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MarineAvenger and DarkGemini24601: Operation Scorching Safari, Part 3

The Mutons all focused on suppression, pinning the EXALT troops down as the three Berserkers prepared to cut them down. Vee carefully pulled out her rocket launcher, picking a shredder. “Everyone, duck.” She fired it at dangerously close range, barely hitting the Berserkers but not them. Using close quarters to their advantage, the others fired, and two maddened Balmadaar fell. The third lunged and Vee, who rolled out of the way of its strike.

“Come on, you can do better than that!” she taunted, before drawing a knife made of alloys and plunging it into the creature’s chest as it ran at her again. Already injured, it collapsed onto the blade, Vee having to let it go for now.

As the aliens seemed to regroup the EXALT troops did the same and assembled near their elites’ position. The four elites mingled with themselves, going over equipment and battle tactics. The regular clones looked at one another and they drew their guns on Vee.

Vee regarded them for an instant. She grabbed a grenade as their guns started to flare to life, and tossed the HE into the midst of her former allies. The blast ripped through them, killing three and leaving the other four injured. “What the hell is going on?” she yelled as they started to fire at her, her muscular modifications and reactive implants being the only thing keeping her from being hit in any critical manner.

The four elites looked between them as they knew the orders they had been given but there was something that kept them from joining into the fray. Instead, Fox brought his shotgun up and rushed forwards. His enhanced muscled in his legs propelled him faster than any normal human but when he brought the weapon up it was not pointed at Vee but rather the grunts. A blast from the shotgun and a crack from a rifle ended two of the clones.

“At least someone has some sense.” Vee shot down another clone with her autolaser, and glanced at the Mutons nervously. They were done watching in absolute confusion, and started to take aim again. As the Elites finished off the last clone, Vee ran over to them. “We can’t finish the mission now, we’re outnumbered by what we can see and there might be more! I hate to run, but...something’s wrong. Why did they go berserk?” 157 wondered, ducking from plasma fire.

The elites regrouped with each other and proceeded to move with Vee. “Maybe they don’t think it is worth the effort?” Hawke stated.

“Or maybe someone is pulling their strings?” Chief retorted. “Whatever the answer this is a losing battle.”

“Lost my damn knife,” Vee muttered. “But we need to get back to base.” She lifted her last rocket, firing it off in a parting shot to keep the Balmadaar busy, and then made a run for it to the dropships with the four Elites. They rushed inside, and Vee yelled at the pilot, “Go!”

The pilot turned to Vee with a pistol in his hand and fired at the clone. The laser bit into her helmet, but wasn’t strong enough to go through. “Bastard!” she growled, and punched through the guard’s throat with inhuman strength. “Can one of you guys fly this thing?” Why isn’t Ava responding...what did that fucker Viktor do…

Hawke gave his rifle to Fox and stepped forward. “I got this.”


“Do you honestly think you can try the same thing twice and succeed? It would be ever harder to wipe me out than before, I know you’re not entirely unintelligent, Viktor,” Avanix retorted.

“You stupid A.I., did you not think I would not have a plan in place to keep you from escaping?” Viktor looked at Sora and gave a nod.

Sora looked at Ava with sorrow and slowly raised his hand with his fingers together. “Sorry love.” Sora snapped his fingers and he fell in pain as all the servers around the base were simultaneously destroyed by Viktor’s clones. “You see, I studied the designs for this building hard. I had my men find all servers and destroyed them.”

Avanix’s hologram started to fall apart. “You...you idiot...how do you expect to wage a war by destroying yourself…”she protested as her form broke down in large chunks. Lily, Elene, I am transferring to you! Do... not... die!

“What...what is the point of all this, Viktor...you’re crippling EXALT simply to spite me? To make me suffer? What happened to your plans? Was killing Lusett not enough to satisfying your need for vengeance against the Exalts?” Elene said in anguish.

