Facebook > Steam.



So, it turns out, Steam is basically the new Facebook.

Lots of shit has happened since I got the Steam Card Collecting Beta shit (which I bought for a little over 10 bucks because I'm fucking retarded), and it turns out, it's all about Steam Profile Levels now.


>What are the direct benefits of my Steam Level?
>You get more options to customize your profile, and the maximum number of friends you can have on your friends list increases.

Basic profile and community features are now hostage to the amount of money and time you spend on games.

It's God damn atrocious, and I would much rather go to Facebook instead of Steam. Not sure what Valve is doing, but it seems like they are preparing for the casualscum of the earth to enter our beloved Steam.



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I don't even have a Facebook account and have had a Steam account for years. I have never heard of this "Steam Card Collecting Beta" or "Steam Profile Levels", so it must be very easy to avoid this sort of stuff. I cannot imagine Steam ever being more of a horror than Facebook.


Well, it won't be as easy to avoid it as you might think considering the fact that every Steam profile will turn into Facebook eventually, it's just in beta at the moment, so yea.

Life sucks.


Well, I like steam :D
If they want to turn it into more socializing application / site thats fine with me.


Just realized I posted this in the wrong subthread, but I reckon basically 95 % of the threads are in the wrong subthread. >>offtopic.

Oh well, sue me, right?