For Those Few Who Need It


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All are things that either light up our life or drag it down to unbearble darkness. Unfortunately, we all have one life, but that does not mean we should be judged for all the choices we make. We do what we have to, we go on through days trying to scrape together some kind of living, but sometimes it isn't easy. Most of the time, it never is. Our lives are our own, but sometimes we have no choice, especially when you would like it most. Does it ever get better?

Others would say yes, as would people who love you truely, or perhaps those tired of your shit.

For those who deal with the same shit, it is a grey area between sometimes and never. It the feeling of not knowing that drags us down. You feel like you are insignifigant, you have a hole in your chest, one you wish could be filled but never is. That feeling kills you inside, and you don't know how to show others or know the words that would ever make them understand, because they never could. Feelings cannot be expressed all the time. They have to be felt.

Well for those who feel that pain, you aren't the only one. And if you are reading this for the help you need, know you share in those pains. Read this to know that there are others who understand, that help is here. And know that when you are reading, if you are, then you are already accepted by someone who cares for you. So for those who need the support, raise a fist to the sky with middle finger raised high, because there are others right beside you doing the same. Don't let darkness consume you. Fight to find your light.

For those who would try and tear you down, I have something for you to tell them right to their faces...

Do I care if you hate me? Do you wanna know the truth?
C'est la vie... adiós... good riddance... and fuck you.