“No. I will not stop until every bit of that bitch’s existence is erased. I had to deal with you all that time as I thought I could squeeze every bit of usefulness out of you. After I saw what you had done with halting my production I knew it was all coming to this.”

Avanix, if you have to, transfer to Emma and avenge me. Elene ordered, lowering her head.

M-mistress! I cannot-

You will! Please, Avanix… this is my last attempt to save myself. “Viktor, I suggest you reconsider. Yes, I have lied to you...and such advancement I have come across!” She chuckled bitterly. “I’m sure you've heard of Legion. They...serve...me. Humanitatis regnat.”

“You think I care? There will be no bargaining here.”

Elene grinned. “And you would let the secret of where XCOM’s headquarters is located die with me?” she stated finally. It’s over, Morrigan. I’m sorry. Try as hard as I may, I cannot die in a noble way. Damn you, mother.

“How would you know that exactly?” Viktor asked with a vague hint of interest.

“Legion raided an alien base near theirs. From what I understand from Desmond, XCOM was attacked by the aliens, and that base was indeed the staging ground. They had the data on where XCOM is...but since you’ve destroyed all the data here, the only place it remains is in my head. I will lead you to it, but not tell you directly, lest you take the information and kill me here.” Elene pulled out a laser pistol, lifting it to her head. “And if you try to extract it from my mind with psionics, I will not hesitate to pull the trigger.” It’s a lie. I cannot. But he doesn’t realize that.

Viktor raised an eyebrow. “Is that so? Why would I do that, when I can simply do this?” Viktor shouted a command and a pair of clones walked in, throwing Markus to the ground. Viktor pointed his gun at Markus. “Maybe this will light a fire under your ass.”

“...I was...right before…” Elene said bitterly. “This world is my enemy. It always has been. If there is a God, he hates me utterly for my existence.” She attempted to pull the trigger, but could not, her finger freezing.

“Siberia,” Negative Zero intoned, furthering that by listing the coordinates the computer had told her.

“See? That was not so hard now was it?” Viktor pointed his gun at Markus and pulled the trigger.

The heiress regarded the dead scientist for a moment. Lily, transfer Avanix to Emma. Lily did as told. Tell Vee to go there as well. Elene paused for a moment. “Finally, kill me.”


“Do it!” she shouted in anguish.

“Don’t...you dare!” Markus yelled.

Viktor looked at Markus with a hint of surprise and smirked. “Boy is more resilient than I thought.”

Markus clutched his side and he did his best to look at Elene. “Don’t...give up...on me yet…” Markus smiled weakly and he did his best to get to a knee but he fell down hard.

Viktor raised his hand and the two clones moved to grab Elene and Lily. “I won’t let you die. Not yet. I will serve the same punishment your mother did to me. You will rot in the same cell I did and you can wallow in the fact that you killed those at XCOM.” Viktor looked at Markus one last time. “Now comes the question of what to do with this little nuisance?”

“K-killing him s-serves no p-purpose…” Lily stammered.

Elene hung her head, knowing there was nothing she could say to help. Emma. Do you know what has transpired here?

I...I do mistress. What should I do?

Tell Morrigan what I have done. And that it has nothing to do with you. I am most likely their enemy now...but you, and Vee if she is still out there...can still make it. Join with them if you can. And...avenge me. As I tried to do for Lusett.

I shall, Elene. If there is any way to save you, I shall. If not, you will be avenged. Multos...qui sunt. Scientia est Exaltatum. We shall carry on.

Viktor walked to the exit with his two clones; both of the scientists in restraints. Viktor looked back at Markus and sighed. “If I lose him I lose a bargaining chip…” He muttered in disdain. Viktor walked back towards Markus and picked him up to get him treated and thrown in a cell.

As Viktor walked up the stairs carrying Markus, the lights in the room turned off and the echoing footsteps faded. In that room, a single monitor shone in the darkness and a symbol appeared on it. “I am...going to end you...you miserable prick!”