howdy quick q for y’all [dnd related]

so, question involves the following scenario:
your big bad end game is collecting relics for the usual taking over and/or destroying of the world. your group has an opportunity to cut off the bbeg and take one of the relics bbeg is after.
actual question now: what do I do if my party does the thing (I don’t wanna stop this, it’s a really clever opportunity and I feel like it would be a, while strange, very neat plot development)
answers v appreciated


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Well, for one it paints a target on the parties back, so you could work in various encounters with the Big Bad's assassins or elite servants tasked with stealing the relic from them and/or killing them.

Another potentially fun thing you could do (if there is a mage in the party) is perhaps the relic's power can be activated somehow and be used against the Big Bad by the party. Maybe they come across a mentor style character who can teach a party member how to wield the powerful relic.