New Minecraft Server is up! More stuff on the way!


We have officially made an official Minecraft Vanilla server which has a few bukkit pluggins. It is modded and run with the help by Lando. So if you see him around or need help you can talk to him or you can get a hold of any of the server admins. I hope you enjoy it and try to follow any rules that are on there. There will be more info in Minecraft section of the Forums.


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This is the Official GLG Minecraft Survival PvE Server.

The server included the following Plugins.

DrugMod ( Right click sugar ^-~)
Essentials ( Spawn with stone tools. allows /sethome /home commands. Nice admin tools too :)
Lockette (Very nice tool to secure player's items.)
NocheatPlus (allows me to monitor any odd actions)
Timbermod ( Tiiiiiiimber! 1 block destroys trees *Uses durability*)
McMMO (Neat vet perks, allows you to gain skill the longer you do something the better you are at it)

Sorry about the spontaneous host migration, to vaguely explain, our leader *Sarge* came back from "Vacation"

To the players that were on the server and had progression, I apologize, and as a community we decided and agreed to change the world. As a result of this, we lost everything. But......IN RETURN .. People who were previously on the server,
will receive 3 diamonds and 32 iron bars for sticking with us and supporting our beloved server.

Special thanks to Kings(Raymond) | and Sarge for hosting the server, I will be administrating the server along with a few fellow admins.
Please contact me with any complaints. Or if its serious take it to Raymond or Sarge

Server Rules:

PvE Server - No PvP ( This includes throwing people in lava intentionally or exploiting the "No-PvP" rule in any way)
Stealing is not allowed. AT ALL
Lockette is used to protect players property exploiting this will result in kick or temp ban.
Hacking, Duping, exploiting, X-ray, or any kind of cheat that allows you to get an advantage over players is NOT permitted. (Permanent Ban)
Be respectful to players, do not get cocky with admins and please follow rules. If you have an issue, go to our teamspeak or complain.
Dying... I will not spawn items for players if they lose them, unless players lose items due to server glitch, or a player broke rules.
Do not stalk members and steal their loot, is counts as stealing.
Have fun.


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confession to make, sorry Rogue_Monkeys but rules are rules..


Thank you. I think Lando has already delt with this issue. But its always best to have proof on the forums. Rules are Rules and we are sorry but we can't allow people to have unfair advantages.


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Yes, i banned Rogue_Monkeys and Troy_WiiModder1. I appreciate the information. If anymore incidences happen, feel free to post here. Let this be a lesson to anyone. Its not worth getting banned over something so silly. Play legit, or don't play at all. =)


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laurensvg, the guy who blew up my house and used x-ray on the old GLG Vanilla server, just joined the game. He asks me if he can live with me, I ask him if he still uses x-ray. He refuses to answer me, asking me if he knows me. Next thing I know, he teleports into my house and starts destroying everything he can manage to wreck with his starting tools.

So once I remembered what the screenshot button was, I started mashing it; here's a few of the snapshots.


Thanks Grelite. Sorry first few days will have hackers we will ban them. Lando is a great mod and will be on top of this. Also you will get help to repair what was broken.