the ocs I enjoyed playing as the most for each RP.

Demon Society: Winter was a fun one to RP as since I enjoyed the casual attitude I could bring with her... While I enjoyed Jack because for similar reasons... Just having a bit more of an extreme to it. (For a serial killer... Jack was rather chill XD).

Hunters of Terra Dolar: Zulik mainly because he was a character they felt a bit more natural for me to convey (ironic due to him being a bit of an opposite of me). The other was Terra because... I got to be adorable and innocent and make everyone die from cuteness overload (and with feels thanks to her backstory).

Starstream: Tbh, I feel like my Starstream characters are my weakest so far... As Elisa was the only character I truly enjoyed playing (since her level of curiosity was fun as fuck to play with).