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Sep 20, 2012
Here you guys go. Here is the IP to the new Minecraft server ( it is not 24 hours a day right now. But it may be in the future if there is enough people interested. Jump on Have some fun
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Jun 3, 2013
I personally will be hosting this Minecraft server, just to let you know some more details about this server, is it 100% vanilla with a few added perks...

Timbermod - Cut the bottom of the tree for the full tree cut down
World edit/guard - Monitored and used by admins mainly
This is a survival server
In-game player based trading economy(non-mod)
hosted with 3GB of RAM to assist server with any instant rendering processing.
hosted with purty damn good internet, NO LAG!
Basic server rules - #1 rule. No hacks. PERIOD.
Lockette mod included. Use to ensure your own protection.
20 slots with a growing community. (can increase when needed)
100% free server all owner run.
MC bans to keep your gaming experience simple and fun
Healthbar, so you know how much you're kicking ass!
/sethome and /home commands for easier travel and that easy route out to take that poo.
Jailing system to simmer down tempered players and greifing anal beads.
Join us on teamspeak and enjoy the real chat system. (Minecraft has their own channel too!)
If you care to donate, just donate straight to the GLG foundation. If you care enough, mention why you donated, which server you really liked and why it made you want to support it. (Donations on site don't just go to 1 server, it goes to the community to support all we do.

Suggestions on how to better our minecraft server or any other server, we're always on teamspeak to hear out ideas.

TO EVERYONE who has tried to join the server and they live over seas
(Server is United States East Coast Philadelphia,PA)
The server will now be 24/7 except Wednesday. The server will be down at night probably around 1AM(Eastern)

Keep in mind, most of our traffic is during the days after working hours. Since i work from home i'm 24/7 monitoring my server of cheats and and argumental confrontation with players.

Respect all.....


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Sep 21, 2012
The Netherlands
From what I understand the 1.6 update will take place fairly soon. What will happen when this update occurs?

I don't know if mod compatibility will uphold, and how long it might take to update those.
As for world generation; the only thing that changes is chests in Nether Fortresses, however, the new items in chests include items that can only be obtained through those chests (Horse Armour).

Will there be a brand new world?


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Sep 27, 2012
All the new generated blocks are 1.6 when the update is out.. And I think there is lot to discover, so I dont think that would be a problem? I'm not sure if we have been to the nether allready